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Luca - 2nd Edition by Felix


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of me,Felix9. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Chapter Notes:

While traveling back towards home the group finally begins to bend under the stress of their recent experiences. But it seems that's not the only thing bothering some of the group...

Chapter 12 - Repairing Relations

We were about a week away from home and after the first day of being together on the road again things returned nearly too normal. However, it wasn't hard to see our little group was still quite shattered. As such, it was a nice surprise to happen upon a beautiful, secluded pond.

Even with my parents waiting for us at home I saw no reason to hurry. So we spent the better part of an evening setting up camp and relaxing, intending to spend another full day by the shore.

Ever since I was able to get out of bed I had noticed Lady clinging to Ky. I wondered if it was because the Umbreon had a tentative trust in Kail ever since the Lucario decided to stay with us. Although, even with everyone enjoying the soft grass near the water the Ninetales seemed a little more amorous than normal. Ky seemed to like the affection, though his rings usually glowed a bit brighter from embarrassment when someone saw them. For now, the two of them were happily entertaining Leo as they splashed and swam in the shallow water.

Kail still wasn't very comfortable interacting with the rest of us. He tried to help me and Luca in whatever we asked, but Leo avoided him and Lady would lay her ears back and glare if he came anywhere close to her. So while Luca and I finished setting up the tent he sat at the edge of camp soaking his feet. His ears perked though as Leo laughed and splashed Lady. As his gaze rose I caught a glimpse of a smile on his muzzle.

Luca held the poles of the tent while I did most of the small things to finish setting up the dwelling. Even as she smiled at me brushing a hand over her paw to take the end of a pole I could tell she still wasn't herself. After a quick look to the others as I finished pushing in the last stake, I reached and grabbed Luca's paw before she could find something else to occupy her. She eeped softly as I tugged and pulled her into the nearby trees, going far enough that we would be out of earshot.

"Your strength is coming back pretty quick," she murmured, smiling a little more earnestly as she leaned into my chest. I put my arms around my dear mate to hold her close and tried not to show the slight discomfort from her leaning into me.

"Are you sure you're okay?" I asked gently, meeting her eyes with a concerned gaze. Once again she tried to hide her inner problems, but thanks to her training I could feel the anxious sadness in her aura. "Please tell me?" I persisted as she started to protest that she was fine.

Still unsure, she looked back at the camp to see if anyone was watching or following. When I gently put a finger under her chin she met my gaze as her ears lowered. She cuddled closer to me, burying her face against my chest and hugging me tightly once more. As I rubbed her back, waiting for several minutes for her to say something, I heard a soft sniffle as she rubbed her face against me. "I-I was so scared," she whined. "I didn't know what to do without you," she continued, sobbing softly as she finished. My heart ached as I listened and held her tight. She had broken down like this a few times while I was in bed but after I was allowed to walk around she seemed to have overcome it.

"Hey..." I started, rubbing her back gently. "You did fine. You took care of Leo, Lady, Ky, Tarzan, even my mother," I continued, still enjoying the soft touch of her fur.

"I didn't do anything! I couldn't do anything," she whined adamantly, bringing her tear filled eyes to look up at me.

"Sweetheart you did everything. You dealt with Kail, you kept Leo safe and helped him through everything. If he didn't have you he would be scared for life," I reassured as I leaned down and kissed her nose. At the mention of Kail though, her ears pinned to her head. Perhaps that was the real issue. She had been knocked out and unable to save me herself. "Is Kail bothering you?" I asked and her eyes quickly darted away.

"No," she answered, but it was hardly convincing.

"Please tell me?" I pushed. Reluctantly her eyes met mine again, with her focus shifting she slowly pushed herself out of my arms as a serious unease and anger swelled within her.

"It's... strange," she relented a little, but her silence spoke more about her discomfort.

"I know, but he deserves a chance right?" I persisted as I took her paw. With a soft sigh she turned to continue.

"Yes but, Leo doesn't like him. Lady hates him and I... I don't know what to think. He hurt you but he saved you. We tried to get him to leave us alone but he wouldn't and now he's traveling with us," Luca continued, her eyes pleading for some kind of answer despite knowing nothing anyone could say would truly suffice.

"He did those things because he feared for his life. What if Darkrai had Leo and told us to do something for them, something horrible? I can't imagine how hard that decision would be," I offered, regrettably painting a rather terrible picture but it seemed to catch Luca's attention. Her gaze lowered to my feet. "You don't have to like him sweetie. But he should have a chance to be himself, not just a tool," I finished, reaching out to pull her into another hug. She stood there, not returning the gesture for a long moment but soon enough she clung to me once again.

"Just don't leave us?" she whined, snuggling against me.

"I promise," I said with a caring smile as I pet her gingerly between the ears.

The two of us stayed quiet for a long while after that before our legs grew tired. After moving to sit at the base of a tree, Luca seemed much more at ease as we cuddled. She continued to vent about our fears and frustrations over the past month. It concerned her when I admitted I hadn't expected to wake up when I stepped in front of that attack, but as I tried to describe the blur of emotions before that moment it seemed to only warm her heart. It wasn't until a sharp yelp echoed through the trees that we realized we'd been gone too long...

Luca darted ahead of me but I was only a step behind as we came to the camp site. Lady had Kail pinned where he sat at the edge of the lake. The bewildered Lucario didn't seem to be resisting despite the angry fire type snarling in his face.

"Lady!" I scolded sharply before I realized Leo was clutching my leg and crying. While I understood their anger towards the Lucario I'd had just about enough of the hate. Lady's ears perked and she quickly looked up to see me picking up Leo. She looked back at Kail with a quick snap of her jaws before she hurried to get off his chest, thinking I didn't see. The fox lowered her head softly as she came over to Luca and me, quickly followed by Ky, who seemed to have his old submissive look about him. "What's going on here?" I asked sternly after handing Leo to his mother. Lady gave a mumbling answer which Luca quickly translated.

When Leo had come out of the pond he'd seen Luca and I were gone. Seeing Kail nearby my son, and Lady, assumed he'd done something to us. Leo seemed to be ashamed when he saw how mad I was. Kail rose to sit and kept his gaze averted. I could tell he was hurt by the accusation but he would say nothing to defend himself. "Leo, I told you he's not going to hurt us," I said with care, but still serious enough to earn a soft whine from my son.

"But Dad..." he whined softly, looking over at Kail. The Lucario's ears were down and though he wasn't looking to see the pup's gaze, he rose to his feet and headed off into the trees.

"But nothing Leo. He doesn't want to hurt anyone anymore and he needs our help after what that man made him do. Understand?" I urged as I knelt, putting myself at eye level with the Riolu in his mother's arms as I put a hand between his folded ears. Leo sniffled softly, obviously still struggling with what I was asking and a little upset at being scolded, but he nodded gently. "Good, now you dry off with Ky and Lady for a while. We need to make sure Kail is alright," I finished with a satisfied voice. With that I started in the direction Kail had left. I caught Lady's eye and gave her a stern point of my finger that only she saw. Luca set Leo at the fox's feet just as she lowered her head in recognition. A moment later, Luca and I were slowly picking our way through the forest looking for the other Lucario.

"He couldn't have gone far right?" I asked after a good minute without seeing him.

"No, unless he moved faster when we couldn't see," Luca answered as she sniffed the air for his scent.

"Well then, wanna' race to see who finds him first?" I challenged with a grin. Luca smirked and shut her eyes as a reply. "Hey! No fair," I laughed as I did the same, both of us starting to feel for the auras of the creatures around us.

It came as no surprise when Luca barked in triumph, "Found him! This way," and turned to run. I grumbled in defeat but followed a moment later. Though I was worried about Kail, I still found time to get distracted as we darted around trees and bushes. Despite Luca's image being nearly featureless in my current sight, her form was still quite beautiful. I watched as she ran gracefully through the lightly forested landscape. Her curves flowed and shifted with each move, her tail elegantly flowed and followed her every move. It was probably only fifty feet though before Luca ducked below a leafy branch, allowing it to whap me in the face. I flinched and swore under my breath. "I deserved that..." I thought to myself as I continued following Luca, trying to focus more on where she was leading me than her wagging tail and hind end...

After a quarter mile jog Luca slowed to a stop at the far edge of the pond. I wasn't sure why she had stopped, but I was completely out of breath from keeping up with her. "Why'd... we stop?" I panted, leaning on a tree for support. Perhaps I hadn't recovered as much as I hoped.

Luca giggled softly. "Well first, because it seemed like you were going to pass out, and second, look," she answered and pointed up into a large tree. There, nearly at the top, sat Kail.

"Well, he hasn't drowned himself and he hasn't jumped yet," I thought wryly to myself as I pondered a way to talk without him ignoring us. Though we had arrived with a bit of commotion Kail hadn't seemed to notice. I whispered again to Luca so there was little chance he would discover us. "If I try to climb he'll notice. Can you get up behind him without him knowing?"

