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Nucleus the Groudon and Ash Ketchum's Insatiable Sexual Appetite by mutsurf


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The One And Only Chapter


Nucleus looked deep into Ash's eyes, which shone like pristine gold, except not that shiny.

No words could utter she, for the mighty, passionate pangs of love had stricken her mind and enlarged her already supple rack.

Ash, then, without a sound, knelt over to suck her magnificent, engorged cock.

Once he had taken in but an inch of her length into his slightly foul-smelling mouth-hole, he slobbered all over Nucleus' porkrod, feeling the pulsing veins that littered its incredible girth, wound about like an intricate cobweb of flesh and blood. The warmth of her cock nearly burnt his tongue.

"Y-you know, Ash," the enraptured Groudon stuttered, catching her breath, " penis has a name."

Ash looked up at Nucleus inquisitively. "I want you to call my penis' name. It will please me, Ash. Won't you do this for me?" The horny she-Groudon pleaded to him with all her heart.

"Anything for you, Nucleus, my love. Your eyes are like limpid pools...--"

"God fucking damn it Ash, shut your mouth, you annoying little bitch, I did NOT say you could talk."

Nucleus recomposed her thoughts. "...Sorry, Ash... My penis... her... her name is..."

"..Major Tom The Ultimate Battleaxe."

"M-Major Tom The Ultimate Battleaxe!" Ash shrieked at Nucleus' bobbing, leaking bobo stick.


"Major Tom The Ultimate Battleaxe!!"





Ash screamed so loud his vocal cords died.

The Groudon's cock began to twitch violently in Ash's grasp, as she braced to experience her very first orgasm.

"Uuuuhhoooooooohhhh.... Ohhh... OHHH... OHHHHH!!"


Nucleus' cock erupted, spewing molten lava directly onto Ash's pubescent (I mean 18 year old) face, instantly turning him into a freakish burn victim.

"It tastes so sweet.. and salty..." Ash croaked out of his rapidly deteriorating visage. The lavasperm erotically ate away at his skin and eyes, melting them together in a hideous, white-hot, putrid pus-and-blood composed ooze that welled up on the ground below him, which he attempted to lick up the remnants of.

"Oh, god... Th-thank you, Ash... You just made me the happiest girl in the world." The Groudon spoke with a sigh of relief.

"No, Nucleus. Thank YOU." Ash offered his thanks for the incredible scenario as a rebuttal.

"That is why..." Nucleus shyly whispered, "I've decided that you can have me."

With that word, she unhooked her massive bra and slid off her bikini bottoms, rendering her most delicate organs completely exposed to the young (I mean of legal age) trainer, who, if he still possessed eyes, would no doubt oggle their beautiful form to no end.

Her firey pussy was practically leaking a steady stream of boiling hot juices, which, upon touching the ground, completely evaporated into a scalding steam.

Her bodacious legendary titties squirted superheated milk upon the ground as well, which immediately made any foliage or grass wilt on contact. Ash smelled this all happening before him, and his manhood began to swell.

Nucleus spied his pulsing erection. "Oh, is that for me? Let's have a taste, shall we?" She said, enamored with his excited manpiston, whilst what remained of Ash's face curled into what also remained of a smile.

Nucleus, with her thirty rows of razor sharp teeth, knew a thing or two about blowjobs. Soon enough, her rigid, steamy chin was firmly planted up against his sack, her mouth doing all the work of pleasuring Ash's meat sword and eliciting many a positive response from the trainer.

"Mmmm, Ash... Your cock tastes like the sweet baby corns that were served in the pork stir fry at that asian restaurant we visited last wednesday..." She growled whilst greedily devouring his dick.

"Let's not talk about that, Nucleus." Ash stuttered nervously.

The fem-Groudon slurped on his delicious stir fry cock for half an hour thereafter, and also fostered the bright idea to sample his balls as well.

"Oh my god, Ash. Your scrotum tastes simply delectable! ..Like a cross between Doritos nacho cheese dust and warm tomato juice." the Groudon snarled, momentarily smitten with Ash's swollen, smouldering, and now-sterilized testes.

