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The Pokemon Wars, Parts 1-4

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Title: The Pokemon Wars, Parts 1-4
File Name: the_pokemon_wars_1-4.txt
Author: Sky Render
Rating: XXX
Type: lemon
Action: Chiku-Kora, C; Chiku-Kora, C; Chiku-Kora, C; Chiku-Kora, C;
Size: 61KB
Added: 10-07-99
Read by: Racso
Description: An agressive war between psychic pokemon and non psychick
pokemon had begun, two young pokemon find themselves
reluctantly in the middle of it all.

This is my most recent series. I'm working on part 5, but it's just not as
easy as it was when I started this thing... Anyway, in case you missed a part,
they're all in here.

And now, a Lemon/Fanfic hybrid of epic proportions...

The Pokemon Wars
Part 1: The Meeting of the Chosen Ones


In the land of Pokemon, a war has begun. The warriors of the Psychic
Masters declared themselves dictators of the entire planet, and the
Coalition of Pokemon refused their rule, declaring war against them.
Now, a great war rages between the Psychic pokemon and their non-Psychic
bretheren. Humans, too, are becoming involved, and trainers are battling
for their pokemon. The battle, however, is unbalanced. The Psychic have
a massive advantage, and none stand a chance. The only hope lies in the
Poke Stone, which balances the world's pokemon's powers. But the stone
was lost long ago, and none know of its location. The story begins with
the Coalition and Psychic Masters both seeking the stone. Two pokemon,
Kora the Kadabra and Chiku the Pikachu, were sent to search for the stone
in the Forgotten Lands...

1.1 Lost in a Maze

Chiku looked at his map again. "Shit!" he said, "I can't even tell how
I got in here! I still can't believe nobody's properly mapped this
horrid jungle!" He looked up. "Well, they want me to find this stupid
stone, so I'll find it for them. But I', gonna get paid very well for
doing this..." He continued to mumble to himself as he continued west
into the Forgotten Jungle. Soon, he found a nice little clearing. "I
need to rest. I've been on my paws for at least eight hours!" he said
to himself, and sat down. He looked around, saw no dangers, and began
to set up camp. "I am NOT going to search for twenty-four hours straight
just to find this stupid stone!" he said, and untied his tent from his
backpack. "Why do they make these things so heavy?" he asked himself,
rubbing his back as he undid the drawstrings at the mouth of the tent
bag. He knew he'd sleep well tonight.

*** Elsewhere... ***

"They have to be crazy," Kora said to herself, looking again at the
map. "This place eats pokemon alive, and they sent ME to find their
precious stone? Gmph! I hate those old men!" She continued, and
looked at the jungle around her. "This place gives me the creeps. I
don't like it at all. The way it dampens my powers is just too...
creepy..." She looked ahead through the light fog, trying to locate
a clearing or something. She was in luck, she saw, as there was a
very nice one with a big boulder in it. "Perfect!" she said, and
started to run towards it. She stopped about fifteen feet away, and
looked carefully. That wasn't a boulder. That was a tent. And it
belonged to the Coalition. "Shit," she said to herself. She shook her
head. "What am I worried about? They probably sent a Pikachu or some
other weakling." She headed into the clearing.

*** Meanwhile ***

Chiku had just started to fall asleep when he heard the crunching of
leaves with his super-sensitive ears. His body shot up involuntarily,
and his cheeks were already beginning to charge. He opened his tent
slowly, and looked out into the jungle. He was very surprised at what
he saw.
A female Kadabra was making its way towards his tent, seeming to be
intent on doing something unpleasant to him. He found himself unable
to do anything but stare at her body. No Pikachu could ever have any
body so perfect... He shook his head. Now was not the time for his
hormones to take over. He stepped out of his tent.
"Stop right there!" the Kadabra said, and he did. "Who are you?"
she asked. "Chiku, sent by the Coalition, and you?" he replied. She
shook her head. "I'm not telling you who I am!" He glared at her.
"Why not? What would I do with it, mock it? Just tell me, I'm not
in any position to harm you." She stared for a few seconds, then
said, "Kora." Chiku nodded. "All right, Kora, now that we've
dispensed with formalities, may I ask you why on earth you're here in
this forest?" Kora nodded. "It should be pretty obvious. I was
sent to find the Poke Stone." Chiku nodded. "I thought so. Mine is
the same... I don't think we should fight each other..." Kora
looked at him, and nodded. She wasn't sure why, but she was starting
to like this Pikachu. She shook her head mentally. Her hormones
were giving her odd thoughts.
Chiku kicked up a bit of dirt. "Are you... lost, too?" She nodded.
"I thought so. It won't really do any good for us to fight then,
since all we'd be then is tired and lost." She thought about it, and
realized that he was right. She needed her strength to find the Poke
Stone so she wouldn't be punished upon returning to the Psychic
Masters. "Yeah, no fighting. Hey, Chiku, um... I kinda forgot to
pack a tent. I thought I'd be going somewhere, um, dry, and so...
well, I only packed a sleeping bag." Chiku nodded. "No problem. I
brought a three-pokemon tent, so we should be able to fit in there
with no troubles." They looked at each other. Each could sense the
other's feelings, and they looked away from each other. They were
supposed to be enemies, but...
"Um, I'm kinda tired, so..." Kora crawled into the tent. Her mind
dwelled on the possibility of... but, no, she couldn't ask him to do
that... "Yeah, I'm tired, too, so..." Chiku got into the tent, and
similar thoughts passed through his mind. He wanted to tell her how
he felt, but he was afraid to... They looked at each other again,
and they both saw. "Um, hey..." Kora said, trailing off. "Um,
yeah..." Chiku said, also trailing. They knew they would not be
sleeping any time soon.
Chiku climbed from his position on top of his sleeping bag, and got
on top of Kora. "I've never done this before," he warned her, "so
if I do something wrong..." Kora smiled. "Don't worry, I've never
done this either. Just play it by ear." He began to lick her
nipples, and she gave a light moan. He could feel his penis begin
to harden as he began to lick faster. This was the most incredible
experience he'd ever had. Even being hit by a thunder bolt wasn't
this fantastic! He stopped licking her nipples, and started to lick
her clitoris. Kora gave a loud moan, and smiled. She had had no
idea that sex could be this good. Chiku knew he couldn't take it
much longer, and plunged his member into Kora's vagina. She gave
a slightly painful moan as he forced into her, himself feeling a
small amount of pain. But the pain was masked by the pleasure, and
he hardly noticed. He began to pump, slowly at first, but then
with more strength. He began to lose control of himself, and his
charge began to build against his will. Kora was losing herself,
too, and her dampened psychic powers were building as well.
Chiku suddenly let out his power, and it hit both of them. The
feel of the shock caused Kora to release her psychic energy, and
the combined effect threw them both over their limits. They both
came, almost at the same time, and then half-fainted. Chiku rolled
off of Kora slowly, his penis already small again, and he looked
into her eyes. She looked back into his. They had both felt it.
They had enjoyed themselves greatly, but they had also lost a bit
of innocence in that moment together. "Kora," Chiku said, "I...
love you..." Kora swallowed hard, and said, "And I love you,
Chiku... Don't... don't ever leave me, please..." Chiku nodded.
He knew that he couldn't, even if he had wanted to. He loved Kora
more than anything in the entire world. "Screw this war," he said,
"they're fighting over nothing. Can't they see what is truly there
beneath all of this? Can't they see that this war will ammount to
nothing?" Chiku asked. Kora nodded. "They know. That's why they
fight. They're afraid, Chiku... And I am, too..." Chiku knew what
she meant. They were doing what was forbidden. They were enemies,
but they were in love. His eyes were closing on him, and he knew
that he couldn't stay awake any longer. "Good night, Kora my dearest
love..." Kora, too, was tired, and responded, "Good night, my
handsome Chiku..." They fell asleep at the same time, exhausted.
Tomorrow would be a big day, they knew.

