AGNPH Stories

Call Me Oedipus by servussmith


Story Notes:

Mewtwo has been busy taking over the world, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have time for leisure. Today, the sex slave trader has come to peddle her wares: two women. One is willing, the other... not so much.

I don't even know

Maya gazes up at the tapestry on the foyer wall of his mansion. She is dressed in a red tube top
and a pair of super short shorts that only come halfway down her perfectly toned ass. Stepping
over the bound and gagged woman squirming at her feet Maya moves closer to get a better look
at the details of the tapestry. The ornate fabric depicts the formation of the universe, and the
cliffnotes of its subsequent history. At the one end is Arceus hatching, and from the tips of his
arms flow many colors that resolve themselves into a variety of representative environments.
You know, forest, meadow, mountain, tundra, yada, yada, yada. These environments gradually
become populated with pokémon. It is all very picturesque really.

Maya chuckles briefly, she'd found a pair of pokémon fucking by the lake. It's a pity it's too
'distant' to make out anything. She continues to move down the tapestry. By this point humans
had made their way onto the scene. They were imprisoning pokémon, leveling forests, building
cities, and polluting the environment. You know, the usual human course of action.

And then he appeared, bringing death and devastation to the human world, and ultimately
returning the world to the pokémon and its original beauty, with him as its new ruler. Maya
chuckles, it was a good thing she had this deal going.

The squirming woman begins to try and shout for help through her gag. Maya turns back to her
and laughs at the woman, "Do you have any idea where you are? Even if somebody could hear
you, they couldn't do a damn thing to save your plump ass from Lord Mewtwo's cock."

At this the woman begins struggling even harder against her bonds. Maya eyes the expensive
looking vase sitting on a stand that is dangerously close to the wriggling woman. The woman
bumps the stand the vase is sitting on and Maya lunges forward to steady the unbalanced piece of
pottery. Maya rears back to kick the bound woman, "Shit woman! Quit squirming before you
break something and get the big man pissed at all of us!"

"You shouldn't kick your wares, Ms. Harrier." A deep, and slightly amused, voice comments
from behind Maya. Maya whirls around to stare at the tall feline humanoid floating just inside
the doorway to his bedchamber. "And you should know by now that I take offense at being
called a 'man' of any kind."

Maya bows deeply, and incidentally showing off her large tits. "Of course, Milord. It was merely
a slip of the tongue. It won't happen again, I swear it."

Mewtwo nods disinterestedly, "Yes, yes. I certainly hope for your sake that you haven't brought
another of those deranged males that choose to turn themselves into females. I cannot begin to
describe how displeased I was to find that my newest slave had a cock at some point." he
grimaces as he says the last part. After a moment he rubs his forehead with one three fingered
hand and sighs, "Well, at least I have a proper eunuch to watch over the harem now."

"He was a eunuch?"

"No, but he is now." Mewtwo replies coldly, then gestures dismissively, "Regardless, that is in
the past. I am more interested in the present and the future. What do you have for me today, Ms.

Maya nods and takes a couple hurried steps over to where a slender blonde is sitting on her knees
with nothing on but a red collar. Maya takes the leash attached to this collar and gives it a quick
tug. The woman rises to her feet silently with a small smile. "This is Bri."

Mewtwo looks the woman over, "I see nothing special about her, except that her will is as weak
as a freshly hatched caterpie. An abra could take possession of her with ease."

"Exactly, Milord." Maya replies energetically, "A perfectly submissive female, she loves to obey
any order she is given. She is also quite gifted in, and skilled with, her tongue. Show Lord
Mewtwo your tongue, Bri."

Bri sticks her tongue out. Her long pointed tongue stretches to beneath her chin. Mewtwo raises a
brow, "Gifted indeed. But how do you know of her skill?"

"I trained her to be a sex slave myself, Milord." Maya replies, "If you'd like you can give her a
test run."

Mewtwo nods, "I believe I will. Momentarily." He gestures to the woman on the floor staring up
at him with wide eyes, "Who is that?"

"That is..." Maya frowns, "You know, I never let her talk long enough to get her name. She kept
trying to scream for help."

