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Survival by Silverwolf


Author's Chapter Notes:

A Lone Riolu ventures out into the unknown from his first home.

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Chapter 1

Poke'mon Survival

Author's Note: Here's another story for a less than popular genre. Warnings include: Cub, Violence (not in sex), Death, light gore, incest, impregnation, maybe some Bestiality, lactation, and Bondage.

Disclaimer: I do not own Poke'mon and I do not own Tokyo Jungle that I'm crossing over with this story. Again this is going to be a sex heavy story no one under 18 should read and like in the Warnings there is also going to be violence and death. Also if you don't like Cub sex then don't read giving warning well ahead of time.

Setting: The Unova Region the once habitable region has become infected with heavy toxicity and a virus that has killed off all human inhabitants. The Poke'mon that reside there however have changed and adapted using the baser instincts they were born with they survive, but every day is a struggle and territories change with the strongest taking charge.


In a small apartment building a rustling can be heard followed by a clattering of empty cans banging against each other. Inside an eight year old Riolu is seen searching through the small cupboards and refrigerator desperately trying to find something to fill his empty stomach. Since he hatched all alone four years ago in the dark room he has survived on what food he could find that he could reach. On the floor are empty shredded bags of dry food, chips, cookies, and jerky along with cans of wet Poke' food that he had consumed slowly over the years not daring to go outside since he wasn't sure what was out there. His body is slim with some muscle his fur is shaggy but still smooth and somewhat clean. His eyes are the common deep red of his species and the same could be said of his fur color as it was the common blue and black.

His body resembled the figure of an eight year old human but he still had the characteristics of a Riolu including the emotion sensors on the back of his head but they were covered up by his mid neck length hair. He carefully climbs up to the counter using the racks in the fridge to reach it. He heaves himself up onto the slightly slick tile counter and slowly walks over to a closed bread box. He opens it much to his disappointment it was empty making him plop down and whine in defeat at the absence of anything resembling food.

He sighs as he gets up again slowly climbing down the same way he got up knowing that he wasn't going to be able to find a way up to the upper cupboards. He walks around the scattered cans and food to the ajar door leading out of his safe haven. He takes a deep breath his red eyes slowly becoming determined and opens the door letting in the light of the sun and seeing the outside world for the first time. To him it was breath taking seeing the overgrown plants that now covered the once beautiful city of Castelia City all around the buildings long green vines snaked their way through any opening, wall and barrier.

A few of the windows on the tall sky scrapers were broken as well as the long external ducts used for air conditioning were broken off their hinges and placing creating new paths to reach the higher buildings. Some buildings had collapsed floors due to earthquakes and the occasional wild Poke'mon trying to find food in this new wild world. Down below the streets are cracked and cars that once belonged to humans block access to some of the streets but they could be easily gotten around with the right knowledge of how to do so. In some of the deeper cracks are pools of water though not entirely pure were still drinkable from and they were also teeming with algae and other plant life.

The Riolu looks around trying to get his bearings in this new area he looks off to the side seeing a stairway down to ground level. He hesitantly looks back at the empty apartment that he once called home and sees a neckerchief lying near the door. It was still a light grey color with the outline of an Aura Sphere and in the center is the Japanese character for wind he slowly picks it up and makes a quick knot tying it around his neck making sure the symbol was displayed on his back.

He slowly takes the steps down to ground level he takes a quick look around and decides to head down the path to look for food. He eventually sees a small flock of Pidove in the center of the square lightly pecking at the ground. In the cracks of the street have patches of long grass that could help the little Riolu get closer to them he quickly jumps into the long grass and stays still letting his instinct take over and slowly crawls closer to the flock after they go back to pecking at the ground. He takes slow steady breaths and soft steps to not alert them keeping low he reaches the end of his cover, he looks out amongst them picking the plumpest of the Pidove and leaps out using a Quick Attack he clamps his jaws down on its neck and biting as hard as he could crushing the wind pipe of the flying Poke'mon and scaring the others off.

He slowly lets go of his kill and starts de-feathering it to make it more edible he takes large bites out of the dead Poke'mon shredding the muscle from bone and cartilage. Once he finishes his meal he tosses the bones and beak to the side of the road and walks farther down the street to the fountain. Now cracked and leaking water out of the side of the wall he washes his paws and muzzle to get rid of the pungent smell of blood. Off to his side he hears the hiss of a cat. Off to his left he barely dodges a Scratch attack and jumps back to see a male Purrlion standing where he was just moments ago, "Leave punk this is my turf." He says confidently extending his claws to make himself more menacing.

