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Curiosity Yiffed the Eevee by foxohki


Story Notes:

Male Espeon/Female Umbreon, Male Espeon/Female Eevee cub, Male Eevee cub/Female Umbreon mating

Chapter 1

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The little female Eevee cub had always wondered what the noises she would sometimes hear in the middle of the night were, often being woken up by the sound of faint thumping, the quiet 'Eon... Eon...' mewlings of someone ricocheting off the walls of the cave where she lived to come ringing in her ears. Her mother and father, young adult Umbreon and Espeon each around the age of two, always seemed to disappear during that time... Half awake in a sleepy daze the kit would just lay there for hours on end listening to the going-ons as she gripped her older brother's form tightly for warmth, too distracted to drift off again, too tired to go investigate. When the commotion finally did stop she would make sure her eyes were closed and pretend to be asleep, only to then feel the touch of her parents as they miraculously returned from wherever they had gone; enveloping her in their fur and draping their forelegs over her body as they cuddled up with both their kits to make sure they were warm and safe.

Eevee realized they must be doing something together deeper inside the cave, but what? Well tonight she was hearing the all too familiar sounds again, and tonight she was feeling oddly energetic. The cub had finally grown to an age where she did not need as much sleep as she once did, and a completely circular moon in the sky shone brightly to light her surroundings and further encourage her wake up.

Becoming fully conscious, weary eyes go wide open and brown furred ears perk up to fully capture the sounds that her mother and father are making; tonight she had decided enough was enough and it was time to go see what all the fuss was about...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Hey... Big brother... Wake up..." Eevee whispers, prodding the slightly larger male Eevee cub with her right forepaw. "They are gone again... Can you hear them making the noises I told you about? Big brother... Wake up..." She goes on to say, prodding him a few more times with her paw but not seeming to get a response.

"I don't know which eeveelution I want to become... Get off my back fur... Geeze..." He mumbles in his sleep while rolling over onto his side to face away from his sister.

'I guess I'm on my own...' She thinks to herself, shakily standing up on four legs to go find her parents; somewhat scared of going down deeper into the blackness of her cave at night time all by herself, but her curiosity and comfort of knowing that her parents are somewhere down there pushing her onward nonetheless.

Slowly pacing away from the moon lit entrance of the cave where she had always slept to leave it behind and traverse further inside her home, the little female Eevee cub presses the left side of her body to the cave wall to hug it for guidance as her form becomes consumed by total darkness and she slowly make her way deeper into the depths of hollowed out rock and dirt.

"No... No higher... Stick it... Stick it in... Eon! Yeah in there..."

Slowly padding deeper into the cave, the Eevee is met with the sound of her mother's voice and the faint red glow of her father's gem, her surroundings becoming somewhat visible but her parents still nowhere in sight.

'What in the world is going on back here...' The little kit wonders as she carefully trots closer to the source of sounds and light; the glow of her father's gem becoming increasingly brighter as the 'Eon... Eon...' mewls that her mother and father always seemed to make while back here suddenly turn on, an odd soft thumping noise always seeming to precede the moans as they echo down the cave and into her ears.

"It feels... Feels so good to have you in my tail hole... I don't know why we didn't try this earlier..." Eevee hears her mother whisper as she reaches a slight bend in the cave and her parents suddenly coming into view in an array of bright red light; finding her father Espeon with his gem turned on full blast and laying on top her mommy Umbreon's back, doing... Something...

"Eon... Eon... Eon..." The female black furred eeveelution moans.

'He's... He's humping his crotch into her... Into her rump... Why? Judging by the look on her face she seems to really be liking it though...' Eevee thinks to herself as she watches her parents curiously, crouching down low to the ground on all fours to huddle up against the cave wall, seeming to go completely unnoticed by the mating pair. 'Are they... It looks like they... Are they are connected?! There's something... Something sliding in and out of mommy's tail hole... A bright red part of daddy I've never seen before...'

"Eon... Eon... Eon! Eon! Eon!" Umbreon's mewls of pleasure get louder as Espeon picks up his movements to thrusts his hindquarters into his mate's behind faster.

"You're being... Being too loud again... You're going to wake them..." Espeon huffs as he humps into his female lover; purple fur slapping and sliding against black as his maleness disappears inside the pink puckered entrance of her tail hole again and again, balls swinging back and forth just below to bump into her vulva with a thump and splash droplets of her juices into the air with each forward thrust of his crotch against her.

"Eon! Eon! Eooon!" Eevee watches in astonishment as her daddy bites her mom's right ear and then slides one of the prongs on the end of his tail up inside her vagina, making her mewl into the air even louder than she has been.

'He's sticking... Sticking things inside her pee hole too?! Making her cry out so loud... It's a happy kind of cry though... Does it... Does it feel good to have things inside there?' Eevee thinks to herself as she lays down on her side to curl her form and bring her left forepaw down to her vagina, prodding the entrance of the female hole with one of her digits before slipping it inside. 'It... It does feel good...'

Quickly bringing her right forepaw back upwards to rest her head on both front paws and lay flat on her tummy, Eevee tries to be as stealthy as possible as she turns her gaze back to her parents to continue watching them intently.

"My entire rump feels warm and tingly..." Umbreon pants as Espeon backs up a bit and his penis and tail prong slip out of her anus and vagina; white liquids oozing out of her puckered ring shaped orifice and slowly dripping downwards along the fur of her behind before reaching her slitted opening just below, the substances joining her own steady stream of clear female cum that's streaming out of the bottom of her vulva to then be carried away down her right hind leg to the ground.

Bringing his tail upwards to his muzzle lips, Eevee watches as her daddy licks her mother's juices off of the furry double pronged appendage to clean it off some before slowly walking forward and placing both forepaws on either side of the upper rump of his mate to then start licking directly at pee hole.

"Eon... Eon... Eon..." Umbreon pants as Espeon's tongue runs along her messy vulva again and again, sticky and wet in their orgasm liquids as he laps them away to replace them with his saliva; a thin line of viscous sex and maw liquids connecting the tip of his licker to the entrance of her vagina each time it leaves the top to make the short journey back down to the base of her slit and upwards again.

'It must... It must feel good to be licked there too...' Eevee thinks to herself as she watches her father clean and pleasure her mom, tongue lapping up and away from her vagina now to lap up any of the white juices still dribbling out from her tail hole above. 'It's... It's making me hot just watching him clean her like this for some reason... It feels... Feels so warm between my hind legs... I want to be licked like that...'

