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Sign on the Dotted Line by servussmith


Story Notes:

Okay I often read stories that for one reason or another make me really really want to write a similar story. I usually crush this urge to blatantly steal someone else's story concept wholesale. This time I didn't.The 'victim' of this particular idea theft is Palibakufun. The story is Cafe Plaisir.Of course, I put his idea through the Servus Treatment, and completely turned things on their head as best I could. This story will continue eventually. Eventually.

Cupid's Aim

"Becky! You have a customer in room 235! Requested you specifically!"

"By the ancients! Bill, I've told you a thousand times! My name is Pascha!" an angry Zoroark exclaims as
she adjusts her waitress uniform in the mirror. She turns away from the mirror and walks into the
kitchen towards the tall Machamp with an earpiece that is working the grill.

He grins as he throws a steak on the grill and begins seasoning it with his lower arms, "And I've told you
a thousand times, if you want to be called by your real name, you're in the wrong business."

With his upper arms he selects a menu off the wall and tosses it to the Zoroark. She catches it with one
hand as she walks by without answering. She takes a left and heads over to the elevator. Hitting the call
button she turns and looks down the hall to the exit, wondering for the billionth time if there was some
way she could walk right out that door and never come back. She sighs as the elevator dings behind her
and the doors open up. A tall Blaziken steps out, his erect cock proudly declaring that he is male in spite
of the girly maid outfit he had on. He brushes the skirt as he steps out, "Busy day today isn't it, Pascha?"

"Yeah, it sure is Zeke." She replies with a small smile, adjusting his lacy sleeves, "Rough customer?"

"If you are asking if I just took it up the ass and didn't get off, then yeah. I can walk it off though. You got
a customer?"

"Yep, another special request." Pascha says with a smirk, "Hopefully he just wants something pretty to
look at while he eats."

"Don't get your hopes up, Pascha. It's only Friday. The lookers usually don't show up till Monday." Zeke
says as he walks towards the kitchen.

"I'm just hoping they aren't like that woman from earlier. She scared me, I seriously thought she was
gonna pick the rapidash strap-on. Went for the rhyperior instead, but that's not really an improvement."

"I'll gladly help you with your customers anytime. You know, to take some of the heat off you. Just offer
them a tag team special. The crazy ones usually go for it and 'management' doesn't mind."

"Thanks Zeke, you're an ass saver." Pascha says with a smile as the elevator doors close. She liked Zeke,
the bird was mostly straight and he was the only one that seemed to respect the fact that she didn't like
her new name, or that she wanted to be anywhere but there. They occasionally slept together, to help
each other unwind after particularly rough days, but they both knew developing any sort of relationship
beyond that was sure to get them in trouble. They'd both been 'in trouble' before, and neither wanted
to risk having to relive those memories.

Pascha jumps in surprise when the elevator begins to move before she presses the second floor button.
She quickly stabs the button for the second floor, just in case the elevator was headed for one of the
other four floors. The elevator slows to a stop at the second floor and the elevator doors ding as they
open to reveal a young man in his late teens, maybe early twenties at the oldest, in a pair of jeans and a
grey t-shirt. She smirks, "You lost little man?"

He swallows, "No ma'am. I was just-" his voice cracks and his face turns bright pink as he clears his
throat, "I was just checking to make sure you were on your way up."

Pascha raises a brow, this guy is definitely not what she expected, "MY, my, my. Somebody certainly is
impatient this evening. Excuse me if I can't teleport like Dana, but I headed up as soon as I got the page.
Now how about we head back to your room and you can get a better look at just what is on the menu."


They walk down the hall to room 235, just around the corner form the elevator. Pascha smiles as the
teen checks his pockets then groans. "I got this one." Pascha chuckles and swipes her master key card
through the lock. The lock clicks and the Zoroark pushes the door open. "After you."

The teen shakes his head, "No, after you."

"As you wish." Pascha smirks, swinging her hips as she walks past him. Her tight skirt leaves nothing to
the imagination. The Zoroark sprawls across the couch provocatively and throws the young man his
menu. "There's your dinner menu, boy."

The boy catches the menu clumsily, almost dropping it. Pascha laughs when he sees his hands shaking as
he begins looking over the menu. He smiles sheepishly, "I know, I look pretty ridiculous don't I."

Pascha nods as she pulls a thin note book from between her breasts. "I know I'm not supposed to be
disrespectful to customers, but it's not often I come across someone as out of place as you." she waves
the notebook, "This is my menu. What I can provide. Normally I give it to customers
before the food menu, but I'm not gonna even give it to you. Not unless I can't guess why you are here
in three guesses." She smirked, she didn't think she needed more than two. Zeke had told her about
customers like this, the ones who were young and nervous as hell.

To her surprise the boy laughs, "Sure! Why not? Guess away."

"You're here on a dare. Quite likely there are cameras set up somewhere to record what we do for

"Nope." The boy says as he takes a seat on the arm of the couch by Pascha's feet. "That's guess one."

Pascha smirks, if it wasn't that one, then the other had to be it. "You're a virgin and you figure that
buying sex is the only way you're going to get laid anytime soon."

"Well, I am a virgin." He admits with a chuckle, "But that's not it either. Last guess."

Pascha curses silently, she really thought that was going to be it and she wouldn't have to give him the
'pussy book'. She struggles to find a third possibility. "Um... your girlfriend cheated on you and this is
your way of saying 'up yours, I'd rather fuck a pokémon than you anyway'."

"Wrong again, though that was an interesting guess." The boy grins. Pascha smiles and sits up to hold
out the notebook. The young man takes it and sets it on the couch.

"Fine then." Pascha says, leaning forward so that her ample cleavage is very clear for the young man to
see. She frowns when he doesn't even look up from his food menu. "Well, what is the reason?"

The young man chuckles, "I... this is kinda silly, but..."


