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Naki by minun


Story Notes:

This story has 5th gen Pokemon, so if you don't know what the hell, look it up on Bulbapedia or something!

Chapter 2- "Teammates"

~Chapter 2~

The early afternoon sun hung high in the cloudless cobalt sky, beaming its light and warmth down below. On a large slate-colored rock, I basked in the sun. I didn't have to worry about wild Pokemon bothering me; I could kick their butt if I wanted to now that I was bigger and stronger than over a year ago.

A few moon cycles ago, I had found out what Aaron meant when Zeke was close to evolving. It was just a normal day, and we were battling this one guy who had a Gible and a Panpour. Zeke and I were in a double battle with them, and after we finished them off a blinding pale blue glow surrounded Zeke. With various light motes quickly swirling around him, I could see his silhouette start to grow and change. After only a few seconds, his new form was revealed. He now had orange scaly skin, a slate-gray belly, and it seemed like his old yellow skin had sloughed off to form pants and a shedding that was around his neck. Not to mention the tiny red crest he had on the top of his head had grown a lot bigger.

I stared in awe at him for what seemed like hours. So this must be what the older members from my old troop were talking about when the children get “of age”! But why did they keep the actual process secret? I don't think I'll ever know.

Snapping out of my staring, I ran up to him and said, “Zeke! You got bigger!” while smiling wide at him. I had to say, he looked…very handsome.

“Heh, I guess I did!” He said in a laid-back, deep voice.

Zeke sure loved his new found power and speed after that. Despite having a slight personality change--from friendly and excitable to laid-back and a bit of a smart-ass--Zeke and I still hung out. It wasn't until Gabby had evolved into a Gothorita that I started to feel inadequate on our team. Even the newest and youngest member--a naïve Mienfoo named Karen--had a few inches on me. I noticed that once again, I was the runt of the group. Aaron had said I was as powerful as Zeke, but why have I not evolved yet? I was worried I would stay like this forever, thinking I needed to go to that special place in the jungle to evolve...and we were very far away from there! I want to be strong for Aaron, and have respect from my teammates and opponents. No one would take me seriously in battle if they were even taller and stronger than me! At least Zeke tried his best to comfort my anxiety.

It wasn't until after we healed up after a successful battle did Aaron came up to me one late afternoon. He had that usual warm smile as he kneeled down in front of me. “Naki, you have grown stronger over time, but I wanted to wait until you hit a certain milestone.” Huh? A milestone? “Well, since you learned 'Grass Knot' a week ago, I think it's time to give you this...” Aaron pulled something out of a small bag. He then held it in front of me to look at. It was a grayish-green stone, and what seemed like an imprint of a leaf in it. I felt some sort of energy flow from it. I noticed my three other teammates were on each side of Aaron to see what he was up to. “I heard this Leaf Stone would make you evolve. Touch it, if you want to.” Aaron said as he gazed into my eyes. My heart immediately thumped hard as I felt my cheeks turn hot. I’m not exactly sure what this odd feeling is. But it tends to happen when Aaron looks me in the eye, and talks with his usually warm voice. This feeling also happened after Zeke evolved.

I broke eye contact and looked back down at the stone. Evolve? It…it will make me evolve? I only had to try if it was true. I slowly brought my hand up to the stone, before stopping and looking back at my enthralled teammates. Gabby looked bored, Karen had a wide smile on and seemed jittery, and lastly Zeke looked at me with a reassuring smile. Touching the stone, I felt its energy surge right through my body. My vision was blinded by a pale green light as I felt my body elongate and my muscles get bigger. The fur grew shaggier and spikier in places. The light dimmed out and then I looked back at Aaron and my teammates in a slight daze that I suddenly snapped out of. I noticed I was felt taller as well. I looked down at my hands and saw that now they were similar to Aaron’s and I tried to move my newly acquired fingers. They felt more prehensile and less clumsy. I smiled to myself. If only mom could see me now! I bet she would be proud!

“Looks like the guy was right about the stone; you're lookin' good, Naki!” Aaron said with a chuckle as he gave me a thumbs-up. I felt another blush appear on my cheeks.

Zeke was the first teammate to respond. He walked up to me and put him arm around me. “Lookz like I can't call ya' squirt any mor'!” He grinned at me, to where I shyly smiled back in response, my already present blush deepening further.

“Oh wow! That was so cool!” Karen said as she skipped towards me. “I can't wait until I evolve!” Karen said as she hopped a bit in place.

Gabby gave a small smile and simply said, “Congrats.”

Ever since then, I never learned any more moves, but I was getting stronger in every battle. But ever since I've evolved, my embarrassing urges came back stronger, but slightly less frequent. This also tends to happen especially after some battles, I would feel “too hot” and had to excuse myself to “cool myself down with water” as I called it. That worked since we tended to camp near a lake or river. It sometimes got to the point where I couldn't just ignore it. Those times, I had to sneak off at night from the campsite to calm the urges. Whichever deity created “Vine Whip” probably had big freaks like me in mind. I would find a good tree away from the campsite to lean up against as the vines that grew from my shoulders whipped my butt until hot welts formed. Then I would calm the urges by rubbing myself, trying to keep myself from waking the nearby sleeping Pokemon with my yelps and later, moans. But rubbing soon didn't help calm these urges much and I began to stick fingers up into me, sometimes my vines would help me as well. I heard offhand that most female Pokemon go into this thing called “heat” every now and then. But that doesn't explain why I sometimes feel “hot” after some battles. I'll guess I'll never know! Afterward, I would wash myself up in the nearest lake or river and then sneak back to the campsite and go to sleep in our shared tent.