Luca smiled, her tail waving with a bit of excitement at the challenge. I took that to be a yes and knelt with my back to the tree. Cupping my hands together I gave her a nod. She ran at me a bit fast but I managed to ready myself and as soon as I felt her paw land in my hands I heaved upwards with all the strength I could.

Luca flew up past two layers of branches as she pushed off with my lift. Catching one branch she swung and planted herself gracefully and effortlessly before hopping to another and another. "God I love her..." I thought as I watched, clutching my chest as the pain of aiding her slowly faded. It always fascinated me how she managed to be so agile and as silent as a Caterpie.

Kail didn't notice a thing until Luca stood directly behind him leaning on the trunk of the tree. "There you are," she said casually, making the contemplative Lucario yelp and jump in surprise, nearly falling off his precarious perch.

"What the!!!" Kail managed as he dug his claws into a branch to regain his balance and turned to see Luca. "Oh right. I forgot you were an ancient... There's no where I can hide is there?" he continued in a forlorn tone. Slowly he righted himself on his seat and stared away from his visitor, across the water to the camp on the other side.

Luca actually seemed to be having a bit of fun at the moment. Her tail wagged softly and she had a playful smile as she replied. "Nope!" her tone and grin annoyed him but Kail still didn't talk back. "Why did you run?" she persisted, suppressing her pride in an attempt to speak evenly.

"I didn't... want to impose," he answered, struggling to find a response. "I apologize for causing trouble," Kail continued after a long pause, his gaze fixed on the camp across the lake where Lady comforted Leo after being scolded.

"You didn't," Luca started, but couldn't think of what else to add. She stared at the Lucario, her feelings beginning to conflict once more. She had just moments ago poured out her contempt for him but now, she couldn't help feeling sorry for him all over again.

"I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I'd hoped your pup would at least understand," Kail decided to continue when Luca failed to.

"He watched you attack us and thought his sire had died," she answered with a touch of a growl in her tone. Kail's ears flattened in response and Luca sighed to force herself to relax before she spoke again. "I still don't know how I feel about you either Kail, but the reason I don't hate you is because I can at least see your regret," she added, walking out on the limb and sitting behind him. "I didn't know not all Lucario could see auras like me. Leo doesn't know how yet either. He only remembers what he saw. I could at least see your hesitation when you attacked me and how you've changed now," as she spoke her eyes drifted down to where Felix stood at the base of the tree. He strained his eyes to see what was going on, curious as to what they were talking about and probably why they hadn't come down. A soft smile crossed the female's muzzle as Kail looked back at her, moved by her sincerity.

A brief shake of the branch brought Luca's attention back to Kail. "Thank you," he said simply, his tone genuine as a reluctant smile curled his lips, but before she could reply he leapt from the branch!

Set off balance by the swaying of their perch she couldn't regain her footing fast enough to grab or stop him. Luckily, she didn't have to. The touch of fear ebbed away as she watched him catch and swing from a few branches before landing on the ground in front of Felix. She hurried to follow, finding the soft ground beneath her paws just a few moments later.

I hated that I couldn't hear what the two of them were talking about. Luca had started playful, I could tell by the twitch in her tail, but when she sat on the branch with him she seemed to have gone back to being depressed. I was starting to get upset that Kail was reversing everything I'd done to make her feel better when he suddenly stood and darted through the branches at me.

Taking a few steps back I watched him intently as he stood and looked me right in the eyes. Luca joined us just a few moments later and growled as she batted Kail in the shoulder. "Umm... Is everything alright?" I asked, unsure what to say considering the seemingly tense conversation they just had.

Kail flinched and looked shocked by Luca's teasing blow, but he smirked seeing she was playing and knew exactly why she'd hit him. His gaze came back to me as he started to speak. Already knowing the drill, Luca quickly Chatoted for me to understand. "Thank you for your help but I don't think I can stay any longer,"

"Why? I thought we straightened this out already," I answered after Luca had hesitated to repeat those last words.

"I can't stand coming between you and your... family. I'm just a reminder of what happened," Kail spoke again with sadness in his voice. Despite sounding like he was doing it for us I suspected there was still more to it and I had just about enough of his self-loathing. Stepping closer I put a hand on his head and rubbed roughly between his ears as I leaned over a little to speak to him. Perhaps somewhere deep down I was still a little bit afraid of him, but he'd been with us for several weeks now and I felt like I'd come to know him at least enough to be so casual with him.

"Kail I knew it wouldn't be easy for them, and yes I'm still a bit afraid of you, but I'm not letting you leave. Got it?" I began, earning a shocked stare at how aggressive I was suddenly being. "Stop blaming yourself for all this. Luca, Lady and I made enemies of Team Darkrai way before you found us. If it hadn't been someone with a conscience like yours, I wouldn't be here at all. So you and I are even. I know everyone's having a hard time but Lady and I are still lifelong friends, Luca is still my mate, and Leo's still my son. Whether you're here or not won't change any of that," I said sternly, keeping my hand where it was on his head even as his ears flattened. There was a tinge of a blush in his cheeks as I spoke so casually about my pokemon family and there was a hope in his eyes as he held my gaze for a long moment before looking down.

"You say that but I keep forcing arguments between you, your fox and your... son," he replied softly, knowing he was just repeating himself.

"Alright, if you're that worried about coming between the five of us you can go with my sister," I replied confidently with a soft smirk at the thought of a tough male like Kail in a beauty contest. Once more I had stunned the Lucario, but he didn't seem opposed to the suggestion. I knew my sister had been the only one of my human family to talk to the Lucario. I wondered what the two had talked about but as far as I knew she hadn't asked him to join her.

I took my hand away from his head and stepped back, seeing the Lucario was quite torn. "Whatever you decide Kail, stop dwelling on what happened okay?" I said kindly as a final bit of comfort. It was then Luca decided to add her opinion as well.

"It's alright. You've changed," she said with sincerity, laying a paw on Kail's shoulder. As he turned and looked at her I saw the corners of his eyes well up with tears. Much to my surprise, as Luca gave him a genuine smile, he wrapped her in a hug. Luca's eyes bulged and her tail stiffened as the slightly taller male grabbed her. It took her a long moment to relax before she gently patted his back with her paws. At the touch Kail suddenly realized what he had done, and remembering who she was he hastily released her. Worried and embarrassed, he held up his paws and apologized to both of us. I was surprised but Luca actually giggled as I smiled and waved it off.

"So I take it you're going to stay with us?" I asked as I turned and held out a hand in the direction of camp.

"I will," he replied as he nodded and smiled as well, his tail wagging softly. However, something confused me about his response. I thought I heard two voices saying the same thing, Luca's and another deeper tone.

"What'd you say?" I asked, trying to confirm what I heard, but all I could hear was his response in pokemon speak which Luca repeated for me. Figuring I was just hearing things, I shook my head and walked back to camp with the two Lucario.

"Oh Kail, there is something about my sister you should know. She's a contest battler not a league battler like me," I added with a smirk, and for a moment I thought my jest really had changed his mind!

"You're kidding," Kail said seriously as he stopped. Luca and I exchanged concerned glances as she told me what he'd said, but thankfully he couldn't keep his composure for long. Giving another of his, up until now, rare smiles he chuckled and stepped forward, falling into step with us once more. "I don't care if I'm a servant. I really... can't thank you enough."

Luca couldn't help growling playfully as she reached out to bop him between the ears before telling me what he said. Kail saw it coming this time and grinned guiltily as he rubbed his head.

It took us another few minutes to get back to camp. Along the way I shared a few stories about my sister. No longer trying so hard to avoid us, Kail seemed rather happy to listen. When we did reach camp we found Leo, Ky and Lady curled up and resting. It was only mid-day but I wasn't about to wake them up. So instead Luca, Kail and I took to sitting by the lake soaking our feet.

With a Lucario on either side of me we eventually wound up on our backs in the warm sun. Kail seemed much happier, and Luca seemed at ease as well. Content to waste the rest of the day, Luca wiggled closer to me to rest her head on my shoulder and shut her eyes. Not even thinking about who saw I put my arm around her as I too closed my eyes. Kail inconspicuously watched at first as Luca and I cuddled but he let us have our moment. Before long he averted his gaze to the sky, his cheeks slightly flushed as the taboo affections I showed Luca made his mind wander.

Fifteen minutes later the three of us had fallen asleep on the shore, and two hours after that something attacked me... I woke with a start but quickly figured out what the looming silhouette on my chest was. At about two-foot-tall, furry, with black and blue fur, and deep blue eyes Leo straddled my chest just below my scar smiling as he spoke. "Hey dad! You awake?"

Luca was already awake and giggling. As I roughly grabbed my son I quickly sat up, stood, and tossed him in the air. With quite a bit of effort, I caught him as he fell and set him on my shoulders. The pup squealed and spread his arms, pretending to be a Tailow until he was able to clutch at my head. Once he was comfortable I realized Kail was missing from where he'd been resting. I had just started to wonder if he had run off again when I spotted him a short distance down the shore.

