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Chapter 27 - The Morning Before the Duel



A lone beam of light woke Ash up on the morning before his battle with Cynthia. With a groan the Champion of the Tournament cracked open an eye before shutting it again with a yowl. 22 years old and he had hardly ever taken in any alcohol, until last night anyway. Celebrating his victory over Ritchie, finishing first in the Battle of the Champions Tournament, it had called for a big party. As a result, Ash had woken up with a massive headache and he was pretty sure he had no recollection of the last few hours of the night.

With a jolt that made his head feel like it had a dagger embedded in it, he grasped at the digital clock by the side of his bed. Three hours to go… He hadn’t overslept…

Letting out a sigh of relief he straightened himself into a sitting position and took in his surroundings.

Well, at least he was in his own room… But that was pretty much it.

His clothes were strewn across the floor, his pants hung from the wind blower on the ceiling for some reason and he was pretty sure the boxer short he was wearing was on inside-out and back end front.

Besides him, May was still sleeping, snoring slightly on her stomach. Her legs were positioned haphazardly and she was naked as she lay on top of her bed sheets. A couple of used condoms, coupled with the various stains on May’s body and their sheets told Ash all he needed to know about exactly what had happened last night.

Careful not to wake her, he got out of bed and retreated into the bathroom in search of pain killers.


May woke up half an hour later, when Ash returned to their room with a simple breakfast and some hangover meds for the both of them.

“What… what exactly did we do… last night?” May mumbled with a harsh, gritty voice that didn't suit her.

“No idea… Must’ve been one heck of a party though…” Ash shrugged, flexing a sore muscle in his shoulder as he chewed on a slice of toast.

“Well… whatever we did, apparently we decided to do it safely…” the brunette said with a faint smile, nodding towards the used rubbers.

“Anyway…” she continued, stuffing her last piece of bread in her mouth as she got up, ignoring the obvious protests of her tired body in the process. “I’m going to take a shower. You do… whatever it is you want to do to prepare for Cynthia… I won’t be long.”

Ash hummed softly as he set to work cleaning up their room. Sure, they could let the hotel’s staff take care of it, but doing it himself allowed him to focus his mind, something he knew he would need when he faced Cynthia in a couple of hours.

Just as he disposed of the used condoms, he heard May call out from behind the bathroom door.


“Yes, sweetie?” he called back, opening the bathroom door.

“Whose panties are these… and how did they get here?” May asked bewildered, holding a pair of yellowy cotton panties in front of him. On the back of them, a stylized image of a Corsola could clearly be seen…


Max was already up for a good 30 minutes by the time Misty awakened, keeping himself busy by using a spare set of bed sheets to make a warm bed for the white egg. Groggily, the red headed girl emerged from the haphazard pile of cloth that were her bed sheets, eyes thick with sleep and her muscles screaming in protest against her movement.

She mumbled, her voice a raspy shadow of what it usually was. “W-where… am I?”

Pushing herself up more, the sheet covering her body dropped, revealing her naked upper body. Max snorted disapprovingly, but he nonetheless diverted his attention from the egg to the hung over red head, handing her a glass of water.

“Here… drink up. You’re in our room, believe it or not… though it baffles me how you managed to make your way back last night…” he pondered flatly, disappointment in his voice. Misty eyed the water suspiciously, but drank it anyway.

“What h-h-happened… yesterday?” Her voice still sounded very rough, but the water had definitely helped. Max snorted again as he returned to his egg, answering her in the same disapproving tone he had used before.

“Don’t ask me! You definitely weren’t here when I went to sleep last night... I didn’t even notice you until the pile of sheets on your bed started to move!” he let out a short laugh.

Misty let out a groan as she extracted herself from her sheets entirely. Looking down, she yelped loudly, immediately grasping the sheets to her chest again.

“Why am I NAKED?!” she groaned loudly, clutching her head as a sharp pain tore through her skull. Max continued folding his egg in cloth, not looking at Misty, allowing her at least that small bit of privacy.

“Beats me… it wasn’t ME who kept chucking down one beer after the other last night!” he said, leaving no opportunity unused to express his distaste. “Guess you had a lot of fun last night… pity you drank away the memories though!”

The groggy girl harrumphed angrily, her eyes downcast in shame. Had she really overdone it so bad, celebrating Ash’s victory? With a supreme effort she set her feet down on the ground and rose completely, shaking on unsteady legs for a few seconds before finding sure footing.

“Do you… Do you know where my underwear is?”

“It’s not my business to keep track of your underwear at all times!” Max joked, sneaking a glance at Misty and seeing she was at least temporarily covered. Pleased with his work on the egg, he turned to the troubled girl, lightly leaning backwards against the wall.

“But, I did find most of your clothes in the bathroom this morning, of all places…” he confessed apologetically.

“Thank you…” the Cerulean girl mumbled softly before quickly making her way to the adjacent bathroom, pulling her bed sheets along clutched to her chest. As she closed the door behind her, the young boy couldn’t help but let out a saddened sigh. He had kept a closer eye on Misty last night, as he had done ever since they arrived on the island, and he hadn’t liked what he had seen. Whereas Ash, May and most of their other friends had been drinking to celebrate, Max got the distinct impression Misty had been drinking to forget… He wished he had taken action, made her cut down on the liquor. But, in the end, the egg he now cared for somehow demanded his attention, and he had instead retreated to his hotel room early for the night.


