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A Craving of Spice by lazy_amp


Story Notes:

This was an idea I've had for a long, long time. I wrote the bulk of it the week before a deadline for a contest, then let it languish as I tried to write an epilogue that I realized will touch on a few nerves. In the meantime, have a story about a young man who just happens to fall into a Pokephilic orgy.

The Party

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It took a good five minutes of quiet contemplation, standing on the porch of the townhouse and shivering in the chill of winter evening, before the solid oak door opened. "Jeeze, Dan, do you always come so early?" Keith asked with a sheepish grin on his face. I just grunted a bit as I hauled my heavy sack of clinking bottles inside. "It's a good quarter of an hour before anyone else will arrive, you know," he continued, taking my coat, "I haven't even yet gotten around to setting things out for tonight."

As a man of few words, I shrugged back to him while stepping further inside, soaking in the warmth of central heating and examining the lavish furnishings of his living room for the first time. Keith had always spent liberally anytime the group was out, recommending expensive restaurants and then suggesting he pay for us when we would inevitably complain how light our wallets were. The guy must be getting a huge allowance from his parents to live here all alone. Three large couches and an oversized armchair filled the sizable space, arranged in a U-shape and all with a good view of the high definition TV at the focus of the largest wall. I raised an eye as I noted a sky blue lump on one of the couches; a Nidorina curled up in a sleeping spiny ball. Just like Keith to let his Pokemon have free reign of the place.

"Ssseer-vine?" To the right of the entryway, a graceful serpentine form came down the stairs into view, leaf-tipped and tail rising to my presence. "Jasmine, you remember Dan don't you? He's the one that helped me nail that exam I was worried sick about." Keith bobbed his head in a mostly unconscious nod of consent and I crouch down to dig my fingers in to scratch behind the head of his Servine girl; she gave a contented hiss and nuzzle from her rosy cheeks in response. Her trainer chuckles, "Heheh, I guess she forgives you for all the nights you kept us away studying."

It had been a hard issue, but I had taken a strict approach with my study group. No-Parties, No-Alcohol, and No-Pokemon to distract my classmates from the work. They all whined and pleaded, assuring me that they could stay focused while their dearest friends played close by. In the end however, it was the lot of them, Keith, Valerie, Grant, and Joshua, who had come to the head of the class after they had all bombed their midterm; desperate measures had to be taken.

I actually didn't know much about my four classmates before they had approached me. I had seen them on campus before, always keeping to themselves and their loyal Pokemon. Then again, I can't really fault anyone else for being reclusive, and I'm not one to go digging for rumors. It had actually been a surprise when they had invited me to their post-semester bash, having not spent much time with them outside of our dreary, albiet productive, study sessions. I eventually accepted; they seemed a pleasant bunch, and who else was I going to celebrate the coming month of freedom with anyway?

"Oh right," I remember, pulling a large brown bottle halfway from my heavy bag to show off its label: a brightly colored Chatot in formal pirate's garb squawking on top of a wooden barrel. "Where do you want the liquor?" I shivered a bit as the lithe Servine started to rub herself against my legs as Keith admired the bottle. "Oooooh, you brought some good stuff didn't ya?" he said, smiling and pointing to the mostly cleared coffee table in the center of the couches. "Just set the Captain and anything else up over there. I hadn't gotten to bringing stuff out from the kitchen yet-"

"I'll take care of that," I give him a nod as I start to unpack my various liquors and berry mixers. Though my classmates had bemoaned the absence of their Pokemon friends from our study sessions, I had struggled more with the other self-imposed restriction. It had been a difficult semester of abstinence from the hard stuff, and I was raring to cut loose and relax from the stress of classes.

Keith's kitchen matched the living room: large and well stocked. I opened the fridge to find, along with a couple dozen bottles of various microbrews, a party tray of sandwiches. Appetizing enough, at least as an appetizer for the main course of getting wasted. I took it them into the living room to set out on the coffee table before returning to the kitchen for some plates. As I carried those out, Keith asked me from the stairs, "So, who'd you bring?"

I stopedp to face him as he made his way down. "My... self?" I replied dully. I hadn't realized we were supposed to bring a plus-one. Well, in honesty I didn't have one to bring, plus or otherwise. My love life had managed to stall pretty hard after entering college. I don't know where my classmates get the time for it. They probably just make it. I don't really know how to.

My host shakes his head. "No, I mean... your Bayleef, Maggie her name?" I nod back, a little surprised he remembered the name of my partner; I didn't discuss her much, not while we were studying. He continued, "why did you leave her at home? I thought you knew that all Pokemon are welcome here. My house is yours, man!"

I faced the spark of shame in my gut calmly. "Oh, yeah, I appreciate that and all, but," I answered, working to keep my posture neutral and honest. "She's actually staying at the Pokecenter for a couple of days. She came down with some strain of cold." For a few seconds my words hung in the air, ringing untruthfully around my brain. Maggie was healthy and sound back at my tiny studio apartment, resting quietly as one normally does in a Pokeball. And it's true, Keith would have been perfectly happy to have her romping around his house.

