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Double Dragon by Vulpsis


Chapter 1

Hey guys! If you like Pokemon Rom Hacks then check out the video on my home profile to find out how to download a whole bunch of them at once! Now onto the edited/remastered story!

Pokemon trainer White looked up at the massive doors in a mixture of wonder and anxiety. Her hand was nervously hovering over her side and above the pokeballs that were attached to her belt. She wanted to be ready in case anybody else decided to jump her. She sighed as her head drooped down, her eyes concentrated on her Pokemon. She had surprisingly been able to handle the elite four with only 5 Pokemon. She's been saving an open slot ever since she acquired the light stone so she could be ready to catch this so called legendary Pokemon if she WAS the chosen one. She gulped nervously at that thought... Reshiram still hasn't shown and N was ready with his own legendary, proving his claim that he was special. What if Reshiram didn't show? Would N challenge her? would she be able to win if he does? and if she can't what will happen to all the Pokemon? She then shook her head as if trying to cast off any seeds of doubt. She couldn't think like that! She WAS the chosen one and Reshiram WILL show. If it doesn't then she'll just have to beat N like all the other times! She raised her head with pride and pushed open those doors.

"Ah White you've made it!" N announced as he raised his arms in the air. Ghetsis stood near him in the background, his eyes focused on White with a condescending gaze and a sly smile on his face. "As you can see you were too late in becoming the champion before me! Now I shall liberate all the Pokemon so the world can reach true harmony!" N grasped one of his pokeballs and tossed it across the large spacious room and sent out his Zekrom. The large black colored dragon roared as his presence materialized. The mighty roar echoed in the large empty hall as his tail raised up and stirred with activity, electrical activity picked up as the mighty legendary stretched and looked down at White. White stood her ground as she felt the whole place shake, her hand gripping a Pokeball as she struggled to maintain her stance, her face showing a look of determination towards N who was smiling triumphantly at her.

"Unless of course you have what it takes to stop me!"

"Don't worry I'll stop you N! It's wrong to force Pokemon away from their trainers! They're our friends and nothing should separate us!"

"If that's true then why has Zekrom, a Pokemon of ancient legend, show himself to me and yet no legendary showed itself to you?" N smiled as White bared her teeth, unable to come up with an answer. He wasn't right... His views weren't ideal. Pokemon and Humans coexisted forever... it's tradition! She had to still fight, she had to cast off any doubt and challenge N. And she had to win!

"I don't care about legends! I know I have to fight for what I believe is right!" She shouted as she stomped her boot against the ground.

That was when it happened. A particular item in her bag began to vibrate as her back began to heat up. White looked back at the source as the vibration intensified. Just before she could take out the item a blinding light erupted and caused everybody's eyes to be blinded. White covered her eyes with a single hand, and as the flash died down she slowly reopened them and saw the white stone floating just above her. flames swirled outside from within the stone and with a mighty roar that equaled Zekrom's erupted as the object grew. From the white stone Reshiram appeared, looking down at White as it fluttered its wings and landed in front of her causing the floor to quake from its mighty weight. White looked up at the massive dragon in awe , Reshiram was a beautiful dragon with a shiny white fur coat, its sharp blue eyes showed determination and kindness all at the same time. White walked up to it offering her hand.

"H-hi. I'm White..." Reshiram stared at her for a few seconds as she stared back, telling herself in her head to look just as determined to show her worth. Reshiram looked down at her strong and piercing gaze then nodded and offered her a wing as a handshake.

"So you are the chosen one White! This is great I was really hoping you were!" N pointed at Reshiram. "Let's go Zekrom! We'll show them who's beliefs are stronger!" White heard his shout and pointed back at Zekrom.

"Yes Reshiram! Help me save Pokemon and trainers! We can't let team plasma have their way and force them to be separated!" Reshiram turned its head at Zekrom, who merely shook her head no. Zekrom then turned around facing N and began to lean down so that it's head was closer to his and shook his head again.

"What's going on Zekrom? Is there something wrong?" Reshiram also shook his head no at White, who tilted her head in confusion.

