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Academy Affairs by Drass


Story Notes:

I claim no ownership of the copyrighted characters involved in this story. The characters of Mark and Sarah belong to me. Pokemon, Arcanine, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Spinarak, and the many other mentioned in this story are all owned by Nintendo.

Author's Chapter Notes:

We wrap up this part of Mark, Clara, and Flare's story with a look at how the rest of their time in the academy goes, and finally bring an to this story.

I claim no ownership of the copyrighted characters involved in this story. The characters of Mark and Sarah belong to me. Pokemon, Arcanine, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Spinarak, and the many other mentioned in this story are all owned by Nintendo.


The next couple weeks were a rough transition for me; though Clara and Flare seemed to handle all the changes better than me. All three of us reported to Mrs. Feld's office at seven in the morning the Monday after we passed our test. There, it was explained to us that I would be taking at least three additionally courses on top of my current load of classes. The first two being a set of PE classes, from this day on I would have a class where I worked with Flare, a new class where I worked with Clara, and a class where all three of us would work together. Thankfully, the third class added to my schedule was relatively easy compared to triple PE classes daily. Every day for an hour, Mrs. Feld would personally tutor me on techniques and strategies for using two partner pokemon. She made it clear that she was not doing this because she wanted to help, but because she was the only one that could. We made sure to thank her plenty before we left her office heading for my first class.

I explained to Clara that it may be interesting for a while but she'll probably get bored after the first fifteen minutes as we walked in, and she nodded, seeming to understand. I took my usual seat in the back and Flare took his next to me; Clara took the seat next to mine, taking a moment to examine how the little chair was built into the desk and made to swing out and turn. Satisfied with her understanding of its mechanics, she finally sat down just as our instructor walked in. I noticed in the brief span from then until the class began Clara seemed to be marveling at all the Growlithe lying about the room next to their appropriate partners; though her attention shifted immediately to the instructor once he began the day's lecture. Clara listened intently to everything he had to say, and to my surprise she never lost interest the whole hour we were there. Long after I had resorted to doodling in my notebook while praying for the bell to ring, she was still paying rapt attention to the instructor. Eventually the bell freed us and we headed to the first of many PE classes that day.

My usual class with Flare was first and we both spent our time doing endurance training and dedicated the last half to practicing his Close Combat attack on some dummies. Coach remarked that pretty soon he'd need to order some tougher dummies before Flare starts breaking them. Clara waited patiently in the bleachers and watched us while we worked out. Every time I looked up to her she would smile and wave and I'd return the gesture.

After my hour with Flare was over, it was Clara's turn. Flare replaced her in the bleachers and Coach decided to go easy on us, since I was still winded from the hour of running with Flare. Clara did most of the physical work. Coach ran her through all the starting procedures, even hauling several sets of weights out of storage to find out her max lifting strength. He took diligent notes on his clipboard as he had Clara work to find her max for one set of muscles, then he would make her jog a lap around the gym and time her. He repeated this process until he nodded, seeming satisfied with the data collected.

"Well, Clara's going to be a unique case for us." Coach remarked as Clara finished her last lap of the class, falling to her knees and panting. "I figure since she's built pretty much like a human that you and her would have pretty much the same training routine, but I don't know if it's because she's a psychic type or because I'm wrong in comparing her to humans as far as muscle structure, but I'm surprised she could lift the bar for half of these weights." His brow furrowed as he scratched his chin, thinking. "Her endurance is worse though, she only ran seven laps total and she's completely winded already."

"Am I not good enough?" Clara asked from her spot on the ground.

Coach grinned and patted her on the shoulder. "Don't worry about that Clara," He explained, "It's my job to help you get better at all of those things." He smirked and added "And you will, even if you end up hating me by the end of it."

She gave a sigh of relief and I helped her up off the floor right as the bell rang.

"You go and get some food in your bellies," Coach said, "I want to see all three of you back here after lunch."