"She is a good bit heavier than your usual wares." Mewtwo observes wryly, one corner of his
mouth turning up slightly. He makes a lifting motion with one hand and psychically lifts the
woman onto her feet.

Maya moves quickly to stand behind the plump woman, "Yes, she is a bit heavy. But!" Maya
spins the woman around quickly and forces her to lean over before giving her ass a sharp slap.
The woman's ass jiggles wildly for a brief moment, "Look at that delicious ass! Those broad
hips perfect for child bearing!"

Mewtwo's eyes narrow, "How did you know about my breeding plans?"

Maya swallows, thinking quickly, "I imagined that you might be looking into a way to create a
legacy, and I imagined that with your... unique taste in females that you might be looking for
some good human breeding stock."

Mewtwo smiles, "That is surprisingly insightful, Ms. Harrier. However, I sense that there is not
her only 'special feature' that you wish to show to me."

Maya nods quickly, "Absolutely, Milord." She quickly whirls the woman back around. Maya
grabs one of the woman's large breasts, they are even bigger than Maya's, and begins to tease
the nipple. The woman's pale face flushes, for a host of reasons, as milk dribbles freely from her
nipple. "She's a virgin. Yet in spite of that, she produces as much milk as a miltank. A perfect
bitch for breeding and for use as a wet nurse. I can only imagine how much you will need a
productive wet nurse once your program begins in earnest."

Mewtwo nods and floats closer to the woman, leaning in to get a better look at her eyes.
Suddenly, the woman lunges forward to headbutt Mewtwo in the face. Mewtwo reels backwards
clutching at his nose. A small trickle of blood runs down to his lips. He wipes the blood away
with a hand and eyes the red smear on his fingers curiously.

Maya seizes the woman and throws her to the ground. "You stupid bitch! What do you think you
are doing!?" Maya pulls back a fist to strike the woman but finds her hand frozen in midair
surrounded by a blue glow.

"There is no need for that Ms. Harrier." Mewtwo says dismissively, holding a finger to one
nostril and clearing the blood from the other. "I enjoy a bit of fight in my bitches from time to
time. It makes breaking them that much more satisfying."

Mewtwo walks over to a bronze throne with plush red cushions and takes a seat. Slowly his
thick, knotted cock emerges from its sheath. "Bri, come pleasure your master."

Bri drops to all fours and scurries over to kneel at Mewtwo's feet. She then reaches out to take
Mewtwo's knot in her hands and begins gently massaging the bulging meat. Mewtwo smiles,
"Use your tongue."

Bri leans close to Mewtwo's throbbing member and gives it a long lick from knot to tip. She then
wraps her lips around his tip and swirls her tongue rapidly around the sensitive flesh as her hands
continue to gently pump around the base. Mewtwo sighs, "That's pleasant. But Ms. Harrier said
that you were skilled. I am beginning to become quite disappointed in you Bri."

Bri's eyes widen and she steps up her tongue work. She actually manages to wrap her tongue
around his thick shaft as she bobs her head lower and lower until her lips kiss his knot and his tip
slides down her throat. As she slowly pulls her head back up, she rapidly tightens and loosens the
grip her tongue has on his cock. At the same time she sucks even harder while very gently
grazing his flesh with her teeth. Mewtwo tenses up at first when he feels her teeth touch his skin,
but then groans at the amazing combination of sensations assaulting his shaft.

Maya grins as she watches Mewtwo's eyes close in ecstasy. She discreetly shifts so that a leather
couch is between her and Mewtwo as she quietly undoes her pants and slides a finger under her
silk thong to stroke her pussy. Already it is plenty moist from just watching Mewtwo and Bri.
She shudders almost imperceptibly at the sight of Bri's cunt beginning to drip her nectar onto the
marble. Maya bites her lip as she slowly slides her finger into her moist pussy and begins to
pump it in and out.

Meanwhile, Mewtwo is coming closer and closer to blowing his load. Every time that Bri's lips
slip over the end of Mewtwo's tip her tongue darts into the sensitive slit and squirms briefly
sending a shock of pleasure up his spine. Simultaneously, every twitch and throb of Mewtwo's
cock is mirrored in Bri's dripping cunt. Every gasp and grunt from Mewtwo's mouth sends
thunderbolts of ecstasy through her entire body. As a result, Bri is rapidly approaching her limit,
and her technique is suffering. However, her enthusiasm is more than making up for it. Mewtwo
groans out and grips Bri's head in his hands as her tongue practically thrashes his cock.

