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Luca - 2nd Edition by Felix


Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of me,Felix9. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Having survived their encounter with Team Darkrai Felix and his party head home. With everyone safe and healthy little could dampen the moods of the heros. But what happens when an unexpected consequence of their island adventure is brought to their attention?

Chapter 7 - Returning Home

Despite my own inner conflicts thinking about my relationship with Luca we soon arrived at a coastal town south of where we had gotten off The Cresselia. It had taken us nearly five hours to get there and everyone was more than a little tired. Officer Jenny was at the docks before Tionis and I could even tie off the boats. We looked up after securing our ropes to find an armed guard of men and Growlithe. Many of the pokemon weren't waiting for the official word to get off the boat either. They were kissing the dock in gratitude before Lady could halt their exodus. It seemed sea sickness wasn't just a human affliction...

"Who are you? Why do you have all these pokemon in a boat? Don't you know that's a direct violation of boating safety regulations?" Jenny barked in that oddly authoritative yet melodic voice of hers. Luca lowered a glare at the woman, not appreciating her tone after everything we went through and why we were really here. "Where are your licenses for those boats? They're suspended as of right now, hand em over," she continued, holding out her hand which I graciously accepted to help me off the boat thinking she would give me the chance to explain. Perhaps that was a mistake... because a moment later my whole arm was twisted behind my back and Luca was facing down about five smoking muzzles from the Growlithe.

"H-hey wait! We weren't out for a joy ride! We escaped from Darkrai! These are the pokemon we rescued. We need you to find their train...! ers," I spat out quickly, fearing my arm might come out of socket if she tugged any harder. Luckily I felt her hold stop tightening as that last syllable left my lips. It wasn't enough to let me go but enough that she seemed to consider my story.

"What? If this is a joke just admit it. You'll be in a lot less trouble," she scolded, but didn't tighten her hold. Her voice betrayed her too. She didn't know what to believe at the moment.

"I promise this isn't a joke. There's a couple bags of pokeballs in the other boat, look up their registrations. I'm sure most of them have been reported missing," I continued, finally earning back possession of my arm.

"Get me a scanner!" she commanded of a nearby man. The guy was stunned and stammered a "Yes maim!" before running off with a Growlithe in tow. "Where did you come from? You're all sun burned," Jenny continued, letting Tionis and Kat climb out of their boat to join me on the docks. Of course Luca was at my side as soon as Jenny let me go. She worriedly looked at my arm but I gave her a soft smile to assure her I was fine. Lady wasn't far behind, but the sly fox decided to seat herself between Jenny and I when she turned to the guard. Ky timidly followed but sat behind me with his ears back.

"There's an island about five hours out to sea. There's a map in the boat with a dot in the middle of the ocean. Team Darkrai took us there after we helped foil their heist on the cruise liner Cresselia," I summarized.

"That was you three? We've been looking for you! The captain was arrested for aiding those crooks," she answered in shock. Her demeanor changed quickly after that as well. "Stand down boys! Get these pokemon to the center, Joy isn't going to like this but we need to make sure they're all right," she instructed and the Growlithe all sat down in unison. The humans finally started to help us as well. Tionis handed over the bags of pokeballs while Kat helped their passenger pokemon to the dock. Lady gave a few encouraging barks and in no time there was a veritable pokemon parade heading to the center. We followed and Jenny stayed with us in the back to continue her questioning.

Despite our fatigue we answered Jenny to the best of our ability. She seemed quite impressed when our tale was finished and commended us on our cool heads and decisive action. As predicted Joy wasn't too thrilled about the work load that was dumped on her. She called every Chansey in the center to tend to the pokemon who seemed malnourished, sick or hurt while the others waited for a short check up. The guards tried to get Luca, Lady and Ky to see a Chansey as well, especially considering Lady's chest was still wrapped in bandages, but they refused to leave me as Joy gave we three sun burnt humans the once over. Satisfied we were all right Joy gave each of us some Oddish balm lotion to help heal our burns. Of course we thanked her though it didn't hurt much right now.

After Joy's check up, Jenny finally left us alone. She thanked us once again and hurried off to the station to issue a public service announcement. Fascinated and sympathizing with the Chansey in the back, Tionis let out his Audino and begged Joy to let him help. Joy didn't even let Tionis finish his offer before she was teaching him and Audino how to run the pokeball healing machine and in no time flat they had found a rhythm of scanning, healing, organizing and storing the balls. The lists were sent to Jenny who in just half an hour was flooded with calls and trainers beating down the front door of the station pleading for their pokemon to be safely returned. Needless to say it warmed our hearts to see trainers so eager to have their beloved pokemon back.

With Tionis occupied, Kat asked if I would like to get something to eat. As if on cue my stomach growled, reminding me we hadn't had much other than berries and some trail rations to eat for the past few days. She laughed and gave me a smile as we went out to find a place to eat.

Of course my companions were just as eager to get something fresh in their bellies. Ky was more than a little intimidated by the human world and once again Lady had to force him to keep up. Luca was being more clingy than usual with me too. She walked right at my side opposite Kat and tried to comment as we shared more stories about our travels.


I hated seeing Felix talk to that girl Kat... I couldn't tell if he was ignoring her flirting with him or if he really didn't know she was doing it but he wouldn't pay much attention to me as they talked. After several tries I dropped back to walk with Lady, my ears noticeably hanging back in defeat as I hoped Felix would notice and say something.

Lady was the one to ask what was wrong as I walked beside the Ninetales and with a few quick shifts of my eyes she put it together. My second mother was as sharp as ever. "He's just talking with her. Humans do that," she said in an attempt to console me.

"I know but... After that night I thought we would... talk more or something," I admitted, blushing under my fur thinking about that night and having to consciously shift my tail as a distraction.

"I tried to tell you humans are strange and males are even stranger," she answered back with a sly grin. Ky's ear twitched as he looked at her curiously, but he still didn't say anything.

"I know but... Well. You mated with him before right? Didn't it... change what you were to him? Wasn't he more comfortable with you?" I asked next, unable to hide my fears anymore. I'd talked with Lady after that night and it was wonderful. I felt closer to him than ever and Lady had just encouraged me to show him how I felt. I tried but...I don't think he understood. The looks he gave me since then weren't like the ones from that night. It was like I was just his little Riolu again.

"He wouldn't look at me for two days after I gave myself to him!" Lady laughed, but I failed to see the humor. "Sweetie he's shy about that stuff. He's not a pokemon so it's not as natural to him. He thought HE took advantage of ME," she continued but it didn't help much. Had he only done that because I was in heat? Lady said that's when he had mated with her for the first time. But if that's the only reason then why did I feel his aura relax when I told him I loved him and wanted to be his mate? And why was he ignoring me now...? Lady told me he couldn't just tell other humans I was his mate but did he have to seem so happy talking to that girl?


"Yes?" I yelped as Felix called my name. I hadn't even realized we were at a restaurant and already at a table. I could feel my cheeks blushing as I felt ridiculous getting lost in my thoughts...

