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Author's Chapter Notes:

Delia Ketchum crashes the group's coming-out meeting, bearing bad news about May's pregnancy.

Chapter 34 - Dealing With It



May Maple Pregnant?!

It’s only been two weeks since Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town won the Battle of the Champions Tournament, but it seems this busy boy isn’t about to take things easy. Last week’s issue of Trainer Today already went into great detail on Ketchum’s supposed relationship with one May Maple, ex-Top Coordinator, currently working as a photographer and journalist for Pokemon Fashion Magazine. Mr. Ketchum  has been firmly denying any and all romantic involvement with miss Maple in his various interviews lately. The two have been longtime friends for years, going as far back as the Hoenn League championships nearly 8 years ago. It’s not entirely unlikely for sparks to fly between friends like that… One cannot help to wonder just what happened between these two young people during their stay on Vulcan Island?

Wonder no longer, readers. Today, we can reveal that Ash Ketchum and May Maple are indeed in a relationship! In fact, May has even moved into Ketchum’s recently hired apartment in Viridian City, Kanto.

But wait, there’s more!

It seems these two lovebirds aren’t content with waiting either! Your reporter has personally witnessed miss Maple buying a pregnancy test in the Viridian City pharmacy.

Will the Ketchum family welcome a new addition in the months to come? Will the love between Ash and May endure, or are they destined to crash? Will Ash stick to the woman he knocked up, or will he seek shelter in the arms of another?! We know for a fact Ketchum has been seen in the company of Misty Lillis, Cerulean City gymleader, after all.

Whatever happens, Trainer Today will be following this story as it develops!

For more on Ash Ketchum’s already legendary battle with Pokemon Champion Cynthia, see page 5 and onwards.



Ash and May, together with everyone else in the apartment’s living room, stared at the gossip magazine’s article with wide eyes and open mouths.

“B-… But h-how?” May mumbled faintly, the magazine shaking in her hands. “How did they f-find out? I only went and bought that test today!” She racked her mind, going through everything that had happened earlier on the day when a snide voice suddenly ripped through her memories.

“Hey, watch out! There are people walking here!”

“Oh god, that guy at the pharmacy… The one I bumped into! He must’ve been a journalist or something!” she gasped. Apart from the cashier, the unpleasant man had been the only one who had seen her with the pregnancy test. It was a long shot, but it was the only scenario that made sense.

“But, it’s true then? What the article says… Is it true?” Delia Ketchum asked, her demeanor stern and her body language radiating disappointment. “Is it true that you’re pregnant, May?”


The brown-haired girl looked at the older woman with sadness in her eyes, nodding her head every so slightly in confirmation.

“I’m sorry…”

Delia sank down on an empty chair, hands covering her face as the news sank in on her. Ash quickly stood by her, gingerly placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Are… Are you all right, mom?” Delia  took a few calming breaths, before she swallowed and straightened herself. “I’m fine… really… It’s just-… quite a shock. I never imagined discovering the fact that I’m going to be a grandmother in a gossip magazine!”

Quietly and gingerly, May stepped forward, closer to the woman she felt she had betrayed. “D-… Delia?” she adressed the older woman.

Ash’s mother snapped her head towards her, blinking twice before responding in an unusual cool voice. “I-… I think Mrs. Ketchum will do… for now…” 

May stared at the ground and sniffled. “I’m sorry Mrs. Ketchum… But there’s more...”

Delia eyed her with a mounting sense of fear as Ash stood by the young girl, offering her a supporting arm. “More? What do you mean there’s more?” May took a deep breath before dropping her bomb in a weak wavering voice. “I’m not sure who the father is…”

“WHAT?!” Delia’s voice echoed through the apartement, causing Pikachu to shield his sensitive ears. “You’re kidding? Please tell me you’re kidding May?!” she turned towards her son. “What is she talking about Ash? D-… Did you know?” Ash simply nodded gravely.

“I’ve known mom, from the beginning. In fact, I gave May permission to-… you know, have sex with the others…”

“Others?” she gasped, “as in, more than one?” May nodded, facing Delia directly as tears slowly fell down her face. “Yes... B-besides Ash, I’ve also had s-s-sex with my Blaziken and M-… Max…”

“So… besides my son, you’ve had sex with your Pokemon as well as with your BROTHER?! And any of them could be the father of your baby?” Delia gasped.

