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Road to Understanding by Pod155


Story Notes:

The bridge in between series. This is meant to be read after "How Should I Know?" and "Another Way/Changing Paths..."

Road of Understanding: Chapter 1

Road of Understanding

"Ugh, I have to make them understand...” I could hear him mumble in his sleep, "I have to make them understand!”

He was breaking out in a terrible fever, and it felt like there was nothing I could do to bring it down. I needed to get him fixed up at any cost, but how?

I swear I'll kill them for what they did to him. I will need his help if I am to accomplish that mission. And he being bed ridden isn't helping anything.

"I have to...” He said one final time as he finally went to sleep again.

"Don't worry father I understand, and soon the rest of the world will.” I said as a single tear fell from my face.

Making my way out of the bedroom where father was I made my way towards the restroom. As I entered the room I turned on the light. It flickered on dimly though I didn't mind it, seeing how I've been out here for the last two weeks.

The restroom wasn't that well kempt, but it would have to do for the time being. Looking into the mirror I was able to see what I look like. I was disgusted by the sight of myself. My hair was in a mess, my eyes were puffy and baggy from all the sleepless nights, and I smell like I've been sleeping with a Muk. Overall let's just say that these two weeks here in our hide out has been a hell in itself.

Undoing the scrunchie that held my hair in a ponytail, I allowed it to fall to my shoulders. I could see that my hair was losing its luster that it once had. My once golden beautiful hair that was wavy, with an unmatched bounce, now it was just as flat and dull as the rest of my body.

Looking down at the rest of my body I couldn't help but shake my head at the way everything was turning out. Looking at the suit that I wore I could see that it was still functioning properly. I didn't feel hunger nor any real fatigue, but my body just felt like giving out.

Taking both of my hands I slapped myself on the face to wake myself up. Turning around to face the bath I could see that it could probably be the best thing this hell hole has to offer.

'Come on Rebecca think! How are you going to help your father out?' I thought to myself as I started undoing my suit. It was only a thumb tracker zipper that ran down the center of my chest. Once I ran my thumb down my chest the suit will automatically part and undo itself. Only problem was once the suit was off I will most probably feel everything that I've been neglecting my body.

I remember earlier to eat something, so I really shouldn't feel it that hard.

Once the suit was completely off I started to feel a little light headed. It wasn't enough to where I couldn't focus, just a minor inconvenience for now. Hopefully this will allow me to concentrate on how I could help father out.

"Not just help him out so he can get better, but something to make him stronger as well.” I said to myself as the tub started to fill up with water. "I may have to do something drastic if I'm going to achieve my goal.” The only thing keeping my father alive was the suit that he wore; it was the only thing that stopped the bleeding and kept him stable enough to where he didn't step up an infection.

Now sitting on the rim of the tub I gently placed my hand within the tub to get a feel of the water. It was warm my touch, it felt like silk to my skin because I've been in that suit for so long. My last bath wasn't since I captured my brother two weeks ago in that cage.

My brother...if he hadn't resurfaced the way he did father wouldn't have found out about him. He could have just lived his life as a Pokémon none of this would be happening now.

Turning off the water to the tub, I slowly started dipping myself in the water. The warmth of the water felt like it was washing my troubles away, but it was short lived because my mind wouldn't let the thought of my brother leave.

Grabbing the edge of the tub roughly, I could feel the pain of the past rush back into my mind. I feel that father and I will burn in hell for what we did to Max, but it was out of necessity right? Max failed at obtaining enough information for the prototype suit for father. Max ruined our family single handedly if anything he should burn for what he's done to us.

But still...he's my brother I don't think I could kill him because of that. I mean as far as I know he still cares for me...he still has his love for everyone he knew back when he was in his old body. The one that father now occupies in the other room.

Father losing both of his arms in that last fight has been the most mind numbing experience ever. For a moment thought it was my brother who was losing body parts. I don't think Max even cares what happens to his old body anymore.

Slowly starting to wash myself, I could feel all the hours of aches and pain wash away. Right now I feel as if though I'm in heaven, but when you're in a place like this everything you do will be short lived.

"Max...” I murmured to myself.

My thoughts begun to trail to the battle that we had with him, and how we were defeated. Even in his Feraligatr form he still managed to fight at a high enough level to hold his own against us. His mental state should be in shambles, but he to pull himself together by allying with that thing in his head. He still hasn't change he still tries to make friends with everyone he meets whether they are human or Pokémon.

Even after all that I don't understand why I have to be so hell bent on killing him. Maybe it's not him I want revenge on maybe it's that little wench that is his master now. With that last attack she landed almost killed me. She shouldn't be able to have that kind of power it's very surreal no even with the generation one injection she should not be able to do something like that. Having this suit didn't seem to give me any kind of advantage when dealing with her. Now that I'm thinking about her, she probably isn't in any condition to be fighting anyone.

Sasha...the Absol I used to possess, but was stolen from be by that girl. They made such a good team when they were fighting me such flawless movements as they attacked and defended at the same time. I was completely overwhelmed by their teamwork. If only I were to have to such a companion with me...NO, that's why I have the suit. There is no reason for me to actually obtain Pokémon. When I could just summon their abilities.

That Absol actually meant something to me. I felt a connection for it when I found her right after the battle with my brother at the lake for the first time. I found her when I transferred his mind into that Feraligatr, then fathers into his body. I think that was one of the most mentally exhausting things I ever had to go through.

I thought since Sasha was with me I'd finally have a Pokémon friend, she did everything I commanded. I actually won many battles with her before I was called by father to follow that small girl in Golden Rod city. I thought it was going to be a simple espionage mission where I wouldn't really get my hands dirty. But the bitch found me out before I was able to complete the mission.

"Krystal...” I whispered to myself.

My blood started to boil the more I thought about that girl. She was the evil one; she's the one everyone hates! Not I, to be honest all I wanted to do was live a quiet lonesome life where I could be happy. I could have possibly had that life if it weren't for her.

Fate has it good for that girl I swear. What were the odds of her actually coming into contact with my Feraligatr brother? That girl has been the bane of my existence since the first time I met her.

The thought of her wouldn't leave my mind, to help calm myself I lifted my hand out of the water I turned my palm upward. I began to concentrate on my psychic ability. Within seconds I was able to manipulate the water that was in the tub. Bending it to my will it started off as a large water bubble, and then I turned my palm downwards and spread my digits. It then broke apart into fragments.

I wanted to take my mind off of all my troubles and focus on how I was going to help father. The thought of Krystal, Max, and Sasha were going to have to leave my mind. So as I continued to bathe I had the mini-water orbs hover around me above my head. It only partially worked though, because my mind was still on Sasha...

