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Contains: Unbirthing, Inflation, Vore, Death, Violence (Not in Sex), Incest.

Chapter 1: Attack of the Hungry Vagina

Flora the Bayleef laid on the top of a small hill, asleep. She was absorbing her midday meal from the sun. Her mother, Chlora the Meganium had gone to see her friends for their weekly gardening meet.

Flora woke from her peaceful meal when she felt a light tap on her shoulder. She noticed the Pokemon immediately, it was her good friend Vincent the Weepinbell, covered in sweat. He wasn't the smartest Pokemon, but he was a good companion.

"Oh, hey Vincent." She took a small break to yawn. "Whaddaya need?" Vincent looked around to make sure no one was watching them. "I accidentally bumped into a Victreebel trying to hit on a Roserade and he got angry at me and I just said 'At least I've got a girlfriend!' I couldn't help it it just slipped out and now he wants to meet her to make sure I wasn't lying and so I was wondering if you could fake being my girlfriend just for a few minutes and-"

Vincent's rambling was cut off by Flora. "Of course I'll do it Vincent, you're my best friend!" Vincent used a vine to wipe some sweat off of his face. "Thanks a bunch Flora. Meet me back here when the sun hits the top of the trees." Vincent began to bounce away. Once Flora had lost sight of him, she began the other way to her own small territory.


That night, once the bottom of the sun had touched the tops of the trees, Flora made the short walk to meet Vincent. Sure enough, he was there. "Are you ready to go?" Vincent's voice was peppered with signs of nervousness, but it wasn't to apparent. "I am ready when you are." So the two set off to where Vincent had stumbled upon the Victreebel.

When they arrived they were rudely greeted by the Victreebel. "So, dis Pokemon is yours. Is dat right, punk?" Vincent began to panic. "What do you mean? She doesn't belong to m-"

Vincent was cut off by Flora. "Of course I belong to him, I'm his Bayleef bitch." Flora gave Vincent a reassuring wink. "Yeah! She is mine!" Vincent followed up the statement with a quick Vine Whip to Flora's ass. She let out a quick yip. "Well den, it looks like ya wasn't lyin' to me afta all. Ya seems like you're gonna be a fine Victreebel somedays, punk. Keep up da good work."

The Victreebel gave Vincent a pat on the back with a vine and the two were on their way back. When they got to the hill, Vincent decided to talk. "I'm sorry for doing that to you, but you helped me out a lot." Flora chuckled. "I kinda liked it. Maybe we could make it a regular thing. You and I, out together." Vincent stopped. "You mean going out? On dates? As a couple? Of course!"


A few years later, Flora and Vincent were still a couple. Flora was now a beautiful Meganium, and Vincent a strong Victreebel after he found a leaf stone.

At the moment, they happened to be enjoying their evening atop the very same hill that they became a couple, watching the the very same sun pass below the very same trees. "This is beautiful Vincent." Flora's eyes were sparkling in the last half of the sun still visible. "Don't get used to it, I don't have the time to do this!"

Vincent's reply was rather harsh, and it deterred the Meganium's enthusiasm. She hadn't gotten used to Vincent's abusive behavior. Victreebels were known to be quite cruel, and Flora began to question if Vincent still loved her.

Flora was tired of the physical treatment, too. Vincent would often slap her with his vines, sometimes hard enough to leave a mark for the rest of the day. Vincent would choke her if she talked when he didn't want her to. He was constantly calling her his bitch. Right then, Flora made the worst decision of her life.

"Vincent, I want to talk to you about something." Vincent turne his attention from the sun to her. "What could you possibly want?" "I think it is time we go our separate ways. You have been treating me with disrespect and I am tired of it. I think you need to go find a relatively nice female Victreebel and forget me."

Vincent shuffled closer to Flora. "Why would you want me to do that, baby?" Flora wasn't fooled by his sudden change of attitude. "The way you have been treating me is unacceptable. I am tired of being verbally and physically abused. I feel I deserve better."

Vincent boiled with rage. "You think you deserve better, eh? You aren't going to get anyone better than me after I am done with you." Despite the feelings of hate between them, Flora was confused. "What do you mean, done wi-"

Flora couldn't finish. She just couldn't get the words out of her mouth. They were being blocked by a vine wrapped tightly around her neck. Vincent wrapped another vine around Flora's midsection. He lifted himself into the air above Flora.

Vincent turned himself so he was laying in the air horizontally, his eyes facing behind Flora, while the rest of his body was extended towards Flora's head. Flora tried to scream for help, but the vines wouldn't let her. The vine around her throat and the one around her stomach made it extremely hard to breathe.

