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Double Weakness 2 by Scy Storm


Story Notes:

Weeee! An unplanned sequel of sorts to "Double Weakness," this idea came about in a chat with Ignatius himself. It was too good not to do, and I don't say that just because I'm the victim. ;) But yeah, Scythers are weak to fire and electric. :P This story also ties in with "A Friendship Cumulates" if you'll notice. It fit perfectly.

Double Weakness 2


Pokemon Fan Fic Lemon
By: Scy Storm

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Weeee! ^^ Little Iggy spouted out a great idea for a sequel to Double Weakness that I just had to write. You'll know the three characters, since Scy and Iggy were in the first one, and Strife has been in 2 others. ;) Yeah, another damn lemon with me in it. Blame Iggy. ^^; And I'm sexy anyway, so gkepgaghwrhg.

INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER: Two male Pokemon molesting a bigger male Pokemon explicitly and in delicious written detail. :D If it's not your cup of tea gov'nah, then please step away from the kettle, else you get hit with the steam.

"Oh man... You really think we should do this?" The Raichu asks, blushing softly.

The Charmander grins. "Yes. I do."

Strife giggles as he walks with his surrogate little brother, his large tail swishing. "It seems... bad, you know?"

Iggy snickers. "I know... That's what makes it good."

"You're just saying that because it's Scy." Strife replies, sticking out his tongue.

Iggy sticks his own tongue back out, and giggles. "I don't think he'll mind if we... 'rape' him."

Strife chuckles. "Of course not. That doesn't make it seem any less bad."

"Well I just want to give him what we gave Nico. Sorta. He deserves it."

"You still haven't told me exactly what you two did to that Bay."

Iggy giggles. "Yeah... I'll have to. It was a lot of fun."

Strife smirks, tailswishing. "I wouldn't have thought that."

Iggy swats the Chu with his tail at the smart-aleck comment, making Strife prod him in the back with his tailbolt. Iggy almost falls forward, then growls playfully and contemplates a pounce, before he notices what's coming up. "Ah... Here's his den." He says.

The Raichu looks forward, and blinks. "... Where?"

Iggy bounds up to a spot in the trees. "Here! Haven't you been here before?"

Strife scritches his head. "Um... Yeah... I think."

Iggy smirks, and pulls apart some vines, sticking his head inside and wagging his tail. "... Scy?"

The familiar innards of Scy's den are illuminated like normal, but there's no Scyther inside. Iggy blinkblinks, and looks around inside. Nothing. Maybe they came at a bad time? If so, that just stinks. His thoughts are interrupted, though, when a loud voice booms out behind him. "RAWR!"

Iggy meeps loudly and flies forward into Scy's den, rolling across the ground until hitting the wall at one side, ending up upside-down on his head, tail falling down and hitting his chest. Giggles are heard from outside as Scy walks through the vine doorway of his home, Strife following behind him. Iggy mrphs and flops down to his side, before hopping to his feet. "Scy!!" He yells.

Scy chuckles and looks down at the large Charmander. "What? It was funny." He says.

Strife giggles and tailswishes. "It was."

Iggy growls. "Bro!"

Strife giggles again, and Scy pokes the Mander with a toeclaw. "Just being funny, Iggs. Now, what brings you two cuties to me?"

They smile to the cuties comment. "What? We can't come and see our Scyther buddy?" Iggy speaks up with.

Scy mrphs. "... Well, of course you can. Just thought there was an occasion."

"Oh, no, they're isn't." Iggy states, with an innocent grin.

Scy eyeraises. "Okay then..." He says, turning and smiling at the quiet Raichu.

Strife smiles back at him and tailswishes. "Chu."

Scy giggles, and reaches down to petscritch him, before walking over to his cot of leaves just a ways away. "I'd go berry collecting with you guys, but I believe we're all stocked at the moment." He says.

Strife nodnods a bit, as Iggy gets close to him. "Yeah... I'm all stocked up..." Strife says, blinking at Iggy.

