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Pokemon - New Beginnings by CursedKey


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Chapter 20 - The Tournament Begins!

The sound of distant Pidgeys pulled Ash back into the world of the living and away from a dream involving him, May and the hot springs of Lavaridge Town. He remained in the afterglow of slumber for a moment before he opened his eyes. As he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, he suddenly felt a strange sensation around his crotch. Surprised, he threw open the covers and was shocked to find May, his girlfriend since two days, had pulled down his pajama pants to his knees and was now firmly stroking his member with a sly grin.

 “May! What are you doing?!” he cried before hissing slightly as the brunette girl squeezed his dick in a particularly pleasant way.

“Why, I’m giving you a wake-up call, of course!” she grinned as she continued her work.

“Today is the first day of the tournament and I couldn’t just let you go with a morning wood like that, could I?”

And with that, she started to rapidly pump her fist up and down his member, which reached full mast in no time at all. Ash hissed loudly and squeezed his eyes shut as he slammed his head back on his pillow. May’s soft hands were squeezing, pumping and rubbing him in ways he hadn’t experienced before and he made a mental note to definitely turn this into a morning routine.

After giving him a hand job for a short while, May brought her head closer to his rod, a look of mixed anxiety and curiosity on her face.

“B-Besides… I’ve been wanting to try something out…” she mumbled as she stopped her pumping motions.

“Whatever you’re doing… please don’t stop! This feels amazing!” Ash groaned, causing May to smile. She loved making him feel good, and this next move she had planned would only make him feel better!

“Just… Just warn me, when you’re close…” she whispered into his ear before she brought her face to his rod. Looking at his tip, she licked her lips once before wrapping them around his member. Ash’s eyes popped open as he felt the warm wetness of May’s mouth envelop him.

He groaned loudly as May began to gingerly suck on his member, alternating between long, languid licks and swirling her tongue over his tip. May grinned at him, pleased that Ash enjoyed what she was doing, before she set off into a rhythm, bobbing her head up and down his member. Given the fact that Ash’s rod was pretty long, and that May had never given a blowjob before, she could only take in a relatively small section of him before her gagging reflexes kicked in, forcing her to back up.

Nevertheless, Ash was on cloud nine as his girlfriend continued experimenting with his member in her mouth. May on the other hand was pleasantly surprised when she found out she wasn’t repulsed by the taste of his rod. She’d never fancied the idea of putting a penis in her mouth, for Arceus’ sake, Ash peed through that thing! But… For some reason, she didn’t mind the taste at all.

Besides… Misty had given him a blowjob before, and May wasn’t about to give her an advantage like that!

Giving it her all, May continued bobbing up and down Ash’s rod as he trembled under her treatment.  The feeling of her hot wet mouth squeezing his dick, combined with her tender hands stroking him and fondling his balls... It quickly became too much for him to handle. In his mind’s eye, Ash saw flashes of the wet dream he had had all those weeks ago. He hadn’t dared to dream it would actually turn into reality one day, but here he was, rapidly approaching orgasm as his beautiful girlfriend gave him the blowjob of his life.

He had started bucking his hips… He couldn’t remember when… Only that which each thrust, he came closer to the end. Then, he shattered.

With a loud moan, Ash cried out May’s name loudly as he shot several thick strands of his seed deep into her mouth, catching the young girl completely by surprise as the salty taste invaded her senses. In his orgasm, Ash had taken a hold of her head and she was forced to simply wait as his member twitched several times, adding the last few drops to the already impressive load in her mouth.

“Arceus above, May… That was amazing!” Ash gasped. He had his eyes clenched shut as he took heaving breaths of air. Sweat covered his exposed legs and crotch, while dark stains formed on his pajama shirt. Meanwhile, a flushed May managed to free herself from his gasp, taking his rapidly softening member out of her mouth. She shuddered as she felt the thick gooey texture of his sperm go down her throat as she swallowed.

“Gah! Ash, you bastard!” she coughed as an angry blush covered her face. “I told you to warn me when you were getting close!”

“Oh god May, I’m so sorry!” Ash gasped as he raised himself up into a sitting position and took May’s face in his hands. “I-… I don’t know what happened to me… It just felt so good! I-… I just lost it…”

“Please, forgive me… You’re right, I should’ve warned you.” Ash lamented. He pressed a quick kiss on May’s lips which the brunette suddenly deepened, pushing her tongue into his mouth. Ash repressed a shudder as he noticed a faint salty taste in her mouth that hadn’t been there before. When they both ran out of air, May released her hold on him as they both drew back gasping.