The bound woman watches all this with a look of disgust. As she watches, glowing blue tendrils
of psychic energy begin to appear in the air around Mewtwo and Bri. The manifestations of
psychic energy swim through the air like eels, making their way towards Bri as they dance
through space. Two of them slither along Bri's arms to wrap around her wrists. Bri yelps in
surprise as her hands are violently torn away from Mewtwo's cock and held tightly behind her
back while more tendrils dart in to wrap around her waist. Bri's exclamation of surprise is very
quickly stifled by Mewtwo shoving his cock down her throat.

In that moment whatever concentration Bri had is completely shattered and the orgasm she had
been fighting crashes over her. Her eyes roll back in her head as her entire body convulses from
the wave after wave of pleasure washing over her, each accompanied by a gusher of her hot
juices that splatter her thighs and the floor below.

Mewtwo begins to violently thrust in and out of Bri as the psychic tendrils lift her into the air and
position her so that Mewtwo can better fuck her face. The bound woman's eyes widen in a
combination of horror and surprise as several of the other tendrils begin to lash out at Bri,
striking her airborne ass with sharp cracks. This only seems to add to Bri's orgasmic bliss as she
continues to buck her hips, or try to anyway, and continues to spray the area behind her with her
nectar. Mewtwo grunts loudly, "You'd better- Ungh! Not spill a single- Ah! Drop!"

Mewtwo thrusts one last time, his fist-sized knot straining to squeeze into Bri's gaping mouth
with little success. Much of the first spurt goes straight down Bri's throat, but as Mewtwo relaxes
some and his tip emerges from her throat, his hot spunk rapidly fills Bri's mouth to overflowing.
Thick streams of spunk dribble out of her mouth and slowly run down the sides of Mewtwo's
cock. Bri seems to regain some of her senses and realizes she is failing her master's command to
not let his seed spill. She swallows what remains in her mouth and her tongue darts out
desperately trying to sweep up the escaping seed. She almost succeeds too. However, one strand
of cum has already trailed out of the reach of even Bri's long tongue. The escaped bit of cum
glows blue and lifts into the air.

Maya had been watching all this while fingering herself mercilessly with two fingers, driving
them in to the knuckle as she leans heavily on the back of the couch in front of her. She watches
excitedly as Mewtwo picks the bit of floating sperm out of the air with one hand and examines it.
What was he going to do to Bri next? How was she going to be punished? The countless naughty
possibilities flash through her mind, driving her closer to orgasm. She quickly adds a third finger,
stretching her pussy just a little tighter around them.

Her attention is taken so fully by the sight before her and the glorious sensations coming from
her oozing snatch that she doesn't see the glowing blue tendrils slowly encircling her ankles until
it is too late. The tendrils tighten in a flash and Maya is yanked off her feet. She screams as she is
whipped around the couch and dragged over the floor towards Mewtwo and Bri.

The bound woman jumps backwards out of the way of Maya. Thanks to the simple fact that her
feet and hands are bound, she finds herself out of the way, but too far off balance to possibly
recover. She shuts her eyes and braces herself for the inevitable impact, but it never comes. She
hesitantly opens one eye to find herself encompassed in a blue glow. She immediately panics,
squirming and bucking wildly, desperately trying to break free from Mewtwo's psychic grip.
Then a voice echoes in her mind, "Please relax. You're going to hurt yourself if you don't."

The woman freezes in surprise at the gentleness of the voice, turning her head to stare at
Mewtwo as he smears the drop of smeared cum across Bri's forehead. "Tsk. Unacceptable." He
looks over at Maya with a condescending look, "Did you really think I didn't know you were
playing with yourself over there. I really think you should open up and play with others, Ms.
Harrier." He chuckles darkly, "After all, the more the merrier, right?"

The bound woman floats over to the couch that Maya had been masturbating behind and finds
her bonds being undone and floating across the room. The voice returns, "Please just sit tight for
a little bit longer. I'll be done here soon, and then we can discuss things in private." She watches
in surprise as the strips of fabric that had been binding her limbs together tie themselves around
Maya's wrists, pinning them tightly together behind her back.

