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Burning Curiosity by Scy Storm


Story Notes:

This is my entry for the second FETEP contest at AGNPH. Out of the four possible fetishes, I chose "incest" and "role play." I love incest and I figured role play could be a decent challenge. I thought up a pretty hot idea and rolled with it. Also my first gay story in a while.

Burning Curiosity


Pokemon Lemon Fiction
By: Scy Storm

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This fic is for the second part of AGNPH's FETEP series of points-awarding contests. Once again, I had a choice between a few fetishes, focusing on at least two, and I decided to go with "incest" and "role play." Although the other two were definitely good picks (bondage and tentacles), I wasn't sure just how many people would pick my two, especially "role play." Plus I thought this was a pretty hot idea and couldn't resist writing it. It's my first gay story in a while, as well. And it's anthro! I bet it doesn't get many fans, haha.

INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER: This story involves adult anthro male Pokemon who are blood-related doing SEX. That's kind of weird, I bet. If you don't like it, don't read. Or you can anyway. It wouldn't bother me. I like when people read my stuff. :D

"Elan, hurry up and get down here!" The ninetales mother called up the stairs.

"I'm getting my things together!" Yells the muffled voice of her son in the upper rooms.

The annoyed woman taps her foot on the floor, the houndoom teenager standing next to her adjusting his pack awkwardly. There's something about an annoyed woman in business attire that gets him uncomfortable. It's like he's in detention. "I'm in no hurry, Mrs. Ardor. There's still a good hour until classes actually start."

"That does not matter! I want you boys there as early as possible."

Two large hands appear on her shoulders, gripping them in an attempt to comfort. Her arcanine husband leans close. "Calm down, dear. I bet he's still struggling with those new tails of his." He surmises with a chuckle.

She grunts a little, but nonetheless leans back against him slightly. "He had six before, three more isn't going to kill him."

Her ears perk when she hears steps on the stairs coming down. Finally emerges the couple's son, shouldering his pack and sporting jeans & a tee that seem a bit tight on his fairly lithe frame. His tails are bunched together and tied at the end to keep them sort of as one big tail. It's something he learned from his mother. "Alright, alright, done. Ready."

"Good! Calig has been waiting... Hm, wait, are those new clothes a little too small, dear? Want me to get different ones?" His mother states as she watches him come down the stairs.

"No, they're good, don't worry. Sorry to keep you waiting, Calig." Elan says, flashing his friend a knowing look.

The houndoom fidgets noticeably, or it would be if Elan's mother were looking at him. Elan's father catches it, but says nothing. Calig just grins up at him. "New evolution is looking good, bro. The other seniors will get a kick out of it."

"I certainly hope so. Now you boys get going." The ninetales mother says, still trying to rush them out.

Elan grunts in annoyance as Calig opens the door out. "One hour, mother."

She just glares at him silently as the two boys walk out. "Just wait until you have to drive yourself." Calig teases.

"Shut up, chauffeur." Elan replies as he closes the door.

His mother sighs a little as she breaks away from her husband's hands, moving to her case sitting in the living room nearby and double checking its contents. The arcanine thinks silently for a moment. "Aideen, you think you were being a little pushy?" He asks.

"Well if I don't make them hurry it up, they'll get back into their cycle of lateness. Our boy isn't being late for the first day of senior year!" She replies.

"He hasn't been late for school in over a year. I think he's done with that."

Aideen sighs a little. "Yeah, Tyson, I know. I'm just all in a bunch about how he's going to do."

"What, because of his new evolution?"

"You know how much crap he got as a vulpix. There's not a lot of male ones, you know. I just don't want it interrupting his future."

"Don't worry. Elan has made a lot of good friends. Just look at Calig."

Aideen picks up her case, stringing the strap over one shoulder. "That's true... Those two are together a lot, though. I hope he's not a bad influence."

Tyson fidgets a little, knowing something she hasn't figured out yet. He'd think the tight clothing Elan was just brazenly wearing would set off some kind of warning bell. He just shakes his head. "Not at all. He's a good kid. Plus, you know I'd do something about it if he wasn't."

