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Luca - 2nd Edition by Felix


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of me,Felix9. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Chapter Notes:

A year after first meeting Luca she has become one of the family. So much so that something unexpected happens to her one day. Will this event break up the trio?

Chapter 2 - Luca Evolves

The next few months flew by as the three of us continued to travel. Luca was a fast learner when it came to battling, though she often over did it sometimes in an effort to make me proud. She had grown as well over the months, though her spurt seemed to have slowed at the moment. She was now just under twice the height she'd originally come to me with and ten times stronger... I still wrestled with her and sometimes even managed to immobilize her with laughter, but after she'd nearly broken my arm with a playful force palm she learned to go easy on me. I wasn't mad because it was my own fault. I'd played rough with her before but forgot she'd grown. She was in tears as we had Joy take a look at my arm and though I was pronounced fine with just an impressive bruise she wouldn't stop apologizing that night. For nearly a week after the incident though I noticed her trying to avoid any kind of play, seeming to fear the possibility of hurting me again. It wasn't until she came to me crying and apologizing again one night after she'd talked with Lady that she lightened up and was more of her old self. Of course I consoled her as I always did, but what I had missed the most was the way she cuddled against me when we fell asleep. My heart swelled knowing I had my sweet pup back as she squeezed me as tight as she could, rubbing her muzzle against my bare chest.

After that nothing of great interest happened that I was aware of. Luca and Lady were like a mother and daughter. They squabbled at times but nothing serious and they were always best friends again a few minutes later. Whether it was fighting or just someone other than me to talk to Lady was always there for Luca when she needed. Though I had to wonder what the girls were talking about when they did go off alone to avoid my ears. Perhaps the best blessing of that year was that despite Luca growing and maturing, her affection towards me never changed much. Sure she wanted to show me she could take care of herself but she was still my little girl.

With it coming up on a year since Luca's been with us Lady and I both wanted to do something special for her. I knew about when Luca had been born from Nurse Joy telling me the day I received her, so Lady and I picked a date to celebrate when we would be in town. I don't think Luca realized at first what we were planning, birthdays were more of a human thing, but she did enjoy her special day. Luca had been with us when we celebrated Lady's 11th birthday so I think she understood a little bit, but it still confused her when I asked what she wanted to do for the day. Eventually she concluded that we hadn't gone swimming in a long while so that's what she wanted to do. Lady and I happily obliged and we spent most of the day at the pokemon center's outdoor pool before going out to eat at a rather fancy restaurant.

I made reservations earlier in the day so when we got there we were seated almost immediately in an area for the casual sized pokemon. They even had a "chair" for Lady to sit on and eat at table level with Luca and me. The three of us got settled in and I smiled as I watched my girls talk about the menu laid out for them. I couldn't help but smile at how ecstatic Luca was. Her tail was virtually a blur behind her as she looked over the pictures of meals.

Though we had eaten out a few times before we hadn't been anywhere so formal and pokemon oriented since Luca joined us. Thankfully Lady helped her pick something she would like. We ordered when the waiter came back and not long after we had drinks to hold us over. Though it did little to quite Luca's stomach... She hadn't realized how hungry she really was until the sight of all those wonderful dishes met her eyes, and her tummy grumbled constantly as she couldn't help but sniff at the pleasant aroma's wafting through the air.

When our meals came Luca was practically drooling at the sight. The waiter set a large burger down in front of me, while Lady got a large, very rare piece of meat as she liked to cook it herself as she ate. Luca, who had decided to sit in a chair next to me, got a slab of meat as well. Hers however, was marinated in a berry sauce with two Oran berries on the side for desert. In fact... seeing her selection, I almost wanted to switch dishes with her! Luca leaned over to start eating and put her paw right in the sauce. She pulled back and looked at her paw confused for a moment before she licked it and gave a murr of approval. I smiled at her method but knew she would end up a mess if I didn't help her out a little.

