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My Vaporeon Maid Made Me This Way by foxohki


Chapter 1

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This whole story's not rhyming so please just bare with me, keep going keep reading it might just get yiffy!

- - - - - - - -

The way she hums 'eon' while cleaning the floor, I wish to hear 'vapor!' as I enter her door. To run up and grab her while she scrubs from behind, then explore that warm cavern to see what I find. Have her slide in the suds as I push my way through her folds, oh only if only could I ever be that very bold...

Is it okay to be thinking in such ways about a pokémon? Let alone about one who walks around on all fours? Still, I seem to enjoy all of those special features that define her as a feral... Enjoy them far more than a human should...

Her apron hides little I can see through to her chest, six tiny pink nipples to me they're the best. Crystal blue eyes I lose myself in for days, the cute things she does in her unique poké ways. I love the white frill that's surrounding her neck, the blue fin down her spine I just have to peck. To kiss every inch of that Vaporeon's form, she's the reason I live and why I'm glad I was born...

I find myself thinking about that Vaporeon a lot. Okay, that's an understatement... She consumes my mind for a good part of the day, and then most of the night as well. Which is when I usually whip out a few compromising pictures I have of her and well, you know...

I snapped a few photos as she put clothes in my drawer, tail up in the air pokémon pussy galore. White skin turning pink along that sleek slit, so inviting and soft I have longed to visit. Her tiny little tail hole that lies just above, it's begging for prodding and my tongue it would love. I'd grip on to her hips and go for a dip, lick and lap at her neck watching sanity slip...

Sometimes I think she does it on purpose, always giving me such views of her most tender areas... It's not my fault really... The way my sexual inclinations seemed to have turned to I mean...

Voluptuous Vaporeon vagina always vividly on display, tonight I will venture today is the day. I used to be normal my thoughts would not stray, it's my Vaporeon maid who has made me this way...

* * * * * * * *

That breathtaking Vaporeon has been our maid for about a year now, never battling, I guess cleaning is more her thing. It's an easy enough job for her to do being a water type and all, her body is graced with unlimited access to all of the slippery liquids she could need and she always seems to work her magic very fast on any mess she happens to cross. As a result of her speedy tidying, most of the day you will find her just lounging around the house doing absolutely nothing like a house Skitty. Tonight I will give her something to do though... And every night for the rest of my life if she lets me... For she has taunted me for long whether she knows it or not, so tonight I will take her and make sure that she's caught...

Somewhere along the line, maybe between the way she stands up on her little stool to dust those hard to reach top shelves with her feather duster and the constant back and forth washing the floor motions she makes while scrubbing the floor with forepaws lowered and hindquarters raised, tail hiked up high in both scenarios and enabling me to catch a glimpse at the incredibly soft looking pink insides of her poké puss as it stretches and constricts while she moves about, I had started to develop serious feelings for that Vaporeon body... And I'm at the point now where I have fallen madly in love with every last part of her; every curve of her form, I want nothing more than to feel it pressed to mine, to run my hands along her beautiful silky blue skin and to play with every inch of her, especially the pink areas, her most sensitive areas...

My parents would be gone for the night, off doing something, what I can't seem remember. As soon as I heard my dad say they wouldn't be back until tomorrow I stopped paying attention, my mind becoming fixated on thoughts of what I would do to our Vaporeon maid while they were away... For once we're alone I will finger bang that pokémon's sex until I hear her cry 'Vaporeon!' in orgasm, causing her leak love liquids to the floor below... Then she will have to clean the mess up of course, she is the maid after all... And as she washes those messy vaginal juices with her sponge, her body will slide back and forth like it always does, only this time I will come up from behind to wrap my arms around her chest and quickly mount that enticing rump as I have imagined doing hundreds of times. I'll help her scrub away her female essence as I hump against her to rock her body back and forth, my fingers running up and down along her undersides to stroke at her six teats as my penis slides in and out of her clenching cunny to make her mewl in delight under me, bringing her to another climax and causing more of her juices to leak forth onto the floor for her to clean... Err....... Where was I? Right... My parents...

My parents told to me that our Vaporeon was about a year or so old and that her body was going through some typical female pokémon changes as it became ready for mating and that I shouldn't be worried, they told me that she must be kept in my room while they were away because she had entered her first heat, and under no circumstances may she be let out of the house, something about how they couldn't handle her becoming pregnant right now and didn't want to attract any unwanted poké male's attention. They told me nothing about keeping her away from HUMAN males...

My parents told me these things as if I didn't already notice the changes of her body immediately, as If I hadn't been anticipating her first heat for months now, and as if I would let that vulnerable Vaporeon body leave my sight for even a second... Like I would ever allow another male to hump and impregnate her before I ravished her innocence and tried my damnedest to fertilize her pokémon eggs with my human seed. Yes... My parents told me absolutely nothing about keeping her away from ME...

I had discovered the tell tale signs of a heating Vaporeon a few days ago, periodically checking up on her to watch as the subtle pink hue that accented her vaginal slit became a brighter shade with each passing hour, the color itself bleeding outwards in all direction from her sex to slowly overtake the white skin that marked her undersides until eventually encompassing her entire crotch and lower stomach. By today her heat has really seemed to fully set in, and when I peaked in on her this morning I found a pokémon vulva turned almost red, soft puffed up lips inflamed and begging to be touched... I stayed for a while there just watching her rear end in awe as small drops of liquid escaped from that overheated female orifice to dribble down her hind legs, wearing a flustered look on her face as she panted while performing the easiest of tasks...

I can tell that that needy salivating sex slit has never been poked before, she would have been too young to mate as an Eevee, and I've known her for most all of her Vaporeon life. Plus, this is her first heat after all, and that's generally when her species first have sex... But after tonight she will be a virgin Vaporeon no longer, I will see to tha......

I'm quickly brought out of my deep thoughts as I hear a door slam and then the opening and closing of a garage door shortly after; eyes going tall and breathing becoming shortened as I continue to listen to tires roll against concrete and my parents car rolls out of the drive way and down the road to finally leave me home alone, just me and our heating Vaporeon maid...

* * * * * * * *

"Vaporeon! Come here girl!" I shout so that she'll come to my room from where ever she is in the house; where I will then close the door and proceed to do naughty things with her... "You're supposed to be in my room while mom and dad are gone!" I yell again in case she hadn't heard me; suddenly hearing her paws thump against carpet as she runs down the hall leading up to my room, my heart beating abnormally fast in anticipation to her arrival.