The arcanine flexes his arms a little, stretching the fabric of his security guard uniform slightly. This gets a little giggle out of his wife, who comes up and kisses him briefly. "I have to go now. Got some possible new clients to bring in."

"Knock 'em dead, lovely."

With that, Aideen opens the front door and leaves, Elan & Calig already long gone. Now alone, the arcanine thinks to himself. He's somewhat surprised his wife hasn't picked up on Elan's sexuality. It's more obvious now that he's evolved. The arc himself knows very well that Calig and his son are together, ever since the day he caught them being a little too involved in Elan's bedroom, before they had evolved. He didn't mind, however, and he had a nice discussion with his son sometime afterward. Elan was very happy to know that one parent was good with it, especially his occasionally hard-ass father. His social life must be kicking off as well, if he's brazen enough to wear tighter clothing to school and in front of his parents. Tyson wonders idly if there's another reason why... No, he KNOWS there's another reason why. "He's wearing it in front of me..." he grumbles to himself.

When he and Elan had that discussion, he opened up to his son that he was bi-curious back in the day, but never acted upon it, if only because he was with Aideen almost the entire time. He could remember Elan's eyes seeming to light up when he said that. Ever since, he picked up on a lot of... flirtations, directed his way from his then-vulpix son. None were very blunt or line-crossing, but he knew a flirt when he saw one. He begun to think that his son has always been attracted to him, which possibly led to his choice in sexuality. Now that's he's evolved into a bigger body... perhaps he has no reason to be so subtle anymore. Somehow he still wants a shot at ol' Dad, despite being involved with someone else. Of course Calig is probably in on it, too, he believes. Tyson shakes his head a little, getting these thoughts out of his head. Why is he thinking about all of this? He glances at his watch. "Time to go."

Grabbing his things from near the door, he leaves his quiet home behind for the day.

Several hours later, the front door of the quiet home opens, Tyson returning home from a stressful work day, still grumbling about a would-be criminal that gave him a hell of a time. He sets his bag next to the door and strolls into the kitchen, gathering up materials to brew some evening coffee. As he does, his mind drifts away from his work-related woes and to his immediate surroundings. It's actually pretty quiet in the house. He'd expect to hear music or video game sounds coming from his son's room upstairs. As he thinks about checking up on him, the front door of the house opens, and in comes his ninetales son, wearing slightly different clothing. "Ah, there you are." The arc says.

Elan practically jumps in surprise. "Oh. Hey, Dad."

"You're here a little late."

"I showed up earlier to drop my stuff off and changed clothes. I wasn't the only one who evolved during break, so some of the guys wanted to celebrate." Elan explains.

The arc nods a little as he observes the coffee brewing. "Good on you, then. I'm just glad you didn't stay out too late."

"I learned my lesson on that. Even if it was tempting." Elan says, grinning.

His father notices the grin and smirks. Silly boy. He won't break curfew again, although the arc is pretty sure he knows at least one thing that happened during the day's celebrations, if only from his son's awkward walk up the stairs. As he pours himself a cup of coffee, Elan suddenly stops his ascent up the stairs. "Is Mom home yet?" He asks.

His father looks up at the nine briefly and shakes his head. "Not yet. A late day at the office, she called me earlier." He replies, taking a drink afterward.

Elan just nods, resuming his walk up the stairs and grinning to himself, out of his father's view. Tyson finishes up his business downstairs after a little while and heads upstairs, hearing the usual sound of music coming from his son's closed door. After a quick trip into his bedroom to grab some things, the arc father slips into the bathroom for a well-deserved shower. The steam begins to fill the room, the firedog's mind running through the stressful events of the day. He fails to notice the door of the bathroom open just slightly. The ninetales son peers in on his showering father, not really able to see much detail due to the foggy glass of the shower doors, but he sees enough of the arc's figure to leave it to his imagination. He does this a lot, and he's amazed that he's never caught doing it... or is he? He's never really sure what his father is thinking, but he never gets an appalled reaction to any of his... teases. I wonder if tonight is the night, father... The fox thinks to himself.

