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Leon: Rebirth of a Hero by noxxi


Story Notes:

My first story.Please Review and comment on my mistakes so I can fix 'em!It starts out a bit short and bad on the earlier chapters, but rewrites for them are being done as I write this. So, if you don't get too hooked by them, please read on, and give this a chance.Reviews are very much welcome. But, if It's gonna be a bad one, please explain what went off so I can work on it. If It's just like 'Hey your bad I dun liek you 111eleven', then please refrain from reviewing.Anyways, enjoy.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.Comments, questions, or anything like that? I can be reached by pressing that 'contact' next to my penname and sending me an email.

Chapter 8

"Hey!" Tiffany asked, worried about her friend "What's happening to you? Leon!"

A moment later the light was gone. As was the Pichu. In
his place stood a Pikachu. His fur was clearer than usual, and his hair was ruffled. He had a far more mature look to himself now.

"What do you mean what's happening?" the Pikachu asked "Are you okay?"

"Are you?" She returned his question.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"Leon..." She pointed at him "You didn't notice? You evolved!"

"I WHAT?!" Leon couldn't believe it. After so long, He had finally accomplished the thing he had been looking for: He had evolved. "You mean, like... I'm a Pikachu now?"

"Yup! And a good-looking one at that!" She added. "Congratulations!"

"Whoa... I don't believe it..." He said as he looked at himself. He had gotten much taller (He was taller than Tiffany now), and he was certain he had also gotten stronger. His voice alone had become more mature.

"So... Do you feel different?" Tiffany asked, looking at her newly evolved friend "Like, changed?"

"No, not really" He answered as he took a step forward "I mean, I'm talle-" He couldn't finish his sentence, as he tripped, falling face- first into the grass.

"You were saying?" The Bunny asked, with an amused smile.

"Okay..." Leon answered as he got up "maybe I am a bit different." He took another step, slowly this time. Upon seeing he had done it right, he took another step. Getting used to this new form couldn't take so long. "So... wanna keep training?" He asked, stretching his arms.

"Well, I don't know... you said if we hurried, we might reach Lizean's border by the end of the day, right? Maybe It's better if we make way for now..." She began to move back up the hill.

"Hey, wait!" Leon called out as he sped up his pace.

"Oh, I forgot!" She turned around to tease him "you're a little slow right now!"

"Well, at least I can hit something!" He teased back.

Their eyes locked for a moment before they began laughing at each other's antics, heading back up the hill, oblivious of the white figure watching them from a Tree nearby, the black "IX" band standing in contrast in the darkness to his white fur.

"Interesting..." A faint smile made itself present on the Absol's face, blood- red eyes following the movement of the pair. "So, he has evolved... This will make grand news when I go back... But for now... Maybe I should follow them for a while longer..."

It didn't take long for Leon to get used to his new form. There were some things he still needed to accustom himself to, he was pretty much done with the basics, and he and Tiffany kept walking down the road until they reached a part of the fields that was covered in snow. The Sun shone down on it, yet was almost unnoticeable in its vast, deep white.

"Wow!" Tiffany felt dazzled at the white, frozen blanket that covered the fields, spreading as far as her eyes could see. "Look at the snow! Oh, It's beautiful..." She leaned a bit against Leon, who didn't notice.

"Yeah. The North Region is covered in snow all year long" He answered. "Just seeing this brings me back some memories..."

"So you mean we're close now?"

"I think we are!" the Pikachu answered "We'll be in Lizean by the end of the day!"

"Alrite, good!" She started to walk down the road again, followed by Leon.

"So..." Leon kept quiet for a moment before asking "Did your mother ever tell you what she had to do in Lizean? Before she left?"

"Oh, she said it was important" She sighed "She kept a lot of stuff to herself. Always told me that a lot of the things she did were dangerous... She just wanted to keep me safe... I mean, I'm sure your parents are worried sick, knowing you're involved with the Midnight Voices, right?"

"I don't know..." Leon looked down "I have no parents."

"You mean you didn't meet them?"

"No. I mean I have none. I was conceived and born in a Lab. As were all the others I worked with..."