Luca seemed a little distracted as we got a table at a nice open restaurant area. By the way she replied when I said her name I knew she had something on her mind. But with Kat here and in a public place I could just start talking to my pokemon about everything... I was getting enough strange looks having my three companions out with me at the restaurant when my company didn't even have one. Never the less we sat down at the table and ordered from the menu.

"Don't worry about price girls! Eat your fill!" I said, positive that Luca and Lady were as ravenous as I was. Lady barked happily and of course put her paw on one of the most expensive items for pokemon, but since it was for both her and Ky I could understand. Luca seemed to forget her troubles as her tail wagged excitedly at my proclamation. I was happy to see her smile return as she picked what she wanted. I ordered a huge hamburger myself, having missed one of my regular dishes quite a bit. Kat ordered as well and by the time we were finished I wasn't the only one laughing and saying I'd eaten too much.

After our meal the five of us went back to the center. Tionis was finished with the pokeballs and was now helping Joy treat the other pokemon. I was sure he would have passed out from exhaustion by now but he and Audino both were still going strong. I on the other hand... was crashing fast. Kat and I asked Joy for a couple of rooms and bid each other goodnight in the hallway. The sun had just started to set but thankfully the blinds would drown out what was left of the daylight.

Luca still seemed a little upset as I pulled out my last set of clean clothes. So in an effort to cheer her up I tossed my shirt at her as I took it off. She yelped softly and caught it but I saw her nose twitch as she caught my rather heavy scent on it. I smiled at her as she looked back, confused by my attack.

"Take a shower with me?" I asked cheerfully, thinking nothing of my offer. Another mistake I could chalk up today...

"Only if you're naked!" she replied with a playful growl, seizing her chance to retaliate. Lady's ears perked at that and she raised her head to look at me. I blushed deeply but thankfully my sun burnt cheeks couldn't get any redder. I could just feel that look the fox was giving me though.

"Be quiet you..." I grumbled without even looking at Lady. Luca snickered and followed me as I slunk shyly to the bathroom. Sure Luca had seen me naked now so I had no real reason to refuse. I could tell Luca was a little surprised when I took off my pants and my underwear as well. I caught her looking and she quickly turned her head as she climbed into the shower. Yes I was embarrassed, I'd only ever gotten comfortable doing this with Lady, but I knew we were just very close. The Ninetales didn't want me as a dedicated mate... Luca was special to me in a different way though, and I really did hope I hadn't made a mistake in that cave, or here for that matter.

The fresh hot water felt wonderful on the parts of me that weren't sunburned and though Luca's boldness had seemed to fade a little she never asked me to put my trunks or underwear on. I smiled as I heard her murr pleasantly, letting the cascade of water wash the sticky sea salt from her fur. I tried desperately not to focus on her wet body and the pleasant sounds she was making but it was difficult not to. And oddly enough the light musk of salt and the scent of wet Lucario was actually an intriguingly alluring smell.

I grabbed Luca's fur shampoo from where I'd set it and squeezed a large glob into my hands. Her ear twitched at the noise and she looked over her shoulder with a happy smile as she offered her back to me. She had yet to really say anything to me so I figured I would start as I lathered her neck and shoulders.

"Are you okay?" I asked, getting her to turn her head again.

"I am now," she answered, hinting that something had been bothering her. And yet, she was smiling, her tail swaying softly behind her like nothing was wrong.

"What's wrong?" I persisted, knowing that wanting a shower wouldn't have upset her that much. She didn't answer for a while, which just left me with a heavy heart until she took a step away and turned to face me.

"I just miss having you to myself," she said as she looked up sadly to meet my eyes and only made me feel worse.

"Aww hun. I'm sorry," I said gently and put my arms around her to pull her into a hug. She eagerly returned the gesture, putting her wet arms around me and nuzzling against my chest with a whine. Thankfully, any unwanted reaction on my part was held at bay by my concern for her...

"Are you still... my mate?" she asked in an almost defeated voice. My heart skipped a beat and I swallowed hard feeling my cheeks flush softly. I gently ran a hand over her ear, nudging her a little so she'd look up at me.

"I-if you still want me to be, of course," I answered intending to sound sincere but I got the feeling that's not how she heard it. In all honesty, I wanted to know that what she'd said back then wasn't just a heat driven emotional response. She didn't say anything as she stared up at me but still hugged me tight. "Sweetie. I love you. I really do. I just want you to be happy. You're sure you still want me as a mate?" I tried to correct, feeling more than a little awkward asking that while standing naked in the shower. As I waited for her answer though, I saw tears well up in her big red eyes.

"Yes! I meant what I said," she sniffled and whined before burying her face in my chest again. "I want you..." she continued, still clutching to me tightly and leaving me the one without a reply. She continued to sniffle as I rubbed her back, words flashing in my head but nothing making a sentence.

"Shhhhh, hey. I'm still yours," I said gently after too long of a pause. "I just... I don't know what you expected to change," I continued, earning another look from her as she sniffed.

"We don't get to talk or play anymore, and you won't let me help you as much," she whined. She knew it was a bad argument, especially with all that we'd gone through lately, but it was how she felt.

"Aww hun," I replied, holding her close and bringing a hand to cradle her head against me. "I didn't want you to get hurt or stolen. After what happened to Ky."

"But I'm supposed to protect you! Lady said," she protested quickly.

"I shouldn't need you to protect me, and I should be the one taking care of you girls. Whether or not you're my girlfriend or mate," I interrupted, brushing her ear again. "It'll be okay now. all right?" She sniffed once again, her nose wrinkling cutely as she did. "Just remember. I can't start making out and mating in the middle of the street. Okay?" I added, trying to ease her nerves. I couldn't help smiling as she stiffened and gave a slight giggle, but she didn't agree. "Okay?" I said again, pushing just a little harder to get her to smile.

"Okay," she relented, giving me the cute smile I wanted, but she tightened her embrace and pressed against me as she craned her head. Her tail swayed to keep her balance as she gave me a kiss on the chin. She knew what she was doing... and I was sure she could feel my body react to her affection. "Will you still mate with me though?" She asked hopefully, her tail twitching softly. I blinked and felt my cheeks get hot at the suggestion.

"I-If you want," came out before I could think to stop it.

"Right now?" she persisted, giggling sweetly as she squeezed me in her hug for a moment. It was inevitable now that she felt my growing stiffness pressing into her belly fur. "Please?" She added with a murr, and how could I resist...

An hour and a half after we had started our shower we came back out to join Lady and Ky. The Ninetales gave us both an accusing look. "I told you... don't say it," I said with a soft glare.

"Nine ninnnee," She answered as she turned her head like she was innocent. Luca giggled softly but I could tell my mate was blushing as well. She had been quite embarrassed of the noise she made when I asked her to keep quiet. Despite her new found interest in mating she was still a modest girl and that; I was thankful for. She was dry enough she didn't need to wear a towel but she still was as we crawled into bed. I didn't notice until then that Ky wouldn't look at me or Luca. He had his face buried in his paws as he pretended to be asleep amidst a protective covering of Lady's tails. The only indication he wasn't sleeping was the bright glow of his blue rings. I almost felt sorry for the little guy. If just the thought of Luca and I embarrassed him like that, boy was he in for a surprise with Lady as his friend...

