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Pokemon Sex Farm by Silverwolf


Author's Chapter Notes:

The Twin Lucario sisters enjoy their 18th birthday with their parents then get a huge surprise at their first time in the barn

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 A Family Business

Author's Note: Alright this is my second attempt to making a sex only story. Warnings include Bondage, Threesome, Incest, Lactation, Drug Use, and Impregnation.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon in anyway the characters are my own just not the universe. This is a Sex heavy story and thus is inappropriate for anyone under 18 if you're not 18 then leave now.

Setting: In a secluded forest far from the prying eyes of the city exists a farm where the owner, a Lucario Pokemorph, hides the secret to his success and the source of his delicious milk. He employs many female co-workers to work in his farm you get a secret look into what happens in this farm...enjoy.


A lone male Lucario wakes up in his bed next to him his wife of 18 years sleeps next to him. She is a shiny Lucario who despite having twin children already still keeps an hourglass figure, her fairly large breasts are still firm and full, her toned hips and buttocks still drive the male wild and their love has continued to be strong. Today was their children's birthday their 18th the father was proud of his young girls finally coming of age.

They were raised at home with his wife being an excellent teacher in her youth she taught them everything they needed to know about helping out around the farm. Except one that the father would teach them today after much arguing with his wife years ago after learning what kind of farm the grandfather had started. She slowly came to accept the lifestyle and even joined in with her mate a few times to her surprise and enjoyment.

But that would come later, he hugged his wife close lightly planting kisses on her neck making her giggle softly as she slowly started waking up to the contact. She felt his morning wood poking at her backside and gently pressed her plump ass against it, "Good morning to you too Hun." She says softly with a small moan escaping her lips.

He grinned and whispered, "Morning Love." Continuing to kiss and started to nibble on her neck furthering her arousal and alertness. He slowly places his paws on her chest gently squeezing her firm plump breasts making her wiggle in his grasp as she tries to fake get away.

"Can't get enough of me can you?" She asks rhetorically as she continues to let out soft moans due to her mate's exploring paws. She feels the hem of her silk thin night gown lift up and his paws begin to play with her soft ass making her tail wag softly since she loved having her ass played with.

"Never will my beautiful wife." He says gently as he reaches around her and slowly inserts a finger into her making her tight quivering lips leak out more of her sweet juices. He slowly pump his finger in and out as he slides down his boxers so his hard prick could be free of it restraint.

Her breathing becomes more rapid as she grinds her hips against his skillful finger prodding and rubbing against her soft tight insides, he pokes the edge of his finger against her sweet spot which makes her yelp out but she bites her bottom lip to keep herself quiet.

He smirks as he lightly grinds his thumb against her sensitive clit making her moan and continue to take the treatment he was giving her but his hard on wanted attention as well, "Hand me the lube your ass needs attention too love." He says into her making her shiver in excitement.

She slowly reaches for the nightstand and opens up the drawer continuing to try and keep herself quiet but quickly losing under her husband's working finger. She rummages around in the back of the drawer eventually finding the tube and handing it to him. He tosses off the covers and slides his finger out of her soaking wet pussy, he opens the tube and pours some on his prick as she gets on all fours lifting her tail ready to accept his long hard cock.

He coats his cock with a good layer of the lube he gets onto his knees behind her as he spreads her buttocks and gently lining up his tip to her waiting tail hole. She looks back at him, "Remember don't be gentle and give me all you've got love." She says with a sexy look he nods and smirks back at her as he slides his cock deep into her.

She shakes hard and lets out a long soft moan at the intrusion to her body she closes eyes and lets out another gasp as her mate starts pumping into her tail hole slowly at first savoring it then breaking out into a rapid speed his paws on her hips making her push into him when he thrusts forward. She lets out quiet pained yips as her mate takes her roughly but she thoroughly enjoys the treatment making it known it her panting and her whispering, "Oh your bitch...blow your load deep inside her!"