The egg was a mystery to Max. Inexplicably, he felt good, happy and assured whenever the egg was close to him, only to feel terrible, nauseous and ill whenever the egg left his sights for too long. He had never before heard of Pokemon eggs having these kinds of effects on people. It vaguely reminded him of the time when he had held a strange crystal and met the legendary Pokemon Jirachi.


“If only Professor Oak could’ve helped…” he murmured softly, entrenched deeply within his own thoughts.

Max had asked the old professor about the egg, even going so far as to hand the egg over to him for a short while, as unpleasant as it was. Sadly, Professor Oak was just as much at a loss about what the egg was or why it got here as Max was himself. Pokemon eggs weren’t the specialty of the Pallet Town Professor to begin with though, but he had been more than happy to give Max the contact details of Johto’s Professor Elm, who was more knowledgeable on the subject.


Max was interrupted from his ponderings when the bathroom door suddenly opened, revealing a freshly showered Misty, wrapped in a towel. A bright red blush was on her face, which puzzled Max.

“Erhm, Max?...” she asked silently. “Have-… Have you seen my-, my panties anywhere? They’re not here with the rest of my clothes…”

“Hmmm, no I haven’t seen them,” he responded flatly. “Can you remember when you last pulled them off?” Misty stared at him blankly before a frown formed on her face, losing her blush in an instant.

“Very funny!” she bit back, marching toward her bag and retrieving a fresh pair of panties.


“Maybe he knows? Have you asked him?” Max said, nodding his head towards her bed. Incredulous, Misty stared at him for a second before responding, uncertainty evident in her voice.

“A-… Asked who?”

“Well… Pikachu of course!” Max exclaimed, pointing at the head of her bed, where indeed the yellow lightning mouse was slumbering peacefully by the foot end of the bed. Misty groaned and clasped a hand to her forehead.

 “Just… what happened last night?!”


In another room close to Max and Misty’s, Zoey was forcefully woken up as she felt her baby kick within her. With a grumpy groan, she sat up straight, leaning her back to the wall, causing Dawn’s arm to slide off of her chest in the process. The blue-haired coordinator smiled sleepily and mumbled with a voice thick with sleep.

“Hmmm… morning…”

“Morning yourself!” Zoey groaned. “How did ya sleep?”

“Good… you?” Dawn lazily asked as she stretched herself.

“Like a rock, until this little guy decided to wake me up just now!” Zoey responded, a caring hand on her abdomen. “He’s getting agitated, this one. He’s been moving a lot more than usual these last few days, and a lot harder too!”

“It’s morning… He’s probably just hungry.” Dawn said as she sat up, fully awake now.

“How does breakfast in bed sound? I’ll only need a minute to get down to the hotel’s restaurant!” she offered with a smile. Zoey was touched by the gesture, but felt uneasy about letting Dawn do all the work. Grasping her by the wrist, the red-headed coordinator didn’t let go until her blue-haired lover turned around in wonder.

“What’s up?” she motioned with her arm, but Zoey did not relent.

“Breakfast in bed sounds great, and I really appreciate it, but…” she mumbled. “You’ve already done so much! You didn’t drink anything yesterday because of me…” Putting a finger on her lips, Dawn silenced the pregnant girl, smiling tenderly as she did so.

“Hush. When I said I’d help you, I meant what I said!”

“But I never wanted you to sacrifice yourself for me! You deserved to go out and have fun with the others, not stay here and keep me company!” Zoey rebuked pleadingly, a sense of guilt evident in her voice.

“Trust me Zoey, I’m doing this because I want to!” Dawn reassured her, giving her a gentle nudge as she added “and that’s the last I’ll hear of it! Now, do you want that breakfast in bed or not?” in a semi-serious tone. Zoey looked her in the eyes for a short while before dropping her head, admitting defeat with a smile.

“All right, I do. But only if you promise to get some for yourself too!” she laughed, nudging Dawn back in return. The blue haired coordinator smiled and pressed a long kiss on her lips before she got out of bed and changed out of her pajamas.


Zoey looked on with an increasing sense of jealousy as Dawn smoothly changed clothes. Dawn’s body was beautiful, she reckoned, still untouched by the devastating effects of a pregnancy like Zoey had been. With a pang of worry, she wondered if her stomach would ever regain a shape like that again, once the baby was born. Would she ever get such a flat, smooth stomach, such firm breasts and such a slim, tight butt again? She thought she had been over these kind of feelings, having dealt with them as her pregnancy progressed, before she came to Vulcan Island. However, coming to the island, getting close to Dawn, intimate even… It brought these feelings back in force.

Another bump in her abdomen shifted her attention from her failing figure to the up-and-coming bundle of joy that was causing all of it. Humming softly, she gently rubbed her hands over her stomach.

