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Lunamew and the Treasure of Caerbannog by iameliphas


Story Notes:

My first (released) Lunamew story. Also my first submission to AGNPH. A lot of firsts, so go easy on me please.The idea for this curiosity was born in a rather curious talk with lunamew (Author). While I will spare you the details, suffice it to say that talk about fish slapping lead to a conversation about the Killer Rabbit from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", which lead to the fic you see before you.PS: An INCREDIBLY big thanks goes out to Darkjester for proofreading this. Mere words cannot express just how much I appreciate all the time and effort you spent correcting my (unfortunately very many) mistakes, my friend. Seriously, if you've not seen his stories, GO DO SO NOW.PS: I can't believe I forgot, but you can also view this story on Google Docs if you prefer to read it there. Personally I think its a lot cleaner and easier to read that way (certainly a lot easier to group-write and proofread.)

Treasure of Caerbannog

DISCLAIMER: All characters and properties are copyright their respective owners. All writing and original characters are copyright 2010 IAMELIPHAS. The author is in no way associated or affiliated with any third-party. This original fiction was created with no intention of any copyright infringement against any third-party, and is purely for fan enjoyment.

"No... please don't... eat mee..."

Lunamew had found herself in yet another dangerous situation in her life. This time, it was deep within a cave, surrounded by the bones of other unfortunates who'd been foolish enough to come to this place. Between her and freedom was a rather heavy chain, one end of which was attached to a part of the cave wall, the other to a single iron cuff around the mew's neck. But that wasn't the scary part. That would be her captor, and what she feared he would soon do to her. The mew quaked and shivered as she huddled against the wall; her body crumpled into a pathetic, terrified ball of fluff.

Luna felt those hands, those small, fluffy hands feel her up, stroking and molesting the terrified mew. At any other time she would make some vain effort to escape, or at the very least give a loud shout or even a tiny whine of protest, but not this time. This time, she remained rather quiet as her captor's bushy mitts combed through her fur. She was scared... scared to death of what the creature behind her who's hands they belonged to may very well do if she showed even the lightest bit of protest or resistance to his touch. She might very well die yet at the hands of her captor... this cream colored buneary.

Yes, a buneary. A small, seemingly unassuming, all white, and rather cute buneary. This was the creature that had managed to put so much fear into the little mew. One might believe that a little buneary would not trouble a strong pokemon like Lunamew in the slightest bit. After all, it's just a little bunny... Oh how naive she had been!

But that's what she had thought when she had first come to this place. When she heard of the treasure he was supposedly guarding. She still didn't know where in this dark cave the treasure lies or what exactly it is, or perhaps was. No one did. No one had any real idea what form the Treasure of Caerbannog took. Some said it was a pile of gold and precious jewels, worth more than all the world's wealth put together. Some said it was in fact a weapon or a long forgotten TM, something so powerful it could take down Arceus himself in one single hit. Some even said it was a magic cup of some sort that granted three wishes or healed all diseases or some crap like that.

Of course, Luna, like so many others, had sought this treasure. For what reason? ... She could no longer remember in her terrified state of mind. Had it been pride, to be the one that finally found it? Greed? Like she needed more money! Simple bragging rights? Or perhaps it was just to prove that there was no treasure and that the whole thing was a bunch of hooey. She didn't know now. The only thing she knew now was fear... fear and uncertainty as to what was to become of her.

That was certainly not what she felt when she had first arrived here, at the mouth of this very cave. She had been prideful, confident in her abilities, sure of herself. How could she have been so stupid?!

The piles of bones, of those dumb enough to attempt this very thing should have been more than enough to send this little Mew flying for the hills. That and the elder's warnings. But they didn't. Especially when she saw what she thought she was up against. The "Horrid, foul, cruel" guardian that the old Probopass spoke of... was little more than a rather cute, all-white buneary. She laughed at the old pokemon when he told her that this was the guardian he had been talking about, that none who ever went up against him ever lived. She scoffed at the notion that this small, cute, and seemingly helpless creature could best the powerful, skilled mew that was Luna. She even mocked the old fart even when he claimed that not even Arceus himself would want to tangle with THIS mon!