He's imagined seducing his father for a long time now. Ever since he was caught in his room with Calig, and they had the talk the next day. His father was perfectly fine with his sexuality, and that made him happy. But there was something else that intrigued him... The fact that his father was bi-curious. Or at least, he was in his youth. The ninetales has decided to believe he still is. He's teased his father many a time, including back before he evolved, trying to make his intentions known, and so far the arc hasn't told him to stop. Perhaps it means he's getting ever closer... Calig urged him to take a stab at it tonight, then give him the dirty details later. It's good to know that dark hound is as naughty as he is. The fox quietly closes the bathroom door as he hears the squeaking of the shower nozzles being turned off. Alright, let's see how this goes... He thinks to himself, slinking back toward his room and waiting.

A matter of minutes later, the mostly-dry arcanine comes walking out of the shower room, his towel wrapped around his waist, a somewhat annoyed expression adorning his face. He walks across the hall to his room, failing to notice the eye of his son watching him from the other door. As he begins to dig through his dresser drawers, a knock to his open door makes him jump a little. "Dad?" Sounds the voice of his son.

Tyson turns, seeing his ninetales son standing in the doorway, shirtless and with a towel hung over one shoulder, some clean clothing in his hand. The arc forces a slight smile, not used to being this... undressed in the vicinity of his son. "Yes, son? Something up?"

Elan looks at him with a look of concern, which is only slightly faked. "I was about to shower after you and I noticed that look on your face. Is everything alright?"

The arc nods a little, turning back to his dresser drawer to go through his clothing. "Just a stressful day at work today. Nothing I haven't dealt with before. I'll be fine."

The ninetales grins to himself, his tails fanning out behind him as he sets his clothes down on the hallway floor and walks into the room quietly, eying his father eagerly. "Well a shower tends to help for me. You still look troubled, though. I think you just need something to take your mind off it..."

Tyson isn't sure what to make of that comment at first, but just shrugs once. As he opens his mouth to reply, he feels the hands of his son squeeze down on his tense shoulders. He blinks in silent confusion, looking down to see the nine's many tails slip around his upper body, draping over him loosely. The tails and another squeeze to his shoulders cause the arc to close his eyes and rumble deep through his chest. Elan grins a little, knowing the tails around the body is one of his father's favorite things, as he watched his mother do it many times. He feels the arc's body relaxing, seeing his eyes close. This is going a lot better than he thought it would. He leans forward, pressing his bare chest against the arc's back, trying not to quiver or wiggle his tails too much. The arc seems to lean back against him... ever so slightly. The fox's face heats up with blush, believing it's finally happening. He loses himself a bit in the moment, his left hand sliding off his father's shoulder and to his chest, Elan tucking his muzzle up against the arc's neck and sliding his nose through the fur there. Tyson's head leans upward just slightly, his chest rumbling in contentment once more. Seeing this as a pleased reaction, Elan almost purrs against the arc's neck, his hand slowly gliding down the canine's sexy chest and stomach. He's always admired his father's body, but never got a chance to really... feel it. He forgoes a body massage for a moment to instead bring his hand down to the prize, resting snug behind the towel the freshly-showered Arc still wears. Just as his hand tightens ever-so-slightly for a squeeze, Elan is snapped out of his daze by the strong hand of his father grasping his wrist and pulling it away from his lowers. "W-Wha...?" Elan stammers out.

Tyson leans forward a little, pushing the fox's arm back behind him as Elan automatically steps back. He looks over his shoulder at his son. "Your mother will be home any minute. I think you should be showered before she gets here." He says, before turning his gaze back to the dresser in front of him.

Elan looks at his father's eyes and listens to his words. The arc isn't angry or offended at all... did he legitimately enjoy all that? The fox just nods a little bit and steps back again. "Sure thing, Dad..."

He turns around and walks out of the room, picking up his clean clothing he had set down and heading straight for the bathroom, his thoughts wandering. He had forgotten about his mother completely, but... This is the first time his father responded so well to his flirts, and he's never gotten as far as he did today. Elan grins as he opens the door to the bathroom. I'm close now. Very close...