The truth was I didn't want her to be here. I never let her out of her Pokeball when I drank. I never want her to see me like that.

Keith's former enthusiasm finally broke, crashing into an expression of pained sympathy. "Oh Dan, I had no idea man!" He comes back down the stairs and over to grasp my shoulders in a friendly embrace. I look down to see Jasmine following on her stumpy legs with the same worried expression as her trainer. "If you had told me, I would have cancelled and rescheduled, we all would have understood!"

I had to restrain a telling gulp as they both pressed me. "It's nothing threatening, they told me," I say as I lightly grip at one of Keith's arms. "She just needs a few restful days is all. The nurses will take good care of her, and she's sleeping most of the time anyway." I nod my appreciation and give a shrug to try and lift the hands from my shoulders. "And it's good to get out of the hospital for a bit, those places really wear me down after a while."

"I hear that. Small shared rooms, no privacy, eh?" Keith nodded, visibly relaxing. "Well, we'll all drink for her health, sound good?" His face shifted from worry and commiseration to one a little more pensive. "I wish you had told me earlier. I liked her the few times you brought her along. I've always thought Bayleef made for really adorable gals." He pulled away from me to bend down and give his Jasmine a loving rub across her head. "Of course, I've always been pretty partial to grass types. Still, we'll manage to have a good time tonight, alright?"

I nodded back a bit, glad that the awkward deceit is over. From Keith's mouth, the rest of the group will believe it easily. "Thanks, Keith. Here, let's finish getting set up and then I'll mix you something." His grin returns, giving me a slap on the back and an agreement of "Deal!" before turning off to grab something from upstairs.

I returned to my duty of sorting out the kitchen. "Glasses..." I whispered to myself, opening and closing cabinet after cabinet. Suddenly, pulling one unassuming door open, I froze, not believing my eyes. "Fuck, Keith," my hand reached for the frosted glass bottle, gently taking grasp of it. The colors printed on the inside of the bottle shimmer through the front, dimmed by the frosting but obscured only by the white silhouette of a Dewgong and the name: 'Northern Lights'. At this very moment, I fully realize that I'm holding a 30,000-Poke bottle of some of the finest vodka in the world.

With trembling hands, I check two more cabinets before finding the glasses. I pull a tumbler for myself, bringing it to the freezer for some ice before setting it down with a clink. The bottle booms with a rumbling pop as I pull the cork, followed by soprano tones as the liquid plunges down to fill the bottom of the glass. Not too much, just enough for a nice long sip.

The ethanol immediately wafts and opens my nostrils wide, filling them with a cleansing flavor as the edge of the glass pressed to my lips. The first few drops landed on my tongue and burned. I almost pull away from the drink; it had been so long without the sensations of a strong liquor that I had almost forgotten it. The burn faded as the sip continued, replaced by tastes I would only describe as silken wheat faintly dyed in colors of emerald and azure and rich violet. The ice fell to press against my lips, and the drink ended with a lingering coolness down my tongue and throat. "Fucking amazing," is all I can manage to say about it in the moment.

I stood against the counter for a long minute, just savoring the fading taste while my body began to radiate heat. Eventually, with a will I pull myself back into motion, grabbing glasses for the five of us. I held the crystal tumblers gingerly, turning to the entrance back to the living room-

-to lock sight with a pair of dark eyes peering around the edge of the door right at me.

"Holy-!" I hissed, before gripping the glasses tighter as not to drop a single one. My jerk of surprise causes my onlooker to flash away from the door in turn. Steadying my breathing, I placed my load of glassware back on the counter before leaving the kitchen, peering slowly out myself before sighing in relief. "Geeze, you scared me. Didn't know that Keith had an Ampharos too."

The electric yellow Pokemon bounced on two sizable thighs, her short flippery arms pulled behind her back; at least, I assumed her to female. There were no distinguishing markings to suggest her sex but her overall manner reminded me of a shy schoolgirl; bulbous striped ears turned downwards and her dark brown eyes pointed to the floor as if apologizing for doing something wrong. Her entire shape reminded me of a pear: how low the center of gravity of her chubby body was, tapering up to how her head rested on a black-striped stem of a neck. The smooth vermilion gem sitting flush with her head pulsed warmly, matching the larger sphere hanging off the end of a similarly tapered and striped tail.

"Hey there, I'm sorry I scared you," I spoke calmly as I approached the Pokemon. Slowly as not to startle the timid beast I crouched in front of her, extending an open palm into her field of view. Slowly those dark eyes fluttered up, meeting mine for longer now. "I didn't mean to... I was just surprised myself, yeah?" She nodded, her ears bobbing a bit, before she surprised me again by dipping her head down to rub against my hand. Before I knew it, my fingers were stroking at the soft, rubbery skin of her chin and her throat began to rumble in a basso purr. "Heh, aren't you a cute thing..." I actually cracked a first genuine smile of the night, body relaxing from the alcohol and the simple, gentle interaction.

