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Affections by Zana An


Author's Chapter Notes:

A hope renewed, a love to gain, wonders to yearn and a heart to win. Havi must embark on the most important quest of his life. With everything to go for, these diciding moments of what he does will count for everthing he has ever desired, and that everything is one thing, Amber. How will he do it? Not even he fully knows, but with a newly befriended and the help of others, surely he would work a plan to succeed, or fail. Could love really elude him? 

Tu m'aimes?

I did intend this to be the last chapter, and it was to begin with, but then it grew, and grew and guess what, grew some more. I couldn’t lumber you all with an enormous chapter spanning well over 12k so I decided to split this and release the other half of the chapter in a couple of days with a little surprise ^_^ This has got to be one of my most enjoyed chapters I have had the pleasure of writing, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it too.



Chained Souls

Chapter 11

~~Tu m'aimes?~



He ran as fast as his four legs would carry him, watching the buildings as they sped past in greys, whites and every other monochrome tone in between. The wailing wall of sound from the bustle of the cars and their sirens meshed with the voices of humans returning home from work were drowned out in his utter focus of what he set out to do, he didn’t even hear the jingle of his own cat-bell. It wasn’t such a menial task after all. Pleasantly, it took him back in awe that it took less than eight minutes at the rate he was thundering down the streets before the trees and greenery of the park came into view.

Sheesh Amber that was fast what the heck have you fed me as an Eevee? Seems it’s all caught up now I’ve evolved.

How he savoured the feeling of the soft soil and grass under his paws over the rough texture of the street’s hardened tarmac. Taking a deep breath, he welcomed lush scents of tender blooms and that hazy tree scent that took him. A faint orange luminescence cast along the tops of the caravans and surrounding treetops from the descending sun as he looked around. Havi quickly laid eyes on the ringmasters caravan letting his nose direct him. Nearing his goal his sixth sense made fast work in deducing the Chatot’s presence within. He gestured a small wave with his mind, allowing his pyschic powers to pull the door open as dashed inside suddenly and towards his blissfully unaware friend. He already began grasping some feel for his newer abilities as one day drifted to the next.

There, perched upon an oak bird stand he sighted the winged deviant who had once been the bane of his life with a cracker stuffed in his beak. The bird had been so lost in the flavour that he’d failed to notice Havi there, typical. “Hey are we friends now?”

Quickly startled, his feather companion almost choked on what he was eating. “Havi! keh keh,” he coughed as he cleared his throat. He seemed just a little fearful and quite rightly he should be after what he’d done, but Havi had no malicious intentions. “What are you doing here? Are you going to... Listen about what happened in the tent I’m really...”

Havi cut him short, not having much time as he knew the shops would be closing in the city shortly. “That can wait, I know you are. All is forgotten in the past, so don’t fret. Now, are we friends?” he quickly prompted the bird.

“Yes, but I’m so sor...”

Havi, once more cut him short. “Great! Then you won’t mind coming with me, I need your help. I know it’s kind of abrupt, but it’s really important. Have you by chance got any of that human money stuff lying around here?”

“Yeah Laurel has some in the drawer, I doubt he’ll miss a coin or two but why?” he asked frowning.

“I need to buy something, but I can’t speak. My telepathy works with other pokemon easily, and with Amber as we share a bond which has been strengthen over time. But with other humans it’s much harder to do, especially strangers; it probably sound like gibberish.”

“So you need me to talk to someone?” he enquired cocking his head to the side a little dumbfound.

“Kind of, I need you to buy something for me.”

The Chatot seemed surprised, raising a brow. “Sqwaaa, huh?”

“Come on, I’ll explain on the way.” Giving his newly befriended very few options, he bounded out the caravan, leaving the Chatot to shrug and quickly make for the provisions, human currency.



