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Disclaimer: All characters, settings, and related material are the property of their respective owners, Pokemon character names are trademarks of Nintendo. All characters in this story are above the age of consent. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 22 - The Semi-Finals: An Eventful Morning



“What… No foreplay?” Ash murmured as he opened his eyes, letting in the light of a new day. Sitting on his lap, her panties pulled aside, was May.

“Nope! I let you sleep in today, so there’ll be no pleasantries this time around!” she chimed.

With a grin, she lowered herself on top of his hardened member, taking his entire length within her with a pleasured moan. Ash groaned loudly and grasped her by the hips.

“You call THIS no pleasantries?” Ash grinned as he gently guided May into a steady rhythm, going up and down his shaft as her inner muscles clenched around it, already trying to squeeze him into submission. Ash wasn’t planning on cumming any time soon though. For May, he always wanted to give it his all and make sure he wasn’t the only one being satisfied.

With determination in his eyes, the black haired boy let go of his girlfriend’s hips before guiding his hands towards her breasts. Taking hold of her pajama shirt, he gently rolled the piece of cloth up until May’s breasts were out in the open. She moaned appreciatively as he grasped her mounds in his hands and firmly squeezed them.

“Hmmm, I love it when you do that Ash…” she moaned. As a sort of carnal thank-you, she squeezed her hips slightly, putting more pressure on his erection within her body, earning her another groan.

“And I love it when you’re on top love… you’re so damn tight!” he admired with a gasp.

He continued to squeeze and fondle her breasts as she grinded her hips in slow circles. Ash couldn’t help but admire May’s stunning beauty as she towered above him. The soft morning light almost seemed to make her glow and the bed sheets, which May hadn’t bothered to throw back yet, clung to her like an elegant robe. The fact that she hadn’t even taken the time to take off her panties before mounting him only added to his excitement. Arceus, he loved this girl!

Before long, Ash raised himself into a sitting position, placing his hands on the small of May’s back and taking one of her nipples into his mouth. This caused the brunette to shriek out in pleasure and increase her rhythmic thrusting.

“Ash… ASH! I-… I-… I LOVE YOU!” she cried out loudly as she came, clenching her thighs as her fluids drenched his balls. Deep within her body, her inner muscles firmly contracted around his member, giving Ash the last push towards his own orgasm.

“May… OH GODS, MAY!” he cried as he felt himself erupt. With a final set of five thrusts he blasted his seed into his girlfriend’s heated core. It wasn’t until he came down from his orgasmic high that he noticed that he had been wearing a condom. With a relieved sigh, he concluded that May must’ve put it on him before he even woke up.

Gasping loudly, their bodies all hot and sweaty, both lovers lay back down and cuddled up together in the afterglow of their lovemaking. May draped her left leg over him as she rested her bosom on his chest, laying her head in the crook of his neck. Ash didn’t bother with pulling himself out of her and May didn’t seem to mind either, so they left things be in pleasant silence.

“So… To what did I owe that excellent wake-up call, love?” Ash murmured after a few minutes as he lazily stroked May’s hair.

“Well… For one, you were poking me again when I woke up…” she chuckled affectionately. “I couldn’t just let you carry on like that, could I?”

“Oh come on, May… You’ve been using that excuse every morning for the past 2 weeks!” he laughed, pressing a kiss on her forehead. “Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I just never thought you would be this horny!”
“What can I say, Ash Ketchum… You bring out the best in me!” May shot back as she snaked her arm around his neck and enveloped him in a heated kiss. Her tongue quickly found its way past his teeth and into his mouth, where it was soon twisting and swirling around with Ash’s own tongue in a passionate dance. Unconsciously, Ash let his hands roam all over her body again as he lost himself in the brunette’s loving embrace. Deep within her, May could feel her boyfriend’s member hardening again, despite the fact that his previous release had only been mere minutes ago.

“Hmmmm. I say we hit the shower and get on with round 2… how about you?” Ash murmured when they were both out of breath. It took May a quite visible amount of trouble, but in the end she untangled herself from Ash’s embrace and scooted over to her half of the bed.

