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How To Train Your Legendary by Arcane_Reno


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How to Train your Legendary

How To Train Your Legendary

How to Train your Legendary

A mighty inferno erupted from Trixie’s maw, her back paws widely planted to brace against the shuddering force of her attack, every muscle taut and straining with the vigour of battle.  She drew deep on her remaining reserves, focusing on pulling the blazing heat embedded in her belly, both physical and emotional.  Damn humans!  Attack her in a group, would they?  Pussy, cheating cowards!  

Her eyes narrowed as she concentrated the intense, scorching jet of flame at the big, dopey looking Steelix, the armour of the metal beast clanking as it recoiled with a roar, tongues of fire licking at its segmented body.  ‘Hell yeah!  Take that!’ she thought fiercely.  SHE wasn’t going to back down from a fight, no matter what the odds!    

A fist of icy cold liquid slammed into her belly, punching her breath away as she crashed  hard to the dusty ground, the sensitive flame nubs on her shoulders alight with pain.  Her blood boiled with the battle-lust, the throbbing ache only spurring her desire to fight.  That Floatzel would pay for making one of her burners sputter!  

Trixie rolled back to her feet, flaring her burners as high as they would go, glaring at her opponents.  The Steelix hadn’t fallen.  Either she was getting soft, or it was stronger than it looked.  She narrowly dodged a vicious gout of water, its spouting flumes like clutching claws as she leaped away using all fours.    

“Dammit, put it down, but don’t hurt it!” one of the humans yelled, in between commands shouted to their pokémon lackeys.  He might have been their leader.  All humans looked the same.  She almost laughed.  Thought she was delicate, did they?  Instead, she treated them to another taste of fire.  The Hariyama this time.  It bellowed, shielding its face and following some order from one of the humans, a rippling glow surrounding it.  

Her lungs burned, both from the pressure of the flames and from lack of breathing as she poured everything she had into her offensive.  This battle was already lost.  She knew it.  There was no way out.  There were five humans, five pokémon, two of them water types, one ground.  The big dumb snake didn’t count, it was a wuss when it came to fire.  The cliff wall behind her blocked escape.  Not that she would run even if she could.  If she was going down, so were as many of them as she could take!  

A boulder caught her in the left shoulder, spinning her around dizzily and throwing off her aim.  That would leave a bruise.        

The ground rumbled, split in two beneath her feet like the husk of a berry, the Sandslash grinning manically at her as it swept her balance away again with its earthquake.  It hurt.  She seized the pain, using it as a focus, to hold on and drag herself back to her feet.  The sticky smell of dust marred the glorious aroma of char and crisping foliage  A tree behind the encircling party had caught fire.  Her fur was getting dusty.  She would need a bath to clean up.  She hated taking baths.          

“Bring it!” she snarled as she staggered upright, the Sandslash’s smug expression vanishing like it had been burned away.  ‘Yeah, ya want some of this?’ Oh, she wasn’t finished yet, despite the chills trembling up her spine as her energy waned.  She drew in heavy breaths, the air around her hazing with the intense heat.  This one would take down that stupid metal snake...

“Come on, why don’t we just capture it?  It’s barely standing!” one of the pinkies said.  

“Cuz the boss’ kid wants to catch it himself.  Boss will string you up by your nads if you catch it.  Dart it already!”

She ignored them.  They’d come later.  The Steelix’s own charge towards her broke off as it reeled from her outburst of roaring flame, her paws shaking with the strain, cold seeping malevolently through her body.  She was a fire type, she wasn’t supposed to feel cold!  The armoured pokémon made a satisfying crash as it fell to the ground, beaten, a human voice yelling indignantly.  She bared her fangs in a fierce grin.


She blinked, staring at the small, tufted object that had pierced the skin of her forelimb.  What was this?  She yanked it out disdainfully, throwing it to the dusty earth.  She’d taken pin missiles that had hurt more!  “That all ya got?”

“Again, Justin!”  One of the humans was pointing some kind of metal tool at her, their pokémon merely watching her warily, protecting their masters.  Idiots.  Why was her vision blurring?


It did sting a bit, but they couldn’t really expect... that... to... She yawned, her paw feeling like it weighed far too much as she groped at the little needle, fumbling to dislodge it from her shoulder.  Her burners winked out without her bidding. ‘No!  I’m not tired, just cold...’  Colours bled together, the greys and browns and blues of her attackers blending into the pinks of the humans and the green of foliage behind them.  Everything spun, suddenly overtaken by the lighter blue of sky.  The sky was looking at her funny. ‘Come down here and say that!’ She’d fight it too... ‘’


He soared lazily, eyes half closed as the laughing wind stroked his neck and wings.  The sun was so warm, so much closer up here, and the updrafts kept it from getting TOO warm.  So nice and peaceful.  His white and blue skin tingled with the rays of his dying friend as he bid it goodbye.  He’d see it again in the morning, resurrected and refreshed.  

A glint from below caught his sharp eye, one of the rays reflecting off something that gleamed.  Metal.  That meant humans.  They were usually interesting to watch, even though mama had always warned him not to get involved in their affairs.  Mama had been so wise...

He refrained from letting out a cry of joy as he dove lower, revelling in the clean scent of the wind in his wide nostrils and its cheerful whistling in his ears.  The muscles in his thick tail strained, helping him balance his banking turn as he tried to see what the humans were up to.  Even with his eyes, from up here they looked tiny.  There were four of them, scattered around what looked like a temporary home in a forest clearing.  What was that big metal box?  

He circled lower, the tree canopy turning from merged lumps of green to individually defined plants.  The box was well away from where three of the humans gathered, huddled over a small, flat surface.  The fourth human stood by the box, staring at it.  Wait, that wasn’t JUST a box.  

‘A... cage?’  Mama had frightened him with a lesson about cages.  They made him shiver.  A pokéball was one thing, at least it kept its prisoner warm and safe, and not all the humans that held them were bad.  A cage was quite another.  A cage was cold, and usually meant cruelty, not just imprisonment.  Nasty nasty, wicked cages!        

There was a pokémon in there!  He could just make it out as he circled, a mass of blue and tan fur, pressing against the bars.  Why were the humans doing that to it!  The midnight blue flaps on his back quivered with his distress, his eyes narrowing.  ‘That poor creature...’

Oh, what to do, what to do!  He knew he shouldn’t interfere, but... a CAGE!  He gulped nervously.  If only mama were still alive.  She’d know what to do.  She always had.  

He was already dangerously low.  If one of the humans looked up, they would see him circling.  A master of the sky he may be, but that didn’t make him safe.  What if they sent their pokémon after him?  His flight pattern wavered as he waffled.  ‘I can’t just LEAVE...’  If that pokémon was in a cage, they had other things in mind than just catching it.  Those could be mean things...

Dark was coming soon, that would hide him.  He’d be no more than a pale shape in the moonlight, a ghostly shadow.  Maybe he could sneak in.  Yes, then he wouldn’t have to fight.  Fighting was scary!  

The human slapped the bars of the cage, then stepped back, pulling out a pokéball and releasing its occupant in a burst of red light.  It looked like a water type of some kind.  Water types were usually nice, but this one might not be.  These weren’t nice humans...  

He sighed heavily, fighting down the nervousness.  Yes, as soon as his friend hid its face from the world, he would sneak in.  Sneaky sneak, all quiet and unseen.  ‘I’m sorry, mama.’  He HAD to!


Dave dragged thoughtfully on his cigarrete, letting the smoke fill his lungs with its relaxing flavour.  The boss’ kid had better be happy with their catch, it had been a pain in the ass to find!  He didn’t like all this traipsing around in the back of beyond, camping out to hunt for one particular type of pokémon.

Why did HE get stuck watching the thing?  He’d rather be over with the other guys, playing Kanto hold ‘em.  Where he didn’t have to listen to it.    

“Phloo!  Phlosion.  Phloooa phlo.”  


He glared at the fire type, the flames on its back still non-existent thanks to the drugs.  They’d need to dope it up again in about an hour or two.  What a pain.  “I said, shut UP!”  It hadn’t stopped jabbering at him since it had woken up.  Maybe he should just dope it now...  

It bared its fangs at him in what he was sure was a grin.  “Phloa phlo.  Typhlo!” the accusing sounds broke into a series of short huffs.  Was it laughing?

“Shut your yap, dammit, or I’ll do it for you!”  He stepped over to the cage, slapping the bars.  No, he couldn’t risk hurting it.  Kristoff would kill him first.  Then the boss would.  Then they’d probably give whatever was left to Hans.  Needed to wait until the last dose started to wear off.  Besides, it wasn’t like the thing could go anywhere.  