He turns and looks her in the eye as replies, "I was wondering if you would like to share a meal with

"Well, that is a part of why you have the pussy book right there with the prices for activities and times."
She waves a hand dismissively, "Select the scenario and I'll bring up the appropriate costumes and toys
and we can play while waiting for the meal. Hell, we can even incorporate the meal if you really want to
play it out. After-meal activities cost extra though."

"No, that's not what I meant." The boy shakes his head, "I want to share a meal with you. Like
you pick something off the food menu, I pick something, we eat and talk, and then when it's all
over I pay you for your time and you go your merry way." He pauses, "I guess if you really want to we
can do stuff from this book, but that's entirely up to you."

Pascha stares at him, "So you're buying a date. A girlfriend for the night."

The teen smiles, "If that's what you want it to be, then yes. I'm your boyfriend for the night." He hands
her both menus with a smile, "I've already chosen what I want, go ahead and pick something out."

Pascha frowns as she pulls out her notepad, "Okaaay. Um, what will you be having?"

"I'm not interested in anything fancy. Root beer and a Monte Cristo will do fine. Unless there is
something you recommend."

"As long as you stay away from the clam chowder you're good. It smells kinda funny tonight." Pascha
says carefully as she stands up, "I'll... I'll go place your order."

"Before you go, could you tell me your name?"

"You asked for me specifically." Pascha points out, rolling her eyes, "And you didn't even ask what my
name was? You are looking to be a pretty bad boyfriend."

"They said 'Becky'." The boy replies, "But I don't believe them. You're from Unova, and Becky is hardly a
Unovan name. I want to know your real name."

"Well then, my name is Pascha." She tosses him the pussy book again, "I'll leave you with this. In case
you change your mind."

Pascha closes the door behind her and hums as she makes her way back down the hall to the elevator.
Not only did it seem that she might have a looker for a customer, but he was going to buy her a
meal! She hits the button on the elevator and turns to look back down the hall. She grins, "Hey Zeke!"

Zeke waves as he walks towards her carrying his own menu under one arm. He has changed out of his
maid outfit and into a grass skirt, which suits him a bit better. "You sure seem chipper. Did you get a

"Something like that." Pascha says with a grin, "Get this. It's some kid, probably just graduated from
high school."

"Careful, they can be really crazy, and often lack the skill or self-control to be safe." Zeke warns, "I once
ended up with this one girl that was into whips and ball-busting. I'm pretty sure she got in with a fake ID,
because there was no way she was over fifteen. She's the one that left me with this." Zeke lifts the
feathers on his shoulder to reveal a grey patch of skin that is smooth and puffy.

The elevator doors open to allow Pascha and Zeke to step inside. "Well, this guy isn't like that. He says
he just wants to talk, and he's buying me a meal!"

Zeke raises a brow, "Well it looks like we both got lucky then. I've got some woman who wants me to
fuck her senseless after playing the ukulele for her while she eats. There are some really weird people
out there."

Pascha giggles, "That's a pretty unique fetish."

"You're telling me. I'm just glad I actually know how to play the ukulele." Zeke says as the elevator doors

Pascha practically skips into the kitchen, "One Monte Cristo and one veal burger, Bill."

Bill eyes her as he turns the steak from before over, "What the hell is this? A happy Becky? He pick yer
favorite scenario or something?"

"Even better!" Pascha says, ignoring the use of her pseudonym as she moves into the back room where
the dressing rooms are, "He made one up! He's pretty much just buying a date."

"So what the hell are you doing in there?"

"He's buying a date! I'm going to dress the part!"

Zeke walks through the kitchen and shakes his head, "I've been working here for six years and I've never
had anyone come in and just ask for a date."

"Yep, it's a fucking lottery and Becky just got the jackpot." Bill chuckles before calling out, "Hey Becky,
when ya say yer dressing the part, just what do ya mean?"

Zeke takes a look at what Pascha is putting on as he makes his way through the dressing room to the
prop closets and laughs, "She's putting on the schoolgirl outfit. Said he was barely out of high school, so
I guess she is bringing herself down to his level."

"Bingo!" Pascha replies as she brushes her long mane out. Zeke laughs as he starts going through the
prop closet looking for the ukulele. He finds it while she is still grooming her chest fur.

Bill shakes his head as he chuckles before setting the steak on a plate with some mashed potatoes he
took out of the oven with one of his free hands. "Ya probably won't ever get a customer like this again,
so be nice to the poor guy."

"I am being nice. If he wants to date a domestic pokémon fetish whore, that's his issue not mine."
Pascha says as she skips back out of the dressing room. "Send the food up with another waitress
whenever it is ready."

"Will do. Have fun."


"I'm baaaack." Pascha says as she steps through the door into the room.

The young man looks up and raises a brow, "And you changed outfits. Why?"

Pascha does a turn for him to get a good look, making sure that her short skirt flares out so that he gets
a clear view of her red thong. "What? You don't like it?"

"If it's what you want to wear that's your choice." He shrugs and gestures to the couch that he is
perched on the back of. "Have a seat."

Pascha eyes him, doing her best to hide her disappointment at not getting at least a blush from him. She
slowly makes her way over to the couch, walking as sexily as she can. She smiles as he shifts on the
couch back uncomfortably and she lies down on the couch, throwing one lag across his lap. She
'accidentally' bumps the tent in his jeans, somewhat satisfied that she is at least getting a boner out of
him. "That's quite a tent pole you've got there."

That gets a blush from him, and he coughs before gently pushing her leg off his lap. His face turns
crimson as he replies. "Yeah, it is."

"So, what do you want to do now, Romeo?" Pascha asks, fiddling with the top button of her blouse.

"Well, I'd like to get to know you a bit better."

"How much better?" Pascha asks seductively, pushing out her chest so that the buttons of her blouse
strain to hold in her large breasts.