Laying down and then rolling over onto her back, Espeon is forced to stop his tonguing of Umbreon's behind as she shifts positions. Spreading her hind legs wide apart and staring up at her mate lovingly with a huge grin across her muzzle, Umbreon's ruby red eyes seem to sparkle in the bright glow of the psychic eeveelution's gem.

"We'll just have to muffle those loud yelping sounds you like to make now won't we..." Espeon says as he walks over Umbreon's submitting form, then gently lower himself on top of her to press their stomachs and chests together as he begins lapping at her muzzle lips.

Eevee continues to watch with wide eyes as her father tilts his head to the side and opens his maw to then bring his head downwards to her mother's and lock their muzzle lips together, the cub's eyes going even wider as he quickly grabs his red connecter body part with the two prongs of his tail to guide it into her sex. 'They... They are connecting there now... Daddy's connecting himself to mommy's pee hole...'

"Eon! Eon! Eon! Eon!" Umbreon cries muffled mewls of pleasure as Espeon begins humping into her to vaginal tunnel; the sounds now being somewhat stifled by his maw as their muzzle lips remain pressed together and he licks and rubs his tongue against hers, the 'eon!' moans emanating from her muzzle definitely becoming quieter, but the wet smacking sounds that Eevee would always hear when they did this now very loud in the air as her daddy pushes and pulls his penis back and forth along the slick walls of her mom's damp sex, red flesh disappearing completely inside her again and again with a moist slap.

'It... It goes in and out... In and out... It makes me feel really good just watching them do this too for some reason... I feel... I feel excited... Excited in my lower tummy... My pee hole too... It feels funny... I think... I think it wants to be connected like that... Connected to daddy...' The Eevee cub thinks to herself, her body becoming further aroused as she continues to watch her parents mate.

"Espeooon!" Her daddy suddenly howls as he sends his seed into her mother's womb in bursting gushing jets, the cub witnessing the very act that created her only but a few months ago.

'It looks like he put that white stuff inside her pee hole now...' The cub thinks to herself as Espeon backpedals a few steps and his sperm comes rushing out Umbreon's vulva; very noticeable as the goo covers her lower rump and stands a perfect contrast to her black fur.

A string of her father's sticky male substance still connecting the tip of his penis to her vulva, Espeon walks forward over his mate's laying form to streak the fur of her underbelly in a white line of his love makings before squatting down on her upper chest with his still hard member aimed at her head.

"Can you do that thing with your tail for me?" Umbreon asks.

"Yes... But how about you take me into your muzzle first, I know how much you love the taste... And we need to keep you as quiet as possible, I really don't want to wake them up... Maybe with a mouth full of maleness you... You...... Oh yes... That feels amazing... Suckle for your milk you hungry kit..." Espeon whispers as Umbreon slowly takes his member into her muzzle to begin expertly suckling on him; maw grasping and slurping on his length as her tongue stokes and rubs the bottom.

'No way... He's even connecting it to her muzzle now!? Who would have thought such a thing was even possible!' Eevee thinks in amazement.

"Eon! Eon! Eon!" Umbreon starts up her mewlings again as Espeon's tail snakes down in between her hind legs and one of the prongs quickly goes up into her vagina to begin wiggling around frantically inside; her cries of pleasure still very muffled as her muzzle lips remain tightly around her mates member and she continues tugging and licking the red pleasure rod.

'Connected... Connected to two holes at the same time now...' Eevee thinks to herself as she brings one of the digits on her right forepaw to her mouth to start suckling on it, her left forepaw slowly moving as well to trail down between her hind legs and insert a digit back into her vagina; curiously attempting to mimic what she sees her parents doing.

"Put them... Put them both inside..." Umbreon huffs, Espeon's penis slipping out of her maw as she talks.

"Both? Well okay... But you have to go back to suckling or you'll never get your tasty treat..." Espeon tells her as he grips the back of her head with his forepaws to then guide his member back inside her muzzle; hunched over his mates head and lightly caressing her ears with his pads as she goes back to suckling on him.

"Breon! Eon! Eon! Eon! Eon!" Umbreon moans loudly with a muzzle full of Espeon meat as the second prong of his tail wiggles it's way inside her tail hole, her own tail wagging and flailing about sporadically as she lifts her hindquarters off the ground to begin humping upwards into the air against the vibrating wiggling furry prongs inside her.

'Connected... Connected to all three places at once! This is... This is intense...' Eevee thinks to herself as she continues to suckle on her right forepaw's digit, her left forepaw's digit now gently being pushed and pulled inside her tiny sex as she tries to bring another one of that paw's digits over to her own tail hole, attempting to stick it inside and copy what her mommy and daddy are doing but not quite being able to reach.

"I don't think a different type of eeveelution would be able to keep up with your sexual desires..." Espeon laughs.

"I want... I want to feel you cum in my tail hole again..." Umbreon tells him, his member slipping out of her maw to then be grabbed by her forepaws and licked a few times and rubbed in between her pads; pre-cum dripping from the tip as the rest stands shiny with her saliva.

"But aren't you a hungry kit? Don't you want your mil..."

"Tail hole! Now!" Umbreon barks, interrupting Espeon.

"Ye... Yes my mate..." Espeon replies as his double pronged tail slips out of her tail hole and sex and obediently backpedals over her form to then lay down on her stomach and rest the tip of his member at her small puckered entrance.

"No... I want you to lick too... Lick my vagina while you do it..." Umbreon tells him as he starts licking her muzzle lips then tilts his head to the side getting ready to lock their muzzles again so he can keep her quiet.

"But the kits!" He barks back.

"I don't care! Let them hear me! Maybe if our son wakes up then he can help daddy mate mommy since he refuses to do the things she wants!"

"How could you say such a thing?! Who are you and what have you done with the Umbreon I know and love?!"

"I'm... I'm sorry... This heat... It's making me a little crazy... I'm sorry... Please... Please just do this for me..."

"Oh you came into heat? I didn't even realize..."

"Yes... Just now while we were mating... I'll... I'll be quiet, I promise..." Umbreon tells him as she leans forwards with the front half of her body to grab his tail, then promptly inserts the prong that was just in her vagina into her maw to gently suckle her sex liquids off of his fur there.

"That feels... That feels kind of weird... A good kind of weird though..." He tells her as she suckles the end of his tail.

"Less talking, more humping and licking..." Umbreon mumbles around his tail as she grabs the side of his head with her forepaws to guide the end of his muzzle lips to her vagina, then wiggles her hindquarters forward on the ground to assertively take his member about half way into her tail hole.

"Eon! Eon! Eon!" Umbreon cries loud muffled sounds as Espeon begins awkwardly humping into her tail hole in his hunched over position, tongue simultaneously leaving his maw to begin lapping at her vulva as she leans forward with the front half of her body to grab his lower back with her forepaws and hump back against him, desperately trying to push tongue and penis further into her body.