I nodded and called Flare over before showing Clara to the cafeteria. There we met up with Sarah, who asked what Clara thought of her first day at the academy. Clara smiled weakly and said it was tough, but she'll keep trying her best. We chatted briefly while we ate, and soon Sarah had to leave for her last class. We finished our meal quickly after that and trudged back to the gymnasium.

Coach welcomed us back with a grin. "You know, there's never been gym classes after the lunch hour before." He said as we entered. I saw he had set up what appeared to be parts of the obstacle course Clara and I had run a few days earlier, only repurposed for something else. "I usually spend this part of the day sitting around my office waiting to go home. But now that you three will be spending an hour like this each day, I get to have a little fun in this period." He was still grinning, and I noticed an all too familiar glint in his eye. I groaned, realizing we had the bad luck of starting up his sadistic side; which only meant that he was going out of his way to challenge us.

Coach quickly gave us the run-down of what today's challenge was: we had to hit a target with Flare's Flamethrower. The catch: we'd only have a direct shot at it the first time. Each time we successfully hit the target, he would add an obstacle that Clara would have to bend the flame around.

I sighed, partly with relief that I wouldn't be straining myself any more today, partly with frustration as I knew how tricky coach would end up making these shots.

Coach set the target up for the first round, and Flare easily railed the bullseye with a powerful jet of flame. Coach set up part of the makeshift maze from earlier, essentially making it so Clara had to bend the flame ninety degrees to the right, then another ninety to the left in a short space. Clara pulled through, though the fame got close enough to brown the wood in the middle of the turn. Coach's grin only grew wider as he made the section of narrow paths full of sharp turns longer, eventually getting so complex that I had to boost Clara up on my shoulders so she could see the layout. It wasn't long before Coach had her bending the flame completely around us before flinging it at the target; and each time we had a brief glimmer of hope from successfully beating a challenge, it was smashed with an almost child-like giggle from Coach as he added yet more twists and turns. I sighed with relief as he finally ran out of maze pieces to extend the course with after forty five grueling minutes of it. My relief quickly faded ad coach then rearranged the entire layout of the path we had spent so long memorizing. With a sigh, we set to work trying to beat this last challenge, or at least we hoped it was the last. Unfortunately we spent so much time on failed attempts which had coach running in cackling with a fire extinguisher to prevent the whole thing from catching fire.

We quickly made our escape before Coach could goad us into spending passing time trying to beat it. I breathed a sigh of relief in the hall and Clara gave an exasperated sigh. "Is he always like this?" she asked.

I grinned nervously. "No, just when he gets really invested in something." I said, "He doesn't make it fun, but you have to admit you made good progress on controlling Flare's Flamethrower because he pushed you so hard."

She sighed again. "Yeah, you're right about that, I guess it's not so bad after all."

We only had one last class that day, which was our tutoring session with Mrs. Feld. We headed up to her office and I was surprised to see Nora, Mrs. Feld's Alakazam was standing outside waiting for us.

"Good to see you Mark, Clara, and Flare." She said politely before inviting us in.

Mrs. Feld was at her desk, writing in a notebook. Before we could say anything though, she spoke up. "You can go home Mark, I'm not ready yet. Come back tomorrow."

I blinked, stunned at what she said as Nora quietly led us back out the door. With a sigh and shrug, we headed out. The walk home seemed longer because we were all tired, and once we got home all we could do was collapse on the couch and stare at the television as our muscles recovered. Eventually I hauled myself off the couch to make everyone dinner before we all went to bed.

The next day went about the same as the first: Clara was still enthralled by anything the teacher had to say during lecture hall, Flare and I still ran mainly endurance training during our PE hour, we chatted with Sarah over lunch as usual, and Coach had Clara running a telekinetic gauntlet with Flare's Flamethrower again.. There were a few differences though; Coach started Clara on a light endurance training program with me alongside her to get her used to working out, and Coach started us out with the full maze for our final PE class. When we went to see Mrs. Feld again, Nora was there to greet us as before and showed us inside. Again, Mrs. Feld was writing in that same notebook and brushed us off.