'She's coming, this is it, the moment I've waited so long for...'

"Vaporeon vapor?" She asks me something in her poké speech as she peeks her head through the door of my room.

"I'm right here Vaporeon. You wanna see something on my laptop?" I reply while laying down on my bed just out of her view, then lean forward and sit up so she can see me; her eyes quickly finding mine.

"Eon vapor?" She questions again as she comes into my room and jumps up onto my bed; I taking notice of how she's completely nude and not wearing her typical clear white see-through apron that she often wore while cleaning, my mouth becoming wet as I catch a glimpse of her genitals' pronounced readiness to mate as she circles a few times before lying down to become make herself comfortable.

Getting up, I quickly close the door and get my laptop, then climb back onto the bed to turn it on and join Vaporeon there as I sit down beside her laying form.

"Oh, it's just some cool pictures I thought you might like! You're going to be trapped in here for quite a while right? Might as well do something to pass the time!" I explain to her.

I had thought this through for quite some time now. How to ease her into the idea of having sex with me I mean... I will first show her some photos of pokémon mating I have saved on my laptop, getting her nice and aroused by having her see her own species having sex... Then after that I will open the ones I have of poképhiles making love to their pokémon to turn her on to the idea of doing it with me...

As Vaporeon continues to look at me with a quizzical expression on her face, I quickly lean forward to enter my password and her gaze turns towards my laptop as it turns on to display the desktop; my heart sinking to the pit of my stomach as my three favorite pictures of her heating vagina I had taken just yesterday appear on screen before us, my plan instantly becoming ruined as she can clearly see me for the Vaporeon lusting pervert I am...

'Oh my god... Did I seriously forget to close those windows?!'

"Va... Por... Eon?" She asks me something ever so curiously, and then swiftly rolls over onto her back to lean forward with the front half of her body to look down between her hind legs.

'I guess she was asking me if that inflamed Vaporeon vulva belonged to her...'

Looking back and forth now between her swollen slit and the pictures I have of it on my laptop, Vaporeon seems to put two and two together while I remain sitting there paralyzed with a mixture of emotions running through me; fear, embarrassment, arousal...

"Umm... I... You see... Err..." I stumble trying to find some words to say; continuing to watch onwards in horror and amazement as Vaporeon places her right paw on the touch pad and guides the mouse downwards to another window I had minimized in the task bar.

'What the hell?! How does she know how to use a laptop?!' I panic further as Vaporeon mouses over the minimized tab to then click on it and maximize the window, the video I had on loop of a male trainer having sex with his female Vaporeon poké style appearing on screen, human hunched over his eeveelution's back and playing with her nipples as he thrusts his crotch repeatedly against her behind to make her moan loudly in pleasure; I often opened that video while looking at pictures of my own Vaporeon maid's private parts... Pretending she's the one making those 'Vapor... Vapor...' huffing noises as I commit similar acts with her in my head...

'So I forgot to close that too huh... Luckily I DID at least have the sound turned off...... No no no!' I think to myself as she brings the mouse over to the speaker volume icon to then lick and turn it up half way, our ears being greeted with the sounds of a mewling panting Vaporeon and wet male flesh slapping and sliding into a gripping female pokémon hole.

Staring at the laptop and seeming to be utterly fixated by the mating interspecies pair, my own far superior looking Vaporeon slowly stands up to advance a few paces forward and move her head closer to the screen; heating vagina right in front of me now as she stands with her rear end right in my face, being able to tell that she's liking what she's seeing as liquids leak at an alarming from the bottom of her slit. Just watching her in amazement, my obviously very aroused blue friend's tongue leaves her maw to begin lapping at the screen where the male trainer and his Vaporeon's sex are connected and disappearing and reappearing inside her body.

'Yes... She definitely like what she was seeing...' I think to myself; more than ready to see if she'd be interested in doing more than just watching poké porn...

Crawling on the bed to position myself directly behind her, I then place both my hands on her lower back; Vaporeon stopping her licking to quickly look back over her shoulder at me upon feeling my touch, her cheeks flushed and as pink as the region around her crotch, eyes filled with what can only be lust as she just stares at me unmoving. Sliding both my hands backwards a bit along her skin I lightly grip her rump cheeks with my fingers, and her long muscular tail hikes straight up to show me her vent; almost as if she were asking me to mount her... My heart starts pounding hard, nearly beating out of my chest as she keeps her tail raised and continues to look back at me intrigued; her form so willing with my face so close to her heating box... Finally I am able to see it up close, to feel it's warmth radiate against me...

'I have dreamed of this moment, touched myself while imagining it even... Why was it so easy to get her to cooperate? Did she feel the same way about me all along...'

Keeping her submitting stance and giving me more than enough encouragement to proceed, I so slowly trailing my right downwards along her rear end, my fingers leave blue skin to dance over pink as I make may to her crotch on their journey towards that normally white and slightly visible Vaporeon vagina so very red and inflamed; an easy target for any pokémon penis to find, or maybe even a human one as well... Using my index and middle fingers, I press the ends of them to the top of those puffed up pussy lips and hold them there for a second; finding they feel just as enticing as they look, so soft and inviting in every way... Running them downwards along her slit so slippery and warm, I notice her lubricating sex juices begin to stream out in steady flow as if I turned on an arousal faucet; vagina shuddering and maw letting out a soft "eon..." moan as I tease her there, her wetness lightly splashing everywhere as pussy lips clamps down tight , female juices sprinkling onto my bed as I feel a few droplets graze my face, her small cry of pleasure joining the mewling of the Vaporeon in the video as I notice my heart is beating incredibly hard and my breathing has become sharp and heavy.

'It's... It's finally happening... I'm touching it...'

I wasn't going to force her into anything she didn't want to do... But it was entirely obvious that she wanted this as much as me; from the pleasurable noises she made, to the wanting lust that was displayed all over her body. I want nothing more than to please this Vaporeon's form, to have her squeal in delight as I touch all of those most tender and sensitive areas, all highlighted in pink by her arousal and body's timely need to mate. Her cheeks, her breasts, her entire crotch area getting brighter and brighter pink as it gets closer to her vaginal slit, I must touch and lick them all...

