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Luca - 2nd Edition by Felix


Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of me,Felix9. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Chapter Notes:

After an extended visit at home Luca is about ready to pop!, but how will this change the lives of everyone? With the events of the ship and island still lingering in the proud new parent's minds, is it time to make a new life or does their new addition deserve to see the world as Luca did?

Chapter 9 - A New Addition

We took things easy for the next five months and stayed at home with my family. Lady helped Ashley and Talia perfect a routine for the grand festival where my sister placed third overall. She was upset she hadn't won but to the rest of us placing in the top five out of hundreds of contestants was utterly amazing! Let alone it was Talia's first performance. With a bit more practice any mistake that lost her points in those finals would be polished away before the next season.

Meanwhile, Luca's belly continued to grow. We went to the center a couple times to get her a check up but Joy's reports were always good news. At least after our second ultrasound... Luca and I had to confide in Joy about our pup's parentage. During Luca's second scan Joy had noticed some abnormalities with our little Riolu. She was concerned about mutations and Luca's health if she carried to term so we had to mention our secret. More than a little shocked at first she insisted she carry out an interview with Luca. It was basically a formal version of what my mother had asked Luca the morning after we got home. Again it made things easier that Luca could talk to others now, a lucky break I was very thankful for or I might very well have wound up in jail. After being assured by a psychic Pokemon Luca was telling the truth about our relationship Joy didn't seem to care about our relationship at all.

By the end of Joy's six month pregnancy prediction for a Lucario Luca was starting to get a bit anxious. Her mood swings had gotten worse and a couple times I had found her in the bathroom with morning sickness. Our pup was quite active in its mother's belly as well. Luca would often yelp with a kick but when the room's gazes settled on her she would blush and look away. During those last nights I couldn't help smiling as I lay with my mate and gently rubbed her belly. It always let Luca relax just enough to fall asleep but even as she slept I could feel the wiggles and prods of my child beneath that luxurious yellow fur.

Luca wasn't the only one who was stressed out over the whole ordeal. Sure, I didn't have a pup growing inside me but I couldn't help worrying about her. Joy had mentioned our pup was a bit bigger than normal Riolu, probably due to my contribution and that we shouldn't be surprised if it arrives early. I rarely left her side through those months and I know I got on her nerves more than once. My fretting only worsened though when Luca's due date came and went. It was an odd switch with Luca being the more relaxed of us despite the fact she was having trouble getting around. Never the less I insisted we take a trip to see Joy as three days passed with no change in my mate. Mother loaned me the family car again and after helping Luca in we drove off to Pokemon center. Joy was glad to see us again and gave a teasing compliment to Luca about her "healthy glow."

"Any sharp pains or aches Luca?" Joy questioned as Luca lay on a stretcher in the back.

"No. My back still hurts though," she admitted, as she let Joy run her through her paces.

"Well that's normal for a live bearer," Joy giggled and gently ran a hand over the Lucario's belly. With a contemplative look she pressed and prodded, occasionally making Luca wince as our pup pushed back against Joy's intrusion. "Oh my. It's an active little one in there hmm?" she commented after the third time. Luca smiled but blushed softly as she stayed quiet. After a few more pokes Joy was finished and carefully helped Luca up. "Well Luca, you're in good health still. It's not uncommon sometimes for Pokemon pregnancies to be late. It's thought to be so the mother can get somewhere safe to have her pup. Are you stressed at home? Have you been taking it easy?" Joy questioned as she stole a glance at me, hoping my presence wouldn't mute the Lucario's response.

"N-no. Felix won't let me do much and, I don't think I'm stressed," she answered, looking at me with a building worry. I took her paw in my hands as a comfort and looked back to Joy.

"It's perfectly fine sweetheart. You just need to relax and everything will happen naturally. Why don't you two stay here for a couple days and see if that helps? Perhaps there's too much excitement and it might save you a frantic drive here," the nurse continued, giving us a kind smile. With no reason to refuse Joy gave us a room on the first floor and promised a Chansey would be on call at every hour if Luca's condition changed.

I helped Luca to her feet from the stretcher, joking about how much heavier she was and earning a growl as she bopped a paw on my cheek. I laughed and gave her a kiss on the forehead to apologize as we went to our room. I left Luca in the bathroom to get our things out of the car and when I came back she was sitting on the edge of the bed. "Are you okay?" I asked gently as I set my bag next to the door. Luca looked up with a smile but I could tell she was tired. "Why don't you get some rest?" I continued as I went over and sat with her.

"I can't get comfortable," she answered, and leaned on my shoulder. With a smile I put my arm around her and rubbed the fluffy black patch of fur at the top of her arm.

"Anything I can do?" I persisted though I was perfectly content to just sit there with my clearly pregnant mate.

"I don't think, YIPE!" she began, only to stop as our baby kicked. I couldn't help chuckling. Luca blushed as her ears laid back and she rested her paws on her swollen belly. Not wanting to be left out, I set my free hand on her tummy as well, and chuckled as I felt our pup move again. It made Luca smile that time though she did still shift in discomfort as we sat for a while.

"He or she seems rather eager to get out," I commented, hoping to let my mate relax a little.

"Yeah... Me too. I'm so fat," she whined as she looked at me, hoping I took the hint.

"It'll go away sweetheart. Even with it you look beautiful though," I answered, smiling warmly and pulling her towards me until our lips met for a tender kiss. "I love you Luca," I whispered in her ear as our kiss broke.

"Mmm... I love you too Feli," she purred back, her tail starting to wag happily.

Joy must have known something we didn't because we had only been at the center for a single night before Luca's water broke as we sat on the bed eating some lunch. I knew something was wrong because my mate suddenly became very shy and quiet.

"Are you okay?" I asked, noticing her legs shift under the covers.

"I-I just... W-wet the bed," she whined timidly, her eyes shut as she nearly started crying until her stomach tightened with a fairly strong contraction.

"It's ok hun," I started to say until she winced and leaned forward. "O-oh. Just relax! I'll get the Chansey!" I said quickly as I hopped out of the bed and carefully took the tray from over my Lucario's legs. My heart nearly broke as I ran out of the room and down the hall. Luca clutched her belly as she looked at me with a fearful expression that begged me not to leave her. Thankfully, I was still a fast runner, and in less than a minute I was back at her side, having summoned a Chansey to bring a stretcher bed.

"I'm back. How are you feeling?" I questioned as I took her paw and held it tight. She was panting in pain and exertion as she tried to concentrate on responding but another contraction forced her into a stiffening whine.