The front door of the Ardor home opens, Elan walking into the house, back from a short day of fun with his friends from school. He closes the door and flicks his ears, hearing not a sound in the house, and grins. He knew there would be nothing, but it's still good to hear. He immediately proceeds upstairs. It's now Saturday, five days after he reached a new base of sorts with his father, the target of his taboo affections for so long. Now he's going to have the firedog all to himself for a while... His mother came home that night, and he overheard her intention to leave out of the town for the weekend for a corporate meeting. Immediately he thought up a plan, and that's all that's been on his mind for the week. He's foregoing a weekend night with Calig to do it, but the houndoom understands. Naughty dark dog. "I got him this time, Calig. I'll be sure to give you aaaall the details..." He says to himself.

He opens the door to his parent's room, a wide grin on his face as he strolls in, immediately eying his mother's clothing dresser. He glides straight for it, looking through the drawers for the things she didn't take with her when she left yesterday... and he likes what he sees. "Just what I knew would be here."

He grabs a few articles of clothing from the top and then the bottom drawer, turning to look at the room as he does. If all goes well, he should be back in here tonight, for an entirely different reason. He waves his bunched-up tails, collecting his chosen clothing and heading straight for the bathroom for a shower. He's gonna make sure he's fresh and clean before his father gets back. He doesn't want anything to ruin what should be the advent of his fantasies coming true. "See you soon, Dad..." He says, closing the door with a confident grin.

Tyson stretches out his shoulders, cracking his back slightly as he approaches his home with a soft sigh. His day at work was surprisingly stress-free despite being forced to do a shift on Saturday. He almost got out early, in fact. Unlocking his door and opening it up, he's surprised to get the smell of fresh-brewed coffee greeting his nose. Baffled, he steps inside the house, glancing toward the kitchen. There he sees the figure of... his wife, back to him, facing the counter where the brewer is. Her tails are unbinded, swaying back and forth down by her legs. Looking close when the tails sway, he can see her legs appear to be adorned with black leggings. Her tails hang downward underneath a bright emerald skirt, with a similar emerald spaghetti-strap top on her upper body, which isn't long enough to cover her stomach or lower back. His eyes drift upward to see an emerald ribbon tied around her head fur as well... He knows this outfit. It's something she used to wear when she was younger, and she still has the figure for it. The emerald color matches her eyes, and she wears it all when she's feeling... in the mood. It's been a very long time since she last wore it, however. He stares silently at her for a few moments, wondering why she's decided to break out the outfit... or more importantly, wondering why she's even here. He finally shuts the front door to his home and starts walking in that direction. "Lovely? What are you doing home early?" He asks, somewhat awkwardly.

She looks over her shoulder briefly, a devious smile curled over her cheek, her blue eyes shining with desire. Wait a minute... Blue eyes? It then occurred to him as he got closer that the figure of the ninetales was not quite as curvy as his wife's. Somewhat feminine, sure, but clearly masculine. The arc's eyes go wide as he realizes it's his son Elan standing in the kitchen, wearing his mother's "secret" outfit. Elan's tails give a more pronounced wave across the floor. "The meeting got canceled. I thought I'd surprise you... It's been a while." He says, in a voice that's actually a fairly good impersonation of his mother.

Tyson says nothing for the moment, trying to process what's going on. He starts to realize it. Elan is still attracted to him... The two of them are alone for a few days... He evidently learned about the emerald outfit somewhere... Probably canceled a date with Calig... Yeah. His newly-ninetales son has decided to go for the gold with ol' Dad. Elan looks over his shoulder again to see the shocked face of the arc, mildly surprised he hasn't said anything more yet. He puts the coffee pot back into the turned-off brewer, turning himself around and leaning back against the counter. "Is something wrong, dear?" He asks, keeping up the voice.