I wanted my Absol back, and there wasn't anything that bitch could do to stop me now that I know how she fights. The one thing I couldn't understand was, how did she use Sasha's attack like that? I could only see that she was waving her hand back and forwards then the purple beam of energy came towards us. I know that it was somehow connected with Sasha. If she was wearing a suit I could understand, but I didn't understand how she done with her natural hand.

When I started trying to think about it the water that I was holding up came crashing down on my head. I sighed dejectedly, "I'll worry about that later.”

About an hour went by, when I finally got an idea on how I could possibly come on top of all of this. But doing it by myself will be a job within itself. I know how I could heal father, and get Sasha back. For this to work I'm going to have to call on a higher power and force it into submission.

Now that I was finishing bathing, I put my suit back on; I was going to have to get to work. But before that I needed to check up on father and see how he was doing. My entire plan relied on him living, so if he dies everything could probably go to shit.

I hated to admit this, but I was going to have to do one of the most disgusting things in my life. So long as it helped my father out I was more than willing to do it.

Walking back into the room that my father was in, I could see that he was still peacefully sleeping. The more I continued to look at him, the more I could see my brother. The suit's auto-medical-nano's should keep him alleviated for a long time. But I know that he's going to need something to completely stabilize him. I looked away quickly and made my way towards the entrance.

Upon reaching the exit I could see the vault door that closed us off from the rest of the world. Unless you were psychic and possessed one of the Pokésuit's, it was completely impossible to get in here. The door had a palm print scanner that only read the palms of someone wearing a suit, and it had a switch that only a psychic could reach. That's why father always have me with him when he enters this place.

Once the door was finally open I saw that the moon light was shining beautifully. There was calm in the air as a peaceful breeze passed by. I took a deep breath I exited the vault; I remembered that I was on one of the Whirl islands. Nobody would dare come to a place like this in search of us, not without mistakenly running some of the wild Pokémon here. That's not to mention the family of Lugia's that live here as well.

We lived on one of the easily forgettable island that was secluded because it was right behind one of the largest of the whirlpool in Whirl Island. Hopefully father should be alright for a while; I need to go pay that family of Lugia's a visit.

Taking a deep breath I activated my suits mask mode. The nano-bots that made up the suit started making their way up my neck, over my hair, and then finally over my face. The vision for the mask kicked on finally and I was fine red outline of everything that was around me. I could actually make out the smallest details of everything that was near me. I could also see the large whirlpool that was in front of the cave. Squinting my eyes I was able to look pass it and see another nearby cave. My suit scanned my brainwave activity and displayed what I currently thinking. Sort of like a checklist of what I needed to do, the suit was giving me some advice on how I could proceed through my mission. But as usual I chose to ignore it and continued by my method.

"Activate wing mode.” I said aloud. I could feel the back of my head shift and arch upwards, as a low hum vibrated. The feeling of all the energies required to form the wings on my suit was being sucked out of the atmosphere around me.

After a minute of waiting it completely finished. Before I took off I started thinking of the design of the wings and how they were used. They had two purposes, one was the obvious of the two and that was flight. The second that was actually pretty unique and practical; it was an energy storage container as well. Whenever I charge up for an attack it'll collect even more energy and stack it on top of the energy already stored inside the suit, and basically double it. Either the energy is stored for later use or it's immediately used for an attack.

Waiting for the breeze to flow past me again before I took off so I could get a since of how the wind will favor me as I flew. But after a moment of waiting I notice that nothing was flowing pass my face, that's when I remembered that I was wearing this suit in Full Mode. There was nothing getting in or out of this suit without my say so.

Sighing I made my way over toward the cliff that overlooked the one of the whirlpools. Turing back to face the vault door I could see it closing by itself and locking. I backed closer towards the cliff and held out both of my arms, and then fell...

Free falling my suit mask was flashing to me that I was in nearing an imminent crash with the water below. I quickly turned around and flapped the large butterfree wings. I soared just above the whirl pools and over the expansive body of water that I was just underneath me.

As I neared the destination I could see a silver feather floating in the air. I approached it and grabbed it without even thinking about it.

Approaching the cave I entered hover mode, and surreptitiously made my way over towards the entrance of the cave. "Mask mode off.” I said so that the wings could go away and I could be less visible of a target.

The wings on my masks quickly evaporated and went into the suit, and remained on an energy saver mode. Another one of fathers genius implication to the suit, I'm going to need every ounce of strength I can get for what I'm about to do.

Quickly making my way over towards the entrance wall I placed my back up against it and stopped. Since I didn't have the mask on anymore I could rely on my natural eyes. Of course I still had my psychic abilities to help guide me as well. But not just that but mentally cloak myself as well. There were Lugia's here and being spotted by a guard would not help me in the slightest.

My mission for being here is simple find an adult Lugia subdue it and harness most of its power. Atleast that's what I wanted it to sound like, but in reality it was much horrible than that. What happens in this cave stay's in this cave...

Scanning the corner I saw that there was nothing there, so I quickly ducked inside. Keeping my psychic sensing to a minimum, I didn't want any of Lugia's to sense that I was here. If our mind were reached out at the same time they could quite easily find me...I don't think I'm ready for all out brawl with a family. And if know animals trying to defend their young they will do almost anything, and an outraged parent will die for their young. But I'll most likely be the one dead, so I'll have to be extra careful.

Now that I was inside the cave I have the keep on extreme vigilance not just for the Lugia's, but other wild Pokémons as well. Not that I couldn't handle them I just don't want them giving away my position through some alert system.

As soon as I began my exploration of the cave, two very large Golbats swooped down from the ceiling. And started hovering around me, I know that they were only trying to intimidate me to leaving their territory, but I wasn't budging. Their persistent was becoming rather annoying, raising both of my arms and extended my palms towards the two of them and aimed carefully. They were flying around haphazardly, but I wasn't still going back down. I could feel warmth building up within my eyes, "With the power of understanding I summon, Psywave,” I said as a psychic wave shot into the air and pushed both Pokémon into the cave wall. I think I may have pushed a little too hard as I could see the stalactite began to fall from the ceiling. One of the Golbat's was thrown down the tunnel to which I had to travel next, while the other was impaled through its gaping mouth from one of the descending rock spears.

Feeling no regret for what just happen, I immediately pressed onwards without a second glance backwards.

Making my way down the tunnel that one of the Golbat's fell down. I quickly made my way into a room that was filled with water. I actually have no idea how deep it is or what could possibly be down there, and I wasn't going to find out. Still wanting to keep the element of surprise I couldn't activate my wing mode without going off like a flare.

The water was mostly calm until something arose from out of it. It was a long tentacle that seems to have a huge reach. It went straight pass me and grabbed ahold of the soon to be dead Golbat.

