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Long before the modern days of man and Pokemon existed a time when the two species feuded. Humans treated Pokemon far from friend and purely as slaves, workhorses to carry the burden their masters bid them to do. Marcus, an Infernape, is a noble prince among a Pokemon kingdom that has been fighting the humans for centuries. Lei is an Ambipom slave that has lived her whole life in bondage and slavery by her human master. These two Pokemon's fates are about to intertwine and perhaps something can be gained from the sacrifices they've both had to endure.

Story Notes:

Please note that this story does not reflect my views on exactly how the Pokemon world was created, its history, etc. etc. It's a story, an interpretation, a creative telling of what might have happened. So don't chew me out for "not knowing my history" or whatever. That being said, I do try and give a rather interesting -- albeit violent and oppressive -- potential backstory to the Pokemon world, so hopefully you find it interesting at the very least.

  1. Saved from Slavery (14136 words)

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