'Romeo' ignores her tone and shrugs, "How did you come to be here? Hoenn is a long way from Unova."

"Really?" Pascha falls back down onto the couch with a surprised expression, "You actually want to
know my story?"

The boy grins as he nods, "If I'm gonna play the part of your boyfriend, I'm naturally gonna be curious
about my girlfriend." He leans forward, "I don't feel like playing the part of a player who just wants a girl
for her cup size." He blushes again and rubs the back of his neck sheepishly, "Yours are quite nice by the

Pascha grins, "Well thank you, it's good to be appreciated as more than a pair of tits." Her grin fades and
she sighs, "It was adventure."


"Yeah, I was bored and unsatisfied in Unova. Nothing ever changed. Everybody I knew was so goddamn
old fashioned. So, I decided to pack up everything I had and move here. I thought that a new place
would make everything better."

"Did it?"

"Ha. No." Pascha shakes her head. "What I found was that it is damn hard for a foreign pokémon to find
a job around here."

"Well, you have one now that you hate."

"Yeah." Pascha nods, "But it puts... hold up, I don't hate my job."

Romeo raises a brow, "Oh really? Then how come every morning you go to work you have this huge
scowl on your face? How come you were so excited when you found out I didn't wanna fuck you? How
come you were happy I didn't look at the pussy book?"

Pascha stares at him, "How did you know that?"

"Well," he chuckles, "I cut through this neighborhood on my way to school. College, not high school. I
see you walking from your apartment every weekday. You look absolutely miserable, except when you
are talking to that Blaziken."

"Zeke, the Blaziken's name is Zeke. Yes, that is his real name. His name was exotic enough without being

"And Pascha wasn't?"

"No. it wasn't 'hot', just foreign." Pascha says with a scowl, "But I like Pascha, it means 'little', as in-"

"Daddy's little girl." Romeo finishes.

"How the fuck are you doing this?"

Romeo smiles, "Well, that was just me taking a wild guess based on what I know of Unovan culture. The
father names the daughters and the mother names the sons."

"Why would you be studying Unovan culture?"

"I want to be a diplomat, so I have to take a bunch of psychology courses and cultural studies." He
smiles, "I'm not a psychic, just very good at reading people."

"I've got dinner!" an alakazam in a red bikini says cheerfully as she suddenly materializes by the couch
holding a tray.

Romeo yelps as he jerks backwards in surprise, falling clear off the couch back. Pascha sits up and peers
over the back of the couch, "Are you okay?"

He nods, rubbing the back of his head, "Yeah, though it leaves me wondering how you get these thick
carpets completely clean."

"Best not to think about it, Romeo." The alakazam says as she carries the tray over to the table.

"Why does everybody call me that?" the guy asks as he stands up.

The alakazam just smiles, strutting back over to him and giving him a quick peck on the cheek. "Your
secret is safe with me. I don't kiss and tell." And then she vanishes.

Romeo turns back to Pascha, "What the hell was that about?"

Pascha laughs, "She's just jealous. I called you Romeo because you were all cute and flustered asking me
for a date. You seem to have gotten over that now though. Still not interested in any 'love games'?"

Romeo rolls his eyes and walks over to the table, pulling out a chair by the tray, "How bout we eat first,
we can talk about business over dessert."

Pascha raises a brow as she walks around the couch to take the seat. Romeo sits down across from her
and lifts his root beer, "Bon appétit."

Pascha practically devours her burger while Romeo just nibbles his Monte Cristo in silence. He chuckles
as Pascha licks the plate clean. "Wow, that went quick."

"Sorry." Pascha says sheepishly, "I'm not used to having more than a couple minutes between
customers to eat and clean up. I can usually only do one or the other."

"No, not a problem at all." he smiles and holds out half of his Monte Cristo, "Would you like half of

"No, I wanna know why the hell you are doing this. Nobody comes in here without wanting something,
and I mean nobody."

"You got me." Romeo says holding his hands up, "I do want something. I'm just another guy who fell for
a pretty face."

"And why would this pervert fall for a pokémon?" she leans forward with a smirk, "Even if she is a
domestic and has a nice pair of tits."

Romeo shrugs, "I don't know, it's just what happened. Cupid's aim must suck, or maybe he just knows
something that we don't."

Pascha stares at Romeo for a few heartbeats before leaning back and rubbing her temples. Pascha
gestures vaguely as she begins speaking, "So, let me get this straight. You fell in love with me. Just from
seeing me walk to work every weekday morning while you're whizzing through here trying not to get
mugged on your way to school."

"Yes, though sometimes I wait so I can see you walk to work."

"First off, that's a dumb idea so don't do that. You are too clean cut looking to not be a target for
muggers." Pascha rolls her eyes. "Regardless, because you fell head over heels for a girl you've never
even spoken too, you decide to find a way to speak to her. So you come in here to buy a date. By now
I'm sure you are less than impressed with my personality."

"I wouldn't say that. You seem like a relatively normal young woman to me. A bit of a tease, but that's
something I wouldn't mind getting used to." Romeo says taking a sip of root beer. He gestures to the
untouched half of his Monte Cristo, "Are you sure you don't want it?"

Pashca ignores the sandwich, "So now that we have had our dinner, what do we do next? It's not like we
can go back to your place, cuddle on the couch, and watch cheesy action flicks till midnight."

"You'd seriously enjoy doing that?"


"That's probably one the most wonderful things I've ever had a girlfriend say to me." Romeo says
shaking his head, "I was kinda expecting dinner to last a little longer than it did, but since it went so fast I
guess if you really wanna talk about what I want to do with you in the future..." he trails off before
mumbling under his breath, "I guess one of the things is sex."

Pascha sighs and leans back in her chair when Romeo trails off. She knew it was too good to be true. "So
what scenario did you choose from the pussy book?"

"What? What I have in mind isn't in there."

