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Pokemon - New Beginnings by CursedKey


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Chapter 6 - A Brand New Start - Zoey

After about a week of increasingly heavy traveling, Zoey had finally reached Mistralton City. The normally fiery tough redhead couldn’t bring herself to celebrate though. She simply felt too tired and heavy to do anything else but go to the nearest Pokemon Center and crash down.

Zoey had made up her mind; Mistralton City was going to be the final stop of her journey through Unova. The last few months traveling alone had affected her more than she had allowed herself to feel and she was starting to crack. Well, starting to crack was putting it mildly. Under normal circumstances she would have never burst into tears at night while hugging her Glameow to her tummy. She felt off, emotional and just plain sick at times. What she had first brushed off as a minor inconvenience had come to bite her in the ass with a vengeance and she was forced to cut her journey short.

“Ah well” she mumbled as she entered the Center, “I can always participate in next year’s Festival. How about that Glameow?” Her feline companion looked at her and gave a short, high-pitched mewl, which Zoey took to mean as much as “let’s just get through this first, shall we?”

“Eh, I suppose you’re right” Zoey conceded. She greeted the local Nurse Joy and handed over her remaining Pokeballs for a quick check-up. Smiling, Joy took her Pokemon and struck up some small talk.

“Welcome to Mistralton City! Did you have a good trip?” she started as her fingers rapped over her keyboard.

“As well as can be expected. It’s been getting harder lately though, can’t seem to find the energy to keep going sometimes” Zoey replied. She kept up a face and feigned an interest in the nurse's babbling, but all she really wanted was just to get her Pokemon checked before she could crash down in a soft warm bed.

“Well, that is to be expected really, in your state…” Joy continued, “I see here that you’re carrying a Tauros with you. Have you considered using him as a mount? It could ease up your travels by a lot, you know.” Zoey smiled, “Yeah, I have asked him to carry me around and believe me; he takes great pride in doing so. But still, sitting on the back of a bull for days on end isn’t exactly comfortable.”

“That I can understand” Joy smiled, “so, how is the little one doing?” she asked. Zoey looked to her side and saw that her Glameow had jumped up on the counter. Smiling, she scratched it behind its ears before looking Joy in the eyes again, “Oh, she’s doing just fine. There’s really nothing more to be said about that” she finished with what she hoped was a positive tone in her voice. Joy was silenced for a moment and returned to her computer, tapping buttons and screens here and there while the machinery finished its check of Zoey’s Pokemon.

“Look, I just want to book a room and get a good night’s sleep. Would you mind booking me one?” Zoey asked as she kept scratching behind Glameow’s ear, earning her a loud purring in return. “But of course! I’ll make it easy on you and book you a room on the ground floor.” Nurse Joy happily obliged and handed her a keycard marked 007. “Do you need anything else?”

“Yes, can I get access to the wireless network from my room? I’d like to book a flight back to Sinnoh”

“Going back home, eh? I suppose we all need some home downtime once in a while” Joy replied with a note of care in her voice, “the wireless network is available throughout the entire building, free of charge as usual. Was that it?”

“I’d like to take my Pokemon with me now. I might have to book an early flight tomorrow and I don’t want to have to wake you up” Zoey explained. She just wanted to be ready to leave at any moment, and having to find and wake up Nurse Joy at who knows how early in the morning didn’t fit that plan.

“Alright then, no problem. Here are your Pokemon” Joy said as she handed Zoey her Pokeballs back, “I’ll have to warn you though. From the looks of things, your Tauros has quite a high level of testosterone. It’s quite likely he’ll go into musth soon so try and keep him away from any of your female Pokemon if you’re not interested in breeding” she warned before giving Zoey back her final Pokeball, containing the bull Pokemon.

“I’ll keep that in mind” Zoey laughed, “thanks for the help! Have a good night!” and with that she made her way to her room. Once she was there, she wasted no time in locking the door behind her, dumping her bag in the corner and lying down on her bed. The day had been exhausting and it made Zoey long to return home, where she had friends and people to talk to. Maybe a nice, hot bath…   Just as she was about to let her bathtub daydream fill her mind, she was roused from her illusion by the characteristic beep of her Pokegear, indicating a message had arrived. With a distinctly un-feminine grumble, Zoey grasped the device and unhooked it from her belt. Activating it, she checked to see who was responsible for interrupting her precious rest.

Hey guys!

 I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but there’s going to be a big Pokemon tournament on Vulcan Island in a few weeks!

If you ask me, this is the perfect opportunity to get a certain knuckle-headed Pokemon trainer we all know out of his self-imposed retreat. I’ve got a feeling he’ll have been invited for the tournament. Even if he hasn’t been invited, we should all still go there. For old time’s sake!

If we all meet up at the edge of the forest on the south side of the island, we can make the trek through the forest together. It’ll be all sorts of fun!

Let’s meet up on July 31st. That should leave us about 4 days to get through the forest and into the stadium.

Hoping to see you there,

May Maple,

Editor/Photographer – Pokemon Fashion Magazine

Seaside Avenue 42

Slateport City



Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail. This e-mail may contain confidential data, directed at the recipient of this e-mail only. If you are not the rightful recipient, please inform the source of this e-mail before deleting it.


Pokemon Fashion Magazine cannot be held accountable for any opinion stated by any employee in this e-mail.


Racking her brain, Zoey tried to remember where she had last seen or heard the name ‘May’, until it hit her with a bang. May was one of Ash’s friends from Hoenn and she had faced her in the Johto Festival finals only a few years ago! It was the festival May had eventually won, launching her career as a coordinator. And now here May was, inviting her to another journey to, possibly, watch Ash compete in a Pokemon Tournament?

