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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 1 (prologue)

(the year is 2005 three years before the events of diamond/pearl/platinum just FYI) . Lucas West was regarded as strange by many, he didn't see why pokemon were treated any differently to humans, living on his own in celestic town since he could remember, he learned very quickly how to be independant.
He never saw why people didn't fight for themselves anymore, instead using pokemon as tools of battle, Lucas sought to change this trend his own way, namely, fighting for himself, many regarded this as a bad move, but later, they would all understand...
Lucas was a very kind yet strong boy, at the age of 16, whilst training on the outskirts of celestic town, at the base of a mountain, he met a machop that didn't show interest in fighting
"hey there, little guy" Lucas said, to greet the machop, sitting at the cave mouth
"Ma!?" the machop shouted, suddenly springing to life, wondering where the strange voice was coming from, turning around to see a tall young man with brown eyes and wild, blonde hair, "ma-macho", the machop responded, sighing to himself.
"what's wrong?" Lucas asked, starting to move closer to the small fighter.
"chop-ma mach" the machop said in vain, before realizing anything beyond body language wouldn't be understood by humans...
"hey, how old are you?" Lucas asked, wondering where this machop had come from, he'd certainly never seen it before, during his time here
"cho!" the machop said, before holding up two fingers.
"so, you're 2 huh? where did you come from?"
"cho-pa!" the machop, said, pointing behind himself, directly at the cave mouth.
"So, you're from mt. Coronet? that place has a lot of history, mainly regarding spear pillar..."
"" the little pokemon asked, obviously curious about this supposed history his parents had not informed him of
"so, you wanna know about spear pillar? come back to town with me, I'll introduce you to the village elder"
"cho-chop!" the pokemon said running over to lucas, he really wanted to hear this...

(later at the the elder's hut)

"elder? I have brought a new face that's willing to learn"
the elder slowly moved from behind a veil towards the back of the small hut, reaching for a large, slightly dusty tome.
"excellent, I'll see to him then" the elder said, smiling warmly at Lucas, he had always been such a good child, perhaps, now, he should learn something new as well.
"lucas, I have a new tale in mind for today" the elder stated.
"oh, I thought I had heard them all?"
"well, today is a special case, today, I'm going to teach you, and you of course, little one" quickly turning and smiling to the fresh new face "of Arceus..."
"...Arceus? Is this like the other ones, dialga and palkia?"
the little machop had no idea what they were talking about, but he decided to position himself on the rug in front of the large chair the elder had sat down in, behind a table, Lucas quickly took notice of this
"well, look at this little eager guy"
the elder motioned for Lucas to sit besides the machop, as she started to read from the tome.
"in the beginning, there was one, this, was Arceus, it controlled all that there was, but there was none, Arceus represented the force of life itself, and it created three new elements, time, space and death, from those three came three more, knowledge, willpower, and emotion, together, they created all life on this earth, and, as legend has it, spear pillar was the point of genesis, from which all life bloomed, the three lakes of sinnoh, are said to be the resting places of knowledge, willpower and emotion, where they remain dormant to this day, and when the three beings of the lake converge, the other four shall show themselves..."
upon hearing this, Lucas had to ask."How many people have you told this story elder.
"well, most recently, there was a young man named Cyrus".
"hmm, that name sounds familiar somehow, I guess it's nothing"
the machop was awe-struck by this new information, were we all really created by one being?
"ma ma!" the machop said before standing up and bowing to the elder
"well, aren't you the polite one?"
the machop started on his way back to the base of the mountain, when lucas suddenly interjected "wait, where are you going to go now?"
"Ma!" the machop said, pointing at the top of the mountain, he wanted to see spear pillar for himself.
"you can't be serious, you're far too young to go alone, and I'm too weak to accompany you, tell you what, let's make a pact, here and now, from this day on, we will train together, and when you evolve, I'll start my journey, and you can go to spear pillar..."
"chop?" the little pokemon had no idea that Lucas was planning on going somewhere,
"yeah, I'm going to travel sinnoh, to prove that people can be just as strong as pokemon!"
upon hearing this, the machop chuckled a little
"what? you think I can't? well, I guess WE had better start training straight away them, and you'll soon learn this is no laughing matter to me!"
the machop was taken aback at this comment, he was serious, and there was no way machop was going to convince him otherwise.
"cho-cho" the machop said apologetically.
"while you're here, you can stay at my house if you wish, it's the one the exact opposite of the elder's hut, and you know what the elder's hut looks like.
"chop-ma ma!" the little pokemon said before heading over to his new home
"woah, it's getting late, that story must have been longer that I realized, that or the elder speaks ridiculously slowly..."
it was about 6 p.m. so Lucas decided it would be best to return home, and, at least, pull out the guest bed for his new sparring partner.