Oh how stupid she was.

Like so many others, she had charged headfirst into the fray, confident in her abilities and her enemy's lack of them. However, the "helpless" little bunny turned out to be far faster and stronger than Lunamew could ever comprehend. He leapt at her in a flash, closing the distance so quickly that she didn't even have the time to lift so much as a finger before he was upon her. She had barely been able to open her lips to scream, "AW SHIT" before she blacked out from a single hard knock to the forehead.

Like so many others, she had failed. Miserably. The rabbit she had so sorely underestimated, the guardian she took as little more than a helpless little bunny, had taken her down with one swift hit. He had bested her just like he had with so many others, and she was just another sorry victim to add to his tally. However, there was something different this time around. Unlike so many of the other unfortunates who'd been dumb enough to come here, her bones would not join the many that littered the mouth of the cave - at least, not yet. The Buneary of Caerbannog hadn't torn her to pieces after he knocked her out. He hadn't ripped the flesh from her bones and consumed the meat from her corpse in a vicious fit of victorious cannibalism.

Instead, she awoke some time later deep inside the cave. It did not take her very long to find out she was chained via an iron collar around her neck, with the other end of it attached to a cave wall.

Her first reaction after realizing this had been to tug and pull at her chains; first trying to pull the collar off, and when that didn't work, she tried to yank the chain off the wall, but nothing came loose. Suddenly , she heard a crunch coming from behind her. She turned to face the source, hoping to the gods that it wasn't what she thought it was... only to have her worst fears confirmed.

Standing right there in front her, she saw the very rabbit that had so easily defeated her and presumably dragged her deeper inside the cave and chained her to this wall.

She tried to speak, to ask what it wanted, what it intended, but no words came out. The rabbit's expression offered no words of hope either; its features were blank and unreadable. This just piled more fear onto the already terrified Lunamew. She had no idea what this little bunny intended. Why did he keep her here? Why had he only returned just now? A terrible possibility raced through her mind.

Perhaps he wasn't hungry back then? Perhaps he just kept her chained here to keep her fresh? She would not put it past the little cannibal!

Panic struck the little mew as the rabbit slowly made his way towards her. She didn't know what to do, what she could do. Fighting him would be useless, she had established that already. Breaking the chain and running was out of the question. He would manage to get on top of her before she could lift a finger in response. No doubt he would just knock her down again before she got even one inch away from him, and that was assuming she could even break that chain holding her to the wall.

As she looked left and right for a solution, she realized the terrible, obvious truth: there was nothing she could do to save herself! Nothing at all! She had no options left! As the chilling truth dawned on her, she did the only thing left to her, the only thing she could do in this terrible situation...

She ducked into a corner and huddled against the cave wall in a shaking, pathetic ball of fluff as she waited for her inevitable fate - that is, whatever horrible card fate decided to hand to her.

Luna jumped as she felt a pair of small furry hands grip her thighs; the little mew was barely able to stifle a yelp of surprise.

"No!" She cried as she felt his arms wrap around her trembling waists. "Please don't eat meeeeee!!!"

She squeaked in surprise as she felt her upper body lifted off the ground. Her eyes went wide as she felt his furry, rabbit-like chest fur against her back. She let a small, questioning groan escape her lips as she felt his arms slide under hers and wrap around her chest; her body still quaking with fear as she felt him pull it against his. She breathed deep and heavy as one of his hands rubbed her little aqua belly very softly while the other started rubbing her chest fur ever so briskly. The frightened mew gulped as she felt the killer rabbit's hot breath against her cheeks; her eyes looking back at him questioningly as she felt its heat flush against her fur.

What was he up to? What was he planning on doing to her? Tears fell from Luna's eyes as she imagined all the possibilities of what he might soon do to her in this position, and none of them were pleasant. Most of them revolved around him eating her like he had so many others. Despite his gentle actions, she was almost certain that consuming her was what he meant to do. Eat her slowly bit by bit... enjoying every last bit as she cried out-

Her thoughts on her imminent doom were suddenly broken as she felt a bit of fluff hit here ear. She let out a weak, choked, surprised sob as she felt the Buneary's hot tongue grace her cheek and licking it like an berry candy pop. Each lick descended further and further along the frightened mew's face; past her lips and beyond her cheekbone until she found herself being licked on her neck just above the iron cuff that kept her in this cave...