The trip was relatively short, and luckily for Havi there was a bookshop on the outskirts of town. Standing inside Havi panted a little from all the running around he had been doing, and nothing short of sprint pace. After catching a second wind a couple of minutes later he looked around the rather antique-esque setting, which was brooded books of every variety along three walls. The room itself wasn’t huge, with an age old feel, mostly consisting of pine and oak constructs; but the way the books were stacked to the rafters, he knew he would be able to find her favorite author here. The lavender pokemon ambled his way over to the counter, and sat down, peering up at Chatot.

The bird had wasted no time and was right down to business. “Here I don’t know how money works much sqwaack I think it’s enough,” he said looking down at Havi as he flapped his wings in the air hovering about. He turned to face the clerk, making his request, or from the way he sounded, demands. “We want to buy a Captain Havi book, the latest sqwaa, make it pronto!”

The attendant rather scrawny with a tall slender build, took the Chatot’s personality with a pinch of salt, not phased by him, or not yet at least. The young clean shaven man in his twenties hummed as he typed away with loud clicks into the decade old computer next to him, then just stood there as if lost as the titles slowly populated the screen at a slugs pace. He continued to hum in an awful off key, tone for what seemed an infinitely annoying, pushing his thin framed glasses further up the ridge of his nose before replying. “No we don’t have books by that author, sorry.”

The Espeon looked at Chatot shaking his head. “No no, it’s Capt... Havoc.”

The Chatot replied, “I meant Scrapping Tavoc. Don’t you listen human?”

The attendant sighed a moment while Havi face pawed himself with a small slapping sound before he corrected Chatot again. “No it’s CaptHavoc, like Capt-Hav-oc.”

“Ah got it. Let me try again.” He fluttered his wings. “Hey bookshop numb-nuts, it’s CaptHavoc, get it right! Human hearing must be impaired,” the bird taunted, refusing to lay any claim on his own folly, having found a better usage to pin it on the poor clerk.

The attendant just frowned at the insult and brushed it off while he did his checks, after what seemed another lengthy period of time of he answered. “Yeah, got him, and we have the latest release just come in, Transmission Lost. It says here, most of the critics are already raving about it and how great it is, although rather controversial with interspecies relationships, still want a it?”

“Yeah yeah, I didn’t ask for a history lesson! Give it over on the double,” the Chatot ordered with Havi nodding ecstatically having gained a small victory in locating it. The bird threw down a gold coin on the cash desk. “Is that enough, human?” Havi was rather amused, it seemed Chatot probably did speak to everyone like this, except for a few.

“Human? Err, yes, It’ll cover it fine,” he said becoming a little stressed now as he took the gold coin, and moved out of sight before returning with a book. He lowered his hand to the counter placing some silver coins down. Sadly it appeared more than what the Chatot could carry in his two claws.

“What am I supposed to do with all that. Do I look like some dimwit human with pockets to you? Kwaarrr sqawwwk. Some humans are so slow in the head. Education these days...“ The bird gave a huff picking up one silver coin in each claw and leaving what he couldn’t carry, asking for a coin bag or something never occurred to him, but then again how often would pokemon actually go to a shop. Havi leaped up, grabbing the book in his maw before dashing off, and just like that the duo were out of the door, leaving one disorientated shop attendant.

The man walked over to the door and locked it, flipping the sign to closed as he muttered. “What’s the world coming to when pokemon come in to buy sci-fi erotica books with humans sticking their gear sticks into alien felines. I think I must have hallucinated it, maybe I really need to cut back on smoking those herbal cigs.”

Further down the street, Havi pondered away as the Chatot flew besides him, something seemed incomplete. He had the book but it didn’t seem it would be enough of a gesture to begin his little campaign to win her. He needed more than just a book and he knew that. What could it possibly be? There must be more ways to a girls heart, but who could help him find this ingredient?

After a moment the sexy image of a female friend blew through his mind like a crisp breeze, twisting her elegant body in rapturous ways.

The Milotic! Who better to know a woman than another woman! I’m sure she’ll share some secrets!