“Exactly…” the young girl confirmed. “We made sure to do it safely, we used condoms every time-…”

“Except with your Blaziken, I take it?”
“Except with Blaziken, yes… I know that makes him the first suspect, but condoms aren’t always infallable either!”  May tried to reason, trying anything to deny the fact that her Blaziken was the most likely candidate to have fathered her baby.

“Okay, so Blaziken -might- be the most likely candidate… But really May, your brother as well?! What were you kids thinking doing things like that?! Do your parents know?!”

“NO!” Max was quick to blurt out. “They don’t know anything yet! Hell, May only told us about it today, and if you think we’re going to tell our parents we’ve had sex… I’m sorry but that’s just not going to happen!”

“If you wait long enough, you might not have a choice but to tell them! What if that baby comes out, looking more like you than Ash? What if it’s born with deficiencies? There’s a reason incest is forbidden!”

“We know mom, trust me WE KNOW!” Ash intervened decidedly. “We know we fucked up and we know we’re in a whole lot of trouble… But standing here shouting and discussing how it shouldn’t have happened to begin with isn’t going to get us anywhere!”

He stepped forward and placed both hands on his mother’s shoulders, staring deep into her brown eyes. “What happened, happened... We can’t change that, we can only change how we choose to deal with it. Please, mom, can we count on you to help us?”


Delia stared back into her son’s eyes before she wiped her face with her hands, letting out a heavy sigh, she suddenly sounded several years older. “You’re right. I’m sorry, it’s a lot to take in…”

She turned to May and Max, adressing them as she did to Ash. “I can’t believe it has come to this, and I can’t even begin to put to words how disappointed I am in you three… But you’re right Ash, what matters now is how we deal with it.” 

“So… I’m almost afraid to ask, but…” Delia continued, “besides May being pregnant and the father being unknown, is there anything else I should know?” the older woman asked, her head suddenly snapping to the side when it was Dawn, of all people, who responded.

“Well, there’s still the tiny little issue that Misty here is pregnant as well…” the blue-haired girl revealed dryly. “And it seems either Ash or Max could be the father of HER baby, too!”

“You’re forgetting Pikachu.” Misty added dryly, giving Dawn an annoyed look.

“Pikachu? Oooh, kinky!” the Sinnoh-born girl chuckled mockingly.

“Well, seeing as we’re all revealing now, I’m pregnant too… But at least I’m pretty sure Ritchie’s the father of MY baby.” Iris added, causing Delia’s jaw to drop nearly through the floor in shock, while Ritchie blinked twice and turned to his girlfriend, eyebrows raised.

“Pretty sure? What do you mean, pretty sure Iris? I thought I was your first?!”

“You were my first honey! Well, my first human anyway…” Iris cried out bashfully. “Remember that evening walk I had, the day we met? Well, I sort of bumped into Fraxure and Zippo and, you know… Things happened!”


“And you never thought to tell me?!” Ritchie growled, hurt evident in his voice. Iris was quick to explain further. “Of course I didn’t want to tell you! Would you have, if you had the choice?! I hardly knew you back then, Ritchie… And as I got to know you better, as I came to love you… I didn’t want to let that little escapade come between us!” she explained, a steady stream of tears still dripping from the corners of her eyes. Ritchie looked at her and his shoulders sagged as he let out a long breath. “As much as I don’t like it… You’re right. Back then, we weren’t together and I know I sure as hell wouldn’t have told you if I had just had sex with two of our Pokemon…”

“Could you ever forgive me?” the young girl choked and the young brown-haired man made his decision.

“I already have…”

Iris was on him in a flash, flinging her arms around his neck and sobbing her thanks into his shoulder. As he held her crying form he gently brushed away some of her bushy hair near her ear and whispered to her gently.

“I won’t stop you if this is sort of thing is what you like to do… But please, don’t ever shut me out, okay? Let’s-… Let’s not have secrets for each other, okay?”

Iris’s response was masked by a fresh round of reliefed sobs, but Ritchie could hear her just fine as she wholeheartedly agreed.


With Iris and Ritchie’s issues resolved for now, Delia announced her departure.