I ignored it and continued on my path towards the other end of the cave. I looking back I could see the water change from calm murky blue color to a violent red one. I could see the water ripple with air bubbles, I could only assume that it must have been fighting for its life. It was a futile effort though. Using a small portion of a psychic ability I could sense that there was a school of Tentacools and a few Tentacruels, right now they were having a field day with that Golbat.

Closing my mind off to such natural things help me cope with dealing someone or something's dying thoughts. But it takes a lot of focus to do something like that, sometimes a person's or even Pokémon's life will flash before their eyes. And often times will slip some of the images into my mind. Not only that, I could actually witness what they are seeing just before they die. When I was younger I used to see everything of everyone around me. It was painful at first, but someone taught me how to control it...

Shaking my head of such thoughts I turned back to focus on the task at hand. Since most of the sea monsters here seem so busy with a free lunch I think I can just walk pass them without any difficulty.

Looking the next room just up ahead I could see what seemed to be a stairwell that leads downward into a shadowy abyss. I stopped just of the cave hole entrance to think it over.

"Dammit,” I muttered to myself. I knew that I was going to have to put my mask back on. That would mean everything would be able to see me. The night vision would go off like a flashlight. And everything in that room could start attacking.

"Unless...” I murmured, I could just throw out my psychic sensing and detect anything that move. But the only drawback to that is I could only keep it out in a two meter radius. Anything beyond that would be completely obscure to me. I didn't want to extend it too far and risk being discovered by the Lugias, and then I'd really have a problem.

Closing my eyes to help concentrate better on the technique. Making my way down the stairs I couldn't sense a thing. It was hard to say whether that was a good thing or a horrible mistake.

As I continued the long descent down the stairs I could feel that there were no other presences. I knew some kind of Pokémon have to have made this place a home for themselves. I wasn't going to slow down to see if that was the case I needed to keep going.

Finally reaching the bottom of the steps I could hear a waterfall not too far in the distance. I slowly began to open my eyes to see if there may have been some sort of lighting in here. Once my eyes were fully open I could see that there was in fact light. I wasn't entirely sure of where it was coming from, but I wasn't going to complain about it.

I needed to get an energy reading on everything that was near me, but using my psychic sensing was out of the question. "Mask Mode on,” I said as I continued forward.

I stopped when I came close to a bridge that stretched to another section of the cave. My mask grew over my face and immediately started picking up life form that was around me. There was one in particular that caught my attention. My mask had picked up that a dark energy life form that was close to me. Looking around I didn't see anything. My mask was telling me that the dark energy levels were rising and that I was in danger. The suit went into defensive mode and grew the wings for the back of my mask. I knew that something was wrong, because this suit would never lie to me.

The last time it did something like this was when I was fighting that girl Krystal and she fired that attack she had learned on the fly. The suit had forced my body to get out of the way of the attack, and just like now it said then that the dark energy readings are too high for me to ignore. Seeing what happened to father and his suit has taught me to take heed in what is going on.

As soon as my wings form I jumped into the air. I then heard a loud crashing sound, but there was no one there. My mind couldn't wrap around what was going on, and what could be causing this. Doing my best to scan the area with my suit and psychic abilities I was finally able to detect something. There was a feint sliver in the air that left a bit of distortion. Something was cloaking itself, but it wasn't just any kind of cloaking where it would just be invisible to the naked eye it was also invisible to my suit and psychic sensing as well.

There was one thing I could do to see my opponent, it may require a bit of energy, but I will have to manage. I can only pray that this will not disturb the Lugia's. Basically if they are invisible they must be using some sort of concentration to maintain the status. All I have to do is disrupt that and that will leave them wide open.

"With the power of understanding I summon, Psyshock!” I yelled.

The suit began to shiver violently as I started hovering off the ground. Tucking my arms and legs inwards and compressed the power that was building inside. Scanning my surrounding I could see that there was a large quantity of black orbs of energy forming around me. Focusing my mind a lot more I could see the orbs spin around me in a wild and reckless gyration.

The orbs that were spinning around were colliding with everything that was in the room. Leaving behind small scorch marks on anything that they touched. The longer I held it up the longer the more I pushed it outwards to make sure that they came in contact with everything. That's when I felt one of the ball's hit something that wasn't a rock. I immediately let the attack go and allowed the orbs to fly off into any direction that they were swinging in. Crashing alongside of all walls, I could hear a feint yelp in the back ground.

My suit auto locked on the sounds position and started sending me some generalize location of where it could be, whatever it may be. The suit told me that it was directly behind me up against the cave wall. I dropped towards the ground rushed towards the location of the dark energy source, so I could put an end to this madness swiftly.

"With the power of understanding I summon, Leafblade!” I extended my left hand out. The energy of the sword began to form in my hand as I made my way over towards the anomaly.

Jumping up I brought the magical leaf sword above my head and swung downwards. At this range I could clearly see the distortion shift and evade my attack. My suit was telling me that another Pokémon was in the room. But my attention was mainly focused on the invisible enemy at hand. My blade had split a rock pillar that was jutting out of the wall.

Suddenly several black energy balls came flying from the dark corner of the room. Using the Leafblade that surged within my hand, I deflected the balls as they came to me with nimble swings. I could hear the energies crashing against the cave roof and walls.

Placing my hand on my hand on my head my suit kept flashing me warnings about, 'imminent danger, take evasive action.' It was now becoming very annoying because I knew what the hell it was talking about; the freaking monster in front of me was trying to kill me.

Focusing I placed my other hand on my head and started charging up for an attack, "With the power of understanding I summon, Extrasensory!” once I yelled that out a multicolored beam fired from my forehead. Focusing a little more I made sure to keep the beam going continuously, just in case I missed on the initial attack.

As the beam traveled towards its target I could see the distortion in the air shift quickly to avoid the attack. I quickly raked the beam across the field to hit it, but it leaped up in the air to avoid it. I could tell that it was some sort of quadruped creature, because it moved around too low and fast for me to attack head on. Turning off the beam I decide to change tactics and trick it up.

'I may have to get up close and personally with this one.' I said to myself as I quickly formulated a plan.

"With the power of understanding I summon, Extreme Speed!”

Within an instance I quickly made my way over to the distortion and kicked it on its side. I could tell that it wasn't some sort of ghostly apparition that nothing physical could touch. I pulled my leg back and winced slightly from the pain. The distortion on the other hand was across the bridge and towards the waterfall.

It felt as if I just kicked a mountain of diamond with all my might. My suit was telling me that my leg was injured and it was starting a temporary patch job. I could feel the surging pain suddenly stop with a smoothing comforting relief flood over me. The suit flashed across my eyes, "temporary fix, and need more time for full restoration.”