The doorbell made the pair of us jump once again. The timid electric sheep yelped away from my touch and took cover behind the closest couch. "Well, glad it's not just me then," I chuckled, standing up and walking towards the front. "I've got it!" I called up the stairs to Keith.

"Oh, umm... Hi there Dan," greeted Joshua's youthful if subdued voice. I didn't manage to respond. My attentions are not upon him; I'm just staring at the Lucario whose paw he is holding, dressed up like a model from a winter fashions catalog. She was clothed in, I kid you not, a black trench coat complete with fur trimming that looked tailored to every line of her body, slim at the waist before billowing out with the curve of her thighs. Covering her feet were a pair of chic but practical snow boots made to fit paws rather than human feet and atop her head was a pair of fuzzy ear muffs, adorable even though they didn't really serve to cover the full length of her pointed blue ears.

"Um, Boss is around, right?" Joshua asked, trying to peer around me as I stood there in stunned silence. "Dan, what in blazes are you doing, letting the cold in!" Keith yelled, coming down the stairs to meet us, carrying in his arms a load of what looked to be blankets of all colors and sizes. "Come on you dummy, move away, move away!" The words shoke me enough, and I backed off, making room for the pair to enter out from the cold. With some embarassment, I asked, "should I, ah, take your coats?"

Joshua shook his head politely and without condemnation. "We can manage, thank you." He turned from me to his partner, holding her hand- erm, paw, sorry- up like a gentleman at a ball as she pulled her legs out of the heavy warm boots. They came back to rest gracefully on the ground, though her legs I noticed were coved up in black shimmering fabric: silk stockings? Joshua moves to behind her back, reaching around to unbutton the coat, pulling it off to reveal a brilliant white evening gown. Its neck comes down in a deep narrow V to below the conical steel spike on her chest, and the way it clings to her torso exaggerates the gentle breathy moan-

And suddenly, something grabbed hold on my lower back from behind, soft now but gripping tighter at my sweater. I twisted my neck to find Keith's Ampharos clinging onto me, pressing her face into my back. Abruptly, I realized how heated with red my cheeks are, and though part of me wants to just blame that heavenly vodka, the rest admits this was the work of the intimate showing before me. More than intimate, really.

"You'll be all right on your own?" Joshua asked, and at her nod of consent he handed his Lucario a plain travel bag. "Hey Boss, can Lynn use your bedroom again?" That's right, Lynn, how could I have forgotten her name? "Sure thing, sure thing!" Keith replied, his grin even brighter than before as he stood to the side of the stairwell, letting the elegant human-like canine past while taking what could be regarded as a lecherous glance at her swinging blue-furred tail.

Lynn had been the only Pokemon I allowed to join our study sessions, but only because she was willing to quietly sit apart from the group. She did so dutifully, biding time while reading a paperback; an impressive skill for a Pokemon, if not unheard of. Josh always had her dressed up whenever the two were out, but it was never to the nines as tonight; usually a t-shirt or loose blouse with a pair of capris. When I had asked him about it, he told me he didn't think was appropriate to treat her like some wild animal, recounting that he had actually destroyed her Pokeball soon after he was given Lynn as a small Rilou. He explained their species became stronger from the love and affection of their trainer and that she had evolved into a Lucario in a short three years after he received her on his tenth birthday.

We all came back to our senses after she disappeared from view, and I turned awkwardly between Keith and Joshua. "Sorry about that, I was-" I tried to choose my words carefully, "- Ah, just admiring her winter coat- Hey!" There's a strong tug and a light tingling of current at my waist, and I remembered that the Ampharos still remained attached to me. "What's gotten into you, girl?" I tried to turn and face her, but she held on to that awkward hug while managing to sidestep around me on those stubby legs of hers.

At the sight our host just burst out in a merry chuckle. "Ah-Ahahahha! Oh, man, why didn't I think of it earlier?" he laughed, bounding down the rest of the stairs and tossing a load of blankets in a lump on one of the couches. Then he spun to me and clapped his hands together, the excitement never leaving his face. "Since you came tonight without partner, why don't you keep Lily company? It's a rough job to keep a house full of girls happy after all, and she seems to have taken a real liking to you!" I noticed his quiet Servine moving at the bottom of my vision, regarding my attached Ampharos, Lily I just learned, with a sly smile. After a few moments of sureness Keith's brow began to furrow, the grin fading only slightly. "Though... Listen, Dan, and I know this sounds intrusive but..." He leaned in, "You are... clean, right?"

I stared back at my host a little blankly as I try to riddle out his meaning. What would make him think- right, my Bayleef's 'ailment.' "Oh, yes," I responded, "Yeah, I haven't caught anything. The nurse said humans can't transmit Maggie's cold, Pokemon to Pokemon only." Lily gave me another affectionate squeeze. I figured she'd try to stick with me the whole night anyway, might as well humor Keith at the same time.