"Oh..." Tiffany realized the mistake it had been to ask "Sorry... You know, we have to stop talking about stuff like this. It always seems to end in these awkward moments!"

"It's good. Better to talk about this than bore ourselves and travel in silence."

They came to a sudden stop when they reached a large, snow covered structure.

"Hey, what's that?" The Buneary asked, pointing at the large building.

"That's the Northern Wall" he answered "It was built during some war that happened a few years ago. It's used to hold off outsiders... Since the takeover, That means everyone who is not living in Lizean or working with the Midnight Voices."

"So? How do we get through?"

Leon stood there thinking... How? He didn't consider this one obstacle when he agreed to take her. Perhaps they could go around... Maybe they could try climbing over it...No... Perhaps... Perhaps...

"Ah, I got it!" He said "We'll use this little trick II taught me..."

"And this trick is...?"

"Just follow me" He told her as he ran along the wall, stopping near an entrance. A Sandshrew wearing a dark grey overcoat was patrolling around the area, moving back and forth. "Let's hide here" Leon signaled Tiffany to hide in an alcove formed in the Wall's surface.

"What are you gonna do?" She asked.

"Just wait..." They stayed hidden until the Sandshrew stepped right in front of their hiding spot. When he did, Leon reached out and pulled him in. A couple of strong hits were enough to knock him out.

"Now I just put this on..." He continued as he took the Coat from the Sandshrew and put it on. "And there you go! See?"

"You... Look better?" She asked with a puzzled look.

"No! II taught me this. You see, It's hard to keep tabs on every last soldier, especially since recruitment has been so open of late... It's only the important ones that are easy to tell apart, so he taught me: You want to infiltrate a group? Impersonate one of the normal guys."

"And you weren't important enough for them to tell you apart." She answered.

"No, I was important. But they don't know I evolved, now, do they?"

"I guess you're right... But how's the Coat going to help?"

"Well, we got complaints about the cold all the time, so we gave the coat to the guys who work here. It keeps them warm, and it identifies them" He looked at his right sleeve. There was a black "16" on it. "So, according to this, I'm with XVI's unit." He finished as he started walking away.

"Hey!" Tiffany called out "What about me?"

"I'm not finished!" He told her "I'll be right back... You just wait here." He then walked away, leaving Tiffany sitting against the wall in the alcove.

"Whoa..." She thought "Leon seems to be quite more confident here... Traveling with him's been fun, but... I wonder what's gonna happen to him once we get to Lizean... I'm gonna miss him..." Her attention was brought back to reality by the sound of approaching voices.

"You're positive it's here?" Asked the unknown voice.

"Am I positive?" Replied another voice she identified as Leon "Of course I am! I saw someone go in there!"

"So, an intruder... I'll go get the others, in case he's strong..."

"Oh, don't worry... Besides, you know we get to have some fun of our own with the loners we catch..."

There was silence for a moment before the answer came. "Ah, what the hell, you're right! I haven't seen some action in quite a while! Let's go!"

A few moments later Tiffany shrank against the wall when she saw a Mawile in a red Overcoat head into the Alcove, followed by Leon.

"Ah, there's the one!" The Mawile said as he approached her "Who gets to go first?"

"How about..." Leon slowly approached the Mawile from behind with a sneaky grin on his face "YOU!" He hit him from behind with a ThunderPunch, and the Mawile fell to the snowy ground, his body still crackling with electricity.

"See? I brought you one!" Leon said, removing the Mawile's coat, and holding it open so the Bunny could put it on..

"That's not funny!" She answered as she put the coat on "You scared me! For a moment I actually thought he was going to do stuff to me!"

"Oh, you know...I'd never let ANYTHING happen to you" he took a look at the right sleeve of Tiffany's coat "But back on subject... You're with VIII's unit. Memorize that."

"Got it! I'm with Eight!"

"So... You're ready to go in now?"

"That's your plan?!" She was shaken up by the thought "We put on coats and suddenly you want us to go into a place full of those guys?!"

"Relax... It's the uniform, trust me!"

She thought it over before deciding "It's okay... I trust you. But you gotta promise we'll stick together while we're there."

"I promise" He answered "Ready now?"

"Okay. Let's go."