"Milord!" Maya exclaims, "What is the meaning of this?! I thought we had an agreement! I bring
you sex slaves and I get to keep my freedom!"

Mewtwo smiles, walking over the floor to where Maya is suspended in midair by the psychic
tendrils. "We did Ms. Harrier, we most certainly did. However, I feel that my current harem is
satisfactory, and I am terminating our agreement. Effective immediately." Mewtwo makes a
cutting motion with one hand and Maya's clothes are suddenly shredded to bits and fall to the
floor. Mewtwo steps around behind Maya and grips her ass fiercely, "And besides, although your
'child-bearing hips' aren't your primary asset..." Mewtwo runs his hands over Maya's tight
stomach and gently fondles her large breasts, "You certainly have potential as a breeder."

Mewtwo locks eyes with Bri and gestures for her to approach. As Bri crawls closer to the two of
them, the tentacles position Maya so that she is reclining and her legs are spread wide. "I have an
opportunity for you to redeem yourself Bri." Mewtwo says with a wicked grin and Bri's eyes
light up while Maya's go wide in horror. "Pleasure Ms. Harrier. If you can make her scream for
more, then you will be completely forgiven for your failure earlier."

Bri sets about her task, wasting no time in driving her tongue deep into Maya's pussy while
stroking her thighs aggressively. Maya cries out in shock and pleasure at the sensation of Bri's
wriggling tongue reaching deep inside her. Bri suddenly arches her back and yelps. She turns to
look back at the thick psychic tendrils that have buried themselves in her cunt and asshole.
Mewtwo smiles as he continues to tease Maya's breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers,
"Your reward for your current work on Ms. Harrier. The more you pleasure her, the harder those
will pound you and the thicker they will become."

Bri returns to her assault of Maya's pussy, the blue tentacles visibly thickening and spreading
Bri's pussy wide. Maya grimaces as she fights to keep her composure, her breath coming in short
gasps and low moans of pleasure. Mewtwo chuckles as Bri buries three of her slender fingers
into Maya's dripping cunt while she sucks noisily on her clit. Maya suddenly howls, her cunt
convulsing around Bri's fingers and spraying the slender submissive with sweet honey. At the
same time Bri's eyes go wide as the fat tendril buried in her pussy gushes hot psycho-spunk deep
into her womb. Bri thrusts back against the tendrils violently as a second orgasm washes over
her. However, unlike her earlier orgasms, no cum sprays from her cunt, not even her own juices.
Instead a small bulge begins to form in her belly as her cum and the psycho-spunk start to stretch
her inner sanctum like a balloon.

Mewtwo laughs at Bri's expression, a mixture of pain, surprise, and ecstasy. Mewtwo continues
to laugh as he levitates so that he can position his fat cock between Maya's large tits. "Just
because you get a chance to redeem yourself doesn't excuse you from your punishment. Because
you let a drop of my cum escape your mouth, not one drop of cum will escape your cunt."

Mewtwo mashes Maya's tits around his throbbing cock as he begins to thrust back and forth.
Maya is beginning to lose herself to Bri's cunilingual expertise and in her haze of bliss she laps
at Mewtwo's tip whenever he thrusts it close enough, letting out a needy whine whenever it pulls
away again. Meanwhile, Bri's womb continues to swell with hot psycho-spunk, already the bulge
is comparable in size to a soccer ball. Overwhelmed by the sensation of her cunt being spread by
the fist sized tentacle and the growing pressure in her womb she moans repeatedly into Maya's
cunt. The feel of Bri's heated moans on Maya's clit sends shocks through her entire body. Bri's
tongue thrashes over Maya's thick pussy lips while she vigorously fingers the redhead both in
the pussy and the ass simultaneously, driving the former slave trader over the edge once more.

Maya's eyes roll back in her head as she orgasms, her tongue finding a life of its own as she
screams, "More Master! I need your seed! Please give it to me Master!" at the same time,
Mewtwo is cumming too. Even as he thrusts harder into Maya's tits he is shooting his massive
load all over her face and neck. She greedily laps at the hot seed spraying over her face and
running down it in rivulets.