The Riolu stairs at him in an offensive position the fur on the back of his neck standing straight up and from deep in his throat lets out a small growl. He rushes straight at him punching him straight in the stomach with another Quick Attack. The Purrlion is tossed back into the street and takes a deep breath to recover. "D-damn he's better than I thought." He says as he stands up again. He rushes the Riolu using Furry Swipes, the Riolu puts up his arms to deflect the blows away from his face and eyes but the Swipes cut deep into his skin and fur making him wince and bite his bottom lip to endure the pain.

Once the Purrlion stops to catch his breath the Riolu drops his guard and thrusts his palm forward at the Purrlion's chest sending a small shock throughout his body paralyzing his movements. As he tries to move electricity shoots through his body making him seize up and unable to move. The Riolu pulls his paw back and punches him as hard as he can throwing him into a car window shredding his back with the glass he cries out in pain and starts crying loudly. The Riolu looks at the car and sighs turning his back on him and once again washes the blood off his arms he winces as the cold water makes contact with the open wounds. After a while he stands and walks off leaving the Purrlion to his fate.

He smells a pungent smell of a marking spot and replaces it as his figuring that was the extent of the Purrlion's territory. His arms slowly drip blood onto the concrete he knew he'd have to find some way to stop the bleeding. From behind he hears a slight rustle from the bushes lightly scaring him into another offensive position thinking he was going to be attacked again but instead he sees another Riolu about the same age as him. He keeps his guard up as she slowly steps out of the bush to approach him, "It's alright I want to help." She says softly in her paws she's holding a potion a bit awkwardly since she wasn't sure how to hold it but she knew how to use it.

He tilts his head to the side in confusion having been alone for so long. "R-Rio?" He manages to speak but he didn't know English as well as the other Riolu did. She looks at him confused and sets the spray bottle down in front of him.

"You can't speak can you?" She asks as she places her paws on top of his and gently pushes them down trying to show that she wasn't a threat in anyway. Her fur was a little dirty but it was hardly noticeable it was a vibrant yellow mixed with blue signifying she was a shiny Riolu. Her hair was grown out long and it reached her lower back her eyes shined like rubies entrancing the male and making him a little curious of her. She lightly pulls him over to the Potion nozzle trying not to make more blood come out of the scratches or hurt him in any way that would make him aggressive again.

He slowly follows her lead being wary of what she was trying to do but unwilling to raise a paw against her. He could faintly read her aura as being worried but without proper training he was confused on everything he was sensing but knew when someone was trying to harm him as the Purrlion had been an example of what to look for. She has him lift his arms up as she scurries back behind the Potion, " going to sting a lot so...I'm really sorry!" she says as she quickly sprays the concentrated mixture onto his arms making him yelp from the stinging sensation.

He tries to rub it off but she quickly holds his paws still, "It's almost over just give it a few seconds." She says quickly trying to calm him down. Soon the stinging subsided and she let go of his paws so he could examine them closely. Finding nothing wrong with the treatment he looks at her and softly smiles before hugging her tightly making her smile and returns the hug, "You're welcome. My name is Rita. Can you say Rita?" She asks as she pulls away from him. He again tilts his head to the side but unexpectedly to her he lightly pushes her into the bushes making her yelp in surprise.

He lightly starts nibbling on her neck affectionately and a bit wildly making her gasp and blush at the feeling she sees the edge of his tail wagging softly thinking it's just him being happy she lets him continue making her giggle softly. Like him her body is slim as well not showing any signs of maturing but they were still susceptible to desire as the unnamed male Riolu was feeling. Slowly his six inch red pointed rod began sliding out of his sheath that protected his testicles from harm.

The shaft was thick, to a Riolu it was huge to a Lucario it was big, the tip was slowly leaking pre onto her thigh gaining her attention to the new appendage she looks at it for a few seconds before the male flips her onto her stomach and lifting up her hips. She looks back at him curiously, "Is this a game?" She asks curiously at him but again getting a confused look, then she feels him prodding her small backside for a few minutes until she feels his tip press against her small folds making her gasp from the small feeling of pleasure. "T-that felt good." She says softly with a blush before she feels the tip spread her lower lips making her wince from the feeling. "O-Ow s-slow please." She says to him.

