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Teach Me Flan-san! by penguinmayhem


Story Notes:

Disclaimer: Flannery, Charizard and wherever the heck this is set are the property of Nintendo. The original characters are worthless throwaways. I am in no way associated with Nintendo. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 1

"Nonono, leave the camera on. Leave it. We're not done yet..."

Arcanine disappeared in a streak of red light as the young trainer scraped the last few scraps of spilt fluid off of the redhead's throat and chest.

"Are you sure, Miss Flan? Shouldn't we take a break or something first?"

The redheaded woman let out a hearty laugh, which caused her impressive bosom to quiver in a most eye-catching manner, and shook her head.

"Jessica, stop worrying about everything and just do your job, there's a good girl. Emily," she snapped at the young blonde, now mopping the last of Arcanine's considerable mess off the floor and into a convenient bucket. The youngster froze, looking almost guiltily up at her gym leader. "Go get my Hotrod."

"Miss Flan, you're not seriously going to...but...I mean, but you just finished...after all that?"


"Shut up and do your job, Jessica. Sorry."

Flannery rolled her eyes while the blonde trainer busied herself exchanging her bucket of canine spunk for a Pokéball.

"Do we have to have another discussion about Houndoom again, girls?"

"No, Miss Flan," came the abrupt reply from both youngsters, and that seemed to appease Flannery at least for the moment.

Another burst of light, and this time a Charizard coalesced from the brightness, towering and magnificent, its ruby hide sparkling in the sharp lighting. The beast reared itself up to its full height and stretched out its wings majestically, as if posing for the camera. The camera, in turn, took the time for a slow, dramatic panning shot of the grand creature. By now, the operator was somewhat used to the habits of her regular subjects.

"Hotrod!" Flannery's voice was more like a barking Growlithe than the sweet voice of a beautiful woman. The harsh, sudden tones commanded respect and obedience, even from this massive Pokémon. Sure enough, the Charizard tucked its wings away with just a little reluctance and settled himself into a comfortable half-sitting squat on the canvas-covered floor.

With a long-practiced smoothness of motion, Flannery mounted the enormous creature's lap so that her back was pressed up against the Charizard's yellowish gold underbelly, her front bared naked to the camera. When it lowered its head to nose at her shoulder, she rubbed at the beast's snout with one hand and looked him in the eye.

"Now be a good stud and it'll all be worth, okay big guy?" With her free hand, the redhead smoothly palmed a prodigious swell of rounded flesh between the beast's thighs. "Give me any shit and I'll break your balls."

Charizard snorted out a hot breath at her, as if in disinterest, but made no motion as to disobey. She patted its head in reward, smiling.

"Now then, girls," the redhead continued in her usual 'stage voice', giving her best fuck-your-brains-out smile into the camera. "First of all, I hope you all enjoyed the rest of the movie. Arceus knows, I sure did." Flannery laughed into the camera and, with a saucy little wiggle of her hips, glanced downward. After a second, the camera followed her gaze.

"Well now. I hope you all can guess what we'll be dealing with this time."

The image zoomed in on Charizard's spectacularly bright crimson cock for just a little longer than necessary, getting more than a strictly satisfactory look at the looming piece of male meat. After a few moments of silence, Flannery had to get her operator back on track by stroking a hand along the eye-catching length of Pokédick. At least the close up would also serve as a nice scaling shot, with the redheaded gym leader's slender fingers measuring up against the jaw-dropping size of her beastly lover's penis.

"It may come as a surprise to some of you," she went on with just a bit of a mocking lilt. "We actually get quite a lot of this. Young trainers keep on mailing in with 'Dear Flannery, how do I have sex with my Charizard?' Well, it's about time...we're finally going to answer this question once and for all. Hope y'all enjoy the ride, if you know what I mean."

By now, the camera was fixed onto a wide-angle shot of Flannery seated in the lap of the massive lizard, talking into the camera with a natural ease that came from so many hours of just such naked monologing. Her hips had finally settled down into a comfortable seat on the Charizard's loins, sitting astride the base of his formidable tool, giving the camera the perfect view of that stupendous red spike of meat rising up almost all the way to her breasts. Her fingers worked along it almost subconsciously, with a well practiced expertise teasing out many a jet of the slippery hot transparency that was the beast's pre-ejaculate, splashing onto the bronzed skin of her taught abdomen.

"Simple answer, shouldn't. I hate to disappoint all you dragon-lovers out there, especially all our budding young Pokélovers, but Charizard isn't exactly the most sensible choice. For the vast majority of you, this big boy's going to be well out of your league," Flannery explained, and patted her mount on his crimson cheek as if to soothe him when he gave a perturbed rumble for the camera.

Turning again to the camera, Flannery took hold of however much she could grasp of that stout red prick in each of her hands, wrapping it delicately with her fingers, and began to pump both hands slowly along the Charizard's beastly length.

"Right now, I'm going to be showing all you horny girls at home why this big bad boy is NOT your first choice for a nice piece of hot meat. First off, Charizard is naturally a temperamental species, and unless you're tough with him, the average male isn't going to listen to a word you say to begin with. On top of which, this is one fire type that tends to get pretty heated up when the mood's right, so if you don't have absolute respect and obedience out of him and you go getting this big fella horny, he'll put you in the recovery room."

