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All publicly recognizable characters are the property of nintendo and gamefreak. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended

Author's Chapter Notes:

this was planned and written as a short, to the point one off as a break from my series work.


Ace paced about nervously in the unfamiliar forrest the humans had just dropped him off in. The people who normally brought him his food and groomed him had suddenly picked him out of the usual group of pokemon he lived with under their care, and taken him to a strange truck. During the drive Ace couldn't make out much of what they were saying from his kennel in back, but one word stuck out to him that made his heart drop. "Released." He had heard that word before and knew what it meant. Released was when a trainer didn't want his pokemon anymore and got rid of it. The Buizel remained curled up in a ball in the corner of his kennel for the entierety of the trip, trying to make sense of everything. Being born in a day care center and placed into the pokemon storage system soon after hatching, to say Ace was inexperienced was an understatement. He had learned enough from his fellow pokemon to communicate well, but apart from that he had no idea how to fight or fend for his own.

The truck gradually came to a stop and Ace heard the doors open and shut before the back of the truck opened up, letting dim light shine in on him.

"Alright little guy, here we are." One of the humans said as it slid his kennel out. Ace huddled as far from the door as he could, frightened. From his new vantage point he could see they had parked at the edge of a forest. The kennel wobbled unstably as the human carried Ace into the trees, and after a few minutes he was set down with a thump.

"Home sweet home." The human said as he opened the gate, but Ace remained inside. "Come on little guy, we don't have all day." The human said impatiently. Ace backed up even more, squishing himself flat against the back wall. With a sigh the human reached into the kennel and grabbed the Buizel by the scruff of his neck. Ace squirmed but wasn't strong enough to free himself of the human's grip. "Jeeze, calm down! I'm not going to hurt you!" the human grunted, but Ace didn't believe it and kept squirming. The human dropped him rudely on his rear before stomping off back the way they had come, leaving Ace sitting dazed and alone on the forrest floor.

Ace stared after the human as he got back into the truck, not sure what to do, but before he could decide on anything they were already driving off without him. Ace surveyed his surroundings nervously. "I guess I'm stuck here now..." He mumbled to himself as he pulled his paws under him. Just then his ears perked up, catching a sound that his instincts told him was good. He took one last quick look back towards the road before scurrying off towards the noise with his tail between his legs, checking behind him often to make sure nothing was following him.

Soon the smell of fresh water hit his nose and hea realized what he was heading for. He picked up the pace, heading for whatever body of water had caught his ear and was relieved when he found himself at the edge of a deep creek. Ace took one last look around him before dipping his head into the water to drink. He was suprised how thirsty he was and drank untill his stomach was full. Once his thirst was sated, he rolled over onto his side with a contented sigh.

"Well, that's one problem solved." He thought to himself. "Now all I need is food." He tried to think of what kind of food he should get, but all the thought brought to mind was the brown pellets they gave him at the storage center. "Now where am I gonna find those out here?" He mumbled to himself looking into the surrounding woods.

Suddenly a splash broke his focus and he jumped upright. some round, blue mouse thing was now on the shore next to him and looking at him angrily. "What do you think you're doing here?" The pokemon demanded.

"I-I'm sorry, I just-" Ace stammered out, backing up.

"Sorry? Don't make me laugh." The pokemon growled. "This is my beach in case you didn't notice, now get off it!"

Ace froze up, not sure how to respond to this aggression.

"Fine, be that way." The angry pokemon said rushing forward. Before Ace knew it he was in the air with a powerful ache in his side, staring back at the blue mouse who had launched him. With a spash the Buizel was suddenly submerged, and in the suprise of it all managed to inhale some water causing him to choke. Ace frantically flailed his paws, barely managing to make it to the surface as he began coughing the water out of his lungs. he found it suprisingly easy to float there, but just after noticing this he heard the mouse pokemon yelling again.