... So that was it. Any minute now he would bite into her neck, tearing it open and sucking her body dry like she might drink a pouch full of water on a hot, humid day. She wouldn't put it past him, especially considering the position he had her in.

The mew tensed up as this new possibility crossed her mind. Her breathing once again becoming slow, long and quiet as possible as the creamy rabbit's hands continued to idly rub her white and aqua-colored body.

She still didn't know why he hadn't simply made his move by now. She still didn't know what he was up to even. At this rate, the tension would kill her before he did! She half-wished he would just get whatever he had planned over with. Instead the bunny seemed intent on trying to lull his victim into letting her guard down, just so he could strike when she least expected it.

At least, that's what she told herself. In reality, she had no idea just what the little rabbit had in mind anymore, but she could definitely say it wasn't good. She spoke not a word in protest or question however as his lower paw started rubbing lower and lower along her belly...

It was only when Lunamew felt his wet, slimy crotch-carrot lightly brush against her leg did she realize what her captor had in store for her. The horrifying truth was now clear: He didn't mean to eat her. At least, not at this moment. Instead, he wanted... to rape her! How could she not have seen this coming before?!

Normally this might have been the point where she would try and wriggle out of his grasp in some vain attempt to prevent her captor from taking advantage of her like this. Any other time she might have given a cry of protest, in some desperate hope that he wouldn't go through with his nefarious plans for her body...

... But the mew still feared for her life. She still was deathly scared that if she as so much gave a hint of resistance to his unwanted advances that the vicious bunny might just might change his mind and settle for turning her into a helping of mew-salad instead! As such, no struggle was made. No pleas for freedom escaped her trembling lips. Instead, she only offered a soft, pathetic whine as her soon-to-be rapist lightly pushed his lower hand against her inner leg. Luna kept her curses and laments inside her as she reluctantly obeyed his subtle, tactile order, and spread herself wide open for him; submitting fully to what the bunny had in store for her.

Luna sniffled lightly as she imagined what would happen next. She knew all too well. She fully expected him to rut her right there and then, to plow the silently sobbing mew deep into a living hell, a world of non-stop pain and agony while the little bastard enjoyed every pleasure-filled minute her tight little holes offered to him. It would be the same as it had been with so many unsavory situations she had been in before. He would have his way with her, regardless of what she did, and that would be that.

She reasoned that she might as well just accept it, and hope it would end quickly.

Sure enough she felt something sliding along her folds; causing the poor mew to shiver in fearful anticipation at the pain that was sure to follow. However, there was something off about it. The object that slid in between her crotch just now... it wasn't hard and slimy. It wasn't his cock. No, it was soft and fluffy. It tickled her as it brushed up against her most intimate spot. It was...

...his hand?

"Huh? What are yo-"

A soft growl from her captor silenced her question, Luna quickly clammed up as the white buneary dominantly nibbled on her neck.

The mew gave a soft, almost inaudible groan as she felt the soft, warm touch of the rabbit's fluffy fingers tease her lower lips. He started right in the middle of her crotch and worked his way up; tickling the mew's trembling cunny, and soon she felt him brush right up against her most sensitive spot: her clit.

She could hardly hold back a gasp as the bunny's tiny fingers expertly worked her sensitive nub. Luna found herself having to bite down a moan as she could felt his maleness prodding her exposed opening. He bucked his hips against hers ever so sightly as the tip just barely penetrated her.

The way he carried on frustrated her to no end. Why was he doing this? Why was he being so gentle? It just boggled her mind. If he was so dead-set on raping her, why wasn't he, well... raping her? Like all the others she had encountered before had done.

