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A light in the darkness, a shoulder to lean on, and a glimmer of hope is what Havi needed if he should brave the situation he'd been thrusted within. But, and there is a but, would he find it in time if he is to restore what has been broken? 

Until The Clocks Stop Turning.

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Chained souls

Chapter 9

~Until The Clocks Stop Turning~




Time was measured by the ache of his lungs rather than minutes, an abstract guess of half an hour having passed since he'd left Amber behind. He kept going and going but to where, not even he knew, only the sound of crashing water and the ring of his cat bell, filled his ears with each bound. The rain had worsened, pouring down so thick it formed a continuous blanket of seclusion. The best he could do was make out vague shapes of things, the only scent in the air that of water and mud.

A looming shadow looked to be a tree so he headed for it, intending to rest his paws a few moments. As soon as he moved under the thick layer of branches, the rain abruptly stopped. Well, rather than stop completely it trickled through spots here and there as drips... but for the most part, dry. Moving as close to the trunk as he could, he looked back from where he'd come from, his vision limited by the continuing rain outside which formed a thick haze beyond the protection of the tree. With a vigorous shake to remove as much water from his fur he could, he sat a moment, just watching the powerful downpour. Havi took deep breaths of exhaustion due to his arduous trek as he leaned his head against the bark of the tree, he closed his eyes tightly, wishing to forget.

It’s over, done. I shouldn’t have gone to the tent... I should have returned to Ambers Caravan, I should have... What’s the point beating myself up over this.

The thought came of removing the gift she’d bestowed him as he whisked his tail around, but it wasn’t in him at that moment to remove it as deep mourning settled in. Havi’s head lowered as he stared down at his paws, he felt as if he was about to break.

A whistling tune fell on his ears as he looked up. “Hello?”

"You know... sitting under a tree is the worst place to be in a storm, especially if you’re not an electric type. They're prone to lightning strikes."

Pulling back from the tree with a jerk, Havi almost tripped over his own feet as he noticed an Abra with a large leaf. He held it in such a manner over his body that caused the rain to strike it rather than him. Taking a step under the canopy of the tree, the Abra shook his leaf off before looking back to Havi, his head tilting as though awaiting an explanation.

Havi's lips curled, his head shaking, a drop of water running down his muzzle. "It doesn't matter. I've lost everything. Lightning striking me down is the least of my worries." He shuddered once, though his voice remained steady. "I'll take my chances."

"Everything?" The Abra gave a small snorting sound through his nose. "I find that hard to believe."

"It's true," Havi nearly growled, calming himself when he noticed the Abra waving his hand apologetically.

"I didn't say I thought you were lying, I just find it hard to believe." The Abra's small brown eyes glanced at him then out to the storm. "Tell you what, why don't we move away from the tree and you can tell me about it?" He grinned and held up his leaf. "It's big enough for both of us, you know."

Havi's tails flicked once, irritated by the thought of moving but trusting the Abra's wisdom in regards to lightning. As the yellow pokemon held the leaf high, raising to his tiptoes to allow enough room for Havi to move under, the two left the underside of the branches. Rain instantly clamored on the top of the leaf but not a drop splashed on their fur; though Havi had to keep his forked tail tucked in to make that so.

"I know it's not my place to pry," the Abra started, keeping his gaze towards the ground, watching for anything that might trip them up before sighting the ribbon bow knotted to his tail, tethered with a bell. "But you don't look like a Wild Pokemon... is your trainer nearby? Did something happen?"

Havi hesitated in answering, previous experiences with other Pokemon making him reluctant to trust... but he didn't sense the same dark, heavy feelings around this Abra which had become so customary he took it as the norm. He could be forgiven for being careful, it wasn’t like the carnival Pokemon made things easy for him, making fun and bullying him.

"I just recently evolved," Havi said slowly, watching his newly acquainted closely just in case he was mistaken about the creature's intent. "And so much has happened... I don't know who or what to believe in any more."

The Abra was silent a moment as they slugged their paws along the mud on their rainy stroll before he finally replied, seeming to have been searching for the right question. "Maybe sharing what's on your mind might help?" The yellow creature gave him a wide grin that helped Havi feel better for joining him. "A burden shared is a burdened halved, after all."