It didn’t even flinch, giving him an insolent look.  “Typhlo,” it announced, very slowly and deliberately, a distinct note of challenge in the word.  He had to admit, it had guts.  Even caged up, it somehow managed to be a little intimidating.  

Dave ground the cigarrette out on the metal bars.  “Oh, you’re a feisty one, aren’t you?”  He patted the bars, reflexively yanking his hand back when the Typhlosion snapped at it.  “Yup, a real prize.  Just wait ‘til you meet Hans.  The boss’ kid may be the one who actually catches you, but Hans is gonna be training you.  He’ll smarten you up.”  He laughed harshly at the thought of the burly giant breaking this insolent animal into a nice, docile house pet.

“Phloo.  Typhlo.  Phloa phlo, phlosion.”  Its fangs glittered as it sized him up, a feral gleam in its eye.  “Come in here and say that,” it seemed to imply.

His eyes wandered over the fire type’s body, examining it.  He hadn’t realized Typhlosions could get so big.  It could almost look him in the eye.  His eyebrows shot up as his gaze drifted lower.  “Ha!  Big toughie, and yet you’ve got a heart on your fur?  Oh, that’s damn hilarious!  Cute, pretty little girl!”  He pointed at the irregular, darker patch over the Typhlosion’s crotch, chortling with glee.  

Rather than being annoyed, it looked like it smirked at him.  “Phlo, phloa phlo, Thyph.”  It ran a paw over its lower belly, patting the heart shaped mark and giving him what looked suspiciously like a wink.  “Phlooooo...”  It let out another of the bizarre huffing bursts.

He slapped the cage again in irritation.  ‘Why the hell am I bothering with this, I’m taunting a goddamn pokémon!’  He would cheerfully take the chance to drug it again when the time came, but why waste his breath on it?

“I’ve had enough of this shit.  You can hang out with Rex.”  He fumbled in the pocket of his fatigues, pulling out the pokéball containing his loyal Feraligatr.  Rex would either shut her up or at least stand there in his place.  He should’ve thought of this earlier.  He could go and relax until it was time to dart their feisty prisoner again.  

He rolled the pokéball in his palm, rationalizing.  Kristoff couldn’t get mad at him as long as there was a guard.  He wouldn’t be back for an hour or so anyway, with their new marching orders.  ‘Middle of fucking nowhere.  Can’t even use the phones out here.’  Maybe boss would tell them to come in with their prize, and forget about hunting for the other target.  How the hell were they even going to find an Aerodactyl?  

He thumbed the release button, the burly, scaled water type materializing in the beam of light beside him, hulking over him protectively as it scanned for danger.  “Ferrralll?”  Rex asked questioningly, his voice a rasping rumble.  

He patted the cool, slightly damp scales of Rex’s shoulder reassuringly.  “You’re gonna keep an eye on your playmate from earlier.  Make sure she doesn’t try anything stupid.”

His red finned head swivelled as he took in the caged Typhlosion, his jawful of razor teeth clicking together as he nodded slowly.  He was a little dense, but he got the job done, and never questioned his orders.  

“Phloa, phloo.”  The Typhlosion’s fangs glittered in the dying light.  She didn’t look the least bit cowed by the appearance of Rex.  She even rubbed her paws together!  

Dave shook his head, muttering under his breath.  He wasn’t getting paid enough for this.  “Yell if you need me, and get her to shut up if you can!  Just make sure she’s still breathing.”  He spun around and tramped off, heading for the fire and a cold beer, leaving the Typhlosion to hurl her abuse at different ears.  


“What’sa matter, numbnuts?  Can’t take the heat?”  Trixie taunted at the retreating human, her claws flexing on the cold metal of her prison.  If only she could burn it away!  Whatever junk they had pumped into her made her feel nauseous.  It oozed through her like a slow poison, weaker now, but keeping her from summoning so much as a spark.  She hated this feeling, this... powerlessness.      

She turned her irritation on the lizard.  Damn trainer pokémon!  “Hey, you!  Yeah, scale butt.”

The water type loomed over her enclosure, staring at her with eyes as crimson as her own, bending down to look her in the eye.  “What?”

If only she could roast him!  From this range, she might be able to take him out before he could react.  “Do ya always hide behind your Floatzel bitch?”

His oversized jaw opened and closed, giving her a whiff of stale fish breath.  “Wha....”

She reached a paw through the bars, pointing a claw at his chest challengingly.  “Ya looked like you were gonna piss yerself in that battle.  S’matter?  Five on one still too hard to take?”

He slapped her paw away, a trace of anger creeping across his wide features.  “I was followin’ orders.  I’m not afraid of no mouthy fire type!”  

She examined her paw disinterestedly, gleefully yanking his emotional leash.  “Yeah?  Why don’t ya take me on then?  Or are do ya need yer wuss trainer here to protect you?”

He folded his beefy arms, his jaw working as her challenge sunk in.  A hint of amusement lit up his eyes, as if he’d just had a flash of brilliance.  Maybe he’d figured out that water was wet and fire was hot.  “I don’t need to fight you.  I’m not the one in the cage.”

She smiled sweetly at him, wishing he’d just step close enough for her to lay a good one on him.  She might not be able to breathe fire, but she could still smack him upside that ugly mug.  “I don’t need to fight you,” she mimicked, folding her forelimbs like he was.  “Cuz I’m just a pussy, cheating little scale bitch!”  She clenched her claws, her anger colouring her voice with a growl.  “I don’t need four buddies backin’ me up!”

“Shut it, or I’m gonna have to get mad,” the Feraligatr growled, cracking its knuckles and flexing, brawn rolling under the blue scales in the dim light.  Maybe she should have been afraid of this creature, of just how defenceless she really was at the moment, but she didn’t know how to be afraid.  Fear was for wimps.          

She snorted disdainfully, awarding her idiot companion a withering glare.  “That supposed to scare me?  All I see is a human bitch.”

The water lizard looked wounded.  “I am not!”

She chuckled softly, spurred by her success. “Prove it then, shriveldick.  Get me outta here.”

He shook his head vehemently, probably rattling whatever brains he had.  “Not a chance!  Boss would get mad.”

“See?  Human bitch.”

“Cut it out!  They ain’t all that bad...”

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the glow of a fire taking a bite out of the night, cresting around the domed cloth building the pinkies had set up.  She would cheerfully rip their nuts off for sticking her in here!  Her strength was coming back, one molten drip at a time.  “Grow a pair, fish breath.  Ya think it’s all about gettin’ a little pat on the head?”  

She awarded him a toothy, depreciating smile, pressing against the bars in case he came within range of more than just her verbal abuse. “Or is it that little Floatzel butt you like hangin’ around for?  Yeah, I bet yer tappin’ that, ain’t ya?  Can’t even get tail that the humans don’t catch and hold down for ya!”      

His fangs glittered as he grit his teeth, visibly shaking as he took a step closer.  That must’ve touched a nerve. “Shut up!”

“Make me!”

He growled something incoherent, dribbles of water leaking from the corners of his maw.  “Boss said I can’t hurt you, but I might be makin’ an exception.”  

She worked her advantage, glad to have an outlet.  This was almost too easy.  “I’d like to see ya try!  Can ya even get her off?  Or maybe she’s doin’ that Steelix on the side!”  

His clawed fist slammed into the bars, the cage rocking from the blow and making her stumble.  “You want me to come in there and SHOW you?”  He laughed harshly, as if he’d scored a point in this little game.  “Bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you!”  He hunched his hips at her as if to prove his point, though the effect was spoiled by the lack of anything visible between his legs.  

She laughed in his face.  “Naw, I wanna be able to feel that I’m doin’ a guy.”  She shrugged dismissively, giving him her best “bring it on” look.  Just a little closer...  “But if you wanna be my bitch, look me up!”

He grunted out pure feral rage, his maw gaping with a foul stench as he chomped down uselessly on the metal, his claws glowing as they sliced the air with a dangerous swish.  She stepped easily out of the way, hooting at him, digging her goads in deeper.  “What’sa matter, blue balls?  Somethin’ got under yer scales?”

She drew on the bubbling fury, gathering her strength for one good punch as he scrabbled wildly to get at her, watery foam flecking at his mouth as some attack built in that heavy jaw.  The roaring tide of battle coursed through her veins as she danced forward, ducking under a crazed swing.        