He smirks at her he always loved how dirty she would get when she got fucked in her tail hole his breathing was rapid as was the beating of his heart but it was strong and so was he. He put everything into pounding his wife lovingly but roughly like she loved. Her juices leaked out onto the bed making a small stain but neither cared as they continued their love making his pre slowly leaked out into her as he continued to pump into her. He changes position slightly as he leans down lightly laying down on her back so he could get at her firm breasts again her groped and squeezed them making her moan louder and her panting more rapid.

He rolled her nipples in between his fingers lightly giving them pinches and his hot breath kept on brushing up against her shoulder and neck. Both their pleasure was reaching their peak but neither slowed down or gave any hint of exhaustion yet. He whispers to her, "Fuck I'm close!"

She growls lightly from the pleasure and pain, "Fill my ass love!" She says through her panting as she lifts her head up and finally cums on the bed and a bit on his legs. He slams into her a few times before sending strand after thick strand of his gooey warm cum deep into her ass. They're both panting heavily as they slump to the side still connected to each other, "F-Fuck...eighteen years and you still rock my world." She says through her heavy panting.

He chuckles, "Always will Karin...especially what we do needs me to rock women's worlds." He says to his wife Karina.

She nods and smiles at him, "That you do thanks to your father teaching you that aura technique Ryan." She says to her husband as she slowly slides him out and hugs him tightly nuzzling his neck. He hugs her back and nuzzles her as well both enjoying each other's company until there was a knock at their door.

"Mom, Dad it's time to wake up ya know." Said a soft feminine voice that came from one of, the twin daughters they have.

Another voice speaks up this time from the other daughter, "Katrina we should let them sleep they work hard for us they need a break."

The two adult Lucario smile at each other about their daughters, "We'll be right out Tina we just need a shower together." Ryan says as they both get up and gather their clothes for a shower.

Tina calls out again from behind the door, "Alright Dad we'll be waiting in the kitchen so we can go get a special breakfast together." She says happily as she rushes down with her twin. The twins inherited their mothers looks almost perfectly except Tina was always a shiny and Katrina was a normal colored Lucario. They had been into the city a few times but they liked the natural beauty of their farm.

The husband and wife took a quick shower together and continued to tease each other as they bathed but put aside their urge to mate again so they wouldn't keep their precious children waiting for them. When they were done Ryan dressed in worn jeans, a plaid shirt and a denim jacket where Karin dressed in a yellow sundress that had floral patterns on it.

They made sure they looked presentable as they headed down to greet their daughters. Tina is dressed up in tight jeans with a red tank top and a leather jacket her sister is dressed in a long light blue dress that hugged her form nicely. They both hugged their parents and kissed them on the cheek, "Morning sleepy heads." Katrina says with a smile as her tail wags softly.

"Good morning you two ready to head into the city?" Ryan asked already knowing they were more than ready to get going so they could enjoy their breakfast and go present shopping. The twins nodded eagerly before they rushed out to the pick-up truck their dad owned.

The two laughed at their daughter's eagerness and made their way out to the truck Ryan opened the door for his family and they filed in one at a time with Karina being last and always giving him a kiss on the cheek as thanks for being a gentleman. He climbs in and starts up the truck heading into the nearest city they listened to the radio along the way the sky was clear and the sun shone brightly as they pulled into a pancake house that the daughters enjoyed immensely due to the variety of fruit and syrup they had.

Again Ryan would open the door for them which they all thanked him for and headed inside it was lively and busy as it always was but they got a table after a few minutes of waiting. Ryan would look around the one thing he hated about being in the city was the amount of boys that attempted to get at his daughters due to their incredibly good looks. Once they were seated they looked over their menus deciding what they would eat their waiter, a male Machoke, came.

"Hello there lovely ladies and sir, I'll be your waiter today what will you have?" He said with a heavy disrespect on the sir and an attempt to be suave with Ryan's wife and daughters. They gave their orders refusing anything extra in fact to get rid of him Ryan had to use a Low Kick and a death glare to get rid of him.