"I don't know..." Havi gave a small frown, thinking over the matter. "I don't even know you very well."

The Abra grinned again. "Well, most Pokemon call me Fourteen, long story." He stopped walking to stick his free paw-like hand out. "Friends call me Leon."

Havi paused, reaching for him with his front paw, accepting the offer of the handshake. "My name's Havi."

The Abra squeezed his paw gently and gave a firm shake. "Call me Leon, then, Havi. Feel free to tell me any of your thoughts you want and keep those you don't, in either case you look like you could do with a shoulder."

Havi's lips twitched, unable to hide the smile from forming on his face. That a strange Pokemon would so readily befriend him... it made some of his suspicions about circus Pokemon. Like, maybe he wasn't the odd one, maybe they were. Or, maybe they were jealous of him for some weird reason. Either way, what was important was that he had found a Pokemon that didn't despise him or look down on him, that actually wanted to help him.

Next to that, having a number for a name meant little to the Espeon. Havi only felt the warm need to help coming from the pokemon, if he wasn’t psychic he would have been wary but what harm could come from telling him?  Havi’s trusting nature surfaced, and readied as it had always been.

"Well, after I evolved, I ended up getting into a fight, my first fight." Havi drew in a deep breath and released it through his nose. This seemed a little harder than he’d anticipated. "I didn't want to fight... they caught me off guard and I defended myself." His head lowered. "I think I hurt them, and badly." He groaned, remembering Amber's expression when she'd accused him of hurting those poor Pokemon. "And one of them told my trainer, Amber..." He pressed his chin against his chest, closing his eyes tightly. "They turned her against me."

Leon waited for the Espeon to finish before lightly patting his side. "Well, it sounds like an accident to me." He nodded to emphasis. "An unavoidable situation, if you will. Mind if I use some of my abilities to see things myself? I promise not to delve too deep." Havi nodded as he leaned into the creature. The Abra gave a small nod. "Ah that’s a better picture now. They were at fault as far as I can see. Unless trained, Pokemon are stupider than Wild Pokemon, they should know better." He pointed to himself. "I haven't evolved and I still know better than to battle a newly evolved Pokemon. Their powers can be out of control bouncing here, there and everywhere."

"I shouldn't have fought back," Havi countered sharply. "Then Amber wouldn't have been mad at me."

The Abra lifted his right brow slightly. "She would have liked seeing you hurt better?"

Havi paused, one ear lifting and the other remaining down. "Well... no, I don't think so." He frowned to himself. "She doesn't like it when I get hurt..."

The Abra merely shrugged. "Sounds like you didn't really have a right choice then." Not letting Havi think too much on the matter, Leon urged, "So, what happened next?" He was careful not to look around Havi’s mind too much, it was ungentlemanly, preferring to hear from Havi’s mouth instead; less asked.

Havi sighed, lifting his head as he thought aloud. "I went to clear my head... and to hide," he admitted honestly. "I came back to our home and Amber was already asleep..." He trailed off a moment, thinking of how her hair had come loose from the towel, how she'd been so relaxed, her skin flushed from her time in the shower...

"And...?" Leon prompted, watching as Havi blinking away with a glazed look that came across his face.

"Well, I climbed on the bed and went to lick her cheek... she turned and I ended up licking her mouth instead." Havi frowned, not quite certain why that had upset her so, only that it had. "She was scared... She mentioned something about one of the Pokemon, Chatot, telling her something..." He gave a growl, the sound vibrating along his body. "I think she thought I was going to hurt her, she never felt that way before!"

Leon nodded in understanding and placed his paw on Havi's shoulder.

"Well, I'm sure she was scared. I mean you said yourself, you just evolved... You know, you've gotten all these new powers that she's not used to, like telepathy and stuff..." Leon looked to Havi for confirmation on that, to ensure Havi was okay with the conversation so far, the Espeon's nod allowed him to go on. "Plus, depending on what that Chatot said, it might have positioned you in the wrong. So," Leon concluded, "anyone, even your trainer, might suspect a change for the worse."

"I suppose..." Havi agreed, though his words showed his obvious reluctance. "But..." The Espeon stopped abruptly, glancing at Leon then away.

Rather than push the issue, Leon waited. A soft sigh from Havi indicated he had decided he could trust the Abra with his thoughts. “You’re free to roam my mind further I have nothing I wish to keep private...”