They had special forks and spoons for pokemon to use here, and the waiter had brought a set for Luca's size. The fork had a loop at one end that could be comfortably tightened around a digit, and supported by another. So even a Sandslash could use them if it so desired. I unwrapped the set as Luca finished licking her paw clean and offered my hand to ask for hers. She was a little confused but none the less gave me her paw so I could gently put the fork on her. While she inspected it curiously for a moment I did her the courtesy of cutting her meat up into bites, so she could enjoy it faster.

Not being familiar with the cutlery Luca was confused at first. No doubt she was wondering what the point was, it was food and we'd never done anything like this before. When she asked what it was I explained a little and picked up my own fork to show her how to use it. With just one demonstration, my Riolu friend quickly figured out the technique and was soon ravenously enjoying her steak. It was rather funny to watch as well because as she put a piece in her mouth her expression became unbelievably happy as she chewed. She may have savored the taste but she was so eager to get more she wasn't about to take her time. No sooner had she swallowed before she had another bite, despite getting a bit of sauce on her chin and nose and having to lick it off.

Of course there were presents too. I had Lady distract our Riolu for a while in the previous city so I could secretly get Luca a gift. For Lady's first birthday with me I had gotten her a special piece of charcoal. It was special because it powered up her fire attacks. They sold these items specifically for pokemon and this one was a high grade and was treated so that it wouldn't wear away or disintegrate. I had thought about what to get Luca and figured the fighting type equivalent to Lady's charcoal would be a great choice. Though it was different than a martial arts status belt the item was still called a black belt, and like the charcoal they came in various qualities. I had saved up some money for just this occasion and got her the highest quality I could find. It was dyed perfectly black in every thread of the softest Galvantula silk. Lady had approved when I showed her while Luca bathed one night and I truly hopped Luca would like it as well.

After spending the day celebrating we made our way back to the pokemon center to stay the night. We got cleaned up and ready for bed, but before we fully settled in I told Luca I had something for her. She wasn't sure what I meant until I pulled a wrapped box out of my pack. By this time she knew the occasion, but she hadn't known to expect anything like this. Her tail wagged as she looked at the box, seeming hesitant to open it and ruin the pretty blue wrapping paper and yellow bow. I laughed and assured her it was ok and soon enough she was eagerly pulling the paper off to get to the box inside. She slowly opened the thin cardboard box and looked inside to see shiny black peaking from beneath white tissue paper. As if she were handling glass she reached in and pulled the belt out.

I could tell by the look in her eyes she knew exactly what it was and how much she adored it. She gawked at it draped in her small paws for a moment before she looked at me and clutched it to her chest. She had tears in her eyes as she lunged at me, burying her face in my chest as she hugged me as tight as she could. I counted myself lucky her arms still couldn't reach all the way around me or I might have been crushed! I could feel her tears wetting my skin as she frantically told me how much she loved it... and me. I blushed but smiled warmly as I put my arms around her and held her tight. "I love you too sweetie." I said kindly in her ear, getting a soft whine and a renewed squeeze in return.

Not to be left out Lady came up to sit beside me on the bed and nuzzle Luca through my arms. She had started to calm down and with a sniffle she quickly released me to give Lady a tight hug as well. I watched a smile curl across the Ninetales' lips as she put a paw around our Riolu to hold her there for a long moment... Once she had calmed down Luca frantically took a step back and fumbled to tie the belt around her waist. It was a little long for her since I wanted to be sure she could always wear it but she didn't care one bit. Just when I was going to help her she managed to tie it neatly at her hip though the tails hung to her feet. She smiled up at me though as her tail continued to wag furiously, especially when Lady and I assured her it looked beautiful on her.