1.2 The Search, Together

Chiku woke up, and wondered why he was so cold. He looked down, and
saw that he wasn't in his sleeping bag. Why was he not? And why
couldn't he remember getting into it last night? He looked around
the tent, and saw Kora. Then, he remembered. The night he had spent
with Kora... He sat up, and looked at her. She was still beautiful,
and she seemed so content, just sleeping there. He got up, and headed
out of the tent to search for firewood.

*** A few minutes later ***

Kora sat up, and realized that she was in a tent. But she'd forgotten
her tent, hadn't she? Then, she remembered the night before. Chiku...
She looked over to his sleeping bag, and saw that he wasn't there. Had
it all been a dream? She looked at the tent flap. It was closed, but
not sealed. It hadn't been a dream, then... She opened the tent flap,
and looked out at the small campfire. Chiku was in front of it, and he
was cooking something. It looked like some sort of canned food. "Ah,
good morning!" Chiku said as he saw Kora get out of the tent. "You're
just in time for..." he looked at the side of the can, and frowned.
"Generic pokemon food. Bleah." She giggled, and sat down. "I really
don't mind, as long as it's edible." Chiku smiled. "That's kinda
questionable, considering who makes this stuff." She looked at the
label. "Grimer Food Company... Ew, I see your point!" They looked at
each other in the eyes again. They saw the same thing in each other's
eyes. They were inseperable, now. "Well," Chiku said, "let's hope we
have luck today, or we're gonna have to spend another night or two in
this forest." Kora nodded. "I don't think I'd mind a bit, Chiku."
He was startled for a moment, and then remembered. He grinned, and
neither said anything else until after breakfast.
"So," Kora said, "which way do we go from here?" Chiku considered
looking at one of their maps, but remembered his previous luck with
his, and decided against it. "Let's just head west. We're sure to
encounter something that way." She nodded. A good idea. So, Chiku
packed up the tent, and Kora organized their packs. Within ten
minutes, they were on their way. After two hours of hiking, they
stopped for a break. "This jungle is huge!" Kora said. Chiku gave a
nod, looking up at the trees. "Good thing there aren't any Mankeys up
there, or we might have some trouble." Kora gave a childish smile,
and Chiku smiled back. Their minds would probably never be the same
after last night. They got up after a few minutes, refreshed, and
continued west.
They reached a clearing again rather quickly. This clearing was
very different from the last one. It was open to the sky, and there
was a very large building in the center of it. The building was
shaped like a ziggurat, with several shelves along the way. A
stairway led up to a pedestal, on which was a rainbow-colored stone.
"The Poke Stone," they both breathed. It shimmered in the light, and
almost seemed to move like liquid. They climbed the stairway, and
realized that it did move. The stone had a strange, grainy fluid of
some sort in it, which scintillated with all of the colors of the
rainbow. "This is the Poke Stone?" Chiku asked. Kora tried to scan
it with her powers, but found that she could not even call them up.
"Yes, it must be. It's cancelling out my psychic energy. I could
feel something dampening it before. I guess the Poke Stone does
that..." Chiku wondered about it. He had had a hard time using his
thunder skills since he entered this jungle. He tried calling forth
his thunder, and found he couldn't. "It's cancelling me out, too. Is
that the effect of the Poke Stone?" Kora took the stone up in her
delicate hands, and placed it in her pack. "We have it. But who are
we going to give it to?" Chiku considered. "Neither one can be
trusted with it. If my people get it, they'll use it to dampen the
Psychic forever. If your people get it, no pokemon but the Psychic
will be able to use their skills."
Kora considered the matter, too, and a plan began to form in her
mind. "Chiku," she said, "why should they even know that we have the
stones?" Chiku was startled at this, and looked at her in confusion.
"What do you mean?" he asked. "I've got a plan," Kora said. "We go
back to our leaders, each claiming that the other has the stone. Then,
when they try to steal it from the other empire, we offer our services
to 'get revenge' on each other, and we use the stone to stop this war
once and for all!" Chiku considered it. The distraction would be
sufficient. All attention of each kingdom would be on the other, and
no one would be watching their spy's actions until they returned. They
could bring this thing to a screeching halt! "Let's do this!" Kora
nodded. They set out eastward for the exit of the jungle. They were
confident, now. They would save this world, and stop the pointless