That's all I needed to see. I knew that I had to end this fight quickly because the longer the fight drags on the bigger the risk I run of attracting the attention of a Lugia. I noticed that the distortion wasn't moving it just lied there without the slightest hint of motion. I walked closer to examine the body. Waving my hand over it, I applied some of my psychic jamming onto its body to break its focus. The invisibility that covered its body started fading revealing its true form.

"Sasha!” I said loudly in utter confusion.

"...who...knows my sister?” a weak voice said.

Looking over towards the defeated Pokémon I could clearly see that it was an Absol. A fairly large one by just looking at its body I can tell that it's been through a lot. It was breathing rapidly, and had a terrible wound on its side. It must have come from when used my Psyshock on him. Examining his horn I could see that it was much larger than Sasha's was...wait what did he just say?

I knelt down at him closer to his face, "what are you talking about sister?”

"Sasha sister, I remember...Lugia...” the Absol sounded really tired. Then right after those words it went into unconsciousness.

I quickly noticed something strange about this Absol, it seemed like it was far more tired than it should be. For one to be this size I could see that it was undernourished because some of its ribs were poking its skin through its fur. Why would it mention Lugia offhandedly like that if it were related to Sasha, it should have no knowledge of a Lugia...but that explain why my suit has been acting crazy ever since I started fighting it. This is a cave of Lugia's and this Absol could have made a home of this cave and the Lugia's didn't approve of that.

Now I'm not the one who would allow my enemies to live to just come back and take revenge on me another day. But this case is different; I needed to know about his relationship to Sasha. I want to know more about the first Pokémon I ever caught and how our relationship could become better. He could be the answer to all of those questions.

"Activate capture mode,” I said susurrating to the suit so the Lugia wouldn't pick up on my words. The suit went to work, forming a Pokéball in my hand. I pointed it towards the Absol and tapped it on the side. The ball opened up and captured it.

Standing up I quickly said, "You can come out now: master of weather, oh lord of the legendary birds, the claimer of seas.”

I could hear a voice enter my mind, "do not address me with such titles, I know why you come and I'm telling you now leave!”

The Lugia began to uncloak itself; I looked up to see that it was sitting in plain sight on top of the waterfall. It was perched on top of a protruding rock that was jutting out of the water. It carried a sinister glance that could burn holes in a lesser being. Its body was long and sleek from this distances of where I stood, it had wings in the shape of hands that were clenched down tightly on the rock. I could see the blue oval shape on its underbelly that was slightly exposed. Such a beautiful creature, to bad I'm going to have to beat the crap out of it.

It knew what I was here for and yet it exposed itself to me...either I should be insulted or this thing might be more dangerous than I could have previously guessed.

"I won't tell you again to leave...but I know I'm wasting time, you will still seek to fight me.” It told me in my mind.

Shaking my head the wings on the back of my mask began to grow to their real size. I could tell that it was reading my mind and that I wasn't going to back down. He should realize that my life will depend on whether or not I can win this fight. Just by looking at him I tell he's lived a long time and has seen much. But by his presence here...I can't seem to place it, but he looked as if he knew something. Reading his mind wasn't in the cards for obvious reasons being a high leveled psychic and all could easily ward me off from its mind.

"I'm here to take you with me,” I told him as the wings on my head reached down to my feet I was ready for anything, "I don't want to use force, but I'm willing to do what I have to.”

It closed its eyes and tilted its head backwards. My masked immediately expanded its wings and four of the tips of the wings shot out backwards and impaled themselves into the ground behind me. The rest of the wings extended in front of me which completely covered my front body. I was slightly confused by what was going on. The suit started flashing to me that I should start placing a psychic barrier.

Not ignoring anymore warning that this thing tells me, I tucked arms in and started forming an invisible barrier around myself. Within the next few seconds I could feel all hell breaking loose all over my body. Or what felt like my body, but it wasn't my body only the barrier that was now being torn to shreds and the wings were the only thing protecting me.

A powerful wind burst through my psychic barrier. I was nowhere near mentally prepared for this kind of punishment and the barrier was easily shattered. But the wings on the other hand were more than enough to repel this kind of attack. I could feel the wind blast around my body; my mask was telling me that the attack being used on me was Aeroblast.

Once the attack stopped I called back my wings to see what had happened. My wings did not return back to normal size they only folded backwards behind my head. I guess my suit was going to remain cautions and vigilant.

The Lugia just remain on the waterfall glaring down at me with the same malevolent look from before. It was just waiting for me to make a move, one that I was more than happy to oblige. My suit had instantly scanned the legendary Pokémon for its weaknesses and found that it was weak to a variety of elements: such as electricity, darkness, etc.

The Pokésuit that I wore came standard with super strength and speed, but what made it unique was what I did with it afterwards. With the time that I spent with Sasha I actually picked up on some of the moves that she used and unfortunately for the Lugia it was everything that it's weak to, "With the power of understanding I summon, Thunderbolt!”

With those words spoken I could feel something stir within my mask. I could hear something gyrating behind me. The wings were converting the stored energy into a lightning attack. From the sound generating from my back I could tell that the attack was going to be awesome and overwhelming. My suit lifted my arms out and pointed them towards the Lugia, who had now closed his eyes.

I didn't understand what was going on, why wasn't it flying away or trying to attack me? Why was it so sure that I wouldn't leave? The more the energy begun to build up in my hands the more question started to pile up my head. The attack took an overall time of two minutes (which by the way is more than enough time to escape) to cap out in power. The Lugia didn't move an inch. The only logically explanation behind this was that it had something planned and was just waiting for me to move before it attacked me.

Then the Lightning bolt fired from my hand. The attack looked like a huge tree of branches that left from my fingertips into the sky. As the thunder echoed off the cave wall the only thing that was louder was the alarm in my mask telling me that I was almost out of energy. The sky of the cave lit up like a blue flare in the night sky.

I could only hope that the damn thing wasn't planning on an immediate counter attack. If so...I'm screwed.

Once everything had cleared up my mask zoomed in to see all of the damage that has been done. The Lugia had still remained, but it was almost completely blackened. Its eyes were wide opened and had rolled into the back of its head. It was unconscious as it remained perched on that rock and didn't move. It didn't even offer a shriek in was almost as if it wanted me to win...but why?

The more I thought about it the more questions I couldn't help but think of. I figured it'll be better if I were to just quit while I'm ahead and forget all of these useless questions.

Activating the master capturing process on my Pokésuit I flew up to where the Lugia was, and placed my palm on its standing form. Its soft belly was hard and crusty from the discharge of lightning, but it wasn't dead as I could feel the rise and fall of its stomach gasping for air. Suddenly its body turned to a blinding light and then began to drain into my hand and binding Lugia's very essences into the suit itself. It would take some sort of divine intervention in order to free it once it's been captured in this fashion.