Iggy snickers quietly, moving up to his bro's ear and whispering things in it. Scy is sitting on his cot with his back to them, checking out his supplies nearby, mainly just his sack of berries, since he did just mention berry collecting. "Well cool. Because I love berry hunting with you guys." He says.

"We... like to go hunting with you... ! Too..." Strife says, stuttered, as he looks at Iggy with a blush.

Iggy snickers, Strife trying not to giggle. Scy blinks to Strife's speech. "Is something wrong?" He asks.

Iggy pulls away from Strife. "No. I'm good." The Chu says.

Scy looks back at them with a curious eye, and shrugs, looking back to his things. "Alright then."

It's quiet for a moment, as Iggy nudges Strife, cocking his muzzle toward Scy. Strife stifles a giggle, blushing shyly. Iggy growls quietly and nudges him in the back, making him step forward. Strife mrphs, and finally pads up toward Scy. "So um... what are you doing?" The Raichu asks.

"Just checking over some of my things." Scy replies.

Strife nods, reaching his long tail up and rubbing the bolt-shaped end against Scy's back. Scy murrs softly, and giggles, letting it happen. Strife looks back at Iggy, still seeming hesitant. Iggy just grins evilly, and gives Strife a glare. Strife shrugs, and looks back up at the Scyther, 'petting' him with the bolt on his tail, and sliding it over to Scy's frontside. Scy blinks, and giggles again, bending his head down and licking it, making the Raichu giggle in turn. Strife slides the tailbolt up higher purposely, rubbing under Scy's chin. Scy lifts his chin up and murrs happily. "Hehe... You know I love your tail, Strife." He says.

Strife giggles, and nodnods. "Of course, Scyscy."

Scy chrrs and lets the tail keep rubbing against him, as Strife and Iggy exchange glances. Iggy soon comes walking closer. "You know Scy, I kinda lied." He says.

"Hmm?" Scy inquires, just basking in the tail's attention.

"We do kind of have an occasion. A reason to be here." Iggy responds.

"Oh? And what would that be, Charbuddy?"

Iggy snickers and grins. "Look down."

Scy blinks a bit, and tilts his head back down. He has just now noted that Strife's tail has actually been spun around his body. Before he can react, it squeezes around him tight, pressing his arms against his sides. He eeps loudly, and squirms, unable to wiggle away from the tail grip. "H-Hey, what..." Scy mumbles.

He's cut off when he gets a light shock from the Chu, transmitted through the tail wrapped around him. He groans a bit, as he's weak to electricity. Iggy giggles almost wickedly, and backs up a bit. "Bring him off the cot, bro." He says.

Strife turns and pads away from the cot some, Scy literally being held in the air by the tailwrap. Strife doesn't keep him up too long, placing him down on the ground atop some leaves, still firmly wrapped. "G-Guys, what's up?" Scy asks, looking to them.

Strife just blushes, obviously bashful about doing this. But Iggy is just giggling almost maniacally, padding over to the Scyther's body, and running a claw over a random area of his scaly side. "Oh, nothing..." He says.

Scy growls a bit, squirming in the tail, and noticing how it's wiggling its way around him as Strife changes his position, padding his way around Scy's body and adjusting his tail's bind to follow with him. It stays tight. "You're lying." Scy says.

Iggy snickers, watching his brother go and looking over at Scy's face. "Come now, you can't _guess_?"

Scy mrphs, and squirms a bit harder, only to get another body shock. He groans, ceasing his movement and twitching. Strife just shrugs softly, nearby the Scyther's legs, his tail keeping tight, and now wrapped around one leg, pulling it somewhat away from the other one. Scy's eyelids twitch before he gets them open again, seeing the two smaller Pokes near his legs. "Guys..." He mumbles.

Iggy murrs, staring up at the Scyther with a grin. "Isn't it obvious?" He says, bringing his paw forward and rubbing it between the Scyther's legs.