“I’ll let it slide this time… But if you do anything like that again, there’ll be hell to pay Mr. Ketchum!”  She threatened with a mischievous grin. “But I’m glad you enjoyed your wake-up call. Who knows, if you do well in the tournament I might be inclined to do this more often…”

“Some extra motivation, eh? Guess I’ll have to really give it my all in the tournament today then!” Ash grinned. “I love you, May.”

“And I love you, Ash… Now, come on! Let’s get a quick shower and some breakfast, you’ve got a big day ahead of you!” May said as she got out of bed. On her way to the adjacent bathroom, she wiggled herself out of her pajamas, giving Ash a brilliant view of her luscious swaying ass. He could just make out a wetness between her legs as she stepped into the bathroom. With his member already hardening again, Ash quickly followed her into the shower, throwing his sweat-stained pajama shirt in the corner along the way.


Meanwhile, under the bed they had both occupied only minutes ago, a small yellow figure could be seen. There, lying in a fetal position with his paws rammed into his ears was Pikachu.  As cries of pleasure soon overtook the sound of running water coming from the bathroom, the electric rodent made a mental note to get a room of his own. He did NOT want to hear his best friend, ‘going at it’, as the humans called it, ever again…


At the same time, in the room opposite of Ash and May’s hotel room, Misty was wide awake.

She, too, was lying in a fetal position, as she pressed her pillow around her head in hopes of blocking her ears. So far, it wasn’t helping…

“I guess nobody told them the walls in here are practically made of paper…” Max mumbled from the other bed close to her. He mirrored her actions and for him the pillow didn’t work either.

 “I hope they don’t plan on waking us up like this for the entire tournament…” he groaned. Misty turned around to face him with a questioning look in her eyes.

“When did you become such a prude? As I recall, you didn’t seem to mind your sister having sex yesterday. Heck, you even fucked her yourself!”

Max groaned. “I know! But… Yesterday was different…”

“Oh, because yesterday, you were horny yourself?”

“As I recall, it was YOU who was desperate to get off!” Max shot back. “But… let’s… Let’s just drop it… May is my sister, and she’s with Ash now. I’m not going to be the one standing between them.” Misty scoffed, frowning her eyebrows.


If you won’t… then I will…




The red haired girl groaned as she could hear Ash and Misty shouting and moaning through the wall louder than ever before.

“Urgh. Max! Turn around, and no peeking! I need to get out of here…” she groaned as she got out of bed. She quickly dropped her nightgown before pulling on a pair of yellow panties and a yellow bra. She chose a dark blue t-shirt which featured a Corsola design and finished by stepping into a pair of denim shorts. Turning around, she saw Max had dutifully averted his eyes and smiled.

“I’ll be down in the lobby if you need me. Don’t forget the tournament starts at 11!”

“I won’t… See you then!” Max mumbled timidly as she stepped out into the hall and closed the door behind her.


 “Hmmmm, five more minutes mom!” Dawn groaned as she slowly returned to the world of the living.

“Good morning to you too, sleepyhead!” Zoey chimed affectionately. With a slight groan of effort, she raised herself up into a sitting position, a feat made quite difficult by her large stomach.

“Oh, hey Zoey… Good morning…” Dawn mumbled as she stretched herself and yawned. “How do you feel?”


“You don’t say!” Dawn snorted in sarcasm.

“Pregnant, and ready to have this baby!” she said in mock annoyance. She looked at her blue-haired girlfriend lying next to her, noticing her surprisingly flat stomach.

“Well, it looks like at least one of us managed to lose some weight last night!” she joked. Dawn looked puzzled until she caught her meaning and looked at her stomach herself.

“Ah! I guess so!” the young girl chimed happily. “I suppose Dragonite cum dissipates after a while… Sure feels good to have my old stomach back again!”

“Stop it Dawn, you’re making me jealous!” Zoey joked playfully. It would be some time still before her own stomach would return to anything that resembled normal.

“You know… May kind of cornered me in the ladies’ room yesterday… She thought I was pregnant too!” Dawn mentioned as she stared at the ceiling, her hands folded behind her head.