Gently rubbing my fingers upwards now along her most sacred opening, I am rewarded with yet another groan of Vaporeon delight, so I then begin gently sliding them back downwards to repeat the process; digits becoming increasingly wet and sticky as they are covered in her distinctly female liquids. Removing my hand from her sex for a moment, I bring my fingers to my nose to smell the substance; eyes rolling backwards in my head as I take in the alluring aroma of Vaporeon's vagina into my nostrils. Opening my mouth, I then promptly insert my index finger and middle finger inside to suckle the juices off and delight my pallet with their flavor as well.

After getting distracted for a bit by her female essence, I turn my gaze back towards my pokémon; finding her now resting on her forelegs with rump and tail as high as they can, and her face still staring back at me affectionately as she presents herself in true pokémon form, no qualms about it, she was giving her body to me now... Placing both hands on the back base of her incredibly powerful tail, I slowly slide them upwards long her body to feel the entirety of the huge appendage until finally reaching the top and making my way back downwards along the underside of it.

'I've always wanted to do that...' I think to myself while lightly laughing; never feeling so close to this pokémon who I loved and saw every day, finally being allowed to touch her body in the way I wanted without it being awkward...

"Vapor?" She inquires, probably curious as to why I was touching her tail like that. "Vapor... Eon..." She huffs as I begin lightly tracing my fingers up and down against her vulva once more; soothing and teasing the leaky salivating entrance, no doubt hungry for her master's penis...

"Vapor?!" She barks as my fingers move upwards to her tail hole, her eyes widening as I lightly rub just the end of my index finger in circles around the puckered orifice. "Eon vapor?!"

Quickly stopping my forbidden touchings of her body once more, I maneuver my way to her right side to then lean over the lowered front half of her body as I place my now Vaporeon essence cleaned fingers on the touch pad of the laptop. Quickly closing the video she had found, I then dig through a few folders to open another one; a female Flareon laying down on her back with hind legs spread wide apart, the view slowly pans out then show her trainer kneeling down between them with a raging erection. Back pedaling a bit to return to my former sitting position behind my Vaporeon maid, she resumes her presenting stance as her head remains turned towards the screen to watches the video I put on for her, and I lower my head to her sex to begin licking along the length of her slit and lap up those tasty liquids of hers right from the source.

"Vaporeon!" She cries out in surprise; either at the feeling of my tongue running along her vulva or because she reached the part of the video she's watching where the trainer inserts his penis into his Flareon's tail hole to then start thrusting it in and out her fluffy form. "Vapor... Vapor..." She begins to huff as I continue running my tongue upwards against her slit again and again. "Eeeeeooonn..." She gives a drawn out moan of pleasure as I insert my tongue inside the base of her sex; a steady stream of female juices flowing into my mouth for me to happily drink down. "Va... Vaporeon..." She grunts further as I bring my tongue upwards while it's inside her fleshy female box; feeling entirely too good against my sensitive tongue as the incredibly soft squishy texture makes my erection throb hard and rigid, eager to take my tongue's place inside her. "Eon!" She howls as I reach the top of her vulva to scrape my tongue against her slit while removing it from inside her.

I'm sure she's never had an orgasm before... And I'm going to bring her to one as slow as I possibly can. I'm going to make sure she will always remember her first climax she had with her master by having it be the most powerful one she ever experiences... Bringing her to the verge of physical bliss and then making sure that my penis inside to enjoy it along with her... Cumming inside her at that very moment so she associate the feeling of my warm goo being shot inside her with that intense physical pleasure she's experiencing... When done enough times she may even become conditioned to orgasm whenever she feels that sensation of hot male fluids being sprayed into her depths, conditioned to orgasm along with her master which is something I would love to have happen...

Ceasing my tonguing of Vaporeon's sex I set my sights a bit higher, eying her puckered tail as she remains presenting to me with head facing forward to watch the poké porn video I put on her for; entitled 'flare hole' if I remember correctly and the main theme being tail hole play, I wanted her to watch it show her that pokémon did indeed enjoy having that area played with...

"Ee... Ee... Eon..." She pants as I begin licking hard at her small little anus, pressing my tongue against it and licking upwards like I did just did her vulva, then lightly tracing just the tip of my licker in a circles around the bumpy entrance.

Bringing my right hand's index and middle finger back to where they once were on her slit, I again begin to rub them in an up and down motion against her female entrance while continuing to lick at her more ambiguous tail hole just above; torcherously playing with the two holes on her rear end as all verbalization from her stop and an incredibly labored panting takes their place, a kind of deep pleasured breathing sound that I could listening to forever... A sound I want to hear right in my ear as mate her like a rutting male Vaporeon...

"EON!" She howls as I stab through the center of her pink puckered ring of flesh, spread apart her insides with my tongue to slowly press it inside her oddly sweet tasting tail hole; Vaporeon pressing her hind end backwards into my face, seeming to try and get it to go deeper within her.

Slowly withdrawing my licker from inside her upper hindquarter hole and stopping my teasing of her slitted entrance just below with my fingers, I bring my head downwards along her butt to then lick from the very base of her vulva upwards; a fine string of my saliva connecting her anus to the tip of my tongue falling gently between the contours of her pussy lips as my tongue does so. Not stopping my lap across her behind, my mouth organ lightly traces along the clit nestled between the top of her vagina before running along the small section of pink skin separating her vulva to finally contact her tail hole once more; both of her sensitive entrances quivering in delight as their distinctly different flavors dance together on my pallet to create a cocktail of female Vaporeon juices, my mind becoming drunk with lust as I begin to repeat that same licking process to collect more of her combine liquids before drinking down the blended treat like a thirsty Lickatounge, causing my lovely pokémon maid to mewl and pants in pleasure as she's touched like she's never has been before.