“Hey Chatot, thanks for all your help. I’ll see you around okay?”

“Sure! It’s no problem Sqwaa, it’s the least I could do,” he said sincerely, having redeemed a little of himself.



Havi only just parted company having evaluated his next step like a masterful chess game, but stopped short of the Milotic’s cage taking a gulp. Now was not the time to get cold feet, but there it was as a slight shiver passed over him. For him to be advised with a general overlook he could keep Amber’s identity a secret but, and there was a but, if he wished for a piece of personally tailored advice he knew he would need to admit his desires to acquire his paticular beloved. This would mean letting the Milotic know it’s either a human or Amber. He knew if he said it was a human it didn’t take two and two to put it together he meant Amber, as she was the only human he spent nearly all his time with. He knew the Milotic wouldn’t be cruel, she wasn’t like that, but he also didn’t wish for it to affect the way she thought about him. Some humans even pokemon, ridiculed such relationships.

Before he could back trot away he heard her voice. “Oh is that you Havi?” She slithered to the edge of her cage, smiling through the thick black bars. Although a cage, it held all the comforts she may need, a climbing frame to wrap around, a small water basin to rest and swim within and even a small tree, all within the mobile habitat. The cage was more to protect her from outsiders.

“Yes I err hmm. It is me, but I, okay it’s like this, I need some advice,” he finally got out after a little effort and stuttering.

“Oh I see, it’s always a pleasure to see you. And I’m glad that the others now are on good terms with you. You were so brave,” she complimented. Her slender body impressively flowed between the bars as they indented her flesh as she slide through in movements that motioned as gracefully as flowing water. She came to rest beside him outside on the grass. Havi placed the book down and also took his place on the ground, sitting watching the sunset with her.

“Hehe, thank you. I only did what I had to, and I’m sure you would have done the same for your Dragonair lover right?”

“Yes, lover, oh. The same you say, let me guess you’re either in love, or are involved with Amber?”

Havi’s eyes widened, he should have worded it a different way, she really did have an acute sense of deducing words. “No I’m not seeing her, but I’ve never felt this for anyone before.” His lavender cheeks had a splash of rouge take them. He was rather expectant on either some disgust or being looked at in a lesser light, but none of that came.

“I see, so you have your first crush but it’s with your owner. No need to be embarrassed. Please continue,” she softly spoke, her ease made him more comfortable. He was happy she’d taken an interest in helping him, and a little curious about him being interested in a human.

“She’s in love with me too or has similar feelings to what I do, but not as strong, yet, but powerful enough to shake me. I can sense them growing stronger, and she even has come to the conclusion it’s okay for her to be in love with me, but not be with me. I feel at a loss as that’s where this problem lies. She believes it’s better to be this way. So neither I, or she is hurt. Fearing repercussions I’ve not told her this.”

“Seems humans overcomplicate things. They always add extra factors, but it’s also not a common practice for a human to be involved with a pokemon in such a way. They tend to stick to their own species.” Havi remembered Leon mentioning something similar about humans complicating things more than need be.

“So Miss Milotic what can I do? You’re a female, there has to be things your mate did, or does that draw you to him more?”

“Whoa hehe, not so formal, you should know by now you can call me Eliziara. You can’t rush love, and the same can be said about advice. Relax she’s not going to run away. So my lover, where to begin hmmm. There’s many things he does for me, but the best way is his cheekiness sometimes, at other’s being a little silly. The way to most females hearts is by making them laugh, and enjoy your company, or it is at least for many like myself.”

“Laugh?” he quizzed.

“Yes, by throwing in a little tongue and cheek. Confidence is what I like. I also adore romance, along with some simple things.” She paused a moment as Havi nodded as she made sure he understood before continuing. “Breakfast and being catered for now and then is also nice, a girl loves to be pampered sometimes you know. For me, corny and old as it is, roses and older forms of love gestures, sometimes cliche ones are best served with giggles, and boldness along with words to woo me further. Do things that no one else would have for her before, change some things so they’re unique to you. Not everything is about giving, for example listening or encouraging her to talk more about herself. I like to be made to feel special, and praised, and I’m sure she’s the same. Most of us don’t ask for it, but love it when it’s given.”