“Well, truth be told, you looked the part!” Zoey giggle. Suddenly, she gasped and brought her hand to her stomach.

“What is it?”

“Oh, nothing… It’s just the little guy kicking around a bit.”
“Little guy? You think it’s going to be a boy?”

“I dunno… Just a feeling I’ve been having… Hey, want to feel him?” Zoey offered as she hoisted up her shirt, baring her enormous stomach.

“Oh… sure!” Dawn mumbled, awestruck. Slowly, almost reverently, she scooted closer to her redheaded girlfriend and placed her hand on her stomach.


*bump bump*


“Wow! I… I can feel him!” Dawn laughed as she clearly felt a few bumps beneath her palm. “Feisty one, isn’t he? He’s kicking around a lot in there…”

“Yeah, he’s been doing that in the morning lately… I guess he’s just as eager to come out as I am!” Zoey smiled warmly, her eyes practically radiating affection.

“If you put your ear here… You can hear his heartbeat… Want to try it?”

“Of course!” the blue-haired coordinator agreed, placing her ear gently on the warm flesh of Zoey’s stomach.




“Amazing…” Dawn mumbled as she got up again. Smiling, she enveloped Zoey in a hug and kissed her on the lips.

“Hmmmmm, love you too, hun…” Zoey murmured. “Now, come on… Let’s get ready. It’s 9:30 and the boys are starting their tournament in less than two hours!”

“Right!” Dawn confirmed as the two girls got out of bed and dressed themselves, ready for the first day of the tournament to begin.


As a giant clock sounded 11 o’clock in the distance, May, Misty and the other girls of Ash’s group settled themselves in their stadium seats. Below them, in the center ring, Ash, Max and Ritchie stood. Joining them were more than 50 other trainers, all of them just as determined and skilled as they were. Both Pikachu and Sparky were almost literally bursting with eagerness as they sat on their respective trainer’s shoulder.

Standing before him, his back turned to them as he addressed the crowds, was Charles Goodshow, the elderly president of the Pokemon League. He had just finished lighting a huge fire with the Moltres flame he always carried with him. The tournament had officially started and he wished all the participating trainers the best of luck. All participants then turned towards a huge TV screen that lined the edge far wall of the stadium, on screen the tournament’s ladder was shown and one-by-one trainers were placed on the board.


“Oh, I hope Ash and Max don’t end up against each other right in the first round!” May groaned. “I have no idea who I’m supposed to root for!”
“That should be easy, shouldn’t it?” Misty chimed in as she eyed the sorting ceremony with great interest. “Isn’t Ash your boyfriend? Of course you should be rooting for him!”

“Yes, Ash is my boyfriend!” May affirmed with a slight blush. “But Max is my brother, and he has been working just as hard to achieve this! I don’t want either of them to lose!”

“Whatever…” Misty mumbled in response. “Ah! Look! Do you see that? They’re not put up against each other just yet.”

“Oh, thank Arceus…” May sighed. Sure enough, when the sorting had finished Ash, Max and Ritchie were in three completely different groups.

“Wow! Look at that! Ash is up in the first match!” Dawn cried out as she pointed towards the screen.

“All right Ash! Show ‘em what you got!” Zoey shouted and cheered. Soon she was joined by the other girls as Ash made his way to one end of the arena while his opponent, a lanky teenager from Unova, made his way towards the other end.

When they were in position and ready for battle, the stadium’s speakers blared to life as a short-statured announcer took to the stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please… Introducing, from the far reaches of Kanto we bring you: he whose wit is sharper than his claws, whose mouth is quicker than a Quick Attack and he who’s been nominated for this year’s “Best Battle Commentator” award… Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you… MEOWTH!”


“Meowth, that’s right!” the cat Pokemon shouted into his microphone as he jumped up on the stage. Ash could feel his jaw drop as his eyes widened. He couldn’t believe his eyes… Meowth was here! The same Meowth who had, time and again, tried to steal Pikachu away from him! And now here they met again, only this time Meowth seemed to be a completely different person. He was wearing a very nice tuxedo, as well as a pair of shades and he seemed to really enjoy playing the part of showman as he shouted into his microphone.

“Is that… Oh my god, it is! That’s Meowth down there, from Team Rocket!” May cried out.

“No way! Is that really him?” Misty wondered. Then, she quickly slapped herself in the face. “Of course it’s really him… He’s the only talking Meowth on the planet!”