Sighing to myself dejectedly from all of what happened. I didn't need to look into the future to tell that things have just gotten a lot more complicated...

Once I was back at the base I would have to prepare myself for what needed to be done. Opening the vault door I thought carefully for what I was going to do and how I was going to do it. My mission from the start ever since I got out of the tub earlier this night, I knew that I was going to have to kill a Lugia. But the manner of how I'm going is a completely different story. Basically I'm going to remove both of its wings and give them to my father...

The procedure is a simple one, just remove the wings and then place them amongst the folds of father's missing limbs. The Pokésuit that he wears will take care of the rest. It'll fuse the limbs perfectly, down to the DNA level. It will be as if the wings were always apart of father.

To be honest there were far more choices I could have chosen from, but one of the most powerful Psychic/Flying types in existence was too sweet of a deal to pass. He will get all of the benefits of the Lugia's power thus increasing his own atleast tenfold. Plus his Pokésuit is originally meant to amplify attacks without having to use any sayings, such as me. Downside to that is that his power can become too immense to the point of where he can barely control it himself. With the wings of Lugia he will possess the power of a powerful psychic, concentrating and focus will be no issue from here on.

Making my way inside I could hear the vault close behind me. I went into the operating room that was right next to father's resting room. Retracting my mask I looked at my hands and how they were going to be soiled with blood in the next few moments. The horrible part about this was I had to keep it aware of what was going on, though I will dull the pain. The operating room uses a special force field to restrict powers and abilities of Pokémon. Only father really knows how it works I'm just going to need it until I'm done in here.

The operating room itself was a fairly sizable room. Large enough to fit atleast three Snorlax's without a feel of claustrophobia. It was meant for operating on Pokémon of all sizes to help them get better, but today I'm going to use if for a much darker purpose. I can only say that I'm doing this to save a life, but taking one that a fair trade?

Walking over to an operating table I took a much needed deep breath and placed my palm on it. The table was made out of the same nano bots that ran through my suit. It immediately detected what I was planning to do and begun to expand the table widely to fit the large Lugia.

The low tittering of the table reconfiguring itself was slightly soothing as well as the low hum of some of the terminals. By the time the table was done configuring itself it stretch across the room twenty meters up and thirty meters across.

Walking towards the head of the table, I placed both of my hands down on it. Then a slow flashing light of energy began to form on the table to reveal the Lugia I had stored in my suit. The suit formed it perfectly along the table. They seem to work in conjunction with each other because the Lugia both wings were spread across the table aligned perfectly with the restraints.

Once they clamped down not even Arceus could break those through any means. Only if I or my father could let something out of this once placed inside. All the machines in this room only respond to our suits, well this and most of the tech that my father makes. That way nothing or nobody could tamper or sabotage any of his inventions and use it against him.

Getting back to the issue at hand, I was looking down at the Lugia that was on the table. It was swaying its head from left to right in some sort of stupor. I think I may have hit it with too much lightning, but in a while that won't matter anymore.

"What if I tell you you're making a mistake?” I could hear a voice speaking into my mind.

But that shouldn't be possible once anything that doesn't have a suit enter this room all of its abilities are locked...this thing must be stronger than I thought. I better be careful, who knows what else it's capable of doing.

"Shut up.” I said loudly. I didn't want to listen to anything that was about to die final wishes. I already knew what it was going to try and do. Convince me that I'm doing the wrong thing, free it, it wreaks havoc all over the hide out possibly kill father and me, and be on about its day. Well that's not happening.

"The second you walked into that cave I already accepted my fate, young one; but if you continue down this path of vengeance things won't end well for you.” It said with a dryness that was dangling in its voice.

So what this thing can predict the future now...all I know is that I'm going to have my cake and eat it to. My father will recover and with him his dream to make the world understand.

"I wish that I could help you out, but it's not my place to do so...” It added one last time as its voice started to fade from my mind.

Suddenly a holographic screen appeared in front of me that cause me to jump back slightly. I focused my eyes on screen and read what it had to say.

"Now this will make this situation much better,” I said once I was done reading I added, "All I have to do is type in what I need done and the nano tech machines in the room will take care of the rest.”

I was slightly relieved to see that I didn't have to stick around for the mess that was about to take place.

Once I was done typing the procedure, it told me that it was going to be an estimated twenty hour surgery. I let out a large sigh when I heard that. I was really hoping to get this done much quicker than that, but now that I think about it for what's about to happen that sounds about right.

"I have something that you need to know, young one.” The Lugia said invading my mind again.

"What's that?”

"Tell the Absol you carry, that I'm sorry for everything, and that you two should really get to know each other. The two of you have a lot in common that I think you'll find beneficial for your upcoming journey.” It said with a hint of laughter.

I simply shrugged and activated the procedure to begin.

There was a loud cranking noise, followed by a buzzing noise being activated from behind me. I ignored it and made my way out of the room and back into the main hallway.

An hour past went as I found myself lying in my bed just staring at the wall on the roof. What that Lugia had said was weighing heavily on my mind. Out of everything that it said what did it mean by "beneficial for your upcoming journey,” what kind of journey was it talking about?

I'm not going anywhere without my father and why did it want me to get to know that Absol. From the very first time I laid my eyes on it in its visible form I could tell that there was something distinctive about it. Not only that also it seemed to know Sasha, now I know I'm no fan of coincidence, but what are the odds of me finding Sasha's brother in this cave. The more I thought about it the more I needed to call him out of his ball and talk to him.

Retrieving his ball from out of my palm that was made of the nanobots stored in my suit. Once the ball was fully formed in my hand, I used my telekinesis to lift the object and open it near the foot of my queen size bed. Sitting up to get a better view of the newly forming Pokémon, I was quickly dissatisfied to see that it was still unconscious.

I thought it would probably be better if I were to inflict some pain on him, that'll get him up quickly. But then again that will probably end up having it resent me more. The thought of my brother flashed into my mind again and I quickly and his oh-so wise words 'You don't even know how she feels,' I shook my head trying to rid myself of such thoughts. I guess I could tend to it and help it get back on its feet.

As far as the Lugia goes I already knew that I have a long time before its procedure was complete. When I mean long time I mean atleast a week, including my father's synchronization to the wings themselves. So I have plenty of time to kill and getting this Absol back to normal should take me about a day at the most.

"Well,” I started using my telekinesis to lift the Absol off of my bed and suspend him in mid-air, "time to get started.”