The entire cage jumped violently, tossing her onto the cold floor on her rump.  She blinked in surprise, staring at her paw.  She’d connected, sure, but... ‘What the hell?’    


There was a ghostly white blur of motion outside the bars, a wet slap, and a pained grunt.  A shadow far larger than the Feraligatr loomed over her, the firelight glancing off pale skin.  A LOT of pale skin, except for its belly, which was the colour of a dusky sky.  The strangest scent wafted to her nostrils, like summer and winter rolled into one.  

“Oh, what have I done, what have I done!”  A soft, trembling voice etched with concern said, a snowy neck bending down as the creature examined what she now realized was its handiwork.  Her guard was stretched out, jaw hanging open, knocked completely senseless.  ‘Not much of a stretch for him.’

She pressed against the bars, craning her head back as she examined her potential rescuer.  “Who the hell are you?”  She’d never seen any pokémon like this before.  It had wide, sweeping wings that looked like they could pack a clobber, but set over a roundish, slightly pudgy body.  She could run circles around this thing, and speed wasn’t even her game!  A thick tail balanced its long neck, two midnight blue spikes on the end that made her think of tail-feathers.  “Some kinda flying type?”

It gulped noisily, its wings --arms?  It was hard to tell-- fluttering in distress.  “Oh, I’m sorry mama, I didn’t mean to hurt him!  Oh no, oh no!”  The voice was vaguely male, but it was hard to be sure.    

She crossed her forelimbs over her chest, giving the strange pokémon a critical look.  This thing was HUGE, and it was acting like a baby!  “Ya put him out good, big guy.  Now, are ya here to get me out or not!”

It craned its head towards her, pressing a wide muzzle with a beak like mouth against the side lf the cage, a wide, fearful eye protected by a midnight blue ridge peering in at her.  “I-I’m sorry!” it hissed, obviously trying to keep its voice low, only partially successful.  “I-I want to help you, but I don’t know how!  I can’t break this with you in it.  Um, um, are you hurt?”

She controlled her annoyance, not wanting to mess up her shot at freedom.  “Naw, but the pinkies pumped some kinda junk into me.  Ya got any healing berries?”

It tapped the stubby, finger-like appendges on the ends of its wings together, its flexible neck stretching as it looked over the tent.  “Um, no, but I saw some back there!  I can go get some...”  It sounded doubtful and scared as it watched the humans, ducking its head back down quickly.  “Oh, what to do, what to do!  We need to sneaky sneak, and you’re stuck!”

She jabbed a claw at him, eyeing the Feraligatr.  She needed to be out of the cage before he came to. “You can fly?  Can ya lift this thing?”  She knocked on the bars pointedly.  

The strange creature shook its head vehemently.  “Not at the same time as flying.  Oh, I should have thought more about this!  I just thought...” Its tail twitched against the cage as it quivered with nervous energy, letting out a trill of concern.

She didn’t have time for this.  The humans could come over here at any time, and as big as this thing was, it was a wuss.  It was also her best chance at getting out of here.  “Cut that out!  If ya wanna help me, get me some of those berries!”        


Its mouth opened and closed in silent surprise for a second, the pale creature staring at her as if it were unsure whether to question or just obey.  It settled on the latter.  “B-berries?  Um... okay!”  

She muttered under her breath as it heaved its bulk away into the bushes, making surprisingly little noise for such a large pokémon.  Humans were dense, and shouldn’t be able to hear it.  They hadn’t noticed when it had levelled scale butt either. ‘Ha! Dumb pinkies.  Yer little party’s gonna be crashed, real soon!’  She rubbed her paws together gleefully, envisioning exactly what she would do to them.

Time seemed to drag, the odd burst of raucous laughter drifting over the tent as the Feraligatr slumbered peacefully.  She drummed her claws on the bars, a little bored now that she didn’t have anyone to throw insults at.  She considered her rescuer.  If that thing could fly, maybe it would get her out of here to a place unspoiled by the stench of human.  AFTER she torched their camp.  Teach them to mess with her!  

‘Where did ya come from whitey, and why are ya helping me?’  Was it a male?  A toothy smile spread across her muzzle as she mulled the notion.  It was a big, mewling cub, so it must be male.  A LARGE male.  Those could be a lot of... fun.  Just how big was he anyway?  Something to find out later...

She spun around as a tapping at the back of the cage got her attention.  The creature had returned, shoving its beak through the bars, wide, fearful eyes regarding her as she crossed the short space, trying to keep her annoyance from her voice.  “Took ya long enough!”  Well, she’d never been good at that.

Its beak opened, allowing three bedraggled berries to tumble to the floor of the cage, slimy with its saliva.  Yup, must be male.  “Did ya have to slobber all over them?”

He bowed his majestic head, almost scraping the ground, a chagrined look in his eye.  She was so close to him now, she could feel his breath playing across her fur, each exhalation feeling like a warm, windy day.  There was that smell again, snow and fire.  “S-sorry... I d-don’t have any paws to carry them w-with.  I had to licky lick!”  He looked around warily, as if expecting an attack at any second.  “W-will those work?”

She placed a paw on his muzzle, awkwardly patting him in an attempt to calm him down a bit.  Damn, he was easy to intimidate!  ‘Usually like that, but not what I need right now.’  His skin was smooth and warm under her paw, quivering with built up nervous energy.  “Yeah, they’ll work.  Ya gotta name I can call ya?  Yer a guy, right?”  She picked up a plump, squishy pecha, gingerly wiping as much slime from it as she could before biting into it. ‘Eww...’  

The question seemed to surprise him, as if she should already know the answers.  “Oh!  Um, name?”  He tilted his head to the side, confusion evident in his eyes, though the trembling under her paw stilled as he considered. “I’m a Lugia!  That’s what mama told me.  She said that everybody would know my name...” he looked doubtful, giving her a questioning look.  “And, um, yes, I’m a boy!”      

The flavour of the berry was different than the usual, pure burst of cloying sweetness.  That was there too, the healing juice dripping down her throat, but seasoned with something like... fresh, salty sea air.  Not bad, surprisingly.  If she were a kisser, he might be a candidate for a smooch or two.  “Ha!  I figured you were a guy.  A Lugia, eh?  Ya don’t have a name?”  She grabbed the oran berry next, feeling the poison in her blood writhing and dying as the pecha did its job.  

He frowned, looking a bit distressed that she would ask again, pulling his great head back from the bars. “Erm, but, I’m Lugia!  That is my name...”  He trilled softly, a far away look in his eyes.  “Master of the sea and sky, mama called me.  I don’t know what that means though.”

The dry skin of the oran rasped down her throat, strength flowing into her muscles, her inner flames roaring to life as the combined effects of the berries took hold.  “Is yer mama here too?  Why are ya even helpin’ me get out?”

He closed his eyes, rocking back and forth on his feet, his wings gusting a few leaves across the ground as he fluttered.  “Mama is gone.  She was gone a long time ago.”  His voice sounded sad, wistful, but fully controlled.  This wasn’t a new pain he was dealing with.  His eyes popped open, giving her a nervous look.  “I-I saw you!  I saw your cage, and I had to help!  Nasty cage, nasty nasty!  Mean humans!”  He turned the fearful look towards the tent again, nostrils quivering as he scented the air.  “We have to sneaky sneak!”  His head whipped around as he looked back down at her, cocking his head to the side in confusion.  “Um, um, what are you, anyway?”

She chuckled, her voice harsh as she downed the second oran in a swift chomp, heat flaring in her chest as she jealously hoarded her power.  “What, you never seen a Typhlosion before?  Thought ya were the master of sky or somethin’, Lugi.”  She huffed in amusement, tiny glowing embers wafting from her maw like burning snowflakes.  “Name’s Trixie, and it’s time to blow this place!  And I don’t mean that in a sexy way.”      

He trilled in alarm, stumbling back a step as her burners erupted to glorious life.  Her eyes narrowed to slits of concentration, a thin, white-hot jet of pure flame gushing from her wide open maw.  She grabbed the other bars for balance as she blasted the immolating stream against the sturdy prison, radiant molten flecks spraying every which way, trickling down her fire-proof fur to bead on the cage floor.  

The pungent smell of liquefied metal joined the char of the surrounding grass, the blades crisped to smoke before the flame even touched them.  She caught the bar before it could clatter noisily to the cage floor, snapping her maw shut on the inferno for a moment.  The ends of the pole were aglow with a volcanic light, melted into something like a withered tree root.  Casually, she tossed the severed metal rod to the grass outside, giving Lugia a wicked grin. “Ya like that?”  