My excited member throbs and pushes tightly against the confines of my jeans and boxers as I continue to dine on forbidden Vaporeon fruits so very ripe and ready for penetration, and I stop my tonguing vulva and tail hole to quickly undo my belt buckle and remove both garments; the potent must of my aroused maleness filling the air and seeming to catch the attention of my Vaporeon as she finally stops watching my laptop to look back over her shoulder towards me and spy my exposed human penis. Quickly removing my shirt as well now to become completely naked, I watch as Vaporeon stands up onto her forelegs to finally break her presenting stance she had kept for me while I explored and touched her most sensitive intimate poké areas, then promptly turn around to face and watch me as I lean forward to lay down on the right side and close my laptop's screen so it doesn't get damaged while I commit acts similar to those depicted in the videos she just saw... Distracted for only a second by my actions, I suddenly the cold wetness of a Vaporeon's noses running up and down along my maleness and hear the snorting sniffing sound of a curious pokémon; her touch sending shivers of pleasure up my spine as she rubs and smells my shaft before pressing her snout hard against my balls and giving them a swift exploratory lick.

"Vapor, vaporeon..." She whispers as she pushes against me with her left forepaw to roll me over onto my back before bring her head back down to my crotch and begin aggressively licking at my genitals; almost instantly cumming as my penis is bathed in warm Vaporeon tongue, intense waves of physical pleasure being brought into my body with each stroke, somehow managing to hold myself back so that I could empty my seed into the depths of her vagina as it spasms in her first ever orgasm like I had always imagined doing.

My maleness shiny and wet with pokémon saliva, I lean forward with the front half of my body to take either side of Vaporeon's head between my hands and slowly lift it up and away from my crotch; receiving a reluctant 'eon...' whine from her as I force her to stop her lickings of my sex. Staring into her eyes lovingly as she looks back with equal admiration, I bring either of my thumbs to the front of her face to lightly rub her noticeably flushed cheeks with my thumbs; my other digits gently caress the frills on either side of her head that resemble some kind of aquatic ears. Bringing my head forward and closer to Vaporeon's as I continue to pet her, I give her a little lick on the end of her muzzle lips just like how I've seen mated pokémon do to show their affection for each other; my beautiful maid closing her eyes in response as she licks me back to quickly return the gesture and then some, lapping and lapping at my lips as I remove my own tongue from my mouth once more to lick back against her pink velvet tongue. Lickers now rubbing and touching as human and pokémon kiss each other passionately, I can no longer seem to hold back my incredibly powerful urge to feel my member inside her...

Slowly leaning backwards onto my bed with Vaporeon's head still firmly between my hands, I guide her with me as our tongues continue to flit across one another's' until she is standing by my side while I am laying flat on my back. Removing my right hands fingers from the side of her head, I move them downwards along the white frill surrounding her neck to then place them on her upper right flank and gently push her hindquarters towards mine; Vaporeon seeming to start licking back against my tongue even harder as she feels my touch on her rear end, cooperating with how I'm moving her and sidestepping a bit to place her right hind leg up and over my body before laying down on top of me and straddling my chest and stomach with her four legs, feeling the length of her exquisite tail pressed between my own two legs it gently waggles against my inner thighs.

Wanting to feel the massive and well defining trait that is my water eeveelution's tail with my hands and to free my penis which had apparently become pinned by her underbelly as she laid over me, I lean upright and place both my palms at the very base of the giant blue appendage so perfectly adapted for swimming and grip my fingers into it; feeling the raw power and well toned muscle it possess as I cup my hands around it, Vaporeon continuing to tongue at my lips as I cease my licking to divert my attention. Lightly tugging upwards on her tail, she obliges me in standing on her hind paws just enough so that my member is freed; quickly shooting straight up against her behind as feel the length of her vulva against my penis as it becomes hotdogged just inside her pussy lips, Vaporeon stopping her lickings of my mouth as she feels our genitals touch for the very first of what I'm sure will be many times... Gently tugging her tail up while simultaneously pushing it backwards and being careful not to pull very hard and hurt her at all, she again obliges me maneuvering her hindquarters along with my touch; feeling her slit slide upwards along the length of my shaft before feeling the tip of my penis slip into her, maleness pressing against the back inside wall of her vaginal flesh.

"Va... Vapor... Vaporeon..." She mewls as I push her tail base back downwards with my hands and she slowly lowers her hind legs back down to lower her crotch against mine crotch; my penis being taken deeper into her body as the tip scrapes against that back wall of her incredibly silky soft and warm sex, the uniquely male appendage carefully entering to occupy and the female orifice with its entirety, hands sliding upwards along the length of her tail upon feeling myself hilt inside her form.

Slowly moving both hands back downwards along her tail after their short trip to the beginning of her fluke near it's end while my member rests more than comfortable and happy inside my pokémon's sex unmoving, my left hand trails to her upper right rump cheek to gently rub her massage the area while my right one curves around to the underside her tail to continue sliding down against her behind.

"Ee... Ee... Eon!" She lets out little sounds of excitement and then cries out in surprise and pleasure as I gently trace the puckered entrance of her tail hole with my right hands index finger before gently bring the tip to the center and slowly pushing the digit it inside; feeling her vagina clench hard around my length and becoming increasingly tighter as another one of her hindquarters holes becomes filled, her forepaws gripping my sides and her tail hiking straight up like how my member does every time I see her clean in her arousing ways she does. "Va... Va... Vaporeon vapor vaporeon..." She tries to tell me something as I begin gently rocking my finger back and forth inside her anus; feeling her two distinctly different sets of muscles squeeze and contract around my repeatedly invading finger while her vagina performs similar movements in different intervals around my member, her body teasing mine in kind as I finger her tail hole, desperately asking me to slide my penis back and forth through those glorious folds of her sex to increase both of our pleasure...

Removing my right hand's index finger from her tiny pokémon pooper to place it on her left upper rump, I then slide both hands upwards along the length of her smooth blue skinned back; aiming to rub all of those pink sensitive areas of hers before bringing her to orgasm and quickly joining her there to fill her womb with the wrong species' reproductive materials. Shifting our bodies to get into a better position, I press my hands firmly down against Vaporeon's upper back to hold her undersides against mine as I roll her over onto her side with me, then continue to roll over until she's on her back instead now; Vaporeon staring back at me happily and panting lightly with her tongue lolled out to the side of her maw, my penis remaining deeply embedded inside her body all the while as we move. Leaning upright with the front half of my body, I fold my legs underneath me to straddle the base of her tail with them as she lays on her back watching me intently, and then bring my hands around from her back to the middle of her stomach where it's still white. Slowly running my fingers down along her belly towards her crotch now, I am careful not to touch her bottom set of nipples just yet as I leave white skin behind to rub against pink; loving that lovely hue that all Vaporeon's seem display around their genitals whenever aroused, her heating body constantly causing it to show and spread further along her body than it normally ever would otherwise.

