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Welcome to the new & improved AGNPH!

Recent News

Site - AGNPH Under New Management!
Posted Jul 18 2019 by Keiro


My name is Keiro, and I have taken over the running of this site. I'm here to help improve your experience here at AGNPH. I hope to bring you new features and additional general improvements.

Who the heck is Keiro?

Well, I am Keiro! But seriously, I am a system administrator experienced in working on sites and servers over the past few years. Generally, outside of that, I spend my time with two derptastic dogs and have a few hobbies, one of which is getting deeper into the world of Pokémon.

Funnily enough, I got into the series pretty late but have been enjoying the lore and the things that we come up for what we see.

As for what Pokémon I am? An Arcanine.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I will be more than happy to address them.



Site - And We're Back!
Posted Jun 29 2018 by Cyn

AGNPH is back up and running, smoother than ever! Apologies for the site downtime the past couple of days. We encountered some unexpected roadbumps and had to move the site to a new server immediately.

But now that the site is up again, we've added some new features that some folks have asked for recently: Site Notifications. Now, when you post on the Fics or the Oekaki sections, you'll get a notification when people comment on your work. Additionally, if you favorite a story, you'll get notified when new chapters are posted. You can see all your notifications in your account profile page. If anyone has more suggestions or feedback for how to make the site better, feel free to drop me or another admin a note.

And on a final note, as some of you found out during the site maintenance, we do have a site IRC and Discord channel. Stop by and say hi (we don't bite)!

Site - IRC is back up
Posted Nov 2 2017 by Alynna

The IRC at has been restored.

There was very little lost data and it was mostly a matter of setting up the new server, copying the data back, recompiling and starting it back up.

We apologize for the amount of time it took to bring it back. Thank you for your patience with the matter, and see you back on IRC.


Site - IRC and Discord Server
Posted Nov 1 2017 by Cyn

Hey All! Just a quick update on our real-time chat servers.

As some of you may have noticed, the AGNPH irc server has been offline the past few days. Unfortunately, our server provider experienced a catastrophic event in their datacenter which took out the server that the IRC was running on. We don't know when it will be back online, but thankfully there's no data loss for any part of the site (Gallery/Fics/Forums/Oekaki). Until then, you can still connect to our IRC network via the other UCSN affiliated servers (these alternatives are listed on the IRC about page). The full list of servers is also available here.

In other news, we've also launched a new Discord server, for those of you that want a more modern chat space. You can sign up for an account at, and then can join our server by clicking here. Both the Discord Server and the IRC Channel are linked together via a bot that can relay all your messages, so don't worry about missing out on the activity!

Site - Site Updates - Themes and SSL
Posted Mar 26 2017 by Cyn

It's been a while since our last news post, so I thought I'd let everyone know what's new with the site.

First of all, we've finally updated the site's visual theme to something more... "retro". At least, for those of you who may remember the coppermine version of the site. This has been enabled by default for all visitors. If you liked the old appearance, don't worry! You can always change your theme at the bottom of every page, or in your account settings. Additionally, there's also a "dark" theme for those with light-aversion. We launched this a while ago but didn't really announce it, so feel free to try all the themes out.

Secondly, those of you using Firefox may have noticed some warnings on our login page about having insecure connections. But no longer! We've updated AGNPH to use secure https connections for all pages, so that pesky warning should no longer appear (and your connections can't be intercepted and read/modified, which is good too I guess).

Lastly, we've been working behind the scenes fixing minor bugs with the site here and there. If you see anything strange with the site or the new theme, let an admin know so we can fix it!