She was nearly crying again in gratitude as the three of us went about our normal nightly routine of settling into bed. I got under the covers where Luca quickly snuggled up next to me, smiling and nuzzling my arm as she desperately hugged it to show her thanks. Lady curled up at the foot of the bed but draped her fluffy tails over us for warmth. Before Luca and I fell asleep I leaned over and gave her one last kiss between her ears and wished her a happy birthday. She blushed under her fur and whined as she met my eyes. I could see even the words to express her gratitude had escaped her. Quickly she leaned up to give me a sweet lick on the cheek before nuzzling me once again and shutting her eyes. The three of us were quickly asleep after the exhausting day of play. Lost in the bliss of such a happy memory none of us cared what tomorrow brought...

When I awoke the next morning the sun was barely starting to peak above the horizon. Still it had become habit to get up and moving so I carefully wormed free of Luca's draping paws. She hadn't moved from next to me the whole night and still had her paws lightly around my arm. Once free I smiled figuring it would be nice to get breakfast ready for when they woke. So after dressing and paying a visit to the bathroom I hurried downstairs to the center's usual free breakfast.

The Chansey cook happily helped me gather a wonderfully smelling breakfast when I arrived and I was quickly headed back to the room. But when I walked in I found my girls were gone! At first I smiled, simply figuring they were just hiding, playing one of their jokes or games. That is until I realized there weren't many places for a fully grow Ninetales to hide. I looked in what places I could think of, but grew increasingly concerned when I still couldn't find them.

My heart sank as I looked around the room once more wondering what could possibly have happened... There was no sign of a struggle aside from the bed covers being messed, but even then Luca and Lady were no pushovers. Let alone Lady would rather die than let something happen to me or Luca. I didn't want to cause a scene but I hurried back downstairs to get Nurse Joy's help. After explaining what happened she called for some Chansey and we spread out to look for the girls. I went back upstairs to check the other unoccupied rooms while Nurse Joy and Chansey checked the ground floor.

I started to loose my cool as I went from room to room, frantically knocking and checking any that were unlocked, or asking if anyone had seen a Ninetales and Riolu. No one had and the few trainers I caught were not happy to have been woken so early. My mind raced with panic as I remembered those scattered news reports about pokemon thefts. I was breathing hard when a sound caught my attention and snapped me from my haste. A few doors down there was a door that was barely cracked open, and it sounded like someone was crying inside.

Not knowing if it had anything to do with my situation I made my way to the door and slowly pushed it open. I figured perhaps I could find some help and comfort someone else who was obviously in need. My heart stopped though when I caught a glimpse of a familiar fox tail inside the room. I flung the door the rest of the way open, inadvertently startling the two pokemon inside. Lady immediately spun, snarling at the intruder with her tails writhing through the air ready to attack. Even I flinched at the sight, taking a hesitant step back as she realized it was me. When she did her hackles flattened and her tails refolded behind her. I noticed the concerned look on her face though as I came forward once more, hoping Luca was ok.

I hadn't gotten a good look at the pokemon behind her before, but from the colors I had seen it looked like Luca. Once Lady's tails calmed down I could see that it wasn't the same little Riolu I had been caring for... A full grown Lucario sat there on the bed with tears in her eyes afraid to let me see her. I was stunned as I looked her over from ears to paw, though that hardly comforted my sweet little girl.

"Luca?... Is that you?" I stuttered breathlessly, unable to think of anything else to say.

She replied with a quiet whimpering "Yes," and closed her tear filled eyes as she buried her face in her paws, obviously fearing my response. My legs moved on their own as I stepped closer and gently slid my hand through the fur on her shoulder. Sadly she looked up at me as I pulled her quickly to my chest, hugging her tightly against me.

"I thought I had lost you two!" I answered, nearly crying myself. Luca was so surprised she only managed to weep more as she clung to me. Amidst her tears Luca managed to speak once again.

"I don't know what happened!..." She sobbed and sniffed, looking up at me through the now much smaller difference in our heights. "D-do... you still like me like this...?" She whimpered timidly, afraid to ask because of the possibility I wouldn't like her like this.