(30 minutes later)

the machop was happily jumping on his new bed.
"hey, not so rough, this has to last a while okay?"
Lucas called from his small kitchen area, while cooking up some dinner.
"ma?" the machop asked, curious about what he was making.
"oh this? it's an old recipe the elder taught me, it's sharpedo fin dim sum, it's really surprising what turns up at the waterfall sometimes, opening his fridge to reveal a half eaten shark pokemon.
"ma!?" all machop knew of sharpedo was they were very dangerous, his father's scars attesting to this,
"I caught it while fishing, I didn't go into the water chasing after it or anything..."
Lucas said trying not to boast in front of the machop
"well, it'll be ready soon, why don't you go sit in front of the tv, I'll bring it over when it's done"
"macho" the machop said before sitting on the rugin front of the tv, machop couldn't help but notice how modern Lucas's house looked compared to the elders hut, maybe she just had different tastes...
the smell from the food was almost intoxicating to the machop, as he started salivating,
"okay, it's ready!"
Lucas said while carrying two plates, each holding four fairly-sized buns, the machop had never eaten this much before, but then again, he was going to start training tomorrow, so, he thought, "why not?"
before greedily chowing down on them, savouring this fantastic new taste,
just then, the news started, Lucas took this as a sign to turn up the tv, the news presenter as if on cue, was warning the viewers of a new criminal organization, calling themselve 'team galactic'
Lucas thought to himself"oh great, another 'Team' hopefully, they aren't as bad as 'team rocket' was."

(a few hours later)

"well, what do you think of the place machop?"
"ma-MACHO!" machop replied, overjoyed at having a roof over his head.
"hey machop, I just realized how strange it is that you don't have a name..."
"ma?" to machop, a name wasn't really necessary, but he had thought about having a name, to set himself apart from the others of his kind.
" hey I know!" Lucas said, smiling slightly."let's call you Matt!"
"ma-Cho!" machop said, the name had a certain ring to it, he didn't know why, but he liked it.
" so that's a Yes then?" Lucas asked, before seeing machop nod in agreement,"all right then, from this day forward, you will be know as Matt!"
"ma-ma-cho!" Matt replied, happy with his new name.
"woah, look at the time, we'd better hit the hay!" lucas said before turning off the tv and getting into his bed "goodnight matt, I'll see you in the morning"
"ma--cho..." Matt replied, through a yawn, before settling himself on the mattress on the floor, and before he knew it, he had fallen asleep.
For lucas on the other hand, sleep didn't come so easily tonight, he felt he had really started on his dream, and he couldn't help but be excited for tomorrow, when Matt would learn he wasn't bluffing about humans being as strong as pokemon...
That same night lucas had an image constantly reappear in his dreams, it was an image of him, with a flame over his heart, growing slowly in size... what it meant, he had no clue.

when he awoke, things seemed to get better almost instantly, machop was waiting for him outside, so they started their training, every week, they would hear another of the elder's stories, training every day, some nights Lucas heard more reports of team galactic, realizing they were very serious, but then again, so was he, he wouldn't let them stand in the way of his dreams, but he may have to stand in the way of theirs someday, he hoped that day wouldn't have to come, he enjoyed his peaceful life, and, before he new it, two years had passed.
" hey Matt, how are you feeling today?"
the machop was acting kinda funny lately, Lucas knew he would evolve soon, so he had already started to gather camping supplies, a map, and some money together,
"ma-ma..."matt said before shakily falling to one knee, a strange, beautiful light enveloping him.
"well, it looks like it's finally happening matt" Lucas said as he could see the outline of the once small machop almost doubling in size, and, before he knew it, the light had disappeared leaving behind a healthy and strong machoke.
"ma, ma-choke?" matt said, bewildered by what had just happened, before noticing that Lucas wasn't so big anymore.
" you've evolved Matt, it seems like only yesterday that we met, it looks like it's time for us to go"
Lucas looked outside, seeing that no-one was around, he signaled for matt to follow him to the mountain base.
"well, matt, it seems like we part ways here, it's been fun, but remember, I WILL return someday, until then, my home belongs to you"
Lucas said as he placed a copy of his house key into his friends hand
"ma-cho-ma" matt said, looking down at the key for a moment, when he looked up, Lucas was already gone, a note left in his place, Matt picked it up and read it.
"Matt, you've been a good friend to me and an even better sparring partner, I'm sparing you the tearful goodbye because, I know I will see you again, but when, I am not sure. If the other townspeople ask where I went, show them this note.
ont the bottom of the letter was a small post-it note, saying "I came here a stranger, it's fitting that it's how I leave, farewell friends"
Matt wasted no time, he placed the small note on the door to his home, grabbed some breakfast, and locked the door as he left, he had his own dreams to pursue.
Chapter End Notes:hoo boy, that was a doozy, I wrote all that in one night too, anyways, that's my first official story for AGNPH started, wish me luck friends!

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