Lady and Ky's bath's could wait until morning so the four of us got comfortable in a nice cushioned bed for the first time in days. "Good night you two," I said, nudging Ky with a toe under the covers. I chuckled as he curled tighter, still embarrassed by what he'd heard. Lady gave me a look and a growl, but I knew it wasn't a real threat. With that she laid her head next to Ky's.

With Luca and I under the covers she cuddled close, enjoying the fact she didn't have to worry about me rejecting her because others were around. I gladly gave her the affection she wanted and I had to admit it felt wonderful. Holding my sweet Lucario against me in nothing but my underwear I could feel her soft fur against my skin again. The sweet scent of her shampoo filled my nose as I buried my face between her ears to give her a kiss. She giggled and wormed a leg between mine, hooking it around my lower and squeezing it lightly between her own. I blushed but smiled, doing the same with her upper leg as I hugged her tightly. I squeezed a long murr of happiness out of her as she nuzzled my neck then shifted and gave me a shy kiss on the lips. I was quick this time and returned the affection, letting her lips linger on mine for a moment before letting her pull away. Her bright red eyes stared back at me and I knew what she wanted to hear.

"I love you sweetie," I whispered in her ear. The words still felt strange to say for some reason. I think it was because in the back of my head I knew it was still a taboo by society's standards. My cares melted away though as she replied.

"I love you too Felix..." she cooed sweetly and nuzzled her muzzle against my neck. When she found a comfortable place she relaxed in my arms, letting me burry my face in her long stiff ears again. She giggled but I stayed put, loving her scent filling my nose as we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke to a weight on my chest. Usually I didn't sleep on my back. In fact most nights I wound up on my front. Amidst the night's shifting however, I had stayed in Luca's arms and she was now cuddled against my chest with one arm over me and the other under her head. Her legs were still intertwined around my right. The only thing I could possibly move without disturbing her was my left arm. Seeing her sleeping so peacefully brought a smile to my lips, and when her ear flicked unconsciously I couldn't help stifling a snicker.

I felt ridiculous doing it but I couldn't help myself. I craned my neck gently and brought my left hand to pet my girl as I kissed her forehead to wake her. Again, I knew it was cheesy and it only embarrassed me more when Luca reacted just like in a movie scene. She groaned gently as her eyes fluttered open. Seeing me she smiled and hugged her arm tighter to me. Something those movie girls never had though was an expressive tail, and Luca's swished under the covers, making it look like a Rattata had snuck under them.

"Morning," I said softly, not sure if Lady and Ky were awake yet. They hadn't moved from their spot except for a few little shifts. Now, Lady had a leg over Ky's shoulder and his face was nuzzled against Lady's. They looked so sweet and I wondered which one of them had actually gotten into that position.

"Morning," Luca answered, then yawed wide. I couldn't help myself... I gagged softly as I held my breath. It wasn't as bad as fox breath but it was still pretty bad. Instantly I got a paw batted hard on my chest, forcing me to breathe again. "It's not that bad! And yours doesn't exactly smell like a Bellossom either!" she scolded and I laughed. Lady raised her head with a soft growl, still wanting to sleep as Luca and I squirmed and started to disentangle.

After getting up, brushing our teeth... and giving Ky and Lady each a nice bath, the four of us headed downstairs. Tionis was asleep in the lobby with his Audino cuddled against his chest. If I didn't know better I might have thought they were like Luca and I, but I chalked it up to my imagination's new outlook after getting into a serious relationship with a Lucario.

I knew it was still early but I had to call my mother. After getting back the day before I just wanted to relax but I'm sure my family was worried sick, especially if they heard about the captain getting arrested.

After dialing the number I was surprised when Ashley answered the phone. "Felix! Thank God you're all right! Mom's been worried sick. I tried to exchange that ticket the captain gave me and the agency said it was fake," she started hysterically.

"Yeah guess we figured that one out the hard way. Darkrai ambushed us on the boat after taking us to their private island. You would have liked it actually. Nice beaches, nothing to do all day..." I answered, playing it off as nothing, knowing it would annoy my sister even more.

"You idiot! Are you okay? Where's Luca and Lady?" she asked since I was the only one in frame. Just then I noticed little Talia float up in the background. When she saw me on the screen she got excited and quickly flew over. When Ashley tried to keep her from poking her head in the screen the dragon got innovative and came from below. My sister sighed in defeat but at least this way both of them could be seen.

Talia's shriek when Luca appeared on the screen though was nearly ear piercing. Luca laughed and raised a paw to the screen to play with the little dragon. My sister calmed a little seeing Luca was there and safe but that still left Lady...

My fox heard everything that transpired on the other end of the line and she wasn't about to miss teasing little Talia. In the blink of an eye the screen was filled with tails on my sister's end. Talia chirped sharply and darted behind Ashley, fearing the tails might get through the screen. We all shared a laugh even as Talia came back to the screen to poke it, making sure the tails couldn't get her.

"Hey. I got a new addition on that island," I told my sister as Lady put her head up much like Talia had. Her and Luca entertained the dragon for a moment while I talked with my sister.

"Really? What is it?" she asked curiously. I knew Ky wouldn't get up on his own, so I bent over and picked him up. I held him for Ashley to see and I watched her eyes go wide. "Wow! He's beautiful! Just look at those rings, and those red eyes!" she fawned, embarrassing Ky a little more. He whined but I still didn't let him down.

"Hi Honey. Are you all righ... Oh my! Who's this?" my mom commented as she joined my sister and Talia at the video phone.

"This is Ky," I answered petting between his ears softly. His rings started to glow a bit brighter and he shrunk into my arms from the attention on the other side of the phone.

"Well hello Ky. I can't wait to meet you in person," she said sweetly to the Umbreon. I chuckled as Ky squirmed, having had enough he just wanted down. I obliged, setting him down at my feet. "Wow Felix he's pretty. When are you coming home though? Is everything all right? Your sister told me you used your ticket. What happened?" my mother questioned franticly.

"Mom! We're fine, see?" I answered, gesturing to Luca at my right still waving at Talia and Lady who had jumped up and put her paws on the consol so she could see. Luca gave a wave and a smile to mom while Lady barked softly. Those simple gestures seemed to ease her mind greatly. "We saved a bunch of pokemon yesterday. The Jenny here is taking care of getting them returned," I started to explain. I knew mom didn't really care what happened so long as we were okay, but I went on to fill her in anyway. Of course I left out one thing from our island adventure... I wasn't quite sure if mom would understand or accept what I'd done with Luca. Plus, dropping something like that over the phone probably wasn't the best thing to do anyway. I'd have to tell her sometime, I knew that much for sure, but it'd have to be when we got home. Still, I felt a little bad keeping it from her. My mother always found out about things. If I tried to hide this I'd drive myself crazy wondering if she had figured it out and hadn't said anything.