She had plenty of unwanted sexual encounters before. That one time where she was tricked into being the object of a obsessive Mewgia's playdate, not to mention that rescue mission gone awry, or that terrible, unforgettable night in the moonlit cavern in another dimension, just to name a few. But this... this was far different than any of those experiences. Her other rapists had simply taken what they'd wanted from her, with little to no regard to how she felt. Which most of the time was nothing but searing pain coursing through her insides. In fact, quite a few of them seemed to take quite a bit of amusement in causing her as much suffering as possible.

But not this guy. For reasons beyond her comprehension, it seemed the little rabbit was dead set on pleasuring her, making her enjoy her rape, whether she wanted to or not. And she definitely did not want to enjoy this at all! Yet somehow, someway, this guy knew just where to touch her, just how exactly to turn her on.

And to her irritation, she found it was actually working. She really didn't want to admit it, but she was actually becoming quite aroused by the bunny's foreplay. The mew grew hotter and more flustered as he carried on; her insides grew more soaked and damp with need by the second.

Luna yipped lightly as she finally felt his rod start to push into her body. She bit her lip, trying to hold back not pain but the warm feeling of pleasure as his impressively thick girth invading her sacred depths little by little; not stopping at all until he reached the very end. Lunamew moaned heavily as she felt the very tip of his cock pressing against her cervix while his crotch pressed against her own.

She slapped herself mentally. How could she be enjoying this?! How dare her body try to trick her into enjoying this? This was wrong on so many levels. She couldn't allow herself to enjoy this! She never agreed to be dragged in here and treated in this embarrassing, this degrading, this sublime... no! This was rape! So how could her treasonous twat so easily succumb to his whiles, how dare it be enjoying any of this? She had to resist! Though it would be a hell of a lot easier for her if this didn't feel so damn goooood... wait, no!

A sudden, firm grip on her upper thighs brought Luna back to reality before Luna could mentally chastise herself further, just as she felt herself being forcefully and skillfully turned around from the position he had her in. The suddenness of this move caused her to gasp in surprise as the weird yet admittedly salacious sensation washing through her body as her walls gripped and turned around the rabbit's prick causing her to sigh as well.

She fell silent and stiff however as she laid eyes on her captor for the first time since her capture. Now that they were face-to-face, she could really see him up close, and she was speechless. She could only breath deeply and slowly as her gaze wandered across the buneary's face. If it wasn't for the fact that she was his prisoner, she might have found the cream white bunny's ears and face rather cute and endearing - if not a little creepy. Though what really caught her attention were his deep, black and red eyes baring past her purple ones and seemingly staring into her very soul. His face bore the same, emotionless expression as it had from the very beginning. Yet, despite her inability to even come close to deciphering it, there was now something else written on his face somewhere. Something that wasn't there before... Maybe she was just going crazy, but she could swear he could see a tiny smile form in the corners of that otherwise blank frown.

Before Luna could even begin to think about what it could mean, she suddenly felt one of his fluffy paws grip the back of her head, and the other wrap around her upper back. She opened her mouth to protest, scream, inquire... something, but before a single sound left her lips, she found them locked with his in a sloppy, mouth-sucking kiss!

Luna's arms went limp and her eyes wide with fright and shock. She found herself unable to do much of anything as she tasted his tongue as it slid over hers. She had been caught completely off guard by this course of action, and wasn't even sure whether she was even disliking it or not. The only thing she could even process at the moment was the taste on her tongue as the buneary slid over it with his own, and even that was a mystery. She found herself inadvertently moaning into his mouth as she slid her tongue into his mouth in cautioned curiosity; trying to figure it out this strange taste. She had fully expected it to taste like rotten meat, a foulistic taste. But it didn't. There was that slight hint of a meaty flavor, clearly, yet there was something else too, something... fresh? Fruity, perhaps?

Barely did she have time to think this little curiosity over before the bunny in front of her once again caught her off guard. Her shout of surprise was muffled by their locked lips as she found herself being laid down on the bare cavern floor; the buneary keeping both his tongue and his cock inside of her all-the-while. The kiss was broken, however, as he repositioned himself. The rabbit found little resistance as he took her wrists into his paws and pinned the mew down while she looked up at him helplessly.