“I can do those things, thank you, what else, please do tell.” Havi had invariably become the sponge, eagerly listening to every word like it was water, and soaking it in.

“Well finding the hobbies she likes and taking an interest in them. I see you may have found one by your paws?” she enquired, gesturing with the tip of her tail towards the book.

“I have this book, yes. She loves this author so I thought I’d get it for her.”

“That’s really thoughtful. It’s a fine way you can express your interest, have her read it for you too possibly. Even if you don’t like it you can humour her. Maybe you don’t really need so much advice as you’re on the right track as much as encouragement, it seems.”

“There’s something else which makes me uncomfortable. She’s not been in a relationship before. Not that it matters but neither have I. Which then does, as neither of us actually know what to do...”

“Why worry about it, and if she lacks experience and so do you, why don’t you be the braver of the two and make that first step with a kiss, experience comes with experience after all. Telling someone what a kiss is like, isn’t the same as kissing them yourself.”

“Hmm, you’re good at this, but I don’t know how to.”

“It’s easy, want to practice with me?” she cheekily asked with a giggle leaning into him with a wink.

“Ahem, wha... wait. I can’t, or more I won’t, sorry. Something just wouldn’t feel right about it. It’s like I only wish those things for her alone.” She paused just laughing playfully and leaned back once more.

“That’s very noble, you really are helplessly in love hehe. I didn’t mean any offence by it, I just wanted to see it. You know there’s differences between pokemon and humans. While I don’t mind you doing this with me or even mating, my mate is fine with it, she won’t be. It’s a good way to be in your situation.”

“How do you mean?” he asked confused as his forked tail swished around to rub against the back of his head.

“For example I offered to mate with you previously too, so we can bond and be closer friends. Pokemon of many species apart from a few tend to have a main mate, but...” she paused thinking of how to word it.

“But what?” Havi asked as his eyes peeled open more.

“We will mate with others as a means of bonding like I said, and strengthening that bond. For various pokemon it’s a friendship act of intimacy is shared with those close. Even that Lumineon fish will do it with their young to fortify their ties and such acts are never questioned. Humans on the other hands in most cases, not all, are the opposite. They will only have one main mate, and they will only choose that one over any other to be intimate with.”

“Ah I see, I understand now.”

“You... You have another problem,” she said, looking up at the sky as the orange afterglow of the reclining light ran deep into the horizon where the sun had set.

“What’s that?” he asked a little fearfully.

“Well, ahem, have you any idea what your penis is like?” she asked almost promiscuously, having a rather naughty look in her eyes.

“Oh what huh? Why?” he asked swallowing hard.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never had an erection since evolving?” she asked shaking her head with a teasing tut.

“No... I’ve not really had the time to think of anything like that.”

“You’re a feline mostly now, so you have barbs. Sex with her is fine, it’s only mildly uncomfortable but mostly pleasurable, it’s when you orgasm the barbs really protrude. They can feel like a few needle pricks inside her, a little uncomfortable, not agonizing.”

“You’re kidding me?” he asked a little worried.

“No, afraid not. But it’s just mildly painful, even if she flinches and asks you to, whatever you do, don’t pull out as it won’t be a pleasant experience for her as that’s the part that will be agonizing. A word of advice, if you do go the full distance, remember to stay buried in her until completely flaccid or better still it slides out itself when it shrinks.”

“Why is it like some horrible thing?” he asked already distressed over something that may or may not even happen.

“It’s not horrible, it’s to make your fellow felines ovulate, but your love interest isn’t a feline, understand? You have to be careful so she’s not hurt.”