After one such outing, I quietly made my way through the brush and into the clearing. Sneaking into the tent and laying on my usual spot, I suddenly heard a groggy, quiet voice.

“Hmm, Naki, wherev’ ya’ been?” Zeke whispered to me as he squinted at me from his spot on the bedroll; his soft blanket wrapped around him.

“I had to go to the bathroom is all.” I whispered back, trying not to wake up Karen. She usually slept between Gabrielle and me. I got under the covers and turned unto my left side towards Zeke. “Why are you awake anyway?”

Through the dim light, I couldn’t really see his expression. “I jus’ couldn’t really sleep.” I saw his shoulders shrug a bit. “You sure were outside for a long while, I was a bit worried.”

“Haha, you’re so sweet.” I sarcastically whispered. “You know I can kick their ass if they come across me.”

“Well…letz’ get to sleep, ‘aight?” He gave me a reassuring smile and turned onto his back to sleep. I followed suit, but winced as I felt the welts give a slight sting as pressure was applied. As I closed my eyes, I heard the night breeze blow through the trees and the crickets chirping their song.


The next morning, all five of us were around the small campfire while eating breakfast. There were three logs that circled the campfire: Aaron had a small log for himself and the four of us Pokemon were paired off. Zeke and I were on one log, and Karen and Gabby on the other.

Karen was fond of Gabrielle, who always liked talking about gossip. If Gabby were around several trainer-owned Pokemon, she would try to get the latest gossip and any other news about the local area. Karen looked up to her as a big sister, but since Gabby wasn’t much of a physical battler, Karen sometimes came to Zeke to ask for any fighting tips. Zeke wouldn’t mind giving them to her--he actually encouraged it--and would sometimes show her the moves and play spar with her. Karen and Gabby never really paid attention to me, as I usually kept to myself around others. Zeke sure liked picking on Gabby for being a typical snobby girl.

“Ugh, I hate bell peppers in my omelet!” Gabby said as she poked her breakfast around with her fork.

Karen looked over with her mouth full of omelet. “Why?” She said, crumbs falling from her mouth and some ending up on Gabrielle. “They make the eggs really colorful!” She finished and gulped down the eggs.

“Eeew! Ew!” Gabby shrieked with disgust as she tried to brush off the small morsels of yellow egg that dotted her dark lap. “Karen! Don’t talk with your mouth full! Especially not towards me!”

Aaron looked towards Gabrielle and Karen. “Gabby’s right Karen, try not to talk with your mouth full.” This is one thing I’m jealous about Gabby; she can talk to Aaron and other humans flawlessly with her…”telepathy” I guess it’s called. Aaron understood her perfectly as well.

“Aww, I’m sorry…” Karen looked back down at her breakfast.

“What’s wrong, Gab? Don’t like a 100% chance of egg showers?” Zeke snickered at Gabrielle.

“Oh, shut up you dopey lizard!” Gabby pouted and she continued to poke at her eggs.

The rest of the morning was uneventful. While Aaron was relaxing with a book in hand, the pairs went their own ways. Zeke and I hung out under a tree, having a small chat.

“Man, I wish we could git’ some mor’ of ‘dat ice cream from ‘dat one place. ‘Dat shit wuz’ delicious!” Zeke said with gusto. I nodded in agreement.

“Well, when was the last time we were there?” I asked him.

“Hmmm, maybe two--three weeks a’go? Whateva’ I’ll git’ Gabs to ask Aaron ‘bout it.” Zeke said as he used his thumb to point behind him, towards where Gabrielle and Karen were. “So anywayz’, I wuz’ thinkin’ ‘bout tryin’ the chocolate flava’ da next time we go back ‘dere…” Zeke sure loved food, he actually liked to talk about two things: battling and food. Not that I had a problem with that, I found it more interesting than some gossip about what so-and-so Pokemon did. My gaze then started to drift from his face to the view behind him. I saw that Aaron got up and went into the tent and came back with a towel and folded clothes on top.

“Naki? Naaaaaki? Earth to Naki!” Zeke waved his hand in front of my face, breaking my gaze on Aaron and focused back on Zeke. “You sur’ spaced out! Anywayz’, ‘bout ‘dat battle yesterday wit’ the Whismicott and the Alomo--“

“Hey guys, I’m going to take a quick bath in the river” Aaron had come up to us. “I just wanted to let you know, all right? I’ll be back in 20 minutes.” With that Aaron turned away from us and walked towards where the river would be.

Zeke then continued with his talk about the battle until I felt like it was time. “Uh, Zeke, can we talk about this a bit later? I feel like walking around and looking for berries.”

“Cool, can I com--”

“No, I feel like going by myself. I…I just need some time to myself is all.” I told him. His faced melted into one of minor disappointment.

“Oh…alright…if you find any, can you bring back some Figy berries?” Zeke said with less gusto in his voice than a minute ago. I nodded but still noticed he was a little down.

“Hey, if I bring back some berries, you want to see if Aaron will make some of that jam of his?” I asked him with a small smile.