1.3 A Second Night in the Jungle

They knew they couldn't make it to the edge of the jungle before the
night fell. They stopped in a new clearing, one about three hours from
the entrance of the jungle. "You start on the tent," Kora said, "and
I'll fix dinner." Chiku started untying the tent bag from his pack,
and said, "Fair enough. I figure you're a better cook than I am,
anyway." Kora giggled, and took out one of her ration cans. By the
time Chiku was done with the tent, Kora had supper ready, too. "That
was a lot of work! Let's get eating, then!" Chiku said. They had a
good meal of the Vulpix Steak, and finished it quite quickly. "I wish
I knew you had that this morning," Chiku said. "Don't worry about it,"
Kora said, "I like Vulpix just as much as generic food. At least the
generic stuff's not so hot!" He nodded, and took out his flask. Both
of them had a good drink, and they settled back against a log to look
at the fire.
"You know, Chiku," Kora said, "I never thought I'd meet someone as nice
as you. Most of the pokemon I know are egocentric and don't really care
about each other. But... you're different, I can tell." Chiku nodded.
"I... I wasn't raised like most pokemon are... You see, I was born into
a family that belonged to two trainers. My father, Pikachu, belonged to
a boy known as Ash Ketchum, and my mother to a girl known as Sabrina. I
went with my father for a while, but I didn't fit in well with is master,
and decided to live with my mother. Her master was a psychic trainer,
and I learned respect from her. I realized that all pokemon are equal,
and that we should be seeking peace and not war. When I heard about a
peace-keeping job, I jumped at the opportunity. This was that mission."
Kora nodded. "I sensed you'd been near psychics before. So, you lived
with the great Sabrina..." She shook her head. "I've only heard rumors
of her powers, but apparently, she is the most powerful human psychic
that ever lived. In a way, I envy that you knew her..." Chiku shook
his head lightly. "I didn't really... KNOW her, I just... well, I was
more of a misguided student to her, I guess..."
They sat, staring at the little fire for a few minutes. Then, Chiku
looked at Kora, and asked, "Um, how about you? What's your past like?"
Kora looked at him. "Me? I've lead a pretty typical life, for a
Kadabra. I was raised by a human, too, one known as Misty. She was
a nice girl, and she treated me well. She had an old Psyduck who
taught me a lot about my powers. He was a nice old fellow. I think he
might be alive still... Anyway, Misty released me when she found out
that I would be a lot better off in the wild, and I met up with the
Psychic Masters. That was two years ago. Now, I'm one of their top
agents, and they only send me when they expect results." She looked
down at her feet. "I don't really like it, but I've no choice, really.
They can get rid of me easily if I try to resist them too much..."
Chiku nodded. "You're free of them here. With that stone, they can't
touch you." She realized he was right. "But..." she said, "I can't
do anything, either..." Chiku shook his head. "You have claws, don't
you?" Kora nodded. "I've never used them, though. It seem so...
wrong... to attack like that..." Chiku looked down. "It's really no
worse than using psychic abilities or thunderbolts. It's actually a
bit fairer, since they can fight back..." They stopped there, and just
looked at the fire.

*** 30 Minutes Later ***

Kora yawned. "It's been a long day," she said. Chiku nodded. He was
getting tired of looking at the fire himself, and headed towards their
tent. "Hey, are you up to...?" Kora smiled, and nodded. They both
entered the tent, and Chiku began like he had last night. Kora gently
pushed him off. "I want to be on top this time," she said. Chiku
shrugged. "If it'll make you happy, I'll gladly oblige." She didn't
mount him, though. She took his penis, and began to rub it gently.
Chiku smiled and closed his eyes. That felt good. She placed his
penis into her mouth, and began to gently suck on it. He loved the
feeling, and began to moan softly. Was this what it felt like when he'd
licked her breasts and clitoris? Kora began to suck a bit harder, and
Chiku continued to moan. His penis was already at full erection, and
he was obviously beginning to lose control. She began to pick up the
pace, sensing him near climax. He began to shake lightly, and his
lightning was glowing on his cheeks. He came, and she tried as best she
could to keep it all in her mouth. She couldn't keep both a penis and
the cum in her mouth at the same time, though, and a bit of semen began
to drip from her mouth onto Chiku's penis. She swallowed it, and was
surprised to find it was salty. Removing his penis from her mouth,
Kora got on top of Chiku.
"Now," she said, "let's get to the real action." Chiku gave her a
knowing smile, and she began to pump up and down on him. But something
didn't feel right about it this time. They couldn't seem to get to
any climax as they continued. Kora gave out first, and slid off of
Chiku. They looked at each other. "We must be more tired than we
thought..." Chiku said, and Kora just nodded. She could feel her body
shutting down. "Maybe in the morning..." she said, and closed her
eyes. She was asleep within a few seconds, and Chiku soon followed
suit. The night might have been a bit of a failure, but they were
still happy, nonetheless.

Part 1 Ends Here

Part 2: Bold Plans, Unplanned Side-effects

2.1: Parting is Difficult...

The morning had come again to the Forgotten Jungle, and the two lovers
who had been searching it the previous day awoke to this new day, knowing
that it would be their last together for perhaps a long time. Chiku sat
up, and looked over at Kora. She was obviously still half-asleep. But
then again, so was Chiku. He rubbed his eyes, and exited the tent. The
morning air outside was cool and clammy, and he looked at the cinders of
last night's fire. They had told a lot about themselves over that to
each other... He grabbed his knife from his pack, and headed for the
forests. Kora peeked out of the tent, and asked, "Where're you going,
dear?" Chiku pointed to the woods. "We need wood for the fire, right?
I figured I'd go get some." Kora nodded, then slipped back into the
tent again.
Heading to the north, Chiku began to take small branches, and cut off
ones when he found them still attached to trees. He wanted to hurry,
so he could spend more time with Kora. They would have to leave the
Forgotten Jungle today, he knew. Neither knew when they would meet
again, either. He hacked off a small branch, and continued walking
north. They'd only known each other about two days, now, and they were
already inseperable. He pondered that. Why had he fallen in love with
her so quickly? And, more importantly, why had it been mutual? But,
no matter how hard he thought about it, he could not figure it out. He
knew only that it was important somehow, and that it was supposed to be
that way...
Kora had already packed up the tent and sleeping bags when Chiku came
back to their camp. He was kind of dissapointed; he'd hoped to have
another go with Kora before they left. He placed the sticks and branches
he'd collected on top of the charred remains of last night's fire, and
lit them with his flint and knife. "I've been thinking," he said as the
fire lit up in a burst of flames, "Why is it that we fell in love the way
we did?" Kora looked down at the fire, then shook her head. "I really
don't know, Chiku. When I saw you... No, forget it..." Chiku sat down
next to her. "What is it?" She looked up at his face. "I sensed... a
strange sort of drawing between us, a psychic one. It's almost as if we
were meant to be together... I really don't know, but... Well, when I
look at you now, I see something, someone perhaps, that I've seen before
at one time..." Chiku nodded. He had felt this, too. Kora reminded
him of something, maybe even someone, that he'd encountered before.
But, who or what did she remind him of?
"Well," Kora said, "we'd best eat breakfast now. The fire's not going
to last forever." Chiku nodded, and the matter was forgotten, for the
time being. They had canned generic PokeFood, and neither commented
while they ate. Once they finished, they sat across from each other,
and just looked at each other for a good five minutes. Finally, Chiku
spoke. "Kora, I don't want to leave this place yet." Kora nodded. "I
don't either, my love, but we have to return soon. They're expecting us
in our respective kingdoms, and furthermore, the sooner we leave, the
sooner we're reunited." Chiku nodded, not looking too enthusiastic. "I
know, but... I don't want to leave you..." Kora looked at him, and he
could tell what she was saying to him with her gaze. She didn't want to
leave, either, but they had to. Time and circumstance were against them
at this time, but it wouldn't always be that way. "We'd best go, then, I
guess. I'll meet you two days hence at the Center of the World," Kora
said. Chiku nodded. He knew what she had in mind. The Center of the
World was the focal point of their planet, where the Poke Stone would
have the greatest effect.
They looked upon each other one last time, and then got up. Each picked
up their pack, and each headed out of the Forgotten Jungle the way they'd
come. As they continued, seperate, a tear could be seen on each of them.
They knew they would meet again, but it was painful to part.