They both walked into the Wall's entrance, passing by a Sableye who was standing guard.

"Hey" He stopped them "I saw some sparks back there. What happened?"

"Well, I..." Leon responded "Roughed up this rebel who was teasing us."

"Really? We'll I'll go an-

"He's just ashamed to say we were... Doing stuff back there and he got carried away..." Tiffany interrupted.

"Oh, Okay..." The Sableye kept an uncomfortable silence before speaking "...I won't ask..."

"What was that about us doing stuff?" Leon gave the Buneary an awkward look as they walked into the structure.

"Oh, please!" She answered "If you told him you beat someone up, he'd go and take a look. Don't you think It's better like this? He didn't ask questions, and I'm sure he didn't go and check."

They walked up a flight of stairs, and were now walking through the second floor. It was a long, Dark Hallway. The only light sources were torches on the wall, and a few windows that sporadically let in the Daylight. They passed by 2 other soldiers: A Sneasel and Grumpig who were arguing.

"Hey, you two!" The Sneasel called them "Who do you think is cooler: Mistress VIII or Lord V?"

"It's obvious. Lord V!" The Grumpig replied "He's strength and wits combined!"

"Well, I didn't ask you!" The Sneasel told him. "So... Who?"

"Mistress VIII, of course!" Leon answered almost immediately.

"See?" the Sneasel pointed Leon out to the Grumpig "THIS is a smart guy! What about you, Buneary?" She asked.

"Play along with me" Leon whispered into her ear.

"Why, Mistress Eight!" She answered as well "She's simply amazing!"

"Of course she's going to say that!" The Grumpig growled "She's in her unit! As are you!"

"I hadn't noticed!" The Sneasel said as she noticed the "8" on the Bunny's right sleeve "I guess It's only the smart girls who get to join her!"

"Yeah, they do!" Leon added.

"Well, we gotta be on our way!" Tiffany told the Sneasel "See you later!"

The continued down the dark, torch- lit hallway until they reached another flight of stairs, which they climbed down, getting back to ground level, this time on the other side of the wall. As they kept walking, they passed by a Lombre who was patrolling the corridor.

"Hey, how's it going?" Leon greeted "Has anything interesting happened on watch today?"

"No. Nada, my friend. Zero." The Lombre answered "Es frustrante! Not a thing to do!"

"Well,cheer up" The Pikachu patted him on the back "Something's got to come up sooner or later, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right..." The Lombre finished as he went back to Patroling, walking away.

"Hey, Leon" Tiffany asked him "What's the matter with you? Why are you being so friendly at these guys?"

"You gotta blend in" Leon answered "If you're just walking by, It's really hard to buy that you're a soldier."

"Oh, I get it."

They kept walking down the Hallway until they reached the exit. Leon was alarmed to see who was standing by it.

"Okay" He whispered at Tiffany again "See that one over there?" He pointed at the Weavile standing by the Doorway, a red Brassard with the number "VIII" adorned her left forearm. "That's your Boss. You have to play along here, okay? Act like a soldier!"

"Okay, I'll try..."

"You useless Moron!" VIII yelled at the Sneasel in front of her "I told you to get that hole fixed! Anyone who wishes to go through the wall can do it as long as that thing's there!"

"I'm sorry, mistress VIII" The Sneasel answered, staring at the floor "But with these Blizzards and Hailstorms we get here... Anyone who tries to go out and fix it gets hurt!"

"You're an Ice- type!" She yelled again "You're unaffected by stuff like that! Are you stupid?!"

"No... Mistress"

"Ugh... You are! You're Stupid!" She Slapped him, her claws leaving slash marks on the Sneasel's face. "Go get it done!"

"Yes, Mistress!" The Sneasel answered, running off.

VIII stood there for a moment before sticking her foot out, causing a Vigoroth that was passing by her, carrying supply boxes to trip and fall.

"Be careful, you Clumsy Ape!" She smirked at him before bursting into a loud, high-pitched laugh.

"Yes..." The Vigoroth muttered with his face against the Floor "Sorry, Mistress VIII..."