Mewtwo sighs in satisfaction and lifts himself off of Maya. The tentacles slowly lower the
exhausted woman to the floor where Bri quickly pounces on Maya, greedily lapping up the seed
splattered over the woman's face. The submissive's belly continues to swell with hot psycho-
spunk as she begins to grind her clit against Maya's. Maya moans and bucks her hips against
Bri's, even in her worn out state trying to increase her pleasure.

Mewtwo watches the two for a moment then shrugs, and turns to walk over to where the plump
woman is sitting on the couch still and gently undoes her gag. "Please come with me." he says
offering his hand to her.

The woman stands hesitantly, and takes Mewtwo's hand. She follows him across the room to the
door to Mewtwo's bedchamber. She turns to look back at the pair of women still at the mercy of
each other and the psychic tentacles. "Aren't you going to release them?"

Mewtwo turns and glances at the women, "Why? They seem to be enjoying themselves. It
wouldn't be very nice to interrupt their fun would it?"

"I... I guess not." The woman replies carefully as she steps into the bedroom, her feet sinking
into the plush crimson carpet. "What do you want with me?"

Mewtwo smiles and his eyes glow blue, "What if I said that I could make you a queen?"

The ornate bedroom seems to vanish, replaced with a wide open field full of flowers and a large,
and very virile, assortment of male pokémon and men, "Free to go wherever you wished. With
servants of all kinds at your beck and call. To act on your every whim and desire. All you need to
do is call me-"

"Master?" the woman says with a small smile as she pulls her hand out of Mewtwo's and the
field vanishes to be replaced once more with the bedroom, "Because if that's the case, then you
can just forget it. I thought I already expressed my opinions on that matter quite clearly."

Mewtwo chuckles, rubbing his nose, "You most certainly did. However that is exactly why I
want you for this purpose." Mewtwo reaches out and takes both of the woman's hands, "I don't
want you to call me 'Master'. I want you to call me your son."

The woman blinks in surprise, "Excuse me?"

Mewtwo nods excitedly, "I can make you the most powerful being on the planet, second only to
myself. All you must do is to love me as your child, hold me in your arms, and let me drink from
your bosom. Please, let me call you 'Mother'."

The woman considers it for a moment then smiles and moves to sit on the silky bed, "Yes, I will
be your mother." she tweaks one of her fat nipples, expressing a trickle of milk, "Come here and
let Mommy give you something to drink."

Mewtwo smiles as he lifts off the ground and curls up so that he can fit in the woman's broad
lap. He gently closes his lips over the nipple she had pinched and begins to suckle happily. The
woman sighs contentedly; reveling in the release of pressure that Mewtwo's suckling brings her.
She needed to be milked regularly, or the pressure would cause her breasts to ache, and this felt
infinitely better than any breast pump.

Her contentment doesn't last long though, as her she catches sight of Mewtwo's cock, some of
his cum still clinging to it as it slowly deflates. As much as she hated to admit it, she had been
turned on by what had happened in the other room, and she could hear that it was still happening
there. She wanted that cock inside her and she wanted it badly. Plus her tits were so sensitive,
just pumping them dry could bring her to orgasm, so the feeling of Mewtwo's rough tongue as he
gently lapped at the milk his suckling brought forth was beginning to drive her mad.

A mischievous smile slowly spreads across her face as she singsongs, "You've been quite the
naughty little boy haven't you?"

Mewtwo looks up at her in confusion, "Mother?"

She reaches down and cups Mewtwo's cheek in her hand, "You've been a naughty little boy,
playing with your toys and making a big mess. You didn't even clean up after yourself or put
them away when you were done."

"But Mother-!"

"Don't you 'But Mother' me! You've been a naughty little boy and you need to be punished."
She says as she reaches down and flips him over onto his belly. She grabs the base of Mewtwo's
tail and gives it a sharp tug upwards and simultaneously brings the palm of her other hand down
hard on his ass with a sharp crack. She lifts her hand and brings it down again on Mewtwo's
toned ass again and again. Mewtwo cries out at every blow, tears forming in the corners of his
eyes as his punishment goes on.

Finally, 'Mother' lets Mewtwo's tail drop back down. Mewtwo looks up at her with tear filled
eyes, "Why did you hurt me Mommy?"