2.2: A Plan Well-Executed

Chiku was fast approaching Pokema City, the capital of the Coalition of
Pokemon. He knew what he'd planned with Kora, but he was beginning to
have second thoughts. Would this really work, he wondered? The gates to
the city swung wide to accept him, and he hurried through. It felt good
to be back in his hometown, even if it was in a wartime status. He sped
up his pace, making his way through the near-deserted city streets to the
Senate Offices. The Prime Minister was waiting for him, and walked down
the steps to greet him. "Welcome back, Chiku!" he said, "So, how did it
go? Did you manage to get it?" Chiku looked the old Dragonite in the
face. "I did not, but I need to discuss this before the full Senate before
we take any actions." The Prime Minister wrinkled his face, but nodded.
He led Chiku into the main hall of the Senate Offices.
Within an hour, the entire Senate was gathered to hear what Chiku had to
say. Stepping up to the podium, he addressed the crowd. "Senators of the
Coalition," Chiku began, "I have grave news for you all. The Psychic
Masters have the Poke Stone." There was a gasp among the Senators, and
they began to mumble among themselves. "However," Chiku continued, "I
have a plan to get it back." The Senators all looked up at the young
Pikachu. "I propose we send a single spy to steal the stone from them,
and bring it back to where it rightfully belongs." The Senators began
to mumble again, and one rose its paw. "Yes, Senator Arcanine?" The
Senator stood (as best it could), and said, "Agent Chiku, would that not
be a rather risky thing to do? Who could we possibly send who would be
able to take care of this?" Many of the other Senators began to nod in
agreement with Senator Arcanine. Chiku spoke again. "I will go." The
Senate quieted instantly. "It is my fault that we did not get the stone
before they did, and therefore it is my responsibility to retrieve it for
our kind." The Prime Minister stood up. "But, Chiku! You have only just
completed a mission! Can you seriously...?" He was cut off by Chiku's
reply. "I do not care if I have been on a mission, this is important! I
cannot sit idly and let someone else who wouldn't even know what to look
for try and save the stone!"
The Senator Primape called for a vote, and the others agreed. Sighing,
the Prime Minister sat down. The vote was counted, and it was unanimous.
Chiku would be the agent, since he'd offered his services. "I thank you,
my good Senators. I will be off shortly. I will require transportation
of some sort, seeing as the Psychic Masters are far from here." Senator
Rapidash raised her head. "I will have two Ponytas accompany you. That
should take care of transporting your goods, as well." Chiku nodded.
"Thank you, Senator Rapidash. If you will excuse me, Senators, I wish
to prepare for my journey." Chiku left the Senate Chambers, a smile on
his face. Everything was falling into place, just as they'd planned it

*** Meanwhile ***

Kora was at the gates of her home town of Psychius. She knew what she
would do, and did not hesitate as she walked up to the Chamber of Sages.
"Greetings, mistress Kora," the guard Abra said. "How did your quest
for the Poke Stone go?" Kora shook her head. "I fear things have gotten
out of hand. I need to hold a meeting before the entire Circle." The
Abra nodded, and floated into the building he had been guarding. About
two minutes later, Grand Master Mewtwo came out. "Kora, I heard from the
door guard that you'd returned. Come, speak before the council." Kora
nodded, and entered the Chamber of Sages.
The 12 Sages were standing in their places around the Circle of Sages,
and Kora stepped into the center. The entire structure was designed to
focus all energies away from the Sages, and at the same time, to nullify
any psychic powers within the circle. It kept both the Sages safe, and
the person in the center of the Circle from escaping with teleportation.
Kora felt the usual tingle as she entered the sphere of influence. She
knew she was safe there, though. The shield was two-way. Her mind could
not be read as long as she was inside. "Now, mistress Kora, please tell
us of what has occurred," Mewtwo said. Kora nodded. "My fellow psychics,
I despise having to say this, but I have failed you." There was an
audible murmur among the Sages. "I did not get the stone, they sent a
very fast Pokemon, and it got the stone first. But, I have a plan for the
retrieval of the stone." The Sages all looked at her intently. "I advise
we send in a single agent, a spy, to take back the stone."
Sage Mew stepped forward. "Kora," she said, "that would not be a wise
thing to do. They would kill one of our spies if they saw through their
disguise." Kora nodded. "That's why I want to go." Grand Master Mewtwo
stepped forward. "NO! I will not allow..." Kora cut him off. "You do
not hold authority over me, Mewtwo. If I wish to get revenge, then it is
not your right to stop me, you know this." She turned to Sage Mew. "I
will be leaving in an hour. Please see to it that I have sufficient
supplies for the journey." Mew nodded, and looked at Mewtwo. He fumed
for a second, then nodded. "I will not try to stop you, then. But know
this, Kora: I do not approve of this!" Kora nodded. "I will remember
that. If you will all excuse me..." She stepped out of the Circle, and
left the Chamber of Sages.
All she had to do now was wait. Soon, she and Chiku would be together
again. She hurried to the storage depot to get ready.