The arc can now get a good look at his son wearing his wife's special clothing, his face glowing with warmth as he blushes under his fur. It's really quite uncanny... just add a few curves and some breasts and they'd practically be twins. He finds himself unable to take his eyes off the teen, many memories coming back to him of his younger days. Some are of his wife in that outfit back before they were married, and some are of the thoughts he had as a bi-curious high school & college kid. Now his body & mind are trying to spur him into satisfy the curiosity. He finally looks upward to his son's face. Elan seems to know that his father is conflicted, and contemplating it. He stares at the arc's face with almost a pleading look in his eyes, mixed with that same shine of desire he sported a moment ago. "Well?" He says, practically singing it.

Tyson can feel a quiver go down his spine. He can't resist his son any longer. He shakes his head briefly before looking back to the fox, a wide grin spreading across his face. "No. There's nothing wrong at all..." He says, starting to walk closer.

Elan noticeably shakes briefly, his body quivering and his tails flicking around down below. His plan is actually working. He looks slightly upward as the taller fire-type steps in front of him, gazing at him sexily and gripping the counter a little in a bit of a nervous reaction. "So... How happy are you to see me?" Elan asks, his impersonation faltering a little, but he manages to keep it.

The arc's chest rumbles deeply, his large hands landing onto Elan's stomach and rubbing upward over the clothing, feeling up his son's slender body as he can literally feel the fox reacting to the firm touch. "Very, very happy... You even wore the special outfit." He replies.

The nine practically moans to the feeling of his father's big sexy paws sliding across him, grinning widely and bringing his own hands up to rest on the arc's chest. "I knew you'd like that." He exclaims.

Tyson just nods a little and grins, his hands drifting downward and grasping the fox's hips, pulling him up slightly so he's seated on the end of the counter, Elan gasping from it. Their faces are parallel now, and the arc leans his forward some, a deep rumble sounding out of his chest. Elan slides his hands to the canine's shoulders & wraps his legs around his waist, staring deep into his eyes. "Don't you want your evening coffee, dear?" He asks.

"I think the coffee can wait..." Tyson quickly replies, before locking his son's muzzle with his own.

Elan moans loud and muffledly as his mind practically explodes, all of his fantasies coming to fruition with one kiss. He leans forward slightly against his father as he returns the kiss eagerly, eyes closing, his body going limp aside from his legs, turning into fire-type silly putty for the care of the arc. Tyson practically growls in desire as he kisses his son deeply, his forwardness causing the nine's head to lean back, his tongue invading the fox's muzzle with no resistance. This act makes Elan whine, his hands gripping to his father's neck area. The arc's own hands slide down Elan's back, moving back across to his stomach, and then upward, sliding into the emerald shirt this time to rub his son's chest directly. The ninetales quivers hard and moans again, absorbed in everything his father does to him. Tyson presses his hips upward a little and grinds himself against the seated fox, groping his featureless chest with his strong hands as he slides out of the kiss, panting a little. Elan opens his eyes and catches his father's sexy gaze, panting and squirming a little under the grinding he feels below. He's silent for a moment, taking in the grinds and clearing his throat once, to make sure he doesn't mess up his impersonation. "You naughty dog, you..." He says, trying to sound as sexy as he can.

Tyson chuckles deeply, slowing down his grinding and pulling his son off the counter. "Come, lovely, I think we need somewhere nicer than this..."

The fox tightens his grip with his legs and his hands as he's lifted off of the counter and easily carried by the strong arc, nodding silently. Tyson walks up the stairs with him, trying to go a little fast, as he knows how eager both of them are. Once inside his room, the arc sets his ninetales "wife" on the edge of the bed, Elan letting go of the arc with his limbs and gazing up at him with a grin, leaning forward slightly to press his chin against the canine's stomach. The arc grins, sliding one finger across his son's cute face, before pulling his tucked-in work shirt out of his pants and taking it off his body. Elan murrs quite loudly, reaching upward and sliding his hands down the dog's body sexily, tracing a path until they grab onto his belt. He unlatches it quickly, loosening it and yanking down all the arc's lowers in one pull, exposing his naked lower body. For a moment he gazes quietly, visually admiring his father's hefty package, the tip of the length already showing from the sheath thanks to the start of things down in the kitchen. His eyes turn upward again as he grins, his hand reaching up and grasping to the sheath & orbs, getting a good groan out of the canine as more of his length immediately slides out. "My, my, you seem a little pent up, dearest..." Elan sensually exclaims.