"You're a pathetic excuse for a water pokemon." It hollered. Ace jumped and began frantically paddling to get as far away from the other pokemon as he could. To his suprise it started laughing at him as he swam downstream. Trying to ignore it, Ace swam until he could no longer hear the other pokemon. Exhausted from his innefficient way of swimming and from choking earlier, he decided to just float for a bit and catch his bearings. looking around him he could see he was still in the forest, though it seemed to be moving. He looked down and realize he was the one moving, as the current had picked up a bit from where he had been thrown in.

Ace sighed and began paddling towards shore, but a sudden rush of water caught his lower half and pulled him under. The undercurrent was strong and quickly pulled him further downstream as Ace struggled to hold his breath. A loud splash startled the Buizel as he was thrown out of the water for a brief moment after a sudden dip in the river's path. Disoriented, Ace paddled as fast as he could towards what he guessed was up and found himself caught in an even stronger current. The river tossed him about and at one point he managed to get his head above water to see he was surrounded by the white foam of rapids.

"H-help!" Ace shouted right before he was pulled under again. He sank down and tumbled across the bottom for a few feet before pushing off of it and managing to get his head above the surface again "Please someone!" he pleaded. The current pulled him faster and he went under again and bounced hard off of a submerged boulder. getting the wind knocked out of him. Out of air, he sank quickly to the bottom and tumbled there before regaining his senses and pushing off towards the surface. He emerged gasping, unable to speak as he drew ragged breaths and tried to remain afloat.

"You idiot!" A voice shouted from off to his left. Ace tried to look for the owner of the voice but was draged under yet again. The river grew shallower, but no less rapid as he tumbled along the bottom again, but was unable to get his paws under him this time. His air was running thin and he was too dizzy to tell which way was up anymore. Ace thought this might be the end for him untill his head collided with something hard, but wasn't a rock. Suddenly the Buizel felt teeth clamp down on the scruff of his neck and as someone lifted him out of the water, growling with the effort.

Ace was dropped down unceremoniously on something round and long and after getting his bearings he realized he was on a log that had been pinned between some rocks in the river. He looked around confused untill he saw his rescuer standing behind him. The pokemon was a black canine with what appeared to be a skull adorning his forehead. He looked the buizel up and down before speaking. "You know it should be the other way around here, right?" He said.

"W-what?" Ace studdered.

"What kind of water pokemon can't swim?" The canine asked impatiently.

Ace looked down,blushing. "I-I'm sorry, I just..." He started, "Its just this is my first time in the water."

"What?" The dog asked, unbelievingly.

"I was just abandoned here today, okay?" Ace said.

The canine sighed. "You're hopeless, you know that?" He said, walking down the log to shore.

Ace watched after him for a few seconds before following. Once on shore, the dog turned to him and sat down. "Do you have a name?" He asked gruffly.

"A-Ace. I'm Ace." The buizel said. "What should I call you?"

"Just call me Houndour. I don't need a special name." The canine said flatly.

"L-listen," Ace said, "Thanks a lot for saving me, I thought I was done untill you showed up."

Houndour tilted his head. "So what are you going to pay me with?" He asked.

Ace blinked, "Pay?" He asked, worried. "I-I don't have anything to give you, I was just dropped here on without anything today!" He stammered.

The Houndour huffed impatienly. "You didn't expect me to go out of my way into water for nothing did you?" He asked, getting annoyed.

"I-I'm really sorry, I'll do anything I can to make up for it!" The buizel pleaded, not wanting to lose the closest thing to a friend he had in this place.

"You really leave me with no choice." Houndour said matter-of-factly. "No food to pay me back with, only one real way you can make it up."

"Whatever it is I'm glad to do it, I wouldn't be here if you hadn't stepped in." The buizel said, smiling.

The Houndour grinned. "All right, since you're so eager, turn around." He ordered.

Ace looked at him confused before turning so his tails were facing the canine. "Like this?" He asked doubfully.

"Perfect." Houndour said, licking his chops as he advanced on his prize. Ace looked back at him doubtfully until he felt the canines paws descend on his back and wrap around his flanks.

"W-wait, what are you doing?" Ace asked, panicked.

"Relax, you said you'd do anything to pay me back." The Houndour cooed in his ear, sending a tingle down his spine.