“Damn! ‘Dats an’ awesome idea!” Zeke’s smile returned.

“Zeke, whenever I need some alone time. You always look like I’m going away forever!” I mentioned with a hint of joking.

“Pfft! You kno’ ‘wat ‘dey say, two heads are betta’ ‘den none!” Zeke looked at me with a smirk.

“It’s ‘one’ you dummy!” I playfully stuck my tongue out at him. “Make sure you know the phase before saying it.” I slightly chuckled.

“Maaaan, who carez’! My point got across!” Zeke crossed his arms across his chest.

Before I left him for my alone time, we both bumped our fists together. This was something we both started doing a long time ago; it felt like a secret handshake that only we did…at least in the context we did it in. I turned to walk off into the forest, but turned my head to look back at Zeke and saw that he had already walked off towards the campfire.

I turned by head back and walked off into the forest until the campsite was invisible within the thicket of trees and brush. It was then that I turned towards the river. My real reason for coming here…well, I felt bad for lying to Zeke. I started hearing the soft sound of rushing water. Great, I was near the river! I found a good bush to hide behind and slowly parted its foliage to see the real reason why I’m out here near to the river.

Aaron was half undressed as he was putting his dirty clothes on a nearby low-lying branch. His clean ones were stacked nicely on the same branch. My heart began to pound as I saw his lightly muscular torso glistening with the light that filtered through the myriad of leaves above. How I wanted to run my hands along his chest and stomach, feeling his sinewy muscles underneath. He would also be allowed to feel my tough muscles as well, maybe my ass too if he so pleased. I was getting ahead of myself! I then saw him start to take off his shorts.

I-I shouldn’t like a human this way! From what information I heard, humans should love humans, and Pokemon to Pokemon. At least that’s what the humans themselves believed, as human to Pokemon relationships was a big taboo to them. To the Pokemon themselves, it was less of a taboo, but a Pokemon should be cautious at the very least, such a relationship can get their human in big trouble…if not already ruining their platonic relationship. I didn’t know what Aaron believed, but I had a feeling he didn’t like any of us in that certain way. But fantasies couldn’t hurt.

I noticed he hung his boxers up on the branch, letting the light breeze brush against his naked form as he stretched to warm up before going into the cool river. I had a nice view of his toned thighs and his…dick. Human ones sure are weird looking! I thought they look like a skinny flesh-colored mushroom. After the first time I saw it, any real mushroom that I've came across for a week after reminded me of his penis. It was very awkward for me.

While looking at his body, I noticed I was already lightly rubbing myself with slight moistness. Well, I certainly didn’t waste any time! I was idly rubbing that same fleshy nub that gave me so much pleasure a lot of the time in the past. This is just going to be another one of those certain times. From kneeling, I slowly sat down and spread my legs apart a little. I leaned against an old log and closed my eyes. Just another one of those days…

I hid in the bush as I saw Aaron in knee-length water, still getting used to it’s temperature. I shifted myself to get a better view, but heard the familiar twig snap. Aaron looked in my direction. I was caught, so I slowly walked out of the bush to show him that it wasn’t just a wild Pokemon.

“Oh Naki, it’s just you! You scared me you silly Simisage!” Aaron walked out of the water and knelt down in front of me. “What are you doing here?” He asked me while gazing intently into my eyes.

I then heavily blushed and looked down at the ground. “Hey, you’re probably all dirty from that battle yesterday! Let’s wash up together, and kill two birds with one stone, alright?” I looked back at him and shyly nodded. Zeke and the others rarely saw me so shy and nervous. In public, I was usually quiet, cool, and collected. Maybe I was a little too cold to strangers.

Aaron motioned me towards the river. I couldn’t swim at all, and was fearful of any water that was deeper than waist-high on me, but something about Aaron’s presence calmed me down from any water-related fears. I waded into the river until it got up to my knees, and then knelt down into the slow moving clear water. He followed and kneeled behind to me so he can be closer to the water’s surface. I still had a hot blush since I was so close to Aaron, especially since he was naked. “First, we’ll have to get fully wet” He told me. So, I followed his orders and dunked myself in the cool water and came back up a second later. He was already wet…and had some soap in hand. “You’ll be washed first…” He told me as he squirted some of the liquid soap into his hand. I could wash myself, but if he insisted…

He knelt behind me as he lathered up the soap in both of his hands and then started scrubbing the spiky green fur on my head and behind my broad ears before moving on to the messy white fluff on my shoulders. “Jeez, you’re a dirty monkey. That battle really did a number on you!” Aaron chucked as he moved unto my arms. I just stood still while my blush was still there. I gave a sharp gasp as he suddenly grabbed my nearly flat chest to lather it up. “Oh my, did I startle you?” He asked me in playful manner. His constant rubbing and kneading of my small breasts started to turn me on. It was then that he lifted one hand to cup my chin. He turned my head to the side and suddenly felt his warm lips on mine. I gave a surprised, muffled squeak. But as quick as it happened, I got into it as I turned toward him and wrapped my arms around his neck in an embrace. His hands were also feeling around my back. I felt his tongue try to pry into my mouth, having some leverage as his hand ran through the soapy green fur on the back of my head. I moaned into his mouth as his tongue kept wiggling around. Our bodies were held closely together and felt his erection rub against one of my thighs.