He brings his other hand up, using it to urge out the growing red length, his nimble fingers wrapping around it and stroking, much to the delight of the groaning arc. "You bet I am... and you're gonna get all of it." Tyson exclaims.

Elan leans forward and slides his tongue slowly & firmly across the length, sliding upward and ending with a kiss at the tip. "I almost can't wait." He replies, before locking his muzzle over the end.

The arc leans his head back and groans lovingly, quickly looking back downward, watching and feeling his son's muzzle slide downward. Elan takes most of the length into his maw & throat, his tongue sliding across the underside. He takes in the feeling & taste of his father's cock for a moment, before smoothly gliding his muzzle up and down, twisting slightly and suckling him firmly, eager to show off a little. Tyson clenches his hands a little, exhaling a breath, watching the fox work him & feeling just how much practice he's had. He can't help but jerk his hips, moving himself back and forth just slightly, as if to hump against the muzzle bobs. Elan growls just slightly as he feels that, pumping his muzzle a little faster, his fingers flexing against his father's legs. He so very much wants to work the hefty canid length to its release, to feel its hot load flow down his throat... but there's something else he wants even more than that. Reluctantly he starts to slow down his work, eventually deep-throating the length once before sliding off of it slowly, popping off with a kiss at the tip. He pants and looks up to the very happy canid, grinning. "Do I still got it, love?" Elan asks.

Tyson stares down at his "wife" with lust-filled eyes, growling a little and nodding happily. "Never missed a beat." He replies.

Elan growls back to him and pushes the arc forward slightly so he can stand up. "Mmm, good..."

The fox stands up and walks around his father, urging him to turn around a bit. The arc is a little confused, then Elan uses one of his feet to yank on the pants still around the arc's ankles, causing him to lose his balance and fall backward onto the bed. Elan laughs a little, going down to his knees and loosening his father's boots, getting them off so he can pull off his socks & pants. Tyson sits up on his elbows slightly and waits, feeling his legs free of restraint after a moment, scooting himself backward on the bed afterward. The ninetales stands up, admiring the sight of the nude & aroused arc eagerly, Tyson noticing a very pronounced bulge practically lifting the emerald skirt off his body. Elan grins, his many tails soon swaying about, curling around in front of him and fanning out, as he reaches down and pulls off his shirt, tossing it aside. His hips & body start to gyrate a little in a dancing motion, tails moving around his body in a pattern as he glides his hand slowly down his bare front side. Tyson grips the blanket below him a little, his face glowing as he watches the vulpine's strip tease. Elan turns around once in his movements, losing the skirt as he does, turning back to face his father and fanning out his tails. The arc can notice now that the fox is wearing a pair of black panties to go with his black leggings, his sheath & orbs tucked into them, his engorged arousal sticking out and resting against his belly. Well, that is something he certainly inherited from his father. He moves his tails back behind him and lets his father stare, gazing at him and climbing onto the bed sexily, his muzzle grinning widely. "Still looking good, dearest?" He asks, his mimicked voice dripping with sensuality.

The arcanine pants in arousal, watching his son crawl up his body, nodding several times. "You're as sexy as ever, babe." He replies, practically out of breath.

Elan settles above his father's hips and sits up, straddling his body and grinning lustily down at him, one of his hands sliding across the twitching canine length, still wet from his oral work earlier. He listens to his father react vocally to the rub, grasping the end of the length and pulling it upward. "Well then... One more skill to retest..." He coos out.

