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Shi'iaqu by Bébinn Heffernan


Story Notes:

I do not own anything portrayed here (Pokémon, Neopets, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: the Gathering, etc.) except for the setting, which is a D&D 3.5/Pathfinder setting I have been working on for the past couple years. Those are owned by their respective companies (Nintendo, Viacom, Hasbro, etc.).All original characters are the property of whomever created them. Their creators do not own Pokémon, either.

Prologue: The Way It Came To Pass...


The Way it Came to Pass....

Welcome to Shadowland!
Current time: 09:43:12 01 Jan 2070 Greg./21 Mat 0011 Sphere

Username/ID: Natas
Password: ********************


Verified. Welcome back, Lenna Chivalry Boldan!

Private Message with Doctor Wright [Sysop]:

[So, chummer, I've heard bits and pieces of the shit that went down between all the realms and the Divinity Wars and the Second Rapture... but I need the straight dope. Juve's asking me, largely since I'm (a) the only one he sees on a regular basis that doesn't know drek about it, and (b) I didn't completely frag the Alpha Complex incident.]
-Natas {19:32:45/31-12-2069}

[Fine. Remember, much of what I am about to reveal to you is divine secret. It does not leave this PM, and if I find it has, I'll "accidentally" leave a breach for Hyacinth to find. Do I make myself clear?]
-Doctor Wright [Sysop] {**:**:**/**-**-****}

[Done and done, chummer. Muzzle's zipped. I'm getting off now for a meeting with the other Alphas.]
-Natas {07:31:28/31-12-2069}


The seeds were sewn when, due to the "Echo Incident" (No relation to [DATA EXPUNGED]'s Echo Mirage team), the timeline began to become increasingly unstable Without taking consul of the lesser Gods, the Overdeities decreed that all variances of the Prime Material Plane were to be annihilated to start anew, a Second Rapture. The Gods' response was to rebel, raising armies of their mightiest champions to aid them in the war. The Overdeities, taken aback, raised angels, demons, and even Eldrazi to fight alongside. Thus began the Divinity Wars.

During this, several people Ascended to godhood. Adebowale, who was called by Susano'o as one of his champions, rallied the Chu to her aid and was granted godhood by Amaterasu in recognition of all she did. One of the subjects of the Moonside Project, Alma, stole godhood from Baldr as he fell, and now goes by Hyacinth Zealpick, the goddess of Bori and racism. Virtender ascended after Ansgre wedded him. Unfortunately, many Gods, even Sages, were slain. Baldr fell in combat against Ra, his blood boiled to nothingness. Saria and Ruto were killed by Ymir's jotunn, their bodies left to drain in a gross parody of Ymir's. Xhaos killed Schneelocke due to Ciz's betrayal, then rewarded Ciz with an extremely slow death for his duplicity. Ares finally met his end when he unwisely attacked the neutral Lucifer Diarke; nothing, not even his spear, remained of him from Lucifer's imperious glare.

As a hedge should their rebellion fail, the Gods sealed three spheres inside the head of the God of shapeshifters - Fayosh, Elreith, and Arkanis. Their peoples were spared the annihilation of all life on the Material Plane (as was inended), and are amongst the Six - soon to be Seven - Spheres today.

As the ranks of Gods and mortal souls grew, the Overdeities' ranks thinned to nothingness. The only two spared death were Lucifer Diarke, who wished no part of the decision to forsake all life, and Great A'Tuin, whose response to the warfare was to flee to Elysium with her Discworld, where she remains to this day. With no Overdeities to stop them, the Gods set about the task of rebuilding after the event, termed the Second Rapture.

The Rapture left no creatures or worlds in existence on the Material Plane. Everything down to the molecular level had been utterly annihilated. Stars and galaxies, gone. Wright was obligated to reintroduce those astral bodies both for the benefit of the peoples, but also to ensure nature was defied for as short a time as necessary as the spheres were prepared to be moved.

Fayosh, Elreith, Arkanis, and their peoples were placed safely, with Elreith as Arkanis' moon, as always. Jacques, the former Sage of Earth, had been spared combat and planetized, becoming the Fourth Sphere. Then, out of nowhere, a world brimming with psionic energies popped up; it was named Dokonimo, after the landing spot of the first explorers on that plane, Nowhere Islands. Lastly, Wright breached the plane and turned his Nirvana into a sphere, revealing he had salvaged several technologically-advanced cities on it. It became known as Autuun.

Then, talk turned to forming a seventh sphere, called Shi'iaqu. The Gods assumed it would be quick; Wright rebuffed that notion, revealing that Autuun had been growing for billions of years, and that making it into a sphere both drained him and endangered everyone else, requiring him to defy physics and reduce the sphere's gravity significantly. He did, however, mention he had a seed plane, left over from the Moonside Project after the Second Rapture forced him to abort it. He knew exactly what to do...


[Waitaminit... What's this "Shi'iaqu" crap?]
-Natas {10:01:59/01-01-2070}

[That would be the divine secrets. Off-limits to everyone.]
-Doctor Wright [Sysop] {**:**:**/**-**-****}

[Then, chummer... why are you showing it to me?]
-Natas {10:34:16/01-01-2070}

[Because it is an event that will change this world... change us all. And while I may craft it, only the mortals and their heroic or villainous deeds can give it history.]
-Doctor Wright [Sysop] {**:**:**/**-**-****}

[...Right... Chummer, have you been OD'ing on Robin Leach beetles, or are you off your "Drama Draught" today?]
-Natas [Banned] {11:00:23/01-01-2070}

[Mock me all you want, Natas. Take 24 hours off. I saw that thread equating me to 2g1c.]
-Doctor Wright [Sysop] {**:**:**/**-**-****}

*)Creation - 10:30, 21st Day of Maturation, 11th year after the Second Rapture(*

A quiet rumble accompanied the landscape as it vanished from the white timeless vapors of Creation. Usually, it was one of the 760,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 souls (give or take a few dozen trillion) that left for a new baby on another plane, but whole landscapes


not so much. Several souls wandering around it deliquesced with it, their faces registering mainly


terror as they were snatched from Creation for some unknown design. Then, others saw no

arise and aid your new home explore expand exploit exterminate

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