2.3: An Unexpected Side-Effect

Chiku had been traveling for five hours straight when he finally spotted
Kora on the horizon. "C'mon, we're going to meet that pokemon!" he called
to his Ponytas. They looked at him carefully. "What are you planning
here, Chiku? I don't recall this being part of the plan." Chiku nodded.
"It isn't. At least, not part of the Senate's." They shrugged, and
headed for the figure in the distance. Then, they saw what it was. A
female Kadabra was approaching them rather quickly. "Are you insane?!"
Chiku's mount asked. Chiku shook his head. "She's a friend, trust me. I
guess you could say, she's here to help us out." The two Ponytas just
stared as Kora walked up and embraced Chiku.
"Come, my love," Chiku said, "We've transportation to the Center of the
World." The Ponytas realized what was going on, then. "You're not going
to get the stone at all, are you?" one of them asked. Chiku smiled. "No
need, we already have it." Kora pulled out the Poke Stone. The two
Ponytas stared at the stone. "We need to get this thing to the Center of
the World," Kora said. They hesitated. "This is serious!" Chiku said,
"If we don't do this, then the war will never end! The Psychic Masters
and the Coalition will continue to fight, and we'll never know peace
again!" The Ponytas stopped hesitating. "We'll go," one said, "but I'm
not taking any responsibility for whatever you two are going to do there
at the Center of the World." The other Ponyta nodded. "Good enough,"
Chiku said, and remounted his Ponyta. Kora mounted the other, and they
headed for the Center.
About three hours later, they were finally there. An enormous pit
greeted them as they looked down at it. It was glowing a light shade of
blue, and seemed to be calling to them. "I don't like this place..." one
of the Ponytas said. The other nodded. They decided to make a run for
it while the other two were looking at the pit. They succeeded, and the
two lovers were stranded at the Center of the World. "Now what do we
do?" Chiku asked. Kora took out the stone. "We finish what we've
started, that's what." She threw the Poke Stone into the glowing pit,
and they watched as it fell into the odd blueness. Nothing happened for
a few seconds, but then, an enormous pillar of blue-white light burst
from the pit. The lovers were knocked backwards from the stream of
energy. "Kora! What have we done?" Chiku asked. Kora just clung to him
as the pillar of light engulfed them.

End of Part 2

Part 3: An Anomaly of Time

3.1: After the Flash

Chiku opened his eyes. He was still holding Kora. He looked around,
wondering what had happened. Something was out of place, he could tell,
but he didn't know what. Kora opened her eyes, and saw that they were
alive. "What happened?" she asked. Chiku shook his head. "I have no
clue. We're alive, apparently, which is good. But... Something is
wrong." They looked around. It was still the Center of the World, but
somehow it wasn't. Then, Chiku realized what it was. "The sky..." he
said. Kora looked up. The sky was blood-red, and seemed to be made of
moving... something. It sure wasn't clouds. "What happened?" Kora
asked. Chiku shook his head. "Whatever we did, it must have caused
that. I hope it's not bad. Well, let's get going. The Coalition will
be interested to hear what I've to say." Kora nodded. "The Sages are
going to call me a traitor if I go back home, so I'm going with you."
He nodded, and they set out on foot for Pokema Town.
About two hours later, they encountered another Pokemon. It was an
Ivysaur, and it appeared to be injured. "What's wrong?" Chiku asked it.
The Ivysaur looked up, and said, "I've been wounded, what's it look
like? Stupid war!" Kora shook her head. "You won't have to worry any
more, we've taken care of that problem." The Ivysaur looked at her with
an odd gaze. "Taken care of it? How?! This war's been going on for
almost eleven years!" The two lovers looked at each other in shock.
"Eleven years?" they asked syncronously. The Ivysaur looked at them
critically. "Where've you been, hiding under a rock? The Coaliion and
the Psychic Masters've been duking it out since the turn of the Poke
Century! It got even worse about ten years ago, when the Poke Stone
vanished, and each blamed the other..." Kora shook her head. "We were
sent ahead it time? Ten years ahead in time?" Chiku gazed off into the
odd sky, a look of awe in his face. "Huh? Waitaminute, you're Chiku!
You're the agent they sent out to get the Poke Stone back!" Chiku
looked back at the Ivysaur. "Yeah, I am," he said, "Can you take me to
the Senate?" The Ivysaur shook his head. "I'm wounded, I told ya."
Kora took a curative mix from her pack, and applied it to the Ivysaur's
wounds. "I've not seen one of those in almost eight years," the
Ivysaur commented as his wounds healed quickly.
"All right, let's go then," the Ivysaur said. He took the lead, and
guided them towards Neo Pokema. His name turned out to be Ivan, and he
was a long-winded fellow. He told them about what had happened in the
last ten years. Following the odd light at the Center of the World,
the two poke-powers had blamed each other, and had started fighting each
other at a more furious rate. The supplies of both sides were quickly
expended as the battle excelerated, and within three years, no supplies
were left on either side. Since then, it'd been a hard and slow war,
and neither side was willing to surrender or ask for peace. After about
three hours of travelling, the two lovers had no strength to go any
further. "We've been through a lot during the past twelve hours or so.
Can we stop here?" Ivan nodded. "Sure. I'll be resting over there.
You two do whatever you want, and I won't interfere." Kora nodded, then
thought of something. "How come you've not been suspicious of me?" He
chuckled. "You? The Psychic Masters declared you a traitor when you
failed to return! They started a huge debate with our kingdom, and I
caught word of you. I knew it was you because you look exactly like
what they said you did." Kora blushed. "Thank you, anyways." Ivan
nodded as he continued towards the grove he'd designated for his resting
place for the night.

3.2: A Change of Pace

Chiku set up his tent, and Kora gathered some rocks to make a protective
ring around it. Once they were finished, they entered the tent, and laid
down on their bedrolls. "Wow, things sure have been moving fast, haven't
they?" Kora asked. Chiku nodded. "I think it's time for a change of
pace, don't you?" He smiled, and Kora smiled back, knowingly. "We never
did get around to finishing what we started that night," Kora said, as
she mounted Chiku. He gave a faint nod, his mind already shifting to
"off" mode.
"I want to try something," Kora said. She moved around into a new
position, one which placed her vagina near Chiku's mouth, and his penis
near hers. He didn't need to ask what was going to happen next. He
began to lick her clitoris as she began to lick his penis. They began to
speed up as their intensity increased. Chiku could feel his mind slip
away again, as it had before, as he neared orgasm. Kora, too, felt this
occuring. Kora gave out first, her psychic powers causing both of their
minds to shudder, and Chiku followed only a second later, his electricity
pushing their bodies beyond their limits, and into orgasm. They both
came, almost simultaneously, and collapsed in exhaustion. "That was...
very different..." Kora said, panting. Chiku gave a grunt of agreement,
too worn out to do anything else.
There was the sound of something rubbing against their tent, and they
looked up to the flap. "Are you two okay in there?" Ivan asked. "Yes,
we're fine," Kora responded. "Hmm, okay. I got kinda scared there when
I saw the lightning coming from inside the tent. Thought you'd gotten
into a fight or something." The lovers looked at each other with smiles
only they could fathom. "No, just... showing off, really," Chiku said.
"Okay then," Ivan said, moving back to his spot under the tree. "That
was close," Chiku said. Kora nodded. "I don't know how that old codger
would've reacted to that. We've got to be more careful." They set up
their bags, and fell asleep within seconds.
Outside of the tent, Ivan looked at their forms as they slept. They
were an odd couple. He'd seen quite clearly what they'd been doing when
the lightning had been discharged in there. He shook his head. No point
in bugging them about it, it was their choice, after all. He lay back
down under the tree, and fell asleep quickly.