It wasn’t long until I was suddenly on my back on the river’s shore, and free from the soapy lather; Aaron was looming over me with his usual warm smile, but now there was an extra layer to the warmness. Legs already spread, I gave a sly smile while bringing my hand down to my already wet lower lips and spread them apart, beckoning him to be invited in. Being very careful, I used my tail to lightly brush the side of his torso, like I was beckoning him to continue. He understood well as he positioned himself at my entrance, giving a light lustful look back at me. I can already feel his body heat radiating from the anticipation, not to mention that I was also hot from the aching for what was to come. I looked down to see the action as best as I could as he lurched with a swift movement. I gave a big gasp as his dick entered my cunt. The feeling of being stuffed was amazing and it felt like the tip was near my stomach, but that was only because I was only around half his height. He slowly began to thrust in and out, and the feeling started to heat me up more and electrical feelings began to ebb throughout my body. We began to moan as he started to speed up, his dick was getting hotter and was throbbing within my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist so his penis could go deeper inside. Despite feeling stuffed, my walls started squeezing his member pretty well, if I say so myself. With half-lidded eyes, I reached up to touch his cheek lightly. He replied by bending down and deeply kissing me again, with short pauses for catching our breaths. He was getting close, I can tell, as he began thrusting faster and holding unto me. My nether regions where already pretty hot and wet, the electrified feeling within my body was nearing it’s own peak as well.

“Haaah, Naki, I’m about to come.” Aaron said through his panting. Why did he have to say that? We should know that I couldn’t have eggs with him anyway. Maybe it’s something that is usually said during mating, who knows! Through my panting, I gave a small chuckle and gave him a thumbs-up. With a few more thrusts, I hit my own peak. The feeling of pleasure surged from my crotch to the ends of my body, and again. I gave a loud gasp as I quivered and arched my back from the heavy pleasure brought upon me by Aaron. I had grabbed onto Aaron’s arms and have them a squeeze, feeling his muscles as they worked. As the waves of pleasure began to subside, I flopped on the ground and panted hard. I opened my eyes, and saw the foliage above with its thin morning sunbeams falling towards me. Aaron was no longer there with me.

Damn, what a good fantasy. I felt like I spent too much on the set-up, though. After a minute, I slipped my fingers out of myself and sat up to look back at the place where Aaron really was, and noticed that no one was at the river anymore. Crap! I had to quickly get back to the camp. I ran to the river to wash myself off in haste and then started making my way back to camp. On my way there, I managed to grab a few random berries to make my lie believable. Entering the camp, I found Zeke resting against one of the big sitting logs that circled the campfire, arms behind his head and eyes closed. Aaron was halfway in his tent, probably putting something up. I walked over to where Zeke was, but not before I locked eyes with Gabrielle. She seemed a bit disgusted at me, and then she quickly turned her head away. What was that for? I then stopped in front of Zeke and after a few short seconds, cleared my throat.

“Karen, go away, I’m restin’.” Zeke said, without opening his eyes. I took a berry and threw it onto his lap. Startled, his eyes snapped open, “What ‘da hel--oh, hey Naki!” He sheepishly said before moving his focus to the fruit I held. “No Figys?” He asked.

“Nope.” I sat down next to him. “I guess they don’t grow around here.” I told him before I rested up against the log, still holding unto the berries. I noticed Zeke was looking at me.

“Why is ya’ fur wet?”

“Oh…I just stopped by the river to get a drink but I slipped and fell…is all. Jeez, what else did you think happened, you dummy?” I frowned at him.

“Oh, alright…” He said as he shrugged his shoulders. Looks like my lie got through, what a relief! I put the fruit between us and offered him a berry, which he took. We sat and ate some berries and watched the boring camp scene go by.


The next day was routine. We got up, ate breakfast, and hung out at the camp until Aaron wanted to walk around to find trainers to battle before lunch. Zeke was with Karen and showing her some moves to practice on. I was sitting on a big rock on the campsite, thinking about stuff to do that day. I then heard someone come up from behind me and gave off a small feminine cough. It was Gabby. Without turning around, I coldly asked, “What do you want, Gab?”

“You know exactly what.” She replied with equal coldness.

Sighing deeply, I turned around to face her and stared into her eyes. “First, tell me what you know” I said apathetically. I actually didn’t know what she wanted to talk about, but it seemed like something important.

“I find it odd that you tend to leave for ‘berry searching’ at around the same time Aaron goes off to bathe.” Gabby smirked as her hands went to rest on her hips. “Not to mention the icky, lewd thoughts about him you give off when you come back from your ‘berry searching’.”

Becoming enraged, I jumped up from sitting on my rock and got face-to-face with her. “You…little nosy bitch! Why the fuck are you reading into my mind?” I scowled at her, bearing my teeth and balling up my fists in front of me. She winced back in fear as I suddenly switched from apathy to such anger in such a short time. Even after all this time since Aaron caught me, my anger problem never really solved itself. It was bad enough I had tattle-tales back when I was little, but Gabby really crossed the line with me. Knowing someone like her knew such private stuff…it was like she was Cheri in another body.

Trying to compose herself, Gabby replied, “I-I…didn’t do that on purpose! I can sense feelings without really trying!”

