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Meat The Family by penguinmayhem



Is this Hell?

Your body aches. Your mind is swimming. You're going to pass out at any moment, you can feel it. It feels like it's been days since you had any rest at all. You're sweating from exertion just as much as from the unnatural heat. Your lips are dry, your muscles sore and heavy, and your heart pounding in your chest like it's trying to escape. You can't possibly keep this up much longer.

"Breed me, Master. Put it all inside."

Her voice is heavy and rough, but she's clearly taking this much better than you are. This girl has more stamina than you know what to do with. Keeping it up isn't something you have any say over any more.

Flareon's not a gentle lover, and she's demonstrating that fact most enthusiastically right now by pounding her hips down into your lap repeatedly, crushing your fragile human body with the power of her impressively muscled thighs and her broad, sturdy pelvis. Her scarlet furred back ripples with each downward stroke, sweat glistening over musculature potent yet modestly pronounced. Most of it is obscured by the bushy off-white explosion that is the creature's tail, its narrow tip flicking and swaying and swishing close to your face as you lay beneath her gasping for breath.

Once more, the fiery body crashes down against you with an obscene wet slapping of flesh on slick flesh. The undulating folds of Flareon's pussy suckle greedily at your length like an impatient mouth, stimulating you far more than necessary, desperate to force every last drop out of you and into the uncomfortably warm depths of the inhuman girl's brawny body. In any other situation, having a pussy this talented sucking on your dick would be something to look forward to, an event to cherish and enjoy for every second it lasts.

Right now, you just want to pass out.

Flareon slams herself onto you again and again as if she's trying to hit some itching spot deep within with the piercing rod of your prick. How you've managed to maintain such an erection for so long is a mystery, but she's certainly taking advantage of it and milking you for all you're worth in the most literal sense. Tossing her head like the animal she truly is, the orange-hued girl lets out a cry of furious, burning lust that turns into a proper canine howl somewhere along the way. Her cunt seems to get even warmer around you, even though that's probably impossible. Her body presses down atop you so urgently, so needy, desperate to bury every single bit of you inside her and never let go.

At last, despite your utter disbelief, there comes a sudden surge of heat from inside for a change. A tingling rush up the length of your prick erupts into an explosion of seed somewhere so deep inside your lover's belly that it's sure to do the work she seems to want from you. The feeling of that slippery whiteness jetting inside of her seems to douse the fire of Flareon's incessant lust, and her howling becomes a softly crooning whine of satisfaction.

Almost as exhausted as you, the large young woman comes crashing down like a tree falling in slow motion, descending atop you until she's lying sprawled over your chest, the tuft of long whitish hair upon her head tickling your face. You can summon up just enough strength to lift your head, far enough to look down over her shoulder to see the healthy swell of her perfectly palm-sized red breasts thrust up into the air, pertly shaped upon her trim chest. You can't see much past there. You can't see where your cock is still buried inside her, pumping your semen into her even now, your orgasm stretched out unnaturally long by the sheer rampant, merciless fucking you've been subjected to over the past...hours? Days? Week?

"Thank you, Master," the fiery girl says in as close to a whisper as she ever gets, her chest heaving with her breath. A hand on your head lovingly presses your face into the voluminous cream mane that surrounds her neck like an extravagant fur collar, and the smell of her fills your mind.

For a long while indeed, neither of you speak. You can feel your heartbeat slowly returning to your normal, your lungs refilling despite the weight pressing down atop you, and your body begins to tingle all over as sensation returns to your limbs and...well, everything besides your dick. After what feels like hours, you notice even Flareon seems to be falling asleep, her breathing shallower and steady, her body almost feels just a little bit cooler now.

"So," you whisper back at her, hoping not to disturb her. Maybe she has fallen asleep and you can just roll her off and escape. "That was a lot of fun, but I think I need a shower now."

"Shower?" At that word, the inhuman powerhouse jerks upright again, apparently reinvigorated by her very brief nap. "What are you talking about, Master? We're only on to round four!"

This IS Hell.

Chapter End Notes:

It's not the one I intended, but it's better than nothing.

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