He was falling. Chiku looked around him, but could not tell where he
was. Suddenly, he was on the ground, and looking at a familiar face. It
seemed as if he knew this pokemon. Then, he was moving, at an incredible
speed, as he zoomed past the familiar face, and saw...


The world was spinning. Kora tried to figure out where she was, but
could not. Then, she saw it. Someone she had met before. Who...? Then
she was moving away, rushing towards...


The two lovers woke up simultaneously. They looked each other in the
eyes, and they realized who they'd seen. They'd seen each other in their
dreams. "Did you...?" they asked each other, and both realized that the
dream had reached both of them. "Why? Why did we dream such an odd dream
of each other?" Kora asked. Chiku shook his head. "I don't know. But
this must mean something." Kora nodded. "We'll find out, then, soon
enough. Let's try and get some sleep." They laid back down in their bags
to sleep, but they could not. It took almost five minutes for them to
finally be able to. And then, dreams were blissfully absent.

3.3: Reunions and Plans

The trio seemed to wake up far too soon, even though they'd all been
asleep for almost eight hours. "Well, is anyone else hungry?" Ivan asked.
They both nodded, and Chiku took out a package of Vulpix steak. "Woah,
I've not seen that stuff for seven years! Cook 'er up!" In short order,
they were all enjoying a nice steak, and talking about the way things had
changed for the Coalition.
"Yeah," Ivan said, "they tried, all right! They thought they could take
on the entire Psychic Masters thing with only a small army. Boy, were
they ever wrong! That one fellow, Grand Whozit Mewtwo, he took out an
entire batallion of Oddishes! We ended up retreating "temporarily", and
nobody's tried to invade on either side since. Mostly skirmishes now,
out in Death Field. What did they call it before? I can't even remember,
it's been too long." Chiku shook his head. "Wow. Peace Field became
Death Field. I would never have thought that this would happen..." Ivan
nodded. "Not a single pokemon could have predicted it would end up like
this! I mean, if you two had returned, then they'd probably have ended
the war real quick. But since you were warped away, we've been fighting
for ten years. Most of the pokemon fighting now have no idea why!" Kora
shook her head, disgusted. "Why do pokemon have to fight? There's no
point! The outcome is always the same; someone wins, someone loses, and
nothing changes!" Ivan nodded. "Yep, but tell that to Mewtwo or the
head of the Senate! Heh, they think this war's the most important thing
ever to come their way!"
They finished the meal a few minutes later, and packed up their backpacks
again. "We've only got enough rations to last us another five days," Kora
said. Chiku nodded, having realized that himself a few minutes ago.
Whatever they were going to do, they'd have to do it fairly quickly.
"Shall we get going?" Ivan asked. The other two hitched up their packs,
and the trio set out again for Neo Pokema.
Four hours later, they stood at the gates of the city. It had grown from
its predecessor, which had been destroyed in a raid. The streets were not
incredibly crowded, but there was a fair ammount of populous walking about
and doing business. Ivan led the small group towards the central building
of the town, the New Senate. They were greeted by the Prime Minister, who
was still the old Dragonite who had been Prime Minister ten years ago. He
looked at Chiku, and nearly fainted. "Can it be?! Chiku! You're back!
How...? What...? When...?" Chiku shook his head. "It's a shorter story
than you might think, but it's still pretty intense. I'd like to tell it
to you in private, and not in front of the Senate." The old fellow nodded
solemnly, and led him into a private room. He noticed that Kora was
following them, and also noticed who she was. "So, you two are both in
this. Well, she's welcome to come along, I suppose," he said as he opened
the door to his private study.
The three sat down, and the Prime Minister looked Chiku directly in the
eyes. "So, Chiku," he said, "let's hear this story of yours." He then
proceeded to tell of what had happened since he and Kora had met, only
excluding their sexual encounters. When he finished, the old pokemon gave
him a glance, and then replied, "Intriguing. So, you fell in love with
Kora? And she was a traitor long before we were informed? But you do
realize that this means you, too, are a traitor, don't you?" Chiku nodded
knowingly. "Why do you think I asked to talk to you alone?" he queried.
"I knew you were the only one who would not react adversely to the news
that I had done what I did." The old pokemon shrugged his shoulders. "I
am not mad at you. You had a good intention, even if it turned against
you. I do not blame you for the war's extension, either. It was our own
ignorance of the situation that caused that." The old man started to pace
across the room. "Much has occured since you left, and we have many new
technologies that we did not have before. For instance, we can now travel
through the air, even if we do not have wings." Chiku gave an interested
glance. "Really?" he asked. "And how do you do that?"
The old Dragonite stopped at a small panel, and hit a button on it. A
wall of the room opened to reveal a hangar, inside of which was a massive
airship. "It was constructed out of scraps from Poke Balls and the metal
that remained from battles. It can fly as high as a Pidgeot can, and can
carry 500 pokemon. We intended to use it as a weapon, but plans began to
change a few days ago, with the introduction of another technology." The
Dragonite hit another button, and a monitor covered the viewing window of
the hangar. On the screen, a bizzarre thing was visible. It was long,
metallic, and had a very odd shape. It had a round head with two engines
sticking out of the back of it. The thing looked ludicrous, but somehow
it also seemed to be a vehicle. "This is a space ship," the Dragonite
told them, "It was developed to take our people away from this planet, to
settle new planets." He pressed another button, and the image changed to
the inside of the ship. "It was designed for a 10-pokemon crew in the
original design, but has been expanded to a 10,000-crew ship. That thing
is almost a mile in diameter." He switched the view again, this time to
the front of the outside of the ship. "We want to send our fellow pokemon
away from the Psychic Masters. It's selfish, I know, but we've no choice,
now. They've got the upper hand again. Our only hope is to escape the
planet and retalliate later." He pressed a different button, and the
monitor withdrew.
Kora seemed upset, and the old Dragonite noticed it. "We don't want to
hurt anyone..." he said. Kora shook her head. "There are some psychics
who don't deserve to die yet. Mew, in particular." The old Dragonite
nodded. "Mew came to us recently, as a friend. She told us that she
could no longer accept the rule of Mewtwo, and had decided to join us.
She is currently in the barracks, if you wish to visit her." Kora's head
snapped up upon hearing this, and she stood up. "Not so hasty! I'll
have Chiku show you to the barracks. Would you mind?" Chiku took Kora's
hand and led her out, and the old Dragonite turned back to the view of
the airship, a smile on his lips. They were lovers, all right. "Ivan!"
he called. The Ivysaur stepped into the office. "Yeah, boss?" The old
Dragonite turned around. "I want you to keep an eye on those two for me.
I have a strange feeling about them..." Ivan looked at the way the two
had gone. "Yeah, me too. All right, but don't ask me to do anything
like betrayal, okay? I like those kids, even if they are kinda strange
at times." The old Dragonite had turned back to the airship, but now
turned to face Ivan. "What do you mean, strange?" Ivan didn't answer,
and the old Dragonite realized that it was private. "All right then,
nevermind. Just keep an eye on them, and report if they start acting...
suspicious." Ivan responded mockingly, "Yes sir!" and turned out the
door. The old Dragonite shook his head in disgust. Ivan was a good
agent, but he had his problems... He turned back to the airship, and
began to wonder if he'd actually ever see it run. Deep down, he hoped