VIII laughed for quite a long while before turning around "Well, as much as I love to waste my time showing useless trash like you what your place is" She stomped the Vigoroth, who hadn't gotten up yet "I, unlike most of you, have a life to live..." As she walked down the hallway, she stopped by Leon and Tiffany.

"Hmm...You're in my unit? I don't know you..." She stared at the Buneary, analyzing her.

"Tiffany, mistress eight" The Bunny responded "I... I just Joined yesterday."

"Ah, I see..." She turned and started to walk away "Welcome aboard, then... That color does suit you." And in a moment, she had vanished in the Darkness of the Hallway.

"She's pretty mean, huh?" Tiffany asked Leon as they headed for the exit.

"I told you she was like that." He answered as they exited the wall "And by the way, nice acting back there! You thought up one good excuse for why she didn't know you!"

"Well" She said as she took off her coat, throwing it into the snow "It was the best I could think of!"

"Are you sure you want to take that off?"

"Why wouldn't I?" However, her question met an immediate answer as the she felt the intense cold. "Oh, It's freezing cold out here!"

"I told you... Here, have mine" He said as he took off his coat and put it on his friend.

"Thanks, Leon..."

As they kept walking through the snow, the wind began to stir.

"Hey!" Tiffany said as they walked against the wind, which seemed Hell-bent on pushing them back "The wind's getting pretty harsh, huh? What's going on?!"

"It's a Snowstorm!" Leon yelled back, the harsh whistle of the wind made it hard for them to hear each other "It'll come down hard pretty soon! We've got to find a place to stay when it does!"

"Like where?! It's nothing but snow out here!"

They ran through the harsh wind until they reached a mountain. There was a cave in the mountainside which they entered, seeking shelter.

"Well... We're safe for now" Leon took a deep breath as he brushed the snow off himself "We'll just have to stay here until the Storm lets up."

"That was close, huh?" Tiffany asked as she, too, brushed the snow off herself. "Good thing this cave was here..."

Leon took a moment to see the cave: It wasn't too deep. It would be about the size of a house's room... Some wood piled up in the center meant someone had either been there not long ago or lived there... He hoped it was the first of the two. There was a snow-covered box in the corner, a log set around the fire which was probably used as a seat, and a picture of a Lucario standing next to a Gallade with a large crowd behind them was pinned to one of the walls.

"I suppose we should settle here for a moment" He said as he gave the wood a spark, lighting a fire, and proceeded to sit in one of the Logs. "Come sit. It's cold."

"I know" She answered as she took off her coat and sat next to him "I'm just thinking... After we get there, what are you gonna do?"

"Me? I don't know... I mean, I said I was going to travel and try to stop the Midnight Voices...I'm still set on the idea."

"And how do you plan to do that? You never really told me."

Leon didn't answer. She was right: He wanted to stop the Midnight Voices and become a hero, but not once had he thought how he'd do so. After a while he finally answered "You know what? I don't know!"

"So... Mister Hero has no plan?"

"Nope. Got me!" He chuckled "I'm blank on that!"

"Oh, well... You'll figure it out, I guess." Tiffany said as she let out a sudden yawn. "It's getting late..."

Leon stood up and headed to the cave's entrance to take a look outside: It was hard to tell because of the harsh, falling snow, but he could faintly make out the dark color of the night sky.

"Well, its dark" He answered "And the storm doesn't seem to be getting any calmer... I guess we'll have to crash here for the night..."

"Oh, I don't mind. Actually, It's kind of exciting! It'll be like a campfire, you know? Or a sleepover! I mean, we can stay up all night... Tell stories..."

"Sounds exciting" The Pikachu responded "But I have no idea what a Sleepover is. Or a Campfire, for that matter."

"Well, It's..." She really didn't know how to explain it, so she limited herself to gesturing Leon to come sit on the stump "Here... Just sit here... Okay? Now Let's just tell each other a story! Like, there was this time, when I was still a baby... I went into the depths of the forest because this Aipom gestured for me to follow him, and I chased him for hours... I ended up getting lost... I remember I cried, because I thought I'd stay there forever... And then these ghosts started closing up on me... I was really scared... And then. Just then... I remember my mom and this Floatzel just arrived as if out of nowhere... And they beat them up! It was cool, watching how they saved me... I was a bit sad when I got scolded so bad, but I was also so happy... Because I got to see her again... See? It's easy! Let's just stay up and chat the night away!"