“As much as I’d love to, Ash… It’s not going to happen, not this morning anyway.”

“Oh, why not? That kiss had me looking forward to it you know!” Ash joked, putting up an exaggerated pout, coupled with a poor attempt at puppy dog eyes.

“Well, for one…” May started, inching closer to Ash again as her voice changed ever so sweetly. “For one, you’ve have a semifinal match to in two hours. Against my brother, remember?”

“How could I forget? He’s been quite smug about his Quarter Final victory in the past two days!” Ash chuckled, very aware of the fact that today marked his most important match so far, against Max, of all people!

“Still, two hours is plenty of time for one more round?” he pressed on, flashing her with his best attempt at puppy dog eyes.

“Yes, it would be.” May admitted sweetly. “But that condom you’re wearing is the last one we had! So, as much as I’d love to continue this in under the shower, it’s going to have to wait until I restock later today!”

“Aw man! Did we really go through all those condoms already?” Ash groaned with a slight blush. Sure, they had been pretty active during the two weeks the Battle of the Champions tournament had lasted so far, but THAT active?

“Yeah, we have. Though, I kind of suspect my brother had a hand in this as well… I didn’t count them, but I’m definitely sure we didn’t use everything ourselves!”

“What? You think Max took a few of our condoms? Why would he?”

“I dunno… Maybe he’s secretly hooked up with Misty?” May pondered as she put her hands behind her head. “Arceus knows she could use his company… She seems so quiet and distant lately…”

“Really? Strange… I never noticed…” Ash pondered.

“That’s because the only things you’ve ‘noticed’ these past 2 weeks were your Pokemon battles and my boobs!” May giggled, causing her breasts to jiggle slightly, grabbing Ash’s eyes immediately.

“Hmmmm, maybe you’re right… Guilty as charged!” he confessed with a smirk. “I can’t help it, though. You’re just too beautiful to resist!”

“Thank you, Ash…” May smiled as she swelled with pride over his admiration. She was about to close the distance between them for a kiss when she noticed the time from the corner of her eye.


“Ash, I think we should get going now! The semifinals aren’t going to wait and you need to be prepared!” May gasped with a jolt.

“Damn! You’re right! I’ll have to hurry if I don’t want to be late!” Ash cried out as he jumped out of bed and raced his way over to the bathroom. “Do you want to join me under the shower or not?” he called back as May heard the sound of running water.

“No thanks! I’d just slow you down! I’ll shower later and see you at the arena, okay?” She answered, taking a sitting position when she heard a vague confirmation coming from Ash in the bathroom. Looking down, she unrolled her pajama shirt back over her chest and slid her panties back over her pussy, trying to ignore the tingling feeling between her thighs as she did so.

She laid herself down again and stared at the ceiling, lost in thought. The tournament had been going on for two weeks and, so far, Ash, Max and Ritchie had all succeeded in reaching the semifinals. In a cruel twist of fate Max, her only brother who she cared for deeply, would have to face off against Ash Ketchum, the love of her life… She would sit there, among the crowd, watching either her brother or her boyfriend get crushed, and she had no idea how to deal with it.

On one side, there was Max. The brother who had been both her best friend and greatest annoyance. The boy she had always supported during their travels. The young man she loved, up until very recently, not just as a brother, but as something more too. She knew that, deep inside, Max still felt much the same for her. That much had been confirmed when they made love on the first morning after their arrival on the island. Despite their talk afterwards, May knew she still considered Max to be more than just a brother and he considered her to be more than just a sister too.

Not cheering for him would break his heart. And with it, his chances of making it to the final round… Could she find it in herself to do that to him?


Then again, on the other side, there was Ash. The boy, no… The man who had taken her under his wing when she started her journey all those years ago. Her travelling companion. Her mentor. The man she fell in love with, and the man who returned that love after 5 years of self-imposed isolation. She loved Ash with all her heart and she still felt a slight shiver down her spine every time she called him her boyfriend, even if only in her mind. As his girlfriend, surely it should be her duty to cheer HIM on, rather than cheer for her brother?