Keith's good humor came back in force. "Good to hear, good to hear!" He came over to give Lily a rub on her smooth head. "Well, I'm kinda wanting to get this night started! Dan, why don't you get to fixing me something with that rum you brought." At that Joshua perked up a bit, taking a side glance at the bottles amassed on the table. "Oh, you brought some of the Captain? Sure, I'd have a bit too."

Lily still clinged to me, though less tightly now. As Keith pulled away I turned to her. "Well, how about it Lily? Shall we go tend the bar?" She gives a nod of acceptance, letting her grip go slack, and I become comfortable she won't drag me to the ground if I try to move. As I make to claim a spot on the far couch from the front door the Ampharos trotted close behind, slipping that fingerless flipper up into my loose hand. I didn't resist, partially so as not to hurt her feelings. I felt a blush of shame as that thought crosses my mind; this whole party is really getting a little too weird. I love my Maggie, but I don't think I could ever pamper her like a human the way Keith does.

I sat down on the plush edge of the couch to take control of the oversized coffee table, examining bottle after bottle that form my rainbow of berry mixers. Lily hopped up on the couch near me, turning her head back and forth, captivated by the colors of each as I perused. I had already whetted my appetite with that fantastic Vodka, now I was ready to stretch my cocktail mixing muscles. But what to make first...

Captain Chatot Rum, with its rich brown hue, would be sweet by nature, so I needed something to offset that intensity. My hand drifted to a gold bottle, and I pour a glass half of the rum and half of the Aspear Berry mix. Now highly sweet and highly sour, I take a smaller bottle to add a dash of Kelpsy berry blue, rounding out the package with bitter and dry flavors. I give it a stir, bringing the colors into a dark mush; hard to avoid when using black rum. And now the moment of truth: one sip, letting it sit while the sour bit viciously on my tongue, and then another. Massively flavorful, but... another sip. Maybe it was a bad idea to start off the night with such an exquisite drink; from then on it would be amateur hour. I drank the most of it anyway.

There's a familiar tug on my shirt and I turned to Lily. She's not looking at me though, but at my mostly empty glass. For the first time I heard her soft voice, asking "Aaah... Aahhmp?" It takes me longer than it probably should have to get it. "You want... a sip?" Emphatic nods.

I turned my attention to her trainer, currently working with Joshua to cover the couches in a layer of blankets. Odd that a guy who lets his Pokemon have their way on the furniture is worried about spilled drinks. "Hey Keith, ah..." He turns to me and suddenly I clammed up, catching myself in mid-thought. What was I trying to do, check a Pokemon for their ID? Then again, I hadn't found a limit to Keith's indulgences before. "Is Lily good for a glass herself?" Joshua gives a light chuckle before returning to straightening the blankets while Keith gives that patented smile and shrug. "You're the one taking care of her, man." His Nidorina growled a bit as Keith has to move the poison pin Pokemon from her resting spot to fit it with a plaid quilt. "It helps her open up a bit. Just be a good chaperone and make sure says that she doesn't get over her head, okay?" I nod, considering my own problems in these social situations when I don't have the grease of liqour

The couch bounced a little from the Ampharos' giddiness. "Alright, alright, just calm down a little there Lily." I handed her the remains of my drink which she took in both flippers, somehow managing to hold it steady even without any sort of fingers. She brought it to her mouth for a sip, but immediately spat out a light spray of the mix. "HEY!" I jerked back a bit in avoidance. "I thought I told you to keep calm! I'm so sorry, Keith, I'll clean it up right away," I say, making a beeline for the kitchen to grab some paper towels.

On my return Keith is standing over his Ampharos, ignoring her and pouring a hearty glass of rum for himself, his smile recognizably more somber. "Dan, I know you're a wiz in the classroom, but you're never been that good at reading Pokemon," he switched the bottle of rum for a pink-hued liquid (Pecha berry, way too sweet with that rum), topping off his glass with it. "Maybe it's because your only partner is Maggie, but you have to think about the personalities of others more often." He took the drink to the opposite blanket-covered couch, sitting down between his Nidorina and Servine while leaving me to wipe up Lily's mess.

Keith was referring to a bit of pseudoscience that held that Pokemon's tastes could be directly linked to their nature, their base personality. Just like Keith to believe that crap. I finished the wiping and sat back on the couch, further away from the Ampharos this time. Silence weighs heavily on the room, interrupted only by the purring of Keith's closer partners as he scratched them idly. "Aaampha, rosss..." came the call from my side, the voice filled with regret and dejection. I can't help myself and turn to see her kicking her little feet off the side of the couch while a little water pools below her eyes. Jeez, how did Keith ever say no to her?