"What's wrong? Is there something we should do first?" at this question Reshiram nodded, then leaned down similar to Zekrom and gave White a massive lick on the side of her face. White giggled and squealed in shock, the sudden act had surprised her and the tongue nearly licked all of her face leaving it wet and warm with sticky saliva. White expected its breath to reek, after all it's been encased in stone, but it smelled similar to a bunch of Spelon berries on a hot summer day. N was licked as well, although Zekrom's tongue was a bit smaller N also laughed as he tried to stop the onslaught of tongue attacks, Zekrom's breath smelled sweet as if she was eating nothing but Pecha berries before sleeping. He looked over at Ghetsis who was trying to conceal his blushing face.

"H-hey Zekrom! I know you like me but what's gotten into you? Ghetsis! do you know why they don't want to battle?" Ghetsis burrowed his face deeper into his cloak, mumbling to himself. White noticed his awkward reaction and shouted at him.

"Hey you know something! spill it!"

"Alright I'll tell you!" Ghetsis shouted in frustration. "In the legend the 2 heroes earned the dragon's trust not by capturing them but by..." Ghetsis then cleared his throat as he quickly finished his sentence. "mating with them."

Upon hearing this both N's and White's body's froze as the dragons continued their lickings. White looked at Reshiram with all new perspective, Reshiram's eyes blinked slowly at her as he gently nibbled at her shirt and vest as if it was trying to pull them off. N's dragon plucked N's cap off and threw it towards the center, Reshiram quickly mimicked her and did the same with White's cap. N looked over at White, the two stared at each other with wide eye surprise while both of them asked the same question with their confounded stares. What did they just got into? N however was the first to make his move. His hands slowly slid over Zekrom's face and across her cheek, petting her smoothly as he stared into Zekrom's red eyes that grew soft as she looked back. "Alright...I'm ready." N whispered to the dark dragon as she licked his face more gently and slowly this time before N locked lips with the dragon, the two embraced in a hug. N's appearance was completely covered by Zekrom as White watched the two; she can feel the vivid warm glow of a blush growing on her face. She couldn't look away but when she did turn away she was facing Reshiram again who's blue eyes stared into hers just as gently.

"I-I uhm I don't, you know well I, uhmmm..." Reshiram's wings gently scooped her up as she felt her blush rising, the dragon gently laid her out on the floor, White watched and said nothing as the dragon raised and stretched its wings as if showing off its majestic beauty. White stared at the beauty of the Pokemon and her body's heat seemed to rise as thoughts of letting that dragon take her over began to overtake her mind. Finally with a measly whisper she gave her answer.

"Okay...I'm ready."

Reshiram smiled when he heard those words, his head leaned down as it's tall body stood over her, Reshiram licking the side of her face gently again and stopped to tease her neck a bit. It gently nibbled as White gave out a few surprised squeals and moans, her body twitching as she began to feel all these new and exited feelings. After a few seconds his head floated over her chest and began to travel south. Reshiram gripped at White's tiny jean shorts in a single bite and slid it slowly off her body past her boots, showing off her snow white panties. Reshiram threw her jean shorts towards the center just like her hat and stared down at his offering. White tried to look away but peaked as she saw Reshiram looking down at her underwear which made her blush harder as she felt exposed from being watched and observed like this. Reshiram then leaned down again and sniffed between her legs. White gasped as the simple motion of the air brushing against her seemed to tease every inch of her body, it was like her entire body had become significantly more sensitive. Just being sniffed felt ticklish and made White wiggle a bit as her arms were placed next to each other, her hands curling into fists as she tried to hold back her feminine squeals. Reshiram gave off a heavy snort, he knew White was enjoying it and decided to tease her further with a few more intentionally powerful whiffs. When she finally broke and gave a low squeak of approval he then began to start licking, his rather large tongue was able to lick her entirely covered pussy in one stroke. He caused White to nearly jump in shock and unexpected pleasure, she struggled to stay on the floor as Reshiram continued to lick again and again, its smooth tongue rubbing against her most sensitive area. She can feel the fiery hot saliva soaking through her cotton panties and slowly slide down over her lips, the warm moisture made her feel even more horny and ticklish making the experience a whole lot more better then she expected. Reshiram then gripped her panties with his mouth and unlike her other clothing he ripped them off and quickly continued to lick at White's exposed pussy. White's eyes opened wide as she felt that hot tongue tasting her, and couldn't take it anymore. She sat up and hugged Reshiram's head as he continued to lick away, his smooth tongue licked inside of her lips as if trying to drink up her sweet juices, her clit was being rubbed way too much as it swelled in earnest joy as she moaned out with every lick. She tilted left and right as she panted his name, Reshiram's tongue continued to tickle, taste and rub both her insides and her tiny clit, Reshiram dragged his tongue slowly upwards, and slowly swirled at the tip of her lips giving her clit a lot of attention as he coated it with thick hot saliva. White's legs squeezed around the back of his head tightly as she began to scream, her vision nearly began to fade as she felt her insides contract and tighten, her juices began to squirt out and spill all over Reshiram's maw, Reshiram didn't mind though it just continued to lap up the fluids greedily.