“I didn’t even think about those things, and yes I understand. I’m glad I came to you. But, as fascinating as this is, mating was the last thing on my mind, she hasn’t even decided she wants to be with me. Anyway lets move back to the topic at paw before we derailed. So anything else?”

“Let’s see, hmm. Maybe you can even get her something she would like or misses. She has to be bored being in hospital like that. Try doing whatever it is in a special way, and unlike the way she has had whatever it is done before.”

“Thanks I’ll try read her mind a little but not too much as it’s rude.”

“You’re really sweet Havi, any girl would be over the moon to have you. Even if she doesn’t there’s so many that would be lucky. If after everything she doesn’t accept you, then she doesn’t know what she’s missing. It also means she wasn’t the right one for you, but the right one is waiting out there, you just need to find her.”

“Amber is the one.” he said, giving a small bow of his head, humbled by the time she had given him.

“Everyone in love always say they’re the one, it comes as standard, but only time will tell. Come by anytime for a visit.”

“Thank you for everything,” he said as he leaned forward giving her cheek a little nuzzle with the side of his own before moving back.

The Milotic giggled in response. “You’re welcome, definitely the affectionate one. Oh and if you really needed, I'll help you with intimate actions, with hands on experience, hehe.”

Her words caused Havi to shiver.

Having said her piece, Eliziara slithered back up to her cage giving a little yawn and wave of her tail. Likewise he did the same to bid her farewell. Havi picked the book back up, and held it secure with his maw. He turned to head back to the city but was in no rush as he strolled leisurely at his own pace so he could think over all that was said. Maybe the species difference was too much, but without doing this he’d never know. Soon a confidence came over him as he took off like a bullet, with twists of joy between strides, he was happy, and knew he could do this, as much for himself as it was for her.




The lovestruck wanderer returned, as he used his abilities to push the window up, and how thankful he was that her room was situated on the ground floor of the hospital as he was exhausted from his little mission. As he climbed through the window he noticed her eyes looking his way, unable to tell if she’d had her eye on the window this whole time or she’d heard him. Somehow he knew inside she’d had her eyes there since he’d left, but refrained from commenting, he didn’t even have to read her mind for that.

She greeted him him with a few delighted flutters of her lashes. “It’s dark outside so I was wondering when you’d be coming back.”

“Worried?” he asked apologetically.

“No, not at all, you’re a big boy now and I know you can look after yourself pretty well.”

“Then?” he paused smiling while he skipping down from the window sill and walked over to the bed taking his rightful place by her side, while she curiously eyed what he had. Placing his gift on her lap he just looked into her eyes resting his head there. “Then, you missed me I guess.” Her hand reached for the book as a glint of excitement almost sparkled in her eyes.

“Whoa...” she said almost lost for words, she couldn’t tell how long it’d been since she’d held a book by her favorite author.

“Like it?” he asked, although he didn’t need an answer for it, observing her reaction.

“Where did you get this? It’s a new one too!”

“That would be telling, lets just say a friend helped. Besides it seems forever since you read me a story. As seen as I’ve evolved I can understand more, so why not read it to me, and we can both enjoy it together?”

“I’m not sure you’ll like it,” she said reading the back of the book cover to get an idea of what the story entailed.

“Pretty purrrrlease, you know I’ll give you that look, and you’ll give in, don’t make me do it!”

With a weak laughter she gave in, still speaking very quietly, lacking strength. “Hmm okay, it seems I have no choice, you manipulator,” but little did she know about the later events in this particular story or she may have had further reservations.

“Don’t worry, use your mind, I’ll hear you fine,” he said as his head rested in her lap. She turned the first pages getting to the chapter and began. He listened away, and although he didn’t express any initial interest in the story itself, it some became apparent he was caught. From the detailed descriptions the vibrant imagery of the story came to life.

Damn she was right, he really is good.