"Step aside Felix!" Joy ordered as she rushed in with a Chansey wildly driving the stretcher behind her. Nearly getting run over I managed to move just far enough for the plump Chansey to park the stretcher next to the bed and lower it down. "Luca? It'll be okay. This is all normal and don't worry about the bed," Joy said calmly as she put a hand to Luca's forehead, then checked her pulse. Clearly Joy could read a Pokemon's body language just as well as I could with my mate because Luca nodded as her ears rose just a little bit. "Good. Now how long have you been having these contractions?" the nurse questioned next, but neither of us had an answer.

"I-I thoughhhht the baby was just ki-kicking," Luca replied, her breaths still a little ragged.

"It's okay. You're doing fine. Let's get you onto the stretcher. After the next contraction try and skooch over alright?" Joy counseled further as she kept her gaze locked with my mate. Luca nodded and quickly winced again. Her pearly white teeth clenched as she stiffened, and when she gasped for breath as it passed Joy urged her off the bed.

Momentarily distracted by her labor, Luca complied as Joy started to help. In no time at all Joy had Luca comfortably set up on the stretcher with a fresh warm blanket over her belly and legs. "It's okay sweetie. It'll all be over real quick. I promise," Joy comforted as Chansey started to push, moving Luca out of the room and down the hall.
"Here. Put this on and wash your hands thoroughly with the soap in the clean room. I imagine you'll want to be there too and I can tell she wants you there," Joy said quickly as she caught me trying to follow Luca. She handed me a disposable face mask and we were quickly off not two steps behind the Chansey.

After cleaning up and doning my mask I joined my mate in the emergency room. I was a little concerned about Joy's choice of rooms but she assured me it was simply because all of her instruments were close by if they were needed. It was hard listening to Luca's yelps, cries and whines as our pup's birth grew ever closer. I was at the side of the bed the whole time though, holding my Lucario's paw and stroking her head gently.

"You're doing fine Luca. Just relax; your body will do the work for you," Joy encouraged as she stood between Luca's splayed legs. I could tell that despite the situation and other things on her mind, my Lucario was quite embarrassed to be in stirrups with Joy intently watching her neathers. As she panted between contractions she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and her ears back shyly.

"It's okay hun," I comforted as I leaned close and gave her a kiss on the forhead through my mask.

"O-oh Mew!" Luca cried out as anther strong contraction hit her. As she relaxed though she yelped and lay back. "I-I f-felt s-something m-move! Nyaaahhh!" she gasped, just before another push.

"That's good! Keep it up Luca! You're doing fine!" Joy encouraged, her gloved hands softly petting Luca's inner thighs.

"Ahhhh!" Luca shrieked again and nearly crushed my hand as her paw squeezed tightly.

"I can see the head. Try to relax Luca. Take your time," Joy continued to talk for Luca's benifit. Laying there gasping, Luca's thoughts seemed a million miles away as she stared at me. I smiled at her as best I could but thankfully it was covered by the mask. Seeing her in so much pain because of me... I was feeling quite guilty and there was no way I could hide it. Curious though, I shifted to see if I could watch as my child was born. Perhaps that was a mistake though... Yes it was a miracle but the description of birth being a "beautiful" event was quite a bit exaggerated. My guilt and anxiety only worsened as I started to feel a bit lightheaded. Stepping back to my mate I clutched her paw as she cried out again.

A Chansey saw me start to stagger and was quickly next to me to make sure I wouldn't pass out. I felt the soft warm glow of the Chansey using refresh to calm my body, letting me stay with my mate till the end. In another moment though Luca's paw finally relaxed as she gave a gasping whine. "Luca? Luca!" I stammered worriedly as I shook her paw. Stupidly, it took me a moment to realize she was still panting in exertion and unable to answer me. The next thing I heard as my heart started to calm was the desperate whimpering yelps of our pup coming from Joy's arms...

"Congratulations you two. It's a male... I mean, a boy," Joy announced as she went around the other side of the stretcher with the pup cleaned up and wrapped in a fresh white towel. Weakly, Luca opened her eyes just as Joy gently laid the pup in its mother's arms.

Luca and I both stared at our little boy as Joy and one of the two Chansey started to clean up. "F-Felix he's... beautiful," Luca whimpered breathlessly as she turned to face me. Her expression was pure, unbridled delight as tears streamed from the corners of her eyes.

The pup had the fur and colors of a normal Riolu. His ears were flat against his head but Joy assured us they would perk up quickly. I did notice though that our son's paws were different than his mother's. He still had a Riolu's metal patches on the back but instead of three padded toe-like digits he had five fully developed fingers like a human. Each was covered in soft black fur with pink pads on the palm side between the joints. I couldn't help but marvel at a Pokemon's ability to incorporate traits so flawlessly into an offspring.

I smiled under my mask once more as I met Luca's gaze and gave her a soft pet and rub between her ears, a loving sign of affection she still enjoyed. "Just like his mother," I answered, ignoring the cheesy-ness of the comment and reveling in the tired giggle my mate gave in response.

"What are you going to name him?" I asked as Luca shifted her paw to touch our little boy's.

"What do you think about... Leo?" she said gently, wiggling her paw softly, making our son whimper and shift.

"I think it's perfect," I said with a smile, leaning closer just as our little boy opened his eyes for the first time. His little eyes fluttered and blinked against the new light of the world but soon enough his gaze was fixed on Luca and I. Both of us were stunned by what we saw. Unlike Luca and her father, Leo's eyes were a deeb blue instead of red! Luca quickly looked to me and gave a soft giggle.

"He has your eyes too," she murmured before turning back to Leo. The little pup yawned and nestled into the blanket he was wrapped in, but his eyes kept studying us curiously.

"Yeah well his luck had to run out somewhere," I teased and hugged Luca softly as she giggled tiredly.

"Luca? Could you let Felix hold him for a bit while we get you cleaned up?" Joy said cheerfully, making Luca blush softly. She nodded and shifted to carefully pass little Leo of to me. Despite my nerves I cradled the little bundle against me as the pup stared. With him safely in my arms I gave Luca a quick kiss on the muzzle before walking to the other side of the curtain, letting Luca have at least a little privacy.

I have to admit though it's true what they say about a parent loving their child. I was never a fan of anyone else's kids. Pokemon were a different story yes, but even then those pups, kittens and other little ones could still be delinquents in my eyes. With Leo though... he could do no wrong. He was perfect in every way. "Hey there buddy," I said softly after taking my mask off. The pup's nose twitched and he squirmed with a soft whimper. I let the blanket loosen a little bit and offered a finger to his little hand. His new eyes followed my finger a bit clumsily but when I touched his hand those little fingers flexed and grasped at my comparatively huge digit. I couldn't help smiling as I wiggled my finger, happy to play with my son. Even then, in the midst of such a happy moment, it still felt unbelievably strange to think I was the father of this little bundle in my arms. However, watching those beautiful blue eyes study every little thing around him left no doubt in my mind.