His mouth hung open in awe, even as he partially covered his eyes against the glaring afterimage of her handiwork.  “Wow!  You’re really hot!”  

She growled a laugh, appreciating the complement, but assuming he was probably unaware of the double meaning.  He seemed pretty naïve.  “Thanks Lugi, but you ain’t seen nothing’ yet!”

Trixie’s lungs heaved in a great gulp of air as she drew deeply on the sweltering heat smouldering within.  A second jet stream swept across two more bars, separating them at top and bottom like the first, carving a neat, glowing hole in her prison in a matter of minutes.  She pumped her forelimb victoriously, licking a bead of molten metal from her lip and spitting it contemptuously on the cage floor.  “Hell yeah!  That’s how ya bust out of a stupid pinkie prison!”    

He let out a soft sigh of relief as she joined him on the freedom side of things, her burners still raging as hot as she could make them.  “No more nasty cage!  Quickly, quickly, we can fly now!”  He ducked low, offering her a wing up to his back.  

She ignored it, her voice a low growl, filled with the battle fever.  “Not a chance!  I’m gonna torch these bastards!”

He gasped, his eyes widening, a distressed note of panic entering his voice.  “Oh no, oh no, please don’t!  We can sneaky sneak, and they won’t know.  Please, climb up so we can fly!  You won’t do it, will you?”

In answer, she spun, folding her forelimbs and glaring in the direction of the unsuspecting humans.  “Damn straight I will!  Thanks for bustin’ me, Lugi, but now ya got a choice.  Ya can either help me level these bitches, or ya can go home.  What’s it gonna be?”

He quailed, shrinking down into the shadows, the whites of his eyes standing out starkly against their dusky shields.  “F-fight?  But, I don’t like fighting!  Please, don’t fight.”

The Feraligatr moaned, a claw twitching feebly.  Startled by the motion and sound near his flank, Lugia cried out, his tail lashing against the cage with a loud metallic clank as he swivelled around, searching for the source of the “attack”.  

“Hey!” one of the humans shouted, shadows leaping and cavorting against the hidden firelight.  “Dammit Dave, what’s going on back there!  How long ago did we dart it?”  

Lugia scrambled away, shrinking towards the trees.  “Oh no, what did I do!  They heard me, oh, they heard me!  Humans!  We can’t sneaky sneak!  Oh, mama!  Mean humans, cruel humans!”

Trixie’s knuckles cracked as she put the Feraligatr back to sleep, the brawny lizard slumping without a sound.  The damage was already done though, they didn’t have surprise on their side anymore.  Feral glee bubbled through her rational thought.  Playtime.    

Her battle cry shook the darkness, a torrent of roaring flames joining the sound, scorching the very air in its path.  The flimsy cloth structure ignited with a loud whoosh, crackling embers shooting into the sky like a thousand tiny Starlys fleeing the battle.  “C’mon, Lugi, move yer fat tail!”  She didn’t bother to see if he followed, snarling a laughing challenge as she marched out to face her captors. “Burn, bitches!”

“Holy shit, it’s loose!”  The first human tore around the burning mass, a pokéball spiralling through the air in front of him, the Hariyama appearing in a brilliant flash of red.  The fighting type bellowed as her flames took it in the chest, its eyes narrowing in anger at her offensive.    

“Sweet mother of-  What the hell is THAT!?” the human cried, pointing a shaking finger over her shoulder.  The other three humans almost ran into the first, pokéballs clenched in clumsy fingers as they stared stupidly at her timid rescuer.  So, he hadn’t run.  Maybe he wasn’t completely useless.

“Forget Aerodactyl, that’s a Lugia!  Boss’ll fucking PROMOTE us if we catch that thing!”    

Every muscle in her body felt alert and primed for action, her burners roaring with new ferocity as she glared menacingly at the lot of them, stoking her flames for the next salvo.  “Better believe I’m loose!  How ya like me now?”  So, they wanted Lugi, did they?  That was his problem.  Their problem was her!  The Hariyama stood in her way like a wall of muscle, waiting on the orders of its trainer.

Pokéballs flew, silhouetted against the flames like demons in the dark as the humans scrambled to recover, ducking behind the Hariyama’s protection as she treated it to another dose of fiery revenge.  Lugia’s shrill cry made her ears twich.  He’d better not turn tail on her now!  Human voices shouted orders, and the battle truly began.              

A crimson beam lanced out, claiming the fallen Feraligatr as she busied herself roasting the Hariyama.  A spray of glittering water arced across the raging inferno, flames sputtering and dying as the newly released Floatzel slowly beat them into submission.  Trixie scrambled around the charred, burning mess on all fours, trying to get an angle on the humans as the Hariyama acted like a living shield, grunting as he took the abuse meant for his masters.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Lugia beating frantically away from the Sandslash and the Steelix.  The two human trained pokémon hung back from the wild swings, then darted in with flashing attacks, the metal snake roaring as its head cracked viciously against the flying type’s.  

“Dammit Lugi, fight back!”

“Leave me aloooone!”  

The Steelix roared in shock or possibly pain, and a beam of energy scorched past her, blowing a smoking crater in the ground.  She leaped away from it instinctively, and was forced to tuck into a roll to avoid a salvo from the Floatzel.  

“Watch where yer aimin’!”  Trixie flipped to her back legs again, planting herself solidly and unleashing all hell at her orange furred counterpart.  Steam hissed and spat, boiling into the air as fire and water duelled.

“Brute!  Look what you’ve done!” the Floatzel shrieked, melodious voice pierced with rage, matching her blast for blast, holding her back from the humans.  “You hurt my poor Rexy!  I’ll tear you apart, you stinking pile of fish guts!”

“Ooh, I’m in trouble now!  Bring it on, lizard slut!”  The Floatzel’s face twisted with barely suppressed fury, but she held her distance, focussing on protecting her pinkie masters like a good little trainer pokémon should.    

Out of nowhere, the Sandslash slammed into the Hariyama, curled into a protective ball as it was forcefully hurled away from the thrashing flying type, tumbling both of them to the ground in a heap.  It uncurled with a groan, not even seeming to notice its team-mate as it stood up on shaky legs, taking a single unsteady step before collapsing heavily onto its back.  Shrill cries of distress competed with the bellowing challenges of the Steelix, smoke and steam blinding their efforts.  

The violent chaos pulsed through Trixie’s veins as she traded flames for fountains with the other female, the two of them circling warily, eyes intent for any advantage to pounce upon.  Her left forelimb prickled icily, dripping wet from the one shot that had managed to make it through.  Her opponent nursed a burn on her hip.  ‘That’ll sting in the mornin’!’    

“Tie its wings!  Don’t let it escape!”

Men shouted and scrambled, keeping their pokémon between them and her as they cautiously closed in on the struggling Lugia, the Steelix busily constricting him with a crushing full body hold.  The humans seemed to have mostly forgotten about her, intent on capturing the squawking flyer, leaving the Hariyama and the Floatzel to deal with her on their own.  Their mistake!    

She didn’t have time to get off a shot at the dopey snake trapping Lugi, as a body shielded by aquatic armour slammed into her, tackling her to the ground and rolling the two of them over and over, claws and fangs tearing viciously.  She caught a clawful of squishy floatation sac, even as teeth lodged into her shoulder, drawing a fierce roar from her throat, white hot needles of pain lancing through her.  ‘That hurt, dammit!  The little slut is a biter!’  


“Get offa me, saggy tits!”  A burst of glowing, star shaped discs of energy poured from her maw, beating at her attacker’s back and shoulders from point blank range, but failed to dislodge the teeth embedded in her skin.

“Ahh!  Leave me alone!  Trixie, help meee!  I’m stuck!”  Lugia wailed.  By Moltres’ tail, how could something so big be so useless in a fight?!

The Floatzel gave a satisfying screech of pain as Trixie flared her burners, the water type’s grip on Trixie’s shoulder loosening as she flinched away from the heat scorching her muzzle.  Grappling wildly, Trixie managed to straddle the Floatzel’s belly, roaring triumphantly even as heavy tail blows rained down on her back.  “Gotcha now ya little bitch!”  

“Go to hell!” she hissed, her voice gurgling as she prepared to douse Trixie with a frigid blast, her claws scrabbling futilely at Trixie’s belly.  

Trixie’s fangs glittered.  “Ain’t payback a bitch?”  The concentrated energy she’d gathered in her paw rocked against the Floatzel’s too-perfect face, droplets of water flying impotently from her open mouth with the force of the punch.  With a whimpering sigh, she submitted to the call of unconsciousness, her tongue lolling out as she slumped to the grass.

