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The Leafeon and the Girl by Beluinus


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Well, long in awaiting, here is chapter 2. This time, it has sex :)

Chapter 2

The little girl sits up, yawning and stretching, to find another pile of berries on the floor, and the Leafeon nowhere to be found. She assumes the berries are for her, so she reaches over, grappling a few and tossing them into her mouth. Again, she eats the whole pile in a few seconds, still hungry from last night.
"Hello? Leafy? Where are you?" She says to the empty cave, getting up to look for him. She crawls out of the cave, stumbling in the bright light of the morning sun.
"Leaf." She looks in the direction of his voice, seeing the Leafeon among the trees, partially hidden by shadows. He walks out, dragging something behind him. He throws it at her feet, the rumpled piece of cloth landing in a heap. She bends over, picking it up and spreading it out, revealing a dress in her size, free of holes.
"A dress? Where did you get it?" She asks him quizzically. He looks at her, shrugging off the question, not knowing what, nor wanting to say. She walks over go him, falling on her knees and wrapping him in a big hug.
"Thank you for the food and dress Leafy. Can I call you Leafy?" She asks, getting answered with a nod.
"Ok. My names Lilian. At least, that's what my mom and dad called me. Do you have a family Leafy?" He simply shakes his head. As an eon, they leave the family when they get old enough, or evolve. As he has no way of letting her know that, she will have to settle for a shake of the head.
"I'm going to put it on right now." She says, pulling her arms in through the straps and lifting the dress up over her head, pulling it off and dropping it on the ground. She stands there in the middle of the clearing in nothing but her plain white panties. She hasn't developed breasts yet, so her chest is flat. She picks up the other dress, slipping that over her head and putting it on. She notices Leafy looking at her strangely, his face slightly red underneath the green.
"Are you ok Leafy?"
"Leaf" he exclaims, shaking his head and looking at her with a smile.
"Oh!" She exclaims, dancing back and forth, holding her crotch, realizing she has to go to the bathroom. "Umm, Leafy, I have to go potty. Where can I go?"
The Leafeon stares at her, mouth falling open a little, not having thought of that. He looks at a bush beside the cave entrance, shrugging slightly. She stares at him, mouth agape, not knowing whether to look at him or the bush, blushing slightly and staring at the ground, shuffling towards the bush and climbing behind it, emerging a few minutes later, her face bright red, refusing to look at him.
"So what now Leafy?" She finally says, looking up at him.
He turns, walking to the edge of the clearing, and entering the forest. She follows after him, getting used to this kind of thing.
After a few minutes of walking, they arrive at a clearing, right on the edge of a lake. The sunlight streaming through the leaves, reflecting off the water, causing the surface to glimmer. The lake has a few pokemon there, drinking, bathing, or just plain swimming. A few of the pokemon bolt at the sight of a human, other, more observant pokemon who realize it's only a child, simply stare at her curiously to see what she will do. Leafy continues walking around the lake however, not stopping by the edge like other pokemon. She follows him obediently, not knowing where he is leading her. They walk past the lake and all the other pokemon, soon arriving at another, empty clearing, with a small pond.
She looks around, seeming that the clearing is devoid of pokemon, and surrounded by trees and thick brush to cut them off from the rest of the forest. She looks at Leafy, who nods in confirmation. She blushes, starting to undress in front of the leafeon, pulling the dress over her head and dropping it at a heap on the ground. She bends over, sliding her panties down her legs, dropping them on top of her new dress. She walks over, sliding down into the water, shivering slightly from the chill of the water. The water ripples, reflecting the light oddly as she slides in, covering her body with the liquid. She starts scrubbing her body, rubbing off the dirt and grime that collected, slowly washing it away, a small current coming from somewhere washing it away.
She crawls from the water, as clean as she's going to get with still water, her hair dripping water onto the ground. She bends over, not realizing she is revealing herself to the leafeon, her tiny slit spreading slightly when she bends over, pulling her panties back on, her bare skin glistening in the sunlight. The dress is next, sliding over her head, resting on her shoulders and flowing down her body. She reaches back, pulling her out to free it from her dress, it flopping down and soaking the back of her dress. She looks up at the sky, the sun shining brightly overhead.
"Hey Leafy?" She looks over at him, and sees the leafeon look at her expectantly.
"I'm hungry. And I'm tired of berries." He gets a look on his face, as though he is thinking hard, and he nods, starting to back towards the cave. They pass by the lake and all the other pokemon, weaving in and out of trees and vines, walking carefully so as to not rip her only article of clothing.
Twenty minutes later, they arrive back in the clearing, heading back to the cave. She sits down, and he leaves, coming back a few minutes later with a rabbit, it's neck broken.
"Umm..." she pokes the dead rabbit, a disgusted look on her face "are there any more berries?" The leafeon shrugs, walking back out of the cave with the rabbit, returning a few minutes later with a pile of berries sitting on a leaf.
"Leaf, where do you get the berries?" He stares at her, blinking slowly before shrugging. Answering with nothing but the first syllable of his species name.
"Fine. I don't even know what you are saying." She shrugs, then leans down and starts eating the berries, going somewhat slower this time. After every berry is polished off, she stretches and yawns, exhausted from all the walking she did that morning. She lays down on the cave floor, curling up and resting her head on her arm like a pillow, soon breathing softly, fast asleep.

The sun is completely down, and the moon is high in the sky, casting everything in a pale white light. All the pokemon of the forest inside their warm beds, but one little human girl is still awake.
"Leafy? Where are you?" She says to the empty cave, not wanting to be alone. She walks over to the cave entrance, bending down and crawling through the brush covering the hole. She pushes it aside, poking her head out, and her eyes shoot open in surprise.
In the middle of the clearing, stands a leafeon, her leafeon, standing over an eevee, his hips moving back and forth. Between his legs, a throbbing piece of red meat disappearing over and over in the eevee below him.
Moans can be heard from the clearing, seeming to come from the eevee, the leafeon almost silent except for the sounds of his hips meeting hers. Lilian stares at them with wide eyes, soaking in every detail, too young and naive to know what she's seeing. His paws are around her waist, gripping her tight.
"What are they doing?" She wonders silently, not wanting them to hear, a strange, never before felt tingle between her legs.
Her hand travels down her body, hiking her dress up and sliding into her panties, rubbing her slit to try and relieve the sensation. Her hand leaves her panties, going up to by her face so she can look at it, seeing some strange liquid on her fingers.
She brings her fingers closer, sniffing them. "It's not pee. What is it?" Of course, no one is around to answer her. She looks back to the two pokemon in the clearing, noticing for the first time that there was some clear liquid dripping to the ground from between the eevee's legs, reflecting the moonlight. She also notices that her leafeon had sped up, and was now banging his hips against the eevee's even harder, the same eevee who was filling the clearing with her moans.
The eevee spreads her legs further, her paws digging into the dirt as she braces herself against the leafeon's thrusts, her moaning increasing in tempo and volume. The eevee suddenly shakes violently, letting out a long, loud moan. Her leafeon smashes his hips against hers once more, finally making his first sound of the night, a loud, short grunt, his potent seed pouring into the eevee's womb from his throbbing member, unable to be see this from her vantage point.

Chapter End Notes:

If you have a request or idea for a story, feel free to pm me. No gen 5 or anthro. And if you see any errors, please let me know.

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