He must have awoken earlier and moved away when he saw Lady, Ky, and Leo stirring. I started towards him but paused when I felt Leo squeeze my head tighter as he saw the direction I was moving. Luca was behind me and I could see she was wondering why I'd stopped. I turned away from Kail before he noticed and smiled at my mate. "Leo and I are gonna go exploring," I said cheerfully, getting my son's tail to wag across the back of my neck.

"Just be back for dinner," Luca said as she smiled softly, more than likely aware of my ulterior motives by the feel of my aura.

"We will," I answered and started off into the reeds.

Before long Leo wanted down so he could poke and prod at the interesting things around the pond. I wasn't quite sure how to bring up the topic I wanted to until an opportunity popped up out of nowhere. While trying to catch a small Poliwag Leo happened to look back towards camp as the pokemon swam off. "Dad? Should we leave mom alone with that guy?" Leo whined softly, coming back to where I was walking barefoot through the mud. I looked up and sure enough Luca was talking to Kail as casually as we had been a few hours earlier.

"We need to talk Leo," I said as gently as I could while still being serious. Leo's ears flattened quickly, his tail drooping down into the water. "Come here," I gestured, taking a seat on a convenient rock while Leo stood at attention in front of me beside another. He was intentionally avoiding my gaze as he stared at the murky water. "I know you don't like Kail and I don't blame you. But you have to understand..." I began, trying to pick my words carefully so as not to sound too harsh or soft.

"Dad!" Leo interrupted, his paws clenched into fists as he sniffled with tears welling in his eyes. "He tried to kill you! He tried to kill mom, and Aunt Lady!" he growled at me, looking up at me through the tops of his eyes. I had never seen my son so upset and angry, and I found myself wondering how strong he actually was, and if I were about to find out. Even if he couldn't use aura yet I was willing to bet he could put me on my back with just one good punch, even if I wasn't still recovering from my recent injury.

"It wasn't him doing those things Leo it was the man. His trainer," I answered quickly, hoping to find something to get him to listen to me, but I suppose my son was smarter than I gave him credit.

"No it wasn't... I watched him do it. Ky tried not to let me see but I watched him attack you and mom," he continued, his arms literally shaking as his tears dripped into the pond. "He didn't have to do it!" Leo yelled at me, showing his fangs to me for the first time ever.

Trying to stay calm and strong, I let him have a moment. As he crossed his paws over his chest and looked away I found the courage to continue despite my son's fierce display. "Leo that man would have killed him if he didn't. Did you know that?" my words seemed to have caught his attention. His ear twitched as he started to think but clearly he wasn't swayed. "And when he came to the center he asked your mother to kill him for what he'd done. When she wouldn't, he asked me to do it," I continued.

Leo's expression mellowed, as did the anger burning in his aura. "Should mom have killed him? Should I? Would that have made it better after he helped save me too?" I asked, hoping it might drive my point home a little more. It worked, but perhaps a little too much. The Riolu sniffled again as his tears reluctantly welled.

Clearly trying not to cry, my son looked back at me through the corners of his eyes. That look, that terribly hurt look on his face made it very hard to be a father at that moment. I wanted nothing more than to comfort him, but he had to learn a lesson that killing wasn't right and neither was blind hatred. Still, I wasn't about to let him think he was alone.

I slid from my rock and knelt in front of him in the muck. "Leo, I'm still scared of him too and mom is trying to be nice because I asked her to. I'm not asking you to forgive and forget what happened. You're right, what he did was wrong, but he's trying to do the right thing now," I tried to explain. With a blink his tears soaked into the fur around his eyes. When they reopened he was looking out at open water.

"I'm not going to like him... and he's not my dad," Leo answered with a muttering growl. I was a bit shocked to hear such a thing from him and I wondered if he really thought Kail was trying to be his Lucario father.

"He still deserves to be treated like a person and not blamed for every little thing that happens from now on. Okay?" I found it in me to reply, ignoring his dad comment for a moment. The Riolu uncrossed his arms with a soft sigh of resignation. He knew what I was referring to and he reluctantly met my gaze with a sad look.

"Okay..." he whined softly.

"That's my boy," I said with a thankful smile as I reached out and rubbed his head. Instantly his aura lightened, cheer once more filling his heart. "And I don't care what he does. He will NEVER be your dad cause that's my job!" I growled as I scooped the pup into my arms and squeezed him to my chest.

Leo yelped, shocked by the sudden change in my demeanor. Instinctually he growled and put his paws on my chest to fight me off until he realized where he was pressing. Sure it hurt a little, but I didn't loosen my grip on him even as I stopped swinging him from side to side. "I love you Leo. Don't ever forget that and no one will take you away from me," I finished, earning a loving smile from my boy as he hugged me back and nuzzled against my chest.


After our talk Leo and I made our way back to camp. We found Lady, Ky and Luca around a small fire getting things set up and cut for dinner. Lady fed the fire sticks from a pile behind her, delicately setting each into the flames as the orange licks kissed at the fur of her tails. Ky was having some trouble dragging my backpack from the tent but he could figure no other way to bring the cook wear out to Luca. Finally, my mate sat with a knife in one paw slicing berries and meat. As we came back, Kail entered from behind Lady with an arm full of sticks to add to the Ninetales' pile. Being sure not to brush her tails for reasons I could surely guess... Kail set them down and turned to leave and get more.

Leo looked up at me with a reluctant gaze, catching my eye with the movement. Without a word I nodded to encourage him. Though his ears turned down, he carefully followed Kail to the edge of camp. The Lucario realized he had company and quickly stepped to the side, thinking Leo wanted by. When my son stopped to look at him Kail looked to me in confusion.

"Sorry Kail, I asked him to help," I lied, leaving it up to Leo to talk to the Lucario. On the other hand, I was also forcing Kail to watch over Leo, which seemed to make him a bit nervous as he nodded softly and continued into the trees. Once more Leo gave him a glance before looking to the ground as he followed, pretending to look for sticks under everyone's gaze...


Kail's mind raced as he seemed to forget about collecting fire wood. The Riolu following him still wasn't talking and had so far only picked up one stick. By now they were out of sight of the camp, another fact that only plagued the Lucario's mind with confusion.

"So where is the wood?" Leo finally spoke, growing tired of the utter silence surrounding them. Even the pokemon of the forest seemed to stop and watch as they walked.

For a moment Kail about swallowed his tongue. He hadn't said two words to the pup before now, so what did he expect to hear? "A-a dead tree. Just up here," he managed to choke out.

Leo watched as Kail replied, but when the Lucario failed to look back he looked away. He had noticed Kail's ears had never fully come up since he'd entered the camp
When they came to the tree Leo waited to see what Kail would do. The Lucario quickly jumped on top of the precariously leaning tree and started batting brittle branches to the ground. Not to be left out, Leo leapt as high as he could before climbing up near Kail. Seeing the idea behind his method Leo starting to attack the few smaller limbs Kail ignored.

"Hey you shouldn't..." Kail started, protesting Leo putting himself in such a dangerous position. He stopped though when Leo gave him a sharp glare.

"You're not my dad," he growled as he spun in place and kicked an inch-thick branch to the ground.

"I know but," Kail protested, still unsure what he could do to the boy. If he got hurt Felix would probably be upset, but scolding him would probably give the same result. Leo paused for a moment and turned to face Kail. Now that he had the Lucario's attention he figured it was the best chance he'd get.

"I'm sorry about earlier," Leo began, his gaze lowering with his ears. Kail was dumbfounded as he blinked in shock. "I didn't know... how hard it was for you," he continued, his paw clenching softly.

"Your name is Leo right?" Kail asked seriously. Leo nodded swiftly without looking up. "Leo, I have no right to ask for your forgiveness," Kail began, pausing as he sighed. "The only thing I can do is devote myself to your family to atone and even then... I can never undo what I did. Leo, if you require anything, anything at all. Please allow me to help you?" Kail continued soulfully. Leo slowly looked up at him and realized the Lucario had knelt before him on the large tree trunk. He still had some height on the Riolu but it was the gesture that surprised Leo. He stood still, his mind racing as he tried to think of what to say next. He never imagined Kail would so willingly submit, much less actually apologize. As his thoughts conflicted between pity, forgiveness and still flickering flame of hate, an idea popped into the pup's head.

"Hey Kail?" Leo began, forcing himself to swallow the lump that rose in his throat upon speaking his name. "I'll make you a deal," he continued, earning a curious look from Kail. "Mom and dad don't like me fighting... Can you train me?" Leo asked, his eyes serious.

"I, are you, sure?" Kail stammered, surprised by the request and unsure if he should be doing such a thing behind Felix and Luca's back.

"I'm sorry for how I treated you okay? If you mean what you said, teach me how to fight so next time... I can save them myself," Leo said sternly.