“I’ll need some time to come to terms with all of… well, THIS… I suggest you all get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow, Dawn, Zoey and I are going to pay a visit to Professor Oak, hopefully he can tell us more about Mina, and why Tauros was able to get Zoey pregnant.”

“We’ll come as well,” Ash nodded, “hopefully we can find out if either Misty or May got pregnant from our Pokemon.”

Delia nodded. “Okay, let’s meet up at the lab around 11 then and we’ll go on from there.” She rose and buttoned up the coat she had been wearing and had neglected to take off ever since she arrived, turning her attention to Dawn, who was busy doing the same.

“You coming dear?”

Dawn nodded eagerly. “Sure thing! I promised Zoey I’d take care of Mina tonight, remember?”


With that, Dawn and Delia bade the rest of the group farewell and left. Iris and Ritchie soon followed, heading to Pallet Town’s Pokecenter where they had booked a room. No doubt, they still had a lot to talk about. Max and Misty had not made any arrangements though and the young Cerulean girl didn’t feel like she wanted to travel all the way back to her hometown at this hour.

Luckily for them, Ash’s new apartment had an unused extra bedroom available for them to use.

As Misty got settled in the single bed that occupied the bedroom, Max made sure his white egg was comfortably placed close to where he would be sleeping in his sleeping bag.

“Reminds me of the tournament… Us having to share a room…” Misty mumbled flatly as she stared at the ceiling.

“Yeah… I just hope the walls of this place are a bit more soundproof…”

Misty snorted and groaned. “Do me a favor, twerp… Don’t remind me about that. Those aren’t exactly happy memories, and I’ve got enough on my mind as it is!” subconciously, her right hand hovered over her lower stomach. Somewhere in there, a tiny life was growing.

“You’re right… I’m sorry,” Max mumbled timidly. “If you ask me, we’ve all got more than enough to think about…”

September 14 – 06:15 


“Sweetie… Are you awake?”

A low rumble signified that Ash was in fact awake, if somewhat grudgingly.

“Hmmm, yeah, I’m up…” he turned to her and watched her lying beside him in the dark. Even with the faint light coming in through the curtain edges, Ash could clearly see May was looking terrible.

“Are you okay honey? Did you get any sleep at all?” he enquired with a yawn. May let out a sigh.

“I don’t think I’ve slept at all… So much on my mind… Everything just spun out of control so fast!”

“I know dear, I know… But we’re going to make it through this, okay? Trust me.”

“You keep saying that!”  May flared up a bit. “ You keep saying everything will be fine, but it won’t! I’m going to have a baby Ash, and I don’t even know who the father is!” she ranted, clamping her hands into her hair. “For all the talking we’ve done, you’ve never once told me what YOU think about all this?!” 

Ash looked at her with a sad look in his eyes but when he spoke, his voice was calm and determined. He gently embraced his girlfriend, caressing her soft hair.

“I won’t lie to you May, this wasn’t exactly the way I wanted things to happen” he murmured softly. “I wanted us to settle in together, enjoy this relationship for a couple of years and then one day, I thought we could have kids, if you wanted them as well… Obviously that plan got sped up a little bit…”
“Yeah… no kidding…” May attempted to chuckle.

“But I want you to know May, that no matter what, I still love you. I will always love you and I will love this baby with all my heart, whether it turns out to be mine or not, I promise!”

“But Ash… Why? How could you pin yourself down like that, on one of MY mistakes?”

“I can, because I love you May. And this isn’t just your mistake, remember? You didn’t get pregnant by yourself!”

May’s eyes glazed over in tears and she buried her face in the crook of his shoulder, sobbing her thanks.

“There there, take it easy…” Ash soothed. “Besides, you gotta remember there are advantages to being pregnant!” he said with a bit of mishief. She looked at him in wonder.

“W-… What do you mean?”

“Well, firstly in about nine months we’ll be welcoming a precious little creature into our lives…” he started, twirling some of May’s hair around his finger as his other hand slowly travelled down.

“A-… and secondly?” May gasped as she felt Ash’s other hand caress her bare stomach under her pajama shirt, goosebumps rapidly covering her skin.


“Secondly, we won’t have to worry about the condoms anymore… Any place, any time…” Ash finished slyly, his index finger expertly finding May’s sensitive little nub. The young girl sucked in a quick breath and had to surpress a moan. Annoyed, she turned to look into Ash’s mischievous eyes as her boyfriend grinned at her.