She smiles and pulls Mewtwo's head to her breast, "Sometimes when boys are naughty, their
mothers have to punish them so that they know what is right and what is wrong. But Mommy
still loves her little boy." She tilts Mewtwo's head up so that he is looking her in the eye, "Do
you want Mommy to show you how much she loves you?"

Mewtwo nods and the woman lowers her head and kisses him on the lips, pushing her tongue in
past his lips. Mewtwo's eyes widen in surprise, but he quickly accepts her tongue into his mouth,
his own tongue beginning to tangle with hers. She casually reaches down and grabs hold of
Mewtwo's cock. Surprisingly it is even harder and larger than before his punishment.

Mewtwo moans into her mouth, his voice trembles as he asks, "W-what are you doing, M-

'Mother' smiles broadly as she starts to stroke Mewtwo's cock, "Mommy's just showing you
how much she loves you, baby."

She moves Mewtwo onto his back on the bed and positions her now dripping pussy over his face
while she continues to gently stroke Mewtwo's cock back to its iron hard, knotted glory. "Won't
you show Mommy how much you love her too?"

Mewtwo gingerly reaches out and pulls 'Mother's' hips down so that he can lick at her flow. The
sensation of Mewtwo's rough tongue playing across the petals of her flower forces her to moan
out in pleasure, "Oh yes!"

Mewtwo laps at her delicate folds, lapping up every drop of her nectar he can. He quickly finds
himself just as hungry for her nectar as he was for her milk just a few moments ago. What he is
getting though just simply isn't enough, so he drives his tongue as deep as her can into her pussy.
'Mother' moans again and grinds her needy cunt against Mewtwo's face, bumping her clit
against his chin as she does so. This accidental bump sends a bolt of pleasure through her core
and she lets out a short cry of ecstasy. Mewtwo immediately shifts his attention to 'Mother's
engorged bulb, pinching it between his fingers and assaulting it with his tongue all at once. All
this stimulation at once pushes her over the edge and she screams as her orgasm bowls her over.
She forces her hips down even harder, forcing Mewtwo's muzzle into her gushing pussy. He
slurps for his life, swallowing her cum lest he drown in it.

After what seems like forever, she finally relaxes and falls off of Mewtwo to lean against the
headboard. Mewtwo slowly sits up and starts to clean his fur with his tongue. Suddenly,
'Mother' grabs his tail and pulls him back into her embrace, "What do you think you're doing?"

"Cleaning up after myself?"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. You don't clean up until after you are done." She says grabbing hold of Mewtwo's
cock and pulling it to her dribbling pussy. She smiles up at Mewtwo, "Aren't you going to show
Mommy how much you love her? Certainly you love Mommy more than your toys?"

Mewtwo nods, thrusting his cock deep into his 'mother', splitting her hymen in a single motion.
'Mother' arches her back at the shot of intense pain and Mewtwo grabs both breasts and
squeezes them roughly. 'Mother' cries out as ecstasy quickly overwhelms the pain. Mewtwo
begins to thrust in and out of her, spreading her virgin pussy wide with his fat cock. He continues
to roughly handle her breasts, every squeeze spraying him with a geyser of milk that quickly
drenches the fur on his chest and stomach. However, this only serves to turn him on even more
as he pounds her cunt even more vigorously.

"Oh God yes! Fuck Mommy!" she screams as she wraps her legs around Mewtwo's waist and
thrusts her hips back against his. Her pussy is flowing freely by now, drenching Mewtwo's
crotch and splashing onto the bed with every wet slap of flesh on flesh, her ass and thighs
rippling wildly with every impact.

"I'm going to cum Mommy!" Mewtwo exclaims before burying his face in his 'mother's' tits.

"YES! Tie mommy with your knot!" She screams, flashing colors filling her vision as Mewtwo's
cock hits her g spot with every thrust, "Fill mommy with your hot love!"

Mewtwo grips 'Mother's' plump hips tightly and with one last titanic thrust he buries himself in
her pussy, knot and all, before firing thick, hot ropes of seed directly into her womb. The woman
is driven clear over the edge and her pussy walls contract fiercely around Mewtwo's cock,
milking him for every last drop of his rich seed. She cries out unintelligibly, pulling Mewtwo
even deeper into her cleavage as her body is wracked by her orgasm.