Scy blushes hard upon contact, the rubbing going over a protective plate that shields his more sensitive parts. It still feels good, though. "I..Iggy..." He mumbles.

Iggy snickers, taking his paw away and replacing it with his tail, sliding the flaming end against the scales there. He kicks up the heat a little bit, so it pulsates through the plate. Scy groans softly, his legs squirming a bit. "Come on, Scy... Open it up, or we'll arouse you until you have to..." Iggy says, then looking to Strife.

Strife blinks, before he nods, leaning forward a bit so he too can rub against the plating. After a few rubs, he begins flowing a soft electrical current through his paw and into Scy's body beyond the plate. Scy groans, clawing the floor below him and arching is back. The two of them are rather serious. Feeling his arousal starting to slowly grow, he complies and slides the protection away. Iggy grins widely, moving his tail away from the emerged sheath & sack, instead pouncing forward and mouthing it. Scy eeps and squirms some when the Charmander's jaws lock around his sheath, and his body is quickly calmed down by another light shock from the Raichu's tail. He softly whimpers after the shock, Iggy chuckling as he suckles and licks on the pouch in his maw. Strife can only quietly murr as he watches, continuing to rub with his paw in random spots, though now without the electric flow.

Iggy murrs happily, looking up at the Scyther's pleasured face as his tongue slides inside of the scaled sheath and licks while he suckles. Scy just presses his head back against the ground, murring loudly, basking in the pleasurable attention despite the awkwardness of the situation. Iggy murrs louder, getting a constant flow of the Scyther's scent through his nose as he probes the sheath, pumping at it some with his paws as well. Strife just quietly murrs to himself as he watches the Charmander go, using his paw to rub around under Scy's orbs.

Iggy soon lifts off, grinning, seeing the tapered red end of Scy's cock showing to the air. Scy lifts his head and looks at what's happening once he feels the air on his maleness. Iggy keeps grinning, staring at the tip, and pumping at the sheath with his paws, watching the member slide out in response. Scy lets out a soft pant of lust, watching his member grow thanks to the Charmander paws, Iggy soon giving some quick tongue laps at the cock as he strokes, making the Scyther twitch. Strife stares at the emerging red cock with a blush, his paw rubbing around almost randomly, brushing against the Char in the process. Iggy looks down at it, then over at him, smirking. "Come have a taste, bro." He says.

That causes Strife to snap out of it, looking over at him. "... wha?"

Iggy giggles. "I see you staring, and I know you've tasted before. Come on, I'm not alone here."

Scy looks over at them as they talk, Strife hesitantly nodding and leaning closer, giving the Scyther's cock a sniff. He murrs loudly from the scent, planting an immediate lick over the red, sensitive flesh. Scy just murrs, recognizing the feeling of the Raichu's tongue, as Strife licks at him again. As he does, Iggy snickers, dropping down low, and squeezing the Raichu's sheath in his paw. Strife squeaks loudly, looking down at the Charmander, whom laps at the sheath, staring back up with a blushing grin. "Iggy!" Strife states.

Iggy giggles, murring and licking at it again. "What?"

Strife just mrphs, and grins softly back down at him, not saying anything else as he goes back to licking at the Scyther, holding his sheath now with his paws. Scy gently moans by now, his arousal growing with each of the Chu's licks, and he's unable to do anything but lay there and take it. Iggy just murrs as he gets no backtalk from his surrogate brother, sliding his lips around the Chu's sheath and suckling, playing with his balls with his claws. Strife groans softly as the Charmander goes to work on him, looking down at him once, before just focusing on Scy's member, licking at it lovingly and sliding a paw up to rub the "underside" of it, the side facing the bug's stomach. Scy pants a bit, moaning again, his head and cheek pressing down to the ground and some leaves. His member is softly pulsing, all the way out of his body. Strife notices it's all out, but continues his loving licks, enjoying the taste of his friend.