"Ee... Eon... Eon... Eon..." She verbally huffs with every exhale of breathe as I meticulously bring either of thumbs to the base of her vulva to then start repeatedly rubbing them upwards along the length of her two mounds of female flesh; my penis deep inside her inflamed bright pink slit and encompassed by the incredibly soft and warm undulating folds of her sex. "Vaporeon... Vapor..." She tells me panting heavily as both of my middle fingers find either of her bottom most nipples to gently prod and push the little pleasure sticks; all the while never stopping my thumb rubbing to simultaneously rub and caress the entrance to her forbidden poké paradise as, continuing my plan to touch all of her sensitive aroused pink areas and tease her ever closer to orgasm, her fleshy tunnel seeming to increases its happy contractions along my length as I feel her becoming increasingly wet inside to really bathe my member in her juices, the experience entirely too much for me as I fell myself lie very near orgasm, tortured penis jumping up and down inside her to thump against her inner sex as it leaks and squirts pre-cum into her depths, still fighting the urge to move myself to and fro inside her so I can achieve my wonderful goal...

Fingers moving away from Vaporeon's genitals and lower most nipples, my hands move upwards along her underbelly to find and play with her middle set up teats now; gently squeezing and tweaking the pink fleshy nubs in between my thumbs and index fingers as she coos out pleasurable 'eon...' noises of delight. Changing my treatment slightly once more, I press my palms flat against her chest to begin massaging her two center breasts in a circular motion with my thumbs as my other four move lightly back and forth against her top ones up above; Vaporeon's cries of ecstasy turning to that of loud 'eon!' ones as I continue to tease and tease her body, her crotch now lightly thrusting upwards against me to periodically hump into her master like the naughty and needy wanting pokémon that she is, feeling my penis move along inside her pussy just ever so slightly as she struggles to increase her pleasure, her tail frantically flailing behind us and thumping the bed hard. Finally, position my hands on the top of her chest and reaching her highest pair of Eevee cub feeders, I pinch them between my thumb and index fingers to lightly pull on them before releasing them and rubbing the entire breast area surrounding them with all my fingers and repeating the process a few times; my actions only seeming to spur her on as she humps harder into me, my penis not gaining anymore friction to run along her insides but her crotch pressing firmly against mine as she writhes and lifts her hindquarters off the bed again and again, sounds of lust ever constant in the air as she continues to pant and cry in pleasure.

Being able to tell from her reactions that she's getting very close a climax, I get ready to execute the final part of my well thought out pleasure plan...

Sliding my hands back downwards against the undersides of Vaporeon's body and making sure to brush my fingers against all six of her nipples to fold them and have them spring back up as I do so, I gently massage her vulva with my thumbs a few more times before sliding both the ends of those two human defining digits just inside the top of her slit to find her clitoris and sandwich the bump of flesh between them; pokémon gasping for air as breathing becomes even more exaggerated, all of her humpings immediately ceasing as I play with her super sensitive female g-spot and she lays back with chest heaving, the rest of her body trembling and shaking, clearly on the verge of erupting at any moment and more than ready for her master's seed.

Vaporeon's lithe form beneath me as she lays on the bed showing the beginning signs of what looks to be a most powerful orgasm, I lean forward to press my stomach and chest against hers and then wrap my arms around her upper torso; my head lightly bumping into the white frill of her neck as I feel the smoothness of her skin pressed to my body, one area in particular feeling extraordinarily better against me as her soft vaginal walls contract to become rigid and hard around my penis, her contractions still periodic but becoming increasingly faster paced, repeatedly squeezing and hugging me in a loving embrace as one master begins humping into his heating pokémon maid, lusting for this moment for so long, now I finally achieve pure bliss as she lets me have my way with her more than cooperatively. The air seems void of all pleasant Vaporeon mewling noises, filled only with the sound of pokémon and human breathing heavily and the quiet wet squishing smacks of my length running through her moist vaginal tunnel again and again.

"EEEEEOOOONN!" She howls louder than I've ever hear her raise her delicate high pitched feminine voice; screaming out in pleasure and surely falling upon at least the ears my neighbors as I feel her tail hike straight up and press against my butt.

Suddenly poké vaginal walls become sporadic, clenching and pressing down against my member from every direction in rapid random succession as I hug Vaporeon and tighten my arms grip of her chest to hold her steady as I thrust faster into her writhing form.

"EON! EON! EON!" She continues to moan loudly as my penis runs back and forth hard through the quivering depths of her female hole, squirming in climactic bliss under me as I mate with my Vaporeon like horny rutting pokémon; she having no qualms about doing such a thing with a human, seemingly glad to get it anywhere she can, glad to get it from her master...

"VAPOREON VAPOR!" She roars again, telling me incomprehensible words in her poke speech as my body gives way spills its essence into hers; my constant humping into her seeming to sustain her orgasm longer than I ever could have imagined, her sex still vibrating, still hugging and releasing wildly in rippling waves along the length my penis as it's repeatedly thrust in and out of her of my heating Vaporeon maid's form, my own human form joining her in that state of ecstasy as my sperm floods into her womb and I cum inside her to accomplish a simultaneous climax like I had always imagined doing with her.

My bodily love pouring into my pokémon and my physical pleasure slowly dying down, the intense emotional feelings I seemed to have developed for her remain the same. Tiredly removing my hands from around Vaporeon's body, I lean further forward and bring them on the sides of her head to then pull it slightly upwards so that her muzzle lips can meet mine; pressing my human lips to the ends of hers to kiss her the human way and show here that this was not just lust, that I do really love her and want to be with her always... Suddenly her vaginal tunnel feels flooded with her juices, a warm wetness streaming upwards along all sides of my penis; I've seen this happen too whenever a Vaporeon cums in one of those erotic videos I often watch, they always seemed to produce ten times as much female pleasure liquids as the other eeveelutions, must just come with the territory of being a water type...

Taking in the wonderful sensation of Vaporeon's cum washes over my penis, her tongue abruptly darts forward to invades my mouth and my lips widen to invite her in; lightly sucking on her long feral licker as it enters before running my own human one against it and her vaginal juices continue to spray like a pokémon love geyser, massive amounts of female cum dousing my crotch in a thin sticky layer of wet ecstasy as she takes advantage of her master's penis inside her to begin suddenly humping her crotch hard against me, hindquarters rising and falling off the bed as she grips my back hard with her forepaws to try and steady herself and tries desperately to rub my maleness hard against all the walls of her sex.