“I know… I know… I want to meet you too…” she murmured softly. To think, it would only take a few more weeks, and then she’d be a mother! The thought scared and delighted her in equal measure. Delighted for the life she would bring into the world, scared for everything that it entailed.

And then there was the topic of telling her parents. Her mother and father had always been supportive of her, but she had no idea how they would react to… this! Their only daughter… Giving them a grandchild, at the age of 19!

Luckily for Zoey, Dawn soon burst through the door, carrying a hearty breakfast along with her. Zoey smiled as Dawn’s mere presence seemed to drive away her fears and thoughts of her parents, as she had done so many times before alread.

For the rest of the morning, Zoey focused on what was good in life. Love, laughter and a good meal from time to time. Her fears a mere shade of what they were before in the back of her mind, gone but not entirely forgotten…


“K-keep going…”

“I’m s-so close…!”

“Me- ungh!... me too!”

“I-… Iris!... Iris, I’M COMING!”


With a loud grunt, Ritchie felt his last defenses break as his orgasm overwhelmed him. As he had done just 24 hours ago, he pulled himself out of his chocolate skinned lover, shooting several ropes of his seed over her stomach and breasts. Gasping loudly, they laid beside each other attempting to get their breath back. Both of them were sweating profusely, shining drops of sweat evident all over their naked bodies and both their faces were bright red from the effort, but it had been worth it.

Iris was the first to recover and when her breathing had calmed she looked down and inspected her chest. Wiping her thumb and index finger over his sticky seed, she examined the white substance with a mixture of curiosity and sadness on  her face.

“You know… You could’ve just cummed inside me.” She said with a tone of sad longing. “I’m curious to know what it feels like, and you know I’m on the pill now.”

She was right, of course. On the very morning after their first lovemaking, Iris had gone to the local store and got herself a few strips of the pill. As well as she knew her cycle, she didn’t want to risk things beyond their first time and she knew she wanted to feel him cumming inside her. Sure, Fraxure (or Axew, at the time) and Zippo had shot their load inside her before, and in copious amounts too! But this… this was different. She loved Ritchie, in a way she knew she could never love a Pokemon, not even Fraxure.

“I know, I’m sorry…” Ritchie mumbled as he recovered from his orgasm. “I guess I’m still scared of getting you pregnant… somewhere deep inside.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it Ritchie. It’s okay!” Iris consoled him, sneaking her small hand in his as she cooed. “There’s always next time! By the time I’m done with you, getting me pregnant will be the last thing on your mind…” she winked, causing him to grin in an awkward blush. Wow, what had he gotten himself into? Iris was something else!

Iris and Ritchie continued fooling around for a while until they eventually ended up making out, the young girl lying on top of him as their tongues fought for dominance. When they were both out of breath, Iris laid her head in the crook of his neck and sighed contently.

“Ritchie?” she asked quietly, receiving a content hum as an answer from the brown haired boy.

“How do you feel?”

“I feel… quite good actually…” he answered truthfully, staring at the ceiling. “Why?”

“You-… we-… I mean, we haven’t talked much, since yesterday. Since you-…”

“Since I lost, you mean?” he finished for her, grasping her meaning flawlessly. She nodded timidly.

“I think I’m actually… Okay with it, you know? Ash has gotten extremely good and he beat me fair and square.” Suddenly, he chuckled. “It’s strange; I’ve never felt this good about losing before!”

The young beauty lying on him chuckled along and noticeably relaxed into his embrace.

“Why did you ask? What’s up?” he asked tenderly. Iris looked at him with a sad smile.

“It’s just…” she started faintly, before recovering and continuing in a more even voice. “It’s just that… the last time I saw one of my friends lose in a tournament like this, he disappeared out of my life for 5 years…”

“I was afraid, you could end up doing the same…” she confessed with sadness in her eyes.


Ritchie looked at her for what seemed a long time, before he tenderly took her face in his hands and brought her closer.

“Iris. I’m not going anywhere.” He stated flatly before kissing her deeply. “I’m not going anywhere without you…”

The young girl smiled brightly and hugged her boyfriend tightly, almost desperately. Anything to get as intimate as possible.

“Thank you Ritchie… I love you” she murmured.

“And I love you, Iris.” Ritchie beamed.

“You know, Ash and I talked a bit at the party yesterday. You know… before he got too drunk.” Ritchie mentioned a little while later, after he detached his lips from Iris’.

“He mentioned his exile actually! Said he considered it one of the worst decisions in his life…” the brown haired boy continued. “He didn’t realize what – or who – he would leave behind when he left. But I do realize, Iris, and I’m never going to leave you behind!”

Iris could feel her chest swell with love and practically launched herself onto Ritchie, attacking him with kisses all over his face, neck and chest. She couldn’t suppress a grin as she felt him harden as she softly grinded her lap into his. Still wet down there herself, Iris softly raised herself and grabbed a hold of his erect member.

“How long until Ash’s match starts?”  She moaned huskily, her eyes awash with lust.

"Plenty of time for round 2, my dear..." Ritchie grinned before he let out a gasp as Iris lowered herself on to him.


Chapter End Notes:

Short chapter in between battle focussed chapters, featuring some fluff and implied lewd actions :) Wonder what happened to Misty...

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