Trixie didn’t waste time admiring the shiner she’d given the self-righteous bitch.  Hot, crimson trickles stained the fur of her shoulder, her lungs heaving in flame fuelling air as she turned her glare on the remaining enemies.  There was more ass to kick!  




Lugia thrashed despearately, all the lessons mama had taught him about fighting long gone from his mind, replaced by panic.  His chest and belly hurt, squeezed mercilessly by the nasty metal pokémon, its huge eye staring into his with a wicked glitter.  “Don’t... struggle!” it ground out.  “You’ll only... make... it worse!”  It grunted, its hard edged coils digging into his skin a little tighter, making it hard to breathe.  

“Let meee gooooo!”  Lugia cried, frantically trying to free his wings from the rough vines the humans had tangled around him, chafing his skin.  ‘Oh, why didn’t I listen, mama?  Why didn’t I listen!’  He knew why.  He couldn’t have just LEFT Trixie to these men!  Nasty men with nasty cages!    

The humans yelled and cursed at him excitedly, their strange voices stirring his fear as they pointed their oddly shaped sticks at him.  Several more of the tiny, stinging projectiles bounced off his chest and neck, too small to penetrate his skin and stick.    

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Trixie stand up over the fallen form of the Floatzel, red lines marring her shoulder like bloody tears.  Fangs glittered with firelight in the scary Typhlosion’s wild grin, her ferocious snarl daring the fighting pokémon to attack her.  She liked this!  

One of the men shouted at another.  “Go grab your pokéballs then, stupid!  Turok can’t hold it much longer, and the darts aren’t working on it!”  

“Oh shit, that thing took out Marie!  Gimme a dart gun, dammit!”

“No good, we used ‘em up on the Lugia!  The ammo is in Kristoff’s truck!”

“Bloody hell Dave, why didn’t you grab it!”

“Cuz I didn’t think we’d be catching a fucking legendary, that’s why!”

Pulsing, crackling energy roiled in his throat, and he instinctively released it in a wide, brilliant burst, blasting the ground at the men’s feet.  “Gooo awaayyy!”  He needed to break free, to fly, to soar into the moon!  He needed to take Trixie out of here too, or his whole reason for getting into this mess would be wasted.  

Smoke from the crater in the earth burned his nose, the men shouting and scrambling away as the Hariyama fought valiantly to keep the relentless Typhlosion back.  Had he really done that?  He didn’t want to hurt them!  He’d already hurt two pokémon.  He just wanted to run!

Pain shuddered through him as iron bound jaws clamped firmly on his neck, the snake pokémon’s cold breath freezing the blood rushing past its fangs.  “Do that again and I’ll break ya!”  its slithery voice hissed, muffled around its mouthful.  His heart skipped a beat.  

One of the men screamed, dropping to the ground and rolling as glowing flowers bloomed on his pants, Trixie’s form blurring as she dashed past the tottering Hariyama, trailing a river of flame.  Humans dove for cover as radiant shafts of elemental power lanced out, spearing the night like sunbeams.  Roaring heat seared his back, like when he spent too much time with his smiling sky friend, the harsh smell of human fear mixing with the choking stench of fire.  

The Steelix’s grip abruptly slackened like a cut vine, its bellow of pain ringing in his ears.  Lugia didn’t waste the chance.  He thrashed and bucked with all his strength, flailing the beast with his tail and arching his neck, a song of sea storms trilling from his lungs.  

Memories flashed as instinct momentarily subdued fear.  He tucked his wings and rolled, smashing the snake against the ground as it danced with twisting flames.  The coils slipped away, and he was free!  

He felt his tail connect solidly with something as he spun, a human yell of alarm and pain staining the night.  The human-made vines clung resolutely to his wings and tail, but no longer restrained his movements.  ‘Have to fly!  Free, mama, free!’  The master of sea and sky was captive no more!  

Trixie roared angrily as he upended her with a head butt, rolling the Typhlosion down his neck to his back, gritting his teeth as her flaming shoulders stung him repeatedly.  “Hurry!  We can run!  Hang on!”  He beat his wings in the air, stirring great gusts of wind that would bear him aloft, his legs bunching to spring.  

“Let me at ‘em, they ain’t finished yet!  Dammit Lugi, put me down, ya fat ass!”

He ignored her growled commands, eager to be home, away from fear and fighting and pain.  Cool, swirling air caressed his belly and feet, the solid ground releasing him from its hold as he leaped into the embrace of the sky, a wordless expression of joy on his muzzle.  

The shouts and smells of human fear and anger receded rapidly into the flame stained night.  Treetops filled with writhing shadows filled his vision for a brief moment, then gave way to pure, beautiful sky, the full moon stretching a glowing beam to tickle him under the chin like one of mama’s nuzzles.  The braided, blue vines trailed behind him, snapping and whistling in the air, charred tips dangling freely, offering passage to any who would grab hold.  

Sharp claws pricked the flaps on his back, the Typhlosion’s voice growling menacingly behind him as she clung tightly to the safety of his stabilizers.  “Geez Lugi, couldn’t ya have at least let me finish ‘em off?”            


His eyes widened, trembles quivering through his shoulders as they worked.  What kind of bloodthirsty pokémon had he rescued?  “S-sorry...”

A harsh, huffing chuckle joined the sensation of a warm paw patting his neck, not the least bit gently.  “Naw, don’t worry too much about it.  You helped me out a little bit, so I guess ya get away with it this time, ya big wuss.”  

He breathed deeply, venting the smoke and fear from his nostrils with clean, crisp flying air.  He was acutely aware of the pool of brilliant, fur wrapped warmth lying his back, between his straining shoulders.  She was scary!  He was glad she wasn’t mad at him.  Now, what to do with her?  “T-thank you.  Um, how is your shoulder?”  Automatically, he banked towards home, wind whistling in his ears as he soared for the welcome of his roost.  

“Never better!  That was just a love bite.  That Floatzel bitch hits soft.  I’ve had worse from my lil’ sister!”

He gulped nervously, imagining more ferocious females like this one roaming around.  “Y-you have a family?”

He felt a vague motion, which he interpreted as a shrug.  “Long time ago.  She got captured I think, the dumbass.”  She didn’t sound overly concerned.  Her weight shifted, as if she had suddenly decided to take a nap.  “Ya know Lugi, you may be a pussy, but you’re pretty damn comfy!”  A knuckle rapped on his ribs, making him squirm in midair.  “Hey!  Keep it steady!”  She shouted, claws digging painfully into his stabilizers.  

“I’m s-sorry... you tickly tickled me!”  

He pushed on silently for a few more wing-beats, mind racing.  Should he just leave her somewhere?  Should he take her back to his roost?  He could feel her intent gaze burning against the back of his head.  “Um, so where should I soar-fly to?”

A footpaw thumped his neck, her harsh chuckle grating in his ears, like the sound of crackling flames.  “I dunno, Lugi, your place or mine?”  

“What?”  Confusion clouded his thoughts, unsure of the question.  “I-I don’t understand.”  His eye ridges flushed with heat, embarrassed that he couldn’t grasp her meaning.  What kind of tricky plans were running between those blue ears?

Her claws pinched him mischievously, her huffs of amusement only furthering his chagrin.  “I’m in a good mood right now, Lugi.  That means it’s yer lucky night!”  Her voice rolled with a heated growl, the claw kneading his skin roughly.  “I’m mighty curious to check out what kinda goods ya got hidin’ between yer legs!”

‘My... legs?’  What was she talking about?  “But... I’m not hiding anything between my legs!  I gave you all the berries already...”  

For a moment, he was afraid she would roll off, her breath sounding in short huffs as she rolled around in amusement, one claw tightening painfully on a stabilizer as her elbow dug into his spine.  “Ha!  Ya still got a couple down there, Lugi, and I‘m lookin’ forward to juicin’ ‘em!  Don’t tell me ya never banged anyone before?”

He trilled softly, perplexed and now a little annoyed.  Were all not-mama females this confusing?  “Stop laughy laughing at me!  I-I don’t know what you mean!”

Her chuckles trailed off into the occasional huff, a reassuring paw patting his side.  “Don’t worry yer birdy-brain about it, Lugi.  Just get us to yer roost or whatever.  You’ll find out.  Now, shut yer yap so I can relax!”

He sucked in a nervous breath, neck quivering.  Her tone left no room for argument, just like mama when she was upset about something.  That was the stay-quiet-and-listen voice.  She wasn’t mad at him... was she?  “O-okay... ” With an apprehensive trill, he winged for home.