Iggy closes his eyes and melts a bit into his work, suckling and lapping the Chu's sheath, soon beginning to bob his head back and forth thanks to the member inside starting to emerge. Strife stops what he's doing for a moment to moan and look down at the Charmander, eyes half-lidded, before going back to the Scyther's cock. He uses the paw near it to pull it upwards so it's vertical, trailing his tongue up and down it once more. Scy groans, his back arching slightly before dropping down. He's trying not to squirm too much, as much as he can't help it, in minor fear that Strife will zap him again. Strife just quivers a bit and murrs against Scy's member, light static traveling over his tail and popping down Scy's scales. This is attributed to what Iggy is doing, murring happily and bobbing over the Raichu's red member, working at it with his tongue in the process. His murrs rumble over the Chu's maleness and cause Strife to twitch and randomly pause in his work.

Strife moans up against Scy's member, his hips idly pumping softly against the Charmander, which Iggy holds back some with his paws. Strife gets a constant smell of Scy's scent, trying not to let it drive him crazy. Scy groans softly and clenches his fists and toeclaws as his member leaks out precum, which Strife spots, and hungrily laps up as it comes down, adoring its sweet taste and tingling feeling. He looks back down at Iggy then, whom just lifted off of Strife's cock, looking up at the Chu and stroking it with his paw. "Mrrr..." The Charmander sounds out.

Strife giggles, blushing nicely with his member out and pulsing. Iggy giggles, blushing too, and slinks out from between the two, standing up and licking his brother's cheek. "Feel good?" He asks.

The Raichu murrs and nods, returning the lick to the Mander's nose. "Yes..."

Scy turns his head up to look at the two, panting softly. Strife still holds his member upward, but isn't doing anything. Iggy just snickers and murrs at the Chu, his little lizard tail wagging back and forth. "Well bro... is there anything you want to do?" He says with a suggestive grin.

Strife blinks softly, and thinks for a moment, before he realizes where exactly he's standing, and grins. He looks over at Scy, and murrs, rubbing his member a bit. "Well Scy... Remember something we did a while back?" He asks.

Scy shivers as his member is rubbed, staring over at the Raichu curiously. "I... Um... I'm not sure..."

Strife snickers, and continues rubbing softly, staring back at Scy with a grin. "You mated me."

Scy mrphs, and nods quickly. "Yes, of course I... mm, remember..." He stutters out a bit, his member pulsing in the rubbing paw.

Strife murrrrs, and smiles, letting the bug's cock fall back onto his stomach as he leans over his scaled body. "Well I want to return the favor..."

He pushes against the Scyther, rubbing against him. Scy eeps, the blush he hasn't lost growing to a heavy pulse. He can't help but squirm a bit. Strife grins, and sends a light voltage through the Scyther's body, to slowly stop his squirming and get him still again. Scy groans, and whimpers softly, feeling a light paralysis slow his movements. Strife gives the Scyther's member a little reassuring pet, shutting off electric flow. He steps his footpads into a good position, and getting his member pressed against his friend's puckered tailhole. Scy makes a small quiet noise, before the Raichu pushes forward, both of them moaning. The Raichu takes a hold on Scy's hips as he pushes himself forward, going in with only light lubrication from Iggy's pleasure moments ago.

The Charmander himself is low, watching Strife penetrate his friend, his little tail wagging and his paw stroking his own cock out of its sheath. He pads a bit closer, poking his nose between the two Pokemon and lapping his tongue over what's still showing of the Raichu's member, as well as his orbs. Strife closes his eyes and just smiles, focusing on penetrating the Scyther, Iggy's muzzle moving quickly to let the coupling's hips meet. Strife murrs loudly and pants softly in lust, staring over at the Scyther's pleasured face. "Hehe... You're... tight, Scy..." He states.