Kail stared back at the determined riolu for a long moment, considering what he'd requested. Even if his parents didn't approve, he felt the pup should still know how to protect himself. "Done," Kail said as he decided, and extended a paw with a slight, grateful smile. Leo couldn't bring himself to return the smile but he stiffly shook the Lucario's paw.

"I won't go easy on you, and don't even think about letting me hurt you. Got it?" Leo said proudly, which only made Kail's smile widen into a smirk. The Lucario nodded and stood again as they continued to break down the tree. Leo got his first lesson as he showed Kail what he could do. The Lucario could tell Leo wanted to impress him, or perhaps just intimidate him, and it worked to an extent. Leo could do more than the he had guessed but still lacked finesse. With just a few critiques Leo's force palm had tripled in power to the point where he was cracking the main trunk of the dead tree the whole way through.

Leo and Kail returned with plenty of fire wood for the night. Felix smiled and rubbed his son's head as the two joined the rest of them around the fire.


Luca and I tried to ease Lady's concerns as Kail and Leo headed off into the woods. The fox had nearly chased after them when they were out of sight. Ky was cautious of Kail on his own, but around Lady he seemed to be just a bit more aware of the Lucario's actions.

Lady still couldn't get past what Kail had done. I knew I couldn't truly blame her for her feelings, but I had hoped the stubborn fox might come around. With Luca's help though, she agreed to at least tolerate him while he traveled with us. However, I couldn't help feeling something else was bothering her as she walked away and curled up with Ky by the fire. I was about to pull her away to talk to her when Luca grabbed my arm. I gave her a questioning look when she subtly shook her head. The way my dear mate couldn't help flicking her right ear when she was trying to be secretive never failed to make me chuckle. Silently, I conceded, and finished putting our ingredients in the stew pot. "She's in heat," Luca whispered to me as she carried over the last of her juicy berries. Her words made me blush as I involuntarily thought back to all the times when I was the only one she could turn to for any relief. Luca laughed, no doubt sensing the arousal in my aura as she kissed my cheek and took the pot from my hands before I dropped it.

"Hey! Get back here, that's not fair!" I yelled after her. I noticed all too well the way her tail swayed back and forth with her steps, as if drawing my attention purposefully lower while she innocently played her stride as a balancing act for the pot...

Kail and Leo came back to find Luca in my lap and Lady curled up possessively around Ky like always. The Umbreon raised his head to look at Leo, his gaze silently asking if he was alright. My son seemed fairly at ease though as he carried a hefty armload of wood. Between the two of them the had brought plenty of wood back for the night. I was glad to see them getting along as Kail took a seat next to Leo at the fire.

We spent the rest of the night more or less just like old times. After eating we talked and laughed. The lake gave us some water to clean the dishes with and soon enough everyone was drifting off to sleep around the dwindling fire. It was such a nice warm night nobody wanted to sleep in the tent, not that it would have fit us all anyway... I had bought the raggedy tent when starting my travels with Lady when she was still just a Vulpix. With Luca it had gotten cozy, but when she evolved and now with Leo and Ky, it was turning into a literal dog pile when we slept in there. Mainly, we just used it to escape the rain, but even then, with Kail I was going to need something bigger just to do that.

In the next morning I packed up the tent while the others gathered last of our things. After cleaning up the site and dousing the fire ring we set out towards home again. Kail walked with Leo, Luca and I while Lady and Ky brought up the rear. I idly wondered if Lady would run off with Ky at some point, so I tried to keep an eye on them so we could take a break if they vanished. If Luca was aware of the fox's condition, I had to assume Kail and Ky were too, but Leo had never been around a female in season. If he had noticed something strange he hadn't said anything yet. The sudden realization that I might have to give Leo "the talk" warmed my cheeks as we walked. Luca again picked up on it and smirked as she elbowed me. I nudged her back, trying to keep my composure lest Leo ask something!

That night ended much the same as the ones before. We found a nice place to make dinner and settled in to get some sleep. Since we were taking our sweet time we still had five days' worth of distance to cover.

The next day we made it to the last town before home so it was a nice change of pace to go out to eat. At this rate though, I knew I'd have to start getting into more battles and gym matches. The food costs alone for our group continued to rise with Kail having a healthy appetite after getting to know us. Lady also seemed down right ravenous some nights. I knew it was the fault of her estrus, and I couldn't help wondering if she and Ky had been sneaking out at night. Maybe Umbreon were better in the moonlight? Quite often I had to stop my thoughts as Luca gave me one of her knowing smirks whenever my day dreams started to affect me physically...


It was always amusing to see Felix squirm when I gave him "the look." He'd been having a lot naughtier thoughts during our trip after I told him about Lady being in heat. I knew he and my adopted mother had spent many nights together in the past but they hadn't done so at all, that I knew of, since he had mated with me. Sure that was little more than a year ago but I wondered if maybe Lady really needed his help. I looked over at the nine tailed fox as we ate. She had confided in me half way through Felix's recovery that she would be coming into season soon. At the time my ears had flattened in embarrassment as I'm sure my aura had flared with the same naughty thoughts Felix was having now. Coming from the one who taught me about female topics I was caught more than a little off guard when she brought up Ky in the same breath. She wanted to know if Ky had said anything about her, and it didn't take an Alakazam to figure out why she was asking!

After having a little bit of guilty fun teasing, and thoroughly enjoying making her blush for once, I told her I would ask for her. Whenever I tried to bring it up with Ky though he somehow always managed to escape the topic. Finally, after corning him one night I got him to tell me what was on his mind. He made me swear not to tell anyone, and seeing how much he wanted to avoid the subject I started to wonder if he might actually run away from Felix for good if I did blab.

After assuring him I wouldn't tell a soul he revealed he really did love Lady. As he fumbled for the right words to tell me I realized he was just like me! I held my feelings for Felix in for a long time before his sister finally gave me some encouragement. Well, that and going through Lady's present situation myself had emboldened me as well... Ky was a much different person than I was though. Somehow, he'd convinced himself he was just a pet or servant to Lady despite her affections. I tried to convince him otherwise but he refused to believe it and get his hopes up.

Not too long before we were able to leave the center, Lady had asked if I talked to Ky. I couldn't just tell her everything, she'd go to him with intimate knowledge only I knew and he would be completely mortified, or worse, manipulated. Luckily, I had learned a few tricks about saying something without speaking a word, and since Lady had taught me I was certain she would pick up on the hint.

When I didn't answer right away the Ninetales knew I had talked to Ky. "What did he say?" she persisted, raising her paw to take a tentative step, but stopping mid stride. Since I was still watching over Felix I pretended like I wanted to stay quiet. I smiled and winked at the fox as I turned and flagged my tail. She saw everything but it seemed she was more like Felix than she wanted to admit, at least with something she didn't already know the answer to. "Luca? What did he say?" she whined softly as she placed her held paw and inched closer. Again I kept my promise by not saying a word. I poked my tongue between my lips and let a wide smile curl my lips. This time, she got the hint. Her ears flattened and her tails curled shyly around her hind end. It was one of the very few times I'd actually seen her so happy and actually shy about it! After that she seemed intent on making Ky hers. She started showing more affection in both her own teasing way and the "normal" sweet way. As I watched I had to admit, they would make very cute mates.

As we finished eating I caught Lady playfully licking Ky's muzzle to clean a stray bit of sauce from his nose. By now she was three days into her cycle and only Kail seemed to have noticed. Or so I thought since I'd never seen Ky with so much as a peak of an erection nor had I caught his scent on the wind. I couldn't help wondering as I watched them what a canine male actually looked like outside of that sheath? All of the sudden I felt my ears burn with a blush. I looked to Felix to see him grinning at me. I'd been caught...

Luca fiddled shyly as I stared at her with the same knowing look she'd given me moments before! That night we stayed in the pokemon center. With Kail and Leo it would have been hard to find any privacy, so instead Luca and I cuddled a bit closer than normal before we drifted off to sleep. I loved the soft feel of her fur against my skin, and the warmth radiating from her under the blankets. Before long I found myself rather hard as she giggled and nuzzled into my neck with an innocent murr.

I had to be careful with Kail and Leo around. I knew both of them would catch our scents if Felix and I got too frisky. It was always fun acting innocent for Felix though. The sweet scent of his soaps never completely hid the musky human scent I loved. As I buried my nose in his neck I drew in a long pleasant breath, letting his wonderful scent linger in my nose. I think he thought of me as an additional blanket but to tell the truth he was the one that was always so warm. The heat of his body melted into my fur only to get trapped between us, creating a warm bubble against the cool room. I pressed myself against him, feeling his arousal both in his aura and against my leg. I couldn't help giggling, but I pretended it was from his hands tickling my sides as we held each other tightly. I secretly kept my legs tight together as we shared our subtle affections with a long, deep kiss. I could feel the warmth between my legs rising but all I could do was wiggle softly as I blushed and shut my eyes.