We headed home and so the pattern was set: Go to lecture, go to Flare then Clara's PE class, have lunch with Sarah, Have coach throw some new sadistic training at us, then have Mrs. Feld tell us she wasn't ready before finally heading home and collapsing on the couch, exhausted. This process continued for weeks, and slowly but surely I began to notice progress. My own stamina was greatly improving from all the additional work, Clara was getting better at it as well and soon was doing longer endurance runs during her class. I could tell coach was running out of fun and cruel ways to test us, and eventually he gave up and had us just run laps around the gym the whole hour while he thought up some now obstacles. It wasn't until two weeks of this that we were fit enough that we didn't immediately collapse on the couch the moment we got home, and it showed. We'd been too exhausted for any fun time at home and we were all feeling its effects. I felt backed up enough it hurt, and Clara was worse off than me judging by the pain she shared telepathically. Thankfully, by now it was the weekend, and I could tell already that we wouldn't be going far from the bedroom until Monday.

It started early Saturday morning, when Clara and Flare shared a look right as I finished eating, and I knew what was going to happen before they even made their move. Flare gently picked me up by the scruff of my shirt, I patted him on the head.

"You don't have to carry me, I'm more than willing already." I said, half chuckling as Flare set me down, I could already feel my member swelling in anticipation. I took Clara's hand and led her to the bedroom with Flare close on our heels. I shut the door behind us and thought for a moment on how best to go about what we were about to do before Clara took charge and pulled the yoga mat from the wall. Flare paced about eagerly as she rolled it out on the floor before standing up and kissing me as she pulled my night shirt off as Flare stepped behind me and quickly tugged my boxers down. In a single second of teamwork they had me fully nude.

I looked to Clara to take charge again, and she smiled; sending me a mental image of Flare mounting me while I was on all fours. I smiled back and quickly assumed the position on the mat. Flare paced back and forth impatiently as Clara took the lube from my desk and began coating her fingers in it. I could see Flare's massive rod was already engorged and free of its sheath, even the knot was already starting to swell. I felt Clara slip two fingers gently inside me before moving them around, coating my insides with lube as she loosened me up for Flare. Clara seemed to relish the moment, watching Flare's knot swell intently before finally stepping aside and presenting him with my ass ready for the taking.

Flare all but pounced on me and barely could keep himself restrained enough for a gentle entry. Guided by Clara's hand, the tip of his massive rod slid deep into my ass, eliciting a moan from me and a relieved murr from flare. I didn't get long to adjust to him, as he quicky set to work slamming his cock into me. I gritted my teeth, trying to loosen myself up more as he frantically humped me. Before long he was panting heavily and I could feel his full knot mashing against my ass. I suddenly felt something warm and wet run across my shaft, and I looked down to see Clara Lying beneath me. She dutifully licked my member clean of any pre it dripped out as her own painfully erect member poked free of her dress. I wanted to help her relieve it, but couldn't reach from my current position. It wasn't long before the dual stimulation of Flare's massive rod mashing my prostate and Clara's now very skilled tongue cleaning my shaft pushed me to the edge. I moaned loudly as I erupted, coating Clara's ready face with a couple thick spurts of my pent up seed before she took the tip in her mouth and eagerly swallowed the rest of my massive load. Flare came moments later, desperately trying and failing to cram his knot into my ass as he unloaded into my bowels. I felt my stomach gurgle just from the sheer amount of fluid being pumped into me. I groaned and slumped forward, slipping off of Flare's member as he unloaded the last few spurts of his thick seed across my back.

I laid there on the floor panting for a while as flare collapsed as well. After a few moments I noticed Clara had long since moved out from under me and was frantically stroking her own member. I felt myself stiffening for another round as I stared at her, and crawled up behind her. She worked her shaft while moaning, oblivious of my advance until I had wrapped my arms around her. She jumped, but quickly resumed moaning as I wrapped my hand around her member. "Let me take care of that." I said lovingly as I started gently stroking her and nuzzled her neck. She leaned back into me and let me do my work, and soon I was hard again. I pulled her onto my lap and gently pressed the tip of my member against her asshole, eliciting a small gasp from her before she surprised me by sitting down on my member hard, seeming to take my saliva and cum-slick shaft with ease. "H-how'd you do that Clara?" I asked, still curious despite my arousal.