"Okay... I got a story."

"Is it good?"

"Well, given how it's from the days I worked with... Those guys... I don't know if you'd like to hear it, but... Here goes... I had just been assigned to my very first mission. So... I was still in training, so to speak, so I was really nervous... And Carmine and Lapis were all like "Don't worry! We'll see you do oka-"

"Who are Carmine and Lapis?" Tiffany interrupted.

"Oh, they're this Minun and Plusle from my unit. I really addressed them as friends more often than as underlings... Now that I think of it... I wonder what became of them? Well, never mind. Anyways, so they were telling me not to worry... So we headed out. Our mission: we had to get this papers tha-" He stopped at the sudden sensation of warmth at his shoulder. He turned around and found its source: Tiffany had, once again, fallen asleep on his shoulder.
He took a deep breath as he looked at her. "So... Stay up all night, huh?" He sighed "I guess I should try to sleep, too... Unless I want to spend the night in a monologue..." He closed his eyes. And, in a moment, he had fallen asleep.

His sleep was greeted by an all- too familiar darkness.

"So warm and tender..." The voice from his dreams said "And, in a way, so caring... Reminds me of her..."

"Who?" Leon answered "Tiffany?"

"Yes. Your friend... Or is she just your friend?"

"What do you mean?"

"And you're so Naïve... Not a surprise."

"Naïve? I'm not naïve!"

"Fine... Whatever you say... But meditate on this... Search your feelings... What do you feel for her?"

"I feel... affection. She's my friend, after all... I even owe her the fact I evolved..."

"Affection? You lie. As does she."

"What? How?"

"You know your feelings for her go beyond affection... As do her feelings for you... She might hide them, but, even unintentionally... She reveals those feelings... The warmth... The care you feel... That's not simple affection, boy. It's love."

"Love? So, this is love? You mean, like what III and XVI have?"

The voice laughed for a moment before continuing "Relax. Not on that level yet..."

"Then, what is it?"

"I cannot explain. You must feel it in order to know..."

"So, what do I do? Do I tell her I love her?"

"No. Time alone will make you both realize that."

"Time alone... You said she reminds you of someone... Who?"

"Someone... Someone I once held dear... Someone who I gave my heart and love to... And from whom I received the same." Leon could swear he heard the voice sigh.

"What became of her? If you are just a remnant, where did she go?"

"It is a sad thought" The voice responded "You will have to excuse me if I do not desire to discuss it..."


"It is fine. But this conversation must end now. You will find upon waking up that the snowstorm is gone... I shall see you soon. Farewell..."

"Okay, bye." Leon gave a casual answer as the darkness dissolved and he, like before, stood in a blank, vast space.

The next morning...

"Hey, Leon! Wake up! The storm's gone! We can get going now!" Tiffany was shaking Leon by the shoulders.

"Yeah..." He answered with a long yawn before continuing "Okay, Let's get going!"

"So, you think we'll make it to Lizean today?" Tiffany asked as she picked up the coat and her bag.

"I'm positive!" He answered as he, too, grabbed is bag. "In fact, I think we'll even get some time to spare!"

They left the cave and started to walk down the snow- covered path. The snow falling this day was pleasant: It was different from the previous one in that it didn't seem to want to kill them. In fact, it even seemed to greet them as the kept walking. The Sun shining down on the giving the snow an even whiter look. It looked like it was going to be a great day... The happy sight came to an end, however, when they reached a part of the snowy field that lay farther ahead... Same field where the Illusion of a happy day would end...

It was very different: It was grey. The snow itself seemed to be so. The skies were colorless, covered in a smoke-like darkness... And it was possible to feel the anguish in the air... I was possible to see several items coming out of the snow: Bones, Leeks... A few Scope Lenses and other items were scattered thorought the empty, depressing grey. It was basically a graveyard.

"What... What is this place?" Tiffany asked. The very atmosphere of the place seemed to be tiring her.