End of Part 3

Part 4: Escape and Hope

4.1: A Reunion of Old Friends

Kora ran into the barracks, Chiku trailing behind her only slightly. A
grizzled Charmander looked up at her. "Whadda ya want?" he asked her
gruffly. "I'm looking for a friend of mine, Mew," Kora replied, already
looking around the barracks for her friend. "Huh? Oh, her. She's in
the back. Go on ahead." The Charmander noticed Chiku stepping into the
room. "Hey!" he said, "Chiku my man, you're back!" Chiku looked at the
grizzly Charmander, and realized who it was. "Chaz!" he said, and gave
his old friend a pat on the back. "Wow! You've grown a lot! Last time
I saw you, you were just a little tike!" Chaz chuckled. "Yeah, well,
that was ten years ago!" He looked around, and noticed that Kora was
nowhere to be seen. "Hey," Chaz asked, "who's the lady? Is she... the
traitor?" Chiku frowned, then nodded. Chaz shook his head. "I bet
there's a big story to all of this, but it's probably really complex,
too." Just then, Ivan entered the room. "Ivan! Where've you been? I
was starting to wonder if we'd ever finish our poker game!" Ivan gave
a sharp grunt. "You and your poker..." he muttered.
Chiku left his old friend to find Kora. He located her rather rapidly
in the adjoining room. She was sitting in a chair and talking to a
Mew, who was laying on a bed and looking at her. "So, this must be the
one you have fallen in love with, Chiku?" the Mew asked. Kora nodded,
and motioned for Chiku to sit down. "This is Sage Mew," she said, "She
was the one who supported my desicion to recapture the Poke Stone." A
smile crossed her lips. Mew looked at Chiku. "So," she said to him,
"you two have been through much. And I sense a connection between you,
one that is far older than when you met." Chiku shook his head. "How
old?" he asked. Mew closed her eyes, and said, "My guess would be at
least fifteen of our years..." The two lovers stared at each other in
amazement. Fifteen years? How was this possible? "Mew," Kora asked,
"how did we meet, originally?" Mew began to concentrate, and opened
her eyes after a good minute of this. "You met when your trainers did
long ago. Neither of you were old enough to have recognized each
other in the present time. That is why you knew each other, but could
not figure out why. But what confuses me is that those memories were
blocked on both of you. The blocking was purposeful, and not of
either of your doings. They were done by someone... I cannot tell
who did this, though. Someone, though, did not want you two to know
about each other."
They looked at each other, amazement still visible on their faces.
Someone had not wanted them to know each other? Who? And, far more
importantly, why? They looked back to Mew, who shook her head. "I do
not know why it was done any more then I know who did it. All I can
do is advise you to stay close to each other, and see if you learn any
more about your pasts." Just then, Ivan and Chaz entered the room.
"What's going on?" Chaz asked. He looked at the trio sitting there.
"Did I ask something wrong?" Mew shook her head. "No, just bad
timing, Chaz. We were dealing with a private matter." Chaz shrugged
his shoulders, and turned to Chiku. "Hey, ya wanna join me and Ivan
in a game of poker? I'll put on a real show, that's for sure!" Ivan
let out a harsh laugh. "You? You can't tell an inside strait from
a pair of twos!" Chaz whirled on him. "I'll have you know..." But
he was interrupted by Chiku. "Drop it, guys. Arguing it won't do
any good. I'm not in the mood for poker, anyway." Chaz shrugged his
shoulders again, and left the room. Ivan, however, decided to stay.
"There's something I want to ask you, Chiku," he said. "Ask away,"
was Chiku's response. "Um... How to put it? ...Are you... um..."
Whatever he was trying to say, he didn't finish, and just trailed off
at that point. Mew, however, raised an eyebrow in what appeared to
be amusement. Ivan realized that she'd read his thoughts, and left
the room, a blush on his leafy countanence.
"What was that about?" Chiku asked. Mew smiled. "He knows about
your relationship. He was trying to tell you nicely, but I guess he
just couldn't figure out how to say it. He's a nice old fellow, so
don't worry. He's not going to go tell everybody about it." Chiku
blushed himself. "I didn't realize that... but, I should have
figured it out. I guess we were kind of transparent as to what we
were doing last night..." Kora smiled. "It's all right, Chiku. We
can trust Ivan. He's a bit eccentric and long-winded, but he's not
a gossiper." Mew sighed. "I need to rest. This day has been hard
on me. I'm glad we got to see each other again at last, my good
friend. I hope we can talk again later." Mew closed her eyes, and
the lovers left the room, realizing that she intended to take a nap,
and wanted some peace and quiet.

4.2: An Attack

"How goes the plans for assault?" Grand Master Mewtwo asked. The
Kadabra commander looked his superior officer in the face, and
replied, "Excellent, sir. The production of Mr. Mimes is up by 20%
since last report, and the army is at maximum readiness. With your
command, we can attack at any time." Mewtwo's mouth formed a cruel
smile as he thought about what he was planning. Neo Pokema was to
be destroyed. Ever since he'd ordered his scouts to find a new
resource location (which they'd found), he'd been planning for this
attack. And now... "Send them out. Destroy Neo Pokema." The
Kadabra bowed respectfully, and hurried off to the Training Center.
Mewtwo watched him go, his mind drifting. He remembered Kora...
No, he'd promised himself he would not think of her. She had
betrayed them, he knew it. But, still... He shook his head. It
was pointless to wonder about it. He turned back to the Chamber of
Sages, happy but nonetheless distressed.