She panted and grinned weakly, "I figured it out before, I just have better control down there than you" She said before slowly rising up on my rod and slamming down, causing both of us to moan. I decided not to ask any more questions and focus on the job at hand. Grabbing her hips, I began to thrust up into her inviting asshole as she moved down on me in tandem. We quickly built up pace until we were both moaning and panting as we frantically mashed out hips together, trying desperately to make the other cum. Eventually, Clara fell forward onto her hands and knees and I moved with her, taking over the work as I began plowing her ass from behind. All she could do was moan and try to hold herself up as her rock hard member drooled a veritable puddle of pre to the mat below. We didn't get to savor this new position for long: Clara soon came, hard. She unloaded jet after jet of semen, most of it landing on the floor but a few spurts were powerful enough to splatter her face with her copious load, adding to my seed from before. The rhythmic clenching of her ass as she shot her load was all I need to go over the edge as well and I began unloading into her ass, filling her enough for it to leak out and down her thighs as I kept thrusting into her. We collapsed together, passing out on the yoga mat with my member still in her ass.

We woke up later that afternoon and spent the rest of the day cleaning up the massive mess we had made before cleaning ourselves. We cleaned Flare first before Clara and I showered together. Sunday went by in a similar fashion, though Flare opted out of the fun seeming to be satisfied from the day before. Clara and I made love at least three times before passing out on the bed together, completely drained.

Monday came, and with it we were back to classes. Though something broke the pattern this time. Mrs. Feld finally was ready for us, and we spent the last hour of the day from then on listening as she explained to us everything she had learned about using psychic and fire pokemon in tandem. Occasionally we would all head to the gym for a practice bout where she would demonstrate whatever technique she was trying to explain that day. The notebook turned out to be a make-shift textbook full of literally anything she could think of, though it was a pain to find anything specific in it. Life settled into a smooth and predictable rhythm from then on: Classes on weekdays followed by relaxing in the evening and the occasional quickie with Clara or Flare to break up the week, then weekends we would either hang out with Sarah or by ourselves during the days, and in the evenings we would make love. Life was relatively simple and we were all happy during the last year and a half I had at the academy.

That time didn't last forever, but we enjoyed it for all it was worth until finally we graduated. The academy held a big ceremony for all of us, and my whole family showed up for it, even my uncle made the trip from Jhoto to see my progress. I got to introduce Clara to everyone and they got to meet my friend Sarah as well. Sarah and my uncle hit it off and spent most of the reception chatting together about the differences between Jhoto and Kanto while I spent my time catching up with my parents on everything that had happened back home. At some point I ran into Sarah's huge family, who congratulated me and thanked me for being Sarah's friend while she was so far from home. The reception ended and all our relatives had to leave. We said our goodbyes before all the graduates headed to the after party, which was being held in the gymnasium. A veritable sea of Growlithe proceeded us as everyone's partner pokemon lead the way. The party went all night and I mainly stuck to the corner as Flare marched around leading a small pack of Growlithe that decided he was in charge. Clara spent the evening trying to learn how to dance with Sarah, who was just patient enough to keep trying and before the night was through she was actually getting pretty good at it. Before the party was over, they managed to convince me to leave the corner and come dance with them, and though I was embarrassed and awkward to be out in front of so many people, having Clara nearby was all I needed to keep going. Soon the sun rose, and we all headed our separate ways. We said our goodbyes to Sarah before trudging home and collapsing in bed together, even Flare hauled himself up with us. Exhausted from staying up all night, we soon fell asleep. We weren't sure where we were going to go after this, but we knew we were going to be together no matter what. Those were my thoughts as I drifted to sleep on my last day in the academy.
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