"This, Tiffany" Leon answered "Is the very border of Lizean... This is where the main battle took place during the takeover."

"So you mean this is all that's left of the guys who fought?"

"Pretty much... It's a sad place, right? A memorial to the evil deeds I was a part of..."

"Whoa..." Tiffany felt amazed looking at the large amount of items that were scattered in the place.

"But, look at the bright side" Leon continued "We make it past this place, we walk a couple hours... Bing, we're in Lizean."

"Well, I hope we get out soon... This place... I mean, look at this... Scope Lenses, Spell Tags... And Junk " She kicked away an armor plating that was lying on the snow. All of a sudden, however, she came to a stop.

Leon turned back when he noticed she wasn't moving "Hey... Is everything okay?"

"No... No, It's not okay..." She answered in a low tone, almost like a whisper "This... This was..." She faintly said, her voice was starting to tremble... She turned around and showed Leon what she had found: It was a Red Barrette, with a red flower on it. The word "Alice" was written on it. "This was hers! This is the place... She must have..." a tear formed in the corner of her eye. This was probably the first time Leon had seen that cheerful smile vanish like that from the Buneary's face. "This must have been the place she died!" She finished as she burst into tears and wrapped her arms around Leon, crying upon his shoulder.

Leon was wordless at the moment. He did the one thing he could have done: He held her close to him, taking her tears.

After a moment, she let go of him and just stood there, looking down. The tears falling to the snow.

"I'm sorry" He said in a sad tone "If I can do something for you right now..."

"No, I'm fine" She answered, wiping her tears and putting the Barrette in her bag "I just... I just need to be alone right now..." She finished as she turned and started to walk away.

"Wait... Wait, Tiffany! If you-

"Just leave me alone! I don't want to see you!" She said in an angry tone as she sprinted away.

"No... No, wait! You'll get lost! Another storm may come! Tiffany!!!" His calls were pointless, however. She was gone. "Oh, man..." He spoke out to the wind, which was starting to become harsher "And I was right... There's a storm coming... Ah, I gotta go after her!" He said as he ran in the direction she went.

Tiffany had been running for a long time. It seemed like hours to her. Her vision obscured by her tears and the falling snow. She kept sobbing as she made her way through the growing storm.

"Oh... I'm... I'm an orphan now! And there's so much she didn't teach me... " She kept running against the harsh weather "And this stupid snowstorm has to come along... I hate this! I hate those guys! It's because of them this is happening! Because of those stupid, power- hungry monsters!"

"Oh, I'm sorry!" A high- pitched, ghastly voice said, Its origin lost in the falling snow. "Do you think that's polite? A proper lady would never make such outbursts!"

"Who's there?!" Tiffany asked, alarmed.

"Oh, don't mind me... I'm a friend!"

"A... Friend?"

"Yes... One who is here to ease your pain..."

"I don't believe you! Stay away!"

"Tch, Tch... Such bad manners... First, you steal an Uniform to get here... Then, you leave your friend behind... And now... Now you do not accept my help... You are a naughty girl!"

"Just... Just go away!" She yelled at the mysterious one "I just want to be alone! Please..." The tears were returning to her.

"Ah... Sad, are we?" The Voice drew closer "Here... I promise I can make you feel better..."

Tiffany felt a sudden chill down her spine as she felt a pair of cold hands grab her coat and take it off, then stroke her ears... Now she was more frightened than sad... She feared for what would happen to her now.

"Now... Just let the cold hold you... And take away your sorrows and fears... Let it hold you..." The Source of the Voice was right in front of Tiffany.

"I- I said leave me alone!" She said in rage as she threw a Pound at the figure in front of her.

"Ah... Silly girl... I am a ghost- type. Attacks like that can't harm me..." The figure started closing in on her... Getting eerily close...

"But these can!" Came the sudden scream as both a Night Slash and Thunderbolt flew past Tiffany and grazed the figure, making it shriek in surprise, causing the snowstorm to clear. And revealing the Identity of the Voice: A Frosslass.

She seemed ordinary, except for a "VI" mark on both her Kimono's sleeves.

And there stood Leon in front of Tiffany as well. One arm stretched out in a covering fashion.