Scy groans softly, his body unable to twitch much, but his insides lightly move against the Raichu's member, causing his own to leak onto his stomach from the feeling. That also makes Strife moan, and grin over at the Scyther, lightly grinding his hips up and down. Iggy grins, moving his face over and licking the pre that Scy leaked out. He murrs to the tingling feeling it gives his tongue, immediately sliding his tongue over the Scyther's member tip, and then down the side. Scy moans, staring up at his two friends as he's pleasured so much. Strife watches Iggy with a grin, just letting his member pulse inside the bug-type for the moment. Iggy stops after not too long, murring loudly, scrambling himself up onto Scy's body. He grabs the tip of his member in a paw, and lifts it some. "Hold it for me, bro..." He says.

Strife nods a bit, taking the base of the member in his paws and holding it the way Iggy put it, at a slightly upward angle. Iggy nods to him, grinning ear to ear, and wagging his tail some as he turns his body around. Scy just watches with a glazed-over stare, Iggy looking back over his shoulder as he backs himself toward Scy's member. He gets his tailhole against it, draping his tail over his back as he lifts his body a bit vertically, and starts sinking down, letting out a loud groan. Scy's cock can be considered slender, but it's still feels big for the fire-lizard. Scy himself groans almost louder than his friend, his head pressing back against the ground. Iggy's tail twitches heavily as he goes down, his red Charmember twitching and bumping his own stomach.

Strife can only grin, taking his paws away from Scy's cockbase when he feels Iggy is down enough, instead taking a light hold of the lizardbug's scales. He then starts sliding his member out inch-by-inch, before pumping it back down. Scy moans again at the first pump into his body, causing him to squirt precum into the Charmander. That makes Iggy jump a bit, letting out a pleasured "char" sound. He continues pushing himself down, letting that pre that just squirted assist him. He stops, not quite able to sit on all of Scy's member, roughly an inch still showing. He pants in lust, looking back at the Raichu, who has now made a slow, steady rhythm of gentle thrusts.

Scy is in a world of pleasure, his cheek now pressed against the ground. The feeling of Iggy's insides wrapped around his cock is way too good coupled with the rat's slow pumps. Iggy just grins as he watches his brother for a moment, before he leans forward some, his paws on Scy's belly as he pulls himself "up" the cock, before seating again, crying out softly. Scy twitches, his insides squeezing the Raichu, making Strife squeak and leak inside of the bug. He moans slightly quietly, almost suppressed, as he keeps up his movements, which are now made easier. He also manipulates his tailbolt to rub against Scy's chest, giving off a slight charge, creating a rumbling, massage like sensation through the bulk of the tailend.

Iggy has gotten Scy's stomach rather wet after only a few riding motions, some more of the lightly-tingling Scyther precum coming out to assist his movements and make them smoother. The Charmander closes his eyes and just soaks in the feeling of riding his friend, his tail swishing back and forth every few moments. He barely feels when Strife takes a hold of the tail in his paws, grinning, and then licking at the yellow-scaled underside. This causes Iggy's eyes to snap open, his tailhole flexing. His tail happens to be sensitive. He looks back at Strife, blushing rather profusely. "B...Bro...!" He stutters.

Strife moans a bit, still pumping into the Scyther, as he looks at Iggy whilst licking his tail again. "What?"

Iggy softly cries to the next lick, but murrs loudly, not saying anything else as he turns his head back forward, resuming riding the Scyther. Scy just breathes, his chest moving Strife's tail up and down, his eyes blank and staring upward. So much pleasure, and he's stuck not moving. Strife closes his eyes and holds Iggy's tail, hugging and licking at random parts, light moans coming from his throat. He pumps his back and forth a bit harder, his hips bumping against the bug with light thumping sounds. His pre also hits the mantis' insides every few movements.

Iggy whimpers loudly, his insides flexing randomly and his claws scritching the Scyther's scales, his mind being driven wild by the attention to his tail. He moves up and down the Scyther's cock with a quicker, arrhythmic speed, his cock leaking pre rather liberally to the point where it's now running down the mantis' side. Scy himself is barely moaning, almost stuck in comatose from the pleasures. His member leaks rather liberally, more than what he is used to, which just causes the Charmander to get unknowingly quicker in his movements.

