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Sometimes, it's nice to have your own pool. To lounge outside in the sun all day, being lazy and letting the world pass you by. To watch the clouds float across that beautiful blue sky, and listen to the starlies whistling in the trees and the soft sound of the water lapping against the tiles with the wind.

With a sudden splash, the front of your gaudy beach shirt is doused with water. Vaporeon's head breaks the surface with a flutter, shaking the water from her frilled ear-fins and smiling contentedly up at you.

You check your watch.

"Forty-three minutes."

"A new record," the sapphire-skinned beauty proudly proclaims, peering up at you with sparkling eyes. The narrowed look and subtle smile she gives you let you know just what she's planning, not that you could do anything about it. "How about we try for a full hour?"

"I don't think I could last a whole hour," you tell her as you touch one of her delicate fin-like ears with just the tips of your fingers. The slightest brush brings a pleasured humming to her lips, and Vaporeon pays you back with her wet, pouting blue lips on the base of your cock, incredibly still hard after the good half a dozen loads she's sucked out of you today.

"Then perhaps it's about time I get something else out of you, Master." By now, you know that particular tone in her voice means you're in for a wild ride, so it's not such a surprise when Vaporeon's legs emerge from the water with a twist of her lithe, agile body and find purchase against your inflatable pool lounger. It's a good thing she's so lightweight. With little more than a splash and a shower of water across your sunglasses, you find your head is suddenly between Vaporeon's splendid blue thighs just as expected, and there's not a hand's breadth from your nose to the almost invisible slit of the watery girl's cunny.

As if to motivate you into action, Vaporeon practically inhales your by now slightly tender hardon with a natural ease. It's like stuffing your cock into a water balloon, so very wet and slippery, just warm enough around your loins to be stimulating. When she begins to suck, the fluid motion around your member is so sensational that no matter how spent you might be, you can't help but feel another orgasm starting to rise up inside.

You know what your girl wants, though. The surface of her ass is perfectly smooth, almost frictionless under your touch, and still soaking wet from her morning-long dip in the pool. Her skin itself seems to exude a sort of watery yet not-quite-water that, you've discovered, taste quite bland but makes an incredible lubricant. And when you smack Vaporeon's impeccably toned buttocks, it also makes a most satisfying wet slapping sound to go with the excited shiver that runs up her spine and makes the frill around her neck flicker prettily.

Vaporeon certainly is enthusiastic when it comes to sucking you off, as her current performance proves. However, when it's her turn, it takes a much softer touch to get this lovely oceanic babe off. You've got to be gentle when you peel the pouting, tight-pressed lips of her pussy apart to display the deep ultramarine flesh within, as just the softest touch makes her moan around your cock like a vibrating fleshlight. It's almost too stimulating for words. When you do manage to get that slit as wide apart as it'll reasonably go and expose her gloriously blue petals to the world, you get a tremendous glob of oil oozing right out to drip onto your face with a messy splat. Much like her skin's natural oil, but this stuff is usually just a bit thicker and incredibly flavourful, delighting your tongue with that strange mixture of cool minty zest and a salty, fleshy taste.

The more you press Vaporeon's ravenously drooling cunt open, the more her thighs tremble around your head. Teasing her delicate yet mouth-wateringly tender blue petals apart, you slowly expose the very innermost walls of her pussy to your eyes, peeling back the slippery flesh a little at a time with feather-light strokes of your fingertips. Your balls tighten at the sound of her watery moans as you tease this defenceless beauty into an orgasmic fury. Her thighs begin to grip your head, and press in on your skull in a way that's almost threatening. If you didn't have her passionate, hungry mouth vacuuming on your cock, you would almost guess she'd want you to stop.

From what experience you've had over the years, it's not built quite the same way. For one thing, there's no delightful little fleshy button for you to attack with your tongue to get her to squeal for mercy. Vaporeon's cunt is more like just a plain old slot, but it's a very wet slot, and the walls of her tunnel are warm and almost pillowy-soft, showing quite a bit of give at your touch. Having such an elastic pussy helps, as you don't think you'd fit in a hole that small normally.

If anything, Vaporeon is much easier to please than some of the girls you've met in your travels. Just rubbing the tender azure flesh of her inner cunt makes her shudder with ecstasy and cover your entire arm and most of your face and chest with her copious emissions, like a waterfall of sweet, minty goo.

When you actually start to push a single finger into the almost invisible hole buried underneath those overlapping folds, her watery saliva jets from around your rigid cock with a startled gasp, and the poor tormented girl has to tear herself away from her expert blowjob in order to keep from biting you in a very unpleasant place. You can feel her fold her ankles behind your head and pull your face into her loins demandingly, crushing the smooth mound of her cunt right against your nose.

All you can do is eat. It's difficult to breathe with Vaporeon riding your face so enthusiastically, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable to scoop the increasingly thick goop right out of her twat and let it ooze its way down your throat with a satisfying tingle. The squeezing of her sturdy thighs against your skull just makes you attack her even more viciously than before, just to hear her wailing and gasping and spluttering above you as she thrashes so hard that you're forced underwater more than once.

You know that you've pushed her over the edge when the slick oily fluid turns to a frothy, foamy mess that bubbles into your open mouth straight out of her salty blue pussy, so thick you can almost chew on it. Vaporeon's body locks up into a climactic howl of pleasure for you don't even know how long...

And then you're above the surface again, and she's collapsed on top of you, her thighs around your neck and her magnificent bottom almost stuck right in your face, and those fabulously full blue boobs of hers squashed against your stomach. You must have her juices all over your face, all over your chest, and your dick is still so hard you could break a metapod with it, pressed against the side of Vaporeon's lovely face while she huffs cool breaths over your balls...but you don't care.

Sometimes, it's just nice to relax.

Chapter End Notes:

Effervescence: adj.
1 - (of a liquid) Giving off bubbles; fizzy.
2 - Vivacious and enthusiastic.

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