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Meat The Family by penguinmayhem



For most guys, you can at least assume, the idea of getting your dick caught in a vice is something that causes immediate horror. Having something clamping down on your genitals far more tightly than they were ever designed for; it's just not a very pleasant mental image at all. Most guys would say that's just about the worst form of torture.

Obviously, most of those guys have never had an Eevee.

"Ah...ah...aaaahaaannnn..." the little brown girl pants as she wriggles in your lap. "Master, hold still! This is already hard enough!" Despite herself, she giggles at her own accidental innuendo.

She's right, too. It's hard having fun with Eevee. She may be an adorable little cuddly ball of affection, but when she gets in the bedroom mood, you know you're always in for a challenge, and so is your dick. You're not the most well-endowed guy in the whole world, no, but what you've got is satisfying enough, as far as you've seen. And it's still much more than Eevee's tender little three-and-a-half-foot body was ever designed for. You've enough trouble just managing to get two fingers into her far enough to find the really good spots, when she's getting in the mood somewhere not quite private. Trying to fit just the head of your meat inside her tiny little greyish slit, even with her help, is just...

"Oooooh, Master..."

Fuck it, it's hot.

You'd ask why the sudden bout of horniness, but you probably already know the answer. She may be content with a hug and a kiss and some very inappropriate petting for the most part, but sometimes even this innocent little thing just gets that urge. Sometimes, she's even more demanding than any of her sisters. Sometimes, the baby of the group just happens to have an appetite that even you can't satisfy.

Which is probably why you're right now risking being thrown out of one of the nicest restaurants you've ever been to by letting her ride your crotch.

Eevee moans again, her sweet little voice like the chiming of a crystal bell in your ears so clear and melodious. Even sitting in your lap like this, she has trouble reaching over the unreasonably high table to get at this magnificent spaghetti you ordered for her. It's like they deliberately seated you here just to spite her, the poor thing. The way people keep looking at her, in that pretty little blue sundress of hers and the cute teal beret you got for her just a few hours ago, it's as if they don't approve of her being here. Well nuts to them. If they don't like your little Eevee's fashion sense, they're clearly mad. Not only is it a fetching ensemble visually, the wispy blue is useful for hiding the lack of anything covering Eevee's soaking little tightness as it gradually gobbles your dick up a little at a time. And it just manages to be translucent enough to silhouette her deliciously petite, girlish figure when she stands in the light. You realise you're getting distracted again when Eevee pushes down into your lap yet again, trying to use her rather pitiful body weight (and failing) to impale herself on that big rod of hot male flesh.

"Stop fussing," you tell her in barely more than a whisper, because if she keeps this up then someone is bound to notice and have you thrown out. They may put up with her being here, but they certainly wouldn't take very kindly to such lewd behaviour in a public place.

"But Masterrrrrr," whines your lovely little charge, and she looks up at you with that pout of hers, sort of a mixture of selfish dissatisfaction and arousal, that only a girl as sweet and delicate as she could pull off. How can you be expected to resist such a thing?

You pinch one of her nipples through the fabric of her dress, so thin that it almost feels like it might rip under your fingertips, and you quickly disguise the action by reaching for your glass. Good thing you didn't order the wine after all. As you make for the glass, Eevee somehow covers the excited little squeal of pleasure with a needy, pleading sound that just manages to be even more dirty, and she makes a grab along with you. Unfortunately, she has to lean forward quite a bit to reach and...

With a sudden, stuttering gasp of breath, Eevee's red hot little pussy swallows the entire head of your cock in one last valiant gulp. If this is what a vice feels like, heaven must be a workshop. The flesh of Eevee's tiny little twat isn't soft and silky like most of her older sisters, it's taught and tight and so very smooth. The way it spasms around you isn't that talented, undulating rhythm that milks the very last drop from your balls, but an overstuffed mouth gnawing toothlessly on the end of your penis, trying desperately to fit more of you inside. She's stretched to her limit, in pain even, and you can feel the tension of her pinkish-gray flesh gripping so hard around your throbbing erection that it just plain hurts. But pain is just another kind of pleasure, right?

"Oh, Master!" Her voice lilts just a bit too high on that note, taking on a dreamy kind of light-headedness that makes you think she's going to pass out. At least she can't get any more of you in, or it might mean a very embarrassing trip to the Pokémon Center for both of you.

The waiter comes over at the absolute worst moment, of course, right as your load wells up inside and goes blasting into the depths of the overtaxed little pussy clamped around your cockhead. The bastard gives you the smuggest look, as if he deliberately waited till now.

"Are you ready to order dessert now, sir?" He looks at Eevee, now almost passed out in your lap, trying to catch her breath as sweat streams down her flushed, panting face.

"No thanks," you snark back at him with a winning smile. "She's just had hers."

Chapter End Notes:

Intended a sort of "evil younger sister" vibe with this one. Yes, the pseudo-incestuous undertones are deliberate.

Your discomfort pleases Eevee.

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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Sep 8 2013 Chapter:Potential
    Nice and hot. Although very short sadly. Keep it up!