At N's side the two hugged together tightly as the two kissed passionately, N's tongue was half the size of Zekrom's but the two manage to swirl and dance in each others mouths as they tasted the others presence. This went on for about a minute until Zekrom leaned back from the kiss, giving off what sounded similarly to a purring noise. N's eyes traveled further south to fully appreciate Zekrom's fine appearance and saw that a certain spot between its legs had grown moist from all the attention. He looked back
|up at the dragon who's eyes seemed to grow heavy with lust, her cheeks somehow grew into a dark shade of red as if she was blushing. N, knowing what the dragon wanted, knelt down onto his knees as one of his hands slowly slid down across her soft thin black furry navel and rubbed down between her legs and against the dragon's slit. "You're in heat alright, don't worry I'll help you..." N whispered as he parted her tight lips slightly. He was quite astonished at how small her private part was compared to the rest of her body. It seemed to be the perfect size for a human, which made him wonder if she was made like that intentionally. His fingers explored every inch outside and insider her pussy. His fingers slipped inside with some difficulty and N began to grow hard from feeling her warm insides slowly grow moist as his other hand teased her with a couple of fingers as they tickled her clit. Zekrom raised her head as she gave off heated moans, her once mighty presence slowly melting into a drooping dragon as she gave in to the pleasure that N was giving to her... While N continued to explore and massage along the tight fleshy walls of the electric dragon he could hear White's cries of pleasure from across the room. Just the feeling that another pair was mating not too far away somehow made him more horny and more willing to continue. As he slowly slid a couple more fingers in Zekrom's tight cunt he could feel her body twitch and shiver. Her insides were clamping and squeezing around him and when he finally slid his fingers out they were coated with light transparent fluids. Curious he hovered his hand over the light to observe the sweet scented liquids and slowly licked his fingers clean, her juices were delicious and sweet and this only made him want more. He leaned over and wrapped his maw around her small tight lips to lick inside and draw out even more of her love juices. Zekrom placed her claws on his back as it cooed, N greedily licked her insides, savoring the sweet Pecha berry flavor of her fluids as he tickled and pinched at her clit playfully. N can feel her insides tighten as more of her tasty drink seeped out her fleshy walls. N pulled back and began to insert a couple of fingers inside of her again, he felt her insides almost suck his fingers in as he rubbed and tickled her insides, he began to kiss and lick at her clit gently making her body shiver even more. N slid in another finger as he felt her walls tighten and massage them, her pussy was now dripping as he began to nibble and kiss at her clit. Zekrom gave out a cry of ecstasy as she squirted, her fluids sprayed all over N's face as his fingers were forcibly sucked in from her orgasm...

White struggled to get up after that first orgasm. It was her first so her legs were still wobbly as she attempted to get up from the floor. Reshiram had to help her up with his wings as she held onto one for extra support. Her legs were visibly shaking from her climax while her face still had a rosy red blush. It took her a few moments to regain her composure and stand on her own but when Reshiram retracted its wing she reached out to grab a hold of it again. She loved the warm soft feeling of its feathers gently rubbing against her skin. Reshiram noticed and wrapped its massive pure white wings around her, hugging White and covering her in his fluffy warmth. She couldn't help but feel happy, her insides filled with a giddy joy as she stood against his chest. However she felt something twitch between them as they hugged and when She looked down and realized that Reshiram's member was fully exposed she only looked back up with a sly smile. A tuft of white fur covered his base as a bright pink member poked out standing erect and nearly half the size of her arm! White couldn't help but feel curious as she slowly traced her fingers downwards as she continued to stand against him, Reshiram's body shivering from the light ticklish pleasure as his wings hugged her closer against him.

"you want…to fuck me don't you?" Reshiram who was looking down at her suddenly shifted his gaze as if embarrassed by the question, his bright white cheeks suddenly glowing with a light shade of red. White couldn't help but giggle, she could tell that he was easy to tease. And she loved to tease. Her fingers continued to trace up and down his large penis gently, caressing the skin and making it twitch in anticipation. "well…what are you waiting for?"