All these thoughts and mixed emotions were coursing through her mind as the brunette slowly got out of bed and went through her morning routine. Morning stretches, brushing her teeth, tidying up the bed and last, but definitely not least: getting rid of the condom they had used.

With Ash out of the shower and on his way to the arena 5 minutes later, May took her turn under the warm shower. She sighed in contempt as the hot water assaulted her shoulders before running all over her body. But no matter how relaxing her shower was, it couldn’t take away the feeling of unease. Who was she supposed to choose for?

Arceus… What a mess…


Meanwhile, in the room opposite of the one Ash and May were occupying, Misty huffed indignantly as she got out of bed.

“Oh, you’re up!… How’d you sleep?” Max asked from the opposite corner of the room, where he crouched next to his Absol. Earlier last evening, the dark-type had suddenly fallen ill and now she looked anything but healthy. She was bleary-eyed, panting in exhaustion and she had vomited several times throughout the night. Needless to say, neither Max nor Misty had slept much. As cranky as Misty had been during the last two weeks, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the sick Pokemon. In fact, she had been so pre-occupied with poor Absol that she had completely forgotten to be annoyed and grumpy at Max like she had been.

“I slept fine…” she lied, crouching with him to check up on Absol.  “Or, well… As fine as could be expected… How is she?” she enquired.

“Not well…” Max answered solemnly. “She hasn’t improved at all during the night, and the Full Heals and Full Restores I’ve given her didn’t help either. I’m taking her to the Pokemon center.”

“But Max, your semifinal match is starting soon!” Misty gasped as she checked the time.

“I know, and I-… I-.. I don’t CARE!” Max strained himself into crying out. “Right now, Absol’s health is more important, and if that means I have to miss out on the semifinals, then SO BE IT!”  With a growl, the bespectacled teenager ripped a Pokeball from his belt and held it close to the ailing dark type. In a red flash, the Pokemon was gone and Max was sprinting for the door. Before he could storm out though, Misty quickly bypassed him, blocking his way with arms spread wide.


“Max, stop! You don’t have to miss the finals!” she cried out with a determination in her eyes Max hadn’t seen in a long while. “I’ll take Absol to the Pokemon center!”

Max’s eyes widened at her offer, but he remained adamant in his desire to do it himself. “No Misty… Absol is my responsibility! I’m her trainer; I’m the one who’s supposed to be taking care of her!”

“But Max, just think about it!” Misty sighed. “You’ve worked so hard to get this far! Hell, it’s Ash you’re facing today! Haven’t you been dreaming of facing him in a battle for years now?!”

“What? Since when did you start caring about me during this tournament?!” Max suddenly flared up as his face turned a deeper shade of red by the second.

“This entire tournament, I’ve tried to socialize with you… Tried to keep you a part of the group. All you did in return was shove me away or ignore me. So, I’ll ask you again… Since when did you start caring?” Misty flinched visibly from his sudden outburst, but she wasn’t about to back down. If this scrawny nerd wanted a shouting match, he was going to get one!

“You haven’t got the RIGHT to talk to me like that mister! You have no idea what I’ve been through these past two weeks!”

“Oh, I’ve got an EXCELLENT idea what you’ve been through, princess!” Max fumed in anger. “You fancied Ash for years, but lacked the BALLS to tell him! And now, you’re sulking like a little child about it! Boo – frikkin’ – hoo!”

“Listen, you bespectacled brat! I’m not standing here to take your abuse!”

“Well, neither am I!” Max yelled. “Yet, you’ve been giving it to me FREELY over these past two weeks!”

“Now would you KINDLY STEP ASIDE?! I’ve got a sick Pokemon here in need of medical attention!” Max finished. With angered determination he burst forward and attempted to shoulder his way past Misty. She, however, wasn’t quite finished with him yet, so she used his momentum to slam him into the door behind her and twist his arm behind his back.

“Argh, Misty! What the hell!? Let me GO!”

“No! I don’t like to do this Max, but you need to listen! I don’t like twisting your arm like this-“

“Well, you seem to have no p-problem doing it though!” Max bit back as he tried to wiggle his way out of her grasp, to no avail.