“But, what’s he doing here? Do you think he’s going to try and steal Pikachu again?” Zoey asked in a worried tone. “Does this mean Jessie and James are around here somewhere too?!”


“Oh, such excellent detective skills, my little twerp!” a mocking female voice commented from the pathway behind the girls. Almost as one, with a puffing Zoey following a split second later, the girls turned around to find Jessie and James standing behind them.

“What the hell are you two doing here?!” all five girls shouted as one as they took on a battle-ready stance, Pokeballs in hand. In one fluid motion, Jessie and James took each other by the hand and twirled around before striking a pose.


To protect your events from starvation!

To feed all people within our nation!



Roquet Catering works day and night!

We’ll feed you good, now don’t you fright!

That’s right!


As they finished their routine, Misty and the gang were all staring at them with eyes as wide as dinner plates.

“W-what…? What was THAT supposed to mean?” a stunned Misty was able to stutter out.

“Why, my fair lady, we’ve turned over a new leaf!” James explained with a theatrical wave of his hand.

“Yeah right! This wouldn’t be the first time you guys ‘turned over a new leaf’…” Misty replied defiantly. With a click of her finger, she enlarged the Pokeball in her hand, preparing to unleash her water Pokemon on the duo before her.

“Wait! Hear us out for a second, this time, we’re for real!” Jessie chimed in. She was joined in by a very passionate James in a flash.

“Yes! We haven’t been a member of Team Rocket for four years now!”
“And, instead, we set up the catering company that’s feeding this entire tournament!”

“And look at Meowth… I gotta say he’s doing pretty damn well as a battle commentator!”

Misty and the girls didn’t know what to say. For years, Team Rocket had been the bane of their existence... They had tried to steal their Pokemon more times than any of the girls could remember. Yet, here they were, dressed in stylish civilian clothing and with the dreaded red ‘R’ nowhere in sight.

Could it actually be possible that they had changed their wicked ways?


Suddenly, May lowered her hand and relaxed out of her battle-ready position as her Pokeball shrunk back to its inactive state.

“All right, Team Rocket… I believe you…” she said, causing Misty to suck in a sharp breath of air.

“May?! Are you crazy?” she hissed angrily. “Did you forget what these guys have done to us over the years?”

“I didn’t forget Misty.” May assured her, crossing her arms in front of her. “I don’t know about you, but Jessie and James haven’t bothered me in years! Have they bothered you, Misty?”

“N-no… they haven’t…” Misty mumbled, suddenly realizing it had indeed been more than 5 years since she last encountered the terrible trio.  Even though a part of her didn’t want to acknowledge it, deep down she knew May was right.

“Well, if May thinks they deserve another chance… I agree.” Iris joined in, giving a warm smile to Jessie and James, who seemed to lighten up with every girl who chose their side.

“I dunno… What do you think, Zo?”  Dawn asked her fiery redhead friend. Zoey, who had remained seated but still showed a remarkable amount of fighting spirit, looked at Jessie and James with a nasty look on her face. “I dunno Dawn… You’re asking me to trust people who’ve made a living on stealing other people’s Pokemon away from them” she said, her eyes burning with badly-disguised disgust. “But…” she continued, weighing her words carefully, “what May says is right; they haven’t bothered me in years. For your sake, if you trust them… I will too.” Dawn nodded in understanding. “All right Zo…” she murmured before turning to Jessie and James. “Seems like we all believe you Team Ro-… erhm, I mean, Jessie and James… I hope you’ll keep your word this time.”

Jessie and James smiled warmly and bowed in gratitude. “Thank you, you won’t regret it.” James said. “In fact, part of the reason we came here was to invite you for dinner, at our restaurant in the village!” Jessie joined in with a laugh.

Slightly taken aback, the girls ended up accepting the ex-Rocket’s offer, though they left the when and how of their dinner open. When Jessie and James had finally left to take of their catering duties, Misty and the others quickly returned their attention to the battle that was being fought down in the arena.


“That was… awkward.” Misty mumbled in retrospect, as her eyes followed Ash’s Infernape down in the arena as it duked it out against a Krookodile at least twice his size.

“No kidding… I never thought I’d see those guys again, not after all these years!” May agreed.