“Thank you,” the Abra said, feeling a little more at ease, seeing Havi now didn’t doubt his nature. He looked around leisurely being in a better position to offer consolidation.

"I... I evolved for her." The words came out like blades, cutting the inside of his throat as he tried to get them out. "I love her, not as my Master... but..." He gave a jerk of his head and a growl. "I just love her." He shook his head gently, a bitter laugh coming from him. "But she couldn't even trust me." He sighed, looking at Leon and giving a smile so sad it would have made Luvdiscs cry. "And now you probably don't want anything to do with me, huh?"

The Abra looked back at him and gave a small shrug. "Why? Because you fell in love with your owner?" The yellow pokemon laughed, as little psychic flush rippled from his cheeks, flashing as he did so. "Your heart is your heart. Skin, looks, species... it makes no difference." The Abra gave another shrug. "So what if you love a human? You love her for who she is, not because she's human, right?" At Havi's nod, the psychic-type continued. "Then that's okay."

Havi blinked, having not considered the matter that way before. Leon was speaking from maturity and wisdom that experience had brought him. While Havi had matured greatly, he was far from understanding the nobility of love. Narrowing his eyes, he wondered for a moment just how Leon had gotten so wise when he was still just an Abra... but he sensed the topic was one of conflict and strife so he left it alone.

"So... what do I do?"

Leon rubbed his chin, thinking. "Well, from what I can see, the main part of your problems happened from the lies this Chatot told, but it isn’t the root." Havi nodded, agreeing with that. "He took advantage of a problem humans seem to have."

"A problem?" Havi interrupted, worried.

Leon nodded with a hmm sound pondering a moment then spoke. "Change." At Havi's confusion, he explained. "Pokemon, we're more used to change." He gestured to the world around them. "If this meadow turned to a lake, we would adapt to it. Humans... they don't think like that. They want things to stay the same, and try to turn back the hands of time." He laughed. "They'd sooner get rid of the lake then adapt to it. Not like us." He waved to himself and Havi in one sweep. "Pokemon, we embrace change." He touched Havi's side again. "We evolve, we adjust more quickly."

"So, she hates me because I'm different now?" Havi said slowly, a pressure like an Onix wrapping through his body.

"No, no," Leon said, shaking his head. "You got it wrong. She, I assume is just insecure right now... which that Chatot probably picked up on and decided to tell her a lie. If the Chatot has always been unkind in the past to you, it doesn’t go without saying that he wasn’t the same here. A strong bond sees trials and won’t shatter as easily. Things are often said harshly at times with little thought, and she, I would assume may have said them on the spur of the moment. I sense nothing with the way she’s loved you in the past to suggest otherwise." He smiled, reassuring, "Humans can adapt, they just don't do it as well as we do. In time, she would have seen you're still the Havi you were before you evolved. She just hadn’t had enough time in the company of your new form to know this probably."

Havi felt the tension uncoil from his body, feeling those words to be true. He, himself, had been confused by the new abilities his body had, how easily he'd been able to fight. He wouldn't admit that to Leon but he could understand now, Amber's perspective. The idea that the Chatot had taken advantage of her confusion, though... that made his fur ripple and bristle.

"What do you suggest?" Havi asked, hoping for more wisdom from his friend. He was disappointed when the Abra shook his paw at him and laughed.

"Uh-uh, my friend. That's not for me to decide." He gave Havi a friendly pat. "It's your love, your girl. You need to decide for yourself." At the dejected look on Havi's face, Leon smiled and gave in to a sense of pity. "If it were me, however..." Chuckling under his breath at the Espeon's sudden attention, Leon continued. "I would fight for it. Not everyone is so lucky to fall in love, you know. Besides, I would definitely want to get my name cleared of any wrong-doing."

Havi nodded then smiled. "Thanks, Leon." He laughed, the sound far more carefree than his last one. "I'd never thought I'd find a friend, much less in a thunderstorm."

The Abra gave a bellowing laugh. "Don't thank me, Havi. I just spoke my mind."

While the rain continued falling, the two walked side by side in amiable silence. Havi's thoughts were on Amber, on how she'd always made sure to provide him with treats and toys, even when she herself would go lacking. How she would always brush his fur whenever he asked. The way she always put a treat in his dish or gave him an extra hug for doing well on a trick.