He seems to understand and slows his penetration of her lightly pulling back and pushing his tip into her little by little making it more pleasurable than painful. She moans softly and yips as each thrust made her feel good eventually his rod was entirely inside her, her hymen was broken but didn't cause her an extreme pain as it normally would have. His knot was slowly growing as well once he felt she was ready he started to increase the power and speed of his thrust again making her gasp and yelp like a puppy.

His breath was quick and shallow as he let his primal lust out on her and she was letting him falling into the pleasure of their rutting like animals over take her mind. She whimpered softly but not from pain but from the pleasure she felt her little body take with each of his thrusts. "M-More please!" She manages to yelp out in the haze of their love making he stops for a second before pulling all the way back until only his tip was inside her then thrusting as deep as he could making his swelled knot enter her with an audible 'pop' she cries out from the mix of pain and pleasure but she couldn't help but take it and enjoy it.

He lowers himself on top of her and start thrusting into her using short rapid deep thrusts, "Aah! Y-Yes!" She cries out from the pleasure then she tenses up as her orgasm finally washes over her in waves the fluids she would have released are trapped inside her then she hears the male growl deeply and then a rush of hot sticky fluids flow into her womb and mix together with her own fluids. They both pant heavily as they slowly fall asleep in the protective cover of the bush.

Nearby a female Lucario is searching the bushes with an annoyed look on her face, 'Where did that little pup get to this time? I hope she didn't help a Poke'mon that could make a meal of her.' She thinks with worry and annoyance. She sighs but stops in mid-inhale picking up the scent of their mating easily, "Oh no..." She says as she finds the two Riolu fast asleep and tied together. "Well...she's mated now the boy doesn't look half bad though and by the smell...seems like she came." She says idly to herself as she carefully picks up the two young ones.

"We do need a male though..." She says again to herself as she gently holds them to her developing C cup chest and uses Extremespeed to get them out of the area back to Rita's nest. The Lucario is thin but some muscle was evident on her arms and legs, her stomach is smooth and sported a four pack abs. Her fur covered up her breasts and the Lucario's hips and thighs are covered by their trademark shorts. Her spikes on the back of her paws and center of her chest are rounded instead of pointed sharp.

She stops in front of an old Poke' Mart it looked relatively untouched by Poke'mon but on the inside the vines cover the walls and ceiling as a testament to how archaic the buildings have become. She walks inside still gently cradling the two Riolu. Inside most of the shelves still had products on them and others that had toys or perishable food are empty since they were no longer needed, in the back to the right of the store is a pile of dry grass and a pillow big enough for all three Poke'mon.

For now the older of the two put them down on the pillow the light jostle was enough to slide the male out of Rita letting the mixture of fluids leak out of her and making her moan unconsciously. 'Great I probably have to replace that grass now.' She thinks as she rubs her head but then notices the male's large cock. It makes her blush and grow a little warm inside, 'W-wow that's pretty big...huh lucky find sis this might be fun having him around.' She slowly sits down on the floor and leans up against the wall near them.

After a few hours the male Riolu wakes up and examines his new surroundings it was strange to him seeing the various discarded containers and over turned selves but it gave him a sense of security knowing that he was inside again instead of being out in the open. He sees the Lucario sleeping and can't help but feel extremely happy and playful. He crawls over to her and sits in her lap waking up the sleeping Lucario, she groans as her red eyes slowly open looking down into the face of the happy Riolu, "Oh you're finally awake are you?" She says as she lightly pats his head.

He tilts his head to the side again, "Rio? Lu." He says simply before wrapping his arms around her tightly and nuzzling his face into her breasts unknowingly making the Lucario blush from the sudden contact and the juvenile gesture. She simply lets him nuzzle and hug her probably seeing her as a replacement mother or pack leader.

She looks down at him, "Heh bet you've been alone for a long time...well I guess you're a part of our little pack now. I think your name will be...Silver, yeah that sounds like a good name for you." She says with a small smile as he finally let's go of her. "Bet you're hungry too. Let's see what we have left." She says as she slowly gets up and heads over to the counter to search the cupboards for food.

She carefully gets on her hands and knees to search the lower shelves for anything edible. The Riolu slowly approaches her from behind at first curiously watching her to see what she was doing but his attention was slowly drawn to her lightly swaying ass and tail as she struggled to find an unopened can of Poke' Food.