I met her eyes and gently stroked a hand across her back. "Luca... I will always love you. No matter how you change!" I answered lovingly, finding myself admiring her new features. "And that goes for both of you!" I added as I gave a glance to Lady, who had leapt on the bed behind Luca and sat down to make sure she was included. Luca started crying again as she squeezed me tightly and nuzzled into my shirt. I couldn't help smiling at my sweet little Riolu in a Lucario body. After another minute of letting her vent her relief and fear as I rubbed her back I quickly bent and scooped her up in my arms. She yelped and clung to my neck in reflex, blushing softly under her fur as she found herself cradled in my arms. After a blink her eyes met mine as a giggle unwillingly escaped her muzzle. I smiled happily hearing the sound and carried her back to our room with Lady falling in at our sides.

A Chansey was peaking down the hall as we emerged and disappeared again, having heard the commotion. Unknown and silent she reported back to Nurse Joy that everything was fine.

Once back in our room Luca tried to explain what happened to her. My little Riolu had woken up shortly after I left. She knew I would never leave the two of them and at least she still had Lady there. As she sat up she was reminded she had something around her waist. She looked down at her belt and smiled as she whined happily with thoughts of me. It was then she started to shine and evolved, not knowing what was happening. Me being the forgetful person I am... I hadn't explained evolution to her yet. With Lady I had the chance before we used a stone, but I had forgotten that Riolu evolve through a deep bond with their trainers and only during the daytime which explained why she hadn't evolved the night before.

Luca quickly calmed down as Lady and I explained, but she required a bit more reassuring about her new form. I don't think it helped that I kept staring at her... She'd more than doubled in size and she was much more feminine now. Female Lucario didn't have chest spikes. Instead, Luca sported two modest B cup breasts. Her endowments were modestly hidden beneath her now yellow chest fur but I wasn't about to explore her. My wandering eyes continued to admire her though. Her slender curves, adorable ears, tail, paws, and of course her beautiful face.

"Y-you sure Feli...?" She whined softly once, seeing me stare at her legs since we'd ended up sitting on the side of the bed while consoling her.

"Of course sweetie." I answered, blinking and meeting her eyes with a soft, embarrassed blush. I saw her expression shift as well as she looked away at her legs, blushing once more as her ears lay back. "Luca... You're really beautiful." I encouraged, rubbing her back and getting her to smile softly at me once again. "I mean it. You've always been cute hun but you're... a gorgeous Lucario." I added finally, trailing off as the confidence in my words wavered. Lady decided to break the tension a little as she growled and nuzzled Luca's foot paw, getting her to squeak softly and pull it back. She giggled softly, the touch tickling her still unfamiliar appendage. "Come on honey." I said with a smile, rubbing her shoulder and pulling her against me softly. "Let's get some breakfast and head out. Ok?" I finished. My new Lucario smiled shyly back at me and nodded, glad to know she was still my sweet pup.

With our evolution fiasco quelled the three of us set to eating our breakfast. Luca was a little frustrated and embarrassed as she tried to get used to her new body. She had a little trouble keeping the food in her larger muzzle and with bigger paws she was a little clumsy. Thankfully, in traveling with us she had developed a bit of a sense of humor. She didn't get upset over the blunders when Lady and I snickered, rather she just growled at us as she blushed and tried again. Though once I did earn an... "accidental" kick in the shin once, along with an innocently mischievous smirk from Luca. Lady was teaching her well...

Feeling much better about herself we were soon packed up and heading out of the center. Luca quickly got used to her new legs, and I had to admit her new gait was fittingly graceful. On the way out I thanked Nurse Joy for all her help. She waved off my thanks and smiled, looking over at the rather shy Lucario beside me. "You look wonderful dear, congratulations." She said kindly, earning a smile, a blush, and a soft "Thank you." from Luca.