"Alright, so maybe the last drink wasn't to your taste," I leaned forward, my eyes running across the various juices before me. My mind had grown mildly hazier from the alcohol, making it difficult to puzzle out all those flavor preferences I had been taught about years ago. And more than that, I was supposed to guess her nature without a Pokedex or any sort of tool-

-and suddenly, I remember so vividly her touch, how she watched me from afar, how she hugged me so desperately, how she reached for my hand as she walked beside me. It all comes together perfectly, one switch that illuminates the whole room. I watch Keith as I reach for a yellow-orange bottle, and see his nod as my fingers grasp the slender neck of the extremely spicy bottle of Figy berry juice. Soon I've mixed it with the Rum and another dash of the Kelpsy juice, and I handd the glass over to Lily who accepted it more hesitantly than before. She took a much smaller sip this time, but with this drink her response is a gentle tremor of pleasure that echoes all down her soft body.

"What tipped you off that my dear Lily is such a lonely girl?" Keith asked simply. It took me a while to put the thoughts into words. "I remember- times when I was desperate for someone to care for me like that..." I trailed off, still hesitant to open up despite how tipsy I was, but Keith gave an accepting nod. "The late studying probably hit her the hardest," he told me. "Dunno what I'll do when I get a job with long hours." He let go a sigh, holding his nearby Pokemon closer. "Maybe she needs someone else to take care-"

Heavy knocks interrupted our host. "I'M getting it!" Keith chided me as he jogged the short distance to the door. "Come on in, come on in, let's get you two warmed up." He shut the door behind Valerie and Grant, the last members of our study group. The pair of trainers contrasted heavily; Valerie being shorter and stouter than average with a obstinate expression while Grant was tall and lean and fairly impish. The brown furred head of a Buizel poked out from Grant's jacket and a set of red Vulpix tails hung from his shoulder; Val favored the more conventional training style and wore two Pokeballs openly on her belt. The two always came and left our sessions as a pair, and when I had asked Keith about it he confirmed they lived together. Opposites attract I guess. Even so, they seemed far from a healthy couple and were always getting into squabbles over nothing.

"Hey Dan, hey Josh, hope you haven't started without us!" He crouched down, opening his jacket to let his two Pokemon hop to the ground. The vulpine Pokemon boundsed gracefully up onto the largest of the couches, proudly claiming the space, while the Buizel followed her more slowly, shivering a bit from being out in the cold. He managed to climb up, without a shred of assistance from the Vulpix, and ploped down right besides the fire-fox, basking in the heat and sighing pleasurably. The Vulpix tolerated the frailer Pokemon's proximity, but seemingly only out of noble apathy.

Valerie watched the pair's antics, shaking her head and making a seat on one side of the same couch only after the Vulpix gave the trainer a slight nod of permission. "Poor Mister," she declared, "In this sort of weather, I would think even you would have the heart to keep him in his Pokeball." Grant followed suit on the other side of the couch, again with the Vulpix's approval. "Well, I'll never know how you can stand to even keep them cooped up in one of those prisons, Val." She shot Grant a grave stare. "I swear, sometimes I can't stand staying around men who take that propaganda seriously- excluding sensible Dan of course," she gave me a nod and my face gets a little red; she continued, without noticing, "It does them good, really. Arthur has trouble staying still when he's out in public. And Theo..." she unlatched the two Pokeballs from her belt, juggling them around in one hand. "Well, you know Theo."

A flash of scarlet lit up the room as Valerie clicked the capsules in unison, and two forms appeared beside her on the couch."Maaarstomp!" cried the first, a bright blue water type with orange cheeks who immediately went to hugging his dear trainer. I pretended not to notice that his face coincidentally happened to be on a level with her breasts as he hugged her, his tailfins wagging without shame. Definitely trouble in public. Her other Pokemon, Theo I supposed, looked far less affectionate and exceedingly nervous. He was a Mienshao, a lavender hued fighting type with a lithe body, two large whiskers, and long fur which trailed far past his paws. He particularly avoided making eye contact with the nearby Vulpix, who glared at the two of them but otherwise kept quiet.

"So, you got it, right?" Keith asked in an excitedly anxious tone while Joshua made himself a highly bitter drink. Grant answered with a sly grin before pulling a blank video disk case from his satchel. "I couldn't help but take a quick look when it came out. Their best work yet, by far." He hands it over to Keith, who stares at it reverently for some uncomfortable seconds, before getting up to inset it into the TV's player. "Mister and Missie agreed with me on that," Grant added with a snicker as Keith settled back down to cuddling with his Servine and Nidorina on the couch. Soon, trainers and Pokemon alike were quiet as the video began.