"But, fortunately for all of you watching this video, Flanny's just an insatiable size queen..." The redhead mugged into the camera, letting authentic smug pride replace her stage-smile. "So instead of injuring yourselves, you get to watch me get wrecked by this big softy here. Hope you're ready for it."

Flannery mounted the massive member with a single smooth flex of lovingly toned thighs, and was promptly squatting over the pointed crimson tip of Charizard's overgrown length with her supple pinkish cunt suckling at the very peak of the beast's cock. Before continuing any further, the redhead readjusted herself one last time, found a proper support for both hands against the much larger creature's thighs and braced against Charizard's bulk.

"Now," she resumed her narrative with an ever so slight breathlessness in her voice. "On average, Charizard's dick isn't much different from its previous evolutions. Very similar shape and size, proportionally that is. So anyone who's familiar with Charmeleon or Charmander, you'll already know just how to get that delicious peak in and..."

As she spoke, she shifted her weight gradually from her arms to her hips, letting her pelvis sink downward just a touch until the slippery hot folds of her cunt were splayed to a truly lewd degree on the rapidly tapered end of Charizard's mammoth erection. And then, quite suddenly, the stretching was over and the first few centimetres of that too-hot-to-touch draconic Pokécock slipped between Flannery's labia with a squelch. "Angh!" squeaked the redhead, and held herself in place briefly to adjust to the sheer girth.

"Size for size, your average Charizard is a good three times thicker," she spoke to the camera yet again. "If you're going to be going after this kind of action, you have to put a whole lot of time and care into stretching that pussy out first. Personally, I'd recommend you go try out a Ponyta, because those babies have just the best size and shaped dick for practicing both width and depth stretching without being too much of a strain for beginners, and they're much more docile, agreeable animals than a big nasty Charizard or an over-eager Arcanine."

Again, the fiery haired gym leader let her weight settle onto the unwieldy scarlet seat between her quivering thighs, and a hot ripple of fluid oozed from the frothing mess of her sex down Charizard's brutish member. A gasp escaped her.

"Ah...but...just assuming you do feel a little crazy, and you think you can take on some big fire-dragon dick, let this be a warning to you." Flannery's toes curled and her abdomen tensed as the rippling flesh of her tunnel finally broached the full girth of her bestial lover's prick. "Right about now, you'll be tearing all the muscles in your pussy trying to stretch to take that giganto-cock. If you don't train properly, you could cause permanent damage toAHHHN," the redhead gasped out, and bit down on her lower lip as one more centimetre of the scalding red meat slipped past her folds.

As more of the searing crimson flesh disappeared between her thighs, Flannery began to settle herself more heavily into the creature's lap, and her loins descended smoothly and swiftly toward the base of Charizard's stupendous erection. There was silence for a short while, but for the heavy rushing of the beast's hot breath and the deep, laboured and occasionally hitched breathing from Flannery herself as she worked herself down the monstrous cock. Near the halfway point, at the very zenith of the Pokémon's penile girth, her progress slowed to a halt and her ribcage rose sharply, breasts prominent and jiggling with a deep, harsh influx of breath.

"If you...manage to get...this far down," the redhead continued, her speech by now quite unsteady and forced compared to her earlier unscripted lecturing. "Ah...about'll be...nnnfbreaking your cervix, FUCK!"

With a jolt and an offensive sound of compressed fluid, several more centimetres of Charizard's mighty prick vanished into the stretched-to-bursting mouth of Flannery's sopping vaginal passage. The redhead sucked in a hard breath through grinding teeth, only to let it all out in a throaty 'ooooohfffuuuuuck' as her body continued to descend the length of that carnal meat.

"And we've still got about a third of the way to go," Flannery giggled, her voice breathless and fluttering. Sweat glistened down her face, flushed all the way from forehead to nipples, and ran in silvery rivulets down the sleekly toned muscles of her belly. The redhead put a shaking hand on her abdomen, holding her fingers horizontally across her stomach just above her navel. "Lucky for me I'm a big girl, or even I couldn't take this fucker. Don't try this at home."

Sucking in another deep breath, Flannery sat.

"Ohfuck fuck fuckshitfuckthat'sbiiiiggghh..."

She stopped with her cunt just barely a few fingerwidths from the very root of the massive Pokécock, almost but not quite totally impaled on the gargantuan length. Heavy, flustered breathing turned to staccato panting and grunting, and Flannery rode out what might have been one or two or half a dozen orgasms all at once, her packed full pussy forcing wave after wave of fluid out around the base of Charizard's enormous prick. By the time she finished, the beast's loins were utterly soaked, the dragon's testes glistening with his trainer's cum, and his thighs splattered with the backwash while a puddle formed on the floor between his legs. For his part, the beast seemed not to be too put out by it all.

It took Flannery several minutes to calm herself down enough to pat Charizard on the snout again, with a weak and trembling hand. Her body limp against the creature's much larger frame, she couldn't have pulled herself off her gutful of Poké prickmeat had she even wanted to.

"So...if you're really...really hungry for some nice hot fire-meat in your pussy...get a Typhlosion instead."

"Aaaand cut."

"No, Mi-Miss Flan...cut doesn't mean pass out."

I may do more of this kind of thing with Flannery 'demonstrating' various Pokémon, but that depends on my ability to actually write it. And demand, of course.Anyway, enjoy!
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