Luca always seemed to enjoy dominating my tongue in our kisses. There was no way I could fight such a long and superbly flexible appendage with my short fat human tongue. I didn't mind though. It was a fun change from how she usually reveled in my more encompassing hugs. When we finally wore each other out enough that that I could ignore the ache in my loins long enough to get to sleep we settled our heads against the pillows. I buried my nose between Luca's ears, breathing deep the thick scent of her fur that lay subtly hidden by the fruity aroma of her fur conditioner. She giggled, her tail rustling the covers as she snuggled a little closer to bury her face in my chest to sniff at me as well. Before long we were both sound asleep.

The next morning our party awoke to the room having become quite a bit stuffier. Lady's breaths were quick even as she slept and she had her tails draped possessively around Ky. The poor Umbreon's rings glowed brightly in embarrassment as his look pleaded for help when Luca and I finally awoke. It seemed the Ninetales' hadn't acted on her desires yet and she was starting to falter in hiding them. "Dad...? Something smells funny," Leo groaned softly, his little nose sniffing the air. Of course it wasn't hard to figure out what he was talking about and I could guess it wasn't all that unpleasant to another canine. The question was whether it was Lady's scent or Luca's since we had both enjoyed our cuddling last night.

"It must be the air conditioner. It's a little warm in here too. Why don't we get some breakfast bud?" I lied casually, more than a little shy about having the sex talk with my son.

As I got up and gently pet Ky's head to comfort him Luca hurried to the bathroom. I smirked, figuring she wanted to hurry and wash before anyone scented her. Ky whined softly at my touch but wouldn't move for fear of waking Lady. I smiled and whispered softly in encouragement, "It's okay," before leaving it up to him to decided when to get up.
Kail was nowhere to be found as I looked around the room. We had a cot brought up for him despite his insistence he could sleep in the chair. He was sleeping soundly in the cot last night before Luca and I dozed off so perhaps he had gone for something to eat.

Luca emerged quickly from the bathroom as I was opening the window. After grabbing a shirt, the two of us took Leo down to the breakfast buffet. He still liked his Oran berry waffles, but this poke-center has Miltank whipped cream as well. Needless to say Leo's taste in waffles would never be the same. After fixing ourselves something as well, we found Kail resting on a couch in the lobby.

"Are you alright Kail?" I asked with concern. The Lucario flicked an ear and sat up with a yawn. He nodded and sat straight but gave no other answer. "What's wrong?" I persisted as we sat nearby to eat. He glanced at Luca and lowered his ears. If we hadn't gotten to know him over the past few days I would have guessed he was having bad memories being in a pokemon center, but after Leo had talked with him Kail had seemed to finally move on from the incident.

"The um... Ninetales," he murmured softly. Luca's ears flicked towards him then lowered as well. She leaned over and whispered to me what he'd said. I had to fight a blush with a mouthful of sausage. After that we continued to eat in a slightly awkward silence. Luckily, Leo hadn't been paying any attention and seeing us eating roused Kail's appetite as well. With our bellies full I grabbed some sausage and berries for Lady and Ky before we went back to the room.

Lady had woken up by the time we came back, and upon realizing what happened she was trying her best to air out the room. It seemed my dear friend was quite embarrassed by her sleep cuddling because she would barely look at Ky. The Umbreon seemed unnerved as well, his rings glowed brightly whenever Lady came near and he would stare shyly at the ground whenever he caught her eye.

The rest of the day seemed to go by without incident. Whenever we stopped to make camp Leo volunteered to help Kail get fire wood. I was starting to wonder why my son was so enthusiastic about the task now, but we had a bigger issue to worry about. After last night, Ky had been staying a little further from Lady as they walked. The timidity he had once shown as an Eevee seemed to have returned as for the first time since the island he tried to avoid Lady's advances. I could tell it was breaking my old friend's heart as she continued to trace his rings with her tail tips, something the Umbreon used to like, only to have him shy away.

That night I asked Kail to stay up and keep watch for a few hours before waking me for a shift. Thankfully he seemed to understand that with a female in season we had to be careful of wild pokemon sniffing around. Lady however, seemed to have reached the limit of her patience after Ky's rejection...


The Ninetales found it hard to sleep that night despite being out in the open. She could feel the burning of her need almost constantly and any stray scent from Felix, Ky or Kail seemed to remind her of her condition. She wanted Ky! She needed him, and she couldn't understand why after all her gentle suggestions and advances he still refused! Luca had been coy but her gestures seemed clear enough. Ky was interested in her right?

As she looked over at the Umbreon sleeping a few feet away, his blue rings slowly brightening and dimming with his long breaths, she caught sight of Kail. Silently she bared her fangs at him. Felix wasn't awake to see so she cared little about showing her hatred of him. The Lucario flattened his ears and averted his gaze, certainly not wanting to anger the bothered fox. With that nuisance dealt with she looked back to Ky. She wondered if she should just bury her nose in his sheath. Maybe she should just show him what she wanted. Force the inexperienced male to feel what he denied himself! Her body burned with desire, pushing her to do what she wanted with him and yet, she couldn't. As quickly as her devilish thoughts had come they were replaced with depression and guilt. She couldn't force him to mate her. He would hate her for sure, she would be just like the females of his old pack, using him for her relief without caring about him. Or at least that's how he would see it...
Her body felt charged as she stared at the object of her affections. She would never be able to sleep like this. Her tails quivered as she wiggled closer, her nose twitching for his scent. She reached out and gingerly teased the tip of her tail fur across the ring on his side. Slowly she ran the tail to the ring on his back leg, then down to his paw. Ky groaned softly in his sleep, his leg twitching as if to shake off a pestering bug. When she continued to longingly trace the ring on his haunch though he moaned and rolled to his back!

Lady's ears flattened as her eyes widened. She stared at his belly. The silken black fur that Felix kept as nice as her own coat covered every inch of his "undercarriage." There, between his splayed hind legs, and illuminated just enough by the light of the half moon and the ring on his tail, was his plump sheath. Her breath quickened as she crawled closer. ‘Why can't I sniff him just a little? What's the harm, he won't wake,' she thought as she inched closer and lowered her head, sniffing eagerly at the strong whiffs of his musk. She knew her scent had caught his nose. Even if he wouldn't admit it his body knew there was a female in need and was more than ready to satisfy her. Closer she inched until the soft fur of his sheath tickled her nose. How she wished she was wrapped around him right then. Maybe she couldn't have gotten this far between his legs but she could have at least reveled in his wonderful scent if he would have curled up with her tonight. At least she could indulge her curiosity for now though right?

Her sniffs became quicker, her tails quivered anxiously as she wiggled her rump, trying to contain her scent and the burning inside her. Unable to control herself her tongue tip slipped between her lips before she had the mind to stop it. Subtle yet heavy, Ky's musky flavor washed over her tongue as she gave him another, and another quick lick. She couldn't help murring in enjoyment as she could feel his sheath twitch from the hidden shaft within. "Just one more, just one more..." She kept telling herself until the tip of his sensitive, dark red shaft drew a line down her licking tongue. Lady paused as her ears swiveled forward. Ky had let out a soft whimper, but he only flicked one of his front paws.

Still confident she hadn't woken him she sniffed at his emerging shaft as it slowly continued to emerge from its home. His scent grew thicker, and clung enticingly to the inside of her nose. She licked her nose, wondering if maybe she could get another taste of his endowment. Parting her muzzle, her warm breath washed over his exposed flesh, bringing a soft groan from the Umbreon as he was finally roused. Blinking up at the night sky he suddenly felt a warm wet muscle press against his shaft. His whole body shivered at first with the pleasant sensation, but the haze of sleep quickly vanished. With a yelp his wide eyes shot down his body with the realization that it wasn't a dream! Seeing something there he kicked sharply, smacking Lady in the nose and throat with his hind paws!

The Ninetales yelped sharply as she pulled back. Her breaths came in soft pants as she stared in shock. Ky had hit her... but what had she been doing? Her gaze finally met Ky's own stunned stare. He couldn't believe Lady was the creature exploring between his legs. His rings started to glow as he became embarrassed and more than that, ashamed under her gaze. His ears laid back and he shifted uncomfortably, rolling to his belly to cover himself and whimpering a timid apology for kicking her.

Lady's nose twitched with the scent of male musk. Her breaths refused to slow and the heat between her legs refused to quell. She remembered, she'd been sniffing and licking at Ky's maleness! Fear and uncertainty flooded her mind. He refused her every advance, he had just kicked her away, and now, he was staring at her in disbelief.

The two were frozen solid for nearly a minute before tears welled in Lady's eyes. Realizing what she'd done she turned and ran. Dumbfounded by the tears in her eyes, Ky failed to stop her. He stared as she left in a flurry of tails, disappearing into the tall grass at the edge of camp. The Umbreon's nose twitched with her thick scent, sending a jolt through his body to the half erect member pressed into his belly. "You going to get her?" a male voice asked from behind.

