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Bianca was jealous of White's new Zoroark. Wanting to catch one of her own, she decides to head to the forest where White had the encounter and ran into Cheren. After the two have a slight conversation a cunning Zoroark decides to take what he overheard to his advantage...

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  1. The only chapter (3744 words) [Reviews: 2]

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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Apr 19 2013 Chapter:The only chapter
    This was good. A few small grammatical errors, and a spacing/line break error. But still very good.

    A secondary note, you should add 'rape' to the category list as well.

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    Illusionary Surprise
    "Have a character with be fooled by or cast some form of illusion on any other character(s)."
    Befuddling since 1985, when the Cows came home
    Reviewer: Raw19
    Date:Mar 10 2015 Chapter:The only chapter

    Sexy and Dark. Most excellent.