After they ate breakfast they enjoyed their day together walking around a nearby shopping mall while the twins asked for anything that caught their eye for their birthday presents. Ryan and Karina allowed them to buy everything that they wanted even though Ryan ended up carrying everything they bought.

Karin took the twin daughters into a lingerie shop while Ryan sat at a nearby bench. "So how are you two enjoying today?" Their mother asked happily as they looked at different types of panties, bras, and sexy night gear. They both smile at their mother, "We love coming out here into the city with you, mom and we're glad dad comes along so he can carry our things." Tina says giggling at using their father as a pack mule.

Karin smiles and shakes her head slightly, "Ah you two definitely take after me in seeing your father as a pack mule." She smiles at them and speaks again, "How do you two feel about helping out around the farm now that you're both old enough?" She asks continuing to shift through the skimpy clothing idly knowing her husband would love to see her in anything.

Katrina picked out a pair of lacey white panties and draped them over her arm, "We'd like to help out a lot mom you two work very hard for both of us even though it seems you enjoy helping dad out and help keeping the house clean with us." She says as she looks at the skimpier night wear they had available to Lucario body types.

Karin smiled slightly at her daughters, "Well after dinner your father wants to show you what he does each and every day and teach you two to how you can help him sound good?" She asks them as they nod eagerly after the small surprise at hearing that their father was going to teach them what to do around the farm.

After a long day of shopping they had a quick lunch then headed home to get ready for the night. As the girls put away the things they bought their father went into the barn to get everything set for that night which he was all too eager to have happen.

They ate a good dinner which included all of the twin's favorite dishes after that was done they washed up and went upstairs to change into clothes they didn't mind getting dirty or even torn. As they headed upstairs Ryan looked at his wife, "Did you slip them the drug?" He asks quietly she nods in response with a small smirk as she cleaned the table.

"Just be gentle with them Ryan once you break them in we'll have to give them a lot of love and attention." She says as she turns on the water to start washing the dishes. He smiles as he gets up and hugs her gently from behind his arms lightly wrapped around her waist.

"Hey have a little bit of faith in me love." He says kissing her cheek before he walks off to the barn to get everything set up. The twins eagerly got dressed in denim short-shorts and plaid shirts with rolled up sleeves so they wouldn't get too dirty for what they thought was going to be heavy work. They head out of the house over to the lightly lit barn they slip inside but the door slid shut and locked itself, the sudden locking sound startled the twins and they were about to call for help when they heard the voice of their father behind them, "It's alright you two I set up an automatic security system that locks the barn from snooping eyes."

They relax as a few lights come on and they're able to see their dad standing in the center of the barn but they were confused at the lack of livestock inside the barn, "Dad how come we don't have any Miltanks?" He chuckles in response and motions them closer.

They scurry up to him waiting for the answer to their question, "We don't have any and never did my grandfather started this farm in secret only my father decided to make it public. Our milk is...unusual but very nutritious and popular and the reason for that is... its breast milk freshly harvested and sent to several stores around the region. No one is any wiser and we are left alone." He says initially shocking the twins.

They were soon even more shocked as they felt their breasts beginning to expand and a sudden rush of heat hit their nether regions. They clenched their knees closed and groaned from the uncomfortable heat, "W-what's going on dad?" Katrina asks as they tried to force out the thoughts of them finding their father attractive.

He gently leads them into stalls, "Oh just a little drug that boosts the milk production in girls only side effect is you're going to be horny during the milking and that will need to be tended to as well." He says handcuffing them to rails and attaching leg restraints to their ankles. They struggle slightly but the heat surging to their untouched treasure was becoming over whelming for both of them.

Ryan wheeled over a pump that would gather the milk before stripping the girls naked using a small pocket knife to cut their clothes off so he could look at their young naked bodies. He smirked as he attached the suction cups onto their breasts over their lightly furred nipples gently starting to lightly milk them.