"Fill my tail hole! Fill it with your goo!" Umbreon barks, Espeon's tail slipping out of her mouth.

Quickly stopping his laps of her vaginal slit, Espeon brings his head upwards and straightens his back to wrap his forelegs tightly around Umbreon's torso and begin thrusting harder into her tail hole with better positioning, both eeveelutions tightly hugging each other and falling over to lay on their sides, chests pressed firmly together as the purple furred male repeatedly humps his crotch against his mates butt to drag his penis backwards before pushing it hard into her tight clenching upper rump hole, doing his best to fulfill her request of cumming inside her there as he brings himself to the brink of orgasm.

"Breee!" Umbreon moans as Espeon pushes himself hard against rear end to hilt the full length of his penis inside her body and flood the far depths of her tail hole with his sperm; white liquids streaming up inside her to search for fertile ground but finding none. "Breeeoon!" She quickly howls again as Espeon swiftly brings his right forepaw down to her crotch to find the top of her vulva and paw at her clitoris just inside; feeling her tail hole convulse and spasm around his penis as he brings her to a climax as well.

"Veee eeveeee!" The Eevee cub's higher pitched cry almost instantly follows as she brings herself to a orgasm of her own; her mother's loud howls of pleasure seeming to vibrate into the air and enter her body, causing it to shake and shudder in pleasure as one of the kit's digits continues slowly pumping in and out of her sex, both of her parents being alerted to her presence and quickly turn their heads and gaze towards her.

"Eevee! Mommy and daddy are just playing! It's! It's okay... You...... Eevee just where have you been touching yourself young female?!" Espeon gets the first word out, trying to explain the situation to his cub as he notices her left forepaw between her hind legs and one of her digits inside her vagina.

"I... Am I not supposed to? And that wasn't just playing! I saw you guys! You were doing... Doing... Doing intense things!" Eevee barks back, trying to take the focus off of herself.

"Yes, It's not just playing... It's called mating Eevee..." Umbreon explains as she stands up on all four paws to turn around and start walking over to the cub; her mates penis being removed from her tail hole with a quiet popping squish sound, male Espeon essence gushing out of the orifice to stream down her right hind leg to again join her female cum and make its way to the bottom of her paw, a few partial paw prints consisting of their combined left over love liquids being left behind on the cave floor as she makes her way over to their naughty female cub.

"Honey... Should we really be telling her that at this age... What are you... Doing......" Espeon asks as Umbreon positions herself walks over Eevee's prone form to then lays down on her back; his cum still lightly trailing down her black furred behind and finding a new path as her hind legs now straddle their daughter, the potent life giving liquid dripping dangerously close to the kit's vagina.

"I was about her age when I started to become interested in males... Hehe..." She laughs, Eevee staring upwards at her mother as she continues to lay strangely on top of her. "About her age when my father mated me for the first time..."

"He what?!" Espeon barks loudly in response.

"That's how it's always been done in my family... Females of our bloodline seem to mature much faster than other pokémon, and our sexual appetite is always much greater as well..." Umbreon explains; a look of astonishment and disbelief on Espeon's face.

"That's just.. Just... But why... Err... Did you... So did you lay one of your father's eggs?" Espeon asks confounded.

"No... Our families sperm will not take in one its own female relatives for some reason, it has just always been that way, don't know why... Hehe..." She explains further, looking downwards at her cub before giving her an affectionate lick across the top of her muzzle.

"Why have you never told any of this to me before now?!" Espeon barks back, feeling uneasy about his mate's nonchalant tone of voice, as if this were something normal... As if she were suggesting that HE should mate with his kit the way her father did with her...

"So Eevee, how would you like it if daddy mated with you?" Umbreon asks her; a chill shooting up Espeon's spine and causing his entire body to become cold as her words confirm all his suspicions, his very being becoming stunned for a moment.

"I think... I think I'd like that very much..." She replies in a soft innocent voice, her fluffy tail slowly beginning to wag back and forth happily as she realizes she's not in trouble and may actual get to do what she had just witness her mother do with her daddy.

"No! That's just... Just wrong! I can't believe you'd even suggest such a thing Umbreon! I refuse... I refuse to believe any of this! Refuse to do THAT with my cub!" Espeon says while standing up in an attempt to recompose himself and regain control of the situation. "Eevee... Eevee don't look at daddy right now..." He goes on, his noticeably bright red member still unsheathed as he tries to stand at an angle where his kit can't see it, failing miserably as she stares smiling.

"I can see his connecter thingy still!" The cub laughs.

"Awe, I think daddy just needs some encouraging..." Umbreon says suggestively, standing off of Eevee to then backpedal until her head is above her hindquarters.

Spying a drop of her mates sperm on the outskirts of their cub's vulva, Umbreon lifts her right forepaw off the ground and high into the air, making sure that Espeon can see as she slowly extends one her center digits and places it on Eevee's behind to smear the fertile male substance on her pad before slowly hilting the entirety of her digit inside her virgin sex.

"Vee!" The female kit yips as the area inside her pee hole is touched for the very first time by someone other than herself, the sensation seeming to be ten times as pleasurable than when she had done it earlier and causing her to instinctively raise her hindquarters off the ground after feeling her mother's touch there.

"Oh she's already so wet in here... So warm and tight too... More than ready for you my mate... I already put your cub seed inside her, what harm could some more do?" Umbreon tells him enticingly, and then begins thrusting her digit in and out of their kit's fleshy love tunnel; eliciting little pleasurable sounding 'vee! vee!' squeaks with each push of her digit back inside the tiny hole. "So verbal... Just like her mother..." She laughs.

Espeon stands for a moment watching his mate performance paralyzed, gripped by a combination of horror, disbelief, arousal...

"Just stop!" He regains control of his body to cry, darting over to the cub to quickly pick her up by the scruff of her neck with his maw and then run back towards the entrance of their cave; tears welling up in his eyes and dropping to the ground as his maleness bounces in-between his hind legs, still very erect after watching his mate pleasure their kit with her.

"Are we going to do that thing that mommy said now?!" Eevee asks enthusiastically, excited for more of the pleasurable feelings that her mom was giving her.

"No... No! No we're not! You're going to go to sleep and pretend none of this happened! This is a dream!" Espeon tells her distraughtly, tears now streaming down his cheek fur as he reaches the cave entrance and releases his toothy hold to set his cub down.

"But..." Eevee starts.

"But nothing! Go to sleep!" He barks, laying down and curling his body around her form to cuddle and protect her from his mate, turning off his gem and staring into the darkness of the cave as he fearfully waits for her.