After my explanation I could tell mom felt much better knowing we were all right. My sister had filled her in on Lady's injuries at the contest but I assured her she was doing fine. She really wanted to see Ky after I told her how we found him. I got my love of pokemon from my mother that was for sure. She just wanted to hug the poor Umbreon and show him someone cared. All in all though things had been normal at home from what she told me. Ashley had won her ribbon where our cruise ended. Oh, and we were in big trouble for going on a cruise without her... I knew that was coming. Luca just giggled until mom scolded her as well for letting me and my sister leave her behind. Luca was shocked and tried to protest but mom just laughed. She liked to tease us. Luca wasn't too sure when the call ended though and it took a few more laughs from me to convince her mom wasn't really upset.

The last thing about our call though was what bothered me the most. Ashley and mom were both smiling when they told me they had a surprise for me when I got home. I asked what it was but they wouldn't budge. Again fear flashed in my heart, wondering if Ashley had said something to mom but if they were smiling about it should I really be worried? I tried not to let it bother me as we said our goodbyes and hung up. The phone call must have lasted more than a half hour because by the time I had finished Lady had lay down with Ky next to the phone and Luca was getting a little tired of standing still.

With family matters out of the way I got our group together and took them over to Joy. I asked her if she was still busy from yesterday. She said no but it was clear she hadn't gotten much sleep after an exhausting day. She was still as cheerful as ever though and insisted she could help us. Reluctant to give her more work than she had I asked if she could look over Ky and the girls.

Ky was first, though he wasn't exactly happy about more attention from someone. Joy gave him a kind smile and he lowered his ears and whined, not wanting her to bother with him. Still he let her look him over, but yelped when she checked under his tail. "Well he's a little skinny for an Umbreon and he's very timid. Was he mistreated before you got him?" Joy asked, hitting the nail on the head. I explained how we'd found him and she nodded sadly. "Unfortunately these things happen sometimes. It depends on the pack how albinos are treated. But he's not a true albino. His eyes should be yellow," she commented curiously. "I'm glad you found him though. I think you'll take good care of him... Just make sure you eat well, okay little guy?" she continued, giving Ky a gentle pet and a smile despite his flinch at her touch.

Next up was Lady. Joy pulled up her injury report from the contest and did a more thorough examination with a couple X-rays. After all that Joy happily removed the bandages and said she didn't have to wear them anymore. The ribs would still be sore and she still shouldn't battle for another month, but she was healing well. Lady was overjoyed she didn't have to wear those stinky confining bandages anymore, and since she'd had a bath this morning her fur was still clean and flowing. She looked more like herself again and I couldn't help smiling.

Finally it was Luca's turn. She hopped onto a stretcher and Joy poked and prodded her like normal. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and Joy was very pleased with how fit she was. Of course this made Luca giggle and smile as she thanked Joy. The nurse gave her a rub between the ears and sent us off with a clean bill of health.

It was still only noon when we stepped out of the center into the streets. People and cars were buzzing about and we had to find something to do. I looked down at Ky hiding behind me and next to Lady and remembered he didn't have his own special pokeball yet. I knew he wouldn't care but I liked having special balls for my pokemon. Plus, it had saved Lady back on the ship. So our first order of business was to find a pokeball shop. After finding one and putting in our request it was time to go shopping. Our supplies had run low since we used up a lot on the island. With Luca and Lady's help carrying a couple things we stocked up on food and medicine.

It was nice to be doing casual things again and seeing Luca enjoy herself looking around in all the stores really warmed my heart. I could never get over how cute she was, and no matter how much she tried to act grown up that little bit of Riolu always showed through when she wasn't thinking so hard about being proper or mature.

That night the four of us cuddled up the same as the night before. Luca and I holding each other tight in our arms with Lady and Ky sleeping together at the foot of the bed. Everyone was tired after walking around all day but it let us wake up early after sleeping so soundly.

Our first stop the next day was the ball shop. Luca was more excited than Ky when we walked in, but then again the Umbreon didn't know what was going on. The clerk gave us the ball wrapped in a black silk. Luca and I took a look first and smiled at the beautiful work.

It was a pitch black ball with the middle painted an exact match of Ky's bright blue rings. The activator button was black as well, making one ring in the center of the middle stripe. There was a second bright blue oval on the top half of the ball as well, again matching the Umbreon's markings. The best part about the blue though was that it was luminescent. In the dark it would glow softly on its own without needing a battery or even sunlight to charge it. I gave Luca a smile and turned to kneel and show Ky his new ball.

Still not sure of his surroundings Ky perked his ears and quickly laid them back as I knelt in front of him. He blinked as I held out the ball for him to see. Confused, he looked at Lady, wondering what it was for. Luca told me later what Lady said, but she basically explained it was a gift for him. A special ball only he was allowed to be in. I guess what really shocked him about the gesture though was when Lady said both she and Luca had one as well. He looked back to the ball and backed away with a soft whine, not wanting to have something as nice as the girls did. I was afraid he didn't like it until Luca knelt and put a paw on his head. He trembled a little as he looked up at her and whined again as Lady nuzzled his cheek before nudging him forward with her tails. After looking at each of them he looked up at me with wide red eyes as if asking, "Are you sure this is for me?"

"Do you like your new ball?" I asked cheerfully, giving him a smile and holding my hands a little closer to him. He looked back at the ball in the silk and sniffed at it. After that he gave a soft yip to tell me he liked it. "Good!" I answered and gave him a soft pet between the ears and down his back. I pulled his old ball from my belt and opened it. A tiny registration chip in the bottom designated who the ball was for so I switched Ky's chip for the new one in his ball and just like that his new home was really his. I put his ball next to the girls on my belt and showed him with a smile. It was refreshing to see his tail wag gently behind him at the sight. I hoped he felt more like one of us now.

With our business done I paid the man and included a nice tip. He thanked me for the business and we were on our way again. The last thing I wanted to do was visit Tionis again. Kat and I had swapped personal info when we went out for lunch but I hadn't gotten Tionis' yet. I wanted to make sure I stayed in touch with them when I could. After all, we were good friends after surviving the Darkrai cruise and Darkrai Island together.

By the time we got back to the center Tionis was awake and back to helping Joy take care of the rescued pokemon. This time though, it was just routine feeding and care. They weren't tending injuries or cataloging so the big guy had some time to talk. He was happy to exchange info and told me to stop by if I was ever in the area. I promised we would and he gave both Luca and I a hug before we left. Luca was embarrassed since she only really hugged me and my family before, but she loosened up as Tionis told Luca to stop by if she ever wanted to visit Psyduck. She growled and squeezed tighter, lifting the guy off the ground a few inches. Quite impressive considering he was at least one and a half times my size. "Ah!! Okay okay! Oshy then!" he laughed in mock terror. Luca giggled and set him back down, smiling as she released him. We waved goodbye and headed out on the road, starting our long walk home.

Before we knew it two weeks had passed as we traveled. I wanted Ky to learn some attacks so as we walked the girls showed him some moves. He still refused to fight either of them, but when we ran into some trouble with wild pokemon he didn't hesitate at all when I asked him to defend us. Luca and Lady were by no means damsels in distress but I did admire his dedication to them.