With her confidence recovered and a bit of cheerful pride in her new form from the compliments we set out towards the next town where we were registered as participants in an upcoming tournament. It felt strange having Luca walk beside me and not sitting on my shoulders or riding Lady. Not to mention that Luca had a virtual death grip on my arm as if I were going to leave unexpectedly. Of course the day's excitement wasn't over yet. When you have a cute Riolu on your head everyone wants to meet her and try to trade. Rarely did anyone want to battle her. However, when you have a strong looking Lucario at your side suddenly everyone's all gun hoe! I didn't mind the greedy trainers looking for rare pokemon because I could always get rid of them, but I had a more difficult time with the trainers that wanted to battle. Luca was strong for her age and no doubt evolving had made her stronger, but I didn't want her to get hurt and she wasn't very experienced in fighting with her new body yet.

Despite her small handicap Luca knew how proud of her I always was when she battled. Despite my reluctance she volunteered for a few practice battles before we left town. I smiled softly and agreed but insisted on double battles. I figured at least Lady was there to help Luca. There were a few trainers that didn't like the double battle style and they walked away disappointed, but there were quite a few more trainers that wanted to battle regardless. The two matches we did find ourselves fighting ended with us as the victor, which only fueled the flames of the others. Eventually I got sick of everyone challenging us and began replying that we had to leave but we were entering the tournament in the next town. The trainers eventually left us alone but many had decided to enter the same tournament we were heading for...

We made it out of town and on the road with little incident. Luca was a little tired having to walk with us after her battles so we took some time now and again to rest and recover. Although I once carried her on my back for a while so that we could get close enough to make it to our destination the next morning. I tried to swallow my shyness though as she climbed up and clung to me. It felt strange to have such long arms draped over my shoulders with her larger head nuzzled against mine. Not to mention the feeling of her breasts pressing against my back as she leaned on me...

Luca seemed to enjoy being carried for a while like old times though. Her tail swayed behind us and occasionally a soft happy murr escaped her muzzle as she nuzzled me gently. I didn't say anything, but I wondered whether she was asleep or if she knew she was doing it. Regardless I smiled and continued, actually enjoying the mild affections she gave.

By the time our daylight started to wane we managed to get about three miles from our destination. We knew it would be a nice night and found a clearing to settle down in rather than force ourselves to continue for just a casual bed in the center. Luca had an exhausting day, which only added to how tired she was from what happened at the beginning, so I set her down from my back and quickly set up camp while Lady kept Luca company. After making a fire and cooking a late dinner we settled in for bed. With Luca being so small I'd never thought to get her a sleeping bag. With her increased size though, she was a bit shy and reluctant to join me. I wouldn't have it though and despite being a bit embarrassed myself I asked her if she would please join me. I caught the smile that flashed on her face as she slowly knelt and crawled into the bag with me, making it a snug but quite cozy fit. I put my arms around my soft furred Lucario and she snuggled in close, burying her muzzle in my neck. I blushed once more as her soft mounds pressed against my bare chest, but chased the thoughts away and cuddled her reassuringly.

"Comfy?" I asked softly in her large ear, getting it to twitch and lay back timidly. She gave me a soft "Mhmm..." without even looking up; extremely happy I still let her do this. Lady lay down on the foot of our bag and draped her tails over us like always, wanting to be included and not wanting to be on the ground.

Luca and Lady quickly fell asleep, but I found myself having a more difficult time as we lay there. I kept thinking of Luca, she somehow seemed different. Sure she had evolved, but she seemed more like an adult now, and she was even acting slightly different. I felt a little strange now showing her so much fondness and I couldn't figure out why. I still gave Lady the same treatment, and I loved my girls dearly but... with Luca how she was now I couldn't shake a shy nervous feeling returning her affections. I fell asleep with my arms around her gently rubbing the back of her head as I tried to figure it all out, but an answer never quite came to me as I dozed and fell asleep with my girls.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of me,Felix9. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

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