The day had come and went by the time I was truly finished treating the Absol. There seemed to be a lot of damage to the poor thing, but not just physically it was mostly mental damage. Like mold caking up on a wet carpet, it was just a muddle that even I didn't want to mess with. I was standing behind a glass window looking at the Pokémon chest slowly swell and fall from its breathing.

Right now I had the Absol inside a healing tube for its heavily damaged body. Its mental state is something that I'm going to have to get into once I awaken it. I can tell that it's not going to be fun, but I feel as if though this could be a second chance for me to try and get to know Sasha...even though this isn't Sasha. This was another one of my fathers' machines there for it was top of the line quality and more than likely to have the Absol on its feet by tomorrow morning.

I could hear the beeping in my suit going off telling me that I had a message. I stood in the hallway that connected to every room in the facility. "Mask on,” I murmured, so I could view the message. After the mask formed on my face it instantly brought the message up. "Wait time...Lugia wing removal...eighty two hours.” It was going to try and explain the procedure of how the wing removal would work and why it'll take so long, but I didn't care. The less I know about this the better in my opinion.

"Ugh...I definitely have time to kill now,” I said sighing and shaking my head.

The next day I awaken to find myself in a sleepy stupor. My eyes didn't want to open and to be honest I didn't really want to open them, but I had something to do today. The first thing that was on my agenda was the care of father, to see how he was fairing. He should be fine for the most part because of the nanobots, but I needed to get those wings on him as quickly as possible to speed up his recovery. The next thing I will have to do is check up on that Absol. He should be up by now but priority first.

Giving myself a quick grooming within the mirror I could see that I was looking much better than I did before I went inside the Lugia cave. My face looked fuller and more vibrant than it has in a long time. My heart felt as if though I finally had something to work towards and it was being completed.

Getting dressed in the Pokésuit once again I made my way out of the bathroom and into the hallway. The first room I noticed was the Operating room since it was the only one with noise emanating from it. Ignoring it I continued down toward the last room where my father was.

Slowly opening the room door, I could hear the beeping of the heart monitor ringing in my ears. Entering the dimly lit room I saw father laying in the in the dead center of his bed. I didn't want to disturb him only to see how he was doing. The machines no doubt have him doped up on so many pain meds he's probably in a near comatose state. I hated to see him like this, but all of this will be fixed in just a few days. All I could do was say a silent prayer for him and for my brother what going to happen to him once he wakes up. It hurts to see my father in this state. He's not the one for boasting or showing off, but a man of power and desire nonetheless. He only wants what's best for the world if people would give him a chance they could understand. But father and I will show the world by force if we have to even if that means destroying it...

After checking on father's stats I proceeded out of the room and into the hallway once more now to pay a visit to the Absol. He should be up by now probably hungry. I should be careful though because the room that he's in isn't like the one the Lugia's in with restraints on its powers. No, the Absol will have full access to all of its powers and abilities. With my suit I should have no problem dealing with it, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

"Mask mode on...” I said quietly. The mask quickly stretched across my face and over my head. Approaching the door I could hear the access panel recognize me with three loud beeps then with a flash of green and slide right open. I rushed into in the room quickly to take it by surprise, but stopped when I saw that it wasn't doing anything.

The Absol still looked very frail, but remained calm as I entered the room. It just sat down on the table in the center of the room. The table is meant for placing Pokéballs and healing through that method, not for a Pokémon to just plop his behind down on. But I wasn't here for that my main concern was for what this Absol knew about Sasha.

"You're the one who liberated me, correct?” The Absol spoke. His accent was very proper and refined, that or it could just be the way my suit is translating it.

I remained silent as it jumped down from the tall table and hesitantly approached me. It made sure to keep distant of six feet away from me. Even though it hasn't said anything yet I could tell that it was slightly nervous.

"Is there any reason, as to why your face is veiled?” it asked then continued, "you understand me don't you, after all you are the one who freed my sister.”

Luckily I still had my mask on because my face portrayed nothing but confusion. Why do this Absol think I've rescued his sister? I don't understand any of this, but I won't find out anything just by sitting here.

"Mask mode off,” I said as the latex-like material retreated from my face. Allowing my hair to fall graciously to my back.

"Praise Arceus, I knew that it was truly you, princesse.” He said taking a step closer while bowing.

I could feel a slow blush slowly spreading across my face. "I don't know what you're talking about, I didn't rescue your sister,” I stammered out the feeling of embarrassment, "but I have met with your sister before.”

He first gave me a confused look, and then took a deep breath and said, "I see, but you have still set me free therefore you are my princesse.” He said taking another bow.

"Look you can stop calling me that okay...making me feel weird.”

I then gave a sudden gasp as I realized that I wasn't reading its mind. I mean normally people and Pokémon's thoughts try to pour their way into my mind, but this Absol...I could read nothing from it.

"As you wish apologies may I ask of your name?” It said lifting its head up to look me in the eye.

I quickly darted my eyes to the far side of the room to avoid eye contact with it, I cleared my throat and said, "My name is Rebecca.”

"Princesse Rebecca, I like it,” He said teasingly.

"Okay I've introduced myself what's your name?” I asked sternly trying to regain my composure.

"My name is, Tristan at your service princesse.” He took another bow and then added, "You look very familiar, and you say you've met my sister before, no?”

"Yes, I have,” I said now I was curious to know what was going on inside of its head. I tried to read its mind but there was nothing...I kept drawing a blank. This was the second time I have ever been blocked from reading something's mine. The first time was when my brother was using that thing to prevent me from reading him when we were at The Lake of Rage. I decided that it was best to stop trying for now and get some questions answered, "how do I look familiar to you and this is the first time we've met?”

The Absol chuckled weakly as his frail large form would only allow him to do so. "Princesse, your face reminds me of someone who help save my sister.”

Now I was starting to become very confused. "What do you mean save your sister? When I met Sasha she never told me that she was rescued once before!” I said louder than I intended to, not being able to read one's mind can be very annoying when trying to obtain information.

"Calm down Princesse I'll explain everything to you.” He took a long stretch and then eased a bit closer to me. "I am not really sure how much time has passed since my sister and I first visited the caves...” I hesitated a brief moment to ponder what had happened. "We went to the caves to our live peacefully lives away from humans. It would seem that we chose wrong as the cave we thought would be paradise turned into a deathtrap.”

"Deathtrap?” I repeated.

The Absol nodded wholeheartedly, "Aye princesse, we tried to make our way back out but it was blocked by Pokémon I have never seen before. The two of us had to fight our way through to the end of the cave. Miraculously we actually made it out of the main part of the cave in one piece and into the lower areas. It was a bit deeper than the one you found me in princesse.” He then took a deep breath and continued, "well we ran into a family of Lugias, one in particular that seem to have not wanted to let us go...well soon after another human that looks a lot like yourself came to help us escape.”