Luna found her eyes drawn to his crotch as she finally felt him pull his rod from her body, a coat of wet, womanly moisture clinged to his impressive girth. She blushed at the sight of it before he thrust it back in one smooth motion; the mew's lower back arching needily of its own accord to swallow his slick stick.

The mysterious buneary started briskly yet comfortably enough for her; the Mew had a very hard time trying to shut out the rapturous feelings her body was giving her. Stray moans escaped her lips as his pace increased, and along with it, so did the pleasure. The mew found it harder to oppose her more carnal, wanton side, and her resistance and self control faded away little by little with each hard thrust.

Deep down she knew this was so wrong on so many levels. She knew she was being raped, she knew she shouldn't be enjoying what he was doing to her in any single way, but even she could no longer deny that she was. With that single revelation, resistance turned into acceptance, and acceptance into enjoyment. She tossed aside her fears, doubts, and shame, and simply embraced the moment in its fullest.

If the bunny was so intent on making her enjoy this, then so be it. 'Better to simply give in to her body than try to fight it to the bitter end,' she reasoned to herself. It's not like she was going to get out of this situation anyway...

Lunamew raised her hips to better meet his as each delicious thrust caused her body to heave gently while the pants and moans she had tried so hard, yet rather poorly, to stifle before began to escape her lips like water gushing out of a broken dam. Now that she wasn't fighting it anymore, Luna realized just how much everything about this scene was turning her on: the way he rocked her body back and fourth, the thickness and length of his prick burying itself deep inside her again and again, his hot breath against her flushed feline cheeks, and even the way he was completely dominating her made the little mew all hot and flustered.

It wasn't long before she found herself unable to hold it in anymore. She opened her mouth to scream, only to find it once again consumed in another powerful kiss - which successfully muffled the mew's orgasmic howls as waves of pleasure washed over her body. She closed her eyes as she let her climax overtake and envelop her as she felt her walls clamp down hard around his thick, throbbing cock. Her mind fizzled out from intense sensations as her juices flushed over the mysterious male's meat.

It was only when her mind became clear again did she realise something... something quite horrifying: He didn't even cum yet! He was still thrusting away deep inside of her, though at a much slower pace now.

Panic began to fill the little mew yet again, only now it wasn't fear of being eaten. No, this time she was filled with dread at the notion that she had not satisfied him, and that at any moment he'll brutally tear her apart for it. While he had been relatively nice to her so far, she still wouldn't put it past him. The fear only got worse when she felt him stop and loosen his grip on her arms.

She mumbled incoherently in terror, trembling, as she pleaded with him to spare her life. As she felt herself being grabbed yet again, she feared he was going to tear her apart right there and then. To her partial relief, she found he was merely repositioning her yet again. This time she found herself knelt down on all fours with the rabbit firmly gripping her firm aqua behind.

She looked behind her nervously, only to find the same blank red and black eyes staring back at her. She saw it again: that small, barely noticeable smile. What could it mean? She couldn't comprehend what it meant. Was it reassurance? Pride? Either way, it made her feel a bit better about her situation.

Before she could think more on it, the rabbit behind her had started his drive once more; his meaty carrot-stick slamming into her depths over and over again. Every hard, rapid thrust made Luna feel like she was having a miniature orgasm; her walls tightening and milking his hard cock as the bunny relentlessly pounded into her from behind. She squealed in delight as he rode her to mini-gasm after mini-gasm. Her mind was reduced to euphoric mush as she babbled ecstatically to her captor, begging him for more.

She felt him pulling on her hips, changing her position yet again, but only slightly. Now he was sitting on the cave floor, and she was sitting on his lap, facing away from him. She had to say, she did appreciate having a little control over the situation. He grabbed her hips, using them for leverage before he pushed her down onto his length. Those mini-gasms she had been having gained ever more strength as she felt herself growing closer and closer to another massive one, this one threatening to be even more mind-numbingly amazing than the last.

Lunamew screamed loudly into the cave, the noise bouncing off the walls as she came to her second powerful orgasm of the night, her walls clamped down and desperately milked the rabbit's throbbing rod as thoroughly as she could manage. Juices gushed from her cunny and made quite a mess on the cave floor as coherent thought once again took complete leave of the mew's mind.