Ace held his ground, unsure what the canine was doing as it began rocking its hips against him. "Are you sure about this?" Ace asked, feeling a bit uncomfortable under the dog's weight. Houndour said nothing and kept grinding against him. Suddenly ace felt something wet and stiff poking against his tailhole, and after a moment the realization donned on him. "W-wait you want to MATE me?" He asked nervously.

"That wasn't obvious?" The Houndour asked, annoyed. "Don't tell me you want to back out now?"

Ace blushed intensely. "N-no, it's just I've never done anything like this before..." He admitted, though despite that he could still feel his own shaft emerging from its sheath in response to the one pressing needily against him.

The houndour murred and gently nipped at his neck, causing him to pant. "I'll be sure to take it easy on you then." He reassured.

Ace nodded and braced his hind legs, holding firm for the hound getting ready to take him. He could feel the pre dripping across his asshole from the now very swollen cock pressing against him, and slowly but surely it was letting the dog spread his hole open. Within minutes he was panting and rock hard as the Houndour's rod kept prodding against him. "Get ready kid." Was all the warning Ace got before the prod turned into a push. Ace inhaled sharply as he felt his tailhole reflexively tighten around the invading shaft, but after a few moments he forced himself to relax and let out a small yelp as the Houndour quickly buried itself inside him. Ace whimpered quietly as his already aching tailhole slowly grew used to the invading member. "There you go, now I'm gonna start moving." Houndour murred into his ear. Ace did his best to relax and let things happen naturally, but it was easier said than done. Despite his clenching, Houndour still pumped firmly and slowly into him, starting to press into an area that felt weird to the buizel at first, but the more the canine's rod pressed against it the better it felt. It wasn't long before the good feelings from Houndour hitting that spot began to overpower the discomfort he was feeling from being penetrated.

"Y-you can go faster you know." Ace panted out.

A delighted murr preceded Houndour's thrusts picking up speed, eliciting more good feeling the harder he pressed up against that spot. Soon Ace was moaning quietly and rising up to meet Houndour's thrusts, which Houndour took as an invitation to hump faster and elicit more moans from him. Ace looked below him and saw a steady stream of pre dripping down from his ignored shaft to the ground as the Houndour filled him over and over again. "Faster!" Ace pleaded, moaning louder. Houndour obliged and began giving Ace's ass all he had, and soon Ace felt something larger bumping up against his asshole with each thrust.

"Alright, get ready for my knot!" Houndour grunted right as he thrust up hard against the buizel. Ace panted and Pressed back against the canine hard until he felt somethign large and round pop inside him, pressing hard against his spot. He felt somethign about to burst in his loin until a deep groan from above him and the hard knot inside him began throbbing and pushed him over the edge. Ace came across the dirt below him as the Houndour pumped him full of its seed. Ace panted heavily as he came down from the high of his orgasm, but a sudden tugging from beind broke his focus. With a yelp, Ace felt Houndour's knot pulled out of him, leaving his ass to gape open for a few seconds before slowly closing shut.

"Now we're even." Houndour said with a contented sigh before starting to walk off into the woods.

Ace stared after him for a few seconds before speaking up. "W-wait!"

The houndour stopped and looked back at him. "What is it now?" He asked.

Ace looked down. "I'm new here and I really don't know anything about the woods." he said, "you seem to know a lot about taking care of yourself and I was wondering if..." He trailed off.

Houndour looked at him, tilting its head. "Are you saying you want me to look after you and show you the ropes?" He asked flatly.

"W-well, if you don't mind it that is." Ace said quietly, still looking down.

The Houndour looked at him long and hard before walking back to him. "You know I won't do it for free, right?" He said with a hint of a smirk.

Ace looked up at him surprised, then blushed as he looked down to the streaks of cum on the dirt under him. "I know." He said smiling shyly.

Houndour smiled back and surprised him with a lick on the nose. "Well come on then." He said, Turning to the forest and looking back at the Buizel.

"Maybe this place won't be so bad after all." Ace thought to himself as he followed after his new friend.
    Dan Buizel
    Date:May 4 2018

    I know this story is so incredibly old but I would love to see more from these two

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