Trixie stretched the stiffness from her shoulders as she her footpaws reacquainted themselves with solid ground.  It was a little hard to relax while holding on for dear life to a whacking great lump of flying muscle and lard, but THAT was how to travel in style!  

“Damn Lugi, ya coulda told me ya lived in the middle of the bleedin’ OCEAN.”  She kicked a rock off the edge of the roost, leaning as far over the edge as she dared to watch it tumble away into the darkness, eventually sending up a small, soundless plume in the roiling surf at the base of the stone spire.  Dry land was a dark line, a hulking mass on the horizon, separated from her by and endless rolling plain of icy depths.

He trilled softly.  “S-sorry, b-but you said to bring you here.  This is my roost... I-I’ve always lived here.”  She turned away from the precarious precipice, regarding her oversized companion.  He stood almost in the centre of the crater-like depression, bowing his head submissively, looking like a cub who wasn’t sure if he was about to be punished.  

She caught herself before she started tapping her jaw with a claw.  That was a bad habit.  She’d done that as a cub whenever she was about to get into some mischief.  ‘Oh, yer just perfect, Lugi...’  Forest clearing, open field, or middle of the ocean.  It really didn’t matter where, so long as she got what she was after.      

She gave him what she hoped was a sweetly reassuring grin, moving towards him with her burners extinguished non-threateningly.  He WAS her ride back to the mainland after all, once this was over, she didn’t want to scare him if she could help it.  Her little prize was a jittery one.  “Yup, I did tell ya that, and I suppose it’s fair to fill ya in.  Ya see, I’m in the mood to celebrate a little, and yer the lucky guy that gets to help me out!”  

He cocked his head to the side, giving her a wide eyed look, question written on his features.  “Celebrate?  But, why here at the roosty roost?  How do you want me to help you?”  He would have looked impossibly cute and innocent, if it weren’t for the human restraints still wrapped around his wings and neck, long, trailing blue vines coiling on the rocky ground.  They made him look a little silly, and more importantly, gave her ideas that were far from innocent.

He twittered uneasily as she closed the distance, hopping back a pace onto a big pile of grasses and branches -obviously his bed- that gave off a vague sweet smell through the brine in the air.  She looked him up and down, examining her next conquest in the silver moonlight.  ‘Hot damn, he’s a BIG sucker.’  Just beneath the curve of his considerable belly, she could see a tiny fold of skin.  One neat little slit, protecting his goods from the elements... and the roving eyes of lusty females.  

She could see her grinning reflection in his dark eyes, and did her best to make the smile less predatory.  No luck.   Uneasiness roiled behind those midnight blue shields, his breath coming fast and sharp, ruffling her fur as she laid a paw on his beak.  The scent of savage winter storms and mild summer days washed over her, cutting through the brine of the sea at this range.  “Don’t worry, Lugi.  Celebratin’s not a bad thing, it’ll be fun!  Trust me, yer gonna love it!”  She almost shook with anticipation, trying to imagine what his hidden treasure would look like, what it would feel like.      

He quivered underneath her paw, a lost look in his eyes as he tried to sort out the hidden mysteries behind her words.  “B-but... what do we d-do?  Wh-what do you want from me?”  

“Easy there big guy, now, why don’t ya just lie on yer back and let me take a look at ya?”      

“On my... back?  Why do you want me on my back?  I don’t like being on my back... Why can’t you look at me like this?”

She involuntarily let out a growl, a spark of fear igniting in his eyes at the sound.  She hastily cut off her rumble.  She could feel a dampness between her legs as her excitement grew, her folds slowly heating in anticipation.  His nostrils quivered, a soft warble escaping as he took in her changing scent, eyes searching for the source.  “T-Trixie?”

She huffed impatiently, eager to get started.  “Look Lugi, if ya never mated, then that’s yer problem.  I’m no good at explainin’ stuff, and I don’t wanna waste my time on it anyway.  Not when I’m celebratin’!  I’m in the mood NOW, so it’s gonna be NOW.  Explainin’ can come later.  So, on yer back!”

He flinched at the command, his voice dripping with uncertainty.  “But, what are you going to DO?  Why do you want me to-”


He squawked noisily, rearing up and tumbling backwards onto the bed of dried greenery, holding his beak with his wings.  An audible burst of displaced air whooshed past her as he crashed heavily to his rump, his wide, flat feet flailing comically.  

She blew on her knuckles appreciatively, the glow of her focus punch fading away.  ‘Damn, pops always said I had a hell of a left hook.  Wonder what he’d say to THIS?’  She was through with his moaning.  It was time for action.  

She grabbed the trailing end of the human restraint, its rough strands prickling her paws as she yanked on it firmly, testing its strength.  Quick attack was a wimpy move, but it let her move fast when she needed it.  She used it now, dashing to secure the ends of the blue strands to solid rock outcroppings, binding the majestic flying type to the earth as he squalled in alarm, still too stunned to react.  

Not giving him time to recover, she scrambled up onto his belly, straddling his pudge as she slid herself along his smooth skin.  Now that he was on his back, she could see another, smaller entrance below the one on his belly, a tight little pucker in the short expanse of white skin between belly and tail.  

She took in the view unashamedly, wishing she had some of her playthings with her to take advantage of the clearly untouched entrance.  The toys she’d nabbed from that weird human store were a lot of fun...  Giddiness ran wild across the plain of her emotions, as a memory of a squirming Mightyena pinned beneath her rose to the surface, his whimpers of pain belied by the copious fluids dribbling from his quivering length as she pounded him relentlessly with the largest toy.  

She whistled softly as she sized up his slit, comparing it to her own as she worked herself up into a proper position.  It was easily twice the size!  A rumbling growl of appreciation rattled from her lips, a faint musk permeating the summer/winter smell as she perched atop its source. ‘He’s gonna be a hell of a ride!’

His belly rolled and heaved in great, whistling breaths as he stared down at her in shock, beak hanging open, a mix of surprise and hurt on his muzzle.  “W-why did you hit me!  Wh-what are you doing?”  He tugged on his bonds, her hastily tied knots holding against all but a determined bid for freedom.  She had to give the humans credit.  They built strong vines!  His eyes rolled in distress, squeaky whistles tainting his voice with shrill anxiety.  “Y-you trapped me!  Let me gooo!”    

She ground against his slit as he bucked, and flashed a toothy smile at the odd, almost cross-eyed look on his face.  A shivering jolt of tingling pleasure shot up her spine like lightning, a promise of what was to come.  Her folds twitched, her claw drifting south past her heart shaped birth-mark to fondle herself as she watched his reaction.  Curiosity slowly replaced the hurt as he observed her actions, his struggles calming.  “W-why are you touching yourself there?  And, umm...” His eye ridges darkened in a blush as she continued to stimulate his slit, giving him a taste of something completely new.  She recognized that look.  Where were those nice feelings coming from?

So naïve, so full of potential.  “Ya see Lugi, guys and girls are a little different.  And you, my lucky bird-brain, are about to find out why!  Ya see this here?”  She worked her claws delicately into her pussy lips, grunting happily as she spread them apart, her paws trailing across sensitive pink flesh.  

He nodded slowly, craning his neck down for a closer look.  His eyes were wide and curious, staring at her nether lips with his beak hanging open slightly, tongue extended as if to have a taste.  Oh, he could smell her alright!  She could feel his slit bulging beneath her, its contents awaiting just a little more coaxing to show themselves.  She could barely contain her impatience.  “Wh-what is it?  Ooh, it smells so good!”

She grinned lustfully, leaving a trail of femme juice on his crotch as she scooted forward and seized his eye-shields.  “That’s my pussy.  It’s waitin’ for someone to start pleasin’ me.  And yer gonna get nice and familiar with it to do the job!”  He didn’t resist as she pulled his head closer, his breath washing over her groin, tickling across her lips like a playful claw.  Utter fascination covered his muzzle, his nostrils vibrating as he gulped in samples of the magical female scent.  He was hooked now.  

“Go on, give it a lil’ taste!” she urged, ripples of heat rolling across her groin and burners as her arousal flared, his proximity almost driving her insane.    

He let out a confused trill, dragging his eyes from the entrancing view and meeting hers with obvious reluctance.  “Taste?  You want me to-”

She didn’t let him finish, answering by yanking him closer and mashing his beak against her heart-shaped marking.  His cry of surprise vibrated delightfully through her dribbling petals, the jolt of pleasure making her hunch against his muzzle.  “Lick, dammit!”