I could see that he was fighting back the emotions that were building up inside of him. I thought it would be better to just give him a minute to collect himself before he finished. I could not have possibly imagined what it must too have been like to go through something like that. But there he goes again with that someone who looks like me. Dammit if only I could read his mind...I must be patient. The answers that plague me will soon come just have to be patient.

"I'm sorry princesse I must seem strange by my behavior. Please forgive me.” He said apologetically.

Shaking my head in annoyance, "No, don't worry about it continue with your story please.”

Bowing his head courteously he continued, "The woman with beautiful hair such as yours princesse, prodigious psychic abilities. By then both my sister and I were possessed by the Lugia and were turned to fight the woman. Using her remarkable abilities she managed to free my sister, but before she was able to set me free she was completely overwhelmed by the Lugia.” Taking yet another deep breath Tristan looked back to me and said, "my sister was freed and the woman had to escape or risk dying along with my sister and I. She took my sister to safety, but was unable to save me I assumed it was my fate to stay in that cave for all eternity...” The crestfallen Absol looked to the ground once more. "But I was saved by you my princesse...even after I attacked you, you still spared my life. There is no possible way for me to every repay your kindness, but with that life you saved.” He said completely going into submission mode on the ground. He rolled over onto his back and let his stomach out for a full display. His tail was tucked in neatly on his underside.

I could see that he was lacking the energy to do too much with his body. Then suddenly a small tear fell down my face. Quickly turning my head away from him to wipe it away I didn't want appear weak in front of him.


"It's nothing! And stop calling me princesse!” I retorted loudly.

He stood up from his submissive bow and approached me slowly. Taking his right paw he placed it on my leg.

When I felt his touch I could feel a burning light pour into me. This caused me to quickly jump backwards and up against the door.

"I can feel your pain...princesse. You have been through so much lately you don't know where you should go.” He said, reading my feelings as if he were a psychic.

"You don't know the half of it or even how I know your sister...” I said as a way to dangle the information from him.

"My life is yours to do as you see fit, I'll will follow your every command. With this vow I make to you princesse I wish to know everything about you, you who are the one I now serve.”

I didn't know what to say, but I just thought back to what the Lugia said in the last conversation that we've had. "We have a lot in common and he may be beneficial to my journey.”

"Very well then I shall tell you everything about me. And if you truly desire to serve me you will need to understand me.”


For the week the Absol and I began to form a relationship unlike any I have with humans or Pokémon before. He agreed to help me crush my brother and that witch and liberate his sister from them. When I told him what I was planning on doing with the Lugia he was slightly disgusted, but understood. Over the week that he's been here I've been keeping him well fed and taken care of. His body weight had actually doubled; he's quite large for an Absol. He stood over four feet tall and weighed about one hundred fifty pounds. His coat was well sparkling white and his horn was very large and held a beautiful ebony sleekness to it.

Even more time was required to perform the operation on my father once the removal of the wings from the Lugia had happened. I wasn't particularly displeased but rather enjoyed the fact that I had more time to spend with Tristan.

I could see a one eighty in my own appearance. There were no more bags under my eyes, I ate more, and did a lot of meditative training. Instead of constantly worrying over father, I spent time with Tristan. He told me things about his and Sasha's past that were funny and sad. He told me about his parents and how they were taken away from him when he was very young. 'Sasha probably wouldn't remember them,' He told me as he continued telling me other stories about his past. I started actually learning lessons about life and the way I should treat others. He even taught me how to tap into the darkness through my suit. I will admit though I'm still not used to using it, my own psychic abilities seem to try and block it. In the short amount of time that we've spent together I've gained so much from him...I didn't even have to read his mind to tell what he was thinking it was as if though we were linked with one another.

I'm seventeen years old and not one time in my entire life have I ever been shown the kind of compassion that this Pokémon was showing me. Even by my own father who only used me for his own gain, has never told me that he loves me, or that he appreciates what I do. But he's my father and I'll be willing to do anything for him.

A couple of day's back I actually was able to salvage the wings of the Lugia and began the attachment process on father. The Lugia was dead from the blood loss, but the machines as instructed kept the wings. I moved father to the Operating Room and let the machines take care of the rest. To be honest I couldn't possibly comprehend what the machines were for or how they were going to attach his new appendages to him. The room itself was very advance tech only he truly understood how it operated it. It should carry everything that was needed to successfully put him together.

For it being able to do that I was very grateful...for him getting better...of course. Not that I wanted to spend more time with Tristan.

I was now leaning on the viewing window that looked into the Operating Room to see if everything was running smoothly. Placing my hand the panel near the door, a hologram image leaped up from the screen and displayed the time that I'll take to finish the procedure. "Time remaining twenty three hours...” It tried to explain to me what was happening, but I quickly removed my hand from the panel and ignored it.

Making my way back to my bedroom I saw Tristan lying down sleeping in my bed. Normally whenever I saw someone using my things...let's just say things never end pretty for them. But for some reason I didn't mind him using my things. Why...? He is only a Pokémon yet I'm allowing him to get close to me. I saw that he was so kind to me...I wonder if this is what love really is?

"Tristan, wake up.” I said approaching him. I stood right over him while rubbing my hand down his side.

"Mmm...I just may stay sleep if you continue that princesse.”

I immediately stopped and realized what I was doing. I quickly pinched his leg so that he could get up more quickly. But he didn't move as quickly as I wanted him to, instead slowly sitting up at his own leisurely pace.

He gave a light chuckle when he was fully upon his haunches. "Princesse, no matter what you do to me you could never hurt me.”

At first I thought he was threatening me...but by gazing into his eyes I could see that his word carried another meaning behind them. They were caring words...I still wasn't able to read his mind I couldn't read anything off of him.

"What do you mean I can't hurt you?” I asked bluntly.

Again he gave a light chuckle, this time to my comment. "Princesse, you misunderstand...” he took his paw and placed it on the hand that was still gripped in his fur and then added, "As long as I am by your side I will never be hurt by anything.”

It's funny because when I told him that the Lugia that held him prisoner all this time was now dead he showed no remorse. He wasn't happy about it either or relieved...all he did was tell me that he was happy to have met me. And that if it weren't for the Lugia that wouldn't have happened. I didn't understand personally if anyone did any wrong to me in the past, I would be everything possible to get revenge.

"You're weird...but I guess that's okay.”

He let a light smile on to his face and said, "Was my sister just as weird, no?”

Shaking my head, "Nope, actually she was calm, cool, and collected.” I didn't have the heart to tell him how I had actually treated her. But I mean I never abused her or anything just didn't pay any mind to her either.

"Princesse do you want to train more in the art of darkness?” he asked changing the subject and taking his paw off of me. He jumped down to the floor and took a nice long stretch.