Feeling my length become hilted incredibly hard into my pokémon's vagina, I look back to watch as she pushes her incredibly strong tail against the bed to lift the lower half of her body upwards against me; shortly after falling over onto our sides to face each other as my Vaporeon remains gripping me tightly with forelegs and sex. Quickly starting up again, she repeatedly humps her crotch furiously against mine in her new position; my penis being brought back and forth through her wet clenching folds, the rising flow of her female sex liquids lessened but still noticeable as I feel them slowly stream upwards over me, wet sloshing smacks accompanying the motion of human member being pushed and pulled into a cum coated pokémon vagina as I continue to have sex with the heating maid who I love, just lying on my side as I let her have her way with my body.

Our mouths and genitals meshing as my penis remains inside Vaporeon and her tongue remains inside me, she appears to have become entirely wrapped up in the immense physical pleasures I have shown her were possible, the young female pokémon finally introduced to the feelings of mating as she laboriously thrusts licker and vulva against my body to achieve more of the sensations of having a male suckling and playing with her tongue as his special male utensil is brought back and forth along the confines of her sensitive hole formerly used only for peeing with. My hands still atop the sides her head and lightly massaging the ear frills there, I now slowly move them downwards along her neck and the frill there before finding her upper back. Continuing from there, my hands make their way to the middle of her back to press chest and upper part of her stomach against mine as I roll us over so that she is laying on top of me and I am beneath her; being careful not to disturb my pokémon's enthusiastic crotch humping motions as I shift. Unwrapping her forelegs from around me and removing her tongue from my mouth, Vaporeon places both forepaws on my chest to stand on them and lift her head high into the air; my hands moving to slide downwards along her back to rest on either of her haunches just above her tail as she does so.

"Eon! Eon! Vapor! Eon!" She whips her head back to howl and howl like a Mightyena calling out to the moon as she humps and humps downwards against me; steady streams of her liquids now flowing down my length and testicles to leak down the sides of my crotch and thighs as she rides her master from above. "EON! EON! EON!" She absolutely loses it as my right hand finds its way to her rear end and I quickly insert my index finger into tail hole to gently thrust in and out; the front half of my body lifting off of the bed some as I do so, my face pressing to the middle of her chest as I begin licking the area, tongue running over her left nipple some before moving to the right one, doing everything I possibly can to increase my pokémon's pleasure.

Suddenly I feel her forepaws be placed on the back of my head and her tongue begging lapping at my temple, Vaporeon bathing me in kisses and shower me with affection as I realize my blue skinned goddess has reached another orgasm. Stopping her constant downwards pelvic thrusts against me, I remove my right hand's index finger from inside her tight little anus to place it parallel to my left on her rump cheek and gently massage her there to take in all of her body's pleasurable reactions as she peaks again; her form beginning to rumble and shake as her crotch rests against mine and my penis remains deep inside her, vaginal tunnel in spasm as vulva shudders against my testicles and warm liquids come pouring out, the juices escaping her over heated sex in a hot mess of sticky cum, gushing out in random occurring waves, small at first, but increasing in size as her body begins producing tidal waves of watery love, the substance covering my upper thighs and lower stomach as it rushes out at incredible speeds to cover the lower half of my body in Vaporeon ecstasy excrement.

"Ee... Eeo... Eon... Vapor... Eon..." She pants hard as she comes down from another massive climax, her forepaws sliding downwards from the back of my head to my neck and then back as her tired body slumps against mine to lay over me exhausted; pokémon vaginal juices turning to a trickle as she shifts positions and I'm forced to stop teasing her breasts with my tongue, her head now resting atop my left shoulder as I listen to her breath happy and satisfied into my ear.

Rubbing her upper rump for a moment with the palms of my hands as I like to do, I then move them upwards to place them on her upper back. Her weight becoming slightly straining, I then roll us over so that we are laying side by siding facing each other once again.

"Eon eon Vaporeon eon... Eon vapor eon vap..." She starts nuzzling my neck affectionately with her snout while talking softly to me; not understanding a word she's saying but feeling the strong connotation of love behind each and every one...

"I love you so much Vaporeon... I admire everything about you from the bottom of your tail tip up to the frill on your head... But it's really your personality I love the most... My body has longed for yours and I've wanted to do this with you for so long... But my heart has already long since been given to you..." I tell her as she stops her nuzzling to stare into my eyes.

"Eon!" She replies excitedly, rolling away from my arms grip to lay on her back; my member at last leaving her body from where it has been placed in her vagina for quite some time now, twitching and jumping on the verge of orgasm as it slips out of her slippery female juice stuffed hole, the clear thick sticky substances clinging to her walls and seeming to super lubricate them.

Taking my left hand between both her forepaws, Vaporeon nuzzle it some before beginning to slowly lick at my fingers.

"Honestly I've never had sex either, err... Mated as you pokémon would call it, until just now with you for the first time... I've never even thought about doing such a thing with another female human, maybe a pokémon or two... But those were just lust driven thoughts really... I've only ever felt this strong kind of emotional love towards you... Only ever wanted to be with you..." I finally admit how I truly feel about her; feeling entirely relieved as I tell her what I've been keeping bottled up for almost a year now...

"Vaporeon vapor..." She responds; pausing as I talked to listen before going back to nuzzling my hand again while staring at me lovingly, fingers slightly wet with pokémon saliva now running against the side of her muzzle and cheek.

I watch in awe opens her maw just slightly to slowly engulf my index finger inside her maw, not breaking eye contact for a second as she then begins suckling on it like an Eevee trying to obtain some milk; my slowly fading erection springing back to life in hopes of feeling what my digit is as it becomes encased by a fleshy warmth and massaged by a tongue, thoughts about how if she suckled on that special male nipple she'd most definitely receive a white milky substance quickly entering mind...

Turning my gaze downward to the lower half of her body as she continues to lay on her back, I find her hind legs spread wide apart as the end of her tail flicks anxiously against the bed; no lightly pink shaded area of her stomach remaining untouched by the female cum that seemed to come gushing out of her vulva whenever she orgasmed, the contours of her belly, upper thighs and vulva glistening wet.