After Joy had finally finished with Luca she let all three of us head back to the room. Luca was still too sore to do more than climb into the bed in our room but I couldn't wait to call my family. Using the video phone in the room I gave them the good news. My mother commented on how happy I looked which only made me grin wider. They could hardly wait though as I brought little Leo over to the screen so they could see. My mom and sister were chattering like Chatot, making faces and talking to the pup in my arms. Leo seemed to enjoy the attention and gave them a few happy smiles and barks. Even my dad came to the phone to see his new grandson, which once again stirred up my unease... I could hardly believe though when he smiled and waved a large hand in the screen as he said hello to Leo. Having gotten a smile and a soft yelp of a bark out of Leo he turned his gaze up to me.

"Congratulations Felix," he said simply, smiling earnestly in a way I could hardly bring myself to register. He was genuinely happy! Not only that but he was always horrible at hiding his distaste of something. In that look, there was no hint of disapproval at all.

"Thanks dad," I answered back, nearly starting to cry as he left.

Of course the big question from the girls was when we were coming home. My simple answer was when Luca felt well enough to move. After that the girls said goodbye to Leo, Luca and I. Despite being able to hear their goodbyes from the bed Luca was fast asleep by that time. I smiled looking at my sleeping mate and my newborn son. It still felt strange, and I wondered if I could realy handle this, but just seeing Leo's admiring eyes and hearing his happy yiping giggles gave me a wonderful sense of confidence. I climbed into bed and entertained my son with a finger while I let his mother sleep curled up next to us.

Luca awoke two hours later to me trying to comfort Leo as he whined and cried. "What's wrong?" she murmured as she shifted and groaned, still sore from earlier.

"I'm sorry. I don't know," I apologized, bouncing my son softly and whispering to him as I went back to Luca's side. I handed the ornery pup over to his mother where she cradled him against her chest. Almost instantly he stopped crying as he leaned into her fur and grasped at her breast. Luca yelped softly as she blushed at the touch but had to stifle a moan as Leo found what he wanted.

Dumbfounded I stared for a moment as Leo suckled his first meal from Luca's bosom. Soon enough though it registered what I was looking at and I blushed as I looked away and moved to climb back into bed with my mate. With the initial shock gone Luca smiled as she let Leo drink to his heart's content.

"Sorry. I just couldn't stay awake," Luca said as she looked up at me. I out my arm around her shoulders and kissed her ear.

"I'm surprised you lasted that long," I chuckled back, earning a giggle as she leaned against me and stared down at our boy. I will never forget the look she wore at that moment. It was a look that said "Nothing in the world can make this moment any better..," as far as she was concerned her world was complete, she had me, a son that I had fathered, and that was all she could ever want. I couldn't help smiling as I rubbed her shoulder to get her to look at me. When she did I met her lips with mine, sharing a loving kiss with my dear mate.

"I love you sweetheart," I whispered to her, my heart barely avoiding popping out of my chest.

"Mmm... I love you Felix," she murred back and nestled against my shoulder, cradling our son where we both could watch...

The next day the three of us headed home together. Joy gave both Leo and Luca a clean bill of health and cheerfully congratulated us on our new addition. Luca was able to walk, though a little awkwardly, but she happily took to relaxing on the couch when we finally got home. My sister and mother were fawning over Leo, which the pup happily enjoyed. His adorable coos whines barks and yips only encouraged mom and Ashley's adoration.

Leo seemed to like Lady's tails as well. When the fox came to say hello she playfully draped her fluffy appendages over the Riolu as he lay in Luca's lap. When she did he playfully wrapped his arms around a tail and "attacked" it with a playful growl muffled by Lady's cream fur. Surprised, Lady blinked at first, but determined not to be outdone she ruffled all her tails over Leo until he released her in a fit of laughter.

Talia was almost too friendly with our boy when she finally got her chance to visit under Ashley's supervision. The dragoness didn't seem to understand that Leo was a different kind of baby than she had been. He wasn't able to fly and move with absolute freedom like she was when she hatched. It seemed to frustrate the hyper young dragon who only wanted to play. Thankfully she did seem to understand eventually but she still liked giving Leo her head and nuzzling against his soft puppy fur.

I took it as a good sign when Ky finally came to see if Luca was alright. The Umbreon smiled as his tail wagged with a pet from Luca. Resting his front paws on the edge of the couch he sniffed at Leo, earning the pup's attention. Leo was fascinated by Ky's slowly pulsing rings and he squirmed, wanting to touch them. The uncoordinated jerks of a newborn kept Ky a little wary but Luca and I both knew he had come a long way since we'd found him.

During a break in his chores dad paid us a visit in the living room as well. He was almost uncharacteristically happy as he came in and gave Luca a soft rub behind the ears and a smile as he congratulated us again. The strangest thing to watch though was when he knelt and started playing with Leo. The gruff grown man making playful noises as he let our pup sniff at and play with his hand was hard for me to wrap my head around. None the less, I couldn't help smiling at my father's support.

Whiskers and Fuzztoes had no real interest in Leo. They were content to lounge and garner their own attention. Tarzan on the other hand was ever curious. While Leo would play on the floor Tarzan would come in and rub against the slightly larger pup. Almost always Leo would fall to the floor with a thump but he giggled and started to chase the Shinx. It was a very sweet scene to see though when they grew tired. Tarzan would spot Ky and cuddle against the Umbreon without a worry or care. Ky still wasn't sure what to do with the kitten but he never really protested. Seeing the two of them though, Leo decided he wanted to be a part of the pile too! He awkwardly climbed to the couch and curled up with his Shinx friend against Ky for a nap. Confused, Ky would look to us for help. He never wanted to move and disturb them but he couldn't help wondering why all the cubs gravitated to him!

Before we knew it another month had passed. Luca regained her figure and Leo was growing up quickly. He was just as advanced as Luca was at that age, but we discovered after a week that he couldn't talk like normal Pokemon. Instead he seemed to be learning like a human child and could actually sound the words out. Of course my mother and sister delighted in teaching him how to talk.

Our little Leo was smart too. He could figure things out with very little instruction or even just taking a bit of time to think it through. He was also discovering his strength, which ended up being a little painful for me sometimes when I tried wrestling with my boy... Thankfully, Talia ended up being the perfect playmate for Leo once he had full control of his limbs. The two of them would play in the back yard, Leo chasing a giggling Talia around in a game of tag. I had the feeling she let him catch her but when she was "it" Leo knew his strengths. After touching her he darted for the part of the yard pocked with trees. With her speed severely limited, Leo could dip and duck behind and around trees to avoid her. Of course being a smaller than her didn't hurt either as he squeezed between branches just small enough to bar her way.