"Yeah,” I agreed.

Standing back up from his stretch he beckoned me over towards him with a flick of his horn. I followed behind him with a hasten step. I didn't mind following behind him it was if though he knew the way, and didn't mind taking charge.

We both made our way towards the front vault door that led to the outside whirlpool island. I stopped suddenly; something feeling very off the atmosphere that ran throughout the entire hideout was distorted. It was as if everything was jumping up and down randomly. So was my head as it started feeling light and then heavy or it was all just in my head to begin with. Either way I know that this needed to stop. I mean I couldn't focus on anything that was around me let alone find out what was causing this.

"Princesse, you feel that too huh?” He said calmly.

"Yeah...” I said having to now prop myself up against the wall, "I don't know what it could possibly be.”

My world was being turned upside down I didn't know whether this was some sort of effect by something or some sort of power. Tristan started making his way over to the Operating Room door. He then stopped abruptly, quickly whipping his head around to look back to me and yelled, "Princesse, run!”

I wasn't able to fully comprehend what he had said before there was an explosion at the end of hallway where he was standing. He was sent flying backwards towards me, landing on his paws he looked towards me and said, "Princesse are you hurt?”

"I'm fine. How about yourself?” I asked surprisingly more concerned than I should have been.

"I am well princesse, remember as long as I'm with you I can never be killed!” He said triumphantly.

There was a darkening aura flooded through the area. My suit actually tapped into my own mental energies to help fortify the protection from the darkness that was hammering through. It wasn't much but it was enough for me to atleast stand on my feet.

"Excellent to see you on your feet princesse,” He said looking back in my direction and then added, "now if you didn't mind explaining to me what is going on?” He asked.

"I don't know...” That's when it hit me. "Father...”

"Your father,” He asked confused, "princesse, surely this could not be the man we were waiting for?

"Yeah, why?”

"No, human can have such dark energy and still be called human.” He said with his voice dropping to a deep sadden one.

I had no idea what he was talking about "Not human” he's my father who was severely injured. All I did was give him a second chance at life and his plan. I'm just doing what any loving child would do for their parents...right?

"Father,” I said.

"...ugh...ugh...ugh...Rebe-cca.” A slow grunt radiated from around the corner where the Operating Room was.

I couldn't sense anything...if was as if though life in the hide out had ceased. I know I'm able to detect life forms that near me or if I expand my psychic readings to what felt to the Whirlpool Islands, but still felt no life I mean from anything. I couldn't even feel the lifeforce from Tristan and he was standing right in front of me.

"What has happened to me!?” I could hear my father's voice emanate from around the corner.

"Father, I helped you get power! Now the world and understand your will.” I yelled.

He walked around the corner with his face first. His eyes had a dulled dead look in them, if was as if he had no life in him...he then turned his lifeless eyes towards me. It was as if though he was looking not at me but in me. And within a flash he was standing in front of me between Tristan and myself. It was one of the most frightening things I have ever seen in my life. Though he in the body of my brother who wasn't normally that much taller than me, seemed as if though he was a giant.

He was standing right in my face looking right past me with the same dull look. Taking a slight glance down my eyes almost doubled in size when I saw what has happened to him. His new appendages was attached to him perfectly, but the suit and the wings had fused together to make something grotesque and surreal. I could plainly see the synthetic nerves and veins running through his arms or should I say wings. The wings themselves were much larger than his body so much so to where they were dragging on the ground.

Looking at him now made me realize that I've done something horribly wrong.

"Rebecca...” He said as a stream of tears started pouring down his face. "I loved you like no other, even your mother couldn't break the bond between us.”

My eyes widen in surprise when he mentioned my mother, but before I could put more thought into it I could see Tristan leap to the side of the hallway while shouting, "Princesse, get away from him!”

Heeding his warning I immediately jump backwards. I decided to listen to Tristan before trusting my father. Something about him didn't seem right it was as if though he was possessed by something. It wasn't like the feeling I get with Tristan and not being able to read him. With father it was far more ominous and evil...

"Father what happened to my mother?” I asked not wanting to let the subject drop.

"The same thing that's going to happen to you.” He said deprecatingly, as he raised his right wing inside the tight corridor all the way up to the ceiling. I could see a bright purple aura billow around the appendage.

I knew that if I didn't do anything he was going to kill me. I couldn't understand why he would do that, I only tried to help him. I thought was helping him out and yet he's trying to kill me! There was nothing I could do...I could never hurt the man who did so much for me.

He was about to bring his arm down in one mighty cleave when suddenly small explosion of darkness came from behind him. He stumbled and fell forward on his face. The wing nearly connected with me still as he fell, but I managed to side step out of the way in time. I could see that the wall and floor that it touched just faded if they had never existed. Looking straight across from me was Tristan, with the most worried look on his face.

"Princesse this man isn't the guy you used to know. He's becoming a monster!” He yelled.

I didn't have time to think about it all I could do was get leap over my father and land right in front of Tristan.

"Okay, we need to get out of here.” I said somberly looking away from where my father now laid.

So much about this wasn't making any sense I thought I could fix everything if I were to give him those wings. Shaking the unwelcome thoughts out of my head I reached my hand up and placed it on the palm reader. Once it confirmed who I was it opened the vault door.

Stepping out I knew that it was only matter of time before he came out of there looking for us. "Mask mode on,” I said quietly.

"Princesse...” Tristan said in a tone to match my own.

Sticking my palm up, I recalled him back into my suit. The mask then formed over my head, and was giving me plenty of warning about the anomaly behind me. It automatically activated my wings and expanded them.

Now hovering off the ground my suit asked for coordinates for a retreat. To be honest I didn't know what to think seems like everything I touch goes to shit. And now I just fucked my father out his revenge. Now I don't have anywhere to go or no real purpose in this world.

Father said something about me having a mother. Why can't I remember her, it feels as if though there's an empty void in my very being that wants to be filled by something my body. But it can't be found...

Now flying away from Whirlpool Island I didn't look back. Not this time, I knew there was only one thing on those islands that I had to correct. Father...but I can't do it the way I am now. My psychic abilities fill as if though it's in shambles. No, I know what I have to do now. And that's just simply wait, father will make his move towards Max once again. Not only him but that bitch as well, and her parents.

No, there's only one place I need to go, my favorite place in the world to relax because after all of this a girl could use some relaxation. Tristan will be with me the whole time, and through him I learn to communicate with Pokémon better. I hate to admit it, but now I need him more than ever. I don't want to be alone and even though he's just a Pokémon he's a good friend.

Only time will tell what's going to happen in the future. I can only hope that all those who have wronged my family will be put in the ground where they belong.

"One can only hope...”
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