He uses his other hand to pull the bottom of his panties to the side, his tails fanning upward as he settles his tailhole down onto his father's tip, pausing. The two both inhale sharply, sort of a mutual hiss of pleasure, the fox's hands trembling a little. After taking a moment, he lets go with both of his hands and drops, a few inches of his father's pride spreading him quietly. Both cry out simultaneously, Elan's noise a bit of a whine while Tyson's is a loud groan, his back arching. Elan quivers, his body tightening up hard around the intruder for a moment, before he forces himself to loosen. He raises himself up just slightly and then pumps back down, taking in more of his father's length and whining once more. Quickly he repeats the up-down motion once more, this time hilting on the entire appendage, unable to hold back squeezing onto it fiercely. Tyson's head is pressed into the pillows firmly, the arcanine groaning out to the bedroom air as his son takes down his entire length. He lowers his back and turns his head to look at the fox, seated down on his lap, vulpine length throbbing and dripping with arousal against his slender stomach. The sight is definitely something to behold. Elan raises his head slightly and sees his father staring, gazing at him and panting hotly. This is what he's fantasized for so long... the feeling of the arc's throbbing deep inside of him. He knows he's fulfilling one of his father's fantasies as well. Not wanting to wait any longer, the fox adjusts his planted legs, exhaling sharply and then smoothly raising up a few inches, dropping right back to the hilt. A loud moan escapes both males, the ninetales quivering and stopping for just a moment, before repeating the motion over and over, smoothly gliding himself up and down close to half the leaking appendage. Tyson is behind himself in pleasure, groaning lustily, unable to take his eyes off his riding son. He rests his hands on the fox's hips, watching the hot, slender body pump up and down his endowment, the vulpine length just above that, flicking and bouncing with each movement. It glistens with the male's constantly flowing liquid of arousal, some of it ending up on the arc's belly. He very much wants to run his big paw across it, just to listen & watch his son's reaction. But that would ruin the illusion his son has created. Elan raises his head and catches gazes with his father, breathing out hard in his intense arousal, summoning forth his mimicry again. "D-Do you love it, baby?" He stammers out.

Tyson continues to moan for his "wife," grinning widely and squeezing his paws a little on the fox's hips. "M-More than anything, lovely!" He replies.

Elan smiles widely, his body clenching around the canine length as he starts trying to ride it a little faster, his own moans getting louder from the feeling. He leans forward, planting his hands on his father's chest to keep himself upward and steady, punctuating his downward motions with a little more force, to the vocal delight of the arcanine below him. The fox turns his head down to look between them, watching his own body pump up and down the girth, quivering hard from the sight. He turns his head back upward, moaning out into the air, his father's strong hands moving upward to rub against those arms planted on his chest. He feels more leakage from the fox shoot onto his belly & chest, his own hot pre leaking endlessly into the riding form above him. He continues to watch with unflinching eyes, though he soon begins to notice & feel Elan's pace dropping. The ninetales droops his head a bit, whining out in lust, his rides staying firm but starting to drop sharply in speed. The arcanine thinks for a moment and then grins widely, his hands leaving his son's arms and drifting to his chest. "Are you getting tired, lovely? Let me help..."

Elan looks at him, but before he can answer, Tyson grabs him firmly, hilting himself into his son's body and spinning them around, planting the ninetales down on his back. Elan practically squeaks, now laying in his father's position, looking up at the big sexy arc and panting heavily in arousal. The arc sits up, grinning widely and deviously down at the fox, staring at his sexy form for a moment, noticing he still has the emerald bow tied around his head fur. He slides his big paws down the vulpine's body, purposefully avoiding touching his throbbing arousal. He eventually reaches the clothed legs, rubbing across them firmly before grasping the ankles. Elan nearly squeaks again as his ankles are gripped, his legs pulled in front of the arc and spread widely. Tyson growls lustily, sliding his length slowly out of his son, both males quivering from the feeling. He slides out until just the first inch is left inside, then quickly slams it back inside, groaning loudly as Elan screams out in pleasure. The arc pulls out again, this time much more swiftly, slamming back in again, beginning to work himself into a rhythm. The ninetales continues to yell out in carnal passion, reaching his hands back and gripping the back of the bed, his head leaning back into the pillows. "Y-YES!!" He squeals.