It was time to rectify mistakes, to set things right!

… And if she decided she no longer wanted him after that... that was something he'd have to deal with.



The caravan rolled along in a neat convoy up along the twisting mountainous path, the wagons shaking as the rain and heavy winds rocked them to and fro. The elements were relentless and shook Amber's home from like a rocking cot. Still draped in her towel, realizing there was no going back to sleep. The only reason she'd fallen asleep to begin with had been from crying herself there in exhaustion. They were on the go again.

She'd grown so accustomed to having Havi in her arms that it felt unnatural to be alone. The night carried that same horrid sensation she felt on the night she ended up in the last storm years ago, it left the same bad taste.

Letting the towel drop to the floor, she slipped into her jade flannel pajamas. The soft material clung to her skin, helping to warm her from the deep rooted sense of cold that being alone was giving her. Spotting an old teddy bear she'd abandoned after adopting Havi, she picked up the dusty brown bear and hugged it tight. She felt like a stupid, insecure child, having to resort to something so four years old... but there was no denying it helped.

Taking the stuffed Ursa, she walked barefoot over to the window, sitting on her bean chair and watching the streams of water rushing past the window panes. She could hear the walls of her home shaking as the wind raced by, howling like a wild Houndoom. For a moment, she just sat there, thinking of nothing at all. Then, slowly, what had happened between her and Havi began to pour in just as her tears began to fall out.

Burying her head against the Ursa's fur, she began to sob.

"Havi... I'm so sorry... please come back..."

She never gave him a chance to explain... she'd been so scared by him on top of her, and also of the Chatot's words... Every coin has two faces and each story has two sides... why had she refused to hear his? When had a strangers words become more important than her beloved Havi's? He was everything to her and she’d lost it all on the impulse of her emotions.

Without warning, an enormous bump caused her wagon to shake violently, her body slamming into the wall then to the ground. Everything seemed to tilt, throwing her into another wall... or was that the floor? The bed slipped past her, almost hitting her. She heard something break, her whole home spinning around her till everything came to a startling stop.

Shaking off a shoe, pillows, and books that had landed on top of her, she checked herself for any injuries. Thankfully, the worst seemed to be a few light cuts and some bumps as she groaned in some pain. Lifting her head, she tried to make out what had happened.

One of the ceiling lights remained on, though it was no longer, “The ceiling...” she said looking up. It seemed her meagre little home was upside-down and tilted at an odd angle. The windows were of no use since they were pressed against either the ground or the mountainside and the door was above her, on the far side. Her way out was above, as it hung wide open letting the rain pour in. She could hear shouting from outside, but it was distorted by the wind and rain so she couldn't be sure how far away they were. Or how long it would take for them to rescue her, she could only conclude her caravan has slipped.

Knowing things could get nasty fast, especially since she wasn't sure if she'd landed on a stable ledge or not, Amber decided not to let the benefits of her trained body go to waste. Climbing over most of the mess on the ground, she was able to stand on the backside of the chair. Balancing, she looked around the room, trying to figure out the best way to get to the door. Looking from the chair to the door, she realized she couldn't make the jump straight away, however...

Wading back through the mess she shoved the odd article to the side and started at the far corner of the room, eyeing the path her mind had already drawn out. Pushed as far against the wall as she could, she took a breath then a small run, leaping in the air to do a front-flip, making sure her hands landed on one of the fallen cushions. Not resting, she continued the flip into the next one, this time landing her feet on a bare patch of floor. The following spring had her resting one hand on a speaker before continuing to a bookshelf, then the bed, then a huge push off and she tucked her body into a tight ball, spinning in the air and throwing her arms out to just catch the top of the door frame above her.

The door almost slammed on her fingers but she was quick, hauling herself up and moving to stand in the middle of the doorway, her feet resting one in front of the other as the rain struck her.

Chest shaking, she looked out into the dark, shielding her eyes, trying to find a safe way to the lights she could see speckling in the not so far distance.



Havi turned sharply, almost cutting Leon off. His whole body was tensed, his fur on end.

"I have to go," he said, knowing instantly that Amber was in danger.

