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Royal Treats by ninjatommy21


Royal Treats

Royal TreatsBy: ninjatommy21
For: pokeking the Pikachu

The day was cold, windy, and the sky was filled with beautiful clouds of all shapes. A lone Pikachu ran through the dense forest, his forehead full of sweat. Every so often his eyes would dart back and forth as though he was looking for something. A strong gust of wind blew up from behind and knocked the pokemon down, causing him to skid. His legs trembled as he tried to stand again, and only collapsed below the exhausted Pikachu. He sat there panting, trying to catch his breath while resting, so he could continue his search.
“What’s this? Has he given up already? Such a poor fool to have wondered so deep into our territory brother.” A voice mocked him from above.
“I agree brother. All for this crown. What a fool. We’ll have to show him who truly is the rightful owners. Won’t we brother?” Another voice spoke.
“Gi…give me my crown back you theifs!” Shouted the tired Pikachu. He slowly stood and looked around, trying to catch a glimpse of the two pokemon. His head went left and right, scanning the trees and when he looked up, he noticed two vines descending down rapidly. He jumped out of the way and went to shock them when he was grabbed from behind. His tail was yanked hard causing him to scream in pain. And as his mouth opened, a small pill was forced down his throat.
He went to pull away and shock the pokemon, but no electricity formed. He blinked as he was left helpless to the two who now stood before him.
“Well well, gave up easily.” The first voice came from a Chimchar. The second pokemon chuckled. “Yeah. And now he’s ours to do as we please ehhh?” The Pansage spoke.
“What do you want from me you freaks?” King shouted in an attempt to frighten them.
“Calm down little guy. No need to scream, we haven’t even started playing with you yet.” Announced the Chimchar as his rod slowly erected from his sheath. “Gonna need you to start lickin’ boy. Try biting and this’ll hurt a lot more then what’s needed. Got it slut?”
King gulped and nodded his head in response. “Yes Sir.” The pikahu crawled closer to the red object and began licking it slowly. “Good boy.”
“Well then I guess I get his rump.” The grass type spoke as he went behind the chu and spanked his rear with a vine. This caused the recipient to gasped and whine in displeasure. “I hope you’re tight as hell boy.”
The chimchar began grinding his full length against the chu’s cheek. “Now open wide so I can fuck that mouth of yours.” King hesitantly opened his maw wide enough to allow the cock to be thrusted in all the way.
The Pikachu gagged around the meat as it hit the back of his mouth. “I’ll give you a second to get used to this.” The chirchar spoke before slowly pulling out and then thrusting back in. He began pumping in and out of his maw ruthlessly.
The pansage slammed into his rear passage suddenly, causing the chu to moan loudly around the cock that was face fucking him. “Ohhh moaning already. Just like a slut. Heh, he’s not a virgin, that’s for sure.”
The chimchar up front began pounding into the pikachu’s face, causing his balls to slap gain and again against the chu’s chin. The pansage at his rear had his sac slapping the electric type’s sac. “Ahhh gonna cum.” Moaned the chimchar moment before unloading into the chu’s maw, King blushed as he had no other choice but to swallow and began gulping the thick liquid down. “Right behind ya bud.” The pansage piped in as he began filling King’s anal passage. “Look at his face.” The pansage pointed out, “He’s in bliss. Dam slut.”
The two finished and pulled out of their respective ends, both dripping with their cum and chuckled as they began walking away with his crown.
“My…my crown. Please give it back.” King begged. “No way faggot. It’s ours now. See ya round.” Shouted the chimchar.
King sniffled and tried to stop himself from crying as they walked away. The further they got, the more tears that swelled in his eyes, until they busted free and poured down his face. He sat there for a moment, crying like a baby as they walked, laughing loud enough for him to hear them.
After they began vanishing from his vision he started growling, getting angry at them for taking his property. He slowly stood to his feet and wiped his tears before running up a tree and chasing after the two unsuspecting pokemon. He jumped from tree to tree, following their scents till he could see them again, still talking about him. He growled and jumped from the tree, using thunderwave on them both.
The two chimps gasped and fells over, paralyzed. They quickly began panicking, trying to find who attacked them.
King walked up in front of them and set his crown back atop his head glared down at them. “Time for the King to punish his subjects.” After speaking he found the pills that the chimchar had and forced one down each of their maws. He grinned and gathered vines that he used to tie the two up, preventing them from escaping. “Perfect. Now you can’t go anywhere.” He mocked.
“Mmmfhg” The chimchar tried pleading through his muffled maw.
King grinned and grabbed another nearby vine and whipped in through the air, smiling at it. “Spankings are in order first. 200 lashes each I believe.” He casually strolled over to their behinds and began whipping them. The two pokemon began crying due to the immense pain they were receiving and at the end of the 200 lashes their bums were bright red and their faces were soaked with tears.
“Now it’s time I give each of you a proper, royal stuffing.” He rubbed his sheath till his cock was stiff in his paw and slammed into the pansage’s ass, causing him to cry out loudly from the pain. He instantly began pounding away at his ass as fast as he could, using his speed to plow deep into his rear. “Ahhh yeah. You’re a virgin though aren’t you? Bet you both are. That makes it even better. When you tell your friends you can tell em’ you lost your virginity to a king.” He exclaimed with joy as he leaked pre into the pansage’s ass. He moaned and began shooting his seed into his rear and pulled out before he finished, using his seed to coat the grass types back.
He chuckled and moved to the chimchar, seeing the fire from his tail he gulped and not wanting to get near it, got another idea. He went up to the chimchar’s face and began pawing off. After only a few moments of panting and small moans he began shooting his load all over the chimchar’s face. “Ahhhh. You look much better like that.”
He grinned, “I’ll be leaving now. Enjoy, with your rumps like that, I’m sure other pokemon will want a turn, try not to make them mad.” Kid taunted them before leaving. As he walked away he fixed his crown so it sat perfectly on his head where it belonged.

The End

Chapter End Notes:

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