Small yellow luminescent rings pierce the veil of pure blackness as an overly zealous Umbreon approaches; circular lights growing in size as she paces in pursuit, stark red eyes suddenly lighting up as they catch the faintest amount of the moon's shine, piercing orbs staring directly into Espeon's mind to impose a will fixed and determined. As his mate's form continues to close the distance between them and slyly slink into the light, Espeon swallows hard as black fur becomes visible to reveal an emphasized sway in her hips after each and every well calculated paw step forward; advancing upon him like some sexual temptress demon come to bend and sway his sanity until shattered into fragments of unthinkable deviancy.

"You know, I really am entering my heat... That wasn't a lie earlier..." She spoke, her voice cutting through the silence like a Scyther's blade. "Females of my bloodline... When they are in heat they require a male nearly every waking second, their lust never seeming to be sated..." She goes on, walking increasingly closer to Espeon as their female Eevee cub props the front half of her body on top of her father's back to join him in looking at her mother. "So tell me... Are you going to sleep now? Because the burning itch between my hind legs is still ablaze, and I require a certain special liquid to cool it off..." She continues to say, walking past him to straddle their slightly older male kit's body with her four legs and then lay down on top of him. "He always was such a heavy sleeper, hehe..." She giggles as she begins licking the fur on the back of his neck.

'This... This can't be happening... This can't be real...' Espeon thinks to himself, stunned by his mates words as she inappropriately advances on his other cub now.

"That's nice..." The male Eevee cub mumbles, being awoken by the loving caress of his mothers tongue on the nape of his neck

"Daddy... I want to connect with you... Connect with you like how mommy does..." The female cub whimpers, her daddy's penis still unsheathed and pressing against the back of her left hind leg.

Espeon shudders upon hearing his kit's request so innocent and straight forward, member jumping at the thought of mating with his little female kit and taking her virginity as a distinct aroma wafts into nostrils, his mates heating scent finally showing itself and stroking the pleasure center of his brain with each intake of air to further instill his dirty thoughts and make the idea of plowing that cute little Eevee's behind more and more appealing.

"What's the harm? I mean really..." Umbreon asks him; the calling fragrance of her sex continuing to prod at his mind as she tries to persuade him with her voice now as well, the dark furred eeveelution pushing him toward doing the unthinkable with his kit. "It's just rubbing... Rubbing... Licking... Penetrating... Humping... Two pokémon touching each others' genitals to gain pleasure... Nothing more..." She goes on, looking down at the back of her sons head to gently hump into his upper rump a few times.

'She's... She's actually making a lot of sense...' Espeon thinks to himself, giving into his lusty desires as he now mentally and physically yearns for his daughters touch, maleness thumping against his cub's hindquarters as he turns his gaze to her to find her already staring towards his face lovingly with a huge grin across her muzzle, Eevee cutely cocking her head to the side as he finally turns his attention back towards her, curious as to if he had changed his mind about connecting to her.

"Licking!" She cub yips then gives her daddy a quick lick across the end of his muzzle lips and nose; sending a lightning bolt of pleasure down the older males spine to then vibrate to the rest of his body as he continues to think about his cub in sexual way and she kisses him so affectionately, just a short while ago the same thought having quite the opposite effect on him.

Returning his Eevee cub's lick across the muzzle lips, Espeon's heart begins to beat hard knowing that he's now purposely touching her in an intimate and highly inappropriate manner now.

"Vee!" Eevee barks after being licked back so passionately by her daddy, quickly wrapping her forelegs around his neck to begin lapping and lapping at his muzzle lips in response.

Espeon's heart continues to throb as his kit showers him with wet tongue kisses and he gently begins to flit his own back against hers, their lickers running along one another as Espeon rolls over onto his back and Eevee shifts with him to lay contently on top of his upper chest with forelegs remaining tightly hugging his neck.

"I like lickings like this..." The cub says while unwrapping her forelegs from around her dad's neck to reposition herself; placing her forepaws on his shoulders draping her hind legs down either side of his stomach to straddle him before quickly resuming her lappings of sensitive maw parts.

"Connect... Connect muzzles like with mommy..." The cub pants, then suddenly stops her licking again to tilt her head to the side and open her maw wide apart and take the end of her daddy's muzzle inside; trying to do to him what she saw him do earlier to Umbreon while they were mating.

Quickly fulfilling her request, Espeon opens his maw slightly so that their muzzle lips touch and press together, then darts his tongue forward to lick and rub her much smaller mouth organ one once more.

"I love... I love you daddy..." Eevee breaks their muzzle kiss to tell him, becoming entirely wrapped up in the moment and her first ever mating experience with this older male figure whom she already loved so much, unleashing her family's innate lust fervor as she pushes against his shoulders with her forepaws to slide her hind end further forward along his body and wrap her forelegs around the circumference of his head, her own head now directly above his as she brings it downwards to lock their muzzle lips together and resume their maw and tongue rubbings; the cub's forepaws lightly pressing into the back of Espeon head as her crotch now presses into his chest and she stares down towards the ground to lick inside her father's maw from above.

Placing his forepaws on his kits upper rump as they continue their full contact muzzle lip kiss and she wags her heavily furred tail around in a flurry of excitement, Espeon becomes increasingly okay with what he's doing with his daughter on an even deeper level than just lust as he thinks back to what Umbreon told him about how all the females in her family have mated at such an early age, about how they cannot produce offspring with someone who shares the same bloodline, and about how she and all the females before her have always mated with their fathers...

"My my my!" Umbreon exclaims, still laying atop their elder male Eevee cub as she watches her mate with amusement. "I knew it was only a matter of time... They always come around hehe..."

"What are they... Why is he doing that with her?" Eevee's older brother asks inquisitively with his head turned to watch the pair. "Mom... You smell... Smell kinda funny..." He continues on, tilting his head upwards and turning his to the heating female Umbreon that is his mother atop him.

"Do I?" She teases, knowing full well that he's smelling her sex's male attention grabbing aura and deciding it's about time that her son learned about mating as well. "Eevee... I'm sure you've noticed some of the differences between males and females by now..." She goes on while standing up and walking forward over her cub's form. "There's daddy parts, and then there's mommy parts..."

"Mommy... Parts..." He mumbles as Umbreon squats with her hind legs down just in front of his head to place her heating vulva just inches away from his snout. "Smells... Smells really good actually..."

"Could you... Could you please lick mommy's pee hole for her? It has become very sore recently and only your tongue can make her feel better..." She begs in a seductive tone.