The Abra gave him a curious look. “Something wrong?”

“It’s Amber.” He said as Leon gave a worried nod. “She needs me.”

"Well, we may not see each other again, but good luck to you, Havi."

Havi gave a quick nuzzle. "You too, Leon. Thanks for everything,” he said not having the time to explain himself or give a proper farewell.

With that, he began to run, leaving the safe haven his friend had provided to dive into the curtain of rain that divided him from Amber. He glanced back once, only seeing a faint yellow dot, before the sight was lost in the rain. Increasing his strides, he weaved around indistinguishable shapes and forms, only intent on his goal. The power of his Psychic strength fueled him to greater speeds, his mind able to anticipate hazards before he even saw them. Soon, he was relying less and less on his eyes and more and more on his instincts. Racing up a fallen tree that was resting on its brethren, he was able to get to a dirt road, one worn with the deep ruts left behind by caravan wagons. He knew Amber wasn't far and even the muddy terrain offered no resistance as he found patches where rocks resided, giving solid footing.

He saw the lights before realizing them to be the caravans. They seemed to have come to a standstill, unusual, unless a blockage or accident had happened. The closer he got, the clearer the reason became. A patch of road looked as though it'd given way, causing several wagons to have fallen down the mountainside. At the moment, they seemed to be resting against trees or rocks but with the water continuing down it was only a matter of time before they slipped free and continued towards the vertical drop, that had no stop point till the wagons crashed at the bottom.

Pausing near where the road had given way, he shook the water off his head, trying to pinpoint Amber's exact location. Through the rain, he was just able to make out a shape on top of one of the wagons.

"I'm here," he projected to her, offering comfort. "I'll save you, just stay there!"

He just barely heard her reply over the sound of the rain as she yelled out. "There's a Pokemon trapped in the other wagon! Laurel is stuck there too! Save them first, Havi, I'm fine for now and they’re closer to the drop!"

It was like her to think of others but at the moment Havi wasn't pleased. He'd rather see to her safety first but, as it couldn't be helped, he'd hurry and rescue the other two so he could get to her.

Casting a mental net out with his mind, he caught the Laurel's presence and the Pokemon Amber was speaking of. From what he could tell, that wagon was the closest to the edge, already jutting out over the tip. He could see circus folk already working to try and throw ropes on it over large distances, to pull it back, but from the roadside they were unable to reach it. He was certain they would have tried to get closer if they could but as the road had already given out, the mountainside was apt to be by far, dangerous.

Just as a man threw one of the hooked ropes, Havi jumped up quickly to catch it at the base, careful not to chip his teeth on the metal. Darting down the slippery hill, he pulled the line along the way, trying his best to go as straight as he could. Once at the wagon, he dug the hook around the axel, thinking it to be the best spot. Shouts from above indicated others had dropped their hooks and the sudden tautness of the line showed they were working on keeping the wagon from falling.

That done, Havi turned to find Amber struggling. From what he could see, if she tried to jump off she'd land on the mud caked hill and possibly slide off the edge. As for him getting to her, he couldn't find a clear path. Spinning in an anxious circle, unwilling to believe that no paths led to her, he could hear her shouting.

"Forget about me, it's too dangerous! Get out of there!" The fear that came with her words hit him hard, almost making him run, but he held his ground. Riding it out, he was able to see that these feelings stemmed from her last Pokemon, Electabuzz, and that she'd rather die herself than let harm come to him. She would never allow another creature she cared for deeply sacrifice themselves for her again.

Unwilling to let that happen, he continued to try and find a way to her.

Before he could find one, her wagon slipped, moving towards the edge. It stopped, then jerked, then stopped again. With a final jerk, it began to continue, going slowly but steadily towards the ledge. With a cry, he was about to make a break for it when he saw Amber crouch down. Watching her, he tried to figure out what she was doing. Suddenly, he saw her leap into the air just as the wagon fell over the edge. His breath caught and clawed in his throat as he watched her body flail mid-air, a hand miraculously grabbing onto a tree limb. She couldn't seem to get a good grip, her legs kicking as she worked to pull herself up. The motion seemed to jar her free, her body falling backwards and slamming into the ground.

