If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the staff members using the site's private message system. Or you can drop by AGNPH's IRC or Discord and get real-time help.

Site Administrators
  • Keiro (Head Admin)

    Derptastic Arcanine; headpats are well-received.

    Contact via: Email, Discord

  • Cyn (Fics)

    Friendly resident Cyndaquil. In charge of site software and Fics.

    Contact via: Discord/IRC, Site PM

  • HatchlingByHeart

    Chubby Dragonite. Server consultant.

    Contact via: Discord/IRC, Site PM

Section Admins and Moderators
  • Anonymless (Gallery)

    Cone connoisseur. Also known as Nymlus.

    Contact via: FurAffinity

  • smbcha (Gallery)

    Contact via: Site PM, Discord/IRC, FurAffinity

  • Alynna (IRC)

    Classy, rainbow Sylveon.

    Contact via: Discord/IRC

  • Kupok (IRC)

    The oldest, Grumpiest IRC Troll of a Moogle on AGNPH.

    Contact via: Discord/IRC