*** Later and Elsewhere ***

"There's a whole fucking army!" Chaz said in astonishment, looking
again through his pokenoculars. "At least ten thousand, mostly Mr.
Mimes. They must have found a new resource mine." He got down off
of the walls of Neo Pokema, and turned to Ivan. "What're we gonna
do about this?" Ivan grunted. "How should I know? We'd best go
and report this to that old Dragonite." They headed back towards
the New Senate, where Chiku and Kora were waiting. "Well?" Chiku
asked. Ivan sighed. "The scouts weren't hallucinating. There's
an entire army, a lot bigger than any fighting force we have. We'd
best tell the Prime Minister." Chiku turned around, and headed for
the old Dragonite's office. He was in, and was observing the
airship again. "Yes? Is something wrong?" he said, not turning
around. "They're coming," Chaz said. That made the Dragonite turn
to face them. "Who? The Psychic Masters?" Ivan stepped forward.
"Yep. They've got a really big force, about ten thousand or more,
and they're heading right for Neo Pokema." The old Dragonite stood
there, just staring at Ivan, and then turned back to the airship.
"We've no choice, then..." he pressed a button on his control
panel, and a door opened on a blank wall. "Follow me. This is a
secret passage that leads to the spaceship's hangar." He entered
the passage, and hit a button inside. A voice came from a small
speaker near the button. "Yes, sir?" The old Dragonite sighed.
"Operation Escape is now active." He shut off the intercom, and
beckoned the others to follow him.
They reached the end of the passage in short order, and found
themselves in the room that they'd previously only seen on the huge
monitor in the Prime Minister's office. A large ammount of pokemon
were crowding into the ship's main bay as they were lead to the
other side of the ship. "I had a special entrance made for myself
to enter, should an emergency occur. Come on!" He led them into
the small hatch, and they situated themselves into the nearest
seats available. "How long until the army reaches us?" the Prime
Minister asked through a headset he'd donned. "About five minutes,
at their current speed," a voice responded. "Shit. Not enough
time..." They sat there, waiting tensely for three minutes, when
the airship suddenly flew into the hangar. "All pokemon accounted
for. Estimated time before departure: two minutes thirty seconds."
The Prime Minister shook his head. "Any way to shorten that time?"
The voice responded, "Negative. This will cut it close, but it's
the best we can do." The old Dragonite sighed. "Shit. We'll have
to make do with it, then. Keep them moving, and inform me the very
moment it's safe to take off!" The voice answered, "Yes, sir.
Over and out."
Another two tense minutes passed, and a cry was heard from the
entrance of Neo Pokema. The invasion had begun. The pokemon in
the cockpit watched as the invading army began to attack the homes
and shops of the city, and burn them. They were approaching the
hangar at a startling speed, too. "How much longer?!" the Prime
Minister asked. "Ten seconds, at best." Trying to remain calm,
he waited, watching the army rapidly approaching them. It seemed
like a century before he heard, "All's clear!" He shouted, "Blast
off, already!" The ship began to shake, its engines being turned
on for the first time in months. It started to move slowly out the
hangar door... right into the advancing army. The army didn't
stand a chance against a spaceship, though, and the forward lines
approaching the hangar were knocked down and burned to cinders by
the engines of the ship. The ship soared upwards at an incredible
speed, and the crew found themselves forced against their seats,
their restraining belts biting into them.
Chiku opened his eyes. They were still alive. He breathed in,
and tasted the air. It was breathable, but obviously mixed with
some helium. He looked out the viewport. The stars greeted his
visage. He looked out a port window near him, and he saw the
ruddy-blue of his home world. Now, he realized what the odd red
color of the clouds had been; it was poison. He looked over at
Kora. She appeared to be rather uncomfortable, restrained as she
was by her restraining belt. She removed it, and was rather
surprised to discover that she could float all of a sudden. Chiku
unstrapped himself, and found that it applied to him, too. "Hey
old man!" he called to the Prime Minister, "We can float!" He
sighed. "That's an effect of space. We guessed it would happen,
but we weren't sure. On Pokemonia, there was a force called
'gravity' that held us close to the planet. It doesn't exist out
here in space." He then reclined in his chair, and proceeded to
take a nap. He was satisfied that his people were now safe from
the Psychic Masters. But how long would that last? He elected
not to think about that, and fell asleep.

4.3: Odd Occurrences

A fair number of pokemon had begun to realize that they were
weightless, and were floating around. As Kora and Chiku floated
through the entrance of the cockpit into the main chamber of the
ship, they saw an Oddish fly by. "Help!" it yelled as it was
pursued by a concerned-looking Gloom. Kora giggled, and they
continued through the main part of the ship. Soon enough, they
found what they were looking for: a private room with a lock on
the door. They hurried in, locking it tightly behind them.
"Now," Chiku said, turning from the door to Kora, who was
sitting on the bed, "let's find out the limits of this odd new
situation." Kora smiled, and floated up above Chiku, who jumped
up himself to join her. He found out, then, that he didn't weigh
anything, but he still had inertia. He let out a grunt of pain
as his head hit the cieling. "You silly mouse," Kora giggled, "I
thought you'd know! We also have mass, or we wouldn't be
affected by gravity. Mass is what allows us to have inertia, so
we'll still feel its effect." Chiku floated a bit lower, rubbing
his head. "I won't make that mistake again," he said.
They were just about to begin when a beep sounded from the door to
their room. "What the...?" Chiku asked as the door opened. Chaz and
Ivan walked in, quite obviously drunk. "Sho... what's the newsh, ol'
buddy?" slurred Ivan, not even noticing that the room was already
occupied. Chaz swayed a bit, then said, "Huh? Oh, well... I guessh
we're all goin' out inna shpace or somethin..." Ivan's eyes were
starting to glaze, and he seemed about to faint as he replied, "Oh,
that's nishe..." At that point, he fell on his side, completely drunk
and unconcious. "Where'd ya go, Ivan?" asked Chaz, who promptly did
the same as his colleague. Kora giggled as she watched this. "I hope
I never get THAT drunk! I guess this room's theirs, now. Let's find
another one, hmm?" Chiku shook his head. "Maybe we'd better wait
until the ship's at some place more, er... stable..." Kora smiled,
and headed for the still-open door. "All right, I'll see you back in
the..." Just then, the ship shook violently. Kora was forced off of
her feet, and just barely managed to avoid getting hit on the head by
the door's frame. "What was that?" she asked. A voice sounded over
the ship-wide PA: "The spaceship Pokema I has landed on the sattellite
known as the Moon. We will be staying here for a while, and then
continuing our journey."
The two lovers rushed out of the room, heading for the cockpit. It
was obvious to them that something was wrong: no plans had been made
to land on the Moon. They rushed through the crowded ship, and
reached the control room within a minute of having left their room.
The view before them was a sight they would never forget.
Over two thousand Clefairy and Clefables were dancing around on the
Moon's surface, and a colony could be seen in the distance. Other
pokemon were visible, as well. A single word escaped Chiku's lips.


End of Part 4
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