Removing my index finger from her sucking maw with a quiet pop sound, her tail end flicks up and down faster in anticipation as I run that same finger slowly down her chest and then stomach

before entering her nether regions and promptly slipping it into her sex. Vaporeon's maw becomes painstakingly vacant and ready for my maleness as she spread's her muzzle lips wide apart to pant while I begin thrusting my finger in and out of her vagina, but I know the next time I cum will be the last for a while, and I want to make my heating pokémon lover feel as good as possible before my sex drive goes way. Besides... Whenever I pictured this day in my head, the second time I came I was always shooting my warm male liquids into her quivering clenching tail hole and joining her in another double climax... Nearly all of the videos I've seen of trainers and their female Vaporeon have sex, the male would take them in their tail hole at some point. I did some research online after noticing the pattern and people have said that some Vaporeon actually prefer to be mated there instead, having to do with the nature their stretchy body structure or something like that, can't remember why exactly...

Removing my finger from inside her vulva and making sure to scrape it along the top of her sex and rub it hard against her clitoris as I do so, I then climb atop her and straddle the base of her large tail with my legs as I had once before. Penis standing hard and erect for my pokémon to see, Vaporeon watches intently as I grab the base of my shaft with my left hand and guide the tip of my penis just inside her vaginal lips. Rubbing the end of my maleness up and down long her vagina to collect any lubricating liquids I can there, I then slide it downwards and out to press it gently into the center of puckered tail hole entrance; her eyes going wide in surprise as I slowly push it in and proceed knowing she will really enjoy it.

"Ee... Ee... Eon..." She huffs as I lean forward to hug her chest and slide the full length of my penis inside her; finding the hole already quite moist inside and making entry very easy, tight anal muscles tensing to flex around me as I taken another of my virgin Vaporeon's long sought after holes.

Stopping for a moment to double check and make sure that she was really okay with me taking her there, I release my grip of her back and bring my hands to her front to rest them on her chest for a moment; only for her to gently place both of her forepaws on top of either of hands, a grin spread across her muzzle lips as I stare at her face trying to gauge a response, being given more than enough encouragement to proceed. Taking her forepaws within hands, I hold the back of them in my fingers as I press the palms of my hands to her soft pads as I slowly begin to gently rock my crotch against her hiney; inner Vaporeon tail hole flesh matching each one of my members thrusts with a squeeze after each time I carefully hilt myself into her.

"Eon... Eon... Eon..." My tired pokémon begins to moan as I pick up my thrusting into her upper hindquarter entrance, laying on her back resting as I take over to do the work of moving my penis back and forth along the insides of her body to bring us both forbidden pokémon-human rubbing pleasures; the sheer tightness of her rhythmically clenching anus a constant reminder that it's not her vagina I am inside anymore as my penis pushes hard against her slippery inner flesh and her stretchy Vaporeon body adjusts to accommodate my entire length again and again, disappearing completely inside her pink puckered ring to be met with a loving hug each time, gripping me hard before releasing and allowing me to swiftly hump into her again with soft squishing sound.

Loosening both my hands grip of Vaporen's forepaws, I slowly slide them downwards along her forelegs until reaching her chest; not stopping my pelvic thrusting into her cute little rump for one second as I move my hands with the intent of better using them to pleasure her. Hilting my member especially hard insider her and ceasing it's in and out movements for a moment while I lean forward with the front half of my body, pink flesh presses against pink and white as I lay my stomach and chest on top of hers and maneuvering my right hand upwards along the side of her body to place my palm on the back of her head. Lifting her head up slightly, I guide the ends of her muzzle lips to my human ones to then promptly stick my tongue in her maw as my left hand quickly finds its way to her crotch where my index and middle fingers then enter her sex shortly after; watching my pokémon squint in pleasure upon me finally once again touching her ever so sensitive female only parts, enthusiastically licking back against my tongue as I simultaneously occupy three of her body's orifices with my different appendages.

"Vaporeon! Vaporeon! Vaporeon!" She begins to mewl loudly into the air as I resume pounding her hiney with my crotch while now pumping my index and middle fingers into her vagina to rub at the back wall of flesh as well; my other digits gently gripping the base of her vulva as I try to stimulate her sex as much as possible, finger tips feeling the incredible softness of her pussy lips and folds as I scrape them upwards before pressing them back down, the ends of her muzzle lips vibrating against mine as her happy sounds find their way out from the sides.

Feeling Vaporeon's forepaws grip my back I can tell that my treatment is bringing her ever closer to an imminent orgasm, I then feel her body begin to react in other less controllable ways as her vagina lightly contracts against my thrusting fingers; now venturing as deep as I can get them into her depths as I press them against the top walls of her sex and then downward to roughly remove them from the base wall before repeating, seemingly digging at the sensitive fleshy hole for more of her much desired cum, feeling the different sets of her crotch and anus muscles going to work once more as my thrusting maleness is continuously clamped by her tail hole and my fingers are gently squeezed independently inside her female tunnel.

I want nothing more than to cum into her form as she writhes in climax, but the experience and sensations quickly become too much for me as I feel my own pleasure begin to reach its peak and my foundation I built it upon begin to topple; honestly not knowing how I lasted as long as I have, maybe my will to get her to orgasm before helping to sustain me...

"Vaporeon... I... I love you..." I break my kissing of her tongue and lips to confess my love of her yet again; whispering into her ear as my right hand leaves its place on the back of her head to slide down the back of her neck before firmly gripping her lower back to help steady myself as I hump hard into her tail hole a few times while I begin releasing my seed inside, left hand feeling somewhat strained and stopping it's treatment inside her vagina to instead simply and more comfortably run the backs of my fingers along her slit, feeling that little nub of flesh near the top as I desperately attempt to continue pleasuring my pokémon.

"Eeon... Eeeon... EEEOOON!" She huffs and then cries out in pleasure entirely too loud again; my penis vibrating inside her tail hole and shooting hot male liquids far up inside as its suddenly clamped upon with no signs of letting up, anus muscle stuck tensed up around me as I quickly lean up right with the front of my body and remove my hand from her back to watch her cum before me, knowing from her thunderous roar and her bodies reaction that she has fallen over that wonderful pleasure edge as well now.