"Snuff is out of the question, sorry." Pascha growls.

"What? No! God, no. I want to offer you a job."

"A job?"

"A job."

"Is it anything like what I do here?"

"No, not unless you mop the floors and dust the furniture here in addition to your more obvious duties."

Romeo smiles at her dumbstruck expression. Pascha slumps forward in her chair and pulls at her mane,
"By the ancients! Where the hell were you three years ago when I was searching the streets for a job?!"

"High school probably." Romeo says with a chuckle, "But I'm here now."

"And now is too late!"


Pascha runs her claws through her long mane. "I have a contract here. With the people that run this

"When does it expire?"

"I was told that it expires when I do."

"You were told? Did you read that?"

"I couldn't read it genius. I could barely speak the language when I first came over. I still can't read your
language." Pascha shakes her head, "All I was told was that if I signed on the dotted line, I wouldn't have
to worry about ever going hungry and that I would have a place to stay. They didn't tell me what I would
have to do until after I signed my name."

Romeo frowns thoughtfully for a long moment before finally sighing, "Well, I've heard that money can't
buy love. And that is probably true, but it can buy a date. And I've heard, that in large enough amounts,
it can buy contracts too."

Pascha chuckles, but Romeo doesn't. Her eyes widen as she realizes he isn't joking. "You're serious?"

"I'm sorry, but I did check out the pussy book." Romeo admits as he stands up, "I had to know how
much keeping you for the night cost," Romeo pulls the little notebook out of his back pocket and sets it
on the table. It is stuffed with dollar bills. "Even if I couldn't keep you." He takes a look at his watch.
"And it looks like I have a lot more work on my hands tonight so I think our date is probably over. But if
you want to try and let me work out a deal to buy your contract, I'll be coming through tomorrow
morning. Flag me down if you're interested in trying."

Pascha stands up quickly and follows Romeo as he makes his way to the door, "The people who run this
place are not people you want to get involved with. They are bad people. You are just a kid! Even if you
had the money, you don't have... I don't even know! You do not want to get mixed up with them. They
could ruin your future or worse." Pascha grabs Romeo's arm, "I am not worth that."

Romeo stops with his hand on the door handle. He looks back at Pascha, and looks at her for a long time
in silence. Finally he smiles and pulls his arm out of Pascha's grasp.

"But you are." He says quietly before kissing Pascha on the cheek, "Thank you by the way, this has been
my best first date ever. Really."

Pascha can only stare as Romeo leaves. Who was that, and what did he do with the nervous older teen
whose dinner order she took? She goes back over to the table and picks up her pussy book. When she
opens it her eyes go wide in shock. "By the ancients..." Inside are a bunch of hundred dollar bills, and a

"You want me to read that for you?" Pascha turns to see the alakazam from earlier holding a cup of
coffee. After a brief pause she rolls her eyes, "Sweetheart, I've only got a couple minutes before I have
to go jack off some transsexual bitch with my mustache hairs. Do you want me to read the note or not?"

Pascha shoves the note at her, "What does it say, Dana?"

Dana takes the note with a smile, "It says, 'I have a planned for this far too long to let anything get in the
way. Anything except you. If you really don't want me, I'll understand. But if you want to give me a
chance, wear green tomorrow when you go in to work.'"

Pascha takes her pussy book and sits down on the couch. Dana clears her throat, "Romeo's crazy, but
goddamn he has plans out the ass. He suspected that he would have to at least speak with our
employers in order to keep you. I think this is your one and only chance to get out of here. If he follows
through with even half the schemes I picked up on when I kissed him, then even if it goes horribly wrong
for him, we may end up getting out of this place forever." Dana sighs, "But if it goes right, then only you
go free. Well, free from here. You'd still be under contract to someone."

"You really think so?"

"Absolutely. He may not know just how deep he is going, but he's willing to knock on the Devil's door if
that is what it takes." Dana replies before vanishing.

Pascha opens her pussy book again and stares at the hundred dollar bills. She smiles as she closes the
book and stretches out on the couch. She had to agree with Romeo, it hadn't been half bad for a first
date on her part either. She smiles as she closes her eyes, whispering in Unovan, "I wonder what the
next date will be like?"


Pascha stands outside The Fantasy Diner wearing her green work apron. She looks around nervously,
checking the clock in the front window frequently. She didn't have much time before she had to go
inside and Romeo still hadn't shown. What if Dana was wrong?

"I'm sorry I'm late!"

Pascha whirls around to see Romeo hopping off a bike with a backpack slung over his shoulder. "What is
the backpack for?"

"It's too difficult to ride a bike with a couple briefcases." Romeo says, breathing hard from the bike trip
over, "Go ahead and let your bosses know that someone is here to discuss purchasing your contract
from them."

Pascha nods, "What are you going to do?"

"Did someone read you the note?"


"Then you know I have plans. I need to go enact some of them before I can negotiate on relatively even
footing." Romeo looks around, "Umm, tell them to meet me over there in that coffee shop over there."

He points to a Starbucks across the street from the Fantasy Diner. Pascha nods and Romeo grins before
giving Pascha a tight hug, "Things are gonna get better. I promise."


Romeo steps into the Starbucks and looks around. He quickly spots the only other people in the shop
besides the staff. Two huge bruisers stand on either side of an elderly gentleman sipping coffee. The old
man looks up and chuckles, "Are you this 'Romeo' character I've been told wants to buy the contract of one of my workers?"

Romeo nods as he makes his way across the room towards them, "I am."

One of the big men intercepts Romeo before he reaches the table and pats him down. He takes the back
pack from the teen and looks inside. He nods to the older man as he throws the bag back to Romeo.

The old man gestures to the seat across from his with a smile. "Then sit on down boy, if you'd like I can
have one of my assistants buy you a cup to drink."