"Leon!" Tiffany said in surprise at the Pikachu standing in front of her.

"I know you don't want to see me" He said without looking
back, eyes focused on VI. "But you can at least let me make sure you get out of this!"

"Ah, The Insolence!" VI said as she brushed some snow off herself before turning to look at her adversary "And who might you be, you Handsome lighting user?" she asked.

"First of all, you leave her out of this, VI! She is not a part of this!"

"And how do you-" VI let out a gasp "Nooo.... Yes?! XV?!"

"In the flesh" He answered, not letting his guard on him nor Tiffany down. "And leave Tiffany alone! She's got nothing to do with you or the Midnight Voices!"

"Oh, look... our little XV. Evolved, strong, and in love!" She said the last one mockingly, yet both Leon and Tiffany blushed at the thought. Not noticing each other because of their places. "But... For your information, she is a part of this... She became a part of it since you let her information about us... And since you had her infiltrate our defenses... By attacking two of our soldiers... She, too, is a target. Now be a good little boy, and step aside so I can finish this job..."

"Never" Leon growled in response as he got into a fighting stance.

"Fine then, dearie" VI answered as the snow started to fall "If you will not listen to my words, then I will have to make discipline chill its way into your bones!" She finished as she froze the air into Ice Shards and hurled them at Leon.

"Tiffany, stay back!" Leon jumped aside and threw a Thunderbolt at VI, which she, too, dodged.

"Oh, baby... This hurts me a lot more than it does you" VI said as she hurled a Shadow Ball at Leon. She succeeded, and Leon was hit in full by the attack. He fell to the snow, rolling away.

"Yeah..." He muttered against the snow "It Hurts... But how about This!" He suddenly leapt from the snow and attacked VI with the Night Slash he copied from the Don. His attack went as he wanted it to: VI was hit by the slash, which left a marking in her kimono. Leon proceeded to grab her and jump with her, throwing her into the sky, then hitting her with a Thunderbolt. The Zapped VI was once again grabbed by Leon and hurled down into the snow as he dashed down at her with a Thunderpunch, The Lighting-enveloped fist of the Pikachu flying down through the snow. The Flash of his attack shone , lighting the grey skies in a beautiful, yet fearsome sight before crashing down, straight into VI. Who let out a gasp of pain as she was hit.

"Now leave us alone" Leon said as he landed in front of her, cheeks and hands sparking with electricity.

"Ugh... Such strength!" VI said as she got up, sparks covering her from the attacks she had received. "But I do not intend to give up. If being nice does not convince you..." She spread her arms wide as the snowstorm began to get stronger "I will just have to change your mind! Perhaps some Brain Freeze will help, yes?!" She asked with her cruel smile as the storm got even stronger, and she began to glow "Good Night, XV!"

"Stop!" came the command as the wind blew against VI with an amazing strength. IX appearing after it.

"IX?!" Both Leon and VI asked at the same time.

"New orders have been issued" he said "Return to the fortress at once. Be sure to inform he has evolved."
VI seemed hesitant, but the Piercing stare from IX's Blood- Red eyes was enough to convince her.

"Fine" She said in an annoyed tone as a grey flash enveloped her, disappearing in a moment.

IX stood there, Facing opposite of Leon for a moment before turning around and saying "Next time, I will not save you" then vanishing in a Pink Flash.

And Leon and Tiffany were left alone in the snowy clearing. Leon said nothing. Simply turned and began to walk away.

"Leon, wait!" The Buneary called him.

"It's okay" He answered "I'll go away now..."

"No!" She grabbed his arm "Wait... I was a complete idiot back there... Please, please, forgive me... It's not your fault. You're right. You are nothing like those guys... So, I just want to say... I'm sorry."

Leon turned around and just looked at her. After a moment, he finally spoke "You've got nothing to be sorry for..."

"Oh, Leon!" She said as she nuzzled him "Come on! Let's just reach the city now..."

"Sure. Let's-

"THERE THEY ARE!" Came the sudden scream. A blue flash, and the last thing Leon remembered before feeling every muscle in his body go numb and pass out was the sight of a fine, blue silhouette staring at him through the Ice...

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