“Seriously Ash? Of all the possible times, you’re horny NOW?” she hissed, careful to keep her voice down. “Don’t tell me you’re not feeling it?” he teased, his grin not leaving his face.

“I most certainly am no-…” a sneaky rub of her clit shut her up effectively, biting on her bottom lip in an effort to stay quiet. 

“Well?” Ash taunted again, and May knew resistance was useless. Besides, Ash was just too good with his hands to leave her unaffected.

“Hmmmpf, fine… I guess I’m up for a quickie mr. Ketchum!”

“Oh no you’re not!” Ash chuckled as he turned her over and hovered above her, pulling them face to face. “You’re worth much more than a simple quickie…” he breathed huskily before he launched himself on her lips, kissing her pasionately as he brought his hands back up and let them roam over her upper body, back and front. May arched her back as Ash lightly caressed the small of her back, just above her butt, her moan stiffled by his lips on hers. 

Arceus… He’s getting better and better at finding the sweet spots… I’ll end up genuinly enjoying this if he keeps this up!

Ash abandoned his work for a moment as he gently lifted her shirt, leaving her lips only for the shortest time possible as he bared her upper body. His hands hungrily grapsed her breasts as he continued to kiss her, tongues dancing around each other as they both let out small grunts and mewls of pleasure and longing.

Ash massaged May’s breasts with tender, yet determined hands, squeezing them, rubbing them in circles and rolling the ball of his wrist over her hardening nipples. It didn’t take long for May’s entire torso to be covered in goosebumps as her nipples hardened to pinpoints. A red blush soon appeared across her face before spreading to the area just beneath her neck. 

“Oh God… You’re making me feel so hot!” May moaned softly when Ash next came up for air, releasing her lips briefly. He chuckled and swelled with pride.

“Good… Hot is good… But I’ve only just got started” he whispered in her ear, sending another shiver down her spine. Without warning, she felt his lips jups below her ear, then on her jawline and finally on the side of her throat. Slowly but surely, Ash worked his way down her body, peppering her heated skin with soft kisses. She moaned again as he kissed her just above her collarbone and again as he briefly kissed her left nipple, taking the hard bud in his mouth for a the sweetest of seconds, sending waves of pleasure through her upper body.


Next, the young Pokemon Master pressed a deep kiss on her stomach, just above her bellybutton. May let out a stuttering sigh, oblivious to the fact that Ash was murmuring quiet words of love to her stomach. With a look of pure love in his eyes, Ash gently slid his hands down her pajamapants before slowly, almost teasingly dragging them down.

When he was done and May was completely naked on their bed, he continued his work of layering her skin in sweet kisses, kissing her just above her heated core before going down and giving the same treatment to the inside of her thighs, legs and even her feet.

When he finished his journey down May’s gorgeous body he backed up a little bit, staring in awe as his girlfriend lay before him in all her naked glory, sighing heavily and heatedly as her core was already coated in wetness.

“Whatever people might say May, you look gorgeous to me…” Their eyes locked and he could see the building need burning in her blue orbs as she groaned.

“Cut the compliments Ketchum… Just, hmmm, finish what you started already!” He grinned cheekily.

“Told you, you were feeling it!” he teased. Before all though, when it came to May he wanted to be a true gentleman, so he wasted no time in going down between her legs and giving in to her demands.


He let his fingers roam around gently in experiment, grinning  as a particulary throaty moan of May confirmed that he had found her clit. Taking the nub of flesh between his thumb and index finger, he gently twiddled with it as he caressed her outer lips with his other hand, coating his other index finger in her slickening juices. As his girl squirmed and writhed as he worked on her clit, he deemed her wet enough for the next step and gently prodded her lower lips.

It didn’t take long before he felt the hot flesh within her give way and his finger slowly disappeared within her hot folds. Her inner muscles were hot with need and slick with her juices as they contracted around  his finger at irregular intervals. 

May arched her back again as she felt Ash slowly starting to pump his finger in and out of her pussy up until the second joint.