Romeo shakes his head as he sits down, pulling a small bottle of Rai-Boost out of one pocket, "I'm good,
thank you." he cracks the seal on the little bottle and downs it in one swallow. He makes a face at the
bitter taste of the concentrated energy drink before leaning forward onto the table. "Let me cut straight
to the point, I want to buy Pascha's contract. I'm willing to make a generous cash down payment
followed by a number of monthly payments, also in cash, in exchange."

"How much on the down payment?"

"Six thousand."

The old man laughs, "You mean to tell me you traveled through this part of town with six thousand
dollars in cash on your person, and didn't carry a single item you could use for self defense? Kid, you're
either crazy, stupid, damn brave, or all three."

"I'm gonna say two out of three." Romeo says with a chuckle. "What do you think would be a fair
monthly payment?"

"Now hold on, kid. I never agreed to the down payment. What if I said that six thousand isn't enough to
buy the contract, even with down payments?"

"I would say you are a greedy sonuvabitch." Romeo replies calmly, "I did some research. On average
Pascha, or Becky as you call her, probably brings in sixteen thousand a month. A dead Zoroark brings in
no money, and a live Zoroark costs money. Even if she is only paid with room and board plus meals she
likely creates an approximate financial drain of 2,000 dollars a month. On top of that, keeping her
disease free is hardly cheap. Bi-monthly treatments to cleanse her body of viruses and STDs costs on
average about thirty-five hundred dollars per visit for humans. For an exotic domestic pokémon
such as Pascha that number rises to somewhere around five to six thousand dollars per visit. The time
release medication that works to keep what she picks up between treatments non-transmissible cost
about five hundred a month. I know you pay for those because you have their certificates of health on
your site, and they check out. So, if we start with her average financial draw of sixteen thousand dollars,
subtract living costs and medical treatment, we come out to around... well, between two to three and a
half thousand dollars a month. Six thousand dollars up front sounds pretty good when you consider it is
about double your normal draw, in addition to whatever you've already brought in this month."

"Well goddamn, somebody has done their homework." The old man laughs, sipping his coffee. "But that
still amounts to only about two months of income paid for, and a permanent loss on-"

"That's not all." Romeo interrupts, "I ran the numbers for all your workers. The Fantasy Diner
cannot remain in the black with its current prices." Romeo pulls a stack of papers out of his backpack
and slaps them on the table, "As you said, sir, I've done my homework. With taxes, utilities, cleaning,
and maintenance costs all added together, the Fantasy Diner runs an average of around two thousand
dollars into the red every month. The fact that it still runs at all means that some off-the-books,
shady business, unrelated to the naughty variety, is likely going on to keep it afloat."

"Well, bravo." The old man says, clapping sarcastically, "So what you are trying to say is you are going to
try and blackmail me with this data, unless I agree to your terms."


"Go ahead and try. Half the police force is on my payroll and a good bit of the DA's office is too." The old
man chuckles, "Hell, I could have one of my boys here shoot you right now and dump your body in the
river. I would not in the least bit be worried that it would come back to me."

"True, except that I have a backup plan."

"Excuse me?"

"In three hours, unless I input the command not to, emails containing all the information I have
collected will be sent out to a variety of law enforcement agencies and media companies."

"You do realize that three hours is plenty of time to clear out everything that would incriminate us."

"Well, it would be costly to relocate resources and replace destroyed evidence. Never mind that the sort
of publicity the diner would receive from having me disappear after looking into it is not good for off the
books business." Romeo points out casually, "And you really can't change the fact that you violated the
Immigrant Protection Act in at least one case, possibly more."

"What?" the old man asks, his eyebrows knitting together in a frown.

"I have evidence that you did not conform to the procedures set in place by the IPA concerning the
making of contracts with immigrants. At the very least in Pascha's case, though I suspect that there were
more. I also doubt that you own many people in the Federal Department of Commerce, which is where
such information is headed in..." Romeo checks his watch, "I'd say about two and a half hours now."

The older man is silent for a long time. Finally he shakes his head and leans forward on the table with
folded hands, "Kid, you've impressed me, and that doesn't happen very often. How long have you been
preparing for this?"

"About two months."

"Well, I have an offer you might like. You can have the damn Zoroark, for six thousand flat, if you put it
in writing that this information you have won't be sent out and I can call on you to do this same
sort of thing for me instead of against me."

"Deal." Romeo replies placing the blackmail information into his backpack and taking out a single sheet
of paper with the word 'Contract' at the top followed by a great deal of text, and a pen. He quickly adds
a line to the end of the contract before passing it to the man, "Just sign here on the dotted line. This is a
new contract that states that the old contract with Pascha is made null and void as well as detailing her
new duties. It also has my part of our deal now."
The old man signs the contract and chuckles as Romeo places a stack of hundred dollar bills on the table.
The old man begins counting them and shakes his head, "Kid, I have to ask, why the Zoroark? I mean
there is some distinction in having a rare feral pokémon, or employing a rare domestic pokémon. But
there are rarer pokémon, both feral and domestic, as well as better looking and far more experienced,
working at The Fantasy Diner. Why not them?"

Romeo takes the contract with a smile, signing it himself. "Experience in bed is not something I value.
It's really kind of a turn off really."

"Then why hire a whore?"

Romeo shrugs as he collects his things. "Cupid's fucking crazy."

"No wonder they call you Romeo." The old man laughs as Romeo walks out of the Starbucks. He turns to
his thugs with a grin as he gestures at Romeo's back, "Kids these days, sheesh!"


Romeo sticks his head in the kitchen of the Fantasy Diner. "Hey, is Pascha around?"

The Machamp glances up from his skillets full of eggs and pancakes, "Hmm? Oh, ya mean Becky. She's
with a customer, so yer going to have to wait until..." The Machamp pauses as he prepares to flip the
pancakes, "Wait, are ya that Romeo character? The one that just bought a date with Becky last night?"