He could feel himself grow aroused again as he watched her, he growls softly as he reaches for her shorts and yanks them down getting her attention, "Hey stop!" She tries to get out quickly but she hits her head on the metal shelf dazing her for a couple of seconds which was just enough time for the Riolu so press his nose against her warm slit and start licking at it making her shiver with pleasure.

She could feel his warm wet tongue slide over her folds and his hands spreading her legs apart so he could more easily access her slowly dripping pussy. She tries to resist the pleasure but couldn't lust slowly filled her mind as he continued eating her out. She let out soft gasps and moans until she felt him slowly stop, "A-all right... you had your fun... now let me-" She says through her panting but she gets cut off as she feels his tip spread her lips slightly making her gasp loudly in surprise.

"Don't you dare!" She shouts out as she feels him slam his entire length into her virgin pussy making her scream out from the pain and pleasure. She grits her teeth as she gets used to the feeling of his member inside her, 'D-damn it, it's going to take a long time to teach this little- ah! ...bastard.' Her thoughts are interrupted by the Riolu beginning to thrust into her.

His hands are wrapped around her hips resting along her inner thighs spreading her legs a bit more so he can thrust deeper. She tries to steady herself against his thrusts but since she didn't have much room she could only place her hands on the glass and take his thrusting into her making her moan softly. "F-fuck feels so good." She says softly as she takes Silver's cock inside her she could even feel his slowly expanding knot pressing up against her lower lips.

She pushes back against the glass to steady herself but it lead for Silver's knot to pop into her making her scream from the sudden deeper penetration and the spreading of her lips further. "S-shouldn't have done that." She whimpers softly to herself as she feels the tip of his pointed cock penetrate her womb slightly. He didn't slow down or even seem to notice he had tied with her as he continued to pump into her, his panting is heavy and he has his eyes closed focused on the pleasure of her tight soft walls wrapped around his cock.

Over by the makeshift bed Rita slowly starts waking up from the sounds of her sister getting pounded by Silver. She yawns softly as she rubs her eyes and becomes more alert to her surroundings. She winces lightly when she moves her legs slightly feeling the soreness slowly spread from her groin and thighs, "Sister?" She calls out to her noticing Silver pumping into her lower half making her blush lightly remembering how good it felt when it happened with her. "Oh you two are playing that game. I'll... go take a bath I guess." She says slowly getting up and slowly walks over to a bathroom to bathe.

She looks back at them blushing deeper before disappearing behind the door that lead to a janitor's closet that they modified so they could bathe easily. Silver kept pushing as deep as he could into the older Poke'mon letting his pre fill her womb slightly. She was also panting heavily and long stopped struggling and let the mating continue, "Mn... h-hurry up will ya?" She whimpers out as she feels him beginning to grind his hips hard up against her's then after a few more thrusts she feels a torrent of his sticky white seed enters her womb making her cry out from the sudden warmth filling her.

Silver slowly loosens his grip on her legs and gently lowers her lower half to the ground so they could rest. "F-fuck Silver you know how to mate a girl" Heh forgot to introduce myself... I'm Kylee, Rita's older sister... not that you understand anyways." She says to him slowly trying to catch her breath.

She feels him lay down on top of her since he couldn't get himself free just yet, "S-...Sister?" He says softly but curiously as he nuzzles his cheek against her shoulder blade. Kylee looks back at him in a mix of shock and disbelief at his first word then hits her head against the bottom of the empty display case.

She sighs heavily as she sees Rita come back out in a thick towel since they had to conserve water for later, "Yes and later when you learn more I'm going to kill you for this then make you my pet." She says to him as she closes her eyes.

End of Chapter 1

A/N: alright guys hope you like this one took me a while to write but thought it might work. Leave a review good or bad I'll take it into account and make the next one better. Later People.

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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Jan 4 2014 Chapter:Chapter 1
    As much as I loved this, I have one tiny issue: would 'Silver' still be considered a pup, or the equivalent of an immature teen?

    And the first contact he has in hears and he decides to rape then...?
    Author's Response:
    You have to take a couple factors into account. First is animals can reproduce at a young age which pokemon are in a sense. Second Silver was deprived of guidance since birth so he'd act on instinct. By our standards he'd be considered a Feral/mentally handicapped pre-teen. He's not stupid by any means but he needs time to learn.