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The days of our lives by connor_wulf


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I keep forgetting to write this. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Formalities.

Ian smiled as he was once again hit in the gut by one of his attackers. Another boy was holding Ian's arms from behind, making sure Ian couldn't retaliate. This had been going on for 20 minutes already and was an usual occurance for the 3.
Ian was an average-sized 16 year old for his age, and had medium-short hair that was a light brown. People mostly picked fights with him at his highschool not because he was strong, but because he was resilient. No matter what happened to him, Ian just took the hits as if there was a barrier protecting him; the bruises and lacerations that came from the battles clearly showed that no barrier was present though, which made him all the more famous.
After another hour of being hit in the legs, stomach area, and sometimes the face, Ian felt the grip on his wrists loosen a little, big mistake on his aggressor's side. Ian quickly swiveled around and caught the boy's jaw with a right hook. Teeth and blood flew out of his mouth as he fell, distracting his partner further, not that Ian really minded much. As his other attacker was helping his friend, Ian just stood behind him with his flashy grin still on his face.
By the time Ian got home it was around 10:15 at night. As well-armored as Ian was, he knew the true pain in his life was just on the other side of the door in front of him; his own front door. Ian slowly took a few deep breaths and hoped that maybe, just this once of all the hundred times so far, his friend would be asleep. Before he could turn the doorknob though, the door flew open, pushing him backwards a good 4 feet in the process. When Ian finally retrieved his bearings he saw his Riolu, Cristal, scolding him like she was his mother.
"Do you know waht time it is young man?"
"I sit here, with nothing to do but worry about you and all these fights you get into! I mean look, you've even gone ahead and let them get you in the neck too."
"I don't want an exscuse as to why you did,
i just want you to not do it!"
Ian sighed out as the warm water from the shower washed over his battered body. Scars and bruises, new and old, riddled his body. It wasn't like he was a masochist or anything, injuries were just drawn to him. It was possible that all he was meant for was just to be a sparring dummy; to take hits and not give, it sounded so stupid. He barely even got into pokemon battles but People on earth just weren't interested these days. Some kid who was maybe 10 was trying to start the fad up again, but that was a region away.
Ian turned off the water and ran his hand through his hair to make sure it was all washed. Maybe, his life would amount to something greater... "Yeah right", and with that, Ian pulled on a pair of gym shorts and a grey shirt just to take 4 steps out of the bathroom and flop onto his bed next to his curled up Riolu.
"Meant for something greater..." echoed in Ian's mind as he also drifted off into the abyss of sleep.
Ian opened his eyes to find himself standing in a snowy forest. He was wearing a red hoodie, fingerless gloves, and black jeans. At first he had wondered what the hell he was doing, but now he was asking himself why he wasn't doing anything. This was his true state of peace. It was a place he would find himself while meditating, on this iconic cliffside bordered by trees. Usually the waves below were crashing loudly and the skies were black with thunder, lightning and rain. Before he could sit down on the white blanket of snow, he heard something slowly padding toward him. Turning around revealed the source of the noise to be a Ninetails.
"Hmm, this isn't at all what I expected this place to look like...Funny, I expected more rain." The Ninetails commented. From the soft, gentle tones in it's voice, Ian could guess that the Pokèmon was female; but that wasn't important. What was important was-
"How did you get here?"
The ninetails continued staring off the cliff like other countless times Ian has.
"Oh, me? I've always been here, hidden in your psycho-karma, aura, chi, whatever. Anyway, my name is Firaga, and I am what you can call a daemon guardian."
"Quite. Daemon guardians are assigned to those whom Arceas herself believes to deserve them. Each Guardian gives the host a new ability or skill; such as increased strength, pokemon attacks, different shields, and so on."
"So, Arceus, the GOD pokemon, just up and said 'Hey, let's hand out random powers!' ?" Ian retorted.
"You still haven't gotten through , huh? Ian, You are special, only 3 other humans get granted what you have, and 1 doesn't even know. At some point in life, you will have to chose, between your own life, and the life of the one you love. If you need my help or guidance I'm all in your head, just like a conscience."
"Wait!" Ian stopped the leaving guardian, "What about the powers?"
The Ninetails smiled a smile only canines with a muzzle like that could and replied, as non-chalant as before. "You'll need to unlock them or find them out yourself Ian. Once you do though, you'll also need to practice controlling them. You don't want to end up burning down people, do you?"
Ian tried running after the Ninetails disappearing into the fortress, "Wait! I can do that!? Hey!"
Ian now found himself runnning through the forest, something he had never actually done before. He had been running for what felt like days, but was really maybe half-an-hour at least. Suddenly he found himself in a clearing with a blue sphere in the middle. He immediately slowed down to a liesurely paced walk toward the sphere. Upon closer inspection he could make out what seemed to be a boy around his age inside the sphere. Ian reached toward the object and once his nad touched the surface the whole thing turned from a vibrant blue, to a blood red in an instant, as if his touch was poisonous. He took a step back and saw the boy's eye open, his iris a pitch black that seemed to envelop Ian, pulling him into a dark void that felt all too familiar, like sleep.
Ian woke up and for once he wasn't having to force himself to move. Hell, he wasn't the tiniest bit tired at all; if anything he was exploding with energy he had only imagined before. Without thinking, Ian quickly threw on black gym shorts and a grey tanktop and ran outside the door, leaving Cristal at the dining room table with the breakfast she prepared for them, left aside like yesterday's garbage.
Ian had never felt a rush like this before! He was running up walls and doing backflips off of them. He was doing alot of things that he otherwise couldn't, and that's when things went wrong. Ian was now on a rooftop. Cocky, he wanted to see if he could jump from one roof to the next, When suddenly it felt like he was floating in middair. He could see and hear that he wasn't moving but otherwise, he wasn't in control anymore.
"Hello again."
Ian groaned, the Ninetails had apparently taken over his body, pushing him into a subconcious position where he could watch and hear, but otherwise, the guardian was in control. After Ian's body was now on the ground again, he felt control return to him and saw the Daemon in front of him in a corporeal form. Instead of it's silky white, it was black, with some parts of it's body a dep red like it's eyes. Judging by how everyone was walking past normally, Ian guessed that maybe he was the only one that could see her.
"I have a name you know."
'You can hear my thoughts?' Ian asked in his mind.
'I told you, just like your conscience. You humans don't know how to keep your personal thoughts concealed due to insufficient training, so it's your fault if I see or hear something from you that I shouldn't. Anyway, to the point; You can't use all of these unexpected improvements 24/7, because with every attack or ability you use, the more energy your aura loses, leaving you vulnrable to more attacks.'
'Anything else?' Ian asked.
'Let me think. Well, there was that breakfast that your Riolu prepared for you.'
With that, Ian found himself sprinting back home at full speed. He would have a helluva lecture to deal with this morning. That thought was pushed a little to the side by a new thought though: If I truly was chosen by Arceus for something greater, what did that mean for Cristal's and my futures?

Chapter End Notes:It gets better, trust me.

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