"I really hope the Romeo tag isn't permanent." Romeo sighs, "Yeah, I'm that guy. I'm also the guy who
just bought her contract."

The Machamp's head whips around and he nearly misses the pancake he was just flipping. "Ya did

Zeke suddenly pops out of the dressing room wearing nothing but a black bowtie, "Wait! So Romeo
actually succeeded?! He's not dead?!"

Romeo chuckles, "Nope, I'm alive and well. However, that does remind me that you should send
someone up to room 235 and shampoo the carpets really, really well. I kinda spilled a bunch of blood up
there in case I did get shot for my efforts. It was a part of my poison pill plan to try and bring this
business down if I went down first."

The Machamp stares at Romeo, "Yer nuts kid."

"But do you have a sister?" Zeke asks with a laugh, "And is she looking for a personal butler?"

Romeo shrugs apologetically, "No, unfortunately I don't."

Bill dials a keypad and speaks into a microphone next to the grill. "Hey, Pascha. Yer Romeo's here for ya.
Ya don't work here no more."

"Thanks." Romeo says with a smile.

"I'd be on lookout for when she gets here." Zeke says with a smile. "She's also probably gonna be taking
the stairs."

"What exactly do you mean by - OOMPH!" Romeo has the wind driven out of him as Pascha tackles him
to the ground. He slides across the kitchen floor with Pascha on top of him in a black corset. Romeo
stiffens as she locks lips with him, but quickly relaxes into the kiss. Pascha's powerful tongue pushes
eagerly into Romeo's mouth to dance with his own much less experienced tongue.

Bill laughs as he loads some pancakes onto a plate. "Get a room ya two. Or at least take it into the hall.
We're bending the sanitation regulations plenty already having the kitchen connected to the dressing

"Fuck that!" Pascha says, breaking the kiss, "I'm never fucking in this place ever again."

"I don't have any more money on me anyway." Romeo admits as he sits up and runs his hands through
his shaggy brown hair before he fishes the contract out of his backpack. "I only brought enough to
purchase Pascha's contract." He sets the contract on the ground, "Basically you are employed by me as a
maid, compensated with room and board plus meals, until such time as you choose to terminate the

Pascha quickly scribbles her name on the appropriate dotted line and gives Romeo the contract back.

Zeke picks Romeo and Pascha up and sets them on their feet. He grins, "You two go have fun. Enjoy your
freedom Pascha. But come on by and visit from time to time. You know, to have dinner or something."

"I think we can do that." Romeo says with a smile, then gives Bill a thumbs up, "That was one hell of a
Monte Cristo you cooked up for me last night."

"Kid, ya ain't tasted nothing yet." Bill laughs, holding out the stack of pancakes to Zeke.

"I look forward to it."

"Goodbye Zeke." Pascha says, giving the tall Blaziken a hug. "I'm gonna miss you."

He smiles, carefully holding the pancakes in one hand while he wraps his other arm around her
shoulders. "I'm gonna miss you too, Pascha."

Romeo checks his watch. "I'm really sorry Pascha, but we have to be on our way, and I can't bring you
home wearing that. Do you have anything that can be considered conservative?"

"Yes. I'll go change into that."


Thirty minutes later Romeo pulls his bike around in a pavestone driveway in front of a massive mansion.
Pascha is wearing a plain red gown that matches her long mane and has a gym bag thrown over one
shoulder. "This is where you live?"

"Yeah, it's pretty big." the teen says. "Too big if you ask me, but then again, nobody did."

Pascha steps off the rear pegs of the bike, and turns to take in everything from the white stone steps, to
the Corinthian columns, to the perfectly groomed shrubbery that encircles the entire property. "I have
to clean everything?"

"No, just my halls."

"You mean room?"

"No halls." Romeo says as he dumps his bike next to the steps. "Come on in and I'll show you."

As Romeo begins walking up the front steps the double doors swing open and a man who looks like the
very stereotype of a butler steps out, "Master Mercutio! Where have you been?! Your mother has been
most distressed since you missed breakfast this morning."

"I was busy hiring a maid, Romeo." The teen says gesturing to Pascha who bows slightly.

Pascha suddenly frowns and whispers in Mercutio's ear "Wait, he's Romeo?"

Mercutio smiles, "Yeah. Ironic isn't it."

"I actually don't get it. It's just weird that I've been calling you Romeo when you actually know a

Romeo, the butler, raises a brow, "You hired a maid without first consulting your mother?"

Mercutio rolls his eyes as he steps inside with Pascha following close behind. "I'm nineteen, nearly
twenty. I don't need to consult mother about anything."

"That is still no reason to make me worry my head over you by disappearing without a word." A tall
slender woman with just a dash of gray in her brown hair objects.

"Sorry Mother, but I was in a bit of a hurry this morning." Mercutio says with a smile, "You've been
complaining about how my part of the house is always dusty, even with the cleaning staff swinging by
every now and then, for a while now, so I decided to get myself a maid."

"You mean you decided to get yourself a mate." Pascha mutters under her breath.

"Only if that is what you want." Mercutio mutters back before stretching and yawning, "Well, I spent all
night searching the employment boards last night and didn't sleep at all. So, if it is not completely
objectionable, I will bid you farewell until this evening. I'm going to bed after showing Pascha to her

Mercutio's mother sighs, "Fine. Just let me know when you are going to be going out and about."

"Yes, Mother."


Mercutio swings open the door and gestures for Pascha to follow him inside. He steps to the side to
allow her entry and flicks on the lights. The room is quiet large, with a small coffee table and chairs in
one corner of the room in addition to the double bed, writing desk, and dresser.

"This is all mine?"

"Yep, all yours."

"Where do you sleep?"

Mercutio chuckles, "I'm in the next room. And that is where I am going to be until dinnertime, so feel
free to explore the house until meal times."

Mercutio leaves Pascha's and turns down the hall. A moment later Pascha hears a door open and close.
About a minute or two after that she hears the sound of a mattress creaking. Pascha takes a seat on the
bed, stretching out and marveling at just how soft it is. She smiles and shuts her eyes, completely happy
with her new contract. Suddenly her eyes fly open as an idea crosses her mind. A wicked and
wonderfully naughty idea.


Mercutio isn't sure how long he has been asleep when someone shakes him roughly awake. He sits
upright in bed and looks around himself woozily, "Hubawhuter?"

Suddenly a clipboard is shoved in his face along with a pen. "Here, sign on the dotted line please."

Mercutio takes the pen and sloppily scribbles his name across the dotted line at the bottom of the page
attached to the clipboard. The clipboard moves out of his field of vision, allowing him to see the person
holding the clipboard. "Pascha? What are you doing in my room? What time is it?" he pauses and rubs
his eyes, "Why are you naked except for a swimsuit?"

Pascha just grins at Mercutio, clutching the clipboard close to her chest. Slowly, the gears start to turn in
his head and he realizes at least a part of what just happened. "Oh shit. What the fuck did I just sign?"

Pascha lazily drapes herself across the foot of Mercutio's bed as she smirks at him, "Oh, nothing major,
just a contract that transfers all of your rights, possessions, and privileges over to me."

Mercutio stares at Pascha, "I'm sorry. My brain is still not working yet. So, in simpler terms..."

"I own you, and you are now my pet." Pascha says with an evil grin. "You are to refer to me as 'Mistress'
or 'Mistress Pascha' at all times."

Mercutio smiles as the gears in his head finally begin to spin up to speed. "Yes, Mistress."

"That's a good boy." Pascha says with a smirk, "Now get out of the bed." Mercutio slips out of the bed
and onto the rug next to the bed. His pants and shirt have already been discarded somewhere in the
dimly lit room along with an assortment of other dirty clothes, leaving him in only his briefs. Pascha eyes
the very prominent bulge of Mercutio's crotch hungrily. "Take them off, pet."

Mercutio slowly slips out of his underwear, allowing his cock to flop free. Pascha lets out a small purr as
she slips off the bed and walks in a small circle around Mercutio, examining his figure. He's quite fit, but
has a pretty narrow build; however, his incredibly toned body and already impressively sized cock more
than make up for that deficit. She stops behind him and takes off her top, wrapping it over his eyes and
tying it off in the back. "M-mistress?"

"Hush." Pressing her large breasts against his back she lazily runs her claws over his chest and stomach.
She teases his nipples and giggles as he gasps, his cock practically snapping to attention. He is quite big
for a human, especially one that isn't much taller than she is. Fortunately he isn't scary big like a
rapidash or rhyperior either. In other words, in Pascha's book, he is perfectly endowed. She tenderly
licks his cheek as she reaches down and wraps a hand around his shaft, "Just relax. Mistress Pascha
wants to play with her pet for a bit."

She slowly begins to stroke him off, running her soft hand from the base of his shaft to the top and back
down again at a torturously slow pace. She makes a low murring sound as Mercutio's breathing begins
to quicken and a drop of pre dribbles onto her fingers. With her free hand she turns his head so that his
lips meet hers, and to her surprise his tongue pushes its way into her mouth. Mercutio's tongue explores
her mouth to the best of his ability, at least until Pascha's tongue forces it back into his own mouth. Her
tongue dominates his entirely, alternately flicking around his mouth and wrapping around his tongue

As they kiss, Pascha slowly tightens her grip on his cock, her pace unchanging. Her other hand gently
strokes his chest and stomach, playing her claws over his skin. He moans into her mouth, his knees
shaking as he feels his orgasm building. She can feel his cock throbbing in her hand and pre is dribbling
freely from his tip, getting ready to blow. He's about to cum, his pre shooting out in spurts now.
Suddenly she lets go of his cock completely.

Mercutio breaks their kiss as he whines and presses himself back against Pascha, begging wordlessly for
her to resume her stroking. She is actually quite impressed that he didn't try and finish himself off on his

"What's the magic word?" she quietly sing-songs in his ear.

"Please! Please Mistress! It hurts!"

Pascha grips his cock tightly in both hands, "Hump it, pet!"

Mercutio doesn't need to be told twice, grabbing onto her hands as he thrusts into them. He flies over
the edge almost immediately. He moans loudly as he cums, unleashing a small geyser of seed that
splashes over his bed. His knees give out as his orgasm washes over him and he falls forward still
spurting. Fortunately for him, Pascha catches him and slowly lowers him to the floor. Once he is seated
Pascha drops down to her knees and wraps her arms around his chest. She glances at the mess he made
on his bed sheets a couple feet away and the last bits that are still dribbling out of his tip.

"My little pet has quite the cannon between his legs." She giggles running her fingers through
Mercutio's shaggy hair.

"Mistress? May I... May I touch you?"

Pascha giggles, "But we are touching."

"I mean, can I touch you Mistress?"

Pascha smiles and stands up, "Yes, but no peeking."

Mercutio rolls over onto his belly and begins searching for her with his hands. Pascha giggles and places
a foot paw against his forehead. The pads of her feet are rough and hard, but Mercutio smiles as they
brush his forehead. Taking hold of her foot he rolls over onto his back, still pressing his face against her

Pascha watches him curiously as he does this, wondering just what he is doing. Then he takes her foot
and begins alternating between massaging it in his hands and gently rubbing it against the skin of his
face. Pascha laughs, "So you like my feet do you?"

"A bit, Mistress." Mercutio replies, "Does this please you?"

Pascha chuckles, "Yes, but right now I desire you to touch me, and not to just play with my feet."