I never felt bad for Talia though. She had a clear speed advantage over the young pup. Plus she deserved to have a hard time since she liked nipping Leo's tail tip as her tag. Leo would always yelp as his ears folded shyly. He knew he was caught though and he would spin and growl a moment later to give chase.

One concern Luca and I had was Leo hadn't started showing any hint of skill in using aura. I wondered if it was because I was his father, but Luca suggested he needed a human companion. Just the thought of not having him around though tore my heart apart and I knew Luca felt the same. So instead, we tried what we could to teach Leo what we had learned so far, but to no avail. He was too young to have the control Luca did and because he could talk like a normal human there was no simple indication he could use aura at all.

Luca was by far the most qualified to help her son train, she was strong, knew what attacks he could most likely use and even though she would go easy on him I could tell that she wanted him to be strong so she would push him to advance.

Our lives seemed to be falling into place nicely with the new addition to our family. Lady and Luca taught Leo Quick Attack so he could catch Talia easier in their games. After that though Talia saw it as a challenge and soon the girls were teaching Leo every battling trick and technique they knew. Watching them spar I idly wondered if Leo would be allowed to battle. We'd found out he couldn't be caught in a pokeball but after a check up with Joy she simply suggested it was because he was a hybrid. With all of Leo's little quirks though Joy had started taking detailed notes of his check ups and "abnormalities," Never the less she always told us he was in good health. He was a little bigger than a normal Riolu but even then the standard was just an average. His fingers seemed fully functional and well proportioned and he had no trouble speaking, at least when he wanted to... Leo was turning out to be more like Luca and I than we knew. Around those he knew he was a very happy and relaxed person, but he was a little shy interacting with new people and Pokemon. Once again Joy said it was nothing to worry about, especially since Leo seemed to warm up to someone rather quickly.

After our fifth weekly visit to Joy the three of us were walking home when I figured I'd ask my mate a bit of a tough question. It took me a while to work up the nerve though. I was just so happy to have Leo ride on my shoulders and hug my head. It reminded me of when I had carried Luca there, but now I had the added bonus of holding her paw as we walked. "Hey Luca?" I finally spoke up when we were over half way home. Her ears twitched and she looked up at me, only to smile as Leo wagged his tail across my neck, making me shiver. "Ashley's leaving next week to start collecting ribbons again... Should we start traveling again?" I continued, smiling as two blue eyes peered at me from the top of my vision.

"Where we go?" Leo asked curiously before his mother could reply.

"Lots of places. I took your mom on a boat bigger than the Pokemon center once!" I answered happily, figuring I had the support of my son.

"Wow! Can I go?" he asked enthusiastically, making Luca giggle. Of course what happened on that boat still ran through our minds. Leo might not be able to be caught in a ball but he could still be kidnapped. What if something happened again?

"It would be nice but..," she replied, but trailed off. She looked up to see Leo's waning excitement and her ears lowered sadly. I really couldn't blame her though. I was feeling a bit of wanderlust but I still didn't want anything to happen to my new family.

"I could find a job around here and we could stay," I offered, getting Luca to look back at me. "My parents would never complain but we are costing them money to support," I continued.

"I know... I asked mom if I could help once when she was paying those things, bills? She smiled and said no but she felt stressed," Luca admitted, but looked up to Leo, who had fallen quiet as he listened. "Will Lady and Ky come with us?"

"Of course; and Tarzan too by the sound of it," I answered, knowing what our decision would be. It was easier and more fun to travel and earn money with battles than it was to sit around at home and get a job. I was sure dad could find something for me to do at the garage but fixing cars and machines was never my strong suit. "It'll be okay. That only happened to us once in how many years now?" I tried to comfort the last of her fears.

"Twice, in a week," Luca corrected with a scolding glare.

"That counts as one! The second wouldn't have happened if the first hadn't," I protested, though only with a slightly joking tone. There really was no denying her tally... "And you didn't forget that we owe a lot of what we have to that island adventure did you?" I teased a bit more, reaching up and rubbing Leo's head before he could ask what an island was and if it was fun. Our pup giggled at the rubs but Luca rolled her eyes as her ears twitched in shy recognition of our island romp.

"Alright... You win," she relented, her worries quelled at least for now. I admitted later that night I was still worried as well, but even then she still agreed we should travel. She wanted Leo to see the world like she had, and she wanted to battle for real again.

So, after a few more days of packing and preparing, the six of us were soon bidding farewell to my family at the door. Talia was very sad to see Leo go, even though the pup was happily waving to everyone with a smile on his face. Tarzan was a little confused but since Ky was coming, the orange Shinx happily followed his buddy.

Leo seemed to like camping as we made our way to a town with a gym. My son helped me gather fire wood and though I didn't like it, he eagerly climbed trees to knock dead branches down for me to pick up. Unlike his mother though, who mainly relied on leaping to her next perch, Leo climbed like an Aipom and only jumped when he had to. He slipped a couple times but his finger nails were more like claws, which thankfully kept him snagged on a branch until he could recover.

"Do not tell your mother I let you do that. She'll knock us both out," I scolded Leo as I ruffled a hand between his ears once he was safely back on the ground with me.

"Okay dad," he laughed and followed with his tail wagging happily and both our arms filled with wood.

It wasn't long before we reached town and after a day of rest we all woke up early to challenge the gym. Leo was excited as he rode atop my shoulders. He really wanted to see his mom battle for real and I could tell he hoped he got a chance to fight too. The only problem though, was I had no idea if he could be a legal contender since he couldn't be technically caught. For now though I figured gym battles might be a little too hard for my son despite him having a clear type advantage in this one.

By now we had figured out it was a Steel type gym, which was only accentuated by the decor when we entered. Gleaming metal sculptures of Pokemon lined the entrance while the walls themselves were clad in hexagonal metal plates. The final touches were sleek angular spires that rose from the four corners of the battle field, framing the comparatively dull dirt. We found the gym leader at the other end of the field and voiced a challenge. The leader was welding another statue at the far end, obviously a way to pass the time and decorate the gym. The legs of his current statue looked rather familiar though.

Lifting his welding mask the leader looked curiously at Luca standing next to me and Leo on my head. He gave a smirk and came across the field to introduce himself. "My name's Mike. As you probably guessed I'm the gym leader here," he said with happy smile and an outstretched hand. Graciously I shook it, only to find he had quite a grip. One of my knuckles popped as we shook but I had to laugh as Mike did. "I must say you have a stunning Lucario. Is she your mother little guy?" Mike asked Leo, giving Luca a smile and looking up to my pup with his question. A little shy, Leo's ears lowered as he nodded his head without speaking.

"Thank you," Luca said with a prideful smile. Shock flashed in the leader's eyes as his head snapped to Luca. He stared at her for a long moment before he returned her smile.