“That’s such bullshit! Why the hell are you getting into my personal feelings!?” Within the second, I was slammed against the rock and gave a yelp of pain. I looked up and saw a small colorful aura shine from her eyes: She had used Telekinesis.

“You might’ve scared me at first, but you forgot one thing: I can actually talk to Aaron.” Gabrielle said, her smirk getting bigger. “I can tell him what’s going on. He’s probably not going to like it, especially with all the nasty stuff the wafts from your mind.”

It took a few seconds to think about it, but then it hit me. My scowl turned into one of a smirk that mirrored Gabby’s own. “So, why are you asking me about my deepest fantasies? It’s like you’re…interested in them or something.”

Gabby was taken aback, before disgust showed on her face…with what looked like a small blush. “O-of course not! Why would I think such things about the human that takes care of us? Aaron should be respected, and not desecrated by such lewd fantasies!”

“So, what are you then? Jealous?” I crossed my arms as I saw her get more aggravated.

“Whoa whoa whoa, wats’ goin’ on here?!” Zeke yelled as he ran up and got in between us. Karen was lagging behind him.

Gabby shot him a glare, “It’s none of your business!” She gave a scoff and walked off. What a little hypocrite, digging around into my mind but when asked about her own personal affairs, she shrugs it off. Karen confusedly looked at us and then to Gabrielle.

“I-I better see if she’s alright…” She meekly said before she ran over to catch up with Gabby.

Zeke looked back at me with concern, “Wat’ tha’ hell was ‘dat all about?”

“Just…stupid girl drama. I don’t want to talk about it.” I said with a sigh.


By the next day, after some morning battles, we packed up and traveled most of the day to a small town and set up camp there. I was glad, because that area we were in was getting pretty stale. Aaron brought us to the small farmer’s market the next morning so he can pick up some food to cook for the next two or three days. Because we could easily wonder off in a busy place like this, Aaron had gotten some pale red fabric to tie onto us. I guess this is so Karen or Zeke won’t blend in if there’s multiple Meinfoo or Scrafty around.

I only saw maybe two or three other Simisage on our travels, but they seemed pretty self-centered and arrogant for males. I could only assume from a distance since I’m not the one to go up and try to make friends; I didn’t really have the self-confidence like Zeke has. He easily makes friends.

We each tied the fabric in different ways. I loosely wrapped it around my neck and tied it in a knot. Zeke wore his on his upper arm, Gabby used hers as a bow, and Karen wrapped her fabric strip around her head.

“Hee-yah! I’m now a karate master!” Karen yelled as she struck a few poses. “With this magical head scarf, I shall overcome all obstacles!”

Gabrielle looked towards me and did her familiar smirk. “Wow, Naki, that red totally clashes with the green and yellow fur of yours.”

“Shut up…” I lowly mumbled.

“Hey, I think ‘da red is nice on her!” Zeke said. “’Da red would make anyone look up at her pretty face.” As he said that, I felt my heart thump. No one called me pretty before! I always thought I was sort of homely. I couldn’t help but give a slight blush and turned away to hide it with my hands. “Hey, Naki, ar’ ‘ya alright?” Zeke said with concern as he placed his hand on my shoulder. I turned back to face him and the others with a straight face, still feeling a slight blush.

“Yeah, I am!” I answered with an odd higher pitch.

“Oooh, is that a blush?” Karen mentioned in a singsong way, which made me blush even harder. “Your blush makes the red scarf less clashy!” She giggled. I looked downward in embarrassment.

“Heh, goin’ by mah’ own logic, if anyone looks at Gabs, ‘dey will focus right ova’ her head and miss her!” Zeke snickered while Gabrielle just gave a disgusted scoff.

“Heeeey, that means people will miss me!” Karen whined while tugging at one of the ends of her scarf.

“Nah, ‘dey will never miss ‘ya, Karen. You wouldn’t let ‘em!” Zeke said as he consoled her.

“Really?” Karen asked and Zeke gave her a nod. Karen responded with a toothy grin and spun around on her foot.

After gathering up some food and other goods, Aaron and our group made it back to our camp that was near the town itself. After putting the new stuff up, we settled down to chill out before Aaron would take us on a walk to look for potential battles.

“Hey, I heard from some Blitzle from ‘da market ‘dat therez’ some Figy berries ‘round here. Wanna come wit’ me?” Zeke asked me.

I gave a small nod, “Sure. I should make it up to you for…well, not finding any at the old campsite.”

Zeke shrugged, “Well, if ‘dere weren’t any, ‘den ‘dere weren’t any.”

After gesturing to Aaron of what we were going to do, with some help from a reluctant Gabby, we set off into the forest. “Don’t stray off too far, or else you’ll get lost! Stay near here.” Aaron had told us. After some walking around for a short while, we stopped by a shady tree to sit against.

“Ugh, maybe the Figys are deeper into the forest!” I said with mild annoyance. Zeke slightly nodded.

“Hey Naki…so how was the river at the old campsite?” Zeke asked. Why was he asking me about the river?

“It was just a normal boring riv--“ I suddenly stopped. Did he know?

“Just a normal borin’ riva’, huh?” He slyly asked. “’Da beautiful borin’ treez’, ‘da smooth stonez’, a naked Aaron in ‘da riva’...”