"What?" Ky yelped as he sprang to his feet and whirled around. His rings acted like a flashlight for the camp. Felix Luca and Leo slumbered nearby cuddled into a sleeping bag together while Kail sat next to a smoldering fire pit.

"Your Ninetales girlfriend. Are you going after her or am I going to have to get her to try to kill me to lure her back here?" Kail asked, not even facing Ky but keeping an eye trained on the shy Umbreon.

"Sh-she's not! B-but she's in heat! I-I can't, I mean, she's Felix's," he stammered, his thoughts racing.

"Really? I haven't seen her making passes at him. Just go get her. She thinks you hate her," Kail murmured, leaving Ky without an answer. The shy Umbreon looked back where Lady had taken off, then back to the Lucario. "Go on, before a wild Mightyena finds her first. At least tell her the kick was an accident," he said, turning his head to face Ky with a hint of a smile. The Umbreon's rings shone a bit brighter for a moment before he looked back to the grass. Swallowing hard, he darted off after the Ninetales following her heavy scent in the air...

Kail moaned as he tried to relax. His own arousal throbbed against his yellow fur. "About time," the Lucario muttered as a sorrowful howl echoed through the air.


Ky's experience with females was quite cruel until he met Lady. The females of his old pack had teased him. He was an outcast, unfit to mate. They found it fun to waft their scents in his direction to watch his reaction. When he eventually trained himself to ignore their enticing scents the girls would blatantly flash him, holding their asses in the air in front of him and swaying as they laughed and made fun of him. He was never allowed to mate with any of the females of his pack. Even the Vaporeon and Flareon matriarchs had tormented him. The poor Umbreon's mind raced as he padded and sniffed around the grass to find Lady. What was he to do? He wasn't worthy to mate such a beautiful fox. Let alone... she was still Felix's. Surely he wouldn't want him siring her kits! Then again... Why had he said, "It's okay?" what did that mean? Was he just offering some words of comfort in an awkward situation or was he giving consent to pursue his friend?

As he sniffed through the grass he couldn't help his mind drifting back to all the kindness and affection she showed him. Did he really love her as a mate? Was that why he felt safe and happy curled up with her? Well, except maybe once or twice recently when she held him so tight in her sweltering tails he couldn't escape...

Ky's ears perked as another long mournful cry pierced the night. "Lady?" Ky whined as he poked his head through the weeds. He found the Ninetales sitting there. Her tails were curled tightly around her legs as she wiped her muzzle with a paw. He could see she was crying, her fur wet down her nose. She didn't seem to notice his voice, nor did her ears perk at his footsteps as he slowly padded closer.

"What have I done? Why now? Why couldn't I stop? He'll never be able to look at me again..." she whined through her sobs.

With his tail down and his ears back the Umbreon carefully nuzzled against Lady's flank. Something about her seemed terribly wrong though as he looked up and waited for her reaction. She was cold... much colder than she'd ever felt to him before. He had to wonder if her health was in danger but then again she was still a bit warmer than Luca felt. It was as if the fire fox's hearth had burnt out in her despair.

Weakly Lady opened an eye to see Ky sitting next to her and leaning into her shoulder. "I'm sorry," he whined softly, his pleading red eyes begging for her forgiveness. Her mood failed to rise though and she looked away as she leaned away from his touch.

"No I'm sorry. I lost control. I should have known you didn't want me after the first day," she replied sadly, refusing to look back at him and simply not having the motivation to get up and leave.

The glow of Ky's rings brightened for a moment with her comment. Had she just said she wanted him? He whined again as he felt her pull away, but he couldn't just leave her. Moving around in front of her he sat again and leaned close to lick shyly over the bridge of her muzzle. A salty flavor greeted his taste buds from the tears she had wiped away. To his surprise, she didn't pounce him and return the affection like always. She actually pulled back and got up to turn away!

"Don't Ky. It's not your fault," she started as she began to head towards camp with heavy paws when suddenly he tugged at one of her tails. Too depressed even to care about her prized fan of fur, she just stopped and looked back at him since he seemed to want her attention.

"D-did you want me t-to mate with you?" he asked shyly, the words sounding ridiculous in his head. After all, he was unfit to mate wasn't he? When Lady just kept looking at him with her ears and tails down he had to continue. "Why would you... want me?" he asked, backing away a step and curling his tail as his own ears dropped.

Lady watched him for a moment but nothing about his questions seemed to confirm what Luca had told her. Even in season as she was he didn't seem to have much interest in anything more than being friends with her. "Because other than Felix you're the only male I've ever loved," she answered, though saying those words only seemed to make her feel worse. She lowered her head and started back towards camp once more, not even wanting to see the Umbreon sit there, adorably blushing like he always did.

Ky was indeed blushing as she expected. His rings had grown brighter with every minute he'd been there with her but now, he was glowing like the full moon. His heart thumped strongly in his chest hearing those words. She loved him? Her tails were out of his reach so he scrambled to catch her. Racing in front of her he could barely keep his balance as his legs shook anxiously. Using all of his weight he leaned into her chest, hoping somehow to stop her, to get her to stay just a little longer while he worked up the nerve to speak.

Surprised by the sudden forceful gesture, Lady stepped back as he leaned against her. Hesitantly her ears rose a little as she eyed Ky. Maybe her scent had finally gotten to him and he was just going to say he'd sate her urges. Would that be so bad? Even if he wasn't willing to be her mate at least she might get some relief. Then again, if he did, both him and the pups would just become a reminder of her heart break this night. She didn't want that, she would wind up hating her pups and that would be too terrible to bear. She shut her eyes as she looked away and stepped back from his touch.

"Lady I love you too!" Ky blurted as her chest fluff left his face. His voice cracked mid yip. He'd wanted to say more. He'd planned to calm her, show her his affection, but somehow the words just managed to blurt themselves out! The Ninetales' ears flicked up for a moment before swiveling halfway down. Her sad eyes opened to look at him with a glimmer of happiness but the guarded edge of someone trying not to get their hopes up. At least he had her attention. "I-I j-just... couldn't say it. You-you're Felix's not m-mine and... why would you want me?" he managed to whimper. His eyes were shyly trying to keep her gaze but he couldn't help looking around uncomfortably. His rings still shone brightly in the night as he waited for her reply.

"Don't lie to me Ky. I'm not really in the mood for empty comfort," she replied, her eyes staying focused on him though her tails curled protectively around her as she sat. Ky's gaze held hers as she spoke but the poor Umbreon shrunk at her accusation.

"B-but I do! I-I just, couldn't tell you. A-and I thought I was just a cub to you," he whined as he kneaded the dirt nervously with his paws. Lady watched as he spoke, her heart starting to piece itself back together.

"Even Leo noticed I'm in heat," she said softly. There was just the slightest hint of her old playful self in her tone. Ky huddled a little tighter to himself, his paws pressing on each other timidly as his ears pinned to the back of his head.

"I-I trained myself not to react to it because of my pack..." he whimpered. With his admission, her glimmer of hope sparked her fire again. Her ears raised softly as she lay down, putting herself just a little below his eye level. The Umbreon swallowed hard as he stared at her, feeling a slight warmth on the breeze from her and noticing her casual foxy smile had returned. "Th-the girls never wanted to mate me because I was... different," he whined, his rings pulsing in embarrassment.

"And what ever made you think I thought of you like that?" she growled softly.

Ky lowered his head submissively. "Y-you were in heat I thought... you c-couldn't control it?" he answered.

"If that were the case I'd have been bending over for Kail in the hotel room," Lady murred, enjoying how Ky's rings glowed with the mental image.

"B-but you were..." he whined, his eyes daring to meet hers. He couldn't help his tail thumping softly as Lady's ears went back in embarrassment, knowing what he was going to say.

"Th-that was... Okay, I did lose my composure a bit," she grumbled, having to look away from his slyly accusing eyes. Before she could look back though Ky had lain down as well. With a wiggle he crawled closer and gave her a gentle lick on the nose. Looking back to him her heart beat a little faster. Still she wondered how far he was actually willing to go, or if he was still just trying to cheer her up.

A slim chance was better than nothing the Ninetales decided. She turned into his kisses and returned the affection softly. Having grown used to intimacy with human customs She tilted her head and pressed her muzzle to Ky's, licking at his lips and teeth and soon finding his own long slippery tongue as he figured out how to ‘French Kiss' as the humans called it. Soon, whines and whimpers of passion escaped the two's muzzles as they continued their passionate if not awkward display until both were left panting softly for breath.

Ky was wide eyed as he stared back at Lady. That was what love felt like? Real, caring affection? His heart was nearly popping out of his chest as the warmth from their kiss lingered on his lips.

Lady's mind had started to drift back to lustful ideas, but she could see now poor Ky had no experience what so ever with a female who was actually interested in him. She always loved a challenge and it had been so fun teaching Felix when he was young. Confident now that Ky wasn't going to reject a second advance, she got to her feet and stalked around the shy male. Her tails no longer clung protectively to her flank. Instead they seemed to fan softly at the air, swirling her enticing aroma around the small clearing.