The scene opened with an amateurish fade-in on two Pokemon trainers, a man and woman, sitting beside each other the middle sitting on an oversized picnic blanket at the center of a grassy clearing. The camera closed in on them, obviously handheld, and a muffled voice originating from behind the camera asked, "So, you two have a special treat for our viewers today? It's rare that we get to see such splendid Pokemon." The woman nods, brushing loose blonde hair from her face. "Mhmm! My partner and I bonded after we learned we were both raising Trapinch, and one thing lead to another-" The man puts his arm around her, pulling her in closely, interrupting her, "And when we realized we were raising our dear Pokemon for the same reason, well-" The woman follows his trailing thought, "Of course, we're big fans of the program, and we'd just love to share our wonderful relationship with all of you fellow Pokephiles!" Wait, did she mean-

"Alright, alright," the man behind the camera agrees. "When you contacted us looking to set up a shoot, you better believe we were excited to hear your story! But even more than that, our viewers can't wait to see your Pokemon- how about you introduce them now!" The pair nod, lifting beckoning arms out to each side. Soon, two green draconic Pokemon walk into frame to join their trainers, Flygons at least as large as the couple, crouching down to nuzzle at their respective partners. "Hot damn!" Keith exclaimed, "Two of them?" Grant just grinned. "What did I tell you?"

Not really following what was going on, I pulled my eyes from the video to pour myself another drink, a match to what I gave Lily. Everyone here seemed pretty intent on the video, but even to my already fuzzy mind it just looked like some amateur schlock documentary. "Would she mind if we take a closer look on this beauty?" the cameraman asks. "-Gon!" I hear, a rolled bark of consent from the tender sounding Pokemon, and when I turn to face the screen again the camera is panning lower, right at the Flygon's fat feminine lips.

Holy shit. My hand gripped at the cool glass, desperate to make sure it doesn't slip absently. All in the room looked at the screen, watching the clear image of Flygon anatomy, a line of fleshy red stark between two lime colored mounds. "Oh man, she's such a big girl isn't she? How about you open her up and show us all that beautiful cunt." To my horror, that's exactly what the male trainer does, reaching his hand into frame. With a practiced motion his index and ring fingers spread the lips open to reveal the glistening pink flesh inside. Before I can sputter in shock I'm quieted by whining moans from the video as the trainers runs that spare middle finger up and down her sensitive labia, before giving a tug on that opening to spread it wider-

"Keith, dude, just what-" I cut off, looking to our host to find his shirt lifted half off and his hands at his crotch, pulling open his pants. That Nidorina of his was nuzzled up against his legs, watching the movement of his hands while he in turn stared fixed at the screen, tongue dancing across his lips. He gave a turn, but not to me. "Hey Val, why don't you come over here and be one of my girls tonight? Or if you're worried about Artie there I could trade him Jasmine for the night, she's a tasty girl."

Our singular female trainer brushed him off with a laugh. "Sorry Keith, you know very well I'm not on the pill," she replied, opening her own belt to her Marstomp's delight. "Definitely one of the benefits. Besides, Artie is just the cutest little boy, aren't you my cutie?" She starts rubbing his head as the Marstomp goes and stuffs his arm into her loosened pants, her chest heaving in elation as he boldly stroked her sex. Reclining on the opposite side of that couch, Grant already had his pants down at his ankles to let both Mister and Missie, the Buizel and Vulpix, male and female, service him enthusiastically. Tongues stroke on both sides of his cock as the pair kissed and nipped at their master, their combined nine tails fluttered excitedly through their ministrations, both loving the taste in equal measure.

And me? Well I just shake as the primal impulses fight their way across my body and mind, trying to come to terms with the orgy beginning around me. I mean, what should I do? Just stand up, exploding on them how disgusting they are, how they're a bunch of fucking deviants, before storming angrily out of the house? I mean, fuck, what if they notice that damn uncomfortable bulge in my pants?

The rest of me stiffened as a weight began to rest on my side; I had almost forgotten about Lily sitting next to me, her face flush from either arousal or the liquor- or more likely both. Keep her company tonight? What a fucking joke! I just sat there trying to hide my confusion, shame, and arousal, trying to ignore the lonely Pokemon very eager to cuddle closer to me as she watches the erotic fantasy before her. She stretched a flipper out to hold my back lovingly and I almost unconsciously followed suit with her. If I didn't have someone holding me so tenderly I probably would have burst out raving right then and there.

"I just can't help but love his taste, you know?" the female amateur trainer tells us as she starts to suckle on her male Flygon counterpart, drifting her tongue from tip to base all the while shooting awkward glances back at the camera. The way it twitched at her every touch demonstrated how much the Pokemon was enjoying the attention, but compared to the rampant sex around me it felt so very false, so very devoid of affection. As the onscreen trainers fully stripped the camera moved back to capture both Pokephile couples sucking their partner's cock. Even my alcohol addled mind doubted these were real trainers and their Pokemon in this video series; the size of her breasts and his pornstar length cock were pretty damning evidence.