“Sh-shut up, you idiot!” I embarrassingly said with a hint of anger. The blush started to come back with a vengeance. I looked back towards the ground. “Did Gabby tell you this?” I quietly said.

“Gabby? No…she hasn’t told me anything.” Zeke looked at me. “I just put two ‘n two together. I noticed ya’ usually went lookin’ fo’ berries at around ‘da same time as Aaron went off t’ wash. Not to mention ya’ sneak off at night sometimes, and fo’ a long while.” Was I that suspicious? I guess I didn’t think that plan through as well as I thought I did.

I then turned to look at him, weariness in my eyes. “I know already, I shouldn’t be thinking that kind of dirty stuff about Aaron anyway.” Zeke kept eye contact with me as I continued. “It’s…it’s not right. Gabby already bitched to me about this. So I should just stop.”

“So, ya’ actually had sexual fantasies ‘bout him?” Right as I heard Zeke say that, I froze up. “I was thinkin’ ya’ went off t’ see what was under ‘dose clothes of his, like in a childish curiosity…but then I began to think otherwise.” He was right, somewhat. The first few times were just like that: a childish curiosity. It wasn’t until after a few times that it started getting more adult oriented.

Zeke then slapped his hand unto my shoulder, to which I looked back at him with a startle. “Whoa, calm down! I’m not here to bitch at ya’ fo’ doin’ somethin’ you can’t really help.” Some of my tenseness started to dissipate. “I actually think it’s sorta’ neat!”

I looked back at him with wide eyes. “Wh-what?” I said with a bit of shock.

“Heh, the things I hear from other Pokemon. Some of them love their trainers that way, but this is mostly gossip. But to be honest, I like kinky girls like that!” Zeke gave a cheeky grin.

Still in a bit of shock and confusion, I stammered, “Uh, th-thanks?”

It was his turn to look towards the ground. “You know, since we're at...'dat point 'n our lives...with 'dose urges, I...wouldn't mind if ya'...wanna use me to calm them...and vice versa.” He said the last few words in a quick succession. I was still in a state of shock with his added words. He...he wanted to do that stuff with me? I felt a warm thump in my heart. We are close friends after all...and I don't think I would ever meet anyone else if I were such a wallflower. Maybe we'll become closer...even if doing such things isn't going to be related to love, but getting rid of urges.

I looked back at him. “Zeke...I...I'll have to think about it.” I then stood up and turned towards him. “Let's go back, Aaron said he wanted to do some battles soon.” Zeke looked back at me and nodded. He got up on his feet and we both made our way to the campsite.


That whole day I couldn't stop thinking what Zeke said. I felt a bit special and close that he wanted to do that stuff with me. But was I really ready for something like that? Sure I had the confidence...but only in my fantasies. I wondered if he went off to “release some stress” as well. What was he like in his fantasies? Who did he think of? Maybe a feminine Pokemon like Gothitelle or Lopunny? The former worried me; what if Zeke had a thing for Gabby? I didn't want to dwell on it if I could! Although...after that fight I had with her, I noticed she was actually hanging around Aaron more. I wonder if she also liked Aaron in that way, since she seemed jealous about my fantasies regarding Aaron. I'll have to do some...tests to see if I'm right.

During one of my battles against someone's Maractus, I used attacks in a more flashy way, so I can impress Aaron.

It also couldn't be helped that I got turned on a bit by the expectation of pain from the rattling cactus' thorns. A little while ago, I finally put together of when and how I get turned on in pain-related stuff. The expectation has to be there or else nothing really happens. For example, Gabby threw me against a rock, but I didn't get turned on. Her throwing me against a rock was unexpected. Most physical attacks, like fire-based and water-based ones, don't really do anything titillating as far as pain is concerned.

After I finished off that Maractus, I turned to face Aaron. He had a big smile and was clapping. “Nice job, Naki!” He told me. Gabby, standing near him, had a bit of a scowl. Finishing off my “Gabby-jealousy” test, I ran up to Aaron and hugged him close. Aaron was taken aback but kneeled down to return the hug. “Well, well, what's with this hug, you silly Simisage?” Aaron chucked while lightly rubbing my back. It's rare that I hugged anyone. I turned my head to face Gabrielle and gave a smirk, her scowl turning harder. I broke out of the hug and turned back towards the opposing red-haired trainer, Jed, who recalled the fainted Maractus and stood ready with another Pokeball in hand.

With a flick of his wrist, he sent out a Sawk. “Alright, Aaron, get ready for Bert here!” Jed yelled across to Aaron. Just as he heard his name, the Sawk rolled his eyes and gave a heavy sigh. I hate to be stuck with a crappy name like that. I silently thanked Zeke for pulling out Aaron's Pokedex that day a long time ago.

“A fighting-type, eh? Gabby, it's your turn.” Aaron said as Gabby walked to the field, but not before giving me a small telekinetic shove as she passed by me. Aaron hadn't noticed, but her actions had confirmed my test for jealousy. Zeke and Karen saw the shove and ran over to me to make sure I was fine. I silently shrugged it off.

“Oh, you got to be kidding me!” The Sawk, Bert, said with annoyance as he looked at Gabrielle. “Sorry little girl, but I won't go easy on you, so you might have to fix more than a messed up bow after this!”

Gabby just gave him a smirk, “Oh really...Bert.” The Sawk gave a slight cringe when his name was said.