The Espeon became enthralled in the alien saga, gripped as much as Amber on the edge, turning from one page to the next. As one chapter ended, Havi urged her once more to continue for just one more. The building chemistry between the feline alien species, and the human known as Jack grew, as he deeply yearned to learn what fate beheld for them. Chapter six ended as Amber yawned softly, Havi knew she needed her rest, but still wanting more gave into a low groan. Her hand passed in luxurious length strokes down the curvature of his back, trying to suppress any intimate desire as her fingers seemingly glided over his strong underlying muscles. It was almost too difficult to keep her thoughts in check for fear he would read them but somehow she only just about did.

“Well I really shouldn’t be pushing you for more, but that cliff hanger has left me screaming for more, I mean are they going to be okay, or what if he dies. Those things are horrible and he’s... trapped! I’m worried about him.” Amber simply couldn’t contain her giggle, even if it made her head throb, she could see a genuine worry in Havi’s eyes, he was completely hooked on the story.

“He’s just a character silly. Okay one more chapter then. It’s not like I have to wake up for anything and can just sleep a little longer.”

“Brilliant! Pick the book up, hurry!” not even the bleeps coming from the monitor distracted him as she snuggled his head into her lap once more. The nurse came around poking her head in to see if Amber was awake or asleep before continuing onwards. Patients sometimes did fall asleep leaving the lights on, so it was a routine patrol.

She turned the pages once more to the next chapter and began once more, every now and then she would look down to see his beady eye sparkling for more. But then she paused, reaching a part she didn’t think she would. Havi snickered, knowing just what it was from the way her body tensed and and the way her shock took her. She looked down at him, “Hmm oh, I think we should stop here.”

“Hey we’re almost at the end of this chapter, it’s not like it’s something no one does, and I really want to know. Besides what are you afraid of? It’s mean getting me up to somewhere like this and just stopping.”

“B.. but...” she fell silent for a moment. She could feel herself becoming bashful, and without answering a yes or no, she shyly continued. Her heart began to beat faster as the monitor began beeping at a quicker pace but not at such a speed that it would alert the nurses. Havi listened intently as love was being made feeling warm and fuzzy inside. He could hear Ambers voice being broadcast from her mind, almost as if she, herself, was feeling the intimacy. Her mental tone had changed enough to let him know of her own secret arousal caused by the sexy scene. She forged on word by word to finish the chapter, and even feeling content.

“That was a beautiful chapter,” he said as he stood up on her bed, moving closer to her, he licked her cheek tenderly to thank her for it. “This is what I did on that night, but you turned your head, so hmm something else happened, I’m sorry about that.”

“No it was my fault for jumping to conclusions. I’m sorry. You’re too kind and loving to ever have tried to do something horrible to me, I was stupid. But all that’s in the past now.”

“So did you enjoy the story as much as I loved listening to you tell it?”

“I loved it, and can’t wait to read the rest tomorrow.”

“It’s wonderful how love doesn’t discriminate, even transcends species.” Havi secretly was trying to get her to see this. “It’s so lovely when two people become so close as friends that it grows into something like that. They’re there for one another.”

“It’s a lovely story, thanks for bringing it.”

“See something you like?” he said reciting a line from the story, but playing it up with shifty eye movements. Of course he remembered the Milotics words and a way to a Ambers heart is through laughter.

“Haha, Hey you little scoundrel! It’s time I get some sleep. Seriously cut that out you look half deranged and half constipated!” she paused feeling a dull hard pain in her head, “Ow ow ow... Don’t make me laugh so much, it’s making my head hurt a little,” she said pulling a face at him, and sticking her tongue out.

Havi felt beaten, she hadn’t noticed him trying but he did cheer her mood up, and her happiness was just as important. Those lines probably only worked in books and movies he guessed. Just as he thought that he sensed something from her, warm and fuzzy. Maybe it just did but took her a moment to catch on; result! He was becoming as excitable as the old Havi and needed to keep it in check. Now he plotted to work on tomorrows plan. The male from the story cooking that exotic bird for food made him think. He knew Amber hated hospital food, much like every other human it seemed. That was it, a special breakfast, and Amber always woke after him, he just needed to wake up a little earlier than normal.

