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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 6 - Misty and the Ketchum's

"That would be really great Mrs. Ketchum." Misty answered.

Ash had had a few minutes to rest and his mom had now grabbed a hold of his penis and was stroking it to get hard again. It didn't take too much effort from her to get him hard again.

"Since this is your first time, I think it would be best if you went on top of Ash to make it easy for him to break your hymen." Delia told her.

Delia instructed Ash to lie on his back which he did and motioned Misty to come over to Ash. At first Misty was scared, but then said she had been waiting for that to happen. She had been waiting to feel him deep inside of her and asked what she was supposed to do.

"First." Delia said in an excited tone. "Climb up and put your knees on each side of Ash's legs."

Misty climbed up and straddled his legs, "Now what?"

"His penis is already hard so just raise up and move forward until he penis is between your legs and touches the entrance to your pussy." Delia said and smiled.

Misty looked at his rigid penis and slid forward until her pussy was directly above it and grinned. Misty had a scared look as she was eased down and felt the end of his penis slide into her pussy lips.

Ash slowly moved back, letting his cock slide down the wet slit until it rested against her virgin hole.

Ash slowly pushed the head in and Misty thought he was going to split her. After a short pause she felt herself adjusting to him and she was throbbing around the big shaft.

"Okay Misty, this is going to hurt a bit but once it's over it will be pure pleasure from there." Delia explained to her.

Misty gasped and then took a deep breath as Ash began to penetrate into her further. She squealed and then cried out when the enlarged head of his penis went into her a bit further. Delia placed the camera in front of them aimed at Misty's cunt and set it to video mode and began recording.

"Oh! I.. I can.. feel him... in me! " Misty cried out.

Misty had tears on her cheeks when she felt Delia's hand slide down to her butt and her other hand pushed on her shoulder. Misty went down and forward at the same time, letting Ash's penis go in fully inside her. His penis broke her hymen and went deep inside her hot, wet and tight pussy.

"I can feel him deeper inside of me!" Misty cried out again.

Ash took a deep breath and closed his eyes, saying how tight she was. He wanted to lift his hips to meet Misty's thrust, but couldn't move. He looked down and saw only the bottom of his penis sticking out of her dripping pussy.

"Ash, put your hands on her hips and lift her up slightly and hold her there." Delia said and took her hands from Misty.

Ash grinned and slowly lifted Misty up, listening to her gasp and cry out that he was so big inside of her. Delia bend down and kissed Misty, quietly telling her it was going to get a lot better when she was used to feeling him deep inside of her. Misty leaned forward and put her hands on his shoulders and felt him slowly lower her back down.

"Oh! Your penis is big and inside of me!" Misty shouted and closed her eyes when she felt his enlarged head run hit her cervix.

She braced herself on his shoulders and slowly moved up on her own, feeling his rigid shaft slide over her clit. She hesitated for a few seconds and then lowered herself back down, gasping for breath.

She lifted herself again and felt his shaft slide out of her and stopped before the head of his penis popped out. She opened her eyes and took a deep breath and slid back down until his tight balls hit her butt.

Ash rolled Misty over and grabbed his penis and thrust it back inside Misty's pussy. Misty was overcome by the great feelings that the earlier pain from her hymen breaking has dissipated. Ash started going faster and faster as Misty began to counter his thrusts.

"I can't hold it much longer! I'm, going, to fill, her with, my hot, cream!" Ash cried out. Delia sat on the edge of the couch.

"Go ahead, Ash. Fill her up and let her feel your hot cream deep in her. She can't get pregnant, since she has had a anti-pregnancy pill too."

Misty started to raise herself up when she felt his penis throb inside of her and throb again, spewing out his hot cream against the walls of her vagina. She cried out when her own juices ran out and over his pulsing balls. He lifted his hips and lifted her off the bed, gasping and saying he couldn't wait any longer.

Delia told her to move up and down his penis faster. Misty gritted her teeth and hissed while she moved up and down his still rigid shaft, feeling his balls hit her tight butt when she was at the bottom and moved up again. His penis shaft glistened with her hot juices and his cum, each time she raised up her hips. It made a squishing sound when she went down, forcing more juice and air out
of her.

"I'm going to shoot off, again! Oh it feels so good!" Ash gave Misty a wild look as he said it out loud.

Misty screamed when she felt the blast of hot cream hit the back of her vagina. She raised her head and cried out that she couldn't take any more and gasped for breath.

Misty fell forward and rested her head on his shoulder, sobbing and gasping. Delia leaned over and wiped the trickles of tears from her face, lightly kissing Ash and kissing Misty. Delia quietly told her that she was now going into womanhood and no longer a little girl.

Misty sobbed and kissed Ash, telling him softly that she loved him.

He wrapped his arms around her and held her against his chest, feeling her hard nipples and saying that he loved her too. He put his hands on her hips and gently lifted her off of his limp penis.

More of her juices and his cum ran out of her dripping pussy and dripped onto his stomach and the towel that Delia had put on the bed.

She managed to sit up while he gently wiped her pussy with the another towel that Delia handed to him with a smile. He wiped her inner thighs and her pussy again when some more juices and cum dripped out. Delia said it would drip out for a while longer and told her to sit on the towel. Misty started to clean off his penis and balls with the towel, until Delia stopped her and bent down over his penis and sucked it into her mouth.

Ash moaned loudly when her lips slid down his penis and her tongue licked the juices from him. He felt it rise up and get hard, which pleased her as she sucked more of his shaft into her mouth. Misty sat between his legs and watched his mom's mouth take in his entire penis. Misty put her finger into her wet slit and gasped when she touched her sensitive opening. It was still stretched from his penis and ached.

Delia moaned when she slid her lips to the enlarged head of his penis and gently sucked until she felt it throb. He gasped and moaned loudly, saying in between breaths, that he was about ready to cum. She took her mouth off and told him to just let it happen and then slid her mouth back down his wet shaft.

He arched his back and held her head, filling her mouth with hot cream. She swallowed as much as she could and let the rest run down her chin. Misty leaned over and held her fingers under his mom's chin and caught the cum before it dripped off. She put her fingers in her mouth and cleaned his cum off, telling Delia it tasted salty. Delia grinned and said that was how he tasted and asked if she wanted some more. She shook her head and felt his sagging balls
and giggled.

"Ash! You're like a cum factory! I couldn't take it all in, that time. You've also taken, your friend's virginity."

She turned to Misty and asked how she felt. Misty gripped his limp penis with her fingers and asked when she could feel him inside of her again. Delia told her anytime she felt like doing it, all she had to do was ask Ash. He sat up and smiled at her, telling her she was the best.

The three of them all lay down on the bed, tired from the days events and fell asleep.
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