Her growl escalated in pitch as he hesitantly complied, a wide, thick tongue drawing cautiously across her lower lips.  His eyes widened, a second, slightly more confident lick teasing her awaiting entrance.  He warbled softly.  “Wow... wow!  That’s... It tastes like a berry!  A warm, spicy berry!”  

That must have meant he liked it, as he began lapping fervently, eager for more of the exotic nectar.  She groaned in appreciation, clenching her claws tightly around his eye-shields as she rode his muzzle, grinding her heated folds against his beak to entice more of that questing tongue inside.  

“That’s it, gooood Lugi.  Just like that!”  She bounced slowly on his squishy belly, miniature suns lighting and exploding inside her as he attacked her slit with innocent vigour.  He didn’t have a clue what he was doing, but his tongue was so wide and long it didn’t matter much.  The sloppy organ slurped lewdly across her folds, the young pokémon doing his best to lap up every last drop of her leaking fluids.  

She shivered as he found her clit, his phenomenal tongue vaguely crossing the little nub on a journey from bottom to top.  Her grip tightened, making him twitter in alarm, halting his ministrations briefly to look up at her.  “I-I’m s-sorry, did that hurt?”

“No!” Her voice was heavy with carnal intensity, her hips bucking randomly, seeking the slimy intruder that had brought her such pleasure.  “Don’t stop, ya blue-balled lump!  Keep doing that!  Harder!”

He didn’t need any more urging, singing a happy cry as he dove back in to kiss her pouting lips once more.  His aroma shifted, becoming pregnant with his unrealized desire.  The heavy musk grew stronger -an autumn crossroads between his usual odour of mated seasons- as he submitted to the pull of her mating smell.  

‘Damn, sis would be jealous!’  Her arousal spiked as she took in the massive head of her captive, his beak filling the space between her legs and asking for more, the fur of her inner haunches rubbing his cheeks.  His body lay splayed beneath her, trapped and awaiting her whims.  He could probably fit three of her inside that belly of his, and who was on top?

She writhed in time to his licks, grunting encouragement as he explored a little deeper, delving the wonders of the female anatomy for more of the wonderful smell and nectar, his eyes intent on his task.  He trilled happily at each new wave of scalding juices, the sound quivering across his squirming tongue and into her clenching folds, making her back arch as she echoed the sound with an enthusiastic groan.  

“D-damn Lugi... now this is what I call celebratin’!”  Her chest heaved, her burners flaring and subsiding randomly as her internal temperature skyrocketed.  His wide, squishy muscle wiggled like a trapped Ekans as her walls clamped down on it, tender flesh embracing the intruder like a long lost friend.  

He cooed, jamming his beak against her clit and lapping as deep as he could, his own breathing stepping up as he immersed himself in the scent and flavour of her desire.  Trixie let out a feral growl, flares of heat and ecstasy blossoming and exploding in her nerves, her blood heavy with the passion of the moment.  

“Like that stuff or not, Lugi, yer about to get lots of it!”  Her claws and forelimbs trembled as she gripped his eye-shields hard enough to imprint them on her paws, echoing the clenching in her loins.  

Her climax was like a roaring inferno, inexorably building higher with each vigorous stroke of his inexperienced tongue.  Just a few more strokes, just a little more of that molten delight, and the blaze would race out of control.

“C’mon, C’MON!”

Her maw rattled with a mighty roar, blistering orgasm pouring in waves through her body.  She thrashed against her trapped partner, desperately humping his muzzle as he squawked into her passage, his tongue undulating against her spasming folds.  Her burners fired mightily, scorching the air with the Typhlosion’s pleasure, ecstasy burning a pathway up her spine from trembling loins to quivering ears.  

It took several glorious moments before the glow began to dim, the blissful firestorm fading to a glowing ember.  The cooling evidence of her explosive peak still dribbled from her lips... and dripped from the beak of the surprised Lugia.

She chuckled a bit unsteadily, her folds left feeling unfulfilled as his magical tongue vacated them with a provocative slurp.  “Damn, Lugi, ya actually look cute when yer face is covered in cum!  I might have to keep ya!”

He cocked his head to the side, licking his lips with a considering look.  “Wow... I’ve never licky licked like THAT before!  I... Trixie, I...” He trailed off, still cleaning his lips absently as he twisted in his bonds, his chest rising and falling in erratic puffs.  “Oh, I feel so strange!  What is it doing, Trixie?  I feel all... tingly!”

Awareness of a presence behind broke into the afterglow, the air laden with masculine musk.  Something squishy and warm poked against her back, trailing through her fur near the middle of her spine.  Slowly, she turned to look, already grinning wickedly in expectation.  “There ya are, Lugi junior’s come out to play!”

She wasn’t disappointed.  His shaft now sprouted mightily from his slit, an impressive expanse of dark pink flesh pulsing with his heartbeat as it proudly displayed itself for her amusement.  Her scent and taste had worked their magic on him, whether he knew it or not.  ‘Never fails!’  

It swept up in a graceful, rounded taper, the smooth surface marked with rushing veins, narrowing into an elegant neck at the centre of the shaft.  From there it flared  out again, though only about half as much as the intimidating hilt of the monster, the head bulging to a comfortable girth before tapering again to the turgid, stretching pinnacle.  A glistening jewel of pre beaded invitingly on the tip, brimming with the powerful aroma of briny musk.                      

His voice quavered nervously, tremors shaking her perch as perplexing sensations racked the young pokémon’s body.  “What is THAT?!  What’s happening to meee!  Trixie, help!”

She chuckled at his naivety, eliciting an instinctive thrust as she poked the mass of quivering flesh.  “Holy shit, not even I can take all of that!  Yer one hung little bitch, Lugi!”

She growled lustfully, running her paws over the tip of the twitching meat, her ears perking at the shuddering gasp it yanked from her captive’s beak.  ‘But hot damn, I’m gonna try!’  The base of the giant member filled his newly bulging slit completely, far wider than she could even wrap both paws around.  

“T-trixie... P-please...” His voice shuddered, his substantial pride jumping reflexively in her paws as he strained erratically against his bonds.

She rolled her eyes in annoyance, breaking off inspection of her new toy to glare at the trembling flying type.  There were ridges on it!  Tiny little protrusions all over the upper half, for what purpose she didn’t know.  Didn’t care.  It.  Would.  Feel.  AMAZING!  “Aw, don’t pop yer nuts over it, Lugi.  Ya never seen yer own dick before?”  

He shook his head, eyes bulging with a potent mix of curiosity and baffled fear, obviously unaccustomed to the sheer delight that must be arcing in his groin.  “What... what’s it for?”

She growled a laugh, rewarding the comment with a squeeze that made him gasp.  He was too cute to really get angry with.  “That answer yer question, featherbrains?!  Yer gonna be stickin’ THIS bad boy as far in me as ya can, yer gonna move it in and out, and it’s gonna feel fucking fantastic!”

“Oh! OH!  Please, do that again!” he cried, arching uselessly against his restraints.  Out of the goodness of her heart, she complied, baring her fangs gleefully at the sheer control she held over the large pokémon.

“See Lugi?  Told ya it was yer lucky night!  And we ain’t even started yet!”  Unwilling to wait any longer, she lined herself up, lying on her back atop the squirming Lugia and guiding his flexible organ around to her blushing slit.  ‘This is gonna be kick ass!’


It was scary, it was unfamiliar, it was the most bizarre feeling in the entire world.  It was... incredible!  Damp, heated flesh replaced the cool, salty air around his... dick?  She seemed to have several names for it, grunted words of enjoyment emanating from the Typhlosion as she embraced more of his exposed flesh into that narrow, moist tunnel. Her... pussy?  The word still sounded strange to him, and a little funny.  

That mysterious pillar of flesh was just for this?  Had that wonderful smell made it grow from his groin?  Where did it go?  How did it all FIT in there? What about when he had to pee?  The questions rapidly gave way as he focussed solely on the feelings of the experience.  ‘Tingly tingly!  Oh, more, please more!’  He might have mumbled that last out loud, he couldn’t be sure.  He was adrift, lost in this untold sea of new sensations.

The robust fragrance of exotic spices still danced in his nostrils.  His tongue buzzed with the remnants of the blistering hot juices Trixie had squirted into his mouth.  He felt light-headed, dazed by all the tiny stars blowing up inside of him.  Every inch she managed to engulf uncovered a brand new way his body could feel nice, prickling goodness creeping up through his belly and neck, glazing his vision with untold wonder.