In her euphoric state-of-mind, she couldn't even tell whether he came this time or not. Though as she came to, she quickly realised he had not. She also realized that he had already taken to repositioning her body yet again. Now she was lying on his chest with her back making smooth contact with the rabbits soft cream fur as she stared up at the cold and dark cave ceiling. As she once again felt his hands tightly grip her hips, she had to wonder how many times he would change their positions before he would finally cum. This guy sure had a lot of stamina if he was able to hold out for this long!

However, it soon became apparent that her position wasn't the only thing he planned on changing this time around. She found that out as she felt his soaking wet member press against her tight tailhole.

"Nn.. Please..." She whined softly to the rabbit below her. "n-not... in there... it... it'll hurt..." She recalled how much pain she had been in when things had been stuck in that hole from back when she was a slave to that wicked Flaffy.

Her tailhole tightened instinctively as it was prodded, trying to deny her captor access. At this point she expected him to proceed anyway, and she expected it to hurt like all hell.

Thankfully, the bunny listened to her pleas, at least for the moment, and stopped where he was. While his prodding ceased, she could still feel his rod pressed loosely against her clenched butthole.

She felt him lick her cheek reassuringly, obviously in an effort to ease her fears. On top of this, she felt his hand travel lightly down her belly; his soft fingers brushing her aqua-colored skin on the way down to her right leg. As he started rubbing and massaging it suavely and soothingly, the mew felt herself start to relax.

Luna gasped as she felt his furry paw sweep over her very sensitive nub; causing her to moan loudly as he began to play with it just like he had when they first started. However, he had another trick up his sleeve this time. She felt her right paw being grabbed, pulled, and guided towards her wet and well-used cunny. She gasped as the male made her own fingers glide over her folds.

"Y-you want me to...?" The mew whispered to her bunny lover below her. In truth, she already knew the answer. She took the lick on her cheek that soon followed as a 'yes', and buried her fingers deep into her own throbbing cunt.

Lunamew was no stranger to this, she had done it quite often before, especially when Ichigo and Kenzan weren't around to help 'scratch her itch' as it were. She knew exactly what to do. Her fingers glided over her g-spot and began rubbing over it with vigor; causing her to pant heavily as she fingered herself furiously.

She was so preoccupied in her assisted self-pleasuring that she hardly noticed him begin to prod his rod against her tight tailhole again. What she did notice was his slow, careful push into her most sensitive or orifices. Just as she feared, it was painful and it stung quite a bit, but it wasn't quite as bad as she had anticipated. Not only was he being really gentle, even stopping every now and then to let her get used to having a thick, throbbing cock in there, but the pleasure from her pussy helped dissipate or at least helped distract her from the stinging pain as well.

Having the two of them get her off like this helped in another way too. Juices were leaking out of her orgasm-drenched snatch as she furiously fingered herself and flowed down over her tender asshole and lubricating the dick that pierced it.

What little pain there was started to subside the further he went. By the time he had gotten it all in, the stinging sensation was pretty much gone. Luna felt his right hand join her fingers deep inside her, both of them lustfully assaulting her g-spot as she felt him start to pull his hot, pulsing rod out of her tight behind, just as carefully and slowly as he had gone in until only the tip remained, and began his entry back inside in a smooth, gentle rhythm.

Soon, he was pumping in and out of her sensitive ass in a steadily increasing pace while Lunamew panted in ecstasy; both from the wonderful feeling that was felt as both of them fingered her snatch and from the Buneary's delightful humping rhythm. She felt it again... that oh-so-wonderful sensation as her walls clamped around both of their fingers again and again...those mini-gasms that had taken temporary leave after her second orgasm were back, and now, they were stronger than ever!

Indeed, she could already feel her third, powerful orgasm coming on, and perhaps, just perhaps, the bunny felt his coming on too. She could feel his hot breath on her cheeks as deep inside her butt she could feel his throbbing dick begin to tighten ever so slightly.