“Oh okay, I guess I better sleep now too. So?” he said nudging at her thigh.

“So err what?” she asked amiss.

“I want to sleep in your arms like I use to, what else?”

“Oh that, huh oh.”

“What’s wrong?” he asked wishing for closure, doing so would not only make them comfortable with each other again. He knew things weren’t going to be like before, but could only grow better if he got this right. He knew she was reluctant to take that step as a lover, but still, there was a chance, and life is all about chances.

“Nothing. Nothing at all,” she quickly replied. He snickered trampling around the bed as his paws sunk into the mattress with each step as he positioned himself carefully as to not accidently hurt her. He snuck in under the bed sheet causing his heart to even flutter being so close like this. He had rebuilt the bridge of their friendship, but he needed to forge a new path to another acceptance, a bridge he knew needed to be built, that was her trust in her love for him. He doubted if he left it too long then she would merely content herself on remaining friends.

Tomorrow will see a new day, and he knew it was time to train his newer powers that came with his evolution, if for anything, then to impress her.



She awoke the next day to the most wondrous and delicious smell wafted to the air. One which she recognised thoroughly, and loved. The aroma sweet, warm and fresh, she wondered if she was still dreaming as it probably was too good to be true, and everyone knew what they said about such thing; if it’s too good to be true then it usually is.

As the revitalizing golden rays warmed her skin, she opened her eyes and greeting, she discovered much to her pleasure it wasn’t a manifestation of her mind. “Pancakes! Whoa, I so could kill them, this hospital food is intolerable, yuck, but these,” she said as her mouth started watering at the sight of them. They were laid out on a piece of paper, no plate but she couldn’t have cared less.

“Are you drooling,” he asked with an insuppressible laugh, which made Amber flush as she realised she almost did.

“No,” she quickly fired back, fixing her beady eyed, hunger driven expression, clearly a little embarrassed but not dissuaded in the slightest to dig in. Then wondered becoming a little skeptical. “Err where did you get these from?”

“It doesn’t matter really does it? As long as you like them.”

“Havi?” she asked in a motherly tongue, apprehensively as to speak down to a child when they’re in trouble.

“I didn’t steal them so relax. Remember strong man Davies?” Amber nodded. “He makes pancakes every morning since he got his new portable cooker a couple of days ago. Right outside his caravan too. So I passed by while he was up early fixing himself breakfast, he’s not the smartest guy out there but he’s rather a lovely human. I pointed to the pancakes then to the bell. It took about several tries before he got I wanted them for you.”

“Oh I’ll remember to get him a little something when I get out. That’s so lovely of him and you too of course.”

“He said they better get to you if that’s why I wanted them or he’ll make me a squish-ka-Espeon...” Havi gave a visible shudder. “Brutal!”

“That sounds so like him hehe.” She reached out and rolling a pancake and dipping it into a little tub of maple syrup. Davies always made things fresh, and the taste was unbelievable. What was a few calories here and there? The first bite from it’s warmth she reached for Havi. “Remember you first!” she gestured, making those demanding eyes at him. “If you don’t then I won’t either.”

“Alright, defeated. You always have put me first, it’s custom now I guess, it’d be rude for me not to accept.” he said with a loud purr opening his mouth.

“That’s right, because who’s my favorite pokemon?” He remembered how he loved the way she did this, finally things were as they were. As usual he played on pointing to her as she shook her head. “Oh you silly Espeon, now you’re not an Eevee, you’re completely doing that deliberately!”

She watched him take a bite out of it before swallowing it down. “There’s something else,” he said smiling and pointing off to her side. Amber turned seeing a small bouquet of roses, all red but one, which was oddly out of place, a white rose.

“Hmm did you get a wrong one in there?”