‘Oh, it’s so HOT, mama!’  The heat or the pressure, he wasn’t sure which part felt better.  The warmth felt like the embrace of his sky friend, only magnified tenfold and shone upon his groin with an ecstasy inducing glare.  But the squeezing!  It felt like she was trying to crush him inside her!  He could never have dreamed of something so soft, so heavenly, that could tenderly stroke every nerve in his body with loving, silky-smooth paws.                

The fearsome female moaned to the stars, his own cry of delight joining in as her slick passage flexed and clasped his sensitive shaft, his haunches straining for more of their own accord.  “Entei’s mane, Lugi, it’s too bad ya can’t ride yer own cock!  D-damn...” Her huffing laugh sounded short of breath and a little strained, her body looking tense as she squirmed around on his belly.  He could see his own shape, bulging out in the fur of her crotch, buried up to the middle of the shaft as she rested.  

The blue vines she had tied him down with chafed a little as he thrust upwards, following instincts he didn’t even know he possessed.  The stinging burn didn’t matter.  That blissful ecstasy, the blessed, intoxicating heat radiating from her nether regions... It obliterated any other concern.          


“Fuck yeah!  Deeper, wuss!  Harder!  Gimme it!”

She rolled a little more upright, making little sounds he wasn’t sure were from pleasure or pain as an extra swath of flesh slid inside the gulping tunnel.  A lightning bolt crackled down his shaft as the buried tip ground against something inside Trixie’s body, impossibly defined sensory detail from new sources almost overloading his mind.  It felt like a tiny cleft embraced the peak, abruptly halting more of his cock’s -that was such a funny word!- progress.

Her sharp claws raked across the skin of his belly, drawing a whimper from his lips, though the pleasure still far outweighed the minuscule pain.  “F-fuck... that’s all I got?  Must need more practice!  But... hot DAMN!”  Her voice sounded tight with strain for some reason as she slapped his belly with a paw, resting on the wider, lower portion of the still exposed shaft.  Could she feel how good it felt?  

He let out an expressive, eighteen note trill as she rocked her hips, working over the expanse of pulsing muscle with the strength of her loins, sliding up a bit and slamming back down.  ‘It’s so good mama!  Why didn’t you tell me about this pleasure-fun?’  He didn’t mean to sound reproachful, but he could honestly say he’d never imagined such amazing feelings could exist!  It felt like all the joys of sunlight and moon, sea and sky, spring and fall, had been bundled together and stuffed into his body.

“C’mon, work that monster prick of yers!  Hell yeah!”    

His haunches followed the pattern set by the bossy, scary Typhlosion, pulling on his chafing bonds to meet her jerking thrusts, drawing grunts flecked with muttered oaths from her, and squeals interspersed with complex whistles from him.  She couldn’t be all bad if she made him feel like THIS!  He wished she had just asked though... He didn’t like being tied down!

His shaft rippled, his eyes widening as he looked over her heaving, burning shoulders and saw the motion, travelling up and up through his flesh and then bumping its way through the part defined in her crotch-fur.  He snapped his head back with a cry of alarm as her shoulder-flames flared, almost catching him a nasty burn.  

Juices gushed freely, dribbling around his meat like a mountain stream.  She growled out something unintelligible, arching and rocking, her whole body racked by some invisible force.  His mouth fell slack, his tongue lolling foolishly as powerful contractions rippled around his turgid organ, burying it in that soft, molten cave.        

She didn’t stop bouncing, her maw opening and closing, sparks crisping above them as her shoulders ignited and flickered once again.  “S-shit, Lugi!  We’re gonna have to get together more often!  Ya sure know how to throw a party!”

The notion was daunting, as he pictured this fierce, blazing warrior goddess coming to find him again.  But if it felt like THIS...  

“Oh... oh T-trixie!”  A new sensation was building, like the ones before, but far, far stronger.  His feet kicked helplessly in the air, helpless before its subdued power, another rolling ripple flowing through his erect shaft.  “Ooh, th-there’s something... s-strange!  I-I feel like I’m gonna... gonna...”  He couldn’t even summon the coherence to complete the sentence, arching with a wordless trill.  

Her hips worked relentlessly, magical sparkles shimmering up his spine to lodge somewhere behind his eyes, each one emitting rays of bliss.  The potent smell of mouth-searing berries almost brought tears to his eyes.  

“Stow it Lugi!  J-just don’t stop!  Let it go, cum inside me!  F-fuu.... I’m already close again!”

He didn’t need to be told not to try and stop it.  He surrendered, diving mentally into a crystal sea..


White hot bolts crammed their way in, jamming up into Trixie’s widely stretched lips.  A radiant ball of pleasure rimmed with pain, smouldering inside her loins.  Trickles of sweat rolled through her fur, the beads of exertion squeezed out by the gargantuan length of male-flesh stuffed into her brimming pussy.

‘God exists... and he’s a subby bastard!’        

Her huffs of amusement mixed with the erotic squishing and slapping, her belly bulging with the strange shape of her ride’s tool.  She was so FULL!  Her engorged lips screamed at her to stop as they were lewdly stretched to their limits, her weight inexorably impaling her onto the lower half of Lugia’s twitching, drooling pride.  She didn’t stop until she hit bottom, that questing tip scraping and pounding at the entrance of her womb, spicing the pleasure with pain.  She felt unstoppable, snarling her gratification as her vaginal muscles rippled with feral ecstasy, and still there was a considerable expanse of the massive phallus out in the cold.  

Her claws groped wildly around on his crotch, trying to find what she knew had to be hiding there.  Her panting breaths came around a fanged grin as she found them.  Two firm spots, egg shaped, bulging with a potent load no one else had ever experienced.    

She could feel him tensing, his thrusts becoming even more erratic than his trills and squawks, preparing for that final, mighty release.  She couldn’t wait to see... to feel... what the “master of sea and sky” could produce for her.  “C’mon Lugi, lemme have it!”  She growled her carnal intentions, mercilessly squeezing his orbs as hard as she could, enticing him to blow his load into her firmly plugged, rippling passage.  

“Aahhh!  T-Trixiee!”  The shout trailed into a wordless, squawking squeal of glee.  The moment seemed to freeze, his meat somehow stiffening, as if coiled to spring, tensing up inside her as she jammed herself as far down as she could, a groan on her lips.  She swore she could feel his king sized balls contracting, preparing their load.

Then, everything broke at once.  

She roared in triumph, overriding Lugia’s panting cries, as a geyser of cream blasted into her.  Her walls rippled, her back arching as she thrashed uselessly, every muscle tense and shaking with mind-blowing climax.  There was nothing for her passage to suckle.  His tip ground into the entrance of her deepest sanctum, relentlessly squeezing more and more warm, potent jizz into her awaiting belly.

She howled at the sky, her paws flailing over her ballooning stomach.  The fourth and fifth mighty jets of cream had nowhere to go, trapped inside her depths by a meaty plug.  Her belly pooched out, squishy and bursting with warm, briny seed.  

She fell backwards onto a living, blue pillow, the strength of her legs and forelimbs failing her, his pride still lodged as deep as it could be.  The flying type’s shaft rippled and pulsed delightfully against her abused clit, relentlessly adding to the sloshing load as her insides swelled to accommodate it.  

Finally, after what felt like years, the flow ebbed, a few white streams escaping the seal to pour down her rump, as she struggled to regain her breath and her senses.  It felt like someone was sitting on her belly, and her paw drifted south to rub cautiously at the liquid bulge.  She looked ready to birth an egg.  “D-dammit Lugi, why’d ya have to go and knock me up with yer cum baby!”  

He sounded dazed, a few shudders still trembling through his mighty form.  “I-I’m... s-sorry?  Erm... I-I’ll t-try harder...”        

She chuckled hoarsely, pounding his chest in amusement as she prodded the swishing mass hiding beneath her fur, enjoying the curious gurgling sound it made.  When he started to shrink, this was gonna be a hell of a mess!  “It’s a joke, feather-butt.  Ya better get used to ‘em if yer gonna hang with me!  Heh, y’know, yer the only guy who’s ever worn ME out!”  She doubted she’d be able to move for awhile, even WITHOUT a whole damn ocean of jizz inside her!

He groaned weakly.  “Y-yes... I s-suppose I’ll have to.  Mama...”

The warm glow of exhausted contentment claimed her, stroking her tired shoulders as she leaned back on his pudgy belly.  “Ya still got a lot to learn, my lil’ pet!”


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