“Thanks for the offer browny, but I’ve got different plans…” she shrugged and shut down her Pokegear. She then reached for her bag on the ground but her arms were just a little bit too short to reach it. In the end, Glameow had to use her tail to hand her the bag, making Zoey feel all the more hopeless. “They expect me to travel all the way to Vulcan Island? Look at the state I’m in, I can hardly bend over to grab my own bag, let alone travel a few hundred miles across the world!” She scratched Glameow behind her ears again, thanking her for her help as she took her laptop from her bag.

Opening it up, she wasted no time in surfing her way through the web to the website of the Mistralton City airport. She considered herself lucky, up until recently Mistralton Airport had been cargo-only, until the town’s gymleader, a girl named Skyla, had expanded into human travel.

Just when she was about to book a flight to Sinnoh though, she was hit with a strange wave of doubt. She pondered, despite the fact that she did not feel up to the task, she longed to meet her old friends again. It had been too long since they had last seen each other and Zoey was especially interested in seeing her old friend Dawn again. The blue-haired rookie coordinator had very much played the role of a little sister Zoey had never had, until she grew in skill of course and became her equal. They had kept in touch over the Pokegear, and Zoey knew her blue-haired friend was in Unova as well, with the same intent of becoming the first Top Coordinator in Unova history.

Out of interest, Zoey made her way to the Vulcan Island website, specifically the ‘travel plans’ subpage, where all possible means of transportation were listed. What she saw there didn’t improve her mood. Due to Unova’s great distance compared to the island, arriving by airplane was the only option. Vulcan Island itself only had 1 airfield though, on the north side of the island, the complete opposite side of where the rest of the gang would arrive by ferry!

Zoey rethought her earlier decision. Coming to think of it, she had gained quite a bit of respect for Ash during his time in Sinnoh, and seeing him compete was definitely something to look forward to. She wouldn’t be able to travel with the rest of the group, but she could travel with Dawn. And if there was anyone who could get her to travel to Vulcan Island in her current state, it had to be Dawn. Well, she concluded, her body wasn’t going to love her for this, but she had made up her mind: she was going to the tournament! That is, if Dawn agreed to come with her of course.

Zoey quickly took up her discarded Pokegear again and started typing a message to Dawn. When she finally pressed the ‘send’ button, she hoped with all her fiery passion that Dawn would agree to come with her. Her wish was soon granted, as her Pokegear once again bleeped to life.


Hey Zoey!

Wow! Now that’s what I call a bummer! I had been looking forward to travelling with Ash! Anyway, enough about mr. Pokemon-master, let’s get back to you! So sorry to hear your journey isn’t going as planned, but I’d love to come along and cheer you up on the way to Vulcan Island! From the looks of it, you seem to have the travel plans covered, so I’m going to make my way over to Mistralton City. There’s this cute guy in the city here, he has bikes for rent and you can ride them to anywhere in Unova! I’ll get one first thing in the morning; I should be able to get to Mistralton in about a week. Shall we meet up in the Pokemon Center there?

See you soon!



Smiling, Zoey sent her reply before booking two tickets to Vulcan Island for the 30th of July. Finished, she shut down her Pokegear and her laptop before she retrieved her pajamas from her bag. Changing into them, she noticed her breasts had grown a little since the last time she checked and the patch of red hair between her thighs was in desperate need of a shave. Not to mention, it seemed she had outgrown this pair of pajamas as well, the shirt had started to be annoyingly tight around her stomach. Just as she was about to lie down to sleep, she noticed one of her Pokeballs, wiggling around on the ground near her bag.

“Ah, that’s right” she spoke in a soft voice, smiling slightly, “Nurse Joy did say you might become a little feisty”. She picked up the Pokeball, which she knew housed her Tauros and let him free in her room. Thankfully, her window had been closed and the room was, like all trainer rooms in the center, sound-proofed, so no one heard the loud moo when her Tauros came into being. Walking up to him, Zoey made sure she swayed her hips as sexy as she could before she came close enough to scratch the big bull under his chin. She noticed his pupils were very small compared to normal. That, coupled with the fact that Tauros was constantly breathing very heavily confirmed to her that her Pokemon was indeed at the mercy of his hormones. He would find no rest until he had found a suitable female and mated with her. Crouching, Zoey came face to face with the bull’s thick shaft, which was out for all to see. Yep, Tauros was definitely ready.

Groaning, Zoey stood on her feet again and looked Tauros in the eyes. “I can see you need a little help, boy, and you know I’d love to help you again” she said to him with lust in her voice.

“Just… Be careful with me tonight, okay? You know I haven’t been feeling well lately. So just, take it easy… And I’ll give you all the release you need…”

And with that, Zoey hooked her fingers behind the elastics of her pajama pants and dropped them to the ground. With her lower body bare and her pussy leaking ample amounts of fluid in preparation, she lowered herself to her hands and knees. As a final invitation, she used her fingers to spread her lips slightly, giving Tauros a good look into the wet heart of her sex. Despite his rampant desire, the bull remained calm and collected, a sign that Zoey’s training had worked on him. With calm, determined steps he came to stand over her, before he lowered the back end of his body and filled her sex with his rod.

Zoey cried out in passion as she felt him fill her. This was going to be a long night. A long night, but a good one at that, and while she made love to her Pokemon, Zoey couldn’t help but think ahead of the days to come and her new journey with Dawn. She didn’t have long to contemplate these thoughts though, because it didn’t take long for Tauros’ lovemaking to completely banish all rational thought from her mind until she fainted from both pleasure and exhaustion.


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