“No, because in all the roses, you stand out the best. That one represents you,” he said making her giddy. She didn’t think at all he was coming onto her as she knew him to always be affectionate. The thought was in the back of her mind but more suppressed than anything. Of course she didn’t want to ask or mention anything in case he’d always been like this. The last thing she would want was to cause friction between them again through jumpy conclusions. Amber felt wonderful having this closeness to him again.



The days continued in such a way, becoming weeks, and each day Havi would do his best to bring Amber something or do something unique for her. Bringing sweet offerings to reciting even a little story of his own. In return she told him more of the stories she could remember from her books after she’d finished Transmission Lost. Havi didn’t stop with each passing day and nor did he give up. He watched her health and strength returning, several weeks had passed and longer than the suggested three weeks initially. She had hopes that she could be discharged tomorrow pending a final check up.

Havi watched the doctor leave and he couldn’t be more glad to hear those words. He knew she had been cooped up too long in the room. Amber sat on a chair besides the window as her elbow rested on the window sill, cupping her chin with one hand. “I really want to be out and go lie down on the grass. Get down to fooling around and playing with you.”

“Oh that you will, and I’ve not saved my fair maiden from the big Amber dragon in a while.”

“I can’t believe you still want to play that game, but you know what, I’d love to.” He nodded agreeably. No matter how much people tend to grow up, sometimes they still carry a little piece of the child they once were.

“Mind if I rest in your lap? Just my front half so I can perch myself high enough to look out with you, a vista to share and daydream to.”

“I think reading you so many stories has broadened your vocabulary,” she said patting her lap as he sprung up landing his front paws on her thighs. The action unintentionally nicked her with one of his claws, the light scratch not breaking the skin as it passed along her inner thigh causing her to suddenly flinch. “Owie!”

“Sorry. I err.” He felt rather idiotic trying to be romantic with fancy words then screwing it up being a clumsy.

“I... it’s okay don’t worry about it, I should have groomed you and made sure your claws are nicely clipped and clean, and I promise to give you a nice bath when we’re out.” A surprising sensation emanated from her that caught him. If he wasn’t mistaken he knew it as a little arousa, provoked by that reaction. This struck him as odd as he came to think of pain as a negative emotion, or one felt from physical or emotional pain. Those who desired it wished to feel it due to suffering but he made out none of those sad feelings or thoughts coming from her, just a warm joy, how strange.

She even found it sweet and that other time when he watched her masturbate, she was slapping her intimate area not harshly but loud enough for him to hear it while her other hand tended internally. He still wish he could have seen her special area, as it had been just out of his sight. Things started to add up as he recalled when he bit his rear and that paw swat having the same results. Nothing could hide the blush on her pale skin. She did enjoy this but in a loving way so lovingly it was as sweet as any kiss could be.

Havi nuzzled his head along her shoulder resting the side of his face against her bosom so he may hear her heartbeat as he use to. Her hand greeted him and he was grateful to feel her touch, and relieved to have her, knowing he almost lost her. Her fingers thoroughly filtered through his fur fibres.

“You’ll be my best friend, forever. One day you’ll make a girlfriend very happy.”

Friends. Those words brought him a little sorrow and hit hard. The Milotic was right, humans do over complicate things, she’s in love with me and yet she’s willing to reject me. In these weeks haven’t I done enough?

A little disappointed he reclined his head back and gently rested it on her shoulder as he gazed out. Havi had done all a humble espeon could, only one thing remained. He needed to be blunt, and render his feelings for her in the open, or possibly kiss her outright. If he’d done enough he’ll soon know. But would she then take him?

It had been decided, when they were home tomorrow, it was time, either by words, or better still with actions.



End note - Copy and paste still isn't working sadly. I hope you all enjoyed it, and the next chapter is the final. I hope you aren't disappointed and have enjoyed everything so far. Thanks to CaptHavoc123 who allowed me to use the reference from his fantastic story and here we had a small tribute to his fantastic fiction. Seriously if you've not read his works, you'll be in for a treat, they can be found here.

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