“Oh god-… If you k-keep this up… I’m not going to last!” May murmured, her voice shifting in pitch and loudness. A high-pitched whine told Ash she was really getting close now as the moaning girl started to bucker her hips in an attempt to get his finger deeper inside of her. He was only too happy to oblige, pushing a second finger inside of her hot snatch.

“Please, Ash… go faster!” she moaned. He sped up the pace, the wetness between her thighs making a wet sopping sound as his fingers went in and out of her.

“Harder! Hmmmm…. MORE!” He grinned, renewing his attention to her clit as he rubbed the little nub of pleasure between two fingers. Finally, he bent his head down between her legs and took her clit in his mouth. A single suck and a single long lick was all it ook to push May over the edge.

“ASH! OOH GOD, ASH! YES!” she cried out loudly as her body exploded in orgasm, her inner muscles clamping down on her lover’s fingers as her wetness dripped down onto the bedsheets.

Heh, looks like we’ll have to run an extra wash after this… But damn, was it worth it!


Ash chuckled and watched with pride as May squirmed before him, her legs spread wide as her orgasm coursed through her. She let out a high-pitched cry that eventually transformed into a soundless scream, the young girl merely laying there with her mouth wide open and her eyes squeezed shut in pleasure.

With a sigh, May felt every muscle in her body relax as breath returned to her lungs and she came down from her orgasmic high. Bleary-eyed, she looked at Ash and she giggled bashfully. Damn, he had made her cum hard. That was… Amazing was the only word that came to her mind that even vaguely came close to how Ash had made her feel.

“I take it you enjoyed that, then…” Ash chuckled smugly, still sitting between her legs.

May giggled again and rose to sit on her legs opposite of him, a satisfied, happy look on her face.

“That was amazing Ash… I love you…” She brought herself close to his ear, pressing her breasts into his chest as she whispered. “But… For you, it’s been all work and no play...” he felt her hands inching across his abs down towards the edge of his pants. All his work on May had left him pitching quite a tent himself. “Any way I could… repay you?” May breathed huskily into his ear.


“Well… How about inviting me, if you absolutely insist on going at it in the morning?!” a third voice suddenly spoke, causing May to yelp and Ash to flinch as both of them turned towards the sound only to find Misty, standing close by their bed.

“I mean… You went through all the trouble of waking us up… You know, you can get REALLY loud when you cum May!” the short-tempered redhead continued as she crawled on the bed in between Ash and May. Both of them were too stunned to respond, torn between an angry desire to throw her out and a burning sense of guilt as they were (again) caught while having sex.

“So, seeing as you woke me up…” Misty spoke as she took a light, yet commanding grip of Ash’s erect member through his pajama pants. “I feel it’s only fair if you let me join in on the fun…”

May gasped as Ash badly repressed a moan as Misty squeezed his dick. “W-what are you doing Misty? I-… I thought you said you were over Ash now!”

“Pfah!” the young redhead scoffed. “It’s going to take more than a few weeks to get over someone you’ve loved for years, don’t you think? So, if you insist on having sex with him with me around, don’t expect me to sit idly by!”

A quick jerk of her hands and Ash’s pants were on his knees, his impressive length free and pointing straight up. A tiny amount of pre already glistened his tip. “I’m seeing my chance May, and damn it I’m taking it!” Misty growled as she shoved her blue panties covering her crotch to the side before she mounted Ash and let his member slide inside of her in one quick swoop.


Ash’s growl was joined by Misty’s high pitched mewl as she felt an inexplicable sense of relief and satisfaction as Ash’s member pushed inside of her, filling her up all the way as she felt his balls softly hit her bottom, indicating that her lower lips had completely swallowed him.

“B-… Besides…” she groaned, panting as pleasure coursed through her. “If it’s a dick you want… I’m sure your dear little brother will be happy to accommodate!”

May’s eyes instantly shot to the doorway through which Misty had entered. There, in the open door stood Max, the look of shock on his face mirroring his sister’s perfectly.


“Holy shit…” brother and sister uttered as one.


Chapter End Notes:

Well, I guess Misty's not quite over Ash yet! Hopefully her reluctance to let him go doesn't end up in trouble... Or maybe it already has?


Feels good to come back to my big project after a slight detour for the April Odd Couple contest. Here's to hoping  you'll all like it, both this project and the contest short! :)

Thanks for reading!

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