Without a word in response the cub begins lapping at his mother's sex, his maleness already very aroused now beginning to unsheath in throbbing jumps as Umbreon's heating scent streams directly into his olfactory, female fluids splashing onto the end of his nose as he licks and licks at this strangely smooth un-furred fleshy area of his mother so soft and nice against his tongue. Each of the Eevee's lapping motions seems to coax more of the sweet tasting vaginal liquids out as he guzzles them down in search of more, the inside of his mother's tunnel now super coated with a slippery wetness and ready for most any larger sized male pokémon to slide his maleness inside.

Completely entranced the young male can't seem to put his paw on why he's enjoying all of this so much, feeling as though his mind has been enveloped by the constricting upward spiraling flame of a fire spin attack, head swirling in circles as his mommy's sex juices burn and singe his pallet with flavors that are entirely female, entirely pleasurable... The kit's loins seem to burn too as blood continues to rush to his genitals and unsheath his member completely, exposing his length to the outside air for the first time in his life. Getting a sudden urge Eevee stands and jumps up with the front half of his body, the male kit beside himself as he places his forepaws on the upper rump of his mother to grip her fur and lick harder and harder at her entrance to poké paradise.

"Do you like to lick mommy there?" She asks with a tone of lust as his tonguing becomes more rough and her pleasure increases; smelling her son's male musk in the air now as his fully unsheathed maleness throbs in anticipation underneath his hind legs.

Soon Umbreon's body begins to respond to her son's treatment in kind, with vagina contracting against his licking tongue, opening and closing against the caressing touch of wet flesh running along quivering wet flesh.

"Such a good boy..." She encourages him as his licker begins sliding inside her winking vulva a ways with each lap; delving in while opened and then lightly being clamped upon and squeezed as it makes its way back to his maw.

Slowly raising her hindquarters while her cub continues to lick and lap at her sex vexed, entirely entranced by the smell, taste, and amazingly smooth slippery texture of her skin there against his tongue, Eevee keeps his forepaws on Umbreon's upper rump as she shifts positions and matches her movements so he can keep access to her femininity; his front half being lifted upwards a bit as she raises her rear and lays flat on her forelegs to go into a more natural presenting stance. Looking back over her left shoulder she finds her son's red cubhood out and about, his musk growing stronger by the second as it stands exposed and uncovered; a bit of pre-cum on the end twinkling in the moonlight, more than ready to take the place of his tongue inside her sex... Moving her head over her right shoulder now and turning her gaze to her mate and other kit, she finds them still licking passionately at each other; eyes closed with maws still connected, soft little 'vee...' moaning sounds being heard as Espeon's member jumps up and down just below the smaller female's bottom while she remains laying on top of her father's chest.

"It's time to teach the kits how to mate first paw..." Umbreon says as she trots forward a few paces, regretfully moving away from her son's touch to leave him licking his lips as she changes direction to walk over to her daughter and bite down into the scruff of her neck.

"Hey!" The female Eevee cub barks angrily as her mother carefully picks her up to stop her loving moment and remove her from Espeon chest as she steps a few paces away with her.

"Don't you want to 'connect' as you say it with daddy in other areas as well?" Her mother asks her, placing her down on the cave floor to then try and force her into a presenting pose; the kit squirming around and not cooperating at all as Umbreon presses her right forepaw down into her upper back in attempt to keep the front half of her body to the ground, then places her left forepaw in-between her hind legs to push upwards and raise her hindquarters. "Stop moving about! I'm trying to teach you how to attract a male!"

"Connect... In other areas..." The cub mumbles, half listening to her mother as she becomes distracted and gets placed in the generic female submission position for a moment while looking back at her father.

As the female Eevee again begins struggling to escape and get back to her daddy Espeon, he simply remains laying on his back staring back at her upside down to watch the ordeal; stuck in a lusty daze as his mate's overwhelming heating scent forces only thoughts of mating his little Eevee daughter into his mind.

"Eep!" Umbreon squeals as she feels a cold nose press into her vulva, her female kit quickly wiggling free of her grasp and fleeing back to her father as her brother nuzzles their mother's sex before starting to lap at it once more. "Do you really love my flavor that much..." She laughs, quickly whipping around to reach underneath his hind legs with her left forepaw and stroke his unsheathed member with her pads, causing him to immediately start humping back against her touch.

"Veee!" He cries as white liquids begin spraying out of the tip of penis onto the cave floor, some catching onto the brown fur of his underbelly as the very aroused and inexperienced male cub reaches an orgasm and his member pulses and jumps with happiness.

Falling over onto his side to grab at this previously untouched body part, the virgin cub clasps both of his forepaws around his penis extreme pleasure rushes through his body; all seeming to originate from that strange bright red organ.

"So tender..." Umbreon says as she brings her muzzle to his crotch to lick his penis and the bit of cum still dripping from the tip. "Yours' taste much like your father's..."

Pushing him with her right forepaws so that he rolls over to lay flat on his back, Umbreon then licks up and down the length of her kit's penis a few times before swiftly taking it into her maw to start suckling on him. Now licking and gripping her son's maleness inside her maw the same way she had just done to her mate's earlier in the night, the black furred eeveelution maneuvers her hindquarters around so that they are on either side of Eevee's head, and then squats down to place her crotch next to his muzzle to feel his tongue begin furiously licking at her vulva once more.

Meanwhile, escaping from her mother's paws as she quickly became distracted with her brother, a little female Eevee kit scurries back to her father and climbs atop his tummy; her eyes fixated all the while on his pulsing red member after being reminded of that special connecter tool by her mommy, Espeon himself still continuing to lay on his back and look upside down in awe at his mate as she advances on their son, first making him cum with her forepaw and then begin pleasuring him with her muzzle, a sight which should be appalling to him only seeming to increase his arousal as the scent of female heat and sex fills the air, thoughts of taking his female Eevee kit's virginity still in the forefront of his mind as he feels a small tongue flick across his penis. Immediately lifting his head and turning his gaze forwards, Espeon is met with his cub's petite and inviting behind, her tail waving back and forth happily with little sex and tail hole close enough to smell as she turns her head to look back at him wantingly with big brown pleading cub.

"Can we... Can we do what they're doing?" She asks, her father instantly lapping at her tiny vulva upon hearing her words as he leans forward with the front half of his body and places his comparatively massive paws on her upper rump to hold her still; the entire length of his tongue pressed to her slit and contacting her most sensitive female flesh as it slowly runs upwards again and again to steal any of his cub's forbidden flavors, nose pressing hard into her pink puckered orifice just above as he snorts and sniffs his daughters tail hole loudly to absorb all scents.

