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A Glaceon Boy's Short Story by conformal_invariance


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I wasn't quite sure how things were the way they were, but... here I was, at the water's edge of a beach, gazing out towards the waves; rather, towards something merely sitting in the surf and looking to me with a somewhat exhausted expression. It was a young Glaceon, wearing what very clearly appeared to be a sukumizu, one of those one-piece girl swimsuits they gave to swim class at local schools. However, between the ice-type's slightly spread legs, a very prominent bulge was noticeable - what looked to be a -heavy- set of balls and the bulge of a prepubescent cock hidden beneath a layer of shimmering, wet fabric. His blue face was slightly flushed with pink, and he was lightly clutching an innertube as he seat in the ebb and flow of the surf's gentle edge, clearly not at all pleased with the heat of the summer's afternoon bearing down on him.

I had to have him.

I stepped out into the water, and his eyes widened just slightly, and I crouched down right there while my own eyes darted about in a quick look of the area. It was somewhat bare, as was to be expected of a slightly excluded cove - the boy probably came here because his mood became poor when he was overheated, or perhaps because he was in that swimsuit. I smiled, scooting myself a little closer as a hand reached out to him, and spoke softly: "Don't worry, boy. I'll take your mind off the heat."

He opened his mouth to respond, but I gently cupped the front of his swimsuit, fondling his little boydick and heavy balls through that stretchy fabric and squeezing gently. He gasped and whined softly, face filling out with a deep blush as I, a young adult, fondled him, a boy no older than seven. My own dick pulsed with arousal, swelling up inside my swimtrunks as I ran my palm and fingers across that delightful bulge, eyes rolling up and down the kid's beautiful form... he was such a beautiful boy. That crystal blue fur, those adorable ears, blushing expression, that perfect, thin form and adorable feet... everything a disgusting pervert like me could ever want to touch.

"M-Misterrrr..." the young Glaceon whined at me again, and I flicked up a finger on my free hand, gently pressed it to his youthful lips with the warmest smile I could muster.

"It's fine... just relax and let an older boy make you feel good, yeah?"

I could feel that slightly chubby dick stiffening quickly beneath the draw of my fingers, grasping carefully at it through the swimsuit's stretchy fabric and giving the boy a couple of jerks to force him up to full mast. He was obviously a young boy in body for the most part, but the outline of his dick that was originally a fat, but small little boycock trapped within the cling of his soaked swimsuit was... quite a piece. Perhaps a side-effect from early evolution? Regardless, his cock had swelled up to nearly four and a half impressive inches, with a fat base and gentle taper. From what I could tell, the boy was also uncut, as some tweaking near the tip heralded a stifled gasp as well as the manipulation of that stretchy foreskin beneath.

At that point, my own dick was fully stiff. I felt a little threatened, to be honest! I was equally uncut myself(although my foreskin pulled back fully at erection), but I was also about five and a half inches. This boy was an inch shorter than me and less than -half- my age! I chuckled softly, scooting forward somewhat and grasping at the boy's body; he seemed to be receptive to me moving him around, as if the pleasure I was giving to his body helped to dampen what could've been a mental process to run. I settled down into the waves and placed the boy in my lap, but also swiftly freeing my cock from the confines of the swimsuit beforehand. I grinned over his shoulder as he gasped again, my slick, tan cock poking right up between his legs and up against his weighty balls.

"Stage 2~" I chimed in his ear, resisting the powerful urge to gently bite and tug the adorable things with with my teeth - there was no denying I was exceptionally fond of them.

His expression was continuously startled at that point, clearly at seeing my own stiff prick jutting up between his thighs and with each light jerk of my hips rubbed against his covered taint and concealed package. I wanted a lot more than to just grind off on fabric however, even though I could feel the ambient lower temperature from the boy spreading a soft chill throughout my front and even along my cock to a degree, somewhat balanced by the general heat of the day and the hard rays of the sun continuing to beat down on the land, as well as the pair of us. Still, my fingers snuck down, curling into the edge of his swimsuit's crotch, and gave it a tug to the opposite side. He jumped slightly and reached out as if to stop me, but caught himself and instead bit his lower lip, turning his head to hide his embarrassed, flustered expression... perhaps he felt a little strange at having a cock his size at that age?

Oh, it was a beautiful dick. A soft, pale blue like his fur, with a cockhead completely shrouded within foreskin that even hung off the tip a bit. That positively huge set of balls drooped a little further, resting on my cock, and I pulled the swimsuit open a little further down there so I could feel the top of my cock brushing along his wet, stiff taint.

"You're a hung boy, you know that?" I asked him, knowing all too well that he wouldn't respond to me in the slightest. That was okay though, because my method of drawing out a response was little more than to palm his groin and my dick once more, rubbing them together lewdly, warm to cool but stiff to stiff, pre oozing out of my exposed cockhead to slicken my palm with clear, sticky fluid while also streaking his length and leaving a glossy sheen. He huffed and shivered, and I even saw a tiny little twitch in his hips, a subconscious reaction to the pleasure he was surely feeling while I brushed my nose against his neck... even something about his clean scent just felt so perfectly innocent.

I grew a little more excited at that, and rocked his body atop my own with a little more power in the thrusts of my hips. My fingers curled and grabbed, splayed and rubbed, doing everything they possibly could to maximize this special little kind of frot's pleasure... though there was another pleasure brought about simply by the utter filth it was in doing things with a boy his age.

