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Meal Time Fun (extremely graphic version) by Beluinus


Story Notes:

*WARNING* severely twisted story. Lots of blood and gore, and extreme vore. You have been warned.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are property of their rightful owners. The plot and characters are of my own creation. I'm not associated with the creators, producers, or owners of any media franchise in any way, and I am not expecting any profit to be made whatsoever. No copyright infringement is intended.

Please do not rate me one story simply because you do not like what the story is about. If you don't care for vore, simply don't read it.

Author's Chapter Notes:

One shot twisted lemon, enjoy.

Chapter 1

A slight rustle can be heard from a patch of tall grass, the pichu freezing, eyes wide, looking around to see what caused the noise, but not finding anything. The little electric mouse, still a little uneasy, goes back to searching the ground for food. An espeon, eyes watching the little rodent, crouched in the grass, licking his lips in anticipation for his meal, the pichu not the only hungry one.

He slinks forwards, being more careful to not make any more noise, so as to not alert his potential prey to his presence. He crawls forward, hugging the ground, sneaking ever closer to his meal, purring quietly in anticipation. He gets to the edge of the grass, readying his hind legs, jumping out of the grass, flying through the air, finally alerting the electric mouse, who at first glance of the psychic cat, attempts to bolt, running in the opposite direction of the flying cat. The espeon anticipated this though, and had purposely overshot where the rodent was, so he would land on him,making a slight twist of his body in mid-air, landing right on top of the mouse, pinning him to the ground. He could have used psychic to trap him,but he enjoys the thrill of the hunt, and considers that cheating.

"Please! Don't eat me!" Begs the pichu, pleading with the feline holding him down. The espeon licks him, tasting his meal. "Oh don't worry my little electric friend. I'm not going to eat you. Yet." He says, grinning down at him, licking him again.

"Yet? What do you mean yet? Please, just make it fast, don't torture me." He cringes from the lick, his heart beating faster from the fear of getting eaten. "Well, you see, I'm not just hungry. It's mating season, as you probably know already, and I haven't been able to find a mate, and I'm getting desperately horny. I've seen five couples going at it in the past hour alone! So, you are going to help me out with that you delectable morsel, then I'll eat you."

"You mean, you're in heat?" He asks, before glancing down between his legs, and noticing for the first time, that the espeon is a male, and his face pales in understanding. "Oh no."

"Oh yes, you sexy little mouse." The mouse suddenly floats up, still unable to move, now being held by psychic. He floats up, being rotated in the air, until his little sheathe is pointed at the cat. The espeon's tongue flicks out, giving the pichu's sheathe a lick, feeling the rodents hidden member tucked away inside the pouch of skin. The pichu squirms at the lick, not quite expecting this bit of pleasure. The espeon licks him again,and manages to tease the little rodent's rod out a little, the tip of his red member poking out. The espeon smiles, knowing that despite how scared the mouse is, he's enjoying this, and gives the rodent's member a lick, wanting it to come all the way out for the first tidbit of his meal.

After a few more licks, the little rodent's rod is all the way out, and he slurps it into his mouth, sucking on it. The pichu's eyes shoot open, and he gasps, his member engulfed in the espeon's mouth. His tongue swirls around the little mouse's rod, swallowing the little drops of pre leaking from his rod, his psychic power keeping the rodent still, stopping his instinctive humping. He sucks harder, pressing his tongue against the bottom of his rod, sucking on the tip, trying to coax his rodent seed out. The mouse groans, his rod twitching in the felines mouth, shooting spurts of cum into his mouth, immediately getting swallowed up by the psychic cat.

He gets a wicked look in his eye, his fangs now sinking into the soft flesh on the outside of his member, biting down and severing the tiny little red member from the rodents body, a shrill scream leaving the rodents mouth at the intense pain shooting through his body. The rodents hot blood gushes into his mouth, quickly getting swallowed up. The Espeon murrs softly in pleasure, taking his mouth off and chewing up the tiny morsel in his mouth and swallowing it. The boiling hot red liquid splashing on his face as he revels in the evil pleasure of the rodent screaming in pain. He can't take it any more, slamming the little rodent to the ground with psychic, his face pressing against the ground and somewhat muffling the moaning of the rodent.

The Espeon steps on his back, lining his impressive member up with the pichu's only hole, pressing against it and pushing in roughly with no care for the mouse's pleasure at all, tearing skin and muscle alike as he pushes his member all the way in, hilting himself with one thrust. He groans loudly in pleasure, feeling the rodent's blood swirl around his member, the hole too tight to let any blood out, simply pooling in his bowels. He starts thrusting in and out rapidly, the loose blood now spraying all over the grass beneath him, the Espeon's thrusting only causing more tears to form and more blood to spray out. He groans loudly, pounding the little Pichu's torn and ruined tailhole as hard as he can, all the blood leaking out making it slick and easier to thrust. The Espeon closes his eyes in pleasure, thrusting erratically and uncontrollably into the hole, his orgasm quickly approaching.

"Oh Arceus, your sweet little hole feels so good. Don't worry, I'll put you out of your misery soon." He says with an evil smirk, slamming back into the torn, unidentifiable hole one last time, spraying his hot, feline seed deep into the weak and no longer flailing pichu, the sticky white liquid splattering his insides. He pulls out, red and white gushing out of the torn hole, being soaked up by the ground, the last of his sticky seed splattering the weak and feeble pichu, coating him white with his seed.

"Mmmhm, now for the final meal" purrs the Espeon, his mouth opening to bear his fangs before he dives down, tearing into the still breathing pichu, ripping off an arm to chew and swallow, his sharp fangs crunching into the bone. The pichu is too far gone by now, barely conscious and dead to the world, letting out a low moan at the loss of his arm.

The Espeon's fangs flash in the light again, this time removing the rodent's head at the neck, putting him out of his misery, accompanied by a fresh spurt of blood, painting the ground and the Espeon's face red. He purrs softly at the taste, biting down with another crunch of bone, swallowing the delicious pichu meat.

The psychic cat bends down one last time, gobbling up and swallowing the last of his rodent meal, nothing left on the ground but a pool of blood and cum, the Espeon walking away with a full stomach and a content sigh, his stomach acids already eating away at the mouse in his stomach.

Chapter End Notes:

If you see any spelling or grammar errors, let me know so I can fix them. And for those that don't know me, I can't come up with my own ideas for stories, so if you have any suggestions or requests, let me know those too. Thanks and let me know what you thought of it altogether. Feel free to pm me your suggestions or requests if you want.;u=99

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