Luca was happy with things back to normal for us. She loved having my attention again and since I wasn't exactly a social butterfly, there weren't any more incidents in town with girls. Like the one with Kat that had left her jealous. I should be thanking her though... because thanks to her I felt less and less awkward showing her affection. When we left that first city I was blushing when she wanted to hold my hand as we walked down the empty road out of town. Now, I was holding her paw as we walked down a low foot traffic street. Yes we still got strange looks sometimes but they couldn't arrest me for making sure my Lucario stayed with me could they?

I did wonder why she kept pushing her affections though. She always wanted to be by me just to touch or lean on me. I really didn't mind and she did tone it down if she felt I was getting annoyed, but then I felt bad because I could tell she was disappointed. We never went to bed upset though, which I was thankful for. Even if I asked her to stop leaning on me as we watched the fire some night she would always cuddle up to me in the sleeping bag and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I still loved Lady as much as I ever had and we had cuddled the same way but with Luca... my heart always beat faster. It felt different in a way I would be hard pressed to describe. Actually, I wasn't sure I could fall asleep without the feeling of her fur against my skin and the warm love I could actually feel from her as she murred into my neck.

One other thing stood out to me as we made our way home, and I blame myself for taking her on the cruise... Every time we went out to eat now, Luca wanted some strange dish from the menu. I teased that whatever she'd been eating on that ship must have corrupted her appetite, but she would just stick her tongue out at me with a giggle. The funny thing was, a couple of the dishes Lady wouldn't even sniff at, and she had never been one to be very discerning. Luckily for my wallet though Luca kept her cravings under control most times. Otherwise I would probably have had to buy a cart and become a professional chef to fix some of the things she seemed to like now.

It would probably only take us another week to get home from a familiar town we stopped in. Joy remembered me as we came in even though we hadn't seen her in about six months. She was really impressed Luca had evolved already and at how much more comfortable she was with people. I smiled but Luca lowered her ears a bit shyly at the compliment, making Joy giggle. It had been a while since the girls and guy had a check up so I asked Joy to have a look.

Of course that wasn't the only reason I wanted her to have a look. That was just my excuse. We had gotten into a bit of a tight spot with a pack of Mightyena the day before and I wanted to make sure Luca was all right. She had taken quite a bite from one of the larger dogs. Ky was there a moment later to head butt the Mightyena away but I wondered why Luca hadn't been fast enough to get away. That and she had started to feel a bit... heavier to me. I figured maybe I shouldn't be letting her eat those strange dishes so much but Joy should be able to tell me.

Since it was just a general check up and treatment Joy let me come back with them. She knew me fairly well too and she could tell I was worried about something. First up was Lady as she volunteered. Ky sat next to the stretcher and watched as she hopped up. The Ninetales was in perfect health, which I was glad to hear since she had disobeyed the no battling order when we got attacked. I know I was just paranoid but the previous Joy had said just to be sure she should stay away from battling for another month. Much to Lady's dismay I intended to hold her to that for the remaining two weeks.

Ky was next despite his whine of protest as Joy picked him up. He had pulled a muscle fighting the day before but with a soft rub of some medicine from Joy and an egg from Chansey he would be healed by the time Luca was done.

"Okay Luca! So Felix said you got bit pretty hard. Let me see your paw," Joy ratted me out as Luca sat down. My Lucario groaned softly and laid her ears back as she looked at me. She complied though and held out her arm. The tooth marks were still healing but Joy said it was nothing to worry about since I'd gotten to it with a full restore quickly.

Luca gave me a soft smirk of pride at the verdict despite it being my caution that had proved her right. However, as Joy continued with her exam I started to wonder why it was taking so long if the injury was nothing.

"Open your mouth please? And let me see your ear?" Joy said, looking into Luca's throat then taking her temperature. "Have you been getting enough exercise?" she asked, getting a shocked look from the Lucario. Knowing Joy couldn't understand her Luca nodded and Joy wrote it down. "Has she been eating more?" she asked me next.

"I don't know about more but is it normal for Lucario to like Calamari?" I asked, teasing and half joking so Luca would calm down. She was fidgeting shyly after Joy's question and seemed a little upset. Joy was the one that laughed though and asked Luca to lie down for a bit. Of course she did but I took the chance to slide my seat next to her.

"I'm not fat am I?" she whined, wondering what Joy could possibly be getting at.

"No no. She's probably just checking because she hasn't seen you since you evolved," I said as I took her paw. I had been worried she gained a little weight but I never thought she was fat. I hadn't even noticed a change in her figure for that matter, and now I felt quite bad for even having thought she felt heavier.

"All right just relax okay? This won't hurt at all," Joy said as she came back with something like a portable MRI. She set a bar about a foot long on Luca's chest right below her breasts. The device bent on its own, conforming to the contour of its subject as Joy started to slowly move it lower over her belly. Joy was quiet as she watched the screen in her other hand. As she finished she smiled brightly and lifted the bar off of Luca as it came to her hips. As she helped Luca to sit up she asked, "Did you have your heat yet this year?"

Once more she caught us entirely off guard. Even Lady for that matter as the fox's ears swiveled almost as fast as Luca's cheeks reddened. She turned towards me with lightning speed with a look that asked what that had to do with anything. A second later her eyes widened slightly and the realization hit us both about the same time. "You're pregnant Luca! You have one little puppy. Congratulations!" Joy said happily upon seeing we had figured out what she was going to tell us.

I struggled to register what Joy had said as Luca broke our stare and gingerly laid her other paw on her belly. "Are you okay dear?" Joy asked next, wondering why we both didn't smile at the news. Luca's gaze snapped up to Joy and her ears lay back shyly. Her voice escaped her but she was smiling ever so softly until she looked back to me, wondering how I felt.

"Can we have a minute?" I asked Joy as gently as I could, but I knew my voice was wavering. The nurse nodded and took her clipboard with her, leaving the four of us alone.

Somewhere in that moment I felt Luca's paw loosen and slip from my hand. Before those doors could close I turned to find her holding her paws to her chest as she sniffled, giving me only a few sparing looks. "I-I'm sorry Felix... I'm sorry. Please. Don't let them take me away," she whimpered through her sniffles, but for the life of me I didn't know why she was apologizing.

"Luca. Hun it's not your fault. And no one's going to take you away," I said gently as her plea brought some clarity to the rushing fog of my head. I had no idea who she thought was going to take her away and where to. The police wouldn't just bust down the doors and drag her away because I had somehow knocked her up...

"But, you said we're not allowed to. And L-Lady said this could happen and I... I asked you anyway," she whined, tears wetting her fur as she started to cry.

"Luca slow down. It'll be okay. Now what did... Wait, you already knew?" I started and reached to take her paw in my hand again. I paused though as I touched her, her words finally registering. I saw her ears twitch just a little and her sad expression deepened as she gave a timid nod.