Reshiram hastily scooped up White in his soft feathery wings within a second of her finishing her statement. White felt like she was being lifted by a couple of warm thick blankets of feathers as she was hoisted up slightly from the ground, her shirt and vest still on and covering her exposed underside. She even still had her boots on! White hugged the dragon Pokemon's chest as she felt his member rub against her smooth porcelain like skin over her legs. She reached down and gently gave the heated member a reassuring squeeze before slowly guiding it as she can feel her insides heat up again in anticipation. Her body shivered and twitched as she felt his thick member slowly slide inside, she hugged against Reshiram again around his long slender neck as he held her tightly against him with his mighty wings. He leaned down a bit so he can guide himself more easily as he held White at an angle now. Her lips tightened around his shaft as he began to buck his hips forward, she could feel her insides acting instinctively as they clenched tightly around his flaming hot cock, her juices began to coat it and lubing it as her insides moved in such a way that made his dragon cock get sucked further in. She could feel his cock hit a dead end in a short amount of time though; his member only a couple inches in. Every time his head gently banged against her hymen White's body would twitch and she would give out an involuntary moan, it felt so good but it also hurt so badly... Reshiram's head leaned down and nuzzled against White's long brown hair, she could feel him giving off feelings of reassurance. She felt his wings tighten his grip around her as she felt his cock slide back slightly and suddenly thrust forward. He broke through her thin membrane of purity and shoved in significantly deeper than before. White's eyes opened wide as she gripped Reshiram's fluffy chest violently with her hands. She screamed out in pain as a few droplets of blood began to drip out from her pussy and soak into Reshiram's pure white fur. She loved it... Reshiram had fucked past her hymen and now officially took her virginity. Reshiram kept his cock deep inside her without moving, letting her insides adjust to accommodate his might size as he let her get used to the feeling. After several seconds White clenched her eyes shut as she moved in close and hugged around Reshiram's neck once more.

"Pl-please…keep going…don't stop…" she muttered in between her gasps of breath. Reshiram nodded and began to buck his hips back and forth, his dragon cock slowly fucking her insides as she held on tightly giving out high pitched cries of mingled pleasure and pain...

After Zekrom's climax N had stood up and the two hugged and locked lips again, Zekrom's tongue was more passionate though and slipped into N's mouth to taste every inch inside of him. N was feeling overwhelmed, he was feeling too horny to think properly and he began to zip down his pants. Zekrom leaned back, understand what he was feeling and turned around, bending down all fours. Her massive generator tail swayed to the side carefully as she exposed himself to him, her tight cunt was still dripping wet from his playing which made prompted a rather primal and savage instinct to arise from inside N. N gripped at Zekrom's surprisingly slender waist and pulled her in close against him. He guided his throbbing erection into her entrance which made Zekrom gave off a heated purr. N slowly slid his member and felt her warm insides suck him in further; she was still surprisingly wet and as N continued his push into her he could feel the fluids gushing around his length as if coating his cock in lube to fuck her better and faster. Zekrom pushed back towards him, her body essentially telling N to fuck her more faster and harder. N hugged Zekrom's waist as he began to thrust in and out of her more quickly, her walls massaged his cock and tightened every time he pulled back giving him more friction and thus more pleasure with each push and pull. N gritted his teeth as he struggled to not give in to the rising feel of his climax, however Zekrom wasn't making it any easier for him. Her cries of pleasure were light and gentle, something highly unexpected from a legendary dragon. Her feminine voice seemed like it was pleading for more. The inside of her tail generator began to glow a light blue, and N can feel a light surge of electricity run throughout his body as it began to hum gently. The humming rumbled her body and made her pussy feel like tight fleshy vibrator as the weak surge of electricity surged through his body and stimulated the two together. With all that was going on at once N nearly forgot about White until he heard her cry particular loud, her voice filled with bliss as it echoed throughout the room. He peeked over and saw that White was still wrapped up in Reshiram's wings as Reshiram continued to fuck her. His movements were growing gradually harder faster, his impressive dragon cock outlined from her slender stomach underneath her white shirt as her cries echoed along with Zekrom's in the main hall of his castle. Ghetsis was nowhere in sight but he wasn't on N's mind at the moment, N was trying to suppress his urge to cum as he continued to thrust into Zekrom with all his might, his cock being massaged and sucked in as if Zekrom's pussy was trying to make his entire being sucked in. Soft gurgling noise of fluids can be heard inside of her cunt as he felt her walls suddenly tighten and the buzz of electricity intensify only slighty. Her fluids were gushing back and forth inside as if washing N's cock. He couldn't take it... all of these different stimulation was making N himself cry out in frustrated pleasure. Over at the other side Reshiram forced White to turn around while she was still being fucked, his claws at the tip of his wings wrapped around her hands as he forced her to lean forward, her arms being held back as she was suspended in mid air. His dragon cock continued to fuck her but now even more relentlessly. White was nearly crying in ecstasy as the new position forced his cock to go in deeper and stretch her past her womb, she can feel Reshiram's tuft of fur at the base hit her pussy and tickle her lips and clit every time he hilted her all the way in her making her nearly lose her mind from being used like his own personal cock sleeve. His cock filled her way past capacity now, his humps were short and rapid and she could feel his heated pre seethe into her womb and dribble along her walls with their sticky thick presence. The fur continued to stimulate her clit and began to grow wet as she slipped into another orgasm. Despite this his soft warm fur continued to tickle outside of her, completely covering her groin as her hair flopped around messily from being humped and suspended in the air. Reshiram himself loved the look she had on her face. Her eyelids were heavy with lust, a smile on her voice as her cries pleaded for more satisfaction. She had totally caved in to her body's desires and was giving herself to this dragon. He couldn't watch her sated gaze for long though, Reshiram rumbled as his eyes clenched shut. White could feel his cock twitching and pulsing; the thought of the warm cum spilling inside of her and officially marking her as his made her body figuratively melt.