Unfortunately, Flora still got enough air to stay conscious. Vincent began moving himself behind Flora, so that the bulk of his body was pointed towards her hind parts. Vincent slowly pulled himself towards the Meganium until he touched her ass.

Flora had no idea that Vincent was moving at all before he lightly touched her butt. She forced a gasp which just ended up hurting her throat a little. Vincent began rubbing, feeling Flora until he found the part he was looking for. Her vagina.

Flora knew he had found it too, which was made obvious by the tears now running down her face. Surprisingly, after Vincent's body had rubbed her private, he pulled himself away. Vincent still didn't let go, but Flora still thought he was done. She began to relax, much to Vincent's pleasure.

It also meant that Flora was caught off guard when he rocketed himself towards her pink pussy, lodging himself halfway in the tight and warm cavern. Despite Vincent being almost the size of Flora, he was flexible and squishy enough that it only hurt Flora a little bit, but still enough to make her start crying again. It felt like someone was pinching the walls of her vagina, and hard.

The pinching spread deeper as Vincent pushed himself in. He was about three-fourths of the way in. He began to loosen the vines as be pulled the last part, his eyes and mouth, slipped in and the vagina closed around him.

Flora couldn't feel any pain. She just looked like she gained a few pounds and had a weird feeling in her stomach, but she ignored it. Flora couldn't believe what was happening. She had a whole Victreebel inside her, just staying there. She laid on the ground crying, and eventually drifted off into a deep sleep as the last bit of sunlight disappeared.


"Flora, honey. I think you should get up." Clora the Meganium's melodious voice awoke her daughter. Flora gradually sat up, blinked a few times, an then yawned before replying.

"Mom? What are you doing here?" "I figured you were out with Vincent, so I went looking for you, and found you here. Are you alright?" Flora could feel some shifting in her belly. "Yeah mom, I'm fine."

Flora could feel the vines creeping out of her, but she thought nothing of it. "We should be going home now, I don't want to stray from our territory for too long." So the two Meganium began towards their homeland. Flora could still feel the vines, but luckily she was behind her mother.

The vines extended themselves from out of Flora's pussy, until about ten feet were out, being held above her. The vines suddenly snapped towards Chlora and wrapped her up by the neck and stomach, the same as he had to Flora.

The vines pulled Chlora towards Flora's vagina head first. Chlora struggled, trying to run away, but only resulting in the vines wrapping her tighter. Chlora was inches away from the pussy, and then she was pulled in. Her head and neck went in easily first, but the body would be nearly impossible. It was bigger than Flora!

Vincent didn't give up though. He pulled and pulled, Chlora's body stretching Flora's tight hole beyond its limits. The excruciating pain was of such a level the Flora couldn't scream. All that came out were sobs. But before she knew it, her mother was gone inside her and Vincent, causing her belly to look twice as big as the rest of her body, and as big as her mother.

Flora could feel her mother flailing inside her, thinking it would somehow stop the acid from dissolving her. Flora could barely touch the ground with her feet, so she rolled onto her side. Although Flora went through agonizing pain to get her in there, the feeling of having her mother flailing in her inflated belly felt good. Sure, she felt bad that it was her mother, but her physical feeling prevailed over her emotions, so she didn't feel too guilty.

Flora then realized that her vagina still ached. Almost sensing the pain, a few vines slithered out and began massaging it. Flora just laid there and enjoyed it. After only a couple minutes, she could feel her mother stop. She was dead.

Flora began to cry again. Vincent had killed and eaten her mother, and she let it happen, enjoyed it too. So Flora laid there and sobbed, eventually falling asleep.


When Flora woke up, her belly was back to a reasonable size. She hauled herself up and began walking with nowhere to go. An occasional tear found its way down her face, but other than that, Flora walked quietly.


After an hour or so of walking, Flora came across a Caterpie that looked lost. "Hello there, little Caterpie." Flora tried to comfort it. "I'm looking for my sister, she left me behind when she saw a good looking Weedle."

The Caterpie was obviously very young. "Don't worry, I'll keep you safe." As if on cue, Flora could feel the vines coming out of her vagina. "Hey, Caterpie. Little word of advice. Run." "But I want to stay with you while yo-"

She was cut off by a vine squeezing her body. Like Flora's mother, the Caterpie tried to scream but nothing came out. It was slowly dragged under Flora's body until it reached her vagina.

Vincent pulled the Caterpie in, starting from the small end. It didn't hurt Flora at all, and it actually felt good, just as it did when it reached her belly and began squirming. Flora moaned in bliss and pleasure. Once it was done digesting, Flora finally spoke. "You know Vincent, this is actually starting to feel really good. Maybe we could keep it up like this.

A satisfied queef, or burp, which ever you would call Vincent belching and the gas coming out of Flora's pussy, said that Vincent was all for it.
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