Finally, after a long moment she relaxes. Mewtwo purrs as he gently begins to lick the sweat
from her neck. Slowly the room around them shifts, turning into a rather plain bedroom with a
black double bed. The woman smiles and begins to stroke his head, "I love you Mewt."

"I love you too, Aria." He chuckles as he leans back and starts brushing his chest dry with his
hands, "You forgot to milk yourself this morning didn't you?"

Aria giggles, "How'd you know?"

Mewtwo grins, "Just a lucky guess."

Aria grabs Mewtwo and rolls him over so that she is on top, still tied together at the crotch
by Mewtwo's knot. With a grunt she pulls free of his knot, allowing his excess seed to dribble
freely from her cunt all over his softening cock. .She lowers her head to his chest and begins to
lick the milk out of his fur and Mewtwo's purring rises in pitch. Suddenly, the door to the
bedroom slams open and Maya stumbles in followed by Bri, who is back to her original waist
size and looks incredibly happy with herself. Maya however looks less than pleased.

"Damnit Mewtwo! You were supposed to fuck me!" Maya exclaims angrily, "I thought I made
that clear when we outlined the scenario beforehand! You didn't even tentacle fuck me!"

Mewtwo chuckles and sticks out his tongue at her, "I fucked your tits. That is still technically
fucking you. Besides, Sabrina had you on the ropes in no time flat, and then kept going." He
glances at Bri, "Do you have any complaints?"

Sabrina shakes her head, "Nope! But next time I want to be turned into a male pokémon!"

Maya shakes her head, "Bri, you're a freak. But a little standard bestiality sounds like fun. I'll
start working on next week's scenario. Any other requests?"

Aria grins, "I'm actually considering switching genders with Mewt." She glances down at
Mewtwo, "Any objections, son? I'm still having a hard time believing we just played
that scenario to completion."

Mewtwo shakes his head and shrugs, "I don't really mind, but I'm not keen on being penetrated
by anyone except Aria."

"It's a pain getting you to have intercourse of any kind with anyone but Aria."
Maya rolls her eyes, "Also, did you have to destroy my clothes? They cost money to replace and
I can't exactly borrow Aria's for the trip home."

"Deal with it." Aria growls, "You got your crazy fantasy sex, and lots of it. I kind of want to
have lots of vanilla sex in private now. So scram."

Maya waves dismissively, "Alright, fine. I'll see you tomorrow. Come on Maya, let's leave the
odd couple alone."

Maya walks back out of the bedroom but Sabrina stays put, "Can I watch?"

"NO." Mewtwo and Aria reply in unison.

"Awww, your no fun." Sabrina pouts.

Aria stares at the blonde with a flabbergasted expression. She stammers wordlessly for a few
moments then screams, "OUT! OUT-OUT-OUT!"

Sabrina laughs as she dashes out of the room, ducking under the pillow Aria chucks at her back.
Mewtwo laughs and pulls Aria down close to him, "You're friends are crazy."

Aria relaxes slowly into his embrace, "I can't believe I have to share you with those two."

"It really is a small price to pray for their silence."

"Yeah, but I'd still rather have you to myself."

Mewtwo lick's her cheek tenderly, "I know, I wish it were that way too, but I'm happy as long as
I have you at all."

Aria smiles, then laughs, "You ever wondered what would happen if you really did try to take
over the world? What would you do if you succeeded?"

"The same thing I'm about to do now." Mewtwo says, "Make love to you."

Chapter End Notes:

Yeah, adding a super powerful psychic pokemon to your standard sexual roleplay can elevate things to whole new levels of realism and deviance. If you have any questions about what the hell went down towards the end, ask them and they shall be answered.

Read, review, vomit, enjoy... whatever suits your fancy.

I just realized that I can use these characters to create a lemon with just about any pairing and include almost any kinky fetish imaginable... Any requests

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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Jan 4 2014 Chapter:I don't even know
    I found this rather enjoyable, then the mom/son part came and I was 'okay, this is an odd turn, but whatever'. Then came the ending and I was 'WTF?!'

    Great job!