They moan slightly at the feeling but they needed more stimulation before their job would be done, "Now comes the fun part you two." He says with a small smirk as he opens a small chest near the front of the barn and pulls out a small egg shaped vibrator and a six inch vibrator that was covered in a series of small bumps. He walks over to Katrina and straps the smaller vibrator to her clit and turns it on making her go rigid from the sudden pleasure against her pussy.

He turns the larger vibrator and slides it slowly into his daughter's tail hole pleasuring her from both holes at once making her cry out from the sudden penetration and the mix of pain and pleasure. He walks over to his other daughter who kept on moving around trying to ease the uncomfortable heat in between her legs.

He approaches her and gently runs his fingers against her warm pussy making her gasp softly, "Easy now you don't want to be too uncomfortable Tina just relax and enjoy." He says softly to her as he slowly slides a finger into her leaking pussy making her yelp from the sudden intrusion but it made her tail wag eagerly.

He smirks lightly at the sight of her tail wagging and at the sound of his other daughter crying out from the pleasure and panting heavily. He slowly prods his fingers into her as he tries to look for her sweet spot which makes her cry out even more and she slowly starts pushing her hips back into his hand.

"Ah just like her mother." Ryan thinks as he starts moving his hand to match her movements so her pleasure could increase more. Her hole is tight and is slowly leaking her juices on to the hay covered floor and the pump slowly increases the pressure on her nipples making the milk squirt out lightly.

He smirks as he lets her thrust back into his hand lightly before pulling his hand away from her looking at how wet his fingers became from his eager daughter's pussy. "Looks like you're ready Tina but first a little more stimulation like Katrina has." He says with a smirk as he returns to the chest and pulls out a vibrator with ribbed edges he turns it on and slowly slides it into Tina's unsuspecting tail hole making her moan and cry out like her sister did.

Ryan undoes his pants and slides them off along with the rest of his clothes, "Now for the part you both need." He says gently grabbing onto Tina's hips and lines up his cock with her wet slit. He slowly slides his cock into her making sure not to hurt her too much he hears her panting starts to increase and she whimpers at feeling herself be stretched for the first time. When he reaches her barrier he pulls back slightly, "This is going to hurt Tina just relax and enjoy." He says to her reassuringly and thrusts forward breaking her barrier and making her yelp from the pain.

She whimpers from the pain as a tear runs down her cheek, "D-dad it hurts!" She whimpers out as her eyes are clenched tightly. He wipes away the tear and kisses her cheek gently trying to give her some feeling of comfort but he slowly starts pumping into her knowing from experience that it's better to keep going rather than wait out the pain.

She yelps again at his movements beginning to stimulate her sensitive pussy slowly melting the pain away as it turns into ever increasing pleasure, "Mn D-dad i-it's starting to feel good." Tina whimpers out as she holds onto the metal bar she's cuffed to and let herself get fucked moaning and panting from the pleasure flooding her senses.

He smiles slightly, "Then hold on tight I'll go faster." He says softly as he gets a better grip on her hips giving her a moment to recover before thrusting faster. She gasps out again and grits her teeth against the increased pleasure and feeling of her father's huge cock stretching her insides. Her breathing is rapid and her body is growing slick with sweat as she writhes under the increasing new feelings.

"Fuck she's so tight it's been a while since I did a virgin." Ryan thinks as he continues to pound at his daughter's pussy eagerly but still trying to prolong his energy for Katrina. He pulls one of his arms back and slaps Tina's firm buttocks making her yelp in surprise before he reaches around her and plays with her clit.

She cries out as her legs tremble and feels the pleasure starting to reach its peak, "Dad! I'm close!" she moans out clenching down on her father's cock tightly. He could already feel her walls beginning to contract so he increased his pace and placed his paws on her breasts and squeezed them firmly making the remnants of the breast milk squirt into the suction cup.