“You said it, and they looked so different too!” Dawn joined in. “I wonder if they’ll stay on the good side of the law this time…”

“Hmpf!” snorted Zoey. “I hope they will, for their sake! If I catch them stealing someone else’s Pokemon again, there’ll be hell to pay!”

“Oh c’mon Zoey! I think they’ll pull through this time!” Dawn laughed and gave a slight bump to her girlfriend’s shoulder.

“Guys, look!” May suddenly shouted, drawing their attention to the match immediately. “Ash is in trouble! I don’t think Infernape can keep going much longer!”

Sure enough, down in the arena, Infernape was running on his last legs. But saying Ash was in trouble was quite the overstatement. In this three-on-three battle, Ash still had all three of his Pokemon, while his opponent was down to his last hope: an outright huge Krookodile. Infernape was down to his last breath and Krookodile’s last attack had pushed him beyond exhaustion. Exactly what Ash had been waiting on.

“All right Infernape, enough fooling around! Time to finish this… OVERHEAT!”

In a blaze of fire, Infernape cried out in rage and followed his trainer’s command. The massive fireball that followed hit Krookodile hard in the stomach, knocking the air out of him and slamming him into the arena walls. When the dust settled, neither Pokemon were left standing. Infernape’s Overheat attack had taken the last of his energy, but in doing so he had taken down Krookodile and secured their victory.

“There ya have it, folks! In a stunning double knock-out, Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town secures his place in the next round!” Meowth shouted into the microphone as the stadium exploded in cheers.

“And what an amazing match it was! I always knew the twerp had some skills, but this?!”

Meanwhile, May, Misty and the rest of the girls were shouting and cheering as well.

“He won, he won! That was amazing!” May shouted as she pumped her fist into the air.

“Did you ever doubt it?” Misty cried out in laughter. “He didn’t spend 5 years in solitude just to lose in the first round!”

“Wow… He sure looks a lot different than before…” Dawn said as the cheering died down. “Just look at him. He’s so relaxed and sure of himself… It’s almost as if he became a completely different trainer these past few years!”


Down in the arena, Ash quickly woke Infernape up with a small dose of Revive and he helped him up into a sitting position.

“Excellent work buddy, you sure showed them who’s the boss around here!” he said as he patted the fiery monkey on the shoulder. “Sorry about that Overheat though… You know I don’t like to use it, but I didn’t have a choice.” Infernape stood up and stretched his aching muscles before he turned around and looked at Ash. A victorious grin was on his face as he raised a thumbs-up to his trainer.

“All right! Infernape, return! We’re done for today.” Ash smiled and recalled his Pokemon.

When he was called to the center of the stage a few seconds later, he shook the hand of his opponent with a smile. The first victory was in the bag, and he had no intention of stopping there!


“Now that’s what I call an impressive opening match, twerp!” Meowth’s Brooklyn accent caught his attention. “Then again, I always knew ya’d make it big! That’s why we were always afta’ that Pikachu o’ yours after all!”

“Yeah… About that. It’s good to see you on the good side for a change.” Ash replied with a slight grin.

“You ARE on the good side this time… right?”

“Course I am! Haven’t stolen a dime in 5 years, ever since that Unova League you joined, actually.”

“Good to hear! And I see you’re not doing too shabby in the commentating business!”

“Yeah! Turns out walkin’ talkin’ Meowth don’t exactly come ‘round often. They pay me and I’m sure as hell having fun. Job of a lifetime I tell ya!” Meowth finished as Ash and his opponent joined him in the middle of the arena.

With a flick of his paw, Meowth activated his microphone again, causing his voice to echo through the entire arena.

“Ladies an’ gentlemen, there you have it! Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town has beaten Don Carter from Driftveil City! Give it up for both of them!”

The entire stadium exploded in cheers as Ash laughed out loud and waved at his newly-gained fan base. In the end, though, he only had eyes for one girl. May was sitting there among the audience, surrounded by their friends. Tears of joy were in her eyes as she applauded his first victory. His first victory of many…


Chapter End Notes:

So Team Rocket, well, technically the late Team Rocket, joins the fun! I wanted to include Jessie, James and Meowth in one way or the other, but at this point in the story adding any antagonists wouldn't fit for what I have planned.

Will they come back after this cameo appearance? Possibly.

For now, the tournament has finally started. so the following few chapters will include, among other things, a few juicy Pokemon battles ;)

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