I simply couldn't resist a few of my urges any longer. I bared my teeth and gently bit into the side of his neck, and the boy -squeaked-. He fucking squeaked. It was the single most adorable and yet erotic sound I had ever heard, coupled with the feeling of his tense, slightly panting body suddenly growing quite slack in my lap, a state of submission: and I fucking loved it. That inner demon of my psyche reared its ugly head, and I switched my hands up, rubbing my dripping cock and his twitching prick together while my hips drew back and forth, while the now sticky hand lifted and started to sully his cute little face with sticky precum.

I could -hear- him breathe in that scent of mine. Well, it was more -our- scent, but there was no denying the slightly headier scent of precum that I practically rubbed into his nose and his tender lips.

"Lick it up." I murmured muffledly, releasing the bite and instead grazing my teeth across his young neck. He complied, little tongue pressing out against my fingers and tasting my precum. I'd done that myself a few times, and it really wasn't a bitter fluid... and it certainly didn't seem to taste bad to the boy. There wasn't a jerk, a twitch, or a single retch at the taste, although there was a strange cadence to his breathing which made his pleasure all the more obvious even as he lapped up that clear, sticky pre.

That's when I felt it, a familiar tenseness in his body that came and went, the flexing of his rear and thighs... there was no doubt in my mind that I was pushing his young body closer to climax with every second of heated attention on his sensitive boyhood and fat balls. I had to change it up a bit: I stopped touching myself for the most part, still continuing grinding my dick across his little taint while my hand gripped his foreskinned boydick and started to jerk it firmly. A shuddery little moan escaped his lips, the tone of his voice sending a shiver down my spine... Arceus alive, this boy.

I could see his cockhead whenever I stroked downwards, too. It was a darker blue in color and a bit on the small side, just a bit glossy with natural moisture and otherwise clean. I was extremely thankful the boy was uncut - my precum wouldn't have made for good lube on a cut boy, and even though the young Glaceon seemed to not make any pre, I was able to jerk him off all the same.

"Relax, relax... if you tense up too much, the next part won't feel as good..." I whispered into his ear, gracing the edge of it with a careful set of nibbles and nips as I pumped his generous prick with a healthy speed.

His body twisted a bit, eyes squeezed shut and fingers balling up... it was no stranger to me, the sights of an impending orgasm. However, my first view of a young boy doing such... my dick felt like it was going to pop. He suddenly tensed, then let out the most adorable moan I'd ever heard as little hips started to thrust instinctively towards my hand, his own dark blue socked hands covering his face as if to hide the overwhelming pleasure and embarrassment of his first orgasm. I could feel his cock pulsing hard, and even that heavy pouch beneath had pulled up slightly... and I was surprised.

I had been expecting a dry orgasm due to not having noticed any precum dripping from the boy's cockhead, but as his body shuddered in the heat of orgasm, thin, slightly watery ropes of cum fired from his cocktip. It was a bit on the chilly side, some splattering onto my wrists and oozing onto my fingers, but most of it pattered onto his little covered tummy in little off-white droplets, streaks, and small pools of the stuff.

It was a good twelve seconds or so before the boy finally calmed down, although his flow of youthful cum had only managed to last for a few seconds at best... still, it was amazingly arousing. I had to get off. I gripped his body and growled lustily, pretending I was fucking the boy hard as I pushed up firmly - I also used my legs to force his own together, sandwiching my cock against his still-stiff taint and between his young thighs, applying a pressure I so desperately needed.

If I didn't get off right here and now, I'd be hating myself forever. I needed it more than anything else right now. The goddamn Coast Guard themselves could bear down on me, five Alakazams could try to mentally force me to submit, but I'd mindfuck those bastards with the sheer force of my will in determination to reach my own climax.

There was a downside to the amount of foreskin I did have - since it pulled back all the way during erection, it left my sensitive cockhead completely exposed. At least, this would -usually- be a downside, but in this case, where I desired to get off more than anything else at the time, feeling my dripping dickhead pressing between his shuddering thighs and bouncing his sack with each thrust worked to help me reach that peak I so desired. I felt my balls tighten and a familiar pressure in my lowermost gut, followed by a sharp tingle as I grunted.

My orgasm made me shake, my toes curled up tightly, holding the boy equally so as I went wild. Thick ropes of white spurted from my exposed cockhead, making a mess between his thighs as well as arcing up in the air, splattering down on his own, softening cock and balls with exceptional heat. My mind was a blank and my vision was blurred, lost in the single most overpowering climax I'd ever had in my life.

It almost had felt like I couldn't stop cumming, even after I had nothing more to shoot. My cock was pulsing so firmly it was as if I was still spurting, and with my eyes closed, that was really all that mattered. I finally reached that falloff point soon after I gave my last however, and my hips refused to work anymore - my exposed, post-orgasm cockhead was simply way too sensitive to keep grinding against those now cum-slick surfaces without feeling sandpapery. My eyes opened, vision still slightly blurred, but I could see the mess I'd made. The boy's groin was sloppy with white, his thinner own in a clearly smaller amount on his belly.

If it were at all possible, I would've sprung another boner right then and there, but I was way too exhausted to even manage more than a few twitches from my spent cock. A breathless chuckle welled up in my throat as I leaned over the kid's shoulder, grinning wryly at him as he too, surveyed the mess we'd both made with a health flush of red over his cheeks.

"That's... way better than just sittin' in the shallows, eh?" I asked, to which he gave an unsure nod of his head.

I'd developed a newfound respect for the beach.


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