She moans loudly again as she felt her breasts feel lighter again but she stays still to let her father satisfy her and himself, "W-why dad?" She asks as Ryan continued to pump into her and she finally felt her finish come as her juices splashed against her father's cock and legs.

He continues letting his daughter's question go unanswered until he blew his load deep into her pussy filling her with warm gooey cum. He slowly slides out and answers, "Because... this is our family's legacy. I do this because I love you two more than just my daughters." He walks around her and taking the suction cups off Tina. "I won't allow anyone aside from myself and your mother to touch you and your sisters." He gently cups her chin and kisses her straight on the lips surprising her but she couldn't help but feel attracted to her father at the same time.

He slowly breaks the kiss and undoes her bonds catching her before she could fall to the floor from the exhaustion she felt. She looks up at her father and says, "Love you too daddy you can have me anytime." She blushes at what she said and slowly closes her eyes to drift off.

"I can't wait for it Tina but sleep for now." He says gently stroking her fur letting her fall asleep in his arms. He sets her down on a hay pile and covers her with a light blanket to keep her warm and cozy before standing up and walking over to Katrina who was still moaning out from the pleasure. He legs are dripping wet from the first orgasm she had while Ryan was busy with Tina.

"Oh Arceus dad! This feels so wrong but so good!" Katrina moans out as she sways her hips trying to find some sort of relief aside from the vibrators continuous vibrations in her ass and on her clit. He smirks and kneels down behind her catching her hips and keeping them still so he could examine her.

She shivers slightly at the feeling of her father's strong paws grabbing her rump but what came next almost made her jump out of her fur she felt her father's muzzle press up against her hot wet sex and felt his rough tongue slide into her making her cry out again from the pleasure. She could feel his tongue explore her inner walls and tasting her with each movement and thrust of his tongue making her wetter than before.

She tasted sweet to him as Ryan continued to swirl his tongue all around inside her making her crazy with lust and pleasure, he reached for the vibrator attached to her clit and took it off her instead gently began to pinch it making her flinch and moan at the same time. Her panting was wild and heavy as she could do nothing under her father's working tongue and fingers.

After a few minutes Ryan slowly slides his tongue out of his daughter's dripping wet pussy and moved around her to have her look at his naked form and his still hard cock, "Open your mouth Katrina." He says softly but firmly in her lust filled mind she does so willingly opening her mouth allowing her father to slide his cock into her muzzle.

He grunts lightly before placing his paws on the back of her head, "Close your mouth and suck on it Katrina." He instructs her, she does so as he slowly starts to pump his cock into her warm wet mouth. He softly moans as the warmth envelops his cock and how much she's sucking on it. "Just like that Katrina then I'll pop that cherry and fill you with my seed." He thinks as he continues to pump into her mouth.

She continued to suck on his cock as he steadily increased his pace in thrusting into her mouth she could taste the salty pre that leaked from the tip on her tongue and loved it. She wanted more but she felt her father's cock starting to throb inside her mouth and he pulled out of her mouth panting heavily, "Heh almost blew into your mouth but every drop has to be saved." He said as he walked back behind her.

She looks behind at him, "Please be gentle dad." She whimpers softly as she tries to relax and wait for her father to take her virginity. He gently pets the top of her head to reassure her as he slowly plunges into her tight love tunnel making her yelp and grit her teeth against the pain.

He starts off slow again before picking up the pace just like he did with her mouth just like with Tina the pain quickly melted into pure blissful pleasure her breathing quickened again as her pussy continued to release more and more of its natural lubricant around her father's cock.

He grabs a hold of Katrina's breasts and with a few final thrusts he sprays his thick seed inside her coating her walls with it and squeezes her breasts firmly so that the last bit of her milk is squirted into the suction cups and gathered inside the pump for storage. Her knees wobble from the exertion and from how long she was standing they're both panting heavily as he slides out of her he frees her from the restraints and gently removes the vibrator from her tail hole, as he did with Tina he carries her over to the hay pile and lays her down.