And then, it came. Their combined orgasms hit them in one final, carnal crescendo. Luna felt her ass being filled to the brim with stream after stream of hot, juicy rabbit spunk as she shrieked out in orgasmic bliss. She clamped so hard around the fingers inside her that she feared she would break them. Even with four fingers trapped deep inside her, it was not enough to contain her fluids as they squirted out of her overloaded twat, painting the cave walls and floors with colorless juice.

'That's... gotta be... the strongest orgasm... I've ever had!' The mew thought to herself as she trembled, struggling to stay up as cum continued to leak out of both of her well-used holes. She had never had an orgasm so strong that it'd caused her to squirt before. Not once! Not on her own, not with Ichigo, not with Sync, not with Kenzan, and certainly not with anyone else she had an unfortunate encounter with. What she had just felt... it was beyond words!

Luna allowed herself to collapse onto the rabbit below, her back pressing on his chest heavily . She panted with exhaustion from what she had just been through. She doubted she could take yet another round at the moment, and from the looks of it, the rabbit was finally wore out as well. As they lay there in the eerie silence that was the afterglow of the moments past, an uncertain fear returned to the little mew. She wasn't sure what he would do now that he had not only thoroughly ravaged her, but also made her enjoy every moment of it. Would he kill her now that he was done? Or would he-

The rattle of her chain brought her back to reality. As if to answer her unspoken question, she found that he had repositioned her one last time. Now she found herself laying on her side, staring into the darkness while the rabbit cuddled her closely from behind, wrapping his arms and leg around his enslaved lover as she felt her chest being rubbed idly.

She really didn't know what to think of this. Whether it was endearing, or creepy, or just infuriating, but decided not to think about it too much as she found herself suddenly drifting off into a deep, dreamless sleep.

When she awoke, she found the buneary gone, but a fresh supply of tasty food and delicious water sitting next to her. Lunamew scarfed it down, enjoying every last bit of it. Unfortunately for her it was not long before she discovered that the chains that kept her confined to this cave were still in place. She had to wonder if he would do the same thing he had done last night to her when he returned.

Sure enough, when the rabbit came back he would once again deliver her to orgasm after orgasm, just as he had done before. For as long as she was held captive, this would continue. This cycle of him feeding her, rutting her and satisfying her carnal desires until she could take no more, and it would go on. Strangely, it never seemed to get dull for her. She would never grow bored of it. He had made her quite happy, and although she couldn't quite tell from his almost constant emotionless expression and stoic silence, she made him quite happy as well.

However, despite all the pleasure, despite all the hours of wanton bliss they shared, one fact remained. One little fact that soured this otherwise perfect set up: She was still a slave. She was still a captive, an object to him. What he was doing was still rape, as she had never given him permission to do any of this to her, good or bad, whether she enjoyed it or not. And what was worse, it seemed her silent bunny boy had plans on keeping her his love slave for a very long time.

Though the more she thought about it in the off-time between their long fits of passion and the peaceful respite of sleep, she had to wonder... was her fate really that bad? Was her new life really a curse, or a blessing in disguise? On one hand it was most definitely a curse. She failed in her quest to find the now meaningless treasure, and she had been reduced to a slave who would be taken against her will every night.

Though on the other hand, perhaps it was actually for the better. Intentionally or not, she had found this cute guy who knew how to please her in ways she never thought possible, and at the very least he kept her safe and well fed.... even if he did take the idea of "protecting" her a little too far.

Regardless of whether her life had taken a turn for the worst or for the better, one single truth remained as Lunamew once again felt the seductively assertive bunny wrap his furry little arms around her body, as her lips once again met his, and as she once again felt herself spreading open to accommodate his firm girth for yet another night of erotic cave floor games...

...And that was, she only had herself to blame for all of this. She had foolishly come here to seek the treasure of Caerbannog, only to become its guardian's most prized treasure of all!
Chapter End Notes:Pokemon (C) Nintendo,
Caerbannog, Monty Python and the Holy Grail (C) BBC
Lunamew, Kenzan, Ichigo, Sync (C) Hatiigima A.K.A Lunamew
Any and all other characters that were mentioned yet not explicitly named (C) their respective owners.
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