Strife just squeaks and moans against Iggy's tail, noticing how quick it seems to be moving in his hold, and opening his eyes a bit. He watches Iggy ride so quickly through half-lidded eyes, snickering a bit, and deciding to give his tail a break. He places his paws back on Scy's hips and concentrates on thrusting, picking up speed and power noticeably. Some light static is flowing over his fur as well, something he is a bit unable to control. The electricity moves through his tail, of course, causing little pops all over Scy, which make him snap out of his trace and finally let some loud moans go.

Iggy moans and whimpers nice and loud, his paws squeezing Scy's scales as his body is almost bouncing up and down on the red length. His cock bounces up and hits his stomach every time he goes down, throbbing hard, his insides continuing to randomly flex. It's then that some stray static flow from the Raichu and his tail pops near him, giving an accidental strike to his lower tail. That did it, as Iggy meeps loudly, his body seated down on most of the cock as he squeezes like a vice, his own cock spraying cum all over Scy's body, striking as far up as his chin, creating a large splatter against it.

Scy has to let out a semi-loud cry, whimpering gently at the feeling of the Charmander's warm body squeezed even tighter upon him. His cock pulses to the point of being noticeable, as Iggy stops cumming, dropping down onto Scy's body and his own cum, panting hard. He remains impaled, his tail falling limp atop him. Strife, having watched all this occur, can see how close the Scyther is. He doesn't let up his thrusts, as he grins, moving his paw over and rubbing the inch or so of Scythercock that Iggy could not sit on. "Come on, Scy..." Strife says, a bit quiet since it was through a panting.

Scy squirms a bunch, but the electricity from Strife's tail is able to slow that. He keeps whimpering though, inching so very close. Strife then sends a sudden charge through his paw, the light shock blasting as an invisible force into the Scyther's member. That was all he needed, as Scy cries out loudly, squeezing Strife's cock as his own unloads deep into the Charmander. Iggy eeps and cocks his head up suddenly, but smiles widely, feeling the hot, tingling cum go into little body. "Ughh... yeahh..." He mumbles in-between pants.

The cum quickly swells the Char a bit and runs out of his body. Strife, in the meantime, softly whimpers, much more electricity flowing across him as he pumps his cock into the much more tight Scyther, arrhythmically. Scy's orgasm cuts off, causing him to loosen, and making the Raichu speed up rather fast. But it only takes a few more movements before Strife feels the click of orgasm, concentrating heavily, his body lighting ablaze with an electric aura as he barely suppresses his body's urge to fire off a thunder blast. But nevertheless, his slightly-electrified cum pounds into the Scyther's insides, making the bug whimper slightly amidst a rather deep pant.

Strife's orgasm is a nice duration, the Raichu managing to give some slow hip movements toward the end. Once it's done, his muscles go slack, and he slumps forward onto the Scyther's lower body. The pants of the three echo in near unison. It's quiet for a several moments, aside from the panting, before Iggy lifts himself a bit, his seed making strings in-between both bodies. He notices that Scy has passed out, and looks back at the Raichu. Their glazed eyes meet, and Strife almost instantly knows what Iggy's look means. He smirks, and shrugs a shoulder. "Oh well...."

Iggy chuckles weakly, and lowers himself back down, sighing. "We'll clean up... later..." He says.

Strife murrs, staying still and limp. "Yeah...."

Not much more was said before the two smaller Pokemon surrender to their exhaustion, all three friends sleeping about as close as they can get, a much deserved rest after such an explosive threesome. The hint of a rather satisfied smile can be seen on the used Scyther's face.


Pokemon and Cities/Locations all Copyright © Nintendo & Game Freak
Characters/Locations used without permission
Scy Storm © me
Strife & Ignatius © their players, used with permission

~ Scy
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