“Stop interrupting me!” Misty hissed. “Listen, I realize I’ve treated you like shit while you deserved better, and I’m sorry! But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!”
“So… is… ABSOL! Now let me go!”

“Your Absol will be fine, Max! I’m a Pokemon trainer, just like you, and a qualified Gym Leader too!

I promise I won’t let anything happen to her!”

“Why are you doing this?” Max asked, slumping down to the ground as the adrenaline in his body left him.

“I’ll be honest with you… At first, it was about you beating Ash… About you wiping that smug smirk off his face!”
“So, this is about you using me to exact some sort of revenge?”

“No! Not anymore! I realized this is about something more than that. It’s about you missing the chance of your life, and I won’t let you do that to yourself! I won’t let you make a decision you’ll end up regretting for the rest of your life! Think about Absol, what would she want you to do?”


Then, it was silent for a good five minutes as both trainers stood there gasping loudly. A million and one thoughts raced through Max’s mind, but in the end he lowered his head and relaxed, dropping Absol’s Pokeball in Misty’s waiting hand.

“You’re right… Absol would want me to continue…” he sighed as Misty released her hold on his arm. “Go then… Take her to the Pokecenter! Just, take good care of her… She’s very precious to me.” he said as he flexed his stiff limb a bit, trying to get the blood flowing again.


“I’ll take care of her as if she were my own!” Misty swore solemnly. With a flick her hand, she opened the door and burst into the hotel’s corridors. On her way, she raced past a very uncertain looking May.

“Misty! I heard you guys shouting, just now! Is everything okay?!” she cried out, but Misty dismissed her and ran past.

“Sorry, can’t talk right now! I’ve got places to be and Pokemon to save!” Misty shouted as she sprinted on. “Oh, and Max! Be sure to give Ash a wallop for me, okay?!”

“Heh, I’ll try!” Max responded timidly as he left their hotel room and locked the door behind him.

“Want to tell me what that was all about?” May asked her brother moments later as they both stood in the hotel’s elevator on their way down.

“Erhm… Not really…” Max responded awkwardly, scratching the back of his head.

“Besides…” he mumbled, “if it’s the noise you’re talking about, you’re one to talk!”

“One to-… What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, let’s just say you and Ash tend to get QUITE audible every time you decide to have a shag! Didn’t you get the memo the walls of this place aren’t exactly soundproof?” Max explained, causing his sister to nearly faint on the spot.

“Oh my god… You- y- you HEARD US?!” May asked, mortified. “When?!”

“Oh, just about every other day, really… Interestingly enough, every day Ash seems to have a match in the tournament, to be exact.” Max replied awkwardly. Inside he was kind of happy he had managed to divert May’s attention away from his argument with Misty, even if he had to use a rather low tactic.

“B-but… if you heard us… Then does that mean the rest of the hotel-…?!” she dreaded the possibility, but she had to know. Just how many people had heard them, every time she decided to ‘reward’ Ash for his victories in the tournament?

“I’d wager a guess and say yes to that…” he confirmed, causing a cold shudder to travel down her spine.


“Oh god… I could just die!” she wailed, hiding her eyes in her hands as the elevator arrived on the ground floor.

“Could you wait with that until AFTER today’s match, sis?” Max lightly slapped her shoulder as he snickered. “I could really use your support today, you know… You ARE cheering for me, right?” he gingerly asked her.

Mortified by shame and still unsure who to support, May simply kept her mouth shut and nodded her brightly blushing head.

“Thanks sis… That means a lot to me…” Max confessed as they arrived at the arena. There, brother and sister went their separate ways as Max made his way to the trainers’ lounge while May joined the rest of their friends (except Misty) in the stands.


Chapter End Notes:

Decided to make a 2-week time jump to keep the story's pace up as much as possible. I could've written out the entire tournament of course, but that would REALLY stretch it out.

So now we have arrived with all due speed at the semi-final match between Ash and Max! But, with his Absol under the spell of a mysterious illness, will Max be able to stand a chance against his former idol?

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