Needless to say I was lost once again. She'd already known this would more than likely happen? "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked, intending to sound caring but apparently loosing much of my tone to surprise.

"I-I thought you knew. And you... might not have taken me as your mate," she answered, her paw squeezing my hand, afraid to let me go. Once more I wasn't sure what to say.

"Luca? Is this what you wanted? Did you really want a pup?" I found myself asking next. Her sniffles had quieted a little but she was still crying.

"Yes, but I wanted your pup..." she answered softly, searching my features for some hint of acceptance. I couldn't help blushing though. Hearing her favor me so much, I just couldn't fathom why any girl would. "I'm sorry," she whined again.

"Oh sweetheart," I replied as I finally got the truth from her. I gently pulled her paw to get her to lean into me. She took the hint and we both put our arms about the other. I rubbed her back softly, rustling her yellow fur as she let out a soft sob. "Shhh. It's okay. I'm not mad," I said gently.

"You're not?" she whined into my shirt, clutching at me hopefully.

"No. I just... I had no idea. You really wanted me to give you a pup?" I continued, looking down at her with a confused expression.

She nodded softly in response once more and shifted to meet my gaze with her wet red eyes. "So you won't get in trouble? Jenny won't take me away?" she asked again.

"I could get in some trouble but they won't take you away. Don't worry. It'll be okay," I said as I smiled warmly. My mind was still racing, trying to register that I was having a child, and with a Lucario no less, but despite the fear that thought brought... I was happy. I was genuinely happy. I had always wanted a family but could never find a girl I wanted to be with. I loved Luca and maybe the push she just gave me was what I really needed. Maybe all this time I was just thinking myself out of any kind of commitment. Maybe some would see it as a trap but it didn't feel like that to me. I just couldn't explain it but it felt... right. "Come on. Let's go back to the room. We can talk there," I continued, and helped my pregnant mate off the stretcher. Before I could even let her go though she leaned up, pressed her lips to mine, and I suddenly found my mouth stuffed full of Lucario tongue. Instantly I blushed in shock, but I returned the kiss a moment later with a soft pleasant moan, making her tail wag happily. That was all she wanted as she pulled her muzzle slowly away and smiled. Her tears had stopped but her fur was still wet. I brought a hand to her cheek and brushed a thumb over the spot, weting my skin and spreading the moisture out so it would dry faster. Her paw came to hold my hand where it was and I gave her another sweet smile. "Come on silly," I chuckled, letting the last of the tension drop from the air. My mate giggled and held my hand as we went to the door. Not wanting to alarm Joy though she let it go as we exited the check up room. As Joy looked to see how we were Luca gave a shy smile and a wave.

"You'll be a great mother Luca! Don't worry," Joy said cheerfully. She was probably a little concerned she'd been the one to upset us. If neither of us had expected a pup, her assumption that we had been trying to get her pregnant was out the window. In the end though... it worked out for the best.

Lady and Ky followed close behind us. Lady kept trying to get Luca to talk to her while Ky tried to stay close but out of the way of the worked up Ninetales. Back in the room, Lady quickly hopped on the bed and waited for Luca to join her since there was no other choice. Ky sat next to the bed and looked up. He either didn't want to get in the way or he didn't want to get nearly trampled again. Luca was still taken aback as she sat down. She put a paw on her belly again and looked up at me as I came in after closing the door. "You're sure you're not mad?" she asked in a sad tone.

"I'm not mad! I promise!" I answered in exasperation but smiled and went to sit beside her. "I just don't know what to do. I guess I never really thought I'd be a dad," I continued, taking a deep breath and hoping Luca didn't take that the wrong way.

"You were a good one for me when I was little," my mate offered with a soft giggle.

"You're not even one and a half yet," I accused playfully, but her ears just folded back as her shoulders slumped. "Hey, I didn't mean it like that," I continued, reaching around her shoulders to try and encourage her to lean on me. She didn't give in to my touch, at least not right away. I was just about to let go, fearing I was just upsetting her when she leaned over and nuzzled me. Tired of being ignored, Lady laid down and put her head right in Luca's lap. Luca blinked as she looked down and gave a soft smile as she pet the Ninetales. "Are you sure you're okay?" I asked gently as I rubbed my mate's shoulder. She looked up to me and gave me a forced smile. Apparently my reaction to her condition had shattered the resolve she thought she had. It really hurt to see what I'd done to her in the shadow of such wonderful news. The more I thought about it the more I accepted it; the more I actually found myself excited! "Sweetie? I promise I'm not mad. I was just surprised. Joy didn't exactly break it gently did she?" I said with a laugh and put my other arm around her. Finally, I got a genuine giggle from her.

"Nine nine!" Lady barked as she sat back up and leered at Luca.

"Why are you mad?" Luca barked back, only to get into a playful argument with her surrogate mother. I didn't like when they argued, even playfully but Lady had a way of getting her opponant riled up and leaving them in higher spirits if she so wished. I could only hear Luca's side of the argument but I could figure out Lady was teasing her about having a pup before she did, not telling her, trying to steal me, etc. Just to irk my old friend, and show my new mate I wasn't going to let this hurt us, I decided to take Luca's side.

Luca jumped a little as I slid my arms around her shoulders to hug her. With my head nuzzled against my Lucario's I saw Lady returned my gaze with a confused twitch of her ear. "Now Lady, don't be upsetting my pregnant mate. You and I tried so hard to make a pup but alas, it just wouldn't work between us. Luca is my dear mate and she can give me the pup I desire," I said theatrically. Ky's rings started to shine as his ears perked at my words and I was lucky I was hiding behind Luca because otherwise I would have been torched...

"Hey!" Luca said as she blushed and wiggled in my arms, but I wouldn't let go as I smiled and hugged her for protection. When the fox picked her jaw up from the bed she stood and gave a long growling speech, ending it just a few inches from my face with a feral grin. The room grew several degrees warmer as she spoke and Luca went stiff in my arms. I knew this was one of those rare times I had gotten the better of my fox and it made my heart race. I leaned forward and kissed that warm nose with a chuckle just before she "Hmphed," and hopped down, going right to Ky and smothering him with nuzzles. The poor timid Umbreon had no idea what had happened and hearing some of the things Lady said he decided not to protest against his Ninetales friend.

"Luca? I promise I'll be here for you. No one is ever going to take you or our pup away. I won't let them and I just want you to know how happy I am. Okay?" I said gently as I kept her held back against my chest. I felt her relax in my arms as I spoke and when I finished she reached up to hold my head as she nuzzled against me with a whine.

"I love you Feli," She whimpered and gave me a soft lick kiss on the cheek.

"I love you too hun," I replied but yanked her back on the bed a split second later. She yelped dramatically as we flopped back. "But you are going to tell me the next time you want a pup! I don't like finding out from an eager Nurse Joy that I knocked up my Lucario!" I grumbled in her ear as I squeezed her tight and dug my fingers through her fur.