Taking her vulva between either of my hand's index fingers and thumbs, I rub the mound of aroused pink flesh surrounding it with my palms as my fingers tease the slit itself to help coax the liquids out; feeling her vagina spasm under my touch, her slit winking and rapidly opening and closing as Vaporeon wiggles the front half of her body back and forth on the bed happily. First noticing a small stream of liquid squirt slightly up into the air in a quick burst, I then witness a large quantity of clear juices spray upwards much higher like a pleasure fountain; Vaporeon watching on-ward with me and panting extraordinarily hard as she cums for a third time, cheeks very red and visibly blushing at her body's unusual performance, no penis inside her vagina this time to stop the incredible amount of female love fluids she always seemed to produce from gushing out in a rush of warm messy ecstasy like a timid just starting watergun attack being shout out from her vulva.

"Vapor!" Vaporeon yips as she quickly leans forward to hug my upper chest; possibly overwhelmed with affection for me or maybe just too embarrassed to have me watch her body react in such a way, feeling her vulva press into my lower stomach and continue to leak its warm stick liquids directly onto me now, findings its way downwards along our bodies and pathing around my penis still deeply embedded within her tail hole.


I suddenly hear a loud banging on my front; not exactly panicking, but becoming anxious as I know I will someone is right downstairs. If only they could see me now... My penis inside my pokémon's pooper as do forbidden things with the Vaporeon who I'm madly in love with.


Vaporeon breaks her hug to stare at me as I stare back, then cocks her head to the side questioningly as if curious about what I was going to do about the door. Standing up on her hind legs as she often did (which I know is quite odd for a feral build pokémon but I think it became a habit from reaching those high to get to shelves), she slowly raises her hindquarters upwards to release me from her tail holes confines with a quiet pop; none of my sperm finding a pleasant inter-species womb where it might vainly attempt to impregnate for a bit, it's now released from her anus and falls in a thick sticky mass onto the bed below. Listening to the faint sound of pokémon and human cum dripping onto the sheets as her heating vulva continues to leak a fine stream of clear liquids and my white ones drop from the puckered entrance above, Vaporeon removes her forelegs from around me to place both forepaws on either of my shoulders and lick my forehead a few times; her head now slightly above mine as she stands tall on her forelegs and I remain sitting awkwardly on her tail.


Turning around, I feel Vaporeon's tail twist underneath my legs as she shows me her back and then falls onto all fours before to slide it out from underneath me while starting to walk away. Pokémon maid clambering off the bed after having just mated for the first time, I notice just how very soaked in female cum my bed as I suddenly realize where she's going off to.

"Wait! I'll... I'll get the door... You just stay here. I'll be right back kay?!" I tell her awkwardly as I get off the bed too and hurriedly put on my boxers and pants; I doubt she understands that what we just did together is frowned upon by the majority of humans, OR if she even knows she should maybe clean up after doing such a thing?! I mean pokémon often mate right there in the daycare center with people watching, they don't have those kind of social stigmas about sex that we humans have.

"Eon?" She questions, pausing her movements as she motions with her right paw reaching for the door nob to instead look back over her shoulder at; her tail lifting up high while doing so like it always seemed to do when she reached up for things, revealing her sticky Vaporeon cum covered behind to me once more, which would certainly be a hard one to explain away if whoever is at the door saw her like that!


"I'm coming!" I yell loud enough so the person at the door can hear me while simultaneously putting my shirt on and turning the door nob; Vaporeon jumping back onto my bed to then sniff at her essence and the small bit of mine soaking the sheets. "You don't have to clean that mess up... I think I might like to have my bed sheets covered in your scent like that for a while..." I tell her feeling myself blush after admitting such a thing. "I'll be right back! I love you Vaporeon!" I go on to confess my love yet again, enjoying being able to tell her those words openly now.

"Vapor vaporeon!" She barks back happily at me as I shut my room's door and fly downstairs to answer the entrance to the house one.

Opening the front door I'm met with a middle aged woman tapping her foot impatiently, a bulging vein in her forehead and overall not looking very happy...

"What... The hell... Is going on in there..." My disgruntled neighbor asks, the name of whom not seeming to come to mind.

"Susan right?!" I respond nervously, an excuse slot machine being turned on inside my mind as I watch various fake scenarios as to why Vaporeon could have been making such loud mewling noises spin round and round.

"Becky... My name's Becky... We've met once or twice before, but it's your Vaporeon maid who usually answers the door is it not? Is everything alright? I in fact came over because I was at first worried, that is until I heard you call back and figured you must have just been ignoring me down here this entire time!"

"Listen I..." I stall for more time as three black BAR's slowly click into place and I hit the lie jackpot. "It's my Vaporeon, you see she's pregnant and... She was just giving birth for the first time so... Yeah I'm sorry if she was a bit loud..."

"Oh really? I thought that sort of thing was no sweat for pokémon, especially for one such as Vaporeon. What with their stretchy type of body and all..."

"Well I think she was just a bit overly emotional about the whole thing! Hehe..." I hesitantly laugh; oh god she's on to me...

"Can I see the egg?"

"The what?"

"..." Becky says nothing as she stares at me blankly

"Oh right! The egg! Well the thing with that is she's very protective of it! I even tried to pick it up myself but she just told me 'vapor vapor!' Like as if saying 'no no no! You ain't touching this!' or something like that you know what I mean?! So uhh yeah! I better go check on her and see if she's doing alright, it was quite the ordeal for her! The whole giving birth thing I mean! So byyeee!" I blurt out and then slowly start closing the door.

"Alright... Then..." She responds; obviously not buying it but seemingly not caring enough to investigate any further.

Closing the door completely and leaning back against it in relief, I listen to Becky's footsteps slowly fade into the distance before I then walk back up stairs and towards my room.

"So Vaporeon... I wanted to talk to you about......" I start talking as I enter my room and then stop mid sentence as I see what she's doing; my jaw dropping to silence my speech as I find her in awkward for a feral pokémon sitting position on my bed, my laptop opened as It had been once before with that one video of a trainer having sex with his Flareon and taking her in her tail hole on screen, Vaporeon leaning backwards on her right foreleg as her left forepaw rests right on her own tail hole, noticing two digits are inside and gently thrusting into her as she watches the pair intently. "Seriously how do you know how to use computers?!

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