"Dah... Dah... Dad... Ee... Vee..." The cub mumbles as she's gripped with physical pleasure like she's never felt, her hindquarters staying raised up high as her father licks and rubs the two sensitive holes on her behind with nose and tongue while her forelegs collapse from the intense feeling to lay on his lower stomach.

Wanting to return the favor and connect to her daddy like her mother had done earlier and is doing to her brother right now, Eevee reaches forward with both of her tiny forepaws to grip the base of Espeon's red connector and pull it down to wear her head is to then quickly take the large maleness into her maw.

"Vee!" The cub cries out a muffled sound of pleasure and surprise as she feels her father's tongue open her up and slide into her pee hole, eyes closing hard as she begins suckling on Espeon's member with her small muzzle; only half of his red fleshy pole being able to fit inside her maw as she grasps and tugs with the expertise of a kit who stopped suckling from her mother's nipples but only a short time ago, male musk assaulting her sense of smell and taste as his member pulses against her pallet and furred balls bounce lightly before her nose.

"Vee eevee vee!" Another incomprehensible cry of pleasure slightly deeper in pitch quickly follows the female Eevee cub's, the happy sound emanating from her brother's muzzle lips to occupy the air and compete with the loud licking and constant sucking slurps that his family members continue to make while mouthing and tonguing at each others' genitals, his body writhing and humming as he's brought to another orgasm and his mother hungrily drinks down any tasty white treat that comes squirting into her maw.

Quickly diving back into his mother sex after being stunned by such an immense burst of pleasure, the male cub's licker joins his father's in being enveloped by female vaginal walls, wiggling his small mouth organ as deep as he can get it inside Umbreon's vagina as he grips the sides of her rump and buries the end of his muzzle into her crotch fur, trying his absolute best to give his mother as much pleasure as she just gave him.

"Oh you're good at this... Definitely take after your father..." Umbreon huffs, already on the brink of orgasm after being licked for so long by her cub. "Drink it... Drink it all down now..." She goes on as she stands on just three legs to brings her left paw down to the top of her vulva and begin gently rubbing her clitoris with a pad. "Bree... Bree... Breon!" She pants and then mewls in pleasure as her sex spasms and convulses, her son's muzzle fur becoming coated in female cum as his tongue is massaged by quivering flesh; the little male Eevee's head swirling in lust as he hears his mom breathe heavily in delight and tastes the indescribably good love liquid she creates as it pours into his small maw and dribbles down the bottom of his neck.

Feeling her son withdraw his tongue from inside her vagina to start licking the few drops still slowly trailing downwards just below her vulva, Umbreon becomes freed from her overwhelming need to mate for a moment as her climax slowly fades; her heat still managing to keep her in a low state of arousal, the flames between her hind legs turned some. Breaking her squatting stance to get up and walk over to where her mate and daughter are enjoying themselves, a sex enthralled male cub follows closely behind a messy black furred rear end as Umbreon begins moving away from his sniffer and licker.

"Are you enjoying your daughter's body my mate?" Umbreon whispers as she lays down on her back parallel to Espeon then turns towards him to wrap her forelegs around his neck and start licking his cheek fur; their male cub making his way over to the other side of his dad's body and sitting down to watch him and his sister curiously. "So are you going to give her your special male milk or what..." She goes on to say impatiently; their female kit continuing suckle vigorously on his penis as he returns her pleasuring in kind and roughly tongues at her little box.

Quickly unwrapping her forelegs from around her mates neck, Umbreon then rolls over onto her front to stand up and make her way over to his spread hind legs so she can try and speed things up.

"Espe... Espeon..." Espeon stops his tonguing of Eevee kit vagina to groan as he feels his mate's licker begin running upwards against his sensitive tail hole and the bottom of his testicle, his genitals being bathed in the wet warm friction of both females as he's swiftly pushed over the edge and cum begins spurting into his daughter's maw, quickly filling the insides of the small hole to then come dribbling out of the ends of her muzzle lips as they remain tightly clamped down on his penis, the cub's throat muscles swallowing the strange substance down into her gullet until it stops squirting out to then finally release her bright red male teat to let out a sigh.

"I need... I need to feel more... Please Daddy... Connect here now okay..." She tells him while turning around to then rub her little slit up and down the length of his member trying to get it inside, the kit on the brink of cumming herself and desperately wanting to feel the pleasure she saw her mother have while having his penis inside her; Eevee's brother watching wide eyed as she moves her genitals against their daddy's, his own smaller penis jumping up excitedly as he looks downwards to it and realizes it can go inside that part of a female.

"Yes, connect with your daughter there... Take her innocence and turn her into a female just like my father did to me..." Umbreon encourages them with her words, and then tongue as she gives Espeon's length a long slow lick upwards from the base of his penis to the tip, her long licker then running along her daughters vulva and causing her to look back at her mother in response.

"Vee!" She yips as something furry begins rubbing against her slit instead, quickly looking underneath her body to see that it's one of the end of her father's tail. "What are... What are you..." She stutters as either of the prongs of his tail begin to push the outer fold of her sex apart. "Vee... Eevee... Vee... Eevee..." She begins panting incredibly hard in anticipation as he keeps her vaginal lips spread with his tail and brings the tip of his penis just inside before slowly pushing himself into her smaller female body. "Vee... Eevee... Vee......" She whines, tears beginning well up underneath her eyes and stream down her cheek fur as an entirely too large maleness continues to push against her body and spread her tiny kit sex apart, her father blinded by lust as he places his forepaws on her upper rump to push her hindquarters downwards until all of his red flesh finally disappears inside her brown furred form. "Veeeee!"

"It's okay Eevee..." She hears her mother tell her. "It always hurts a little at first, but you have a special trait my cub... The females of my family line have always been graced with genitalia that can accommodate larger males, and you will soon feel nothing but pleasure..." Umbreon goes on to say trying to soothe her kit's mind, then licks along the base of her mate and daughter's connected sexes to try and help her body feel better too as it adjusts to her father's large penis inside her.

"It feels... Feels good to be connected with daddy..." The kit says as she continues to lightly cry, a mixture of pain and pleasure coursing through her body as she raises her hindquarters and keeps her lower her forelegs to her dads chest instinctively, gently removing his maleness from her vagina until just the tip is inside. "Feels good to have daddy move along my insides..." She goes on, pure physical pleasure beginning to overwrite any instincts as she feels the amazing sensation of having his member scrape against the walls of her sex, the surprisingly assertive female lowering her crotch back downwards to slide his penis along her fleshy tunnel again. "Vee!" She yips happily as she takes him entirely inside her once more and feels no pain whatsoever this time, only the sensation of being completely stuffed by and her father's special connector part, two bodies connected as one for just a few seconds as she slowly raises her hindquarters back up to feel just the tip again and then slowly lower her rump back once more. "I love... Love you to have you inside me daddy..." She pants.