Still unsure what to do Ky sat where he was and watched. His nose twitched with her scent, but this time he found it impossible to ignore. His wide innocent eyes stayed locked with Lady's as she came close and sat next to him. "Let's try this again hmm?" she murmured as she put a paw around him and lay down with him once more. His breath quickened as he shivered under her embrace, his nose drawing more of her sweet scent.

Even the normal, subtle musk of her fur was heavenly as he buried his face in her chest ruff and inhaled deeply. He realized now this was one female he didn't have to hide from. He could relax, let her see every part of him. He could look at every part of her, and get lost in her tails without the fear of being rolled and having sharp teeth clamped on his neck. He only wished he'd seen it sooner. The way she smiled and played with him. The way she had tried to hold back when he came back to her as an Umbreon but still managed to fawn over his safe return. That soft blush in her ears that very night the first time she saw his new body. She didn't belong to Felix at all. She had given herself to him almost when they'd first met. She was his, all his, and he would never let her go.

Lady whined happily as Ky finally seemed to give himself to her. His small but strong body arched against her belly as she lay with him. He nuzzled into her chest ruff and sneezed as it tickled his nose. She couldn't help giggling as she held him tight and brought her tails around to cover them both. Snuggling against the smiling Eon she licked his nose and was rewarded with a tender lick in return. The two bathed each other's face in lick kisses until Ky stiffened with a soft moan. Lifting her tails Lady smiled wider seeing he was fully enjoying her affections this time. His crimson member had poked free of its sheath, glistening with moisture in the blue light of his brightly glowing rings.

Realizing she was staring again Lady tore her gaze from the object of her desire and met Ky's beautiful red eyes. The small ring of light on his forehead drew her attention and she couldn't help leaning close to give him a tender lick there as well. Ky let out a long purring sigh with that gentle gesture. More of his fears and hesitance seemed to be carried away with each pass of her warm tongue. With her heart mended however, she was quickly beginning to lose her composure as her hormones once more began to pulse through her veins. Unable to wait any longer, she shifted and rose to her feet. Her warm fan of tails trailed over Ky's body as if they were the instruments of a siren, trying to lure him closer. Ky blushed, Lady's scent wafted strongly to his nose as she strode past him. Looking back, she gave a sultry yet shy smile as she fanned her tails back and forth as if they were dancing, drawing his attention wherever she wished.

Ky's maleness twitched as he watched her move. Her orange tail tips flittered this way and that, hiding her neathers for a moment only to leave his eyes lingering there the next. "One last chance..." she murred back to her Umbreon, shifting her legs to present herself for him in typical canine fashion. She was trying to tease him but fear continued to linger in her heart as she watched him carefully for his answer.

Still nervous, Ky slowly rose to his feet, his nose twitching, drawing softly at her heated scent filling the air. Allowing himself to fully enjoy the aroma with sexual thoughts he never thought he would fulfill, he stepped closer. Lady's playful tails brushed and flumped against the Umbreon as he braved their paths to get to what he desired. His rings brightened and dimmed with his long, anxious breaths as he stared, fascinated, at the Ninetales' swollen and leaking vulva.

'I can do what I please. She won't be mad.' Ky told himself as gulped, his nose less than a paws width away from her sacred treasure. Her sensual tails had taken to stroking along his body, trailing and tracing over his rings, slithering around his torso to tease at his eager sex. He couldn't help shivering and tensing as the soft fur brushed his tip and barely emerging knot. His head was swimming with his love's pheromones, it seemed absurd to him now to have ignored such a wonderful scent. With instinct and desire overwhelmed his remaining inhibitions he sniffed deeply at her sex as he pressed his cold nose to her very warm entrance.

Lady murred, her body pressing back against the teasing pleasure of Ky's touch. His nose left her, only to be replaced by an exploratory lick from his warm tongue. The fox yipped in shock, her ears lowering shyly as her whole body, including her writhing tails, tensed. She hadn't expected him to be so adventurous his first time... but she would hardly complain!

Ky's tongue was quickly awash with the tingle of Lady's nectar. There was a heat that clung wherever it touched, but it was far from unpleasant and he quickly returned for more. Lady moaned as she pressed her spade into Ky's licks. The Umbreon eagerly obliged, slipping his long wet muscle between her lips to collect more of her honey.

Despite being a warm touch to her sex, Ky's tongue chilled her core as it explored her canal. Lady yiffed in long awaited bliss, her tails continuing to wriggle around the male behind her even as they twitched and spasmed with the unpracticed pokes and prods of his licks. She could feel his efforts growing more and more eager as he continued to submit to his instincts. Finally, her front legs could barely keep her up. "Oh Kyyyy..." she moaned with a long pleasured howl, lowering her chest and head to the cool grass. She could feel her peak rising with her body's temperature. She was embarrassed this virgin pup had managed to leave her panting and yiffing so desperately but it had been more than a day since she'd climaxed and she'd spent the past week dealing with the growing desires of her heat!

Lost in his own euphoric bliss Ky moaned into the Ninetales' rump as he lapped deeply at her tunnel. He could feel her inner walls squeezing and coaxing at his wriggling tongue. He doubted he would ever be able to resist his new mate's heat ever again! His mind swam in her scent as it filled his nose, his tongue tingled with the spicy taste and the sheer warmth of her nectar. The feel of her walls squeezing around his tongue in an increasingly frantic rate left his shaft as hard as an Onix and dripping with pre. His ears perked, hearing her crying his name behind the muffling veil of her tails. His rings glowed brightly, shyly enjoying the fact he was the one giving her such pleasure. Still, it caught him by surprise when her whole body started to quake, her hind legs shaking, her tails clinging and holding him tightly, even pressing his nose and muzzle against her neathers as she yiffed loudly into the night! A brief worry shot through the Umbreon. What if Felix heard? What if he found them like this?

"It's okay," Felix's voice echoed in Ky's head, quickly washing away his fears. Felix had known all along hadn't he? Perhaps he had even suspected this might happen when he first saved him in that cave. Once again he realized the human had shared his whole life, even those dearest to him to make him feel like one of them...

Ky moaned as his shaft surged with Lady's climax. A long spurt of slippery pre painted the grass beneath him as his nose and Lady's vulva dripped with copious amounts of her warm honey. The Ninetales moaned as Ky's tongue slipped from her tunnel. She couldn't help shivering as his hot, panting breaths washed over her sensitive entrance. She could smell his eager musk in the air, a scent she'd loved since she first sniffed at his sheath while he slept, though when exactly that first time actually was, he would never know... The thought made the vixen grin and moan in the warmth of her afterglow.

As her body slowly relaxed Lady's tails uncovered the shy Umbreon. Panting for fresh air after being literally hot boxed by Lady's tails for a second time he still blushed as he saw his soon to be mate had collapsed and was smiling back at him. "Care to... continue?" Lady moaned as she wiggled her rear in the air, her body still needing a gift only a male could provide.

Ky swallowed hard at her invitation. He'd seen that pose perhaps a hundred times before but never with such an inviting gaze in front of it. The majestic fox's tails fanned out around the two of them once more. With soft caresses, the fluffy appendages beckoned him forwards and even teased his eager maleness. The velvet strokes over his half swollen knot made him shiver and shake as he stepped closer and nuzzled his muzzle against her warm flank. Once more instinct told him what to do and with the help and encouragement of those fluffy snakes he hopped up to rest his chest amidst the fan of tails sprouting from her hind end.

Lady giggled as she felt his weight on her back side. Her body quivered with the thought of Ky finally satisfying her desires in a way Felix never could. "A-are you sure about this?" came a timid voice through his panting breaths. Her ears flicked back in surprise as she wiggled under him. She was sure his nose was still saturated with her pheromones, it was amazing he wasn't ramming his knot into her yet!

Looking back the Ninetales smiled warmly. Though her tails were acting mostly on their own she could still command them. Ky looked worriedly around him as eight of her tails wrapped themselves around him in a loving hug. "More than I've ever been," she purred, bringing her ninth tail under him to tease his shaft! Ky gave a soft yip that lengthened into a long moan as he settled eagerly onto her body. He shifted his forelimbs on her hips, inching himself closer until his tip prodded at her wet vulva. Both seemed out of breath already as they panted with expectant pleasure. Not willing to wait until he found his mark, Lady shakily kept his aim true with her tail cradling his pulsing knot.

For the first time, Ky let out an unrestrained yiff as his quivering hips reflexively thrust forward. Burying his member halfway in his new mate Ky shook as he fought with his urges. Every muscle in his body screamed for him to wildly claim her as his own, but she was so hot! His sex felt like it'd been tossed into one of Felix's warm baths freshly drawn from the tap. Warm to the point of discomfort, but not to the point of pain. When he shifted though, slipping an inch of his maleness from her hot confines into the comparatively frigid air, he quickly decided the warmth was better!