"Nido!" bellowed a challenging cry. "Jasmine, don't be so pushy!" Keith told his Servine, who was trying to muscle in on the attention her trainer was giving the poison-pin Pokemon. Shirtless smiling Keith chuckled through gentle sighs. "You already had your fill earlier today, let Salvia have her fun too!" Val laughed back at the host. "Great balls, Keith, you didn't manage to keep it in your pants until tonight?" Keith's grin was just as highly excited as it had been the whole night, now only colored much rosier. "Val, who am I to deny my fine girls their pleasure?" His hand waved in a beckoning motion, and soon he pulled his Servine close to his side, squeezing her while allowing the Nido girl have her fun giving stroke after stroke of her rough, wide, tongue across his bared heavy chest. Her spines shuttered every few seconds; Keith's other hand was firmly underneath Salvia, more than likely with a finger up inside her.

Val probably would have made some smart aleck remark back, if she wasn't interrupted with fits of shrieking now. Her legs were opened wide, letting her dear Marstomp's large head press right up into her crotch. Poor Theo the Meinshao sat alone, watching the coupling pair with some melancholy, though he did nothing to join them, instead preferring to sit quietly with his arm-fur covering his lap. The way he sat, legs tight together, told me he was hiding his own arrousal. I was in the same mess after all.

Across from them Missie seemed to have won out for Grant's affections, as her small vulpine frame currently worked it's hardest to accommodate her trainer's length and girth. It was amazingly perverse how much she did manage, though she could do nothing else but lie still on his belly, panting and drooling as his hips buck the cock into her. Not that the Buizel was left out of the festivities; Mister sat happily on his master's face, tails fluttering as ground his ass down while jerking his own member enthusiastically, a positioned that looked to have been executed dozens of times before.

Behind them all though, my eye starts to track to the stairs; Lynn began to descend from the flight, so gracefully, so serenely. Each of the Lucario's footfalls were silent, yet each called the attention of more and more of the room. Slowly each of the party halted their fornication, twisting their bodies to watch as she approached Joshua, who I had forgotten was sitting quietly in his own armchair as the orgy played out around him. Lynn's silk stockings gripped tight to her legs, but the elegant evening gown had been traded for a nearly transparent negligee that had the job of covering nothing. It did its job well, swaying gently with each step and exposing the undergarments beneath: a pair of matching black panties and bra bursting with lace. All of us were captivated. I had never seen a Pokemon so utterly nude before.

Calmly, as if putting on a private show, she stalked towards her partner. Josh handed her the glass of bitter liquor and she accepted, taking a long sip of the drink. My eyes fix on the bulge her throat made as she swallowed the it down. Then they turned to one of her legs, watching in awe as she brought it up into his lap. She barely shuttered as her trainer accepted it, letting his hands slowly stroke up its silk covered length, up underneath the negligee to touch her exposed thigh. Slowly, every move made with gentle deliberateness, Joshua brings the adorned Lucario into his lap. His hands never leave her body as he lays kisses upon more and more of his girl.

Surprisingly, the one getting the most into the show was the formerly solitary Mienshao. He stood on the couch, peering over with great intent. "Theo, you're such a fucking letch!" With a voice filled with sarcastic affection, Val pulled away from Arthur and thrusts her arm out to grab Theo's crotch, hand wrapping easily around his now-erect cock to stroke it deviously. "I think your eyes are on the wrong lady tonight, wouldn't you agree, hmm?" Theo arched his back, giving a low growl of agonized pleasure while doing nothing to stop his jealous trainer. Breathless, he lets her tug him into a sitting position, her fingers dancing down the purple foreskin of his arousal as she grinds her bottomless ass right up into his lap. "You're so cute when you pretend to hate it," she cooed to him, grinning wildly as she forcibly took the male into her with a wet slurp. Fuck, his fat cock spread her wide as she bounced on him voraciously. Not that I was jealous or anything.

As I watch this all play out, I felt another pressure on my crotch. Lily began to idly rub her soft flipper there, leaning into me as we watch the pure tableau of Pokemon-Trainer fornication before us. A part of me still clinging to decency called my hand to push that flipper away, but this time she forced back against my intent. "Amph-aah?" Slowly, gracefully, deliberately, Lily turned her face to mine. The deep dark of those starry brown eyes held contact with electric power, but I notice the trembles of her little mouth, open underneath that large golden nose. Taking a cue from the scene before her, she swung herself up top my lap with all the grace her chubby body could manage, beginning to grind into my far too tight trousers.

I know she's just a Pokemon. She isn't even mine, she's someone else's pet, their animal. But that's not what I saw when I looked at her now. She's just a lonely girl, wanting some comfort, desirous of affection of even the most primitive sort. Hesitation ceased, and I dipped into her, nosing her head further upwards to plant a kiss on those gentle lips of hers. Soon she took control of my hands, guiding them to my fly. I obey eagerly, pulling them open to free my painfully tense erection. Lily runs her flipper over it's tip in small circles, smearing it in a coat of my own precum. Without any more hesitation, she raises up to drop onto me, grimacing in the twinge of pain that accompanies such a plunge. Soon though her expression turns to one of contentment, and slowly her bounces begin, the soft flesh warming the aches of my cock.