"Alright then. I assume you want a badge. How about a two on two singles match?" Mike asked despite already knowing the answer.

"Sure. Thank you," I replied and watched as Mike turned to head back to his spot. Once there, he plucked a ball from his belt and tossed it onto the field, releasing a massive Steelix! The metal snake Pokemon roared loud enough to rattle the walls of the arena and after just a minute a spattering of trainers started to appear around a balcony above the field. One trainer hurried to the side of the field to be the judge and once he was in place he waved a flag to each of us to confirm we were ready.

"You're up Luca," I said happily, getting a smile from my Lucario as she casually strolled onto the field while Lady took a seat at my side, waiting for her turn.

"Go Mom!" Leo barked happily, his eyes fixated on her and his tail wagging over my neck. Though it was brief, I caught Mike's wide eyed glance as Leo spoke in human tongue. As the judge started the match though, he shook away his confusion and ordered his Steelix to use dig.

Luca lowered her stance as the snake moved and watched carefully as it burrowed effortlessly into the hard ground beneath her paws. All that was left was a massive hole where the Steelix had once been coiled. As our opponent's tail tip disappeared Luca shut her eyes in focus. I knew she was using aura sight but I wondered if Mike knew what she was doing. He seemed pretty calm and confident so perhaps he thought he still had the element of surprise.

"Luca, get ready with a focus blast," I said softly, and watched as her ear flicked in recognition.

Leo's breath had seemed to stop and his tail froze behind him as he watched, wondering where the snake would come from and if it would hurt his mother. From how tight he was holding onto my head I knew he was worried. "Don't worry buddy. Your mom and I are experts at this," I offered as I reached up to rub his head.

"But I can't see that thingy," he whined back as he looked down.

"Don't worry, your mom can. In fact I think it's coming up now," I answered with a smile to my boy. There was a soft shake to the ground as the massive snake ascended through the dirt, but Luca had her aura sight to pinpoint the Steelix's exact angle of attack. Still, she gave no indication she knew anything at all. Her ears twitched and swiveled and she appeared calm and contemplative until the Steelix suddenly burst from the ground under her right paw!

Shifting her weight Luca leapt a split second before the Steelix emerged, launching herself away from her opponent. Waving her paws in the air before her as the Steelix closed in baring its massive jaws; Luca summoned her focus blast and thrust the shining ball of white energy right between the snake's eyes! Luca landed and leapt backwards with caution as she opened her eyes. The Steelix was breathless as it collapsed to the ground, knocked out cold with just one hit.

Leo was scared as the Steelix emerged, but when he saw his mom swat the thing down with one shot he cheered ecstatically. Once more his tail was moving a mile a minute, fanning over my neck as he resisted the urge to run out to his mother.

When the judge declared the round to Luca she went closer to the Steelix to make sure it wasn't hurt. Weakly, the creature opened its eyes and growled at my Lucario, making her giggle as she pet its nose. Mike at least seemed to appreciate the gesture though, and chuckled as he withdrew his companion. The surprised expression as events had unfolded though was unmistakable. Clearly he hadn't expected Luca to predict her opponent's moves so perfectly. Never the less he never lost an ounce of confidence as he observed us for a moment. He said something to himself with a small smirk then shouted something down the hallway behind his in progress statue.

To both mine and Luca's surprise, a male Lucario casually strolled out rubbing his neck and yawning like he had just woken up from a nap. He blinked curiously when he saw Luca, and gave a questioning look to his trainer. Mike shrugged his shoulders and said something more I couldn't hear. The odd thing was the Lucario answered back, to which Mike nodded his head. The two of them seemed able to communicate like Luca and I. Meanwhile, Luca gave me much the same questioning look as the other Lucario. Just as Mike had I shrugged. We still had to battle the two of them, so the best I could do was resolve to talk to the pair after our fight.

As Luca took her place on the field once more, Leo leaned down to ask who the Lucario was. "I don't know, but we'll find out after the match alright?" I answered with a smile. Leo nodded and turned his attention back to watching Luca. He was fascinated by how strong and fast she really was.

The attendant asked if we were ready and with a nod from both of us he began the second round. Both Lucario had taken fighting stances and at the start of the match Lucario smirked just before he vanished from sight. Leo stood on his toes, pressing his paws into the top of my head as he gawked in amazement. "Where did? How?" Leo stammered as he franticly looked around the room. I smiled at his disbelief but I knew the trick wouldn't work on Luca. Luca smiled as she shifted her feet and shut her eyes. I decided this time I would try to use aura sight as well. This Lucario was obviously no pushover and Luca might actually need my help. "Ok Leo, look straight ahead, I'll try and follow that Lucario. See if you can spot him ok?" I said to my boy, surprising him even more.

"Okay," he answered and hunkered down, his gaze fixed like a Staraptor looking for a Rattata.

Luca had already locked on to the Lucario's aura and watched motionlessly as he darted around the arena. I had to admit; he was fast, perhaps faster than Luca because I only managed to keep up due to his shifts in direction. "Alright Luca, try and get in a force palm when he comes in to strike, but have an aura sphere ready too," I said softly, once again getting a flick of her ear in recognition. She obliged and clenched one paw while flicking the other, charging the respective attacks.

The Lucario soon broke his pattern when he could no longer stand the thought of Luca ignoring him. He made a B-line for her and put all of his speed into his attack. I lost him in my sight but focused on Luca as my muscles tightened in expectation. I felt Leo do the same, his paws clenching at my hair as he watched Luca.

Luca blinked her eyes open in surprise, but leapt a split second later, narrowly avoiding the explosion of a focus blast right where she'd been standing! The attack kicked up a cloud of dust and Leo whined as he lost sight of Luca. An instant later Luca's aura sphere flew from the cloud, arching just in front of me as it chased its target, the enemy Lucario that had stealthily perched on a spire at the corner of the field!

The glowing ball whipped towards its target, exploding into a cloud of smoke just as the Lucario crossed his arms to defend. An instant later though, the cloud of smoke was tugged downwards but an unseen breeze. I knew our opponent was once again on the move. By now the cloud shrouding Luca had disappeared and she was back in her aura sight trance. Watching the Lucario move faster than normal eyes could track she gave a smirk and raised her head to look at Leo and I before she too disappeared!

"Mom can do that too?" Leo exclaimed with a yelp of shock. He looked around for either of the combatants but to no avail.

"Of course. You didn't think there was anyone faster than your mom did you?" I laughed as I shut my eyes. Leo giggled but eagerly kept watching for any sign of his mother's victory.