"Vee! Vee! Vee!" She begins mewling out loud as she repeats the process again and again; sensitive female cub flesh being stretched to its limits as Espeon watches his daughter dumbfounded, just laying back and allowing her to do what she will as he's brought to pleasure on entirely new level, penis being worked over by the lightly hugging vaginal muscles of his daughter as the tight virgin hole struggles to clench down on the large member inside, loving the squeals of excited passion after each time she takes his length inside

"Just like me at her age... Yes, my family pool breeds very good lovers... We swim in the pleasures of ecstasy and forbidden matings..." Umbreon whispers as she watches her daughter ride her mate like an adolescent female Cubone discovering her bone can be used for more than just clubbing other pokémon with, then slowly turns her gaze away from the scene and towards her son; causing him to look away from the mating pair as well and look back at her.

"Veeeee!" The female Eevee kit mewls as her pleasure hits a peak and she reaches an orgasm, her sex spasming and clenching repeatedly fast and hard around her daddy's penis. "Vee! Vee! Vee!" She continues to cry as her climactic pleasure spurs her start humping faster; those same loud wet slapping sounds she always heard from her parents now coming from her as her female tunnel becomes increasingly wet with her cum and leaks down along Espeon's penis to soak into sheath fur, the cub not wanting to stop the intense feelings of love and pleasure she is experiencing, wanting to be connected like this to her daddy forever...

"Definitely takes after her mother..." Umbreon whispers, giggling at her daughter's loud cries of bliss as she walks over to her very aroused male Eevee kit to swiftly bring her right forepaw down to her son's erect penis and prod at it. "Enjoying the show?" She teases as he quickly lays down on his back in hopes of getting his member suckled on again by her. "No no no... We're going to do the real thing now..." She tells him, rolling him onto his side with her head to then take his neck scruff into her maw and pick him up with her teeth.

"Vee!" He yips in protest as he's picked up in a way he hasn't been for months now. "How old do you think I am?!" He barks at her.

"Old enough to properly please your mother I hope..." She replies, lying down on her back parallel to Espeon's side and releasing the cub from her maw's grip so that he stands on her upper chest; mother and father's furry sides touching as they proceed to teach their kits how to mate by way of their own genitals. "Well, go on..." She tells him as he just stands there watching his sister take the entire length of his dad's enormous penis inside her again and again; little 'vee!' yips of pleasure continuing to ring into the air, accompanied by the soft squishing sounds of wet penis and vagina rubbing and sliding against each other.

Slowly making his way down his mothers belly, Eevee then turns around to face her like his sister is doing with their father.

"Will it... Will it hurt like it did for her?" He asks hesitantly, continuing to stare at his sister and father as they mate.

Laughing in response to his question, Umbreon places her right forepaw on the side of his head to then gently push it and tilt it towards her so that he looks into her eyes.

"It won't..." She tells him in a low seductive tone. "Now put it in... It will feel much better inside there than my muzzle, I promise..."

"Okay..." He replies softly, then back pedals to slide down her crotch with his hindquarters and stand on the ground with his hind legs; forepaws moving down to now rest on her lower stomach.

Between his mothers thighs now, the cub can feel the warmth of her heating sex radiate against his undersides, becoming utterly wrapped up in the special female scent it emits once more as it consumes his sense of smell and his maw begins salivating wanting a taste; equally as hungry sex starved member dropping a single bead of pre-cum to the cave floor as his entire body lusts for his mother's. Feeling more than ready to begin the mating process and plunge himself into Umbreon's body, the kit begins gently begins thrusting his crotch against hers to try put his penis inside the very same fleshy hole he came out of some five or so months ago.

"Vee!" The male cub yips as his tiny bright red maleness slips inside his mother's slit, the sensitive rod being hidden by black fur and encased in her soft fleshy insides. "It's... It's suckling me..." He huffs as he remains still for a moment to he feels his mother's vagina contract against him in rhythmic squeezing motions, then quickly presses his upper chest and the side of his head to his mother's stomach to wrap his forelegs tightly around her waist and instinctively steady himself as he begins humping into her.

Turning her gaze away from her male cub as he continues to happily and enthusiastically mate his mommy, Umbreon tilts her head over to watch her other kit as she continues to take her mate's maleness into her small frame again and again; tiny vagina being stretched and filled as Espeon now helps lower and raise her hindquarters with his forepaws, his front half completely off the ground and leaned forward to grip the upper sides of Eevee's rump while he humps back into his daughter with each downward motion of her crotch, their muzzle lips now sealed together and quieting high pitched 'vee!' squeaks of pleasure as the sounds try to escape from between their maws, lickers rubbing and caressing out of view as Umbreon watches her mate's body begin visibly shudder with excitement.

"Da... Daddy... You make me feel so good... Putting the warm goo stuff inside me just like mommy... I love you..." The cub breaks their kissing to pant as her small womb is quickly filled to the brim with male cum, her father's penis vibrating along the walls of her terribly tight and barely accommodating vagina to bring her to another orgasm over her own, the entirety of her small form vibrating with good feelings as her body spasms and convulses back against his, sex rapidly squeezing and rippling along the length of his penis and making sure to harvest any last bit of her father's seed before slowly going back to rhythmic clenching again. "I love... I love you Espeon..." She tells him panting as she lays down on top of his belly recovering; remaining hilted on his maleness as the up and down motions finally cease and a combination of their climactic physical pleasure juices tries to slowly escape from their closely fitting genitals, a small amount of clear and white fluids trickling down to the base of Espeon's purple furred sheath.

'Did she... Did she just call me Espeon?!' He thinks to himself as his infatuated Eevee daughter removes herself from his pokéhood to stand up on his chest and take the few paw steps forward to where he his head is now lying flat on the ground resting; a large rush of their liquids finally escaping her small cub vagina as she walks along his body, hot and sticky male and female cum dripping onto the fur covering his underbelly as she makes her upwards along his body.

"Don't become too attached now... You're going to have to find a mate of your own eventually you know..." Umbreon tells the female Eevee kit as she wraps her forelegs around her father's head to begin licking and licking at his muzzle lips affectionately.

"Veee!" Her other cub suddenly howls as he brings himself to an orgasm of his own, the constant friction along his member as he humps energetically into his mom's constantly gripping vagina finally becoming too much to bare as a comparably smaller quantity of sperm squirts out into Umbreon's female tunnel; the inexperienced cub inefficiently shooting the white substance against her fleshy walls, none making it very deep inside her as it almost immediately leaks out of the bottom of her winking vulva in spitting waves as it opens and closes around him.