As some of my tension finally finds release, I begin to take note of just how loud the rest of the party had become, almost fully drowning out the volume of the porno, which in comparison had grown quite boring. Keith just sits on the couch staring at me as I fuck his Ampharos, grinning like the maniac I always knew he was. The fucker was being happily molested by his two other Pokemon; the Nidorina slammed herself against Keith's manhood in the reverse of Lily's current position, while Jasmine the Servine was holding him in place with a pair of vines while climbing up to hide his grin in her sex. Not as though he would have tried any kind of escape from his friendly torturers.

Meanwhile the roommate trainers had managed to tie themselves into a complicated knot. Grant had left his pokemon behind, positioning himself behind Valerie and taking the opportunity to aggressively squeeze her breasts and soft curves. It takes me long moments to realize that Grant is actually bucking into the ass of the spineless Theo as Val continues to ride his thick cock. Even further, Val's Marstomp stands atop the back of the couch, holding his trainers head to face-fuck the girl. Mister and Missie lay away from the foursome; the Vulpix's chest heaves as globs of Grant's seed bubble out of her petite entrance right into the waiting mouth of the Buizel. The boy swallowed his master's seed eagerly, and his queen was too tired to force him away from his perverted pleasures. Joshua and Lynn made little noise by comparison to the rest of the party, continuing to build their pleasure slowly through captivating ritual intimacy.

Lily couldn't help but notice my, somewhat justified, distraction, and she honestly tried her best to focus my attentions. Flippers dragged down my chest as she reached forward for another kiss, which I accepted as tenderly as I could. "Aaaammmphhh..." Her voice bubbled with pleasure as she rolled her hips back and forth across my lap, bouncing my cock inside her slippery sheath. Maybe... too slippery? The girl was warm and comfortable, but my senses were screaming for something more than mere comfort.

I grabbed at her ample rear, giving it a tug and my Ampharos a command, "Up." She complied with light reserve, standing up from my manhood with murmurs of displeasure. I quieted those with a harsh squeeze of her ass and a squeak from my Pokemon partner. A trail of fluids, probably some more of my pre-cum, still connected our sex, but I was flooded with an unbearable chill as the air of the room replaced the touch of her warm flesh. It wouldn't last for long.

With the Ampharos in my complete control, I force her onto her back, rising over her on the couch. Her eyes widen as she heaves her chest harder and harder, desperate for more of me. She'll just have to be patient. I lean down to the top of her neck and drag my tongue across her, tasting the sweat on her rubbery skin. She cries out her name over and over again, but I string her along, licking and nipping upwards and then down her tender ear. I felt the tension building beneath her skin, the natural currents of her body sending creeping thrills of energy through my muscles. Her entire body squirms for me, that thick tail of hers beating side to side between my legs, but I hold firm and whisper quietly into her ear, "Mine."

Without effort I slip back inside her slick body, shuddering with her as I feel the warmth engulf my cock once more. For a few moments she holds rigid, shocked from the sudden entrance, but her animation returns with a gasp and her flippers reach up to grab me, locking into an embrace as the rhythms of my body pump into the girl. I could faintly hear the sounds of Keith cheering me on, but it barely registered on my mind. Lily wanted me, and now I had every bit of her to pleasure myself with. Every buck was met with a heavy slap as our bodies collided. Every breath of hers followed my motions, taking a quick, deep inhale followed by a sharp and throaty exhale as I drove myself deep into her warmth. Every cry encouraged me into wilder frenzy, building the energy between us.

Suddenly, with one last thrust Lily screams out in bliss and my entire body starts to clench in paralysis. The jolt hits my brain and I join her cry, ecstasy exploding in waves as the electrical stimulation brings our orgasms into sharp synchronization. There is little reprieve from the pulses of current she runs into me, milking me dry while utterly filling her with my seed. The intensity soon crashed into sheer exhaustion, but the euphoria lingered, pure contentment wrapping my thoughts as a warm blanket.

Minutes later, I tried to move and found I still couldn't. I couldn't complain; it was wonderful just to relax and feel our hearts pounding together, trailing behind our reposing bodies. She held me as tightly as ever, and I was wrapped with her as well, my arms still bound around her torso. Dimly I could make out the sounds of the porn actors continuing their work, and then Keith's explanation on how I'll be assuredly paralyzed there for a good chunk of the night, not even counting how much she loves cuddling afterwards, as if it was some dilemma I was stuck in. He couldn't be further from the truth. Lily is soft, warm, as pleasant as ever to hold on this cold winter night, deep in the throes of post-coital bliss. What else could matter? Where else would I rather be?
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    Reviewer: SoulDivide
    Date:Jan 13 2014 Chapter:The Party
    This story is basically the best thing in existence. It's well-written, and I love the realistic setting. Plus that ampharos was extremely sexy. Thanks for writing it dude, and great job!