"Ahh! Wh-what? You don't know about the Combee and the Pidgey?" She teased back, struggling to escape as I tickled her. A few tears escaped the corners of her eyes and even amidst the flurry of action and emotion, I knew they were happy tears. My heart swelled holding my dear Luca like this, knowing she was going to have a little pup. It scared me to death at first but now, it just felt like a wonderful dream. Even if pokemon human relations were a social taboo they weren't outright illegal. A few couples against the league had changed that a few years back. Yes they could still investigate us for abuse but the league couldn't take her away unless she wanted them to, and I knew that would never happen.

It was starting to get late by the time our energy returned after our wrestling match and the drain of emotional stress. In the end, Luca wound up cuddled against my chest, clinging to me tightly but smiling wide even as she day dreamed with her eyes shut. I just rubbed her back as I watched her. I wondered what our child might look like. Usually pokemon offspring took after their mother, but hints of the father could creep in and on rare occasions they favored the father. I guess we would have to wait and see. Never the less, with the shock long gone I was still happy. Of course I was still scared, but staring at Luca seemed to banish the worries of what my family and society would think of us. That didn't mean I was going to hold a press conference and announce our mateship... but at least with her beside me I had a comfort against the awkwardness that had plagued my mind before.

The next day we began the last leg of our trip home, it would take us at most another week but we were in no real hurry. We took our time and enjoyed each other's company. The scenery started to become familiar and soon enough we were walking down the road where Lady and I had first met Luca. I looked off to the side of the road and saw the clearing where we'd slept that night. The memory made me smile and I squeezed Luca's paw a little more in my hand. Curious she looked over and chuckled. I'd told her everything I knew about that night several times, usually ending the story by reminding her she was my favorite surprise of all time. Although now I had two surprises tied for that honor...

There was only about six miles left until we got home when Luca stopped mid step. "What's wrong?" I asked as I stopped too. I still held her paw but she released me as she took a step towards the trees at the edge of the road.

"I heard..." she muttered softly, her ears twitching and swiveling until she remembered her aura abilities. She shut her eyes as her ornaments lifted. "Dad?" she whispered in shock before she leapt into the brush, running past several trees before any of us thought to follow.

"Luca wait! What's wrong?" I yelled after her. She seemed to be ignoring me, but she wasn't running fast enough to lose me, which I knew she could do if she really wanted to. Lady and Ky easily kept up with me, both wondering what was going on. After running about an eighth of a mile through the dense undergrowth Luca reached a small grassy clearing and stopped to look around. A little out of breath I stepped into the clearing and quickly went to Luca. "Are you okay? What happened?" I asked as I put a hand on her shoulder. She seemed disappointed and confused as she looked around the area.

"I thought... I thought I heard my dad. It was like he was talking to me," she said as she turned her eyes to me, hoping I would have an answer. Sadly I didn't. The last we'd seen of her father and his partner was almost a year ago now. Maybe they lived around here, but then again we had passed through this area many times in the past year and hadn't heard a thing. Not knowing what else to do I looked around as I kept an arm about my girl to rub her shoulder softly.

Lady seemed to understand what this meant to Luca and started sniffing around. She was soon joined by Ky as he followed her around with his nose to the ground. Not too long after they found a thin line of scorched grass in the clearing. Luca and I went to have a look but both Lady and Ky barked, telling us they'd found a scent leading back into the woods.

The two canines quickly started to follow the trail as Luca and I gave chase. Of course I wound up in the back of the pack, left to my thoughts as we raced in the direction I thought was the road. Sure enough, as the trees broke we found a man and his Lucario standing in the middle of the path.

"Dad!" Luca barked, smiling as she leapt at him. I was sure she didn't remember him very well from when she was little but perhaps it had something to do with her abilities how she knew it was him. Much to his surprise he braced himself as Luca wrapped him in a hug. Lady stopped and waited for me at the edge of the trees, though the stranger came up with a smile and gave her a pet.

"It's been a long time Felix. I see our little Luca has evolved already," he said kindly as I came up. It was probably the most open he'd ever been when speaking to me.

"Yeah. It happened just a month or so ago," I answered, not sure what else to say. Realizing they really were here my stomach was starting to tie itself in knots. Had her father known she was pregnant as we passed this time? Was he trying to get her away from me?

I didn't have the time to wonder really as the stranger spoke again. "You're headed to your home right? Would you mind if we joined you for a while?" he asked in a casual tone, perhaps a little less friendly than before. Seeing no reason not to I agreed, and we waited for Luca and her father to finish their moment of reuniting. Luca's ears went back a bit shyly as she saw everyone else looking at her. Her dad just chuckled though and we started walking.

Luca and her father were quickly joined by Lady as they walked a little ways ahead of us. The Lucario seemed just as happy as before to see his daughter again and he even gave Lady a stroke between the ears in appreciation for taking care of her.

"They grow up fast don't they?" the man asked of me, but kept his gaze forward.

"Too fast," I answered absently, watching as Luca smiled and told her dad stories of or time together with flagrant motions to show him.

"Oh? So you're aware?" the stranger asked next of me, looking over at me to judge my reaction. I met his gaze with a confused look as my breath caught. What had I just admitted to? "I didn't think so. Most Riolu don't evolve as fast as Luca has. For her to have evolved in just a year you two must be very close," he continued, looking ahead once more. I tried to let my breath out slowly but I still think he heard my sigh of relief.

"How long does it usually take?" I had to ask, my curiosity getting the better of me. Plus, I was just hoping to keep the conversation going.

"Three or four years before they will start to grow into their adult form on their own," he answered casually. "Can she see aura's yet?" he asked next, once more prying about Luca's abilities. He always seemed to know what her new talent was before I said anything. I wondered just where he came from and what he actually knew.

"She can. It actually saved us recently too," I began, ending up explaining what had happened to us last month. When I gestured to Ky and explained how he came to stay with us the man seemed intrigued. He even laughed when I mentioned the Umbreon's name. "What's so funny?" I asked, my question calming his laughter to a chuckle.

"My name is Kyrios," He answered with a smile and looked down at Ky. "Odd coincidence hmm? I'm guessing Luca told you something about the names where I come from?" he continued, smiling at the surprise in my expression. I couldn't help chuckling too. Now I know where Luca's comment about Lucario names had come from. Kyrios didn't seem to mind sharing his name though so I continued our story, although I left out one specific detail...

I couldn't help feeling privileged this time though. The man had finally told me his name, did that mean he trusted us? If so I wondered what else I could get him to tell us. I had just finished telling him how thanks to Luca we rescued a Deoxys and as Lady came back to join us I wanted to get a few explanations out of Kyrios. Before I could speak again though, he called me out. "You're the father right?" he said bluntly, again making my breath catch in my throat.

"W-what?" I stammered, trying to act ignorant but utterly failing with the suddenness of the question.

"Luca. You're the father right?" he persisted, looking towards me again. I could feel the flush in my cheeks as my heart raced. What happened if I said yes? Worse, what happened if I lied and they knew anyway?

"Yes..," I answered simply, earning a concerned look from Lady as we walked. "How'd you know?" I asked quickly, praying he didn't ask me how all this had happened.