The battle was finished easily--not a tussled-up bow on Gabrielle, and Bert was left on the ground as a crumpled mess--and the five of us went off to town heal up and grab a bite to eat. I mused a bit about what Zeke said earlier. Maybe it wouldn't be bad to do stuff with him. Well, not going all the way so soon, I hope.

It was then that I decided to do something with him that night. After we got back from the town, we then settled down before going to bed. Aaron started up the campfire and sat down on the log to get the s'mores ready while Gabrielle and Karen were sitting nearby, chatting away about today's adventures. That left me alone with Zeke who was standing around and looking at the darkening sky, facing away from me.

“Hey Zeke,” I said as I walked up to him and got his attention by gently tugging at his hood. He turned around and looked at me. “I want to talk to you...over there” I said pointing to the edge of the clearing. We should be out of earshot of Gabby and Karen at least.

“Sur'” He replied and we walked to the spot.

With some fidgeting and some nervous glances, I finally got the courage. “I...I think I'm ready.” I said in a low voice. He looked at me and nodded, giving me a small smile. “B-but not right now, maybe when everyone's asleep.”

“So...” Zeke softly said has he put his hand tenderly on my shoulder. “What would ya' want t' do first?”

“M-maybe something...l-light?” I asked him, my cheeks turning hot.

“Hmm…” Zeke put his hand on his chin, and thought. “Somethin' light would be manual o’ oral stuff. I neva' really tried da' latta' myself.” He shrugged as he said that.

I twiddled my thumbs and tried to avoid eye contact with him. “Y-yeah. Th-that’ll be fine!”

Zeke grinned as he placed his hand on my shoulder. “An oua’ afta’ everyone’s asleep, I’ll give ya’ a small nudge. ‘Den we can find a nice spot outside ‘da site.”

I looked back at him and nodded shyly. “Hey you two! S’mores are ready!” Aaron shouted over and gestured to us to the campfire. While sitting down in front of the small, warm blaze, my stomach was having butterflies fluttering around in it. I can do this. It’s just a harmless penis. But what if I do something wrong and embarrass myself in front of Zeke? While the other four ate two or three s’mores each, I slowly nibbled on my first. After finishing off the s'mores, we sat around for a while longer before we headed off for the cozy tent as Aaron put out the campfire.

Under the cozy blanket and my head resting a soft pillow, I tried to doze off as I laid on my side, facing Karen on my right. The butterflies in my stomach never really settled down at all. I focused on the available nighttime sounds, from Aaron's soft snore to the crickets chirping outside. I was half asleep when I felt a soft nudge on my back. I instantly snapped out of my doze. “Hey, Naki...are ya' awake?” Zeke whispered to me.

“Y-yeah, I am.” I whispered back. We both got up quietly and left the tent. Outside, it was nearly a full moon, so a dim light shone down on the campsite. Zeke turned around to face me, and whispered again, “Let's find a place outta' da' way...” I nodded in response and followed behind him as we left the clearing.

“Do you think doing this at night is a good idea?” I asked him in a louder whisper. “What if we come across a big angry Pokemon?” Why do I feel like chickening out at the thought of danger? This isn't like me...

“We'll kick der' ass, ya' should know 'dis.” Zeke answered.

We finally found a small clearing surrounded by bushes that were dimly lighted up by the moon. Also around the edges, were some peculiar glowing mushrooms that gave the area slightly more light. I noticed a few of them on my nightly rounds alone, but not in a bunch around the clearing.

“Looks like we won't have a problem with darkness.” Zeke chuckled as he mentioned the mushrooms. “You'll see my awesome dick in their soft glow.” He said as he patted my shoulder. I nervously chuckled. We sat down next to each other near a tree on the edge of the clearing, the green and blue light from some mushrooms shining on us. Zeke gave a deep breath, and with the dim moonlight I could see he was pretty nervous as well. “Alright...are ya' ready?” He nervously smiled at me.

“S-sure!” I answered back, feeling my cheeks warm up.

“Now to ya' should know, mah' penis is...not like Aaron's o'course.” As to demonstrate, he sat up and pulled down his pants halfway, showing his hips and upper thighs. But oddly enough, he had no penis hanging between his legs. It was hard to see, but it looked like a slit. Is he actually a...? As if reading my mind, Zeke stuttered out, “'Dat's not a pussy...mah' penis comes outta' there!” I looked at it quizzically and then looked back at his face. He sat back down against the trunk, his pants still half-way down his legs. “I'll show you how it works.” He said as he gave a nervous chuckle. “I have to think of something arousing and then we can go from there!” Leaning back against the tree, he closed his eyes and breathed deeply. I took turns looking at his face to where his right hand was at his crotch. After less than a minute, I could see a dark-pink slimy penis appear and he wrapped his hand around it. I felt my cheeks burning at this sight. Opening his eyes and looking back at me, he said, “Tah-dah!”

“'s certainly different!” I stuttered.