"Now I suppose you've had enough foreplay for today, so let's move on to the main course, shall we?" Nucleus half-moaned, blushing with the force of a thousand George Foreman grills, all set to High.

All these meal-related euphemisms were getting Ash so horny, and his member stood at full attention once more, ready for the onslaught of pressure-cooker mucous membranes that awaited him, tucked deep within the heat-radiating vulval folds of this particular Groudon mistress.

"All right, Nucleus!" Ash screamed, positioning his penis directly underneath her delicious elemental Pokecunt. "Time for a side-dish of DICK!"

The Groudon, with a thump audible from up to thirty miles away, shifted all of her lower body weight onto Ash with a small audible *squish*, which may have either been the result of his entire lower body being steamrolled by Nucleus' humongous ass, or the force in which his penis slid into her deliciously gaping canal, which still oozed bubbling, boiling juices, this time directly onto the Pokemon trainer himself.

"Oh god, Nucleus. You are soooooooo hot, and sooooooooo tight!" Ash yelped in true sexual gratification.

The feeling of his penis, finally united within the Groudon's flaming gash, was something comparable to a hot dog, dripping with succulent juices, slow-cooking in a roller grill as hot as the sun itself, in a local Target department store. And he reveled in anticipation for the ketchup and mustard that awaited his juicy roller dog.

Nucleus began to bounce atop his cock at breakneck speed, her floppy, drooling tongue lolling out of her mouth, and her eyes rolling up all the way into the back of her head, simply due to the severe pleasure imbued into her very mortal being that each stab of his steamy frankfurter into her very own personal convection oven provided.

The lovers were in a state of absolute bliss, not unlike a candle-lit, romantic date shared between a bright-eyed suitor and his feminine companion at a fancy Italian restaurant, with the two lovebirds gorging themselves on a constant onslaught of extra-large pasta-based entrees, until both of them were simply overflowing with food to the point that they inherited diabetes. Romantic diabetes.

However, all feasts come to an end, and so too did the smorgasbord of high-octane sex shared between Ash and his hot, legendary fuckbuddy.

"N-Nucleus?!" Ash stammered in his penetrative euphoria.

"Yes, Ashy-sweetie?~" The enflamed beast cooed bawdily in response, savoring her mid-coital bliss thorougly, much as a beautiful woman would savor a delectible dessert tart or a cannoli.

"I'm.... I'm gonna..."


Those were the last words the brave trainer ever uttered, as he died shortly after squirting his plentiful dollops of penis mayonnaise into Nucleus' eager mixing bowl.

The cause of death, as authorities later detemined, was a rapid and sudden onset of Lou Gehrig's Disease that awoke from a dormant state soon after he had experienced ejaculation. Still, Ash Ketchum had died a happy man.

Nucleus, the female Groudon, however, was mortified at these developments, and slumped shortly thereafter into a deep depression caused by the loss of her most beloved. Soon enough, however, she realized not all was lost.

For she was pregnant. With twins.

Nucleus would live on and start a new life with her mutant human-pokemon hybrid children out in the forest. She smiled at the thought of becoming a happy family with the last remnants of Ash Ketchum that would ever walk the earth in her immediate lifetime. She wasn't certain how she would do it, but one thing was for sure. Those buns surely had to cook in her oven for a little while longer.

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    Reviewer: anger_incarnate
    Date:Jan 9 2014 Chapter:The One And Only Chapter
    This story.
    Oh man.
    This was executed hilariously.
    The metaphors/similes were enjoyably bizarre if only different, The interactions were played out comically towards expectations, and the climax of it all is just so...chuckle-worthy!

    I can't recall any other story tackling comedy in this regard in the Fics, so a spit-shined Gold Star unto you Mutsurf!

    Please, for the sake of Comedy...

    Reviewer: mandolore
    Date:Feb 11 2014 Chapter:The One And Only Chapter
    by god that was weird but rather interesting

    5/10 needs more context.