I let out my sphere of sight and tried to focus on Luca's energy. While I was able to pick her out everything else was going by too fast for me to even comprehend. In the end I settled for watching the field, and before long I could catch the brief flashes and pauses in the battle as the two Lucario clashed. It wasn't much of a view, but it was better than nothing so I continued to turn my head to where I saw the pair clash. The high speed battle lasted a mere ten seconds, after which the two Lucario reappeared on the field. Both of them were out of breath and trying to regain themselves before the other.

As I studied the two I suddenly realized our opponent wasn't using aura sight! I wondered if maybe he could enter his trances faster than Luca, or perhaps... he actually did have astoundingly fast reflexes.

Luca's paw was no longer clenched or glowing, which meant that she had gotten off her force palm while running, but judging by how out of breath she was, Mike's Lucario had managed to land a few hits as well. This was truly an interesting battle, but I could tell it was almost over. Both Luca and her opponent had used nearly all of their strength and stamina by using extreme speed to fight so hard. This would be the last bout before one of them fell, even if it was just to exhaustion.

They continued to stare each other down, well Lucario was staring, Luca still had her eyes closed... I heard my opponent yell a command and I did the same. "Dragon pulse then Iron tail!" I yelled just before the two of them ran at each other. The Lucario had another focus blast charged and his free paw was glowing, which could mean any of several different attacks was coming. He threw the focus blast straight ahead at Luca. Without missing a beat my mate pirouetted through her steps, nailing the ball of energy with her glowing tail and sending it careening back towards its original owner! Just as her feet touched the ground again she brought her glowing green dragon pulse around to hurl it behind the deflected attack. Not letting up she was a mere two steps behind the spheres as our opponent scrambled to dodge.

Unbelievably, the Lucario ducked his buzzing focus blast and dove over Luca's dragon pulse! With a swift roll he was back on his feet just as Luca met him on the field. "Counter!" I yelled, unsure if she had time to react. If not... the match was lost.

Leo hugged against my head as our opponent's blow connected. His glowing paw thrust in a sharp uppercut to Luca's jaw. I winced, almost unable to watch as I saw her get hit and forced into the air. I was glad I did though, because in an amazing display of skill Luca dug her foot into the Lucario's stomach and wrapped her hands around his still glowing paw. The next instant, it was over. Luca flipped in mid air with the force of the attack, but dragged her opponent around with her and slammed him into the dirt!

Shakily, Luca landed on her feet but quickly fell to one knee with a desperate pant for air. As she stood on her shaky legs she let go of her aura sight and looked down at her opponent. With a growling moan he tried to push himself up. I could tell his eyes were locked on Luca's feet, trying to figure a way to knock her down and out as he stood but it was no use. His arms gave out and with a small puff of dirt the match was ours.

A stunned applause echoed from the balconies above as we were declared the victor. Leo couldn't contain himself any longer and leapt from my head to run to his mother. Excited and happy, he couldn't seem to use any words other than amazing cool and awesome. I smiled as I walked out as well. Though he couldn't fight, our opponent wasn't quite knocked out. While Luca giggled and tried to placate her pup's questions and praise I knelt by her opponent and offered a hand to help him up. His eyes looked up at me for a moment before he accepted the gesture and used my aid to sit up. Mike came over and handed him a Sitrus berry with a smile before he turned to me.

"I at least thought we would get past your first choice. Well done!" he praised with a smile. "Here. You've earned this," he continued, holding out his hand and dropping his gym's badge in my palm. It was a gleaming metal pin shaped like a spiked section of our Steelix opponent.

"Thank you. Are they going to be ok?" I asked, concerned for our opponents despite seeing they were both awake after the fight.

"Oh yeah, though Steelix probably had his pride hurt quite a bit," Mike said with a laugh. I couldn't help sharing his humor. A puny female Lucario beating a giant metal snake in one hit was fairly embarrassing.

As I laughed with Mike I looked back to his Lucario. He had taken the sitrus berry but hadn't eaten it. Instead, he stood on stiff legs and went over to Luca. To my surprise, he offered her the berry. Luca smiled but declined, insisting he needed it more. I couldn't help a flare of jealousy though as I saw his ears lay back shyly at her refusal. I knew that look; he was blushing under that fur of his.

"Hey. Mind if we accompany you to the center?" Mike spoke, snapping me from my observation of our Lucario.

"Huh? Oh, sure I don't see why not," I answered cheerfully, putting the badge in my pocket as I turned towards the rest of my group. Lady, Ky and Tarzan were all stationed around Luca as Mike and I joined them. My little Shinx was confused but Ky seemed to be keeping him entertained at least. Leo was now chatting with the other Lucario, asking him the same questions as he had his mother about their techniques. He seemed to have a bit of difficulty explaining to the eager pup, or perhaps he had actually wanted to speak with Luca. Nevertheless, all of us started off towards the center.

"How did you find your Lucario?" Mike asked rather suddenly, striking up a new conversation as we exited the gym.

"Well umm... She was given to me as a pup actually," I answered, trying to be vague with Kyrios and Lekan's warnings in mind.

"By a strange person in old fashioned clothes with a Lucario that didn't need to use its eyes?" Mike answered with an accusing tone. His eyes studied me for any hint of a reaction as he finished and unfortunately I never had been good at hiding my emotions. I stared back in shock, wondering how he'd guessed such an abstract tale. "Your Lucario had her eyes closed for more than half the match and I saw you shut yours too, yet you still gave her commands. How did you do that?" he persisted, though he seemed genuinely interested and excited rather than accusing.

"Wait, he was given to you as well?" I had to ask before I could agree to explain mine and Luca's rare abilities. Much to my surprise, Mike nodded in affirmation.

"Some Lady and her Lucario brought Riiko to me years ago. We've had a few other Lucario challengers over the years but only a couple could do what your girl did and none of the trainers could do it too," he replied. I could tell by the eagerness in his words that he was glad to finally find someone with a tale similar to his. I looked ahead at our Pokemon casually strolling towards the center. Leo was now on Lady's back holding a bored and tired Tarzan in his arms. Meanwhile, Luca had struck up a conversation with Riiko. The male Lucario seemed to really have her engaged in discussing their abilities and sharing stories of their discoveries. Still I couldn't help feeling a twinge of jealousy as I watched. I could only hope Luca wasn't regretting taking me as a mate over one of her own kind...

Trying to ignore the cute smile on my Lucario's face as she talked with Riiko I too tried to explain our abilities to Mike. He was amazed that other people could understand Luca and further astounded when I explained how I could see auras like she could. He wanted me to teach him but it was about then we came to the center.

Mike handed his Steelix's ball to Joy and sent Riiko back with Luca. Luca gave a smile to Leo as he watched her leave with concern. With a pet on the head from me though he smiled and forgot his worries. With the rest of my group in tow we found a seat to wait for Joy to finish.
"So what's your name little guy?" Mike asked Leo as we sat down. Leo had climbed into a chair himself and leaned on the table next to me. With Mike there though he was a bit shy and took a moment to speak when addressed.