“Ya' can touch it, if ya' want...” Zeke said as he unwrapped his fingers around it. It still stood erect without him holding it. I nodded and slowly reached for it until I wrapped my left hand around the shaft. There was a considerable warmness coming from it and had a slimy texture to it. I could also feel a slight pulsating from it. Still with my fingers wrapped around his member, I used my thumb to slowly feel around on the tip. Since it was dim, it was hard to tell but it felt like he had a bit of a head like Aaron’s, but it was flatter against the shaft and more tapered in shape. He also had a few small bumps going down the bottom of his shaft, which felt interesting against the palm of my hand. I could hear him start to breathe a bit harder from my slight thumb rubbing.

“Sheesh, you already getting worked up?” I slyly said with the best of a smirk as I could in the dim light. Then I moved my hand down his shaft to the base and brought it up again, only for him to give a low groan. My blush was still there as well but the butterflies seemed to ease up on their party in my stomach. In silence, I continued my stroking, feeling his bumps run along my palms and his dick get stiffer with each passing minute. I looked back at his face and saw his head was tilted back a bit, and his eyes were shut. After a short while, it looked like a small amount of liquid has came out of his tip. I hope he wasn’t cumming already.

“Uh…Zeke, i-is that cum?” I hesitantly asked Zeke.

Giving a small moan of pleasure, Zeke replied, “Ju-just keep goin’.” His eyes not opening as his breathing got heavier.

My left arm started to get tired from this small work out but I couldn’t just stop. Zeke probably would be disappointed that I quit so early. So I figured what I had to do next. I moved in front of Zeke, still holding onto his member, and leaned down to lick his tip. He gave a sharp gasp and sat up a bit, but leaned back against the tree as to signal for me to continue. The slimy texture of his penis sure was more interesting with my own slimy tongue than on my hand. I could also taste a bit of the liquid that leaked out; it had not much taste. With a few more licks, Zeke started to squirm a bit and put his hand on the back of my head. Moving on from just his head, I started licking down his shaft and coming up to swirl my tongue around his tip, licking up any juice that seeped from it. I won’t lie, but I started getting turned on as well, feeling my own crotch start to warm with the familiar moistness. I had also closed my eyes and my fantasies started to run as well.

“J-jeez, Naki, y-you’re a p-pro at ‘dis.” Zeke stuttered through his moaning. I could hear him breathing hard. Going further, I enveloped my mouth onto his tip and swirled my tongue around it with some small sucks, still licking the juices the seeped out. I then started to envelop the shaft even more, running my tongue against the bumps that lined the bottom of his penis. Zeke gave a quick gasp as I started running my tongue along his length, licking at various speeds. My head started to bob as I continued my mouth treatment. It wasn’t until I started hearing Zeke chuckle lightly in between his moans. I opened my eyes to look at his face, taking his dick out of my mouth. His eyes were still closed, but his had a smile plastered on his face.

“What’s so funny?” I asked him as I cocked my eyebrow.

He tilted his head forward and opened his eyes to look back at me. “’Dat…bush thing on ya’ head kept ticklin’ me on mah chest.” He chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and shifted myself to where I was at an angle in front of him. “Better?” I curtly asked him. As a reply, he pushed down my head towards his dick again. I guess that’s a “yes”. I resumed licking his member, now slimier with a mix of his juices and my own saliva. I went on to where I left off, using some suction and my tongue to try to bring him to his peak. I could feel he was very near as his penis was pretty hot and stiff. His moans being more frequent and was pushing down on my head harder. I had got pretty far down his shaft, to where my nose could almost brush against his belly above his dick. I tried not to gag as I felt his tip hit the back of my throat at times. The bumps on his moist shaft ran over my tongue in titillating way.

“N-Naki…I’m…getting there!” Zeke panted out a reply. Right after he said that, he slightly bucked his hips as I suddenly felt a hot, thicker liquid pour into my mouth. Not wanting to make a mess, I tried not to let it spill out of my mouth. I slowed down my pace down his shaft until he depleted himself of this gooey, slightly salty cum. When he was done, I slowly took my mouth off his penis and sat up, my cheeks slightly puffed out. Not knowing what to do, I turned to the side to spit his cum out onto the ground.

“Awww…ya’ spat…it out.” I heard Zeke say with a slower panting.

I turned to him and replied in a low voice, “Eh…I wasn’t sure what to do with it.” I gave a good look at his face. His eyes were now half-lidded, the glow from the mushrooms in his eyes, and his mouth was slightly open, gasping for breath after what I’ve done to him. I crawled over to him and sat on his left side against the tree.

“That…was very good…Naki.” He finally said after a minute of silence from both of us. I still could faintly taste his cum in my mouth. That was certainly an experience…and I wouldn’t mind trying it again. Zeke slowly turned to me. “To make this fair, do you want me to…lick you down there.” He said has he shyly looked down at the ground between us as he said the last part. To be honest, this was enough for me tonight and I was still too shy to have someone look at my privates so close and then do stuff like that with me.

“Zeke…” I said with a calm voice and he looked back up at me, “I think tonight will be enough for now…and I’m getting tired. But…I wouldn’t mind doing more of this.” I gave him a small smile and held up my fist to do that secret handshake. Zeke seemed to agree as he slightly bumped his fist against mine.

“It’s a deal!” He said as he gave a smirk.

Both of us got up--Zeke pulled up his pants of cours--and walked out of the small clearing where we stayed and went back towards the campsite, still being quiet as not to rouse anyone or anything that might be sleeping nearby.

After that simple sensual experience, it felt like not a door--but a floodgate--had opened with what was to come.

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