"There are things you still don't know about the Lucario they come from. You don't seem to have any qualms about getting that close with your pokemon. I hope we weren't wrong about you when we left Luca with you," Kyrios replied, more or less bringing my fears to life.

"I thought you said she'd evolved faster than most Riolu you knew? The species evolves with intense emotion; doesn't that show the strength of our bond?" I countered quickly, but immediately regretted it as Kyrios stopped and faced me.

"You raise a valid point but if I understand correctly isn't it frowned upon for pokemon and humans to interbreed? And yet you don't seem to be very worried I know your secret. Not to mention the way your Ninetales is growling under her breath I'd think Luca isn't the only one of your pokemon you've "grown close" with," he accused with an unreadable expression. I felt my face burn hotter, and it wasn't because Lady was now heating the air around us with her anger and embarrassment.

"So what will you do? Take her back?" I quipped, anger sparking in my tone at the accusations, no matter how true they might be. Kyrios looked ahead to Luca and her father, who were still walking as they talked. I noticed though that Luca's ears were back and her tail flicking anxiously. She was still talking but I could tell she didn't know quite what to say. It didn't take a wild guess to know where their conversation had gone as well. That silent moment seemed to persist for eons. I had plenty of time to regret speaking back in anger. Why in the hell did I have to give voice to that suggestion?

"Well I suppose that depends on her as well. What about you, is this just some game? Does she actually mean anything to you or is your connection completely one sided?" the man asked imposingly despite his still neutral tone.

Aghast at the suggestion my words escaped me for a moment. "You know what...? I don't care what you think. I'm not letting you take her back and she won't let you either. Yes she was in heat. Yes I know she wasn't entirely in control of herself and yes I was ignorant at the time that I could get her pregnant. But I'm glad it happened and so is she. I couldn't bring myself to say how I really felt. I didn't want to hold her back or tie her down. But even if my family disowns me I'm glad I finally got to tell and show her how I truly felt. I love her more than any human girl I've ever met. Call it a fetish; call me a freak I don't care. I know what she means to me," I blew back at him, releasing the frustration I'd held back as fear of what people would think of us. The man never flinched though despite several of my words being yelled quite loud. As I finished I waited for him to knock me off my high horse. I thought for sure Lady and Ky would have a fight on their hands with Luca's dad but instead... he laughed.

"Relax Felix, and for the love of Arceus don't react like that when your family asks," he countered as he started to walk again.

"What... Why did you ask then?" I exclaimed as I hurried to follow. Lady's hackled flattened as she and Ky both bounded with me.

"Felix there is much you don't know about us. I told you Luca was special and I told you she needed you. Where I come from humans and most pokemon are equals. We gave Luca to you in part because of your beliefs," he continued in a much friendlier tone. "Although we didn't know you two would grow together in that way specifically,"

"Where do you come from?" I asked next. I had to know more about this guy if he would share. Consistently my thoughts and opinions of him were shattered by the next thing he said.

"I can't tell you that yet, but what I can tell you is Luca's abilities are tied to your connection. You both have just scratched the surface of her heritage," he replied, hinting at something I could ask about. Of course, I took the bait.

"What do you mean her heritage? I thought you couldn't tell me where she or you came from," I pressed. It worked to an extent. Kyrios finally explained some of Luca's cryptic past. Somehow, she was related to a very ancient line of Lucario. At least, more closely related than modern Lucario were. I couldn't get him to tell me exact details. However, he knew more about ancient times than I had ever read in history books. Her ancestors had been the equals of humans, and even partners like we were. They were the first to discover the benefits that Luca and I had, and would apparently continue to find. Something about the way he explained that part though made me wonder if it was only Luca who could do these amazing things with Aura.

I had lost track of time chatting with Kyrios and I was so engrossed in his talks about the ancient Lucario that I jumped when Luca reappeared at my side hugging my arm. I blushed but gave her a smile and took her paw, happy to have her back and with her wagging tail knowing she wasn't leaving. Her dad though was as stoic as ever. He gave a soft smile to Lady and fell into step with Kyrios as we continued towards my home.

Ancient cultures had always fascinated me, which was probably why I didn't realize we were home until Kyrios stopped in front of my house. I still had questions I wanted to ask, and so did Luca, but Kyrios insisted they had to leave. "Remember, keep this between us. I'm sure you realize if those goons you ran into knew this much about Luca you'd be running into them a lot more," he warned, reminding me I couldn't just broadcast the talents of my Lucario.

"My lips are sealed. When will we see you again?" I had to ask, no longer dreading a visit from him and Luca's father.

"It is difficult to say, but you have her so what does it matter?" he said with a smirk, though Luca's ears swiveled shyly back. I laughed as well and rustled a hand on her head, getting her to smile. We said our goodbyes after that. I shook Kyrios' hand and thanked him for his trust and once again for bringing me Luca. He smiled, replying with a cryptic, "She was always yours, we just had to find you,"

As Luca released her father from a long overdue hug he gave her a soft kiss on the bridge of her nose. I saw him smile warmly before he turned and stepped up to me. The shorter Lucario looked up at me for a moment before grinning, enjoying the thought of what he was about to do. "My name is Lekan, and you better take care of my little girl and your pup. Or so help me you'll wish you could forget my name," he said.

More than a little stunned I froze stiff. Lekan's smirk grew wider and he simply turned away with Kyrios, the two continuing down the road. "Y-yes sir!" I exclaimed a bit nervously after them, earning a glance and a smile back from the Lucario.
We could have followed the duo, and part of me really wanted to. How was it that Lekan could talk to me? Was it because of Luca or was it because of Kyrios? We watched them go though, knowing they wanted to part ways with us or they would have stayed. Luca still held my hand and as our eyes turned to each other from the retreating pair she giggled. "I really don't know if he's serious," she said a bit nervously. Either way... I really didn't want to test him.

"I'm pretty sure he was," I replied, forcing my questions away and turning to walk towards the house. She tried to let go of me as we went but I kept a hold of that paw until we stepped up to the door. It made me smile seeing the shy grin she wore at the gesture.

I opened the door and Lady rushed in. She always loved being the first in the house to get all the attention. Ky was hesitant though and despite wanting to stay with Lady he waited to follow Luca and I in. Even then the Umbreon hesitated to put a paw through the door, but with a little encouragement we got him to follow.

My heart was racing as I tried to act natural. No one was in the kitchen where we entered so that meant everyone was in the living room around the corner. My mind raced, wondering how I was going to tell them about Luca, about how I was actually in love with her, how she was pregnant with my child. What would they say? Worse, what would they think but not say to my face?

Luca saw I was stalling as I set down my backpack and took off my shoes. As I turned around intending to check for a little bite to eat in the cabinets she slowly put her arms around me. We heard the squeal of a dragon echo through the house as my mate leaned up and gave me a sweet kiss on the chin. Time seemed to stop after that. I smiled and put my arms around her too, holding her head to my chest as my heart slowed its frantic race. We stayed like that long enough for me to remind myself; as long as I had her. Everything would be perfectly fine...

Chapter End Notes:

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