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Fics - Theme for July/August - Abilities
Posted Jul 2 2016 by Cyn

First of July!

And, to go along with that, announcing the results of last month's theme. We got a lot of great entries, and I'd like to congratulate Arcanine Reno for his great story Pretty in Pink.

Although we didn't reach the number of authors we aimed for, we decided to still give out a smaller prize of $20USD for the Nintendo eShop. Congrats to Reno again, and make sure to check out his story and all the others!

Our July/August theme are Abilities! Now, in the pokemon games, abilities may just be another battle mechanic. But what would life be like if it always rained wherever you were? Or you were a compulsive hoarder of a zigzagoon? Show us how abilities can affect those who have them, for better or worse!

This time, we’ll be looking for a minimum of Five authors for the full prize ($50USD eShop credit). So, drag your friends in! We expect to see interesting and creative stories with this theme! Post your stories under the tag Abilities. We’ll be cutting off entries on August 17, with final winners being announced at the end of the month.

Also, we encourage everyone to check out the new Oekaki section. Let us know what you like, don’t like, and what needs improvement. We would like to include it for some future themes, so artists can join in too!

As a final note, Flygon will be unavailable from the 3rd of July, through to the 11th of July. Feel free to contact any of the other admins if you have questions, or Cyn for any technical help with the site.

Edit: The site will go offline for server maintenance for a bit on Friday, July 8th.

Update: Story entries for the prize have closed now that the 17th has passed. If you already wrote a story for the theme, feel free to still post it! We'll feature any themed stories on the home page for a month so everyone can enjoy!

Alright! It is now the 18th of June. So! We're here to declare a few things!

First of all, of course, is that entries to the Changing Seasons Fics contest are now closed! While we didn't quite get as many entries as we had hoped for, we will not be leaving the winner that does win empty handed, with a consolation prize planned! We have learned from the experience of this theme, and will plan the next theme accordingly.

We will be judging the stories as of now, and will announce the next theme on the first of July. The winner of the Changing Seasons theme will be announced then, and the prize given.

Secondly, as a few of you may have been guessing, we have been doing a fair bit of work behind the scenes with regards to the Oekaki.

As a few of you may already know, the old Oekaki software had to be shut down, after most web browsers stopped supporting Java based web applets. In addition, it was becoming troublesome to actually maintain ourselves.

After we couldn't find any publicly available HTML5-based Oekaki packages online for use with AGNPH, we had decided to embark on our own. Thanks to the amazing work of Cyn, we now have a working Oekaki package! All the previous Oekaki submissions are still available, and we have backed up the animation files for all the older submissions. Importantly, accounts and comments are also still retained!

We are opening access to the Oekaki as of now, as a Public Beta. We encourage users to report any bugs found to us, in this forum topic!

Now, onto the third bit of news. Flygon will be unavailable from the 2nd of July through to the 10th of July, due to attendance of certain events. Be sure to contact Cyn, or other site admins, if you need assistance.

We hope you all enjoy! The Oekaki software needs a thorough runthrough, and we're going to have a fun time reading through the submitted Fics entries!

Fics - May's Theme! - Changing Seasons!
Posted May 1 2016 by Flygon

Alright! It has been a while since we've made some action here. Better late than never of course!

Now, we have some good news. We are resuming the Monthly AGNPH Fics themes! And better yet, we're finally reintroducing prizes, after a long time dormant!

The theme for this month, in line with what's going on in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres right now, is the change in seasons.
Whether you're getting ready for Summer up North, or rustling up inside your Fur Coat for Winter down South, we're all adjusting to the change in seasons. This, thus, is the theme of the month!

The theme of Changing Seasons , and the implications of that. The only real requirement, beyond writing in that space, will be at least one lead character being a Fire or Ice Type Pokémon . How will they be affected? Will they be upset, will they be pleased? We'd love to find out!

Now! We know you all saw the word "Prize" and thought "Oh man, I totally want that prize, what's the catch? And what IS the prize, anyway?". Well, we'll answer those two questions right now!

First of all, the prize will be a $50USD or equivilant Nintendo eShop Gift Voucher. We can currently cater for North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia/New Zealand. While this does cover most visitors of AGNPH, we do understand some may feel left out. If you have any concerns about this, feel free to contact us!

Now! The actual catch? For the prize to be 'unlocked', we need at least TEN different authors submitting stories alongside this theme. If you want a chance at the prize, you'll need to drag others in too! We want to see lots of stories, from lots of authors. No matter what your own percieved talent level is, we want to see you have a go!

This theme will be running from the 1st of May , to the 17th of June (inclusive). We will begin judging after the cutoff date, and announce the Winner on the 30th of that month!

Be sure to submit with the tag "changing_seasons"!

The AGNPH Staff will be reading all user-submitted entries and voting on which we think are the best stories (anything written by staff will not  be eligible for prizes). So warm up those keyboards and show us what you can write!

P.S. Castform  is allowed to be used, but must prodominantly in  Snowy   and/or  Sunny  form!

Site - IMPORTANT - Major Site Update Incoming
Posted Nov 27 2015 by Flygon

Alright! So, some fairly big news ahead.

First of all, we're aware we've been a tad quiet about things. But nothing to fear, we have been quite busy behind the scenes!

We're happy to announce a large, side-wide software update! This has necessitated a lot of work behind the scenes, including developing the software in-house and extensive bugtesting. The final product is, what we believe to be, the first fully-PHP based booru software in actual commission. This will make maintenance, adding features, and fixing bugs far easier than with our current patchwork system. We hope you'll all be as excited about this as we are!

Overhauls of all major sections have been performed, as well as unification of all site accounts. No longer will you need to have multiple logins for each section!

Unfortunately, due to compatibility problems with modern browsers, the Oekaki section is being put on temporary hold while we explore our options. This means new drawings and comments will not be able to be submitted (the current system is barely working anyway). Old images and posts have all been preserved however, and the Oekaki will be re-opened at a later date when it's good and ready.

We're opening the public beta of the new site now; you can visit it newgallery.agn.ph. All accounts and content registered/posted before November 26, 2015 (as of time of this post) have already been ported over and will be available. While we hope to not find any major issues with the new site, please keep in mind that if we need to reset the new site's data, it will erase anything new you have posted on it. Further submission of data to the old Forums, Gallery and Fics are not guaranteed to make it into the new site.

We are aware this is a surprise for a lot of people visiting, but we firmly believe that this will make it far easier to maintain and make more attractive the site. If you have any suggestions for features, or spot anything wrong with the new software, please let us know on the new forums!

In addition, we are planning an extensive advertising campaign to freshen up the community with new faces. There's no point in putting all this effort in for the site and community if nobody knows we exist, afterall!

Any queries over anything not covered here can be handled on the IRC chat (irc.agn.ph #agnph, or click IRC on the top navbar!). The staff are generally responsive when awake, and happy to answer any questions.

- Flygon, Wilon, and the rest of AGNPH staff