"L-Leo," he answered softly, his ears lying back a little.

"Are you going to be as strong as your mother someday?" Mike said with a smile. Leo's face brightened quickly as his tail started to wag.

"Yeah! Stronger than mister Riiko too!" he barked happily, making Mike laugh as the Riolu grinned.

After their exchange Mike and I started to talk again. My son grew bored and went to play with Lady and Ky. Seeing Tarzan was still tired, I withdrew him for the moment to let Leo play. "He's yours isn't he?" Mike asked softly after Leo left.

"Well Luca is his mother so yeah," I answered, forcing myself not to choke at the comment. As I figured though, that wasn't what he meant. Mike had put two and two together seeing Leo's abnormalities. I really shouldn't have been surprised. After all, Riiko must have been a Riolu at one point. Mike would know what a normal Riolu pup looked like. Never the less, I still didn't like explaining my relationship with Luca. Thankfully, Mike seemed to understand though. Despite it being an awkward topic for me, Mike's expression never once showed disgust. From there our conversation turned back to Luca and I using aura sight. I was amazed to find out that Riiko had never figured out how to use it. In spite of it though the two of them trained and managed to tune his senses and reflexes to an astounding level! Still, Mike wondered if Riiko could be even better if he could master such a technique so until our Lucario came back from their checkup I shared what we had figured out about aura sight.

After Luca and Riiko rejoined us we wound up talking until Leo had fallen asleep on a couch among Lady's tails. Ky seemed to be pouting a little bit about the loss of his usual spot against the Ninetales but he was too shy to actually complain. Finally though, Luca and I said goodbye to Mike and Riiko. I would have preferred if Luca hadn't given Riiko a hug though... The male Lucario clearly enjoyed the affection despite being quite embarrassed. His ears flattened and I could pick out the blush under his fur as he returned the gesture after quickly managing to compose his reaction. The two of them happily invited us to visit the gym if we were ever in town again and perhaps even give them a rematch. We both agreed but Luca giggled as she declared she'd still kick Riiko's tail. Without a comeback Riiko smiled a bit awkwardly and waved before turning to head home with his trainer.

Since it was nearly midnight by the time we got back to the room we decided to skip our usual Pokemon center baths in favor of taking them in the morning. We all took our usual spots on the bed but I was still feeling possessive of Luca. I couldn't help cuddling up close as Leo snuggled against her chest, eager to get back to the sleep he'd started in the lobby. With a kiss and a nip of her ear from me Luca giggled and leaned back, happy to give me a loving kiss goodnight before we nestled into the pillows. I buried my face into the fur of her neck, breathing deeply her natural, heavy scent after the battle. With a soft moan of approval I drifted off with my mate and son while Ky happily enjoyed having regained his spot against Lady's belly amongst her tails.

I was the first to wake the next morning. Luca had rolled over during the night and rested her head on my shoulder while Leo had rather comically sprawled on the open half of the bed. His tail twitched and wagged as he seemed to be having a rather interesting dream.

I looked to my feet to find Ky and Lady had also moved in their sleep. Ky never wanted to put his head near Lady's when he lay down which meant she usually had to curl around him, but somehow the Umbreon had wormed his way under her front leg so he could nuzzle against her neck with his back pressed against her chest. It was rather adorable but I hoped Lady was the first to wake or Ky would quickly escape her embrace.

I never liked disturbing my mate, especially when she lay cuddled to my shoulder, but I couldn't hold my bladder for much longer. As gently as I could I detangled myself from her embrace. Luckily, she stirred but didn't wake.

Flushing the toilet brought Lady from her slumber. Feeling a warm body against her chest, the Ninetales murred softly and nuzzled against her little Umbreon. Ky groaned as his pillow moved but as he stretched himself awake he quickly realized he was pushing against someone. His red eyes opened as his rings glowed. Finding himself embraced by his dear friend he whined and squirmed, trying to escape. Lady just tightened her legs though, preventing him from wiggling free before she could give him a gentle lick between the ears. The black canine went stiff under that lick as his rings shown as bright as a light bulb. Feeling his resistance fade, Lady nuzzled against him again as her tails flicked up to drape across her bedmate.

Since we would be leaving for the next town latter that day I figured we should all get a bath while we could. Though Lady could fizzle most dirt and grime out of her heat resistant coat the rest of us got a bit dusty during our travels, especially Luca after her match. Since Leo had reluctantly awoken when Lady did he was up first.

While my son lathered shampoo into what he could reach I got what he couldn't. Unlike Luca, he liked to wash himself most of the time. Perhaps it was an independence thing but I really didn't mind. After lathering his back I let my son splash and dive around, playing as he rinsed off. Sadly though I couldn't let him play all morning, so after pulling the plug I roughly dried my little boy off.

"Dad!" he growled as I covered his head and randomly ruffled his fur with the towel. In a flash he managed to pull away and take the towel with him. With his head fur a mess he glared at me with his ears back. His soft smile betrayed him though and he ran laughing as I grabbed another towel to fight with!

I got up and follow Leo to the room to see who was next for a bath, but as I rounded the corner my breath caught in my throat... Still half wet, Leo had climbed on the bed and was carefully stalking towards his sleeping mother. Thanks to his parents, and of course his Aunt Lady, Leo had a rather playful nature. We constantly teased each other, pulling harmless pranks to cheer each other up or just to show our affection. Luca however, was notoriously hard to surprise. She had become very good at sensing the mischievous tinge to a person's aura, which meant she usually turned the prankster into the prankee. This time though... Leo got the better of her!

Our boy leapt onto his mother, bouncing them both softly in the bed as Luca let out a sharp surprised yelp! Knowing he had succeeded this time Leo quickly dug his paws into her sides, tickling her and making her flail in wild laughter. Barely able to withstand the barrage she shakily managed to grab Leo by his sides, making him yelp in shock this time.

He grinned sheepishly at her, though his quickly wagging tail betrayed the pride he was trying to hide from her. "Ohhh you are going to get it now!" Luca growled and flipped him back on the bed to return the favor!

Leo squealed as he squirmed against his stronger mother. His breath came in sharp gasps between his laughs and eventually he managed to get out a few words. "I-I'm sorry! It... won't happen... again!"

Luca halted her paws but kept him pinned to the bed as she leaned nose to nose with him. In a playfully growling tone she answered "It better not!" before she released him. In a flash he scrambled off the bed and ran laughing to hide behind my legs.

