AGNPH Stories


This is the story of Alex Whitewing, an evolved human. Having lost his memory, he searches constantly for clues to the life that he once had. Along they way he will many things such as love, make a few friends, and even come across a few enemies. In the end, will he choose to continue searching for answers may never find or pick a new life altogether with the one he loves?

Attention: Chapter 8 has undergone a complete rewrite, this means a new story line is in effect.

  1. Chapter 1 (8758 words)

  2. Chapter 2 (7800 words)

  3. Chapter 3 (8734 words)

  4. Chapter 4 (7749 words)

  5. Chapter 5 (8285 words)

  6. Chapter 6 (8064 words)

  7. Chapter 7 (8446 words)

  8. Chapter 8 (8001 words)

  9. Chapter 9 (11498 words)

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