AGNPH Stories


This is the first of a five part tournament which contain some humor, some yiffing, and death. In this newest episode, Menkaure gets apleasant surprise from her base Most of this story is focused on Yin as a character and the complications of working with him. The first chapter contains Rape and semi-incest Nidoking/Cacnea/Zangoose (M/M/F)

  1. Calm before the Storm (3073 words)

  2. SHK 7-Round 1: Hoenn Side (3208 words)

  3. SHK 8: Kanto Side (4679 words)

  4. SHK 9: Matters of the Heart (3905 words)

  5. SHK 10: Round 2A Battle of the Anthropomorphs (5589 words)

  6. SHK 11: Friends and Foes (7385 words)

  7. SHK 12: The End of the Beginning (6800 words)

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