" time fuck my ass I want to feel it up there." She says with a small smirk before falling into a deep sleep. He smiles down at his daughters as his wife walks in to check up on how they did.

"Well well seems like they had fun love." She says looking at her sleeping children. From her pockets she pulls out two contraceptive diaphragms and gently inserts them into her daughters, "They maybe young but I still want to be a very hot grandmother too." She says with a smirk.

He chuckles slightly as he gets dressed, "Who knows in another 18 years I'll have some new 'livestock' to milk." He says gently hugging his wife and kissing her cheek he looks at the two pumps, "Shall we sample their product?" He asks with a slight smile.

She nods as she walks into the far back of the barn and grabs two milk bottles over to the machines and fills them from each machine, "Let's sample Katrina's first." She says as she takes a small swig from it and smiling, "Very smooth and creamy it's a good batch and now Tina's." She samples the other bottle as well and smiles, "Almost the same it's a little smoother but just as creamy." Her tail wags as Ryan samples the milk as well agreeing with her.

"Perfect just like how your first batch was Karin." He says as he kisses her gently on the mouth and she eagerly returns it as well. He looks down at them, "Come on let's get them into the house before it gets too cold." He says as they each carry one of their daughters back to the house and into their rooms so they could sleep soundly.

They both laid their daughters down in their respective rooms before heading off to bed. They went into the bathroom and stripped off all their clothes to let the hot water flow down their bodies and relax and of course this lead to both of them starting to make out as the water ran.

Karin is pushed up against the wall of the shower as Ryan held her right leg up under her knee moaning softly as they kissed passionately and lovingly. Both of their tails were wagging slightly from the mutual make out session they were enjoying. They slowly break apart their breathing heavy as Ryan looked into Karin's eyes he could see that she wanted him again which was confirmed when she said breathlessly, "Fuck me again Ryan but this time here." She says reaching down and gently grazing her slit moaning in a sexy manner.

He smirks, "Of course love." His cock already hard yet again from the make out session and the sight of his beautiful sexy wife. He gently presses his length against her inviting pussy letting her imagine it deep inside her again, he pulls back until his tip is pressed up against her entrance and pushes inside her as deep as he could go making her cry out, "Oh Fuck you're so big!" She says panting lightly lightly gyrating her hips.

He moans slightly at her tight walls gripping his cock before starting to thrust into her at first at a steady pace but it wasn't before long he was lifting her up by both her legs while she had her arms wrapped around his neck letting herself get fucked as hard as he could muster in their position.

She moans out from the hard pounding she was receiving and motions for her husband to stop which he does, "H-hold on let's change positions Ryan." She says as he slowly slides out of her and lets her legs down so she could stand.

She turns around and sticks her plump ass out while lifting her tail, "Come and fuck me Love." She says gently swaying her tail enticingly. He places his paws on her hips and thrusts back into her making her shiver and push up against the wall more moaning loudly.

He once again started pumping as hard and as deep as her could making Kairn moan and yelp from the amount of force he was giving her, "F-fuck me Ryan!...Cum in me!...Give me another baby!" She shouts out to him as he continued to pound into her tight pussy.

She could feel squirts of pre leak into her as she tightened her walls around his cock, "Another kid...Sounds interesting." He says through his panting as he pumped into her a few more times before blowing his load deep into her making her gasp from the feeling of the sudden warmth inside her. "But I'd love to have another child with you Karin." He says wrapping his arms around her and gently hugs her.

She smiles softly and leans back into him enjoying his warm embrace and nuzzles her back into him, "I'd love to carry your child Ryan." She says as she closes her eyes with a smile and slowly drifts off from the exertion. Ryan looks down at her and gently kisses the top of her head after turning off the water he dried them both off and carried her to bed.

He gets dress and takes one last walk around his home making sure it was secure for the night, "I love my family...and this farm." He thinks as he smiles out the window to the starry sky before turning away and heading upstairs to his bed.

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