Both canines yipped happily as Ky drove himself further into her depths. His shaft throbbed and jumped against Lady's squeezing walls as he started to give gentle humps and thrusts against her. She could feel his eager body loosing spurts of cool pre against her inner most depths as he grew comfortable with his rhythm. With a long moan she matched his thrusts, reveling in the way his pointed canine shaft burrowed through her tunnel. She could hardly believe how vastly different the sensations were compared to mating with Felix!

Ky whimpered and yipped as his eyes shut tight. He held Lady's warm hips tightly as he humped against her fluffy rump. Her sex squeezed and milked his length, literally begging for his seed. He could hardly believe this was really happening to him! It was an indescribable feeling. The way he could feel her body tighten and relax both around his shaft and under his chest, the way her tails squeezed, aiding in his sharp thrusts against her! The way her now soothingly hot folds kissed wetly at his sensitive knot! It was too much for him to handle and he let loose several sharp yiffs as he stiffened, his motions halting entirely. Ky's shaft surged as he climaxed early. His seed squirted in her tunnel, splashing her depths but not quite reaching the fire burning deep within Lady's womb.

Lady gasped, her tails continuing to grip her mate, trying to use him as a toy to sate her desire. Her euphoria began to wane as Ky shivered and started to weaken. The throbs of his sex grew less intense though he remained nestled within her eager depths. "Oh Ky, you're not done yet..." she growled lustfully, letting the frustration of her heat show. The newly made tod lowered his ears shyly. He whimpered and yelped as he shifted, sliding his hyper sensitive and still quite rigid, member against her walls. Lady groaned, the sensations flaring to life in her for a wonderful moment. Panting in exertion, as well as a fading afterglow, Ky blushed. The sound was still new to his ears but he absolutely loved the noises his new mate made.

Fighting the shuttering protests of his body, Ky's whimpers soon returned to cute, timid moans as his drive to mate began to rise once more. Shifting his legs, he began his rhythm anew. It wasn't long before he could feel Lady's tunnel squeezing him tighter when she let out a particularly loud yip. He remembered that wonderful noise, but it had been muffled by her tails last time. He wanted, needed, to reach his peak with her. He could feel something more swelling in his loins, a pressure larger than he'd felt before. He knew he wouldn't be satisfied with the feeling he'd just experienced. It had been wonderful, better than his muzzle, but this... he could tell this new sensation was what drove the Jolteon and other Eevee in his pack to stuff their thick knots into their mates!

Lady yelped and yiffed as Ky's thrusts grew rougher. At first she'd felt bad about scolding the inexperienced male but if these were the results she wondered if maybe she should have been more demanding! Her tails could barely keep up as he pistoned himself within her. She could feel his wet knot pressing at her sex just as before, but now, he seemed to have discovered that particular part of his anatomy could give him even greater pleasure. She could do little more than arch into his eager thrusts as she felt her peak drawing closer and closer. Her temperature started to spike once more and she wondered if she would have kits if he didn't tie her. Her fears were baseless as she soon received another shock besides the incessant pressing of the Umbreon's knot!

He needed just a little more leverage... Just that last little bit of help from her body. Her tails were quivering around him now, useless to aid as she began to melt into her pleasure. With a growl of passion Ky pulled her hips as hard as he could. His eager knot nearly slipped past her sodden lips but it wasn't his only aim. Lady gasped as her body went rigid. Her eyes shot open and she squeaked at the sky as Ky took her nape firmly in his maw! His teeth massaged and tugged at her fur and skin as he found the extra help he needed.

With just three more thrusts Ky's thick knot slipped past Lady's entrance. Flames wisped from her panting maw with each breath as sparks danced before her eyes. The Ninetales went rigid, her tunnel convulsing and squeezing at Ky's invading shaft. The Umbreon grunted, hanging on to her nape for dear life. The pressure on his length was too much, he couldn't hold back and he couldn't pull out! His black furred orbs drew up as he careened into a blissful orgasm with his new mate.

Ky whined into the furry mane in his mouth as Lady howled her peak to the world through a gout of flame three feet long. The pressure and motion of her muscles forced Ky to jerk and tug at their union. His knot was stuck firmly in her folds, ensuring the plentiful seed his surging shaft now delivered directly into her fertile womb would not escape. Each new spurt of his semen made the ninetales shiver, she was so hot it felt as if Ky were an ice type! Meanwhile, Ky could only moan at the soothing heat of her walls as they milked his length for everything he had. His very blood was on fire with desire and pleasure as it coursed through his engorged length and throbbing knot. He wondered for a moment if his erection would ever fade. Finally, the newly mated pair's heart pounding climax began to wane. Ky gasped for breath, letting Lady's Nape slip from between his teeth. No longer held up, Lady collapsed to the ground, her searing hot pants scorching the grass. Once more she stiffened and whined as Ky shifted, attempting to swing his leg over her rump, though with quite a bit of difficulty as her tails lay tangled around his body. Earning a sharp yiff from his mate he succeeded in turning the tie with her. His knot pulled snuggly at her swollen sex, sealing her up nice and tight as she gasped and kneaded her claws into the dirt.

The Umbreon shivered and moaned as new sensations of pleasure coursed through his loins. Lady's walls quivered with each subtle move he made. Whether it be a wiggle of his hips or another soft surge of his shaft, leaking more of his sticky fluids into her. His rings glowed brightly, lighting the clearing the two had made. Lady weakly looked back at her new mate and giggled. His eyes were closed and his face twisted in pleasure as he panted. Just for fun she squeezed his knot as hard as she could manage, loving the whining moans she could coax out of him. "What's the matter? You stuck?" she teased through ragged breaths.

Weakly, Ky opened his eyes to look back at her. He was embarrassed yes, stuck to a female for all the world to see for however long it took for his swelling to go down. Which, if she kept squeezing him like that would take longer! He stiffened and moaned, his shaft throbbing against her clenching walls once more. He wanted to speak, to apologize for biting her, but the words that came to mind just seemed so stupid. Why should he apologize? She clearly wasn't hurt and he knew all too well by the way her body responded and from her sounds that she had GREATLY enjoyed every moment of their mating. "D-does this mean... we're mates? I'm yours now?" he managed to ask, wiggling his hips nervously, making both of them quiver.

"I'd say you claimed this vixen as your very own tonight..." she purred, giving him a sly wink with a poke of her tongue. Ky's eyes widened as his rings glowed brighter. He whined softly but even from her vantage Lady could see the enormously happy smile that crept up his cute black muzzle.

The two of them spent the better part of a half hour tied together. Between Lady's playful squeezes and Ky's shy squirming, his knot remained nice and firm. Much to Lady's enjoyment since it had been many years since she'd mated with another canine...

Finally, as Ky tugged against another squeeze, his wet shaft slipped quickly from his mate. The two gasped, Ky because of the cool night air assaulting his still hot length and Lady because of the sudden empty feeling in her loins. With a long moan the fire fox raised to her feet with sore muscles. Her tails stretched and twitched as she curled them down to cover the mess Ky had made of her rump.

Turning to face the shy Umbreon she smiled seeing his red shaft already half way home in his sheath. With an affectionate murmur she nuzzled against him roughly, making him yelp as she pushed him to the ground. His shining rings reflected in his eyes as he looked at her questioningly. It didn't take her long though to collapse beside him, curling her tails around him possessively and nuzzling against him again.

"Sh-shouldn't we... go back?" Ky asked as he began to return her affections, giving tender licks to her muzzle.

"I couldn't get up again if I tried. My ass is way too sore," she giggled, giving him a big sloppy lick kiss over the ring on his forehead. Ky blushed the way he always did but he chuckled softly and arched against the warm belly of his mate. It hadn't seemed to cross his mind just yet that there might be something growing within the fox.

"I love you Lady," he purred softly, licking her neck and cuddling up to her. The words left her speechless for a long moment as she stared at him. She hadn't expected to hear him say such a thing on his own.

"I love you too my sweet little Eevee," she whined, starting to get choked up as she laid her head down with him and curled even tighter against him. Ky giggled and nuzzled her again, breathing deeply the smoky aroma of her fur and the lingering musk of their union as the two of them drifted into a blissful sleep.

Chapter End Notes:

Two in one day!!!? I hope none of my readers die from shock. :3 This one includes a bit of sexy times! So I hope everyone enjoys the edits. As always let me know what you think please. ^^

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    Reviewer: keshodnal
    Date:Sep 6 2017 Chapter:Chapter 12 - Repairing Relations

    What can be said about this fic that hasn't already? 

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    First of all,Ii am really excited that Luca herself has more agency in this story. She was always a strong (duh) protagonist, but until the Darkrai plot (not spoiling here just in case) I felt that she was always second chair in their relationship. That Felix was the one who solved or tackled the complex problems and that Luca kind of... orbitted him? Like, Luca would typically react to Felix's decisions, but not the other way around,  because Luca didn't really make any.

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