The pain that coursed through his body was so large, it made his vision double. He stumbled, feeling his eyes roll back and his legs buckling. He tried to focus realising this was the effect of this uncontrolled psychic link he had forged with her. Using the image of her smile, he found some strength, looking upon her broken body at the bottom of the mountain. It only made his desperation and defiance grow to the pain, reinforcing his will to stay awake. With a shudder, the pain rippled past, weaker but still present. With a forced growl, he looked up in time to see her unconscious form creeping down the same path as the wagon.

He had to do something, NOW!.

Feeling something build in him, similar to when he'd been fighting, he brought himself back to his feet. Standing firm, he braced himself and let the feelings form. As he felt his vision tint with pink, a warm energy surrounded him. Focusing, he pulled it towards his mouth. Opening his maw, the energy flowed, following his will. The Psybeam moved swiftly, tearing up the ground along the edges of the cliff to create a small ditch with a mound of dirt on the opposite side.

Closing his mouth, he didn't bother to survey the job he'd done. The solution was only a temporary one. How long was anyone's guess... the only thing he hoped was it would last long enough. Hopefully he could make his way towards her without meeting the same fate as the wagon.

His vision blurred and he almost collapsed. Confused, he licked his lips, suddenly realizing there was a copper tint that hadn't been there before. Somehow, with all the rain cascading down on him, he hadn't realized he was bleeding. Amber's injuries? Had his link grown this strong it bounced and reflected her physical injuries back rather than just the pain? Did it mean if one of them died the other would too? AS far fetched as it sounded it was quite plausible with the evidence at hand.

Realizing he had less time than he originally thought, he watched as a rope sailed through the air. It was about to land close, and enough so that with a jump up the mountainside he was able to grab it in his teeth. Tugging it, he worked on pulling it towards Amber. There was still no clear path to her so he did the best he could, jumping through leg high mud, using branches where he could, keeping the rope clenched so tightly he could feel the fibers digging into his tongue.

Once close enough, he began to use gravity to slide down towards her, the rope preventing him from going too fast too soon. Finally by her side, he was pleased to see his barrier of mud working, although the ditch had already filled with new mud. Looking at her, he was worried by the pale hue of her face and the blue tint along her lips, blood loss? Sickness? He couldn’t discern. Nudging her, he kept the rope with him, waiting for her to take it.

She didn't respond.

Placing the rope down, he tried again. "Come on, Amber... wake up."

He glanced at her face, seeing the swirls of blood clouding like plumes with the rain from a spot on top of her head.

Drawing in a cold breath, he worked on focusing again. This time, his mind rebelled, swimming so quickly and without warning he almost hurled. Heaving, he pressed against the feeling and felt his powers respond to him once more, but with a lot of effort this time, and harder discovered. Fixing his gaze on the rope, levitating it, he sent it diving under Amber's waist, wrapping around her twice before tying itself in a tight sailor-knot at the top. Satisfied, he suddenly felt his eyes begin to lose the pink hue they'd had. His fore legs buckled and his face crashed into the mud just as his hind legs gave way. He tried to focus his vision but everything was becoming obscured and distorted, like having his eyes opened underwater.

For some reason with all the rain that struck him, the situation came as funny so he laughed. He was laughing even as he felt the barrier of mud behind them giving way.

He didn't have the strength to grab onto the lifeline he'd wrapped around Amber.

Closing his eyes, the sound of rain was growing quieter even though he could feel it pelting him just as hard as it had been before he'd met Leon. Leon... he really was glad to have met that Abra. Would his friend along with his love Amber be disappointed, to learn that he'd failed? That he'd fought and lost? Havi wondered a moment.

No, he decided. Leon wasn't like that, and Amber will remember never forget him. Havi felt his helpless body slip through a breech in the barrier, sliding closer, inches away from the edge.

No further strength remained, and within seconds he felt his head hanging over the ledge and knew where he was going in a moment. The fact he knew she was safe, made him content. But this didn’t go without saying he knew how much losing him would destroy her again.

Forgive me Amber, I tried...

End notes- Thanks for reading this chapter, although I tend to write tragedies, I'm not too sure what to do here. Hmm oh well when I decide you can read it too in a few days? Am I a meanie, hmm yeah, at times I am :D Evil! A big Thanks to CaptHavoc for the Abra recommendation, and Noxxi for the inspiration for Leon.

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