Tyson stares down at his son and happily soaks in all his reactions, holding his ankles firmly and driving himself in and out, as rough as he believes his son can handle it. It looks like he's handling it well as it is. His tongue hangs out a little, panting and moaning to the air, the constant flexing of his son's body making his arousal go crazy, his length leaking out constantly inside him and throbbing ever harder. He feels the many tails of the fox drift upward and splay out across his back, the arc grinning widely. "You're amazing, baby..." He comments amidst his moaning.

Elan manages to turn his head back up, resting his cheek down and staring sideways up at his father, constant whines coming out of his maw along with the moans. "D-Don't let up..." He says, as sexily as he can manage.

The arcanine growls lovingly down at him, his hands sliding downward to hook underneath the fox's knees. He then leans forward slightly, Elan's legs folding just a little bit, feet dangling in the air. The slight change in position causes the Arc's thrusts to go at a somewhat downward angle, Tyson huffing out as he drills himself at him son faster, his pace ever-increasing. He's begun to stop leaking inside of the fox, and instead his length is throbbing harder, his heavy orbs tightening up as they slap against his son's rump. The moans of both males are getting louder, Elan gripping the bed posts tighter as his own length flops against his stomach, throbbing harder as his knot is swelling at the base. Tyson closes his eyes shut, his own length engorging at the base, starting to pump in and out of his son like that. "Oh, I'm coming, baby..." He stammers out.

Elan's body quakes as he can feel the beginning of his father's knot working in and out of him, his body starting to clench hard, as if to try and get him to stop thrusting. The feeling is too much for the fox. "Ohhh, yes, love!! Do it, breed me!!" He yells out.

His body clenches down like a vice on his father as he can't hold back, his cheek pressing to the pillows harder as he starts shooting his load, his vulpine length firing thick plentiful shots all over his face, neck, & chest, his mouth wide in hard moans. His inner body, already tight, clenches down with every shot. Tyson's eyes fly open as he feels the vice-like tightness, witnessing his son climax all over himself. He hilts himself down hard, grinding as he feels his knot swell up right inside his son, his hands gripping the fox's legs tightly. A few seconds of on-and-off squeezes from the fox on his knot is all he needs, the arc's head leaning back as he groans very loud to the air, his length erupting and sending his seed deep into his son's body. His climax is indeed big, both from being pent-up and from the sheer pleasure he's felt this evening. Elan opens his eyes wide, his length's own climax firing off a few more shots onto his stomach as he feels his father's seed pump into his body, a feeling he thought he'd never experience. He continues to moan out weakly as his climax ends, riding out the canine's continuing one. After what seems like an eternity, Tyson stops climaxing, a heavy weakness immediately coming over him. He loosens his grip on his son's legs and lets them fall back onto the bed, bringing his arms down to either side of his son, panting hard above him. He stares down at the fox's incredibly messy body, a spent vulpine length laying in the midst of the mess. His vision drifts down to his own length, firmly stuck inside. Yes... This was a very sexy way to satisfy that old childhood curiosity. The arc's thoughts are soon interrupted. "Dad?" He hears weakly from Elan, who is speaking in his normal voice now.

He looks back up, meeting his son's gaze. Elan's eyes look very tired, but a look of incredible satisfaction and happiness is evident in them. Tyson can't help but smile sweetly. "Yes, son?" He says, finally breaking character, as it were.

Elan moves his arms weakly to his father's shoulders, tugging him down against him for a messy hug. "Thank you." He says, again weakly.

The arc oofs as he's pulled down, but doesn't mind, bringing his arms around his son's shoulders. "You're welcome, Elan." He replies.

The two stay quiet for a few moments, mostly because Elan is catching his breath. Eventually the ninetales grins as he breaks the silence. "I got a hell of a story to tell Calig." He remarks.

Tyson blinks a few times as the silence breaks, smirking. "I'm sure you do. But let's keep this a secret from your mother, hm? Also, next time... Let's leave her clothes in the dresser."

Elan can't help but giggle once. "Sure thing, Dad."

Tyson smiles warmly, and the two go quiet again, resting up with a deep feeling of satisfaction, from two fantasies mutually fulfilled.


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~ Scy
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