"Cum inside me! Please cum inside me!" She shouted at Reshiram who looked back down at her after hearing her begs. Her back was curving perfectly which complimented her plump rear as her arms were still held back by Reshiram.

N could hear White's and Zekrom's moans and pleads as they filled the room, the gushing and massaging around his cock intensified as he felt Zekrom making the same request. His bulbous tip was pounding against her womb as he quickened his pace. His thrusts short yet powerful. The electrical buzz, the back and forth gushing of the fluids, the vibration from feeling her tail generator whirling, the tight warm squeeze of her pussy. N couldn't possibly last any longer and so gripped her slender smooth waist with one last strong squeeze as tightly as he could and forced his cock all the way inside. Reshiram did the same with White, she can feel his member stretching her stomach as he pulled back all the way to give her one last powerful thrust. She felt a seemingly never ending thick dragon cum fill her up spilling into her womb with the fire dragon's hot body warming spunk. N shouted as he felt his seed finally pour into Zekrom, he felt like the streams of his essence erupted inside of her. It was almost as if his whole being itself was ejected into her as Zekrom's back curved as well as her head rose up from ecstatic joy. Finally, she felt his creamy love juice shoot inside of her as it finally put her centuries long heat to rest...

After several minutes of basking in their afterglow Reshiram loosened his grip as he gently laid White onto one of his powerful and yet soft wings. N pulled back as Reshiram got up from all fours slowly, her pussy was still dripping juices that mingled with N's cloudy and creamy seed. White felt Reshiram hug her with his warm wings as he sat down cradling her. She almost fell asleep until she looked over and saw Zekrom and N hugging and laying against each other and about to fall over their sides to fall asleep as well until Ghetsis came storming in from the massive walls.

"Now N it's time! Get her while they're…oh damn it get up!" N looked at Ghetsis confusedly until he remembered why they did this. He pulled back his junk back inside his pants and zipped up while White gasped when she realized that she wasn't wearing any shorts or underwear and screamed

"Ah you creep! get out! Let me get changed!" Ghetsis blushed when he saw White was pulling down her shirt to hide herself only to show that she was still spilling out warm dragon cum. Ghetsis hastily turned around and mumbled to himself as he left the room once more.

Several days had passed since White defeated both N and Ghetsis. She re-challenged the elite four and defeated Adler, effectively becoming the official Pokemon league champion. Although she was close with Reshiram she refused to use him in battles, however she still carried him around in her team. As the years went by rumors of DragonSpiral tower being haunted began to spread. People say at times you can hear a young female crying out. Whenever investigators reach the top though all they can find is what may be a puddle of ectoplasm to the untrained eye as a giant shadow passes over the nearby town…
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    This was awesome. If only there was a comic or video to go along with this...

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