Finally seeing me, my dear mate glared and growled at me accusingly. "Whoa now! I had nothing to do with this!" I said quickly, holding my hands up defensively as she got off the bed and stalked closer.

"Why don't I believe you?" She quipped, standing up and cocking her head with a suspicious look in her eye.

"It was all dad's idea!" Leo barked, and ran to get on the bed so he could hide behind Lady now.

"You little traitor!" I scolded as I reached for him, intentionally grabbing short and letting him get away. He wore a goofy grin as I sneered at him for throwing me under the bus.

As revenge, Luca dragged me back into the bathroom so I could bathe her. Unlike Leo, she enjoyed making me do most of the work. When I had finished rubbing and lathering her back she returned the favor by washing mine. However, she didn't stop there. Having done her job she murred as she slipped her arms around me and hugged tightly against my back.

Forcing my breath to stay slow and steady I gently cupped my hands around her paws, holding her where she was as she gave me a sweet nuzzle between my shoulder blades. "You like this don't you?" she purred sweetly.

She knew my answer, but I couldn't resist teasing her back. I smiled as I replied, "Nope, not one bit," craning my neck to look back at her I saw her ear twitch. With a sly smile she looked up at me and stood on the tips of her pads to beg for a kiss. Loosing our embrace I turned to face her so I could meet her soft wet muzzle with my lips.

Her tail swayed behind her as she let her paws fall to the small of my back. She was the one to break our kiss though as she giggled and pulled back, giving me a sultry look. I couldn't help blushing. I knew what she had felt but the way she kissed me... I could never prevent this particular reaction. "Serves you right for teasing me," she murmured as she brought a paw to stroke my length.

I shivered at the touch, my hesitance quickly deteriorating despite Leo being in the next room. "Too bad my fur's already nice and clean hmm?" she murmured with a menacing grin, her pads firmly pressing against the tip of my shaft. I couldn't help gasping softly as I looked down at her with a deep blush. Dear lord did I love her! Every touch, word and kiss, she knew just how to get a rise out of me in more ways than one...

Weakly I leaned back against the wall, my legs starting to loose their will as my mate continued to press her revenge. "L-Luca... what about... L-Leo?" I moaned as softly as I could. My son's ears were just as sharp as his mother's after all.

"You want to teach him now?" she teased, giving me a toothy grin as her paw stroked up and down my length, being sure to press and rub at the sensitive spot just below my head. I stiffened and gasped a little louder with the touch, my member jumping against its captor.

All I could do was shake my head and pant as I squirm beneath her strokes. She wasted no time in bringing me close to orgasm and she didn't seem to care one bit about me returning the favor. Cruelly though, she slowed her paw each time she felt my body stiffen and my maleness strain. "I thought so," she teased as her pads caressed my tip once again, the sensation forcing my hips to try and retreat from the overstimulation. "Don't you ever wake me up like that again, got it?" she growled sharply as she leaned in close.

"A-alright! I won't!" I answered quickly and quietly, but made no promises about Leo...

"Good," she replied sweetly, her paw quickening as she pressed me against the wall. I gasped deeply once more, her pads knowing just where to go to set me off! Before another sound could escape though Luca's lips were pressed to mine, our tongues mingling and fighting in a passionate kiss. I was loosing that fight horribly though. My whole body shuttered as my eyes shut. I grasped at the smooth wall that my mate kept me pinned against. My moans muffled by her muzzle as my tongue quivered along with the rest of me. With one last squeeze and rub from her warm pads climax crashed upon me. Keeping her fur immaculate, she pointed my shaft towards me, letting my seed paint my own belly as her paw continued to caress my throbbing length, ensuring I spent myself entirely. Only the last dribble of my semen drooled on her paw just before she let go and broke our kiss to take a step back.

With her breath half gone, while I panted and gasped for air, she smiled cutely and sniffed at her paw. Making sure I was watching she slowly licked the small glob from her fur, erasing any trace of our act from her form. "You might want to clean that off before I send Lady in," she murred with a grin, seeing my blush deepen as I watched and listened.

"Meanie..," I managed to whisper as I slowly regained control of my legs. I smiled lovingly though and reached a hand out to brush through her now silken cheek fur. Another murr of affection was my reward as I bent to give her a gentle kiss on the forehead as thanks. She made sure I didn't try to hug her though... With my belly still a mess she would really have to punish me if I soiled her clean fur. Although, that didn't stop her from deliberately trailing her tail across my thigh as she left the bathroom.

"Lady! Your turn!" she yipped happily, watching out of the corner of her eye as I shivered thanks to her brush. A split second later, I hurried for the toilet paper roll to wipe away the bulk of what she'd done. Luca giggled softly and went to play with Leo and Ky as Lady appeared in the doorway.

My Ninetales' nose twitched at the heavy scent of musk in the room. Her tails curled neatly as that mischievous look Luca had worn earlier crept across her vulpine features. One of the snakelike appendages wrapped around the door knob and pulled it shut. Coming closer, she reared up and put her paws on my shoulders as I threw away the wet piece of toilet paper. Startled and thrown off balance by Lady's weight I landed ungracefully on the commode behind me. "Hey now! Leo's in the other room and I know you can't stay quiet," I scolded, my hands flying to grab her paws and put them back to the ground. With her weight working against my efforts those paws wound up in my lap. With a soft growl of disapproval Lady leaned closer and sniffed my belly, the matted hair still a clear indication of what Luca had done to me. I shuttered as Lady's long warm tongue slid across my belly. My cheeks reddened further as she passed lower, sparing a soft lick and nibble to the source of her stolen treat.

"A-alright that's enough!" I gasped shakily, still quite sensitive from Luca's treatment. I quickly stood and went to the bath to turn the water on. Luckily for me Lady relented, though she still wore that teasing fox-like grin as I switched the water to the removable shower head and started to wash her as well...

With Lady done Ky was the only one left. Thanks to Lady turning the room into a veritable sauna to dry herself off; any trace of my scent had been well masked by the stifling humidity. Ky started to pant when he entered but after a while the fan had cleared the worst of it and the cooler water I used for my Umbreon helped as well.

With a towel wrapped around my waist I bathed the last member of our little family. As shy as ever Ky kept still with his ears back as I carried on lathering his fur and rinsing him off. I couldn't help smiling at his rings glowing cutely when I came to his sheath and haunches. I ignored my curiosity as I finished with his tail. I would never force him or anyone just to indulge my own fleeting thoughts. Finally, after Ky received a quick drying cuddle from Lady, everyone was ready to go. With Leo on my shoulders we headed out towards our next unknown destination!

Chapter End Notes:

Another one down! Sorry it took so long. I haven't been getting my normal muse as often, nor have I been finding as much time to write. Please read review and or note your opinions! I like to know if I'm still doing a good job! Enjoy!

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