"Oh you're going to need some practice it seems..." She giggles, feeling her son's warm male fluids enter her and then quickly leave to dribble down to her tail hole below; suddenly being reminded of how she had her mate take her there for the first time earlier that night and how very good it felt as he did so... "Try that lower hole there as well... I think that puckered opening should be used to train you from now on, it's more suited... Suited for... Eon..." Umbreon tries to explain to her cub as he quickly removes his penis from her vagina and inserts it into her messy tail hole below; the tip pushing aside the small amount of white liquids that seemed to pool there at the entrance as he hilts himself inside to be greeted with a hard squeeze from her anus muscles. "Goo... Good cub..." She pants as he begins humping into her more befitting orifice, now being able to feel the entirety of her son's length thrust in and out of her body; bright red flesh running back and forth and rubbing against all sides of the soft wrinkly sensitive folds of her inner tail hole to cause her much more pleasure than he was able to give her before.

"I will teach you how to pleasure a female my kit... Show you where we like to be touched..." Umbreon tells him, leaning forward to grip his small forepaws with hers and remove them from where they are griping her waist to then place them on her bottom set of nipples; tiny pads gently rocking against the teats he used to suckle as he grips either of her breasts hard to steady himself. "And lick... And lick here..." She stutters while placing her forepaws on either side of his head move it backwards slightly and guide the end of his muzzle to the top of her vulva, quickly laying backwards in pleasure as his tongue begins lapping her upper sex and crotch fur; tongue lightly brushing against his mother's clitoris with each stroking motion, the cub enjoying the flavor of her female essence and happy to do anything she asks of him as long as it meant he could continue to have his member sliding in and out of her body and receive the immense pleasure that followed from doing so.

"They... They are connecting too?" An exhausted female Eevee kit pants hard as she rests the left side of her head on Espeon's upper chest, recovering from her tiresome mating motions and muzzle lickings as she now watches her mother and brother perform similar actions.

Turning his head to the side to lay it on the cave floor and mimic the position of his daughter's on top of him, the end of Espeon's muzzle lips are quickly met with his mates licking tongue as she turns her head to face his. Shifting his forelegs and placing his forepaws on the back of Umbreon's head, Espeon embraces his mate as he begins licking back hard and slow against her tongue before pressing her head closer towards to invade the inside her maw with it.

Their male Eevee cub thrusting into his mother's tail hole as he continues to tongue roughly now at a curious bump of flesh he discovered near at the top of her vulva, he mouths at that specific area to swiftly take the little nub inside the end of his muzzle lips and begin slurping and sucking on her clitoris as it could produce milk, Umbreon moaning loudly into her mates maw as they continue their kissing and tiny paws begin pushing back and forth against her nipples repeatedly, her sex suddenly rippling in spasm as she's promptly pushed over the edge and female cum begins rushing out; vaginal walls opening and closing hard to splash the underside of Eevee's fur with droplets of liquid love as the majority leaks down to the base of her tail to join her sons bit of sperm there, the substance lightly running over a still thrusting penis as it makes its way down and he continues to work hard to put his young fertile seed inside a hole that could never yield any cubs, a thin layer of the clear juices coating the red fleshy rod and enabling him to hump even faster, scraping and rubbing the tight confines of his mother's vibrating pulsing anus at higher speeds as a wave of physical bliss washes over him as well.

"Vee! Eevee!" The cub barks as his seed leaves his body and enters his mother's; properly burying himself as deep inside Umbreon as his small maleness can go as pleasure rocks his body and his male essence is shot deep into his mother's rump.

Listening to the sound of wet body parts sliding against each other as tongues and muzzle lips rub, penis and tail hole repeatedly mesh, and a messy vulva gushing tasty liquids is licked and lapped enthusiastically by her brother to cause pleasurable muffled grunts and whines from her mother, a shortly abandoned female Eevee kit becomes increasingly aroused as she lays atop her father unattended; feeling very left out and quickly seeking attention as she slides off her father's chest to land in between his and her mother's sides to then trot forwards a few paw steps and begin licking at their connected muzzle lips. Quickly returning her greeting, Espeon removes his right forepaw from around Umbreon's head to place it atop his daughters instead as he licks back at her tiny lapping tongue and her tail waves to and fro happily once again.

"Can you connect to me again please daddy..." She asks him politely.

Turning over to lay on his left side and face Eevee and his mate, Espeon grips his daughters upper back with his right foreleg to tightly pull her in against his chest and force her to lay down on her side with him.

"Tomorrow... We should go to sleep now, there is only so many times can I mate in one night you know..." He laughs lightly as he moves his right foreleg from his cub's back to drape it across her body and rest his paw on his mates side, who now also turns to lay on her side right side to face Espeon and nestle their female kit between the fur of their chests, their male Eevee cub quickly removing himself from his mother's tail hole to squirm his way upwards between large furred bodies and lay resting between his parents as well; his form pressing firmly against his sister's and his mother's chests.

"Grr..." The female cub growls in frustration as her daddy denies her request and her brother tries to fit in a space where there's clearly not enough room for him; still feeling terribly aroused and cringing as she feels her brother's penis press against her lower stomach, craving her father's touch and wanting nothing to do with his.

Sticking her tongue out at her brother and pulling her left eye lid down with one her left forepaw's digits, Eevee then wriggles her way upwards to leave her families furry embrace and then circle around to make her way between her father's hindquarters.

"Where is it..." She whimpers quietly to herself, raising her father's right hind leg as she looks for his bright red connecter tool.

Sniffing and feeling her way through the soft fur of her father's crotch as she places her body between his hind legs to keep them propped open, the horny cub smells his musk and the leftover remnants of their lovemaking as she rubs his sheath with her pads; realizing that the connecter must be kept inside that furry pouch. Walking forward a few paw steps, Eevee then lifts her left foreleg and left hind leg upwards to rest them on top of her father as she lays down on her right side of her body to snuggle up against him. Lightly shifting, the kit positions her vulva just above the end of that large stretch of fur where Espeon's penis would come out of; their undersides pressed together as she makes sure that his member will go back inside her as soon as it decides to leave from that place.

Almost seconds after reaching her new spot, the female kit joins her exhausted family in a state of unconsciousness and quickly drifts off to sleep in a lusty haze; the dormant yiff hungry trait that she inherited from her mother finally awakened and the fur of her behind still stained in a mixture of male and female sex juices as evidence of their forbidden passions, the end result of one innocent young female Eevee cub's curiosity...

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