Mercutio sits up slowly after moving Pascha's foot back to the ground again. He runs his fingers through
the fur on Pascha's legs, gently massaging them and brushing his face against her thighs like a Skitty as
he rises. Pascha bites her lip, actually surprised at just how good Mercutio's touch feels. Pascha slowly
lowers herself down and lays herself down on her belly as Mercutio starts working his fingers through
the fur covering her toned ass.

Pascha moans as Mercutio works her back over, his fingers roughly working out every bit of tension in
her muscles. "Oh god, where did you learn to do this?"

"In college, Mistress." Mercutio replies as he begins kneading her shoulders, his erect cock sliding
between Pascha's butt cheeks. Pascha grins as Mercutio buries his face in her mane and nuzzles her
neck affectionately, all while grinding his cock against her ass. She rolls over underneath Mercutio and
pushes him up off of her. Immediately he frowns, and then grins as she places his hands on her chest. He
gently massages her plush tits, quickly seeking out her hard nipples and giving them plenty of attention.
Every tweak and twist of her sensitive nubs sends a shock through her body, making her already wet
pussy quiver excitedly.

Pascha moans and arches her back under Mercutio as he grinds against the drenched fabric covering her
pussy. How was he doing this? How was he making her feel so good? This was hardly her first time with
a male, and Mercutio was hardly the most skilled she had encountered, but none had been able make
her feel the way she did right now. Either way, she needed to take back control of the situation.

Mercutio yelps as Pascha grabs his hands and rolls them both over. Mercutio's head hits the bedpost
behind him with a loud thud. Before he even has time to realize what just happened Pascha manage to
undo her string bikini bottom, and uses it to tie Mercutio's wrists to the bedpost. Certain that he is
secure, Pascha turns her attention to his cock as it presses against her moist nether lips. A single drop of
pre rolls off the tip as she lifts herself up and positions it at her entrance. She watches Mercutio's face
closely as she begins to lower herself slowly onto his thick cock.

He gasps as he slowly slides into her hot pussy. Her inner walls slowly pulse around his tool, massaging
his flesh as she gradually takes him inside herself. She has to push a bit to get all of him inside but she
manages. Mercutio's moans at the feeling of her pussy, she's so tight and hot around his rock hard cock
that he can't help but pant.

Pascha puts a hand to the back of his head as she engages him in a sloppy wet kiss, her other hand
resting at the small of his back. Their tongues dance, trading spit and moans as they both revel in the
feeling of just how perfectly they match. To Pascha it seems that he stretches her just enough that the
slight pain mixes perfectly with the pleasure of being filled. To Mercutio it is as though heaven came
down to earth, and then wrapped itself around his cock.

Without breaking their kiss Pascha begins to slowly ride up and down Mercutio's shaft, quickly falling
into a pattern. First she would rise until only his tip remained inside her and then she would slam herself
back down again with a wet squish.

Mercutio's entire world had been effectively shrunk to just him and Pascha by the blindfold. His entire
reality consists of Pascha's tight cunt beginning to spasm erratically around his cock with every drop, the
feel of her fur against his skin, and their passionate, if messy, kiss.

Pascha's moans quickly rise in pitch to muffled cries of ecstasy. The way his thick cock spread her walls
and seemed to hit every pleasure point on its way to gently bump the entrance of her womb drove her
wild. She had hoped that taking his hands out of the equation would allow her to remain in control but it
didn't work. Fuck this! she thought as she shifts gears.

Breaking the kiss, Pascha grabs hold of Mercutio's waist with both hands and increases both the speed
and power of her pounding as her release quickly overtakes her. She screams as her orgasm fires a blast
of pleasure through her body. She arches her back and then wraps her arms around Mercutio as her
pussy spasms, sending wave after wave of ecstasy through her core. Mercutio moans and pulls at his
restraints weakly as Pascha's pussy clenches down on his thick shaft. He thrusts against her now
motionless hips, trying to get off himself.

After Pascha's orgasm fades, she moans in his ear, "My little pet didn't get off yet?" Pascha takes a
couple gulping breaths before untying Mercutio's wrists, "Well we can't have that."

Mercutio shocks Pascha as he suddenly grabs her and rolls forward to throw her on her back. He pistons
his cock in and out of her still trembling pussy, growling like an animal as he roughly assaults her breasts
with his hands and tongue. Her extra sensitive flower feels electrified with pleasure and Pashca
surrenders herself to the ecstasy.

Mercutio can't see the way her tongue flops free of her mouth and her eyes roll back in her head, but he
can easily hear her cries and feel her claws raking his back as she clutches at him. He can feel a powerful
pressure building in his loins and he doesn't fight it. He only buries his face in Pascha's neck, and grabs
her ass tightly as he trades speed for power to pound her as hard as he can. Pascha's breasts leap on her
chest with every thrust, brushing against Mercutio's chest. Mercutio lets out a muffled shout as he
cums, firing thick ropes of his hot sticky seed inside of her. The feeling of his spunk filling her to the brim
and overflowing her pussy as he continued to thrust into her erratically sends her over the edge into her
second orgasm. She howls in abandon and wraps her arms and legs around Mercutio to pull him into a
tight, nearly crushing, embrace.

For a long time they lay together with their bodies intertwined and the copious evidence of their union
slowly running over their thighs. Finally, Pascha's grip loosens and Mercutio chuckles. "How much of
that was for show?"

Pascha growls and nibbles on his ear before replying, "None of it. Cupid obviously knew something when
he gave you to me."

"Out of curiosity, Mistress, when does my contract expire?" Mercutio replies smugly.

"Pffft." Pascha laughs breathlessly, "I just wrote "Fuck me" in Unovan twenty times and put a dotted line
at the bottom."

"I think I can live with those terms."

Chapter End Notes:

Okay, readers, if you want to see more of this couple